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RE: Remembering the good ol' days in the forum

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10/11/2020 17:41:40   

Wow, hey guys. Revisiting this account from 2007- I figured I'd give guessing my password a shot, and miraculously remembered it. I guess I spent a lot of time here and muscle memory didn't fail me!
Feels crazy making a forum post once again. I'm glad to see that it's not completely dead yet!

Probably no one remembers me, but I grew up in The Gallery and the RP forums... remember the AKs and mods being larger than life to me back then, and in retrospect how glad I am that I was able to find a community here that I could be 100% my too-serious, obsessive, dorky teenage self and still find friends.

I remember looking up to iChar, .oblivion dawn//, Tomix, Suuichi, and so many others on the gallery, Suuichi in particular was so kind and friendly! And in the RP world, admiring the ARPers like Kellehendros, DaesDementia, and having such a great time living out my dungeon-crawling fantasies. Some other names I remember- Circe, Dage, DragonMaster22, and of course bballman23... I've forgotten a lot of names now but not the impact everyone had on me here.

Really sad to find out that most of the old posts are gone, it would have been a great trip down memory lane. Would love to hear if anyone has memories of The Gallery circa 2007-9 to share!
AQ  Post #: 201
10/16/2020 6:13:09   

It's been a long time since I last revisited these forums. I mostly stayed in the DF and AQW forums but bounced occasionally from board to board. I will always have fond memories of staying up late playing AE games while having the forums open on another tab. I see a number of familiar names in this thread but probably no one knows me that well since I was never much of a presence lol. I'm still happy to have revisited this place and see some old names. AE(and especially DragonFable) holds a special place in my heart for being a wonderful part of my childhood.
DF  Post #: 202
11/13/2020 13:15:43   

I loved this place. It's been what, more than ten years now? A lifetime.. You guys were amazing, I wish I didn't get out of touch with the friends I made here. Wherever you guys are, I hope everyone is okay.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 203
11/30/2020 21:58:06   

Came to revisit my time here. I started around 2008 and left some time in 2012. Dunno if anyone was familiar with my Computer Wars game here and my couple of adventures in the Wrath series. I was in elementary when I became active here and now Im Year 4 in University and it feels so nice to be able to reminisce about a time when Message Boards like these were so popular. Hope yall are doing great wherever in the globe you are right now.
AQ  Post #: 204
12/4/2020 0:03:49   

I joined in 2005 but haven't been here since 2009.... I'm locked down during COVID and going through one banger of a nostalgia trip and this was a stop along the way. I wish I could turn back time every day...2005-2008 were some good years, even if I was a little hyperactive kidposter, I had so much fun here its not even funny and the community was always so kind and tolerant despite all my not-at-all-hilarious flaws. Nobody was ever once unkind to me. It was a nice little vacation before I got out into the real world.

I don't even play video games anymore (and haven't since 2014 or so), much less AQ. It has been 15 years since I first made my account on the forums and I am so far removed from the community that it feels strange posting here, but I will never forget this place. Now I must continue along on this nostalgia trip of mine onto the next destination and say thank you to anyone who may still be around.

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AQ  Post #: 205
12/6/2020 21:07:13   

Life has changed so much Im trying to like some of the comments I see wow
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 206
12/21/2020 2:34:35   

Summer '05 for me- so nice to see so, so many names that I remember. As has been said a million times over, this forum was a truly special place. Each sub-forum had dedicated group of posters that I marvel at how active we all were.

Shout-out to those who were also in the debate club, way back when- those were some good times too (Omni, Ferality, Nightly, etc.).

I recognize so many names in this thread but I feel compelled to give a personal shoutout to some users, both active and inactive.

etalihinna- my first and longest time friend on this forum
Legasee- frequent rares collector buddy
WytseFossil- another frequent rares collector buddy
Skydrite- a good friend and someone who I never struggled to be envious of their incredible collection
Keeper of the Owls- another constantly entertaining rares collector with whom we were agreeing item trades in AQ as far back at 2010- we were so optimstic!
Eladar- a good friend that was always down to theorycraft
Asenbesen- a very helpful Q&A AK (I think?) that was always fun to chat with
bballman23 (Baker)- old basketball chatting pal, glad to see you here!

Shoutout to anyone old enough to remember what an Azru Stone Gen 1 and Azru Stone Gen 2 are.

There's so many legendary names here that I recognize even if I didn't name you specifically, as I probably had to purge most of the PMs we had from back in the day (darn limit!).
(Janus, master, Digital X, flyingkidjoe, Ultrapowerpie, Solar Boy, Wallo, DragonUltraMaster, Lego3400, The Trobble One, Guardian Patrick, Rheannon, Evo, to name a few).

Anyone that would like to catch up or reminisce, please don't hesitate to PM me on here or preferably reach to me on Discord (DJ#3000).

Stay safe, everyone.

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AQ DF  Post #: 207
12/31/2020 18:27:41   

Wow, a lot of old faces that I remember that came out or are still coming out of the woodworks in this thread. Was here from 2007 on an older account that I do not remember the name nor credentials to anymore, and joined right around the time I made my AQ account, so late 07' to early 08' gang here. Lots of things happened to me. Was an AK for a short time but I quit too soon because of a lot of issues popping up at the time and life was complicated. But life is better now, I do have but a few good memories of this place.

@dudeidiot (I even remember you explaining me your name backwards!): I'll pm you for that link, I'm interested in catching up with some old faces.

PS: Happy New Years everyone! Hopefully 2021 won't be so bad as 2020 was. Just maybe...

edit 2: apparently I cannot pm you dudeidiot, I will have to ask you to PM me instead if you ever catch this message.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 208
1/2/2021 17:03:32   

Crown Clown
of the OOC!

I got ya PD. Just forgot to check this the other day.

Another year and still this forum just draws me back. Its nice remembering all the faces behind these names.
AQ DF  Post #: 209
1/9/2021 2:38:06   
Zero Hex

how long have i been on these forums and just learned that it's dudeidiot ......

happy new year all.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 210
1/9/2021 17:42:39   

Crown Clown
of the OOC!

It's something that surprises people around the internet even to this day. I remember I thought I was clever back...oh jeez that was 14 years ago. "If I make my name a hidden insult then any insult against me won't work as I'm already being insulted!" the best and strongest logic.

Its always really funny to me when people find it out cause theres literally no reason to turn peoples names backwards.

If nothing else I can never forget this forum cause its why I made this name so long ago and now I don't use anything else.
AQ DF  Post #: 211
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