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=ED= Winter Balance Suggestions

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10/21/2016 10:45:36   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

Hey everyone,

As the dev team shifts their focus towards EpicDuel for the winter, Mecha and I hope to push through a few balance updates. Usually this type of stuff is done behind the scenes, but since no one knows the game better than you guys, I thought I'd let you suggest some ideas.

Please leave a summarized (no more than 200 words) version of your suggestions. Make sure they're specific!

For this thread I'm going to allow double posting, however I'm going to ask that everyone includes a post number (E.g if the post before you is #4, your post is then #5) in their suggestion. This way if you have a comment about someones suggestion, you can refer to the Post # instead of their username.

Please use this code:
[size=3][b]Suggestion # by x[/b][/size]

As a caveat, please remember that it's impossible for every suggestion to be implemented. I'll be answering any questions if you have them.

Battle Elf
AE Forum Moderator

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AQW Epic  Post #: 1
10/21/2016 11:37:48   
SouL Prisoner

Suggestion 1 by SouL Prisoner

Let's hope this does some good to ED and gives a reason to players to return, even if it's only for a while.

1. Juggernaut level balancing.
2. Add co-founder feature to factions.
3. Faction re-vamp. (Give a decent purpose to join a faction. No war = no faction is not cool)
4. Bring back passive skills.
5. Make promo cores instead of promo weapons and re-vamp cores so a core can be used on any weapon. Don't have to unlock them, just make them movable.
6. If possible remove legendary ranks and lower down the max level cap to 35.

That's all from me. Even if 1 suggestion of mine of implemented, i'm in for a while.

Removed off-topic comments ~Battle Elf

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
10/21/2016 11:53:13   


I'm not going to mention everything as quite simply it won't all get done, baby steps...

1. Fix the Mercenary class. I suggest you look to making it more energy efficient, energy cost reduction for hybrid etc.
2. I would say return passives to the game but as i know that won't happen, i'm going to say make all previously passive skills equal. Previously every passive had a solid use and it was dependable, battery backup is by a large margin the strongest of the newly active passive skills. All previously passive shields cost far too much for little benefit.
3. That little benefit coming from the way rage works. Rage is very strong however the way it builds up is very wacky. You can do 200-300 damage and gain quite a bit of % of rage, or do 30 damage and gain pretty much the same amount.
4. Buff debuffs, the best use for them at the moment is lvl 1, trying to trick your opponent to waste a turn using a shield.
5. Return win ratios, there wasn't a good reason for removing them to begin with, for 2 vs 2 in particular it removed a lot of tactical play.
Post #: 3
10/21/2016 12:21:39   
One Winged Angel1357

Suggestion #3 by OWA

1. Cap the damage gain on percentage based skills. It has been a long standing trend to just stat spam and have a skill that scales off a percentage to be your super nuke. If you cap the gain to only nuke levels that should turn away some stat spamming builds.

2. We are all aware of this by now but percentage based defenses so low health builds can be viable again.

3. This is simply a side effect of the other two but rage damage would have to be looked at again just to make sure it's still working as intended if the previously mentioned changes happen

4. Make monkakazi work off of total stats instead of just base stats. Extra damage to those who use buffs coupled with stat spam builds and opens the door to debuff combos if debuffs ever become viable again

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 4
10/21/2016 13:22:09   
Lord Machaar


Few notes and questions before dropping off some age old suggestions.
1- If devs were serious about noting down all suggestions then ranking them from doable to not doable, then do we really need this type of threads?
2- http://puu.sh/rQJ4l/123a5611eb.jpg Is this still a PVP game with all the botters out there?
3- Are we here talking about general balance suggestions or PVP only balance suggestions?

Few suggestions:
1- By trying Bounty hunter, and any other class, you can feel the difference of variety and possibilities that you have. Compared to a class like mercenary. As a BH, you have endless amount of options, 5 focus builds (with sword, or with blades/poison), high dextery build (pure high dex build or high dex build with support and botonical hazard), support mass poison build (with tons of varities, high HP one with high def/resis, or high energy one with max poison and massacre)... and the list goes and on. And then we have mercenary class, with unplayable 2 builds which are support and 5 focus. So mercenary class does need a revamp.
2- Juggernaut fix. Nuff' said.
3- 2vs2 underdog mode.
4- War 2.0 redux (see here for more info).
5- and the list goes and on and on. I'm kinda tired of re-typing all of the possible balance and non balance suggestions on here. Been doing it for the past 2 years and nothing happened. So I'll just keep on editing this post of mine with links to threads where we gave suggestions in a detailed manner. Since I'm sure whoever reading this will only read this, maybe members here won't give the explicit suggestion, since they are tired from posting them each time and the result is the same, therefore tons of suggestions will be dropped down here, and the mistake is not the members', but the devs', since they didn't note down suggestions when they first were put on here in a detailed and more explicit manner, not just in OP, but also the discussion that followed said suggestion, resulting in making it better. So a thread like this will probably fail to fulfill the players' needs. The same mistake that was with "We need to do something after level cap" and what devs did to fulfill that need, by bringing a fail to the game which is legendary system. So before implementing any suggestion, there should be a discussion. So after you pick the suggestions from here, other members can discuss them in a new seperate thread.
MQ Epic  Post #: 5
10/21/2016 14:15:27   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

@Suggestion 1 and 2

4. Bring back passive skills.

Passives won't be returning to EpicDuel. They were considered mandatory skills for any successful high level build and lowered the variety of builds. You may disagree with, but EpicDuel won't be reverting back to passive skills.

@Suggestion 1

2. Add co-founder feature to factions.

I agree that the faction system could use some improvements. The idea of "co-founders" has been on the table for a long time now. I'm hoping to see some changes to the way factions work in the coming months.

@Suggestion 4

2- Juggernaut fix. Nuff' said.

The Juggernaut mode needs to be fixed, right now it isn't fun and it isn't fair. This has a fairly high priority.


So I'll just keep on editing this post of mine with links to threads where we gave suggestions in a detailed manner.

I'm fine with you linking to old posts.

Keep the suggestions coming!

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AQW Epic  Post #: 6
10/21/2016 16:43:08   
Barcode 2319

1. add item sharing ( characters can trade and sell their items for decent amount of credits)
2. bring back passive cores.
3. fix the buff on cyber
Post #: 7
10/21/2016 16:44:47   

1. Delete Ranks ! because if there are ranks, don't matter to do anything. and balance will be always dead
2. decrease levels in juggernaut battle
3. increase levels by 2 point every year, i mean next year 42 level, after that 44 and etc, after that will not be big difference between players
4. players are botting, delete giving experience from npcs
5. bring back old items: gamma bot, infernal interdictor, platinum's pride and etc
6. change mercenary static smash improve with technology instead of strength and make it 3 cool down
7. make require staff on assimilation, i mean tech mages
8. keep underdog mode 1 vs 1 battles
9. bring back old skills: blood lust, reroute and etc, we miss them
10. increase energy parasite from 20% to 25% drain energy or increase 2x gain energy instead of 1.5x

after delete ranks, decrease power of npc-s or make it allyable 2 vs 1

i am not sure you will do anything, but keep hope. i must say, ED is dead and forgotten nowadays

often 70-80 people. shock
Post #: 8
10/21/2016 17:18:09   
.Lord Ginger.

Suggestion #5(other people weren't putting numbers) by Lord Ginger

First off @Battle elf Static Grenade, static charge,frenzy, poison grenade, battery backup, assimilation, emp grenade, plasma grenade, energy parasite, ALL mandatory. However some of these skills if kept as non passives need fixing.

Need new cores such as smaller passive versions to put in weapons. Blood Lust, Reroute, etc...


Buff Smoke Screen and other non-used skills in damage or defense ignoring or other things. Defense ignoring seems to be one of the best things right now(being rage attacks, super strong frenzy, crits, etc...)
Nerf BH scaling on Static grenade however increase the base

TLM Support needs a bit of nerfing with auxiliary scaling, multi scaling (or else buff other class skills)

Rebuff Strength since it is underpowered- bring back Sidearms to Strength increasing.

Nerf TLM Frenzy, switch the energy and hp given. This will still give a good health mechanic, but less OP for energy.

Tech Mage needs a Buff for focus, buff plasma bolt scaling and supercharge.

Blood Mage- Buff Energy parasite, put back to 15% for 3 turns possible.
Make plasma rain somehow usable

Mercenary: Fix the energy stealing mechanism, change to not affected by Kartherax. Make other skills such as double strike/ maul/ berserker maybe not increase by strength or increase the damage % or lower energy cost.

Cyber Hunter: Needs another healing move, and buff Cheap shot.
Possible a healing move with cheap shot with different mechanics such as a different version of Frenzy with more HP

Class Specific Weapons- Increase the amount of stat points so people use different builds and not swords.

Fix underdog mode or legendary slots.
Slots 61-80 are not good at all, and need some buffing. Maybe heal +4 for each point and for the less energy core -2 per point

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AQW Epic  Post #: 9
10/21/2016 18:01:29   

Suggestion #6

Lower the lvl cap. Make it back to lvl 35 like it was back in early Omega or lvl 36 later in Omega. Take out legendary ranks or at least lower the xp needed for the next rank and it's cost because the xp needed and the price needed to unlock a legendary point is too much.

Lower the lvls of people you would face in a jugg battle so that the jugg has a chance in winning like it's opponents.

Nerf TLM frenzy since it gives too much energy on rage making them easy to use some of their other skills. Like heal, it doesn't cost much for healing and therefore they can just pretty much have an endless cycle of healing.

Buff up Merce energy gain a bit. All of the other classes have a diverse energy gain build that allows them to pretty much use whatever skill they need without trouble unlike Merce in the other hand where they either needed to increase their energy making them have lower stats points.

Make parasites 3 turns again. They seem almost just as weak as Merce because they can barely use any of their skills.

Either make assimilation affective when shadow arts is being used or lower the cost of shadow arts.

Bring back legitimacy in factions. A lot of players use too many alts and bots to win. Also increase the amount of players in a faction just a tiny bit and let every faction have a co-founder.

Make the war drops to work for instead of taking it the easy way out any buying them. After all...it is a war we're in.

Instead of having underdog modes for 1v1, why not place in in boss modes? I'm sure it'll be a lot easier for some bosses to be killed if underdog mode was there. Bosses like M4TRX,Dage, Legendary Titan, Dragonoid, etc takes a lot of power to be killed.

This may have nothing to do with balance but I don't see what would be wrong with bring back %s on lb and ratios. Sure, some people get called out for having a bad ratio but it still happens anyways even though ratios are hidden.

Post #: 10
10/21/2016 19:18:44   
.Lord Ginger.

Suggestion # 7 by Lord Ginger

Change the robots' damage and buff the abilities that are never used. Also known as basically every ability except for blood hawks and infernal android. Lengthen the turn of the debuff, strengthen the core(i.e. buff poison robot's % or the yeti's damage).

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AQW Epic  Post #: 11
10/21/2016 19:34:45   
Gold Shock

Suggestion # 8 by Gold Shock


Prologue: I have always stuck it out and found strategies. But this is the nail in the coffin. This class has no creativity what-so-ever, & you end up getting punished for it. The amount of players who even play this class speaks for itself. This class in it's current state is a smash or burn style build.


1. Give Mercenary a skill that scales with Dexterity

2. Static smash scales with technology. Useless against classes you need it the most, CH and BH massacre builds due to SA.

3. A big problem lies in the fact that other tank classes have better skill trees; TLM has frenzy, a HP regain that is offensive, they use IA on rage, you can normally survive the 1st rage... But the second rage by IA doesn't tickle! BH and BM focus tanks are just as bad, smoke and shadow arts from BH or bludgeon combined with Blood Lust often sees defeat while they still have nearly full health and have barely touched their energy pool.

4.Then we come to the offensive builds from other classes; TLM used with high support can deal out huge damage and have a high heal... Strength based TLM using a combination of double strikes and frenzy over and over and over again are also difficult to beat... Intimidate does work a bit as intended in this case

5. BH, with high HP, high support, Poison, SA, and max massacre are the worst... Drain energy you say! Waste of time instant loss in most cases except for getting extremely lucky

6. Adrenaline is useless, that skill was nerfed before it was even implemented. If rage was modified it may be slightly useful or have it actually reduce opponents rage gain. For example a CH, BH or TM can debuff me with smoke or malfunction, hence lower rage gain, and I have maxed adrenaline and they will still beat me to rage by 2-3 turns

7. Blood commander ... nerfed, takes a turn to activate..It's a good in theory skill, but when games can last as little as 3-5 turns and often defensive moves are required who would consider using it when in all reality just striking more than compensates for the HP return and strength in terms of damage and rage gain.

8. Maul- Some will say this is the best stun because the base is 16%. But don't forget it's the only stun that's block-able. *Sigh*

9.Bunker- It is okay at high levels, no energy tends to limit effectiveness which results in NOT being able to max it.

10. Hybrid- This skill worked as intended as a passive.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
10/21/2016 20:03:50   

Suggestion # 9 by SonicTbear

  • Nerf either Dex or Multi-Shot. I cannot stress this enough. I'm not level 40, but my opinion still matters. Stun Grenade is fine. If you don't get stunned, you'll still lose. Even with the low player count, most every person starting out chooses a BH and goes the Multi-Shot Dex route. Speaking of which...
  • Support needs fixing. Something, and is in no way RNG related, is causing me to lose by investing a lot of Support into my build, only for anyone who doesn't have a single extra point in Support to get the upper hand. You can't win 100% of the time, but cheap tactics and unbalanced gameplay is not fair.
  • Make guns scale with Str again. It does seem a little weird that increasing your muscle mass would increase the damage you deal with a firearm, but it just adds to the BH problem. Make auxs scale with Tech as well. That also adds some problems to the broken Supp system.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
10/21/2016 22:24:40   

Bring back agility and take away the x100 hp/mana
Post #: 14
10/21/2016 22:28:15   
One Winged Angel1357

I'm just going to leave this in the thread for a permanent reminder to everyone suggesting changes.
There are no draw backs to the 10x update. It fixes the rounding errors that long existed in the game and if the developers wanted to they could change it to 100x to further decrease the impact of rounding issues in game
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 15
10/21/2016 23:19:27   


Suggestion 10 by JosieSparkles

First, I'd like to say that Tech Mages Plasma Bolt is absolute junk, CH Plasma Grenade outmatches that crap anyday, heck, even Bunker's close to better than Plasma Bolt, either lower that blasted strength requirement or buff the scaling a bit.

Second, Cheap Shot, who uses that? Oh yeah, strength builds or otherwise, no other, bring strength builds back in balance, now that gun is in the whole new section, buff strength stat by either buffing moves or so like lower the absurd scaling that makes strength unusable. Strength is just countered by most of the builds used.

Third, I've been thinking about this, remove the focus limit, so over 5 focus, it sound's nice since there are 40 levels and it will widen the arsenal a whole lot especially bot, it's worth a shot, doesn't sound really overpowered if anything

Fourth, NEW CORES! I don't wanna explain this, causes more balance, but it will increase games diversity!
Post #: 16
10/22/2016 0:34:17   

Suggestion 11 by Xendran

I'm going to try to avoid repeating suggestions that have been posted, and also focus on changes that I think could make the most impact without making the game feel unfamiliar to returning players.

1. I genuinely feel you should consider removing Field Medic from the game. This is the sole thing that causes infinite energy to allow battles to last indefinitely. By removing this, you can also craft the game around a more predictable length of battle. This lets you deliver a more consistent experience.

While this also requires rework either damage or health, I urge you to at least spend time considering how a change like this would play out before dismissing the idea.

2. 10 skill tiers is too many. It contributes to a feeling of "All or nothing" with skills due to each individual jump seeming very insignificant. I would reevaluate this and consider any benefits of reducing the amount of skill tiers and adjusting skill points accordingly.

3. Considering how long it takes to reach the real game in other popular games like Hearthstone, I think we should reconsider the amount of time it takes to hit the level cap.
In effect, EpicDuel is a hero-based card game with Skills instead of Cards.
The levelling process is a tutorial meant to teach you the mechanics by giving you access to them over time.
From there you are at the real game, which is using these skills and mechanics to create builds and battle with them against an equal opponent.

4. With number 3 in mind, reevaluate or remove Legendary Ranks based on them being an extended levelling period.

5. When crafting the battle experience, remember that a 75% win ratio in a turn based game is considered extremely good.
A build with a 90% win ratio is overpowered. If many builds at the level cap have these win ratios, these wins must be coming from somewhere.
Either they are balancing out with immensely low win ratios against other level capped players, or the win ratios of level capped players are not balancing out and instead these wins are being generated from lower levelled players.
Both of these scenarios are bad.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 17
10/22/2016 0:34:40   

Suggestion #12 by JunnyOsan

My suggestion is to add new class example:
-Blood Mercenary
Hunter -Tactical
Mage -Bounty
To bring back EpicDuel armors: Platinum Pride on 50,000 credits
And Delta Knight in 60,000 credits avaiable
Add new missions with varium prize
-kill NightWriath 25 time-
60 varium
-kill Legendary Titan 10 time -
113 varium
and charfade,titan eazy ,rabblefroth ,saeva ,and more...
These are my ideas.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 18
10/22/2016 1:22:59   
Silver Sky Magician

Suggestion #13 by Silver Sky Magician

1. Change Infernal Android to Infernal Android P and E

Infernal Android is currently still the most popular bot by far in the metagame. Rebalancing it should thus enhance build and strategic diversity. The idea is to make IA’s normal and special attack deal damage of the same type (i.e. either both physical or both energy) depending on whether it’s a P or E bot. This would make it easier to defend against the bot. It’s simply too much for IA to have the strategic choice of two separate damage types on top of a nuke. This change would also return Gamma Bot to its niche of having reliable attacks of both damage types.

Players’ Infernal Androids could be replaced with either Infernal Android. Alternatively, their Infernal Androids could be replaced with a token that sells for the price of one of the new Infernal Android bots, which will replace the old Infernal Android in shops.

2. Buff Static Smash
In a metagame where energy control is paramount, Static Smash’s weak drain makes the Merc class significantly underpowered, limiting class and build variety. It should be buffed by:

a. being unaffected by Katherax’s special. Currently, the Katherax bot can easily shut down all Merc builds. A single piece of equipment should not ever be capable of this.

b. improving energy return to 100% of the drain. This would mean gaining the same amount of energy as a BH at standard 5 focus (approximately 220) while draining a lot less (220 VS BH’s 320). A STR Merc (or a SUPP Merc using Blood Commander) would drain and gain about 270 energy, while a SUPP BH can currently drain about 400 energy for 260 energy gain.

In other words, Merc’s energy drain will be more strategically effective when the opponent has low but usable energy, while BH’s energy drain trades off its greater drain for reduced gain as the opponent’s energy decreases. This will make Merc’s energy drain strategically unique and avoid effective skill duplication.

Static Smash is underpowered to the point that both buffs are IMO necessary, though the first one is more important and urgently needed.

3. Swap Multi Shot and Shadow Arts on the BH skill tree

Dex BHs are far too dominant at low levels, greatly limiting build variety at these levels. This will turn off new players. To fix this issue while avoiding penalising Dex BHs at higher levels, which are quite balanced, Shadow Arts and Multi Shot should be swapped. This means that Dex BHs will need more skill points to start becoming truly effective - and by then, TMs and Mercs will have sufficient skill points to compete fairly.

Balance at low and mid levels is largely overlooked because the endgame players using the forums dominate balance reports. This is another key area where numbers on paper are inadequate and more balance testers sorely needed.

4. Reduce Stat Requirement on Parasite

Currently, BM only has two viable builds - 5 focus and Support. By reducing Parasite’s stat requirement to increase by 1 support per skill level, we can make strength builds more viable and increase build diversity.

Suggested scaling: level 1 - 21 support required
                            level 10 - 30 support required

5. Underdog Mode for 2v2 and Juggernaut Mode for Juggernaut

Underdog adaptations for 2v2 and Juggernaut were highly anticipated when Underdog first debuted. There has not been any apparent progress since then, leaving 2v2 unbalanced and Juggernaut unplayable for another nine months.

Underdog mode for 2v2 should be the same as Underdog mode for 1v1 - if it’s inadequate or overpowered, we can adjust accordingly. But there should be a start so we can at least collect data about it.

Juggernaut mode should be an Underdog-like buff for the Juggernaut. Juggernaut mode should increase the Juggernaut’s base stats by 10% and HP/EP by 5%. For instance:

Without Juggernaut Mode                         With Juggernaut Mode
HP: 750                                                   HP: 750 + 38
EP: 630                                                   EP: 630 + 32
STR: 45                                                   STR: 45 + 5
DEX: 45 + 35                                           DEX: 45 + 5 + 35
TECH: 101 + 35                                       TECH: 101 + 10 + 35
SUPP: 45 + 14                                         SUPP: 45 + 5 + 14

Any flat buff for Juggernaut mode would make low-level Juggernauts overpowered, high-level Juggernauts underpowered, or both. A scaling buff based on the Juggernaut’s level would resolve this.

There are two ways Juggernaut mode can be balanced relative to ranks:

a. Buff Reduction

This buff will be reduced for ranked players only. The buff reduction will follow the existing Underdog Scale, with rank 80 and above players having a buff reduction equal to Underdog level VIII, and rank 10 players having a buff reduction equal to Underdog I etc. This is a buff penalty rather than a stat reduction - meaning that ranked players can be penalised to a maximum of +0 stats, but cannot experience a nerf (e.g. -1 to STR).

b. Allow ranks to factor into matchmaking

Using the 10 ranks = 1 eLevel standard, eLevels should be used for matchmaking instead of pure levels. These solutions are mutually exclusive - meaning that if the eLevel standard is already used for Juggernaut matchmaking, it needs to be altered if the first solution is preferred.

Again, we can adjust this as needed, but it needs to be implemented in the first place so we can collect data from actual battles.

6. Diversifying NPC skill trees

Many players are complaining that bosses, especially legendary bosses, have become tedious and boring of late, and I have to agree. The full range of skills available to players should be coded into NPCs’ skillsets, so NPCs can be designed to be unique and interesting (e.g. support glass cannon with Artillery Strike and Overload, player-nerfing build with Smokescreen/ Malfunction/ Parasite, anti-tank build with Toxic Grenade and Assimilation etc.) We could even have legendary Nightwraith as a glass cannon with max Massacre and a high crit rate.

Interesting and challenging boss fights will draw players to the game and fully engage them in strategic thinking and build-making. As PvP balance stabilises, PvE innovation will be the main way to keep things fresh.

7. Increasing no. of skill points for low-level characters

Currently, new players have to go through dozens of battles before they have sufficient skill points for any discernable strategy - in other words, dozens of fairly boring and tedious battles. With the new generation’s demand for instant gratification, this could mean losing new players as soon as we get them.

To solve this issue, we could provide players with 8 skill points to allocate at level 1, with an additional 1 skill point per 2 levels until level 17. This will result in 39 skill points overall as is currently the case while making early game more interesting and dynamic for new players. Retraining for players up to level 10 should be free so new players can explore and experiment.

We’ll need more balance testers to ensure that this change achieves its aim of attracting new players through fair and strategic matches, instead of deterring them due to OP opponents.

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Post #: 19
10/22/2016 1:45:02   

1) Agility- There is way too many high hp builds now and there way too strong, with agility it balanced out the game better and gave everyone a equal chance.

2) Better Wars- The current wars are super repetitive , not creative and just not fun, add more wars like the Infernal War, it was creative and added a lot to the game, we need more events that give us reasons to play

3) Ranks- The rank system makes 2v2 really unfair for most players and ruins the balance of the game, ranks also gives reward to players who can play all day, and punishes those who cant spend all there time online.
Post #: 20
10/22/2016 2:57:23   

I am so happy that there will be balance changes later on :)
AQW Epic  Post #: 21
10/22/2016 5:07:04   
Priyal 5

Suggestion # 22 By Priyal 5(Priyal Lathar)
Hey Everyone! With all the experience of 2 years in this game. I have created a list of like 20-25 suggestions for Epicduel.. Which will really make it "EpicDuel" This will be a very long suggestion and you will need some good amount of time to read it so be patient. But i believe these ideas would be agreed upon by everyone... So let me start right off..
This is one of the most fun ideas i have and it will help get ED more traffic and capital! I dont claim to be my idea but in a certain way yes.. In many games like hearthstone and clash royale we have a in game feature known as in game tournaments. So basically my idea behind it is.. Its like PvP drop. There will be a machine or a bot like the arcade bot in every location. like central station, wasteland, etc... This machine will ask for a coin( Simple coin or a grand coin) Which will be dropped randomly from pvp victories. Suppose a simple battle coin will be dropped in 50 wins. Like anywhere in those 50 wins. Maybe the first win drops u a simple coin... A GUARANTEED DROP IN 50 WINS... for the grand coin we can have it in every 150 wins.. Now when u give the machine a coin(any coin) u enter into a tournament.... U gotta do 10 wins or 3 losses whichever comes first.. if u r able to do 10 wins WITHOUT losing 3 matches u get the BIGGEST PRIZE which maybe like 5000 credits and 10 tokens, Even if u dont win a single match u get a prize which will be very small like only a 250 credit and no tokens,, the grand coin will hve even higher prizes. Which will show players real skill and patience.. each win increases ur prize which will be fun! The main problem which comes in implementing this idea is the battle system in this... like if a player is llvl 25 he enters into a tournament he might face a lvl 40 which will never be fair...Also there will be no time limit to complete ur tournament. U can do it whenever u wish to maybe in 2018!!! It doesnt matter...More info on pt 17
As told in (1) the main idea behind this point is for tournaments only a person who is ABOVE lvl 30 cld do tournaments qand as the highest level is 35 we can easily use the underdog feature to balance it.... or if its left as 40 we can hve two tiers one b/w 30 to 35 level and one b/w 36 to 40 lvl. Thus making the tournaments fair enough.. A PLAYER IN A TOURNAMENT WHEN BATTLING CAN ONLY FACE SOMEONE WHO IS ALSO BATTLING IN THT TOURNAMENT. Which makes it non vulnerable to ALTING...
It might seem funny but i hve noticed it myself.. when u click on a 1on1 or a 2on2 or a 2on1 the button for cancelling it has a different position then the closing button after u win/lose a battle... U shld check it urself. Its a bit below... if its kept same they will never enter into a battle. Also the next idea for reducing botting or removing it completely is by shifting the TWO MOST USED SKILLS BY A PLAYER. For ex for a support tlm the two most frequently used buttons are obv artillery and battery backup if u interchange the position of these buttons. A BOTTER CANNOT FUNCTION...
this is not a very major and important idea but it might be helpful to people like me and many others who are NOT SO RICH to buy plenty of varium every week.. for example reducing the cost of making codes in varium and also for GIVING GIFTS... MAKING GIFTING EVEN MORE FUN.....
My own experience. Exiles have a higher chance of winning every time because it has several 'bombers" I wont name them but i know u understand... this is TOTALLY UNFAIR... Tho u can still CONVERT ur normal bombs into super bombs using varium...
In the current meta more then 60% people are exile because of the feelinf that"Öh! exiles will win so choose exiles" ANY NEW PLAYER WHO JOINS WILL BE AUTO SELECTED WITH HIS ALIGNMENT... THE ALIGNMENT WILL GET MEMBERS AUTO SELECTED UNTIL AND UNLESS BOTH ALIGNMENTS HAVE THE EXACT SAME MEMBERS...
This idea was thought because the fact that jugg is underrated and underused right now and it surely needs people to play it. the only fact tht it costs 20k gold and in any case people dont like playing jugg including skull card in the game makes people more ignorant to juggernaut battles...
Any gear which is released like azrael in feb shoud be used as promo packs too. Just to help new people who join in the game. Helping them buy all the latest gear and cope up with other players....
This is a completely new thought.. We can hve 5 different missions. everyday. first, do 10 wins and get 150 credits second, do 50 wins and get 1000 credits third, do 100 wins and get 2500 credits, fourth do 250 wins and get 7500 credits and fourth do 500 wins and get 10000 credits. TO BE ADDED U CAN ONLY ACCEPT ONE MISSION IN A DAY AND IF U R UNABLE TO DO IT then u dont get anything.. this will help making people more indulge into pvping and stick to wht they hve planned for today.. more they win more the profit...
As machaar already showed a pic where a botter who war RANK 1 had 11k npcs and 77 pvp. People when it isnt war dont pvp and do npcs and EVEN BOT... this will remove it forever.
Restock after every second friday restock 50 weps and bikes and stuff . So tht people get them ASAP...
this will add traffic to the game during the weekend and be more fun aswell....
Increase number of people in a room from 125 to 150 just to get people more gifts xD it has no big importance at the end...
anyone who is in ur buddy list and is battling u can actually spectate his battle to see how he plays and know more strategies....
reviewing ur previous battle results (upto 30) so that u can know wht faults u did and stuff like tht
Faction should hve co founder function now added like in many cases people need to call their leaders to basically kick someone or for anything. IF THE LEADER WANTS HE CAN MAKE ANYONE A CO LEADER... People in a fac shld be increased to 25 this is just a random idea to increase it to 25 it doesnt make any difference...
17. Emoji!
A Special offer every week for example for 10 dollars get 1250 var 10000 credits and maybe like one grand battle coin.... AN OFFER ONCE PURCHASED WILL NEVER BE SHOWN AGAIN... we can also hve an offer for 10k credits get one grand coin etc.
Change a bit for the leaderboards. make two categories for the leaderboard. one from lvl 1 to 25 and one 25 to 40. ALSO IF SOMEONE HAS ALREADY WON THE CHEEVO FOR LEADERBOARDS THE NEXT PLAYER WHO HASNT WON IT WILL BE GIVEN A CHEEVO.... Also show win accuracy as was earlier on the leaderboards....
Introduce flags back into the game. this time just keep it to three major npcs in tht location... I think it will be fun if this is reintroduced....
u can buy back something tht u hve sold within 12 months for DOUBLE the rate u bought it for...
Its an idea basically so tht people can change their class whenever they wish to and also making them try new ideas and new builds everytime!
I Hope these ideas wld hve been great! and i hope these get applied if u hve any doubts or any recommendations ur always welcome and i will also appreciate a reply from u guys!
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10/22/2016 5:19:05   

^ Suggestion 14*

I don't mean to be rude when saying this but there is a 200 word count limit, and you're way over that buddy. Also instead of using caps for each point if you were to make it bold instead it would be easier for the devs to read as what you've written looks like one big essay that most people will just skim through, if that.
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10/22/2016 5:33:56   


The Juggernaut mode needs to be fixed, right now it isn't fun and it isn't fair. This has a fairly high priority.

Which was in reference to Post 4:

I'd highly reconsider this decision until later in the future. Juggernaut is a secondary battle mode that functions based on how the core battle modes play.
It has never been particularly popular, and there is very little to implicate that it would suddenly surge in popularity over the other battle modes by becoming less unfair.
Juggernaut also does not involve more than one competitively levelled player, and even further pushes it outside of the main game strength of 1v1 duels against an equal opponent.
Considering the position this game is in, this seems like a very high risk choice.

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10/22/2016 6:42:33   
Priyal 5

Im extremely sorry if i offended any rules. I didnt mean it. Sry for the mistake it wont happen anymore but i still request u to read it..... I believe it to be really helpful... thanks
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