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RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments

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9/26/2019 15:25:05   

ACC: just got Exalted Penultima
DF  Post #: 151
10/7/2019 21:49:51   
Chaosweaver Amon

ACC: Finally, after almost eleven years of playing this game, I am officially, the real: Chaosweaver Amon!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 152
11/4/2019 14:08:11   

Massive ACC: I have *FINALLY* defeated Unraveler Ex, which means I have also beaten every inn-challenge that's been released thus far.

Also ACC: I've also recently bought Chaosweaver and holy heck is this armor insane, especially when combined with certain items. It's definitely a solid counter against that absurdly difficult boss I just beat. (Soul Gambit prevents it from stealing your +All res, so you're free to use Defender-items/Unraveler wings/DL-helm/etc, so long as it's in effect, plus Soul Aegis lowers its healing ability.) It honestly feels like a T4 version of Riftwalker; You can easily do 3,000+ damage before your opponent can even damage you, and that's before pets/guests. Seriously good armor!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 153
11/9/2019 16:20:04   
Alex The Invincible

Supreme ACC: Hit Level 91!
My character page for those who want to see. clicky
DF  Post #: 154
11/29/2019 22:35:03   

Acc: Hit Grand Master Duelist after five straight days of massacring Hel-X-E. I still don't get the pun on her name. "Hell-ex-ee?" I only started killing her at exactly level 8, but I probably lost connection twenty times or so before I could claim my reward, so doing the math, I killed her about... 2040 times, give or take two dozen. Gained like four levels from it, too, so now all my (Non-Destiny) weapons are outdated. What a pain. And the payoff isn't exactly worth it, being just metal weapons. Metal isn't exactly a super-useful element, after all. And then there's this, which is just unforgivable.

But, you know, despite my griping, I'm still happy about it. I won't have to do it in the future, anyway, and I can work on getting more fulfilling endgame grinds started now. I still haven't checked out what's up with the thousand togs, or thousand-room tog dungeon, or whatever it is. Maybe I'll look into that next.
Post #: 155
12/11/2019 19:54:45   

ACC: Beat The Apex and got my very own Exalted Apotheosis.
DF  Post #: 156
2/6/2020 0:54:49   

ACC: Got the Wings of Thousand Flames x2 (for 2 characters)
ACC: Finally completed floor 1000 of endless togs and got the dreaming togslayer
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 157
2/6/2020 23:39:31   

ACC: After 7 years of playing, I got my DA on 5/1/2020.
ACC: Hit Level 90 last year.
Goal: Get Exalted Apotheosis. Progress: Farming for Exalted Unity. Edit: Done!
Goal: Beat Sloth and Pride. Edit: Done!
ACC: After stopping playing on 2017, and coming back at mid-2019, I finally completed every single quest that's story-related. Edit: Also got the Side-Quest badges! Now i have every single Quest Badge except the Inn ones!
DIS: Can't beat Egomaniacs, I always lose because I can't stun Xan in time. Edit 2: Finally defeated Egomaniacs.
ACC: Got Ascended Chickencow Lord, and Chaosweaver, 2 armors that I always wanted. Edit: I got all DC armors.
ACC: Although I didn't defeat the Pandora Gauntlet, I won against Pandora standalone and got both the Elpis Cape and the Corrupted Seven Trinket.
DIS: Can't beat Pandora EX Edit: Done!
DIS: Can't beat Inevitable Equilibrium: The Balance.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 158
2/15/2020 16:02:35   

ACC beat both The Unraveler Extreme and Emperor of Sea Chickens Extreme with Underworld Epoch without any food or extra potions.
DF  Post #: 159
4/4/2020 13:43:55   

ACC: Got the final versions of Dragon Defender Belt and Necklace.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 160
4/24/2020 6:05:24   

ACC: I managed to defeat Wrath with DragonWarrior and my pet dragon. Took 5 potions and a long time but it was worth it.
DF  Post #: 161
5/9/2020 2:54:52   

ACC: I don't know if anyone on here remembers me, but I just logged into this account for the first time in 5 years. I used to love this world and these forums, so its wild to be back. I hope everyone is well :)

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Violet Feline,
The cats claws,
the cats-nip,
the cats meow,
The cat...?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 162
5/11/2020 21:02:08   

ACC: Defeated Caitiff and Sepulchure (separately) at the Inn! Not a big deal compared to a lot of you here, but they were my first Inn bosses (aside from the very first ones, but that was back when IBR was allowed for Siofra so that does not count :P). Stashed both their drops so I can get the helm when I finally hit level 90 (if I ever do).
DIS: Accidentally clicked A.A.R.G.H. on my way out. Faced EotSC, actually managed to beat it too, but all I got was a measly medal.
DF  Post #: 163
5/16/2020 20:22:41   

ACC: Finally defeated Pandora (Ex).
ACC: Surprisingly easily, too. Didn't even have to use any of the 5 potions I had.
Minor DisAcc: Realized I've been practically playing the game all wrong all this time. Turns out food items (Putting Seaweed/Hardtack aside; Already knew they were good.) are way, WAY better than I initially thought. Like, "Oh, a food item that increases your Crit to +200 for two turns. That's okay I guess.", only to later realize that combining this with Inner Darkness, Uragiri, and showing Lucky Hammer does over 4000 damage in one turn, and that's without Corruption or Favor. Helps that Def. Medals are easy to get, nowadays.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 164
8/18/2020 10:15:33   

ACC: Started playing again after a 9 year break
DIS: Got to lvl 42 and realized I forgot there was stat points to spend. Had 95 unspent
DF  Post #: 165
8/20/2020 20:16:03   

ACC: Legitimately beat Extreme Unraveler (as before I used evolved pumpkin lord's OHK skill)
ACC: fully upgraded Elemental Unity Defender
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 166
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