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=AQW= Storyline Discussion Thread

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9/10/2018 22:31:50   
The Arcane

Have you got a speculation about an ongoing storyline? Come here to discuss the story and lore of AQWorlds!

Spoiler alert! Due to the nature of this thread, there will be spoilers everywhere. There is no need to use spoiler tags.

The AQWorlds Archiving Thread exists to document official quotes on the game's lore.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
7/23/2016 23:42:59   

Okay guys, now that there's an official thread for the storyline, let's talk about the recent release of the Sanguine Garnet:

* 1st: The NPCs of northpointe are once again seen in this story, that's good to know. I thought they're already forgotten...
* 2nd: We discovered that there is an enchanted artifact called as the "Sanguine Garnet", which has the ability to
* 3rd: It's been revealed that Safiria has it all this time as her necklace meaning it stores all of her memories; Perhaps, we'll discover something new about her past?
* 4th: Scarletta's Tiara possibly has the sanguine garnet on it and as you can see on her pics, it's placed on her forehead presuming that it has something to do with the power over the mind.
* 5th: Zorbak! He's been hired by Lady Solani to seek out the artifact too and give to her for reasons unknown...
* Lastly, Lady Solani was mentioned in the story, finally! I thought she was already left out by the staff, hopefully, we can also see Kurok, Rapaxi and Baron Luca as well in Scarletta's storyline soon.

So far, so good for the prelude to Scarletta's storyline. Guys, let's use this thread most frequently to speculate on AQW storyline ok?, please!
AQW  Post #: 2
7/24/2016 15:02:59   

One thing I wish they could have added was a possible option to help Zorbak if you were a Lady Solani supporter, but alas.

AQW  Post #: 3
7/31/2016 1:29:45   

Guys, up next is Scarletta's story, hopefully we can see more of Lady Solani, Zorbak and Gravefang in this saga...
Continue to speculate in this thread please? Also, the Mysterious Voice is back, hmm I'm now thinking if the Mysterious Figure could perhaps be Nulgath, Desterrat Moya or the Mysterious Stranger, but Quibble's items all point out to Nulgath, maybe he's the Mysterious Figure? What do you think guys?

EDIT: Now I have this thought it could possibly be Desolich that we'll be seeing this week as Tower of Mirrors has been delayed for a week...

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AQW  Post #: 4
7/31/2016 2:01:11   

It said something about horde approaching, I dont think Nulgath has a horde but judging from quibble that is quite likely to happen. Also like I said, mysterious strangers banner in quibble shop has description saying "straight outta tercessuinotlim" or smth like that so Mysterious stranger has to be affiliated with Nulgath. It would also make sense as we are all waiting for upcoming Nulgath update with new class, combat style quests and more.

But Alina also said something about Chaos and voice mentioned that we would be attacked with wind, rain, stones and flames (4 elements) and chaos, as we know, is all elements of lore united (there are more than 4 but still) so maybe its Drakath? But it wouldnt make sense as it wouldnt fit in any of the on going questlines

"What is undead shall never die" ok this is Sepulchure.

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AQW  Post #: 5
7/31/2016 2:07:37   
kaos rules x

What if it's Desolich?

He has the primal elemental powers, hates our species, was last known to be an undead. Heck, he would even know of our EDoT title as he was there in the final fight. Since he's the biggest dragon we've seen yet, he'd insult our hero by calling us a little wing-beater by comparison.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
8/6/2016 2:00:40   

It is already confirmed that Desolich is back for the 3rd time!
Just a review for this thread:

Alina: In response to player feedback, we're changing course away from the previously planned 8 Elemental Titans Saga -- the focus now is shifting to adventures that take place in a world dominated by the Queen of Chaos, but which do not focus on her generals or the titans.

Those things still exist in the world, but the focus of the story isn't going to be on them. Rather, it will be on the hero and their adventures setting the world to right. But the 8 Elemental Titans was too similar to the 13 Lords of Chaos -- this new direction gives us more freedom to tell the stories you all want, and to focus on the NPCs and areas you care about.

As for answers to the other questions in this thread... you'll just have to wait and see!


Here again is my list of plot-points that the AQW writers must look into:

1. Safiria, the Lycan Queen
Concerns: What happened to her after being enslaved by the QuoM?
Will we see more of her and King Alteon the Imbalanced being only the two of them are still around due to the QuoM's power protecting them of the "mirror twin effect"?

2. Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands
Concerns: Have they finally discovered something "new" about Chaos and "curing" it?
Their role as the "purifiers" would be beneficial for the upcoming storylines, isn't it?

3. The Celestial Egg (Dragon of Space?)
Concerns: We already know its importance but can we get more information about what is in it and how is it related to the Hero being the EDoT?
Return to the Mirror Realm perhaps?

4. The Mysterious Stranger
Concerns: I know that Alina and the others have plans for him in the future, just wanted to remind you guys. xD

5. The Soul of Sepulchure(Fraction of it too in the NBoD)
Concerns: What will happen now to him after his soul and power were devoured by QuoM?
Does he still play a role for Gravelyn's development as the ShadowScythe Empress?

6. Nevanna with Gaiazor and Tyndarius and Phedra
Concerns: Now, that it's confirmed that the elemental islands are abandoned, what will happen to them especially Nevanna and Gaiazor after being motivated to stop QuoM at all costs?

7. Cyrus, from the previous HHD event
Concerns: Who is he and what is he doing in Battleon that time?
Who is he fleeing from? What scrolls does he have to get?

8. Xan
Concerns: Will we ever see him again?
What happened to him after the QuoM arrived?

9. Xavier Lionfang
Concerns: Where is he now and did he finally realize his mistake and plans to reconcile with the Good Faction?

10. "Queen" Solani, her champion Ensis and his sister Enkara, Esmee and Edvard
Concerns: What happened to them and will we ever see them again?
UPDATE: Lady Solani was mentioned in Scarletta's storyline...

11. Kurok Gravefang
Concerns: Where is he now? Will we ever get to have a Werepyre faction?

12. Rapaxi and Baron Luca
Concerns: Where are they and will they still ever show up?

13. Mysterious Entity inside the Mana Core
Concern(s): What happened to it? Last we saw it in a cutscene when we had to journey into the center of Lore with Warlic and Cysero.

14. The Ghost Girl, Yurei
Concern(s): What happened to her after the 6th birthday event? Will we see her again?

15. Desolich
Concern(s): What happened to him after the Chaos War with Drakath?

UPDATE: Okay, so Desolich is confirmed to still be alive and is now back to wreaking havoc upon Lore, will this be the last time we'll see him?

16. The Lunarmancer
Concern(s): This character has lots of potential, hopefully, there will be more of him in the future?

17. The Aquamancer
Concern(s): This too has a great potential, I hope that it's not the last time we'll see of him especially in the future of the QuoM saga?

18. Chamat
Concern(s): We know that he's been revived again by the QuoM because of his great use, when could we possibly meet him again?

19. Karina the Chaosweaver Queen
Concern(s): What happened to her and the Chaosweavers after all this time, we didn't see her in the war against Drakath which she promised to join with?

20. Goregrim
Concern(s): We last saw him this New Year 2016, I hope we'll still see him?

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AQW  Post #: 7
8/6/2016 3:29:41   

What about:
Karina, the Dark Chaosweaver Queen

Where are they now, will we see them again?
Karina made an alliancee with us to help fight our enemies... and her forces never showed up.
Goregrim vanished after we defeated him at grim attack (northpointe)
We didnt hear anything about Chamat after he opened the portal from infernal realm to celestial realm.
Aquamancer just came out of nowhere, stoped the pirate war and never showed up again.

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Post #: 8
8/6/2016 5:24:12   
kaos rules x

But we haven't really seen a thing about Desolich. An appearance doesn't answer any questions. We've no clue as to why he chose to attack Battleon or how he's amassed so much power in the first place. How did he raise such an army of dracoliches without anyone catching on? Why does he seem to be acting on his own after clearly being controlled by Drakath? What's his long-term plan in snuffing out Dragonslayers and the rest of humanity?

Edit: I suppose we do have some answers to Desolich's power. Galanoth says that Desolich must've abosrbed chaos energy to become as powerful as he is. I'm not sure that's a real answer, but at least it's a start.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
8/21/2016 2:37:27   

Yep, the ending cutscene for the Dracolich war was kinda underwhelming especially you don't get a good cutscene after battling Desolich. Well, at least this won't be the last we'll see of him.

Anyway, wow I must say, I'm really impressed with today's release about Scarletta or should we say Groglurk, Artix really outdid himself again for connecting an old zone to a new one, that was a really good strategy, now we know what really happened to Queen Tyral. And that's not the only great news guys, a new villain has been introduced in the persona of Plank, the table! Haha, that was really epic! Hoping to get all those juicy information that he or it will share probably by next week?

it was really an enjoyable release, what are your opinions, guys?

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AQW  Post #: 10
8/21/2016 8:09:07   
Doxus the OverLord

I agree with you.

Artix really made a great plot.
I was expecting anything other than the Groglurk by being the Scarletta's real form.
Anyway, something will be even more cool when they shoot the Scarletta's class from ToD... who may be the one of her minions which already exists and already have any power?

Is ALL the mirrors broken?

In addiction, the upgraded Groglurk's Sword/Blade would be nice as a item to keep/use.

And by the meaning of the table... is the "table" really just a table?
What's it evil plans?
How the table know that much about mysterious stranger?

The next ToD release will be more interesting than our current one.

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Post #: 11
8/21/2016 14:25:56   

Well maybe the table wasn't always a table and maybe was a being that got cursed or something and got turned into a table.

Also why do u think Desolich sacrificed all dracoliches?
I think there might be 2 reasons. First he might have gotten all their powers/strength when all dracoliches died. And the second reason might be is that there is an empty realm now which was previously a dragon plane, but Desolich sacrificed all the inhabitants (dragons turned into dracoliches) of it in the war. So maybe a brand new life will appear in this empty realm and start inhabiting it. And maybe Desolich knows that this new race will be powerful and wants to control it for his own reasons.

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Post #: 12
8/22/2016 15:18:05   
Beshin Adin

Some people would disagree with me, but I thought Pax's story was the best in the ToD saga.

1. I love those tournament-based releases
2. Going from the chief warlord to the janitor was REALLY funny (and, frankly, more pathetic than him dying)
3.I think all hero stories need a coliseum fight against evil barbarians/slave drivers/etc
4. I love Drakel Warlord class
AQ AQW  Post #: 13
8/22/2016 15:30:57   

Pax's story was fun. It also came with a new PvP map which is nice. I liked Ziri's story the most. He's hysterical! And going in, I'm like, how are we gonna beat a reality warper? (Except he's not.) My favoirtes would go in this order:

1. Ziri - It was hilarious!
2. Pax - I like to fight stuff. A Death Pit is right up my alley.
3. Scarletta - She was the fiest villain I legit wanted to stop. Kidnapping is another level of wrong!
4. Sekt - The imagery was awesome, 4D Pyarmid is an extremely cool map even if it's confusing as all get out.
5. Vaden - The Bone Castle was a fun dungeon raid. And the quest writeups were entertaining.
6. Xeven - I kind of just blitzed through this one. I should play again and give it a fair shake.
Post #: 14
8/22/2016 15:39:26   

As far as Throne of Darkness goes, I think Xeight's was my favorite one, I've grown to like Chrono Assassin quite a bit, and it had a lot of variety with time traveling shaninegans, and Xeven was the only one in the table that was not reduced to a joke at the end of her story, in fact, she ended up cooler than she started, and the reveal that she (probably) is Vath's daughter... yeah, it is one of those times that you look at the Chaos Lords saga and think "Oh yeah, those guys were people...".

The one I liked the least was Ziri's... don't get me wrong, Ziri is cool, I like Ziri, I don't like his area, because... look, I can only like memes ironically so much, at some point the cringe starts seeping in, and Ziri's crossed that line LONG before the end, the saving grace was the fact that it was revealed to be all illusions, that Ziri's mind is actually quite childlike and he was just trying to have fun with his idol, the fact it shows the Hero actually gives him an autograph made me smile, honestly... but all that only made me like Ziri himself more, not his area.

The other four... eh(in no particular order):

Vaden's was fine, I like the DeathKnight asthetic, but I am severely sadened that we didn't get a female version of his armor.

Sekt's was confusing to say the least, and I don't think I am a fan of the whole "stable time loop", specially one that involves dying and resurrecting a literally million time.

Pax's made me legitimately facepalm with the "Chain Lightning Resurrection" thing...

Scarletta's... I am still conflicted about how to feel on that one, I want to say it is a great twist, and I am okay with Scarletta turning out to be ugly, I was expecting it in fact, but I was expecting it more like "Oh, she probably just looks older but in a 'aged gracefully' kind of way, and she is severelly overreacting on how ugly she thinks she is because she has a standard of perfection for herself.", not "OH GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL.".

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AQW  Post #: 15
8/22/2016 15:50:54   
Beshin Adin

My ranking looks like this

1. Pax - See my previous post
2. Sekt - I'll love the Yo Mummy jokes forever
3. Vaden - Perfect evil & darkness for the initial release
4. Scarletta - Good, but a cliche story for an evil queen
5. Xeven - Xeven's more angry than villainous. Also, some pretty dull gear
6. Ziri. Funny, but NOT a villain
AQ AQW  Post #: 16
8/24/2016 16:36:49   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

Ok, so we already know what the last installment in the Throne of Darkness Saga is: Table Talk. Apparently, the table that the previously explored villains were sitting around was actually alive. Who knew? Anyways, this giant talking table, that bears a strong resemblance to the Book of Lore, has a story of his own and will reveal why all the villains were gathered and who/what is underneath the robe of The Mysterious Stranger at the end of the table.

What are everyone else's thoughts?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
8/24/2016 17:25:17   
Doxus the OverLord

I'm expecting that the biggest plot twist at ToD's saga will come with the Table's release.
This will explain the beginning of all ToD stuff.

By making a rank of ToD's saga, this is how I feel:

1. Vaden's stuff: I follow the role of being a Dark-Hearted-Knight, so having my own dungeon and making things eternally bound to me sounds interesting;
2. Xeven/Xeight's stuff: time travelers is the most dangerous things at the universe, keep it in mind;
3. Sekt's stuff: making a misc of egyptian stuff, time, sands, pyramids and reminding me the following "Pay more attention to things that are next to your eyes or you'll may die a million of times";
4. Scarleta's stuff: she's so beautiful... I'm a little sad that it had to end that way uggly;
5. Ziri's stuff: too crazy, but it was funny;
6. Pax's stuff: I was hoping more from a Walord Arena.
Post #: 18
8/24/2016 17:57:44   


Scarletta's... I am still conflicted about how to feel on that one, I want to say it is a great twist, and I am okay with Scarletta turning out to be ugly, I was expecting it in fact, but I was expecting it more like "Oh, she probably just looks older but in a 'aged gracefully' kind of way, and she is severelly overreacting on how ugly she thinks she is because she has a standard of perfection for herself.", not "OH GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL.".
Wow. I knew a lot of people were thinking this, but then again, I had my doubts. But I am glad I was not the only one expecting that kind of ending over the actual one.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
8/24/2016 18:57:42   
Doxus the OverLord


Same as here too, I was expecting Scarletta as a human-being with so old appearance... not the actual one...

Anyway, I still liked that twist.
Post #: 20
8/27/2016 1:48:59   

1.In the necronomicon It refers to Stranger in the plural '' They '', in other words, everything indicates that the Stranger is not a person, but a breed.

2.About the Table: That table resembles Enurtrof, probably the table should have a power contrary to the power of Enurtrof.

In any way, the table is the key of the mystery

Post #: 21
8/27/2016 11:31:10   

"They", in singular form, is used as a gender-neutral pronoun, since we are talking about the Stranger, who is by definition a stranger, it is clear the singular form of "they" is being used.
AQW  Post #: 22
8/27/2016 17:21:28   

^ Thank You. =^--^=
Post #: 23
8/29/2016 11:24:30   

So I have been thinking. What are the boundaries of the mirror realm, like what sort of beings can exist in the mirror realm. We know that that basic characters from the "main" world have mirror versions of themselves, like Drakath, Dage, Nulgath, Xan etc. Same should go to the other planets (like Glacera) inhabitants, because there is a mirror version of Kezeroth which by now we know is from another planet just like his brother Karok is. But do unique beings have mirror version of themselves in the mirror real like QoM, elemental avatars, elemental titans, Mysterious Stranger. EDoT probably has a "mirror self" - the Celestial Dragon. Also, do beings from other realms have mirror versions of themselves too, like Desoloth/Desolich from the dragon plane, Diabolical Warlord from the infernal realm, Aranx from the celestial realm.

Also, how do u think would all the villains from ToD would look like and who would they be.
Post #: 24
9/8/2016 17:50:55   

Well I finally got caught up on the ToD storyline (had to do Pax, Sekt, and Scarletta) and it's been going great so far. I'm glad RvB prepped my brain for the time stuff with Sekt though, otherwise that could have been really confusing. And Scarletta's was pretty interesting too, though it did sort of make me confused about the timeline. Since her story was apparently the origin of Bludrut keep, how long ago is this ToD stuff supposed to have happened?
AQ AQW  Post #: 25
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