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RE: Remembering the good ol' days in the forum

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8/3/2017 0:11:07   

Yeah, I used to be around here a lot.

Who was that person with the red Robina Hood avatar? I remember she was chill.

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AQ DF  Post #: 51
8/4/2017 2:03:22   

I think I become 13 years old whenever I come back here for a visit. I'll have to thank these forums for teaching me how to lurk.

MQ  Post #: 52
8/14/2017 8:42:40   
Roaming the Web


Who was that person with the red Robina Hood avatar? I remember she was chill.

I think you're thinking of alexmacf? I wonder what she's up to these days...
AQ AQW  Post #: 53
8/17/2017 14:56:27   

^I follow her on tumblr, she seems to be doing well!

I'm from 08, I'm pretty sure I made an entire board of people collectively hate the killers because my young teenage self was obsessed haha. Lord, it's almost been 10 years. I was in seventh grade, and now I'm about to graduate from university in the fall with a computer science degree lol. I met so many neat people through these forums (and IRC) and have it to thank for me being an artist now. It's insane and I miss the heyday of the aef (btw if anybody wants to catch up, send me a pm and I'll give you my discord or I'm on like every social media as smalls2233)

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DF  Post #: 54
8/17/2017 23:32:46   

Man I can't believe it's been over ten years since I joined the forums (7/17/2007). I feel kind of old now coming back here and seeing some familiar faces reminiscing as well and honestly it kind of brings a bittersweet tear to my eye. c':

I think the people who knew me back in the day were familiar with me making silly Fire Emblem animations and some pretty badly drawn animations using MS paint and Windows Movie Maker.

Nowadays I finished my Undergraduate study with a Biology major looking for work, but on the side, I like to draw and do silly Let's Play videos.

If anyone here remembers me and wants to catch up, you won't find me anywhere outside Battleon by searching "Dragon_Koopa" or any of its variations. You'll mostly find me on sites as "Kaiphas" or whenever it's not available, "ImKaiphas", or "Kaiphas von Schroder".

If I suddenly disappear again and never end up coming back to write another nostalgia post, I'd like to say take care folks and don't forget that you're all beautiful people.

~Kaiphas (AKA Dragon_Koopa)


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 55
8/18/2017 0:33:16   
Crystal Lion

Perhaps you might not remember me that well, but I still check in from time to time.

Like many here life got more important over the years. I graduated university, and I don't think I'm really in tune with the AE fandom as a whole. Especially not after what happened to Herosmash and the implied snubbing of all its fans.
Post #: 56
8/21/2017 23:31:35   

I can't even remember when I started on here. Probably 06-07? This is the first I've been back in years, probably since like 2011 or 2012. I was a part of the Zorbak's Hideout community, before it was removed for devolving into nothing but mindless spam.

Made a lot of friends there that I have no idea what's happened to them, Tuo, sjra, and Godden are the only usernames I can remember, but there were others. I felt like I belonged. It was good.

I remember we tried to keep the community going for a while, using free forums outside of this one. Didn't last. Just went through my PMs about all that...all the links to the forums we moved to are dead. Shame.

I was probably 14-15 when I stopped visiting regularly, though I remember checking in on this place just after I graduated high school. I have a degree now. I have a kid on the way now. This feels so weird. The nostalgia is so strong right now.

Don't mind me, drunkenly reminiscing. Move along. I'll be back in another 5-6 years, provided this place is still here.

Much love,
Flig John

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 57
8/22/2017 21:28:57   

Custodian (DF)


I was a part of the Zorbak's Hideout community, before it was removed for devolving into nothing but mindless spam.

AQ  Post #: 58
8/23/2017 10:52:24   

I haven't been around as long as most of the people posting here, but it still feels like a totally different era. Heck, I don't think I've actually written any stories since I stopped coming here so frequently.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 59
8/23/2017 20:00:28   
Purple Armadillo

It's certainly crazy to take a peek back here and see so many familiar old faces. Pleasure to see you all!

I feel I should apologize now for all the petty arguments I started here back in the day

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DF  Post #: 60
8/30/2017 1:13:30   

Man, I chose a good time to sign back on to see what was going on. Not so good news to see and read about the diminishing community, though. I've been a part of the AE community since 2005 and a part of these forums since early 2008. I'm coming up on my 12 and 10 year anniversaries, respectively. These forums were a HUGE part of my life back in the day. I was 14 when I joined these forums, and to say that these forums helped me get through my teenage years would be a little bit of an understatement.

I can remember many good times with a countless amount of people on these forums. When Coyote used to be Versilaryan (can't remember the full name, but I think that's what it was), DUM, UltraPowerPie, Clyde, Solar Boy, Guardian Patrick, ~QB~, toidiedud, tflo and many, many others. I was able to connect with a few people on social media with our real names. I remember the constant pings on IRC from someone accidentally typing the incorrect form of m0d into chat and bringing the wrath of the mods. The countless dance parties in AQW on battleon-1 (or the numerous attempts of spamming /join battleon). When Stardot sent me the PM, scaring me in the process because of its title, asking me if I wanted to become an AK. That was three days after my one year anniversary on these forums. That was a special day for me. I may not have been the most reliable AK with my activity (due to various/constant technological issues that my unemployed, 15 year old self couldn't handle), but that was an experience I will never forget.

Geez, I could go on and on about my memories on these forums. I went from a constant forum contributor, to a lurker, to someone who visits only a handful of times a year. But there is just something about this place that I can't stop coming back to. This place was almost like a home for me. No, it was a home away from home. Or a home inside a home. Sitting at home on my computer made this place that, haha. But I guess it's time to wrap this post up.

To all my old friends on these forums, to anyone that may recognize me/my name, and to the new people who don't know who the heck I am: I hope you guys are all doing, and have been doing well. I truly do miss this place and wish I could come back on a more frequent basis. If there is any way that I can reconnect with some of you forumites, AKs and/or mods I will jump at that chance, whether that's another forum, form of social media, or gaming console. I'm busy with work, school, and life in general, but I'm sure I can make time to reconnect with you all.

I guess it's time to use my signature for one, possibly, final time. I'll still try my best to poke my head back.But no matter what happens with me, it has been a fun ride being a part of these forums. <3


PS: My grammar/writing skills were at their best when I was regularly contributing to these forums, so I apologize if what you read is off, haha.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 61
8/30/2017 7:17:54   
Anon Y. Mous

This thread is crazy. What's up guys? Good to see old faces all in one place, if separated by a few months. I hope life is beautiful for all of you.

Checking in again after graduating from college, spending the summer in limbo before starting working life in the fall (internship at NPR!). Joined these forums in late 2007, and man is this place full of memories. To be honest, this was a place where I was as desperate as I was in real life for affirmation, for status, to belong - I remember trying SO hard to make the first post in all those DF Design Notes threads, trying to post first in every thread in every Support forum (so thirsty for that Helpful! title), jockeying for political power in the old Legends & Lore, playing all the games in UCaG, hoping hoping hoping someone would make me an AK (never happened but I think that was best for everyone).

And still, at the same time, this was a place where I really did belong. Out in the real world, I was just a greasy, skinny little teenage boy nowhere near cracking the whole popularity thing. (Note: now, I'm still a lil greasy, still skinny, but I can kind of talk to girls now - my younger self would be so proud.) On these forums, I wasn't anything more than that, but this was a safer place to be myself than at school. I mean, I went by ownagepwnage on here for a while - I couldn't have been more unashamed and supported.

Ultimately, the important thing about these forums was that people here wanted to build a community, and I got to be a part of that. That was a huge part of my life that I'm super grateful and nostalgic for. I spent most of my time on these forums writing bad poetry and generally being arrogant and petty, but hey, at that time in our lives, most of us were trying to figure out how to get all of that out of our systems (I still haven't by a long shot), and we could do that here, together.

This is a cheesy post, but I'm a cheesy guy - sue me. Like everybody's noted, it's sad to see the forums and games fading away (the games! the games! I didn't even talk about all the memories of fighting war waves and dying laughing at the goofiness of DF jeez), but I guess that's just the way these things go, and I bet equally great things are happening in your lives right now. Love yall and love these forums.

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DF  Post #: 62
9/1/2017 1:36:58   

12 years. It's odd how fast that time can seem to just...fly by, no? One day your 12 experiencing your first moments on the Internet and the next, your a 20 something old man aching from a recent move with a fat fluff ball next to you, smiling at the memories of the past. When I was younger, I thought these games would never die and now, I'm older and hoping that some sort of capsule can be made to preserve all the work that went into AQ Classic and Dragonfable. I was around for the old clan system, where it didn't even have to necessarily be related to the games themselves, just a gathering of players who'd talk and do things.

Made my fair share of stupid, cringe worthy posts. Even going back two years makes me sigh, but going this far makes me almost sink into my own skeleton, heh. But it was all just so fun, and it helped me grow mentally. I miss my old clan, the Grand Death Warriors and I hope to, with a series of books, pay tribute to the memories given to me by my former comrades. I miss being to come around on these forums, seeing at least 5 pages of recent topics. But as others have said, we grew up and went to other areas. In the end, it is our memories of this place and the time we invested here that will give it a place within the ever-flowing river of time.
AQ DF  Post #: 63
9/8/2017 16:55:28   

I might be going a bit off-topic here, but this is actually the thread with most activity in the OOC.
Crazy isn't it?

Coming here just to check this every now and again brings a small tear to the corner of my eye.
DF  Post #: 64
9/8/2017 22:49:24   

At least theres something here. I remember coming back a while back and seeing no threads in the feed.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 65
9/16/2017 3:39:27   

Kind of heartbreaking to see that only 2 forum games remain...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 66
9/17/2017 11:41:58   

^: Even weirder is that Wrath just ended. The first "big" game I was involved in, and the longest-lasting game I've seen in my time here... it's bittersweet. That game was probably the biggest thing that kept me coming here. In a way, it led to me starting games (that always met disastrous ends due to outside forces in my life, but that's another tangent entirely), which led to me further developing my own writing style. Nine years... and it's over. The heroes won, the calamity was averted, and the villain was redeemed.
I just wish it wasn't the end of an era. I wish I was in a place where I could actually sit down and try to start any of my games again, updated or otherwise. I wish others would come in and take up the reins, that they would see the games of the past and see they could do at least as good. I wish that the familiar usernames with whom I conversed regularly would return to start the games they had planned.
That's the nature of time, though. Things always change, and not always in the ways you want.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 67
9/18/2017 8:17:54   

05 for me. Stopped for 4-5 years, came back for a while and on, then back another 2-3 yrs recently. Back when i first started I was upgrade by another player, user name started with a G. He left because he put a lot of money into the upgrade system item thing they had and they scrapped it. I always wanted to pay him back. After the 4-5 yr break, Icemaster Yeti was no longer apart of the mod staff, he was definitely my favorite mod hands down. Seen some people who i felt deserved to be helpful/mods became them. After this recent return see some good people become mods, but still many who deserve to be who aren't.

Back in 2005, AQ was really fun for me, now it's more of an addiction/symptomatic value/unfinished... idk. Likely will stop playing as much, probably just check back every once in a while.
AQ  Post #: 68
9/19/2017 6:21:12   

Hmm, I'm quite new, but happy to see you guys had such fond memories from this forum:)
Post #: 69
9/25/2017 17:21:41   
Sage of Time

This seems like a good place to pop in and see if anyone bites based on my presence. Quite sad to see this place is so dead now. I spent much of my time in highschool around here. That was a decade ago now. I wonder if the IRC severs are still running... Caelestia was it?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 70
9/28/2017 14:39:25   

heres my two cents
over the years i seen forums come and gone
like been said forums are a dieing art because things like social media and discord have taken over and steam over shadows everything
again as said time has moved on so as a lot of of people
its only a matter of time before this forum is more inactive than it already is
Post #: 71
10/1/2017 19:06:19   

Oh man, I'm super late to this old reunion party, with so many faces I haven't seen in a while, like kaho, and Travis, and Lego, and Glais. And some from before my time.

I joined back in '09, during a DF Lucky Day War, because I wanted to get more involved, I guess. And yeah, it was a pretty magical time. I wish I could say things are going well for me, but at least I'm still having fun. Still pop in on AQ, and I plan on jumping back in on DF soon as I have time to catch up in DF. 2017 has been too good for games, though.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 72
10/5/2017 12:44:36   
UCaG Contest Winner Feb 09

Wow, what a beautiful thread. Seeing all of the people that were here 8-12 years ago, and how much they honour this place in their hearts really brings joy to my life. I signed up back in 07 and remember hanging around mostly in the art section. So many super creative folk who were always will to provide help and guidance. Trying to remember people from back in the day...TS1, Ichar, Joel, Vas + so many whom I just can't quite remember. It just shows how much a community can impact the lives of everyone involved, this place is with us for life! Big thanks to Artix Entertainment and everyone who worked hard to keep this place well maintained...the sentiment and well spoken nature of all the people in this thread shows what a positive influence this place has had on all of our lives, whether we notice it or not. Hats off Brothers and Sisters

Battle on!
Post #: 73
10/8/2017 7:52:02   

My goodness. I recognize a LOT of familiar faces around here. I hoped to talk to some of them back then, but I never had to thinking capacity and english skills to do so.
I found these forums when I was 9 years old but joined when I was 11 years old during 2009. I was a lurker back then but went and made a few posts that makes me cringe to see now. Especially the ones in the AQWGD and some MtAk ones. I regret not being able to socialize properly around here solely because I remember several crazy stuff that I wanted to be apart of and friendly people I wanted to meet.

The numerous games I wanted to participate in the UCAG forum too. And now, the entertainment forum now gone serves to make me remember that I lost an opportunity to make memories here.

Ah, but at least I am glad to be apart of this good community back then. Wish I had been more involved even though my communication and thinking skills were a little horrible.

Legacy of a misspent youth. Cheers to all you good people.
AQW  Post #: 74
10/8/2017 10:01:06   
Jrr Kein

2006-ish was the day I made an account I didn't post much as I'm questioned myself if I made a mistake or not. and those were the time poll was active for duration of time, controversial was a major problem for OOC threads. There was bunch of activity booming on many forums that day; as of now, People come and people go, threads become little by the minute and dead games well they don't much AK activeness anymore ever since some games come and go.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 75
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