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How many kinds of elves are there?

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10/27/2016 16:43:32   

I saw Teka (the NPC in the Falconreach Library) was a Dusk elf, which goes against the more obvious theme previously seen of elves typed based on the main Lore elements. How many elf types are there? What would be some cool kinds of elves we might see in the future?
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10/27/2016 16:59:02   

Too many. So many that the Forgotten Realms campaign setting would look over and say "Woah, that's too many elves." So far we have seen: ice elves, wood elves, wind elves, dark elves, light elves, water elves, and sand elves. I also recall that at least one item description mentioned high elves. I may be missing a few. It is reasonable to assume that there is one subspecies of elf for each major element, as well as certain environmental adaptations. The only thing that we have no evidence of is a regular elf, assuming that there is such a thing.


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AQ DF  Post #: 2
10/27/2016 18:41:27   
Sakurai the Cursed

^I don't recall Light Elves or High Elves ever being mentioned; do you remember where you saw those?

We also have the Cultists that have the race category of "Elf" (in addition to the Human and Undead versions), which is probably just a catch-all for any subspecies of Elf but could possibly be a reference to "Plain" Elves.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
10/27/2016 19:09:07   

Aren't light elves the ones from the desert?

And yeah the Cultists are also elves which is interesting.

Dracelix is an elf right?
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10/27/2016 19:11:46   
dark garuda

I can't provide a source, but I can corroborate that I distinctly recall High Elves being mentioned in passing somewhere, either from an obscure bit of NPC flavour dialogue or off an old gear I threw out (I wouldn't be so surprised for it to be the latter, some of the item filler descriptions are a smidgen cray to say the least).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
10/27/2016 21:47:50   
Zork Knight

Not all cultists are elves. Some are human, some are already undead.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
10/27/2016 21:52:06   
Sakurai the Cursed


Aren't light elves the ones from the desert?

Nope, those are Sand Elves.


Dracelix is an elf right?

Yeah, but we don't know what kind. He kinda looks like what I'd imagine a Light/High Elf would look like, but then again he also doesn't look all that dissimilar to the Wood Elf we've seen.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
10/28/2016 4:11:07   

Searches throught the Encyclopedia. There was no results for "High" and "Light" elves.

Post #: 8
10/28/2016 8:21:28   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

Off of the top of my head, I can recall:

-Ice Elves
-Water Elves
-Wood Elves
-Sand Elves (Extinct)
-Dark Elves
-Dusk Elves

It is likely that there is an Elven subrace for all eight Prime Elements (and, perhaps, the Sand Elves were the Light Elves, but I would say it's a 50/50 thing), and we also known of subraces that don't appear to be tied to a particular Element, like the Dusk Elves. An idea that popped in my mind is that, perhaps, Dusk Elves are a crossbreed of Light and Dark Elves, which would also explain the name.
DF AQW  Post #: 9
10/28/2016 9:09:56   

I was just looking at a quest and saw a Dusk Essence item that was made by merging a Braghwhatever Binding and Shadow Bone Shard, so Dusk = Light + Dark could make sense.

But then if they have a name for every kind of crossbreed... that's a lot of crossbreeds...
Post #: 10
10/28/2016 11:52:01   

I am pretty darn certain that I saw a reference to "high elves" in an item description, though I can't recall what shop it was sold in or what category of item it was. I thought for sure that Dracelix was a light elf. And why are Jaysun's cultists elves, for that matter? He wasn't an elf, and he didn't seem to share any "traditional" elven values. Loremaster Teka looks exactly like a dark elf commoner, so maybe that's what dusk elves are?

But then if they have a name for every kind of crossbreed... that's a lot of crossbreeds...

Yeah, species bloat tends to happen with elves, regardless of setting. Even in Lord of the Rings, where this whole thing got started. Go figure.
AQ DF  Post #: 11
10/28/2016 12:22:30   

^Well, then it must be an item from the latest release probably as there are no items at Encyclopedia with "high elves" or "high elf" in their descriptions.
Post #: 12
10/28/2016 13:32:44   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

@Jovan: The Elves among Jaysun's Cultists are, most likely, Cultists that happen to be Elves. They're not a separate race or anything. "Cultist" is a... "job", not an innate trait.

(And there weren't that many Elven subraces in LotR... Rather, there were three big races that split into more due to cultural and historical reasons. Heck, you could even just classify all Tolkien Elves as either Eldar or Avari)
DF AQW  Post #: 13
10/28/2016 16:17:40   

@xelessarx: I think it was from an older item, actually.

@David: Those splits manifested in mental and physical differences, though. All elves are Eldar and Avari, but not all Elves are Firstborn, who surpass all younger elves in power. That's at least three types, if we exclude all of the elven ethnic groups. On the other hand, all dwarves are dwarves, and men are either normal or are Dunedain. But we're digressing. Arguing LotR is in my experience, a derail that no topic can survive.
Anyways, I was not under the impression that the elven cultists around Jaysun were of a special race, I was just wondering why elves would become cultists of a dead human warlord in the first place.
AQ DF  Post #: 14
10/28/2016 16:57:42   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

Promise of power, most likely. Plus, Jaysun had become something else than human, I'd dare say, and even before his resurrection he had attained a mythical status. To be fair, we don't really know a lot about DF Elves; perhaps they aren't as haughty and snobbish as they are in other pieces of fiction; perhaps they don't see humans as below them. In any case, there are lots of people, be it Elf, Human, Fairy, Dragon or whatever else, who will happily throw their pride away if they're tempted with the right things.
DF AQW  Post #: 15
10/29/2016 5:25:42   

I recall that in LotR (and The Silmarillion), while it was not made so clear in the main series, the elves were actually categorized according to either those they chose to follow, or their geographic position (generally if they stayed in a place for a long time, it would be their location).
In DF, it seems that they are mainly categorised according to the elemental magic they have accrued. However, if cross-breeding (for want of a better phrase) occurred, they would probably categorise themselves as 'half-half' (if they even bothered to mention it). Or swamp the Hero with yet more unexplained etiquette and LORE, which could confuse the player, given that there are 8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1=36 different combinations, making a total of 44 different elf types.
Then again, it might make a fun puzzle for the die-hard forumites, while being unimportant to the actual quests. It'd be a lot of effort, though.

I wonder if there are any bacon elves...
If my theory about accruing elemental magic is true, the recently created Bacon element will not have any elves...


In any case, there are lots of people, be it Elf, Human, Fairy, Dragon or whatever else, who will happily throw their pride away if they're tempted with the right things.

But we have these things called moral fortitude and strength of character, that prevent us fromó
OMG is that a Cookie!? who do you want killed?
Post #: 16
10/29/2016 10:25:19   

but why do you need so many in the first place guys
Post #: 17
10/29/2016 15:29:41   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

More Elves=Better! It's an universal constant, and anyone who dares say differently is clearly mad and should undergo therapy to learn to adore elves! ELVEZ 4 LIFE!
DF AQW  Post #: 18
10/29/2016 15:32:14   
Dark Lord Urmi

^ gotta agree with that more elves...well and magical races in general the better I love seeing magic culture!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 19
10/29/2016 16:08:28   

Oh dear, it seems like David has been corrupted by The Complete Book of Elves.

Shiny, I think that the elves only correspond to the 8/9 main elements (although how a nature elf would be different from a normal elf is beyond me). The wood elves are not related to the wood element, they are called "wood elves" because they live in the woods. Some elves are elemental, some elves are environmental. Why are there elemental elves in the first place? Wind elves are nothing like ice elves. Or are perhaps all elves environmental adaptations, and they are assigned elemental names because of which environment they have the most affinity for?
AQ DF  Post #: 20
10/29/2016 17:23:22   

I believe that all species with long ears are actually elves :D I can't find anyother similarities between Wind and Ice elves other than that.

Oh! Maybe Humans are also a species of elves which has short ears. Now that would make perfect sense actually :D:D
Post #: 21
10/29/2016 21:11:30   


~original: Jovan
Or are perhaps all elves environmental adaptations, and they are assigned elemental names because of which environment they have the most affinity for?

That's basically what I was thinking. I would say that the more of that environment they are exposed to, the more affinity they gain to that environment, especially over generations.

That theory would actually imply that they all share a common ancestor, though. The elves look too similar to have developed independently, but they also look strikingly similar to humans, a different species. Are there any half-elf, half-humans in DF? IRL, mammals of totally different species cannot generally interbreed (I'll just keep this statement nice and general).
Post #: 22
10/29/2016 22:23:27   
Vanilla Icecream

^ Isn't Zhoom a half sand elf?


Your ears?
Zhoom: You noticed my ears? I got them from my mother, she was a sandelf... before Sek-Duat XIV had hunted them all into extinction.
Zhoom: I grey up in The Sandsea not far from here. After I lost my mother I had to survive on my own. It was an unhappy childhood.
Zhoom: I had hoped to never return to The Sandsea, but I go where the wind and the work take me. Gold is gold. I just want to be done with this job.

He says his mother was a sand elf, but he doesn't say that he's a sand elf himself.
And he does say Sek-Duat hunted 'them' into extinction.

< Message edited by Vanilla Icecream -- 10/29/2016 22:25:53 >
DF  Post #: 23
10/29/2016 22:43:07   
Legendary Nightshade

Not only that, Sek-Duat specifically calls Zhoom a half-elf in the quest Face of Death.
DF  Post #: 24
10/29/2016 23:09:20   

And Frostscythe is half ice elf, as well. Half-elves are rare in DF because humans and elves don't usually have much contact. Like dwarves, it seems that elves like their privacy.
What sort of environmental adaptation causes some of your relatives to grow magic glowing wings, though?
AQ DF  Post #: 25
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