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Rebel One, Bring the Action!

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3/6/2017 17:21:53   

Hi, Uskius here with a new suggestion thread. This one(to start, at least) will be based on fighting games/anime and things which might come up in an AQ PvP environment(I'm not suggesting PvP). The ones from the first 13 posts won't have appearance sketches attached, though I might do one here and there. So, without further ado:

Weapons: Duelist's Blade, Celestial Hammer, Highwayman's Blade, Snaggletooth's Fortitude, Fate's Decree, Retarii's Trident, Gyrdda's Kenn, Nantis, Icicle, Anakreto, Gold Digger, Warmonger's Edge, Lotus Edge, Tome of Arcane Lore, Sage Brush, Enthusiast's Gauntet, Bravado, Quell, Cruaghaidh, Super Mega Ultra Death Blade, Ghost Thief, Imperial Dragon's Roar, Mecha Knight Drill, Rainbow Song Blade, Thunderhead, Flyrtle Shell Buckler, Oathbreaker, Snowcaller's Blade, Inquisitor's Gale, Hard Fang, Crimson Tongue, Widowmaker, Mage Buster, Razor Beam, Spellslinger's Bow, Clover Cane, Pack Leader's Courage, Tire Dragon Blade, Sky-Cleaver, Tauron's Mace, Blackest Night, Hugnir, Skullduggery, Deathstalker Edge, Eclipse Edge, Bloodwrath Maw, Shadowshard, Revenge, Tectonic Titan Crag, Edge of the End, Blade of the Immortal, Artix's Game Launcher, Steering Wheel, Deren Army Shortsword, Sea Change, Light Razor, Dragonstaff, Solar Storm Gigablade Razor Zero, Ultra Blaze Infinite Edge Alpha, Void Slicer Excalibur Delta, Time Crystal Blade, Charity, Prismatic Point

Armor: Highwayman's Garb, Earthdrum's Fortitude, Tarulis Robes, Fate's Hand, Seeker of Fortune, Glimmersary, Warmonger's Armor, Sage's Mantle, Sub-zero Sorcerer, Dangen Rider, Swordmaster's Armor, Imperial Dragon Armor, Forest Titan, New Moon Ravager, Blazing Champion, Ocean's Balm, Warbones, Golden Garb, Patriot Griffon Rider, Prince of Knaves, Magical Girl, Master Tactician, Uniwere, Weremonkey Transformation, Defender, Mastodon War-Plow, Tectonic Plate Armor, Crusader's Garb, Superconductor, Elder Scion

Shields: Necragon's Dominion, Highwayman's Sidearm, Hunchback's Fortitude, Retarii's Net, Jerrah's Kenn, Fate's Warning, Warmonger's Shield, Silver Lining, Harmony, Ramleon's Pride, Imperial Dragon Wings, Blue Moon, Meteor Shield, Supercharge Guard, Flyrtle Shell Buckler, Lt. Lore Gatta Shield, Hard Water, Surge Protector, Leprechaun Gold, Bastion of Beneficence, Skylord's Sigil, Bloodwrath Heater, Siege Bastion, Quad-Star Shield, Shadowgale Shamrock Shield, Windshield, Deep End, Short Circuit Shield, Shadow Mirror

Pets/Guests: Cleric Trobble, Fate's Guardian, Chentis, Dog of War, Invisible Friend, Shadow, Alpine Gween, Dezzy, Flying Eye, Mountain Oak Tree, Riverside Willow Tree, Mystic Pine Tree, Jovial Greenwood Tree, Veldarax, Archeon, Slamboar, Wisps, Collection Bucket, Baby Rubber Dragon, Chrona, Arcane Nexus, Tethy, Kraggs, Ozzie, Nezzy and Grim

Spells: Spirit Crusher, Miasma, Rampage, Test of Might, Lorithia's Touch, Chosen's Burden, Last Resort, Heck's Kitchen, Celestial Runes, Silence, Fate's Voice, Severe Mercy, Justice, Living Flame, Cloudburst, Lunar Cycle, Anima Shock, Equilibrium, Favor, Rebirth, Omen, Wind's Blessing, Oblivion, Chaos Blood, Soul Burn, Glue Gun, Heroic Stamina, Magic Dice, Lorithia Force, Gift of Light, Arcana Sculpt, General's Gambit, Tyrant's Mockery, Dream No More, Firewall, Brew, Magecraft(custom spell), Soul-Snatch, Flash, Temporal Trigger, Botanify

Miscellaneous Items: Sky Piercer's Fortitude, Snowcap's Fortitude, Flamebreather's Fortitude, Pocket Seal, Net Seal, Dusk Seal, Quick Seal, Master Seal, Fate's Vision, Aaxha's Kenn, Vhaiian's Kenn, Qyrlle's Kenn, SP Potion, Sage Incense, Serenia's Charm, Kaphema, Battle On!s, War Muse, Frostvale Ushanka, Hero Elixir, Shadowgulf Rings, X-Gauges, Sweetie Stamps, Gold Cap, Pot of Gold, Gunner's Banner, Loupe-Garou, Mogatill, Law of the Jungle, Nightbreed's Savagery, Scouter, Golden Battlewhale, Real-Life Luck, Command Center, Void Dragon Periapt, Secondhand Shop, Surplus Store, Shipping Hub, Cyclone, Bramble Patch, Guest Lodge, Helm of Majestic Rainbows, Pre-emptive Strike

Monsters: Powerful, otherworldly, ominous Pinata, Dad Joke Elemental, Essence of Essence Dragon, Rubber Dragon, Invisible Dragon, The Legendary Guardian Dragon!!!, Time Dragon, Woisos the Plaguebringer, Evolved Dragons, Woodland Legends

Quests/Events: Reign of Shadows Saga, Sage Class, The Sky Is Falling, Catching Shadows, Killing Frostval, Rare Item Hunt A, Rare Item Hunt B, Zard War!, Ecstasy of Gold, Rare Item Hunt C, Magical Girl Class, Uniwere Subrace, Weremonkey Subrace, Defender Class, Magecraft(custom spell), April Fool's

Gameplay/Miscellaneous Ideas: Scrolling, Pinata Ideas, The Dragon-Mother, Dialogue and Story Battles, Stat Training, Shimmering Guandao


Duelist's Blade
Appearance: A slender, rapier-like blade. The handle is black leather, with a silver pommel. The guard is a solid(?) basket hilt, but with engraved swirls.

Stats: An accurate melee sword with a random damage lean, of the Earth element. It would have an effect where if the player blocked an attack, it would have a chance to inflict Disarmed on the monster for a turn. If it had a special attack, it would be to give the player a Defense Boost(dealing no damage); otherwise, it would have no special attack.

Description: En garde! Built for dueling , this blade will give you an edge in single combat! Or, you could say it will be giving your opponents an edge. Either way, just remember to stick them with the pointy end.

Spirit Crusher
Appearance: A crackling ray of black energy tinged with ghostly violet shooting into the enemy. The rest of the screen might dim during the cast to place extra focus on the ray.

Stats: Spirit Crusher would be an SP cost spell(probably Charisma based) that would damage SP directly, and would have an accurate, slightly base-heavy damage lean. If the monster's SP is reduced to 0, any overflow damage would then be directed to its MP, if it had 0 MP, any overflow damage would then go into its HP. If it had an effect, it would be for a chance to inflict Fragile(but renamed into something ominous) for a turn or two.

Description: Said to have been handed down to mortals by Death himself, this spell has the power to send your opponent's spirit to a place unknown by the keeper of dreams!

Appearance: An ethereal, sickly green mist/fog that would waft in from the player's side towards the monster, dissipating once it filled the screen.

Stats: Miasma is a spell would trade most(Earth or Darkness element) or all of its direct damage to inflict heavy Disease and Poison on the monster. The Disease and Poison can stack, and the monster would have a penalty to its save against their infliction.

Description: This spell is sick! No, literally- it conjures up a foul and vile fog that can poison your foe and prevent them from healing!

Appearance: Small drops of fire would fall from the player's face and burn at their feet for a moment before a fierce golden aura bursts from them.

Stats: A quick-cast SP cost skill. It would inflict the player with Burning Tears(taking some Fire damage each round until a Charisma based save is made) and in return would give a very hefty boost to the player's damage for a few turns(or, if possible, while the player is afflicted with Burning Tears). The boost would not stack, and if cast multiple times the duration would just be refreshed.

Description: This skill allows you to ignite your spirit, causing you to cry stinging tears of fire, and bestowing you with a furious might beyond the reach of most mortals!

Test of Might
Appearance: Five(stacks of?) tiles set on two wooden blocks appear on the screen. When clicked they would crack and fly away.

Stats: A skill like the Lazer Blazer's where the player has a chance to interact for a few seconds, and if completed would inflict Fear on the monster. If the tiles are clicked, the chance of inflicting Fear would rise for each one- from 0% up to 100%(ex: 1 tile clicked, 20% chance of inflicting Fear; 3 tiles clicked, 60% chance of inflicting Fear). If no tiles were clicked during the window, the player would take a small bit of damage("You hurt your hand trying to smash the tiles!"). If possible the skill would have no cost, but if it had one it would cost SP.

Description: It's time to show your opponent who's boss- these tiles are made of Lore's hardest rock, and if you can smash through them, your enemy will cower in fear!

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AQ Epic  Post #: 1
3/7/2017 6:19:46   
Bu Kek Siansu

A powerful SP spell "Spirit Crusher" that can damage monster's SP.

If I may give my opinions:

If it's possible, has a +10 BtH lean (or at least a +5 BtH lean) to increase a chance to hit.
Otherwise, it's fine without a BtH lean.

Warriors and Rangers would complain if it's only for Mages.

It would be more useful if it can be used for (Beast) Warriors, Rangers and Mages as well.
Uses CHA (or DEX or any other Stat) for Stat Bonus to Damage and DEX for Stat Bonus to BtH.

This spell would most likely be more useful for Beast builds as far as I can imagine.

Non-Beast builds will use this spell for just a strategy IMO.
Post #: 2
3/7/2017 17:26:20   

@B.K.S. I think it does make sense for Spirit Crusher to have an accurate lean. I also thought about it being auto hit(the damage penalty wouldn't be the a major setback as most monsters will only build up to Skill Cost SP), but thought its damage potential should be maximized. I do think that as far as stats go it would use either INT or CHA, as those make the most sense to me; but then the issue of it being mage exclusive by using INT and MP might come up, which is why I thought it should use SP instead. Thanks for the feedback! :) I'll go ahead and edit in your suggestions.
AQ Epic  Post #: 3
3/14/2017 18:10:10   

Necragon's Dominion
Appearance: The center of the shield would be a skull like the armor's minion's, the rest is made of the same dark material as Necragon's Might's blade, and with dark purple trim.

Stats: A Magic Darkness shield with a focus on its Darkness resistance. It would have an effect of draining the monster's health when blocking an attack, a hits connected/attempted/expected damage type thing.

Description: A bastion of dark power, this shield is capable of draining your foe's life when they make contact with it!

Lorithia's Touch
Appearance: A transparent, fiery red aura flares up around the player for a moment.

Stats: A quick-cast SP skill that inflicts the player with the Lorithia's Grace status, which increases the player's damage until they fail on an Endurance based save. The bonus does not stack.

Description: Lorithia has blessed you with a deep reserve of power to tap into! You can call upon this power at will, but you'll need to be very hardy to maintain the high level of strain this puts on your body.

Chosen's Burden
Appearance: A bright, flaming metallic gold aura bursts out from the player briefly.

Stats: Similar to the above, is a quick-cast SP skill that inflicts the player with Glorious Purpose, a status which increases their damage until they fail a Charisma based save. The bonus is capable of stacking, but the player also has a slight penalty to the save.

Description: You've learned to call upon the powers your destiny as a Chosen has invested you with, but you'll need considerable willpower to draw it out.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 4
3/15/2017 11:55:51   

Some nice things here. I really like the idea of Aura spells.
AQ  Post #: 5
3/20/2017 14:09:57   

^Late, but thanks! ^_^ And now...

Celestial Hammer
Appearance: A warhammer, about 5/8 of the player's height, made of a very shiny and bright steel. The middle half of the handle is covered with a woven leather grip, held in by two golden rings around the handle on either end. Just below the pommel is a band of engraved knotwork. The head of the hammer is rectuangular; on the sides of it is an engraved knotwork pattern, and there are two slightly larger square striking plates on the heads of the hammer.

Stats: A Melee(or Magic) Light hammer with a slight base heavy damage lean. It would have an effect of dealing more damage based on the monster's Power- against a power 1 monster it would have no boost, a slightly larger boost against a power 1.5 monster, a normal boost against a power 2 monster, and so on. It would have no special attack, and the usual increase in damage from that would instead go towards slightly reducing damage the player takes from attacks.

Description: One of three glorious weapons belonging to ancient warriors known as the Guardians of Light. This hammer's steel is so pure it's like crystal, and strong enough to damage the most powerful of foes!

Last Resort
Appearance: A very shiny and flashy large golden-white beam of energy shooting at the monster, making a large explosion on contact. The screen might dim a bit to place extra emphasis on the beam.

Stats: A once per battle, very inaccurate spell with a slight Random damage lean dealing Light damage. Its primary effect is that it would deal more damage the lower the player's health is(i.e. reduced damage at full health, normal at 50%, etc.). Depending on the player's stats, the spell would be either Ranged or Magic. The cost for casting would be all of the player's current SP. If it had a bonus effect, it would be an increased chance of Lucky Strikes.

Description: Just when your opponent thinks they've cut your life into pieces, pull out THIS! The blast is a little unwieldy, but incredibly powerful- you can only manage this kind of effort once per battle.

Cleric Trobble
Appearance: A snowy-white Trobble with soft, feathery wings, and a laurel wreath resting on top of its head. When acting, it would glow golden for a moment, with sparkles rising up.

Stats: The Cleric Trobble would store up charges. When at max charges it would revive the player with half their max HP if they died, or until then perform a three-hit Heal element attack on the player. If it had an bonus effect, it would be a small bonus to saves against hostile status effects.

Description: This trobble is trouble-free! Its healing spells will help you out in battle, and with enough time to prepare, it can even revive you if you die!
AQ Epic  Post #: 6
3/23/2017 23:07:05   

Highwayman's Garb
Appearance: The outfit consists of dull, lichen green hakama worn over rope sandals; a dirty cream yukata worn loosely over sarashi and tied with a faded black sash; over all this is a loose and tattered faded black cloak with a high collar.

Stats: The Highwayman's Garb is a Darkness armor focusing on its Darkness resistance and Melee blocking. It would have a faster and more accurate one hit attack, and a more powerful and slightly inaccurate two hit attack. It would also have an effect of giving a bonus to initiative.

Description: You're an outlaw/ On a broom horse you ride/ And you're wanted/ Dead or alive! Perfect for testing new blades, this light outfit allows you strike first, and strike hard.

Highwayman's Blade
Appearance: A thin, well-worn katana with black wrapping over a grey handle. The blade is stained and has a fuller along the spine.

Stats: A Darkness sword with a slightly accurate damage lean and no special attack. It has an effect of giving the player a chance for Celerity, a hits connect/attempted/Celerity rate thing. When used with the whole Highwayman set, it would deal increased damage.

Description: An old blade that is still razor sharp despite looking so weathered. Its light weight allows you to strike with the utmost celerity, and a hunger faintly radiates from it...

Highwayman's Sidearm
Appearance: A wakizashi with a green handle wrapped in black cord. The blade is slightly worn, and has a couple nicks.

Stats: A shield that has a heavy Melee lean. Instead of directly lowering resistances, it would have an effect of reducing damage from attacks by about 13%. When wielded with any katana, it would gain an effect of dealing Harm damage to the monster when the player blocks an attack. If it took a penalty for the Backlash(?) effect, it would come from its Magic defense.

Description: This short sword will help keep your enemy at bay, protecting you from Melee attacks and reducing the damage you take. Wielding it with a katana allows you to quickly strike with counterattacks!
AQ Epic  Post #: 7
3/27/2017 18:34:03   

Heck's Kitchen
Appearance: An open brick furnace with knives, pots, and pans hanging on the sides. The furnace blazes up and then a flurry of flaming cleaver knives shoot out of it at the opponent.

Stats: A four hit Fire spell. The spell would trade some damage to have an effect of inflicting one of two statuses: a Fire element Burn, or Indigestion(a renamed, Fire element Bleed) on the monster. The spell would try to inflict Indigestion first, but if the monster was immune it would instead try to inflict the Burn on it, and similarly would only try to inflict it with Indigestion if the monster couldn't be Burned. For example, if an Ice monster could be affected by the Burn and Bleed statuses and the infliction worked, it would only receive Indigestion. If the monster was immune to both statuses, the spell would just deal full damage, instead.

Description: Your enemies aren't prepared for flavor of this magnitude! The spiciest spell in existence, this will summon an oven from the depths of Heck to shoot fiery knives at your opponents! The flaming goop they're covered with burns just as badly on the way out as on the way in...
AQ Epic  Post #: 8
3/29/2017 16:35:24   

Colossus Items
Background: Long ago, before the coming of the Devourer(the one before the game's current timeline), the Colossus roamed the land. They were giants the size of hills and mountains, cultivating and guarding their home ranges. Some say they were born from the mountains themselves; others said they were humans blessed by the Earth Lord; still others said they came to Lore from the Earth Realm itself. Though protective, their wrath was indiscriminate, often leveling towns under their guard along with intruders; they were respected by some, and feared by all. Over the ages, they grew old and died, sometimes of natural causes, sometimes by armies. Though they didn't or couldn't speak, the Colossus were wise- they knew the Devourer was once again coming to Lore, and sought to endure his wrath. To do so, they retreated deep into the wilderness and went into hibernation, taking on the features of the surrounding area until they were indistinguishable from the hills and mountains. The spirits of the remaining Colossus remain strong, taking the form of intangible objects something like a Power Shard or a wizard's Kenn, called a Fortitude.

In game, the Colossus items collect Fortitude after defeating enemies, and can spend that on a quick-cast skill.

Sky Piercer's Fortitude
Appearance: A simple orb of cerulean color, more solid in the center, and softly glowing. The Fortitude skill is a rising cerulean glow, creeping up from the ground like it was climbing a mountain.

Stats: A misc. item that provides a max Endurance boost, and some regeneration. You can mouse over it to check your amount of Fortitude, and can click it to use the Fortitude skill- a four hit HP healing spell scaling with Endurance.

Description: The ancient Colossus called Sky Piercer was the tallest of them all- and by harnessing their Fortitude, you can gain tremendous stamina and healing properties!

Snowcap's Fortitude
Appearance: A simple orb of an icy sky blue, more solid at the center, and softly glowing. The Fortitude skill is a translucent shield of the same energy pouring over the player and forming a shield.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max Endurance boost and a bonus to Melee defense. The Fortitude skill is an inefficient but strong Chi shield.

Description: The Colossus known as Snowcap was as hardy as they came, and by calling on their Fortitude you gain a mountain of Endurance and Melee defense- even manifesting that Fortitude into a snowy Chi Shield!

Flamebreather's Fortitude
Appearance: A glowing orb of scarlet more solid at the center. The Fortitude skill is a column of flames bursting up from the player's feet.

Stats: A misc. item that provides a max boost to Endurance, and a boost to Fire damage. The Fortitude skill gives a turn or two of resistance to the Burn and Thermal Shock statuses.

Description: The Colossus called Firebreather dwelled in the Skraeling Desert, and by harnessing their Fortitude you gain immense Endurance and mastery over flame, even capable of becoming resistant to burns and thermal shocks!

Earthdrum's Fortitude
Appearance: A rocky pauldron strapped on over the body by a mossy substance; female player characters also wear a bandeau of the same mossy substance. The character wears a belt of bark, which holds up a loincloth of the same mossy substance. The player also wears greaves and bracers of the same rock as the pauldron, strapped on with the mossy stuff. The armor(and the player's other equipment and skills) are scaled up so the player's hair is just a bit below the top of the screen. The Fortitude skill is the player stomping on the ground, sending out a shockwave.

Stats: A fully defensive Earth armor that trades a chunk of its defenses in order to take less damage. The Fortitude skill trades most or all of its Earth damage to inflict a powerful Panic on the monster; Earth monster are affected, but Flying category monsters and monsters immune to fear effects aren't. The full set bonus for is the player taking X% less damage, with a set cap(Your skin becomes as hard as rock!). The armor deals consistent base damage, but is a bit inaccurate.

Description: The Colossus Earthdrum's footsteps shook the ground enough to be felt a mile away. By calling on their Fortitude you grow in size, becoming incredibly tough, but too slow to block often. With enough Fortitude you can stomp like Earthdrum, sending your opponents into a panic!

Snaggletooth's Fortitude
Appearance: A faintly glowing orb of moss green, more solid at the center. The Fortitude skill is the orb strongly pulsing out in waves.

Stats: A Melee Earth fist with a heavy base damage lean and no special attack. The Fortitude skill would trade most or all of its direct Earth damage for inflicting a long-lasting Dread( a renamed Choke) on the monster.

Description: The ancient Colossus Snaggletooth was not a gentle giant- and by wielding their Fortitude, you deal solid Earth damage and can exert your Fortitude to crush your foes with dread!

Hunchback's Fortitude
Appearance: A dirt brown orb that glows softly and is more solid in the center. The Fortitude skill is the orb spreading and flashing for a moment.

Stats: An Earth shield that focuses on its resistance, having balanced defenses. The Fortitude skill is a strong Element Shield, reducing Earth damage for a few turns.

Description: Hunchback was the oldest Colossus known on Lore, and wielding their Fortitude grants you unshakeable Earth resistance, which can be boosted to incredible heights!
AQ Epic  Post #: 9
4/1/2017 15:39:29   

A bunch of things in this post!

Pocket Seal
Appearance: A small red orb with a glowing white rune on it. For the skill, it flies towards the monster and bounces off of them.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max Charisma boost, and also some Dexterity. It comes with an SP cost skill that only does stat damage, and attempts to inflict a strong Seal(a renamed Panic) on the monster, who has a bonus to the save.

Description: Gotta seal 'em all! With this handy sealing orb you can shrink your enemy until they could fit in your pocket- reducing their damage!

Net Seal
Appearance: A small blue orb with a web of spidery seafoam green runes covering it. For the skill it simply flies at the enemy and bounces off of them.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max CHA boost and a bit of Water resistance, and comes with a SP skill that attempts to inflict a strong Seal(a renamed Panic) on the monster, only dealing stat damage. The misc. triggers against Water element monsters, giving them a penalty to the save against the Seal.

Description: This handy sealing ball can shrink your opponents, reducing their damage- and it's even move effective against enemies from the sea!

Dusk Seal
Appearance: A shadowy purple orb with a glowing dark seal on it. The skill is it just tossing itself at the enemy and bouncing off it.

Stats: A misc. item that gives a max CHA boost and a bit of Darkness resistance, and has a SP skill that does stat damage only and inflicts a Seal(renamed Panic) on the monster. It has a trigger that gives Darkness monsters a penalty to the save.

Description: This is a seal that can shrink your opponents, reducing their damage- and it's even more effective against creatures of the night!

Quick Seal
Appearance: A silver orb with a glowing white rune. The skill is just the orb streaking towards the enemy and bouncing off them.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max CHA boost, and a bit of DEX and LUK. Its skill costs SP and only does stat damage, and inflicts a Seal(renamed Panic) on the monster. The monster has a penalty to the save that decreases with each turn until it becomes a bonus late in the battle, and the misc has a trigger that increases the strength of the Seal if the monster has not acted.

Description: This seal can reduce your opponents size and damage when activated- and the faster you act, the more effective it is!

Master Seal
Appearance: A luxurious ivory orb with a glowing golden rune on it. The skill is it flying at the monster, releasing a burst of sparkles on impact.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max CHA boost, and an SP skill that does only stat damage and inflicts a Seal(renamed Panic) on the monster; the monster has a penalty to the save, and the strength of the Seal increases with the monster's Power- so a Power 2 monster would be under a stronger Seal than a Power 1 monster, and so on.

Description: Carefully handcrafted, this sealing orb can shrink your opponent and reduce their damage when activated, no matter how powerful they are! Or, you could just use it to seal a level one Frogzard. Your choice.

Retarii's Net
Appearance: A weighted rope net with a few strands of seaweed caught in it.

Stats: A Water shield with an Earth secondary. Its defenses are focused on Melee and Magic, and it has an effect of inflicting Entangle on the monster when the player blocks an attack. If it had a penalty for the effect, it would come out of its Ranged defense.

Description: This simple fisherman's net has been repurposed for war! It protects you from Water and Earth, and you can get your enemy tangled up in it when you block an attack.

Retarii's Trident
Appearance: A trident with a wooden shaft. The prongs and pommel are iron and have studs around their base, and their is a sturdy seaweed grip around the middle of the handle.

Stats: A Ranged Water spear with an slight Accuracy lean and no special attack. It triggers to weakness seek among the standard 8 elements against targets that have the Entangled status.

Description: A simple fisherman's trident repurposed for combat! It does accurate Water damage, and is most effective when your enemy's tangled up and can't move.

Fate's Decree
Appearance: A traditional scythe, but with a handle of dry bones; the blade is dark and glossy, seemingly made of obsidian.

Stats: An accurate Ranged Darkness scythe with a slight Random damage lean. It has no special attack, and has a small chance of the next armor attack or weapon-based skill with the weapon dealing bonus base damage equal to the monster's current HP. If possible, the damage bonus for lack of a special attack would go into a slightly increased chance of Lucky Strikes.

Description: An incredibly lethal weapon belonging to an ancient Avatar of Death, said to have been made for them by the Reaper himself. Whether the rumor is true or not, this scythe is capable of instantly killing your foes with a single strike!

Fate's Vision
Appearance: A simple skull mask made of bone, fitting on with wispy black cloth.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max boost to LUK, and increases Lucky Strike damage without reducing the chance of Lucky Strikes. When used with Fate's Decree, it increases the scythe's chance of instant death strikes.

Description: This helm of an ancient Avatar of Death allows you to see your opponent's weak spots, dealing boosted Lucky Strike damage. When used with Fate's Decree, the lethality of your strikes is greatly increased!

Celestial Runes
Appearance: Seven white runes with glowing golden edges arrayed in a circle. The selected runes would circle around the player before blending together and shooting at the monster in a beam, an explosion from the player, or an orb.

Stats: An accurate four(slight Random damage lean) or one(slight base damage lean) hit Light spell. The spell would bring up the circle of runes(there's a small "Back" button in the middle), and by selecting four the spell would be cast. Combination One would deal full damage without any effects(beam), Combination Two would be mana-efficient and have no additional effects(orb), Combination Three would backfire and deal Light damage to the player(explosion, this combo is one rune off from another), Combination Four would trade some of its damage to inflict Elemental Vulnerability to Light for a few turns(orb), Combination Five would expend additional mana for increased damage(explosion), Combination Six would trade some damage to inflict Defense Loss of Light Element(beam), Combination Seven would deal negative Light damage(orb).

Description: Rune magic is incredibly flexible- and dangerous! You can combine these light runes for a variety of effects, but be careful: some of them might backfire...

Appearance: The screen dims, and then darkens even further around the monster, and an exclamation point of surprise appears in front of the monster's head.

Stats: A very accurate Charisma-based SP skill with a heavy base damage lean that trades some of its Darkness damage to inflict Silenced( a renamed Disarmed) on the monster, the duration having a chance to be longer scaling with the monster's Darkness resistance.

Description: Handed down to mortals by Silence herself, this spell will softly creep in and quiet your enemy's heart no matter how disturbed they are.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 10
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Tarulis Items
The Tarulis existed long ago around the time of the second coming of the Devourer. Their studies focused on ley lines, the veins of mana running throughout Lore. They spoke of a "Flow", and how it guided their knowledge and magic, and how it wove and could be woven through Lore. They tried to keep their order secret, but word spread. They were some of the most revered mystics of ancient Lore. However, one ruling council of the Tarulis changed that. They were known for unsurpassed wisdom- after their disbanding, one member of the council, Nihir, went on to become a part of another(and even more renowned) group of mages. Now, Nihir was big on the secrecy of the Tarulis, and the other members of the council were moving towards open admission, hoping to better and advance the world by allowing more novices. To stop this, Nihir spread the rumor that the Tarulis were a cult that didn't acknowledge the Elemental Lords and Lorithia- and it proved to be a popular rumor. After making a big show of trying to keep the Tarulis together, Nihir left, and soon after the rest of the council broke up and traveled to the far corners of Lore, to seek out sources of Flow that became known as Focus Sites. Though the Tarulis faded, their spirits merged with the focus sites, until they became invisible kernels of knowledge that came to be known as Kenns.

The Tarulis items work by collecting Flow after defeating enemies, which they can use for a quick-cast skill.

Aaxha's Kenn
Appearance: A necklace consisting of a small leather pouch, which glows a golden yellow.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max Intellect boost and a boost to magic damage(the bonus being halved for spells). Its Flow skill brings up two buttons: one option(Efficient Spell) to reduce the mana cost and damage of the user's next spell, and one(Powerful Spell) to increase the damage and mana cost of the user's next spell.

Description: This Kenn belonged to the Tarulis known as Aaxha. Its knowledge will greatly increase your intellect and magic damage, and can help you manage the mana Flow of your spells!

Vhaiian's Kenn
Appearance: A silk pouch on a trim black cord; the pouch glows orange.

Stats: A misc. that gives a max INT boost and some Magic defense. Its Flow skill gives four options: two buttons to increase the accuracy of the user's next spell- Slightly Accurate(+5%) and Very Accurate(+10%), and two options to decrease the accuracy of the user's next spell- Slightly Inaccurate(-5%) and Very Inaccurate(-10%); the accuracy leans do affect the damage of the spell

Description: The Kenn of the Tarulis called Vhaiian, this item will greatly increase your intellect, giving you enhanced magic defense, and allowing you to feel the Flow and control the accuracy of your spells!

Qyrlle's Kenn
Appearance: A necklace consisting of a simple undyed cotton pouch on a hemp cord; the pouch glows green. The Flow skill is a green aura fading in over the player, sparkling for a moment before fading back out.

Stats: A misc. item that gives a max INT boost and regenerates mana each turn. The Flow skill is three hits that restore the player's mana.

Description: Belonging to the Tarulis named Qyrlle, this kenn's knowledge greatly expands your mind, allowing you to generate mana each turn, or restore even more mana by absorbing Flow!

Tarulis Robes
Appearance: The bottom layer is a simple but rich white robe with curling gold embroidery on the hem. Over this a rich blue tabard, also with curling gold embroidery on the bottom hem, which also has golden tassles on it. There is a wide and heavy collar/necklace of a golden fabric, held closed by two large sapphires and a small golden chain. The cape comes from underneath the collar, and is in seven petal-like strips of white cloth trimmed with gold: five on the back and back of the shoulders, and two on the front on either side of the tabard. The Flow skill is ethereal blue energy rippling in front of the player and then spreading around them to form a globe. The full set bonus skill would cause the player to glow an angry red until the spell was cast. The armor would attack with a bright beam of magic, the outside color of the beam corresponding to the element of the player's weapon.

Stats: An Energy armor with a Spellcaster lean, with the boost going towards all magic spells, regardless of element. It defenses would focus on its resistances, having a very low Energy resistance, and lowered and even resistances to the other elements. The Flow skill would be a shield that lowers the damage the player takes during the monster's next turn, which can stack. The full set bonus is another skill which would cause the player's next spell to deal slightly increased Harm damage, the player also taking a bit of damage to compensate for this.

Description: These are the robes of the ancient and extinct order of mages known as the Tarulis. They offer great resistance to the elements, and give your spells incredible power! They allow you to turn Flow into a barrier to reduce damage, and with other Kenns of the Tarulis, can convert a spell into destructive raw mana!

Jerrah's Kenn
Appearance: A small white pouch closed with twine. The pouch shines with a twinkling indigo light that mostly obscures it. The Flow skill is the light of the pouch spreading until the diameter is about the player's height, remaining that size until the skill is inactive.

Stats: An Energy shield with a heavy focus on Magic defense. The Flow skill is the player gaining the Defense Boost status for a few turns.

Description: The Kenn of the Tarulis named Jerrah, this item has a strong presence that acts as a shield against the Energy element and grants impenetrable Magic defense, and can absorb Flow to boost your defenses even more!

Gyrdda's Kenn
Appearance: A black pouch closed with twine, shining with a deep violet light that mostly obscures the pouch. The Flow skill is a forking tongue of violet lightning lashing out at the monster from the Kenn.

Stats: A Magic Energy fist, with a moderate random damage lean. The Flow skill does only stat damage, and attempts to inflict Defence Loss(the all defenses, no element kind) on the monster for a couple turns, which can stack.

Description: This Kenn belonged to the Tarulis known as Gyrdda, and has a turbulent essence that allows you to strike your enemies with Energy damage! You can focus Flow through it to blast your opponents with lightning, lowering their defenses!
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Fate's Warning
Appearance: A shield of polished jet, with ivory inlays. It is an upside-down egg-shaped oval about 5/8 the player's height. One set of the inlays curves down towards the bottom of the shield and meets with two small spirals, roughly forming a U shape. There is a large oval of ivory with a human eye's shape(but left blank) set just above them, and the swirly inlays on the bottom half are mirrored above it, in a shallower U.

Stats: A Darkness shield with even Defenses. It has a floating bonus to its defense: when the player is hit by an attack, the bonus shifts to cover the attack type that last hit; this can happen multiple times a battle but only once per turn. If the shield had a penalty for the shifting bonus, it would come from its Ranged defense.

Description: This shield lets you open the ivory gate of dreams to face your opponent's attacks, letting you adapt to and withstand their assaults like an island in a stream!

Fate's Hand
Appearance: A flowing, floor-length robe of jet black. Over it is a jet breastplate with ivory inlays, very similar to Fate's Warning, and just is a jet black tabard with ivory/bone white embroidery similar to Fate's Warning and the breastplate. Partly visible beneath the sleeves are bracers and gauntlets of a dark leather and jet. Peeking out from the bottom of the robe are boots, similarly constructed. Over all this is a hooded, jet black cape, that hangs loose(hood is removable). The weapon is either held straight up: |, or low and away: \. The attacks would be a sweeping lunge followed by a downwards slash(Melee); a quick horizontal slash, the monster being hit by a shockwave(Ranged); a barrage of shadowy and ethereal skulls being cast at the monster(Magic).

Stats: A Darkness armor with a defensive lean that focuses on its Darkness resistance and moderately high, even defenses. Its attacks would have an accurate lean, and would have an animation for each type; the Melee attack would be two hits, the Ranged attack one, and the Magic attack three. The armor would have a chance for its next attack to deal Death element damage; if the armor took a penalty for this effect, it would come as an even drop in its defenses.

Description: Feel like fighting fate? Give this armor a try! There's a lot here in my research notes about this armor being ominous, ancient and powerful and all that good stuff, but I'll just point out its great Darkness resistance and defenses, and it has a chance to make your death-dealing of the Death element!

Fate's Guardian
Appearance: A large, regal cobra. Over its head is a bone-white, tight skull helmet. On its ribs are bone-white rib markings. The snake's belly is a dark, dusky sunset kind of purple. Its back is pitch black, and there are low bone-white growths on its back forming a sort of spine. The outer edges of its hood are the same color as its back, and its eyes are golden.

Stats: A Darkness pet with a slight accuracy lean. It would trade some damage to inflict Fear of the Dark(a renamed, Darkness element Bleed), which could stack. It would have two two-hit attacks: the first is Melee, quickly slithering forwards and biting twice; the second is Magic, its eyes glowing red as spectral shadows of them appeared over the monster. The attacks deal the same damage, and there's an equal chance of each.

Description: Though this incredibly deadly serpent is loyal and cuddly with you, it isn't with your enemies! It has both Melee and Magic attacks, and it can bleed your foes' spirit dry with the most ancient and primal fear of them all.

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Fate's Voice
Appearance: A ghostly dark shockwave from the player's head, rings expanding out towards the monster. For extra emphasis, the monster's side of the field brightens, fading into the player's side dimming behind the armor.

Stats: A Darkness spell that would trade damage to automatically hit, and attempt to inflict Defense Loss and Elemental Vulnerability of the Darkness element on the monster.

Description: Once used by an ancient Avatar of Death, this spell is an unavoidable proclamation of doom, lowering your enemy's defense and making them vulnerable to your attacks!

Severe Mercy
Appearance: The screen dims, and mist hangs around the top of the screen. A very bright and sparkly pillar of white light parts the mist and shoots down onto the player.

Stats: A three-hit Heal element spell targeting the player that does not automatically hit, and has a -10 accuracy lean. If it had a mastercraft effect, it would be bonus(not primary, just some on the side) stat damage based on the player's Charisma.

Description: White magic is an impartial force that takes not only great intelligence, but immense willpower to channel properly, and you have now learned to call upon it to heal yourself!

Appearance: A golden-white wave of energy swirls into a ball- shimmering iridescent for a moment- and then explodes, the burst covering most of the screen.

Stats: A very accurate, negative damage spell that strength seeks among the standard eight elements- that is, it targets the monster's lowest resistance. For example, if a monster had a 70% Light resistance and a 40% Wind resistance, it would target the Wind resistance. To pay for the seeking, the player would also lose HP. If the spell had a mastercraft bonus, it would be a bonus percentage of accuracy that scaled with the player's Charisma.

Description: The most ancient and powerful of white magics, this spell requires sacrifice and phenomenal force of will. It heals most foes, but it is capable of devastating your opponents when nothing else will!

Appearance: A one-handed sword with a leaf-shaped blade about 3/8 the player's height. The blade has a very faint bluish-white tint to it, and is brightly polished. The hilt is U-shaped, like a cupped hand holding the edges of the blade, and is a rich and well-polished gold studded with a few diamonds. The handle is wrapped with a dark brown leather. The pommel is a half oval of ivory with a gold band like the hilt wrapped around the base. Overall, the sword gives a sense that is it very sharp. The special attack is the sword shining with a golden light for a moment.

Stats: A Melee(or Melee/Magic) Earth sword with the standard damage and accuracy leans. The special attack would deal no damage, and instead increase the damage of attack and weapon-type skills with the sword for a handful of turns("You're filled with courage!"); this bonus can stack. Nantis would also have a mastercraft effect of attack and weapon-type skills using it dealing increased stat damage.

Description: An ancient sword of heroes, Nantis finds its way into the hands of those with the heaviest destinies to bear, bolstering their attributes and filling them courage!

Appearance: A kusari-gama made entirely out of a glossy black ice; the chain is coiled up and the player holds it by the coil. The attack is it quickly whipping out and slashing the monster.

Stats: A Ranged 100% proc weapon with a slightly inaccurate accuracy lean and a moderate random damage lean. Its damage is randomly chosen between Ice and Darkness each hit, dealing a little more damage to compensate for this. It has an effect of the weapon's Lucky Strike chance increasing(without reducing LS damage) the more monsters they defeat with it.

Description: This chain sickle is formed from black ice, the magically frozen tears of a lich. It randomly deals Ice or Darkness damage, and by harvesting the souls of your foes, can deal Lucky Strikes more frequently!

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Summon Chentis
Appearance: A tall and slender woman, pale, and with dark hair. She is wearing a hooded black cloak that closes with two skull clasps over a simple black Ionic chiton with a bone-colored sash. She is holding Anakreto, a bone-handled falx with an obsidian blade. Her Magic attack is an aura of dusky purple flames forming on the monster and then bursting up.( appearance idea)

Stats: An MP upkeep Darkness guest with two attacks. While wielding Anakreto, Chentis performs a 1-hit Melee attack by doing a flying leap forwards and a diagonal slash downwards, fading out in midair an appearing back at the guest spot; this attack has a slight random damage lean. When not wielding Anakreto, Chentis uses an accurate 2-hit Magic attack that trades some damage to inflict Oblivion on the monster. Oblivion is a status that gives the monster a penalty to Endurance until a save(END major, CHA minor, monster receives accumulating bonus to save) is made, and the status can stack. Clicking on Anakreto allows the player to use it as a temporary weapon(disappears at shops). Chentis has quotes directed at the player upon being summoned, when they borrow Anakreto, and her idle turn before disappearing. Any penalties for Chentis and Anakreto fitting in one slot would come first from the damage of the Magic attack, and second from the Melee attack's damage.

Description: You've summoned the sleeping spirit of an ancient Avatar of Death! Her magic can pull your foe's spirit into oblivion, and she can also lend you her deadly blade to use for yourself!

Appearance: A bone-handled falx with an obsidian blade. The handle has a wound grip of a worn white cloth. The special attack is the blade gleaming for a second and then flying at the monster for a slash. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A temporary Melee Darkness sword(obtained from Summon Chentis) with a slight Random damage lean that uses Endurance for its stats. Its special attack is one hit of Darkness, doing a fixed amount of damaged based on a percentage of the monster's base HP(similar to the Skull Clubs, but the special doesn't heal the player). If Anakreto took a penalty for using END as its main stat, it would come from the damage of its normal attack.

Description: Chentis has lent you this blade, an incomplete version of her mythical scythe. It draws on your stamina for power, and can strike right into your enemy's soul to carve off large chunks of their health!
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Seeker of Fortune
Appearance: A long sleeved, light brown shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow; over it are a simple steel breastplate, a pauldron on the left shoulder, and a loose red scarf. There are pants of the same color, held up with a dark brown leather belt with two tan leather pouches that button shut, with a knife tucked into the belt; the pants are tucked into tall boots of a dark leather that lace up. There are black leather half-finger gloves the player wears, and there is also a mid-length, heroic red cape. The attack is the player leaping onto the monster with a stab, then hopping off and performing a sweeping horizontal slash. The skill makes the player's equipment glow gold. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Mid-Offensive Earth armor that has a balance between its Earth and other resistances and its defenses. The armor has an effect of the player gaining a percentage of bonus Gold after winning a battle, modified by the player's level, the armor's level, and the monster's level. The armor's skill(Gold Rush) would the player paying a bit of Gold to boost their damage for a few turns. Any penalties for the effect and skill would first come from the cost, then the defenses, and then the armor's damage.

Description: You've hit paydirt! Worn by veteran treasure hunters, this outfit allows you to find gold in the most unlikely places, and call on the power of gold to strike with enhanced power!

Gold Digger
Appearance: A sharpshooter shovel with a shiny steel blade and handle, and a shaft of dark wood. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Melee "finesse" weapon(glaive?), using Dexterity for stats. It deals slightly accurate Earth damage. It has no special attack, instead having a very small(5% or less) chance of the next attack with it dealing greatly increased damage. It triggers to deal increased damage against enemies who give out more gold than experience.

Description: I'm not saying you're a gold digger, but this shovel is great for broke Adventurers! It deals more damage against gold-loaded enemies, and can find the weak spots in their defenses to deal massive damage!

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Appearance: A bright white robe with one sleeve. It has wide metallic gold hems with curling embroidery, and a vivid blue sash. On the right shoulder is a shiny silver pauldron with the same border as the robe, with white feathers sticking out from under it. The pauldron is attached to a sash like the hems of the robe. Floating on the back of the player is a ring of golden light, with the same curling patterns on it as the hems. On the right arm is a small, gleaming gold buckler, the diameter the length of the forearm; in the element locked mode it extends past the hand into a leaf-shaped blade and softly glows. When using a potion, the ring on the back flares out with the color of the potion. The armor attacks would have a savage grace to them. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Light armor of a Neutral lean. It would have the maximum lowest Light resistance, and its Magic defense would be its highest, being well above average. By clicking on the buckler, it switches to the element being locked to Light. When drinking a potion it does a "Potion Throw" of Magic Light damage that would trade some of its stat damage to attempt to Blind the monster(Light monsters are immune to the attempt) for one turn. If it had a mastercraft bonus, it would be attempting to inflict a Blind on the monster with Lucky Strikes from player attacks and weapon specials(again, Light monsters would be immune). If the armor had penalties for the element-locked mode, they would come first from its Melee and Ranged defenses, and then from attack damage.

Description: Don't shoot the messenger! The outfit of special agents of the Light Realm, this pristine white robe offer unparalleled light resistance and blindingly powerful lucky strikes and good health. You can focus the armor's radiance into a lethal blade to strike your foes!

SP Potion
Appearance: A small bottle like the Health and Mana potions. The liquid inside is the same color as the SP bar.

Stats: The player would spend a turn to drink the potion and regain some SP. The minimum regained would be what the player generates each turn, and would be modified by: the number of turns passed in the battle, the monster's Power and level, and the player's level. Since potions allegedly cost SP to use, the use cost would come out of the amount restored
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Warmonger's Armor
Appearance: Consists of a hide breastplate with a spiked metal pauldron on one shoulder and a ram's skull as the pauldron on the other shoulder; a metal bracer and gauntlet on one arm, and a hide bracer on the other; a hide skirt/fauld held up with a leather belt, metal poleyns with a scale greave on one shin and a spiked metal greave on the other, large reptilian sabaton, and leather cords around the upper arms above the biceps. There's no cloth gear below the armor, and the player character is more muscular than normal when in the armor. In war zones there would be a few special changes: at 100 momentum the armor would show just a bit of battle damage, at 200 the armor would become a little stained, at 300 the armor would show more battle damage and stains, and at 400 the armor would gains a ghostly, transparent aura with skulls rising up occasionally. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A fully offensive armor with a focus on flat resistances. It would have different attacks while in use in a war zone: at 0-199 Momentum(and outside war zones) it would have a four hit attack, at 200-299 it would have a three hit attack, at 300-399 it would have a two hit attack, and at 400 it would have a one hit attack. The armor would also have a toggle skill(Hyper Focus): reducing the armor's M.R.M. and locking the player's Weapon, Armor, Shield, Pet, and Item inventories to gain some BtH and damage; the skill remains on between battles, but deactivates if the armor is changed. Any penalty for the skill would come from the price of the armor, and then from damage. If the armor had a Master Craft skill, it would be giving the player the Fearful Presence status.

Description: Perfect for wading through seas of enemies during war, this armor offers resistances to all the elements and allows you sharpen your focus to the max, focusing only on attack but dealing phenomenal damage!

Warmonger's Edge
Appearance: A bardiche with a handle about a third of the usual length, appearing more like an axe with an elongated steel head than a normal bardiche. It has a cloth wrap on the dark wood handle, a spiked, conical head on the handle, and a slightly conical pommel. It has the same war zone appearance changes as Warmonger's Armor. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Melee Earth "axe" with a slight Base damage lean and no special attack. It has an effect Element Seeking the enemy's biggest weakness between the standard eight elements and Harm. To pay for the effect the player would take increased damage and pay some HP for each attack/weapon type skill If it was allowed to have a Master Craft effect in addition to the Element Seeking, it would be dealing more damage the more SP the player had- a larger than normal boost at full SP, a normal boost at half, none a zero SP. If it had a penalty for the HP cost damage boost, it would come from the No Special boost to damage.

Description: Wielded by those who have the special kind of brave/crazy to be among the ones called Warmongers, this weapon has unbelievable power and hungers for pain- yours, and your opponent's.

Warmonger's Shield
Appearance: A wooden shield with hide and a metal stud/cap on the front. On the back are the handle and two bars across the wood holding the shield together. It has the same war zone appearance changes as Warmonger's Armor. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A shield with a focus on flat resistances. It has an effect of gaining a boost to its defenses whenever the player is hit with more than one element; any penalty for the effect would come from the shield's Magic Defense. If the shield was able to have a Master Craft effect, it would be the player taking reduced damage from enemy Lucky Strikes.

Description: Made for war zones and dealing with a variety of enemies, this shield helps protect against all the elements, and boosts your defense when you're hit with multi-elemental attacks!

Dog of War
Appearance: A large and threatening canine. It has long fangs and red eyes, and a bushy tail; its fur is brown and has grey/silver streaks in it. In war zones, it has some appearance changes based on momentum: at 100 momentum its eyes glow, at 200 it gets a bit of battle staining, at 300 its eyes glow brighter and trail up wisps of red smoke, and at 400 momentum its body radiates a dark aura. It bounds into battle and barks before crouching down, poised to attack. Its howl attack is it raising its head up and howling, the screen darkening some. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An Earth pet with a slightly inaccurate accuracy lean. It has two attacks: a Melee attack where it leaps onto the enemy and mauls them to deal 4/3 damage, and a howl attack that does 2/3 damage and trade some of that damage to attempt to inflict omni-elemental Element Vulnerability(renamed Havoc or something suitably cool) on both the player and monster. With the full Warmonger Set, it also gives a boost to the player's damage. If it could have a Master Craft bonus, it would be increased Lucky Strike damage.

Description: Who cried havoc and let this dog out? Never fully tamed, this savage canine's howl unnerves all who hear it, and with the full Warmonger set its presence draws your foe's attention, causing you to deal greater damage!

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Reign of Shadows Saga
An... issue I've noted is that there are a lot of shadow monsters in Random Adventure. Like, a ton. And with the removal of the Truphma Camps, I thought, why not get rid of the Shadow monsters, too? I came up with a simple solution, and all it will take is a three-arc saga and the largest/longest war in Adventure Quest history.

A: An unseasonable war with the BURPs. As the war goes on and the mystery of the cause unravels, Famine, Pestilence, and War go missing(this might be done with mid-war cutscenes). The war's final boss is a Shadow monster, and though without any direct answers, the player gets a very bad feeling about where things are headed.

B: The disappearance of Death's hourglasses speeds up to an alarming rate. As the quest ends again with a Shadow monster boss and no direct answers, Death(not the Boatman, Death the demi-power) vanishes.

C: The Lorian pantheon steps in to explain the Seekrat's dire threat, and a war is begun to rescue Death and the other demi-powers. Some unexpected allies come in the form of Zorbak and Kabroz, who can join the player as guests during the war. The player fails to stop the Seekrat in time, and Death is absorbed/captured. ((A random idea for a quest reward is an Hourglass Shield that drain player HP for increased blocking, and be flipped for the player to gain Regeneration for the number of turns the player had it in the other mode.))

A couple consequences of the Seekrat's victory would be changes to the Nowhere quest and Power Word Die. If Power Word Die is used against a Shadow monster, it instead summons the Seekrat, who instantly kills the player. In Nowhere, the Boatman's gondola is present, but he isn't; there is a clickable note about how Nowhere works, an arrow button with the pop-up message "You see a faint light in the far distance..." that takes the player back to town, and an arrow to take the player to the Nowhere quest, in which the player only encounters Shadow monsters.

A: Shadow monster camps begin to appear around Lore, much in the same way the old Truphma camps did. The player would fight through them, and have a save to work some sealing magic; if they failed the save, the player would fight a couple more monsters and attempt the save again.

B: Erebus(and if possible, Lord Barrius) appears to help, warning that the Seekrat is dangerously close to fulfilling his plan. There's a tough Shadow monster as the boss of the quest.

C: In a last ditch effort to stop the Seekrat, Erebus meets with the player to explain about extracting shadows. Before he can demonstrate, the Seekrat taunts the player, speaking through Erebus. Erebus vanishes. The sky darkens, and the player is treated to scenes of Shadow camps spreading across Lore.

A: The Seekrat appears in person to taunt the player at the end of the battles, and explains his plan was to bring the two universes closer together so that the Shadow's Mother would awaken. He produces Erebus, but before the player can intervene, Erebus is absorbed. The player is shown a cutscene of Mother awakening.

B: The massive war to defend Lore from Mother and the Seekrat. Mother would be one of the few monsters in the dreadfully vast monster pool(even more monsters than the largest two-sided war), the player fighting different essences/aspects of her being. The monster pool is so huge, the mid-war cutscenes would serve as new quests of their own. One feature of the war is that it only features the Endless Battle number of waves(this due to Death not being around to do his job)- though, the player isn't told this, and only can select Fight! For the mid-war quests, the rewards would be pieces of equipment that the player would need to defeat the Seekrat in the finale of the war(Such as an armor called Hope of the Universe).

a: The first few quests(at 15, 30, and 45%) are centered on NPC's such as Zorbak, Aria, Twilly, and their shadows being absorbed by the Seekrat. The player fails to save them.

b: Shadow camps spread even more extensively across Lore at 60%. Now when clearing them, the player sees some escape after working the sealing magic.

c: The player's Shadow appears at 75%. It is a prodigiously difficult boss battle, and their Shadow is still around afterwards, mocking and taunting them about the Seekrat's impending victory.

d: At 90%, the player's shadow is fought again. Afterwards, the Seekrat appears, saying that the player's shadow has served it purpose before absorbing it. At this point the Seekrat has ascended into All Caps Villainy. As he disappears, the Lorian pantheon appears again, warning of the Seekrat's true plan of absorbing Mother. They explain of a narrow window of time in which they can empower the player.

e: As the finale of the war, Mother and all other Shadows are absorbed, and the player faces the Seekrat. Upon his defeat the NPC's are saved, the Shadow camps disappear, the Nowhere Quest and Power Word Die return to normal, and Shadow monsters are removed from the Random Adventure monster pool. My thoughts on the finale rewards are they should be distinctly exquisite, or like the Souvenir T-shirt.
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A relatively minor but noticeable issue Adventure Quest has had over the years is the lack of space for text. Sometimes this happens with item descriptions, or monster bios, or the News Scroll in Battleon. My suggestion would be to add a scrolling feature for text on the News Scroll and Item Descriptions and Monster Bios. This would give the writers some more room to work with, and it would also solve the problem of text just disappearing out of the box.
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The Question

Scrolling wouldn't help much I suppose? We are limited to the by the "3:4" ratio of the GUI. So unless there's some plans to overhaul its design (very unlikely due to many things going to be completely out of place), it would be difficult and very challenging to fit all these news into one place.

Scrolling isn't very welcome unless done properly. I would think players would prefer a single-page design without having a "scroller" for each section. But if there's a need for more information, I'd rather they split the content into "pages" instead of cramming 4-6 pieces of content and information into a single view, as it is now.
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Silver Lining
Appearance: A dark grey cloud with a curtain of rain falling from it; it occasionally sparks with lightning. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Water shield with a secondary resistance to Wind, with Ranged as its highest defense. It has an effect of dealing Energy damage to the monster when the player blocks an attack, modified by the number of hits blocked and attempted. If it had a penalty for the effect, it would come from the shield's Melee defense.

Description: Made to prevent your enemies from raining on your parade, this shield offers great Water, Wind, and Ranged defense, and will shock your foes with lightning when you block attacks!

Lotus Edge
Appearance: A janbiya-like dagger, with the wooden handle curling into a spiral at the pommel. The guard consists of pink spade-shaped petals, and the blade is golden, with a wood grain pattern. Attached to the pommel is a small leaf tassel. ( appearance idea). When triggered, the center of the flower near the base of the blade would glow golden, with a few gold sparkles rising up occasionally.

Stats: A Melee Earth dagger with a moderate Random damage lean, and no special attack. It has a trigger that causes Lucky Strikes to deal massively increased damage against monsters with >0 Dexterity. If it was able to have a Master Craft effect, it would be further increase to the Lucky Strike damage of the trigger.

Description: This dagger was grown instead of forged, and its scent dulls your enemy's senses, letting you make outrageously lucky attacks you never could otherwise.

Tome of Arcane Lore
Appearance: A thick, leather-bound book. The cover edges are outlined with gold, and the corners have clover/heart shapes in them facing towards the center of the cover. It has gold ribbon bookmarks and a golden metal clasp, and on the front cover is four of the corner shapes joined together at the bases, with spikes sticking out from them. In its Special Attack/Spell Casting position, the book floats up and opens, light shining from within it. ( appearance idea). Mana Chirurgy is a fissure opening up from the monster, shining with purple light as it expands and purple vapors stream out of it; Kaleidoplague is an iridescent, kaleidoscopic sphere coalescing before flying at the monster, spreading out into a shockwave and rainbow-colored bubbles rising up form the monster; Dual Enchantment is a simple twinkling light spiraling down over the player, leaving behind a trail of sparkles, which change color depending on the element; Aegisphere is a cocoon of golden energy fading in over the player which swirls about and flares before remaining in place; Cosmosis is an orb of a ghostly blue liquid energy flying at the player from the monster, lengthening along the way before spiraling around the player and expanding into a tube around them; Spiritus Multas is a glowing blue orb of energy bursting from the monster, rupturing into a flame-like energy that begins to arc towards the player before fading out, then a a portal of the same blue opens above the player, from which sparkles of the energy shower over the player.

Stats: Its base is a tome with a Draw Mana option. The fallback "spells are disabled" attack is cracks spreading out from the monster before the area shatters apart; this attack does Harm damage and attempts to inflict a few turns of Defense Loss(all-element, but Magic Defense only) on the monster, taking penalties to its damage for the effect and element. The tome and its other spells are found through Random Adventure, in Enchanted Treasure Chests. Once the tome and two different spells have been found,the player can take it to Warlic, where he will enable the tome for the player's use. Afterwards, the player can visit Warlic to change out the spells in the tome for another of the set the player has collected for a small fee; the Draw Mana option of the tome can't be swapped out, and it can hold two other spells.

Mana Chirurgy is an efficient SP cost spell with a heavy accuracy lean that directly damages the monster's MP, and uses the monster's Intellect for the stat bonuses to damage; Kaleidoplague is an MP spell that trades all of its direct damage to inflict two statuses on the monster: the first is Mana Puncture, which causes the the monster to lose MP each turn until it succeeds on an INT-based save, and second is Astral Necrosis, which prevents the monster from regaining Mana until their MP healing exceeds the threshold set by the status(a little like Disease, but not physical, and targets Mana); Aegisphere is a quick-cast MP cost spell that deals no damage, instead giving the player an omni-element shield against Magic damage for a few turns(the player can take overflow damage like with Chi and Mana shields, can't have one of those and this shield up simultaneously, and takes unmitigated Melee and Ranged damage); Dual Enchantment is a quick-cast SP cost spell that brings up an Elemental Wheel the player can pick from, and their next spell against the monster deals bonus damage that increases based on the monster's resistance to the chosen element(if cast multiple times in one turn it only does bonus damage based on the last chosen element); Spiritus Multas is a quick-cast SP cost spell that gives an increase in damage to the player's next spell, based on how many enemies they're facing- one monster would give no boost/ a very small boost, two would give a normal one, and so on(boost doesn't stack); Cosmosis is an MP cost spell that directly damages the monster's mana, and heals the player's MP equal to the damage dealt; all the "damaging" spells are Harm element, and take the appropriate penalties to their damage for the element. Lastly, if the tome was allowed to have an additional effect, it would be a boost to the power and accuracy and reduce the cost of all the player's spells; penalties for the effect would come first from the fallback attack's damage, and then the damage of the other spells.

Description: Once scattered across Lore, the rare spells of this ancient tome contain a wide variety of highly advanced meta-magics. It also makes for a handy door stopper and drink coaster!

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Living Flame
Appearance: Liquid flame swirls into a globe of fire which then pulses three times: the first pulse extends high up, the second goes down to the ground and up the same height, and the third pulse is swells into a mushroom cloud blast that goes off the top of the screen. The ball of flame shrinks down to the base size between pulses. ( appearance idea).

Stats: A "three" hit Fire spell. If a Fire hit connects, the spell then deals a hit of Ice which automatically connects. The spell receives a bonus to damage for the opposing elements, and also trades a moderate amount of damage to attempt to inflict Fragile on the monster for two turns. The damage is divided into 2/3 Fire & 1/3 Ice per hit, with the Fire damage happening with each pulse of the fire.

Description: This spell's heat is drawn from your foe's body and surrounding area, and is so breathtakingly hot your opponent is shocked with cold and left fragile afterwards!

Appearance: A grey storm cloud rolls in from the player's side, covering the top of the screen, causing it to dim slightly. The monster is stabbed with bright yellow lightning, the thunder echoing off of it in transparent waves. ( appearance idea).

Stats: A "three" hit Energy spell with a moderately accurate accuracy lean and a heavy base damage lean. When an Energy hit connects, the spell deals a hit of Wind that automatically connects. The spell trades a moderate amount of damage to inflict Numb on the monster, and received a bonus to its damage for the multiple elements. The damage is evenly split into 2/3 Energy and 1/3 Wind per hit; the lightning is Energy damage, and the thunder is Wind.

Description: The best way to predict the weather is to create it! This spell calls up a storm that strikes your foe with powerful lightning and deafening thunder, leaving them numb and reeling from the assault.

Lunar Cycle
Appearance: A silver crescent moon fades in above and slightly to the right of the player, its back framed in shadow and shining on the monster with a pale golden light. The light fades, the moon now full, which again radiates with light; the light fades and the moon is now a waning crescent, glowing golden as very faint light shines down on the monster before fading away altogether. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Light spell with "three" hits- when a Light hit connects, the spell deals a hit of Darkness damage that automatically connects. The spell gets a bonus to damage for the opposing elements, but also trades a moderate amount of damage to inflict Mesmerized(a status where the target is in awe/wonder, and doesn't act for a turn- it inflicts with Charisma and is resisted with Intellect; it would be a Charm effect, a family of effects that would be related to Fear effects). The spell's damage is split up into 2/3 Light and 1/3 Darkness per hit, and the Light hits would be when the moon shines golden.

Description: This evocation draws on cosmic forces to bathe your opponent in an enthralling cycle of light and darkness that will leave them mesmerized and unable to act!
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Just a heads up, this is a long post!

Sage Class Quests
Location: Talk to Sage Uldor to begin. The actual training takes place on and around a mountain.
Class Trainer: Sage Uldor.
Requirements: Training in the Scholar and Mage classes.
What Is A Sage?: The ancient wise men on the mountain, those wizened grandmothers watching over their kin with mysterious remedies and curses... The studious recluse in the tall tower, with visions of the future- all these are part of the Sage tradition. Though there are many paths, a sage is one who makes use of the magical gifts of the world around them. Through careful study and meditation, they come to a deep understanding of their surroundings- and how to work the world around them to their benefit.
Villain: The Resurrector, a mysterious sage who uses unknown methods to bring ancient creatures back to life. They speak to the player as a teacher might to a young student, and indeed, are knowledgeable in numerous fields of magical study. When pressed into action, they are cold and efficient, and dislike their time being wasted. They have a habit of never directly revealing their plans, even when disadvantaged or caught in the act. Though none of this is revealed during class quests, they are: a tall woman who has aged gracefully, with only a few wrinkles and graying hair, immensely intelligent and otherwise honorable despite their plans.

Sage Uldor tasks the player with catching a Demon Cat with magic, making it out to be a fearsome enemy. The player doesn’t believe that for a second, and heads off to find the cat. After a few battles the cat ambushes them with a fight. After a couple more battles the player spots an area with the cat in it. This begins a target practice-like mini game: the cat scurries around, hiding behind objects for a moment. Clicking on the cat sends a ball of magic that turns into chains on contact; after a moment the cat escapes and continues running around. If the player clicks on a bush/etc. with the cat behind it, it flashes out and the Binding animation of the Sage armor plays, holding the Demon Cat fast. Afterwards, Sage Uldor explains a bit about the process of using your magic to animate nature.

Sage Uldor “trains the player in fine-tuning their magical senses”. This consists of several stat rolls where the player takes damage if they fail. Upon succeeding, the player sees Sage Uldor using Mental Energy against them. He explains a bit about using already existing elements to empower magic, and then send the player off to train for a few battles.

For the third task, Sage Uldor tasks the player with talking to the Demon Cat they caught in the first quest. This begins a series of stat rolls, with an easier roll after passing(like the Hedge Maze); upon succeeding, Sage Uldor brings out a creature or object of “even lower intelligence” than the last. The last object is a rock, and the player finally learns to listen to it, finding it to be quite eloquent. It tells of a powerful Sage working deep under the mountain who is warping nature in bizarre ways. Sage Uldor and the player begin to make plans.

Sage Uldor explains about using the latent magic in the surroundings for camouflage, and sends them off to observe the nearby mountain. The player senses a series of creatures passing by, and has a stat roll for each one; upon failing, the player battles that monster and tries the roll again. Upon passing the creature stat rolls, the player sees a tall figure dressed in Sage’s Mantle passing by. This triggers the highest passable stat roll; on failing, the player has a face-to-back conversation with the stranger. They express a desire to not waste time with a novice, and the player gets an instant death zap of magic that sends them back to Sage Uldor. On passing the roll, the figure stops, and notices the player anyways. They are amused a novice is trying to stop them, and says this is all the player will see. The player gets an instant death zap of magic, and returns to Sage Uldor to tell him of the mysterious Sage.

Sage Uldor talks to the player about how a Sage’s wisdom comes from being one with the magic of their surroundings. The player has a few training battles, and then goes off to observe the mysterious Sage again. They note the area’s magic feels like the last days of Winter, and then witness a Prehistoric Behemoth(it has legs, unlike the current one) rising up from the ground. The monster speaks to the player, and is very confused but knows somehow the player is an enemy. Upon defeating the Prehistoric Behemoth, the mysterious Sage appears, and decides to introduce theirself. They say they’re known as The Resurrector, and that their goal is a noble one, and the player does not need to make themselves a problem. The player asks what The Resurrector’s goal is, and is told they can only know if they join them. On picking join, The Resurrector makes a scathing remark about the player’s intelligence and loyalty, and vanishes(no jump scar or anything). On refusing the offer, The Resurrector expresses approval of the player’s loyalty, and gives them an instant death zap of magic that sends them back to Sage Uldor.

Sage Uldor explains to the player of not only harmonizing with the magic of the surroundings, but merging physical qualities as well, and how this can be the basis of many remedies. He then sends the player off to use this remedy to treat a nearby village that was overrun by monsters and flora. The player talks to the sudden forest that overtook the village, and finds it is happy to grow where it once took root. After being healed, the villagers talk of terrifying beasts from fairy tales; giant monsters, and feral animals. The player asks the local wildlife about it, and is directed to the heart of the nearby forest, fighting a few battles along the way. At their destination they find Prehistoric Behemoth footprints, and decide to return to Sage Uldor.

Sage Uldor talks about the recluses and scholars and the stories of how they could live off a drop of dew for a month. The player hopes to eat more than once a month, and Sage Uldor explains of how it was by restructuring the nature of the magic around them. The player has a training battle against Uldor, and is unable to use any health or mana potions during it. Then the players is sent off on a training trip, still unable to use any potions during the battles. Deep in the forest the player notes a strong feeling of Spring in the area’s magic, and listens to a tree that tells them of how it misses the small humans that would laugh and rest in its branches as they climbed it. The player resolves to stop The Resurrector, and returns to Sage Uldor.

Warning the player of the dangers of the next lesson, Sage Uldor begins to tell the player of ley lines, and how to tap into them. During the lesson, the player senses what they think is a line and attempt to use it. This brings up a stat roll to avoid a landslide, and if they fail the player takes damage. They deduce The Resurrector was behind the landslide, and that they may be able to break into their stronghold by harnessing the power of a ley line. This brings up a few stat rolls for the player attempting to control the new ability, taking damage if they fail. After passing the rolls, the player is eager to confront The Resurrector, but Sage Uldor tells them of what he sensed during the player’s first attempt at tapping into a ley line, and that there is still more they have to learn.

Sage Uldor then warns the player of what they will soon learn- seeing into the future. He talks of how like ley lines, the Ethereal Realm converges with Lore in some spots, and how sages use these places to align the magic of Lore and the Ethereal Realm to see into the future. Sage Uldor again warns the player of the difficulty of this, and that the player may not have full control of their visions while inside a convergence. Sage Uldor says the nearest convergence is the one inside the mountain The Resurrector is using, but that the player may be able to access it while on the peak. After reaching the summit there are some hard stat rolls to successfully see into the future; on failing one, the player faces a monster that snuck up on them while they were concentrating. Passing the last stat roll brings a scene sweeping over the landscape, forest and ancient monsters in familiar places, and at the end The Resurrector appears standing at the edge of a cliff; without turning around they address the player, complementing their progress in training. They speak of the methods and people they thought were the answer to their quest, and then tells the player that they are not the answer either, forcing them out of the vision. Now aware of the scope of The Resurrector’s plans, the player prepares to finish their training.

Sage Uldor speaks of World Sculpting, and how it is the culmination of everything the player has learned so far. The player reminds Sage Uldor of catching the Demon Cat and talking to a rock, but he continues speaking on the traditions of World Sculpting as if the player hadn’t interrupted him. He mentions how rare it is for a Sage to be learned in so many areas, and that soon the player will have all the tools they need to stop The Resurrector. The player fights training battles, and then has a hard stat roll to see if they’ve mastered the ability. They go back to training after failing, but on passing, they create a small pool in the training area.

Now ready, the player opens up the mountain, and heads in to confront The Resurrector, facing a few monsters on the way. The Resurrector is surprised the player was able to reach them in their stronghold, but say this will be as far as they go. They use the instant death zap of magic again, but the player survives with 1 HP, and talks to The Resurrector about meddling in nature and upsetting its balance. The Resurrector says they pity the player for their limited vision, and that one so young couldn’t understand. They attempt to turn the ground under the player into lava, but the player is able to keep it as mountain. The player then battles The Resurrector, and afterwards, they appear relatively unharmed. They express delight in finally being challenged, and offer the player a more difficult battle. If successful, The Resurrector is still whole, and offers the player the instant death zap spell(Anima Shock) as a reward, saying they don’t want the player to be unprepared when they next meet; they then vanish. If the player loses the battle, The Resurrector warns they have lost their tolerance for them, and that their shortsightedness will only make their path as a Sage more difficult. They then vanish, and the mountain begins to crumble down around the player. Afterwards, Sage Uldor tasks the player with using their knowledge as a Sage to protect the world, guarding it and keeping it in balance.

Sage’s Mantle
APPEARANCE: A light brown robe cinched with a wide, dark leather belt. Over it is worn a woolen sage green cloak with a hood(removable) and a heavy fur mantle of a dark brown. While Harmonize is toggled, the hood and cloak beneath the mantle take on the characteristics of the current element: blue and subtly rippling for Water, thorny vines growing along the hems for Earth, becoming a dark gray with slowly shifting shadows for Darkness, a shimmering, bright golden white for Light, an angry, boiling orange-red for Fire, a pale light blue that quietly emanates frost for Ice, a churning grey that sparks with electricity for Energy, and a dull silver that blows around in a soft breeze for Wind. The attack is the player thrusting their weapon forwards, unleashing a pulse of magical energy. ( appearance idea)

Binding is a spiraling tendril of energy that sprouts out of the ground and wraps around the monster, then shrinks back down and tightens around it. For Camouflage, the armor fades in and out, before becoming almost completely transparent for the duration. For Panacea, the player takes a vial from inside the cloak and drinks, glowing a soft, dark green for a moment. For Ley Tap, the player glows a bright neon blue, the light spreading out from them into a tall column; the damage from the effect is dealt with a quick burst of sparkles of the same blue. For Future Sight, the monster’s side of the screen dims, and transparent and indistinct shapes and lines swim around it for a moment before the screen brightens.

For the Animate feature of World Sculpt, the Earth element attack is a fist of vines and boulders growing out of the ground and then hammering down on the monster; a mighty wave of water with a frothing crest surging forwards and crashing through the opponent for Water, indistinct shadows full of eyes and teeth fading in and attacking the monster from all sides for Darkness; a beam of dazzling pale gold light drilling through the monster, the screen gradually brightening over time for Light; flames sweeping along the bottom of the screen and filling it before twisting up into a large pillar of flame for Fire; mist flows along the bottom of the screen, and spikes of pale blue ice lance out from the monster, the size of the cluster growing with each spike and then shattering for Ice; a storm cloud approaching from the player’s left that darkens the screen, bursting with rain and scouring the monster with violent blasts of lightning for Energy; and a fierce tornado touching down and moving back and forth across the monster before exiting the screen behind them for Wind.

The Forge option of World Sculpt changes the battle background to one associated with the chosen element: a volcano for Fire, a beach for Water, etc.

STATS: The Sage’s Mantle has even resistances, and a heavy focus on its Magic Defense, and has a Mid-Defensive damage lean. Its defenses and resistances scale with the player’s level and class level. The player takes (5+Sage lv. divided by 2)% less Magic damage if their class title is Sage.

(1)Binding is a Magic Weapon Element skill that deals reduced damage in order to inflict Panic on the monster. The monster receives a penalty to the save if it and the background are of the same element. (2)Synthesis is a passive skill that increases the power and reduces the cost of the player’s spell if it and the background have matching elements, the effect increasing while Harmonize is toggled on. (3)Hidden Lore is an SP Toggle skill that increases the player’s Intellect and Magic Defense, scaling directly with their Sage level for the defense and 5xSage Lv. for the INT.

(4)Camouflage is a Quick-Cast Mana Shield that defends against the background’s element. Its interaction with Harmonize is overflow damage being increased, but of the same element the shield defends against while Harmonize is toggled on.

(5)Harmonize is a free Toggle skill(remains on between battles, but not after changing armors) that changes the armor’s primary resistance to match the background element; it follows the Elemental Wheel and has a good primary and allied resistances, but lower than normal Poorly Related and Opposing resistances.

(6)Panacea is an SP Toggle skill that gives the player a bonus to saves against all hostile status effects, modified by their level and Sage level, and also gives 5xSage Lv. Endurance. (7)Sage Renewal is a free toggle skill that has options to restore either HP, MP, or SP at the end of the player’s turn, based on their level, Sage level, and damage dealt.

(8)Ley Tap is a free toggle skill that restores a large amount of Mana to both the player and monster at the beginning of each turn(and on activation, but can only restore mana once a turn), modified by their level and Sage level. If an MP bar is full, any overflow healing is dealt as Harm damage to its owner, and this effect is capable of killing them.

(9)Future Sight is a spell that takes a turn and attempts to give the player BtH, an MRM increase, and an Element Shield of the monster’s base element for a couple turns; the monster can save against this effect, and if it does, nothing happens on the player’s turn.

(10)World Sculpt is a spell that comes with two options: Animate, and Forge. Animate is an accurate damaging spell of the same element as the background that costs MP, and it receives a bonus to damage and costs SP while Harmonize is toggled on. The Forge option changes the background to one associated with any of the 8 standard elements, which the player can choose; it costs MP normally, but instead costs HP while Harmonize is toggled on.

DESCRIPTION: This robe and cloak are worn by those known as Sages! Wear them to learn mystic abilities such as Harmonize, Future Sight, and World Sculpt. (Frog, snake, and slug suits not included)

Sage Brush
Appearance: A tall staff made of a brown wood with a cloth grip in the middle, with the top curling in on itself. From the top comes a wave of feathers, and when the weapon is triggered they change to be a color related to the current element. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Magic Earth staff. The special rate is 20% and is three hits, and its power is split 50% on restoring the player’s mana, 25% on reducing the cost of their next spell, and 25% on increasing the power of their next spell. When the player is a Sage, its element will change to match the background’s element(or stay Earth, if it doesn’t have one).

Description: The embodiment of a Sage’s power, this staff lets your magic paint with all the wind’s colors, and can call on nature to heal your mana and make your next spell more powerful and efficient! It also provides decent cover in deserts.

Sage Incense
Appearance: A palm-sized dark ceramic bowl with three short legs. Inside it is a clump of dried sage, and smoke rises up from the bowl. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A misc. item that gives a max boost to Intellect, and increases the BtH of the player’s Magic attacks and spells. If the player is a Sage, it also provides resistance to the background’s element.

Description: This incense’s scent calms and expands your mind, boosting your intellect and the accuracy of your magic. For Sages, it also lets you become more in tune with nature.

Anima Shock
Appearance: A quick arc of energy that compacts into an arrow shape, then an arrow head shape, flaring out into a shockwave with a bright flash. ( appearance idea).

Stats: A max accuracy lean spell that deals damage of the monster's base element(8 standard only), dealing damage based on the monster's base HP and attempting to inflict Fragile. The spell has a master craft effect of increased Endurance loss when it inflicts Fragile

Description: This spell strikes at the very core of your foe's being, disrupting the forces their body and spirit rely on and leaving them severely weakened!

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Enthusiast's Gauntlet
Appearance: A shining silver gauntlet with a hexagonal gem on the back. There is a gold border around the gem, and the gem changes colors depending on the element. Underneath the gauntlet there is a dark brown leather glove, and around the gauntlet's wrist is a red sash. ( appearance idea)

Location: Arena of Enthusiasts

Stats: A Melee fist with a standard damage lean and no special attack. The element changes for each hit, and the player takes +(25/1.4)% damage and -3 to their blocking, and the weapon deals increased damage to compensate for these things.

Description: For serious battle enthusiasts! This gauntlet strikes with a random element and fills you with reckless power, making you more vulnerable in combat- but granting you completely uninhibited strength!

APPEARANCE: An island, large enough to host one large city and several smaller villages. In the North-East area there is a small range of mountains on the northern edge of a lake. A river runs from the lake through the southern and central portion of the island, and continues to the South-West edge, where it falls off. The southern area of the island is dominated by plains, and the North-West of the island is covered with a thick wood and rolling hills. In the center of the island is the city, Wenlea. It has homes and larger buildings in the Gothic style, predominantly white/gray marble or granite for the larger buildings. The buildings are hung with colorful banners. Near the bend in the river is one of the villages, Rillis. Its buildings consist of dome-shaped homes constructed of hide stretched over wooden frames (X or )( shaped). Near each house are three anchor stones to which ropes from the bottom of the homes run, pinned underneath and wrapped around. During good weather the doorways are hung with colorful cloth curtains; during bad weather wood and hide doors are strapped in place. On the edge of and a little into the north-western forest is the other main village, Zandin. It has homes of a similar construction to the ones of Rillis, but in the forest tree bark is used instead of hide, and the homes are anchored to trees. The Mountain Temple in the North-East is constructed of dark grey/brown stone from the mountains, in a style that is a mix of Gothic with Ionic columns. The Secret Grove in the north-western forest is of tall trees with reddish-brown bark around a small clearing lit with golden sunlight. ( expertly drawn map sketch)

NAVIGATION: Similar to other places on the map, the city and villages can be accessed by simply clicking on them. It is also possible to travel from place to place by "Walking", during which time it is possible to encounter monsters.

LOCATION: Euphaea travels in a circuit around the currently known map locations, briefly stopping by areas along the way( route idea, route is in blue, stops are blue ovals). It would take Euphaea 5 weeks to move along the route in the northwestern "base" of the Travel Map(which includes Battleon, etc.), 3 for the North Central portion(Maelstrom, Dark Jungle, etc.), it would then "disappear" for a month while over the ocean en route to Deren, where it would travel for 3 weeks, it would "disappear" for another month over the ocean until it appeared over the Middle Isles(Black Lake, Stonerule, The Crater) where it would stay for 3 weeks, it would then be gone for a week as it travels to the south-western portion of the map(Dragonclaw Isle, Alnaphar, etc.) where it would stay for 3 weeks before starting the circuit over again near Battleon. For potential future map expansions, Euphaea would follow the same formula of staying about a week each stop and "vanishing" over the ocean.

HISTORY: Euphaea was severed from Lore on the far western edge of Battleon's continent long ago by a group of powerful mages in an attempt to escape destruction by The Devourer. Lore was saved before he got around to them, and so, Euphaea wandered about the western coast in relative peace for ages. It was ruled by the council of mages that raised it into the sky, and due to their long lives, their court quickly began to build up schemes that circled around and piled in on each other(a tendency that continues to the present). It was very quickly discovered that flying monsters were a real problem, and so a magical barrier was erected that kept out most larger monsters, such as wyverns and dragons(though those occasionally get through). Over time, the limited resources of the island became a problem, and so a robust trading life sprang up on the isle, sky ferries going up and down with goods, importing things from the towns below. Something that the towns below also noticed was that Euphaea's prolonged presence would be detrimental to the growth of their crops- this on occasion started battles, which Euphaea would always win by simply floating away. Eventually, after one of these clashes the last of the original wizards who raised Euphaea "died in his sleep", and leadership of the isle was transferred to the Steering Committee, a council comprised of merchants and the wizards who charted its course.

Present day: Euphaea remains a positive but decidedly neutral place. In Wenlea, this manifests itself as its citizens being a little self-important and unconcerned with outside affairs. The citizens of Rillis and Zandin are a bit more open-minded, with the residents of Rillis holding the Wind and Water Lords in high regard. The forest residents of Zandin are mystics, but their traditions are more of an intellectual pursuit as opposed to a simple way of life for the residents of Rillis. In Wenlea the merchants are very eager for business, on a slightly aggressive level. Overall, Euphaea's people are reserved, but will quickly open up to friendly outsiders.

PLACES: Wenlea Institute of Magic. Teaches a variety of magic from all over the world, as well as rare and ancient magic. Dates back to Euphaea's earliest days.
Mountain Temple: A retreat constructed by one of Euphaea's original wizards. It is a sparsely inhabited place of quiet meditation.
Secret Grove: A mysterious place that remains uncultivated and wild, protected by a subtle and ancient magic. The player is able to encounter it but unable to explore("You feel watched..." "You feel as if you're trespassing..."), and it restores their HP and MP over time.

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The Sky Is Falling!
LOCATION: Today's Event page
The scene starts with the player enjoying a picnic just outside Battleon, when a fish, an Archmage Hat, a couple potion bottles, a kitchen sink, and a couch fall on them, the player remarking on their luck as that happens. They soldier on and try to enjoy the picnic, but soon are pummeled into the ground by a torrent of water. While pinned down, Twilly approaches, and comes over to tell the player they're needed in Battleon, and heals, and they're on their way.

Warlic meets the player in the town square, and asks them if they notice anything unusual. The player responds it's just a little dim from the cloud, and Warlic sighs and tells the player to look up- the player does so, and sees dark rock and soil. Warlic tells them he will do what he can to hold up the island, and that the player needs to help evacuate Battleon. Another fish falls on the player, and they hurry off.

The player is now with Yulgar, Robina, and Aria in the picnic space, which is sunny. Yulgar confirms they were able to get everyone out, and Aria wonders what everyone will do now. The player thinks for a moment, and remembers the potion bottles and kitchen sink that fell on them, and reasons there must be people on the island. They decide to try and get the attention of the inhabitants, and have a choice of doing so with a dance, a burst of magic, or by shouting. There choice brings up a stat roll- Dexterity for dancing, Intellect for a burst of magic, and Endurance for shouting. Failing the roll causes another object to fall on the player from the sky, damaging them. On passing, Aria will remark her ears are stll ringing from the player's shout(if Shout was picked), Yulgar comments on how the player's spell was so bright it almost blinded him(if Burst of Magic was picked), and Robina will whisper about how the player's dance was so bad it almost blinded her(if Dance was picked). The player then sees a large object falling from the island and tells everyone to run for cover.

The object is a small magiscience powered airship, manned by a mage in blue and white robes. She pulls up her goggles and is obviously panicked, saying that this has never happened before and that no one knows who hijacked the Steering Spell Circle. The player introduces theirself as a hero and Chosen of Lore, and the mage(Lucine) says that a talking chicken would do at this point. She invites the player on board and flies them up to the island, Euphaea. On the way, Lucine explains a bit about the island's history, and how the Steering Committee decided to venture into the eastern lands for the first time in centuries. Lucine's explanation of the situation is interrupted by a few battles(Wind monsters, such as Razorwings), and they touch down in the airfield just outside of the island's main city, Wenlea. Lucine says they're out of time, and introduces the player as a professional chicken to her colleagues as everyone rushes to the Steering House in the middle of Wenlea. The player fights a few more battles as they rush through the chaos, and finally they arrive at the Steering House.

One of Lucine's colleague at the house asks the player what plans they've put ito place down below. The player answers they have a wizard working on holding Euphaea back, and Lucine's colleague(Archard) is flabbergasted at the player's light preparations during such a critical moment. Lucine cuts his rant off, and says they need to break into the Steering Spell Circle's room. Archard says no one's been able to break the enchantment on the door. The player says they'll be able to handle it, and Archard leads everyone off to the room. There's a glowing glyph on the door, and the player straight away attempts to open it by the handle- this does nothing. Archard sighs and facepalms, and this brings up two options for the player: Undo the Spell, and Break Through the Wall. They each bring up a stat roll: Intellect for Undo the Spell, and Strength for Break Through the Wall. On passing Undo, Archard expresses surprise at the player's skill. On passing Break, Lucine wonders why no one thought of that earlier.

The Steering Spell Circle room has various maps on the wall, and in the middle of it is the titular circle occupying the floor, with a smaller one floating above it like a ship's wheel. In the circle is Eznik, a mage dressed in the same blue and white mage robes as Lucine and her colleagues, his eyes are glowing white, and he doesn't respond at first to Lucine's frantic calls. He then notices the player, mumbling "Intruder..." before battling them(Eznik is a normal boss, fighting the player with Wind Magic that has a chance to Control them). Upon defeat, Eznik mentions how drained and tired he is. Lucine asks why he would do this, and Eznik says he was paid by a new member of the Steering Committee to fly towards Battleon, but that once he began the anchoring protocol he lost control of his body. He points and exclaims, "There he is!" Archard directs the player to go after the culprit, and Lucine steps in to fly Euphaea. Archard objects, saying she's never done it before, but Lucine says there's no time to debate.

Just outside the air field, the player confronts the culprit: the Crooked Merchant. He makes remarks about disasters being a lucrative business, and before the player can battle him he escapes in an air ship. There is a sudden jolt, and the player races back to the Steering Spell Circle room. Lucine has successfully righted Euphaea. Eznik congratules her, and asks the player if they caught the merchant. The player says he escaped, and Eznik thanks the player for bringing him back to his senses. Archard seconds Eznik's thanks and congratulates Lucine, and offers the quest rewards.

Back in Battleon, Warlic tells the player the magic steering Euphaea was something he'd only seen in ancient textbooks, and that he was moments away from reverse engineering the spell and attempting to cast it when Euphaea went back up. The player briefly explains what happened on the island, and how the Crooked Merchant got away again. Warlic talks about how the island being nearby is a unique opportunity, and the player brings up a food cart selling pies they saw in the dash to the Steering House. A fish falls on the player from above, and the quest ends.

The following week after the quest, Euphaea would begin its circuit near Battleon.

Appearance: Golden sparkles. The "special attack" is the sparkles expanding in size for a moment.

Stats: A 100% special Magic "wand" with a slight random damage lean. Bravado trades all of its damage to increase the damage of the player's Pet and Guest and increase the player's Charisma for a turn.

Description: A minor spell that gives you a charismatic and inspirational presence, boosting the damage of your pets and guests!

Appearance: Silvery sparkles. The special attack is the sparkles expanding for a moment.

Stats: A 100% special Magic "wand" with a moderate base damage lean. It trades all of its damage to inflict Quell(renamed combination of Panic and Choke) on the monster for a few turns; it is capable of stacking.

Description: A minor sealing spell, Quell pacifies your opponent, reducing the damage they can deal to you!

Appearance: A golden ball of energy over two vaguely elliptical outlines; the screen is shadowed in a shaft beneath the outlines. Golden sparkles rise from one to the sphere as it lifts and the other falls, repeating on the other side, the golden sphere growing in size meanwhile; the sphere grows in size, and then breaks open towards the player with a rush of sparkles. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A very accurate two hit HP cost Harm element spell that deals damage based on a percent of the monster's base HP, and heals the player's HP an amount equal to the damage dealt. If it had a mastercraft bonus, it would be a reduced cost to cast.

Description: A work of white magic, this can reset the balance of a battle, striking past your opponent's resistances and healing you!

Appearance: A golden halo fades in over the player and flares out in a bright corona before fading out. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An SP cost quick-cast toggle spell that would give the player a boost to Intellect, Charisma, and Magic defense. When cast again, it would remove the boosts and it effects would end.

Description: You've learned to channel the mysterious and impartial force of white magic! While in this state, your intellect and charisma are magnified, and you have enhanced defense against magical attacks!

Appearance: A column of golden-white light grows out from the player, golden feathers of light flaking off from it as it expands. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An SP cost quick-cast toggle spell that would lower the player's Heal element resistance and give a boost to the player's Heal element damage. Casting again would remove the resistance and boost, ending the effects of the spell.

Description: This spell immerses your spirit in white magic, granting you incredible healing properties!

Appearance: A hand of ghostly silver energy forms in the middle of the screen; when formed strands of ethereal silver-white energy stream off of it, and it points towards the monster. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A very accurate spell that only does stat damage, trading its damage to inflict a Harm element Spiritual Seed effect that does damage based on a percentage of the monster's base HP after a few turns; this can stack with itself but not other Spiritual Seed effects.

Description: If your enemy isn't smart enough to plan ahead, then doom on them!

Wind's Blessing
Appearance: A circle of dusty wind swirls around the player, remaining for the duration. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A quick-cast spell that gives the player a few turns of a Wind Element Shield and a Defense Boost against Wind element attacks.

Description: A simple invocation that imparts greater resistances and defense against all manner of Wind attacks.

Serenia's Charm
Appearance: A small medallion with an ear of corn made from beaten gold and leaves of silver. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that boosts the damage and BtH of Earth attacks for the player's pet and guest.

Description: Aw, shucks! This medallion carries Serenia's blessings, and gives a boost to the Earth damage of your pets and guests!

Appearance: A woody, reddish-brown tap root with a few offshoots. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives the player a turn of regeneration and heals them for a small amount that is based on Endurance.

Description: A magical crystal that has bonded with a root, becoming a focus and reservoir of healing energy. In battle, this will regenerate your wounds and heal you a little each turn!

Appearance: A large spade-shaped leaf with somewhat woody brown veins that curl in on themselves. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A shield that focuses on Magic defense and lowering the player's Heal resistance, when blocking a Water or Light attack, it would restore HP to the player based on the number of hits blocked/attempted. If it had a penalty for the effect it would come from its Ranged defense.

Description: The veins of this leaf wrap around your arm, allowing you to drink in energy like a plant when you block Water and Light attacks!

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