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RE: Rebel One, Bring the Action!

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6/27/2017 11:29:57   

The Question

Seeing that you've got a lot of ideas, how about one for a seasonal event? Frostval, Halloween, etc.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 26
6/30/2017 0:25:30   

Invisible Friend
Appearance: It's invisible. When entering battle there might be a small puff of dust as it lands.

Stats: A very accurate Wind pet with a three hit attack. It has a bonus percentage of accuracy that increases with the player's Charisma; any penalties for this would come from damage. The pet also does more damage as the player levels up.

Description: With you since childhood, you're finally ready to reveal your friend to the world! Fiercely loyal, it becomes more accurate the more Charisma you have!

Location: Starting shop, or otherwise Aria's Pet Shop.

Appearance: A claymore, with golden fleur-de-lis on the ends of the quillions and pommel; the handle is spiral wrapped with a dark leather, and the hilt is a spiral twist of a silver metal; the ricasso starts below the hilt and is golden, and has curving lines engraved on it; the blade has a dark fuller down the length. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Melee Earth sword with standard damage and accuracy leans that has no special attack. It has a chance to automatically inflict the Cripple status, the drop in stats being larger than normal but only capable of stacking twice; any penalties for this would come first from the infliction rate, then the stat drop, and then the sword's damage.

Description: An ancient sword of highland warriors, this blade has a terrifyingly sharp edge that can cut through your enemy's defenses and leave them with crippling wounds!

Sub-zero Sorcerer
Appearance: A frosty light blue robe with blue hems and snowy white fur cuffs. Over it is worn a sleeveless coat of the same fur as the cuffs, with a (removable)fur-lined hood and closed with a brown leather belt. ( appearance idea) The attack is a magical snowball forming and flying at the enemy.

Stats: A neutral lean Ice armor with a focus on its Ice resistance and Magic defense, having even other resistances and defenses. It trades some of its damage for a chance at giving the player the Regain Mana status after casting a spell, the strength of the status being significantly higher for Ice spells. Its attack converts Melee into Ranged, but otherwise leaves attack types unchanged.

Description: The magic of these robes super-cools the air around you, letting mana settle in the air more densely and giving you incredible resistance to the cold!

Battle On!s
Appearance: A red box with yellow lettering, having a silver and gold bowl on one side under the brand name and a spoonful of the cereal on the other. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives the player a max stat boost to Intellect and Endurance. While the player has any spoon equipped, they also are healed a little each turn.

Description: I still haven't solved the maze on the back... *ahem* The official Breakfast of Guardians, this cereal is packed with the nutrition to keep you mentally sharp and full throughout your morning! Battle On!

Catching Shadows
LOCATION: The quest appears as an option on the base Mogloween screen when talking to Artix, stating "What's that over your shoulder?"

After clicking the option, the edges of a shadow can be briefly seen flickering over Artix's shoulder. The player says they were just seeing things- and then a roaring sound effect plays and the shadow leaps out from behind Artix at them, starting a battle(Artix's shadow is a glass cannon type Darkness monster with low HP and very high blocking, a negative Darkness resistance and a high Light resistance, its other resistances even; dealing more damage to the player if they are undead). Though confused, the player just chalks it up to being Mogloween, and continues their night around town.

Next they stop at Aria's Pet Shop, where she asks if they're interested in taking home a rare Alpine Gween. The player is surprised at hearing how the gween have adapted, and this leads to Aria becoming excited, and leaving off-screen to get one to show the player. A sound effect loop of a young child's giggling plays, and the player wonders where it's coming from before they ask Aria what's taking so long. A shadow taps the player's shoulder from behind, and then looms up over them, starting another battle(Aria's shadow is a Darkness monster similar to Artix's, but deals increased damage if the player has a pet or guest out). After the battle, Aria appears and says that the Alpine Gween managed to escape. She then notices something odd about the player; they ask, and Aria tells them that their shadow is missing. The player resolves to consult Warlic on this, and bids Aria a safe night before leaving.

Warlic immediately notes the absence of the player's shadow. The player wonders if it has anything to do with the alignment with the Darkness Realm that happened earlier that month on the 13th. Warlic says this is possible, but that he won't know for sure unless he can analyze the magic first-hand. He stasks the player with finding a shadow and bringing it to him, and the player sets off. They look around town, and a mini-game sort of screen comes up: the player can click on various things in the square, with some of the places containing monsters. After battling all the monsters a Give Up button appears. Clicking on it causes the player to remark about the irony of being unable to find a shadow when they're actually looking for one. They decide to stop over at Yulgar's for a drink.

After greeting Yulgar and making their order, the player asks if he's seen a shadow anywhere around town. Hans answers there's one over here, there, some under the display rack; the player interrupts and says they meant a person's shadow. Hans says "Sage Uldor's is over there, mine is right here, Yulgar's is... Yulgar's is...!" This starts a battle with Yulgar's shadow, who is a Darkness monster like the others and deals increased damage to the player if they're wielding any equipment available from Yulgar's shop. After the battle the shadow flees, and this brings up another hide and seek minigame; on finding the shadow, the player apologizes for the mess they caused chasing the shadow. Yulgar sighs and says to not worry about it, it's unfortunately not the biggest mess during a Mogloween party at his inn.

The player takes Yulgar's shadow back to Warlic, and he pauses a moment to analyze it. He concludes it is a strange work of golemancy that made use of necromantic energy from the alignment. He says he was also able to sense a strong concentration of it just outside town, and the player decides that's where they've got to go investigate. Once they get to the woods just outside of town, a magical darkness descends on the area. The player calls out for whomever's controlling the shadows to show themselves, and is told by a mysterious voice that that would be impossible. The voice says its creations are perfect, and that thanks to the distraction of the events of the 13th their work went unnoticed. The player doubts the perfection of the shadows, and the voice says the player will find out for theirself very soon- their end is near.

This brings the player to one last hide and seek game. This time, the screen is very dark, only illuminated in an area around the player's mouse. This shadow moves(in a simple pattern, a <, V, >, or ^). There is a quiet sound effect loop of indistinct whispers and hurried footsteps when the shadow moves. On finding the shadow, it leaps towards the screen with a roar, starting a battle. This particular shadow is the player's, and it is similar to the other shadows; it is a boss, and it regular attack targets the player's lowest defense. Attacks against it have a damage cap(the attack passes through your shadow!), and it can spend SP on a skill that deals increased damage based on the player's weakest resistance.

After defeating their own shadow, the darkness lifts. In walks an Alpine Gween, Aria not far behind it. She shows it off to the player, asking if they think it's cute. The camera zooms in on the gween, and it has an evil glint in its eye. The player gives a non-commital answer, and Aria notices the player's caught their shadow. She offers to sew it back on, and this brings up the rewards shop.

Appearance: Its armor is almost completely black, but shaded so that it's still recognizable as the Steel Plate. Its head, weapon, and shield are the same as the player's, but also very dark. Its attacks are it dissolving onto the ground and running forwards, coming up behind the monster and slashing(Melee), and its weapon arm stretching out to stab the monster(Ranged. Alternatively, it could just use the Steel Plate's attack).

Stats: A very accurate Darkness pet with two modes: one trades all of its damage to attempt to reduce the monster's BtH, and the other has a small chance for its attack to automatically hit(Your shadow catches your opponent off guard!). While attacking, it has an equal chance for each attack occurring. Any penalties for the two modes would come from their effects first and then damage.

Description: Now that Aria has stitched your shadow back on, you can call it out to help you in battle! You can switch it between deflecting incoming attacks or striking your enemy.

Alpine Gween
Appearance: Much like a normal gween, but with fluffier, curly fur, and blue eyes( appearance idea). In its Hallow form, its fur becomes a stormy gray and its eyes yellow; the bubbling on its back spikes out into wings when it attacks, which it uses to fly forwards. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Melee Earth pet with a slight Base damage lean. When fed a potion, it becomes an inaccurate Ranged Wind pet with a slight random damage lean; it deals increased damage in this form, and heals the player's SP for a small amount based on the damage it dealt.

Description: A fluffly little alpine gween with ADORABLE eyes. When fed a potion, it overflows with a boundless and infectious energy!
AQ Epic  Post #: 27
7/5/2017 2:10:07   

War Muse
Appearance: A silhouette of a drum and a drumstick.

Stats: An misc. item that gives a boost to both the player's accuracy and damage(halved for spells, slightly increased for Magic weapons), but only in war zones. In addition, it also unlocks music in the same way as the other muses. ( music example idea). The key features of the music would be a timpani rhythm, a short horn melody with a few variations, and a lighter element such as bells or xylophone.

Description: Activating this special item unlocks music for you to war by! It will also boost your damage and accuracy in a war.

Killing Frostval
LOCATION: Today's Event
IN AUGUST, the player finds Robina in a good mood. She offers to take the player on a short jaunt through Greenguard Forest, even letting them keep the gold from the monsters. After a few battles, the player asks what has her so jolly. Robina responds that she managed to find a really good deal on Frostval decorations, so she won't have to spend time hunting for them through the snow and cold when she could be celebrating. The player says her archery tricks are always a hit with everyone in town, and the quest ends happily.

IN SEPTEMBER, the player finds Valencia in a good mood. They ask what's up, and she says she got a really good deal on a bulk shipment of a weapon that's projected to be popular around the time of Frostval, the Super Mega Ultra Death Blade. She gives it to the player for testing, and they fight a few random battles with it as a temporary weapon. Afterwards, she asks the player what they thought. If the player picks "It was amazing!", Valencia offers it to them at a gold cost, bringing up the rewards shop where the player can purchase it. If the player picks "It wasn't that great", Valencia says they can buy it at its discount price of one billion Z-tokens. The player says they'll think about it, and Valencia winks and lets the player keep the temporary version to use, ending the quest.

IN OCTOBER, the player is in Frostvale, having been tasked with hunting a Two-Bear to make a rug for Yulgar's Inn. After a few battles and finding the Two-Bear, they decided to visit with the moglins of the village. They all seem peaceful, and the player notes the village is quiet. The player asks Chily what's going on, and he says that moglins from the Greenguard forest have been working on making presents. The player is surprised, but Chilly assures them that everyone will still get their Frostval gifts and that they don't need to worry. He offers them a Frostvale ushanka, which is a temporary helm, and the quest ends peacefully with the player heading back to Battleon.

IN EARLY NOVEMBER, the player is questing through Greengaurd Forest to find rare herbs for Lucretia. After a few battles and finding the herbs, they stumble on a small village. They call out, and are greeted by a few tired-looking moglins. The player asks them about it, and one says that they'd been working constantly on making Frostval gifts, but they just weren't as fast as the Frostvale moglins. Another moglin says that a village of moglins in the western desert has taken over making the gifts, and that most of them are a little sad because they miss working on the gifts even though it was tiring. The player says that Frostval will be coming before too long, and that everything will be okay then, and the quest ends with the player taking the herbs back to Lucretia.

FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER, snow is on the ground, and the Frostval decorations are up. In Battleon Robina is doing archery tricks for the young children, and some of them are having a snowball fight. There's a dance party in Yulgar's Inn, and for some reason Zorbak is there sharing a drink with Artix. The player notes that everyone seems happy, but that something about this Frostval just feels different. Just as the player is about to leave, Chilly bumps into them and says it's an emergency, ending the quest.

SECOND WEEK OF DECEMBER: Chilly hands the player a letter, and they read it: "Dear Frostvale cousins, things have been pretty rough over here. We've been working on the presents as hard as we can, but the boss says we haven't been making enough of them to keep up with demand. Before, the presents would have only been on time, or maybe a day or six late, but now... production's been moved to the western coast, and it'll take FOREVER for the presents to get there. I asked about you guys and our Greenguard cousins helping, but the boss said no. I'm sorry." The player decides they need to have a word with whomever is the moglins' boss, and after getting a map from Valencia, they head out West.

They fight several battles against desert monsters, and afterwards they arrive at the moglin village. The moglins are still distraught, and tell the player all the equipment and presents have already been taken. The player asks who their boss is, and the moglins say they don't know his name, but he was wearing a suit and a tall hat. The player thinks that sound familiar and tells the moglins they'll do whatever it takes to bring Frostval back home, and asks what they can do to help. One of the moglins knows the way to their western cousins' village, and gives the player a temporary shield to help on the way there. The player and desert moglin set off, fighting several more desert battles, finding traces of the caravan as they go.

Finally arriving at the work camp, the player and their moglin guide(Dezzy) wait outside. They see sad moglins making toys under tents, and then they spy the Crooked Merchant off in another tent counting money. They rush over to confront him, and he is surprised the player found him. The player declares they're taking Frostval back, and the Crooked Merchant laughs. He says he's grown even richer than before by killing Frostval, and that the player is too late to get the presents back on time even if they did stop him. The player says they're about to get started on that, but Ninja Lawyer Assassins swoop in to defend the Crooked Merchant, starting battles with them. Afterwards, the Crooked Merchant makes his getaway, and the player prepares for war.

THIRD WEEK OF DECEMBER: A war to defeat the Crooked Merchant and round up all the presents. Ninja Lawyer Assassins, Frogzard Knights, paladins, drakel, and Sine Qua Non feature prominently in the monster pool, but there might also be monsters from the surrounding area and those lollipop wielding moglins in the pool, too. The Guardian mission is to sneak behind enemy lines into the warehouse and liberate presents. The first few mid-war cutscenes are the player fighting their way through to the Crooked Merchant, only for him to slip away at the last moment- first on the battlefield, then in the warehouse, then in his office. In the last cutscene, almost all of the presents have been rounded up. The player is amazed- they've never seen so many presents before. They wonder how they would be able to get them back to the other coast even close to on time, and one of the local moglins tells of the dagden, a fearsome beast with a tireless speed. The player rounds up as many of them as they can, battling them before a Charisma stat roll to see if they've tamed them. After passing the roll, the dagden have an option to be available as a temporary armor. The boss battle is the Crooked Merchant, who summons Ninja Lawyer Assassins to fight for him; he also uses a magiscience ray gun that gives the player a penalty to saves against hostile statuses on their turn. After the battle the Crooked Merchant appears soundly beaten, his hat scuffed up and crooked. He offers the player a position as his bodyguard, which would have marvelous pay and also allow them to be in the room for the most private of The Council's rituals and business meetings. The player refuses, and the Crooked Merchant vows to spend his recovery time planning, and that the player will see him again. The player and all the moglins load up on their dagden mounts, and the last scene is of them racing across the landscape.

FOURTH WEEK OF DECEMBER: The Giftboxen Delivery War, which proceeds as normal. After reaching 100%, the player sees the Crooked Merchant climbing out of a sack of toys. They catch him before he runs off, and he offers the player an increasingly large sum of money if they let him go. The player can accept any of the offers, at which point the Crooked Merchant says the payment will be coming soon and scampers away. If the player refuses the last offer they begin a battle with the Crooked Merchant. Afterwards, he reminds the player that he won't forget this, and that it is far from over, and exits on a previously hidden magiscience jetpack. Chilly, Robina, and the other NPC's the player helped during the Frostval quests thank them for bringing Frostval home, and the player responds with as close to "True friends have no price, for there is none to pay" as AE can get. If the player didn't take any of the bribes, the "Priceless Friend" title is available in the rewards shop. (Rewards Notes: The general idea is for the rewards to be master crafted version of items the player heard of or encountered during the quests, with the descriptions being notes directed to the player)

Frostvale Ushanka
Appearance: A ushanka made of hide, the fur on the inside. Around the edges on the outside is carved a pattern of intertwining vines. On a blue yarn cord is a white pom-pom of fur. ( appearance idea

Stats: An SP cost Helm misc. item that gives the player Ice resistance and increases all their damage(halved for spells, slightly increased for Magic skills/attacks). It has a master craft bonus of an efficient SP cost skill that increases the damage boost for a few turns.

Description: "Dear <player name>, when I was little I remember how my grandmother always said you needed a good hat when you're out in the cold. I made this one just for you, to help protect against chilly temperatures and keep you strong. ~Chilly"

Ramleon's Pride
Appearance: A snarling ramleon head about half the player's height, with the mane visible around the edges. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An Energy shield that focuses on its resistances, with Earth and Wind secondary resistances. Magic is its lowest defense, with Melee and Ranged being equal. The shield has a master craft effect of the player taking less damage if they have a pet out, with a further decrease in damage taken if they have a pet and also a guest out.

Description: "Hiya <player name>! I was really inspired by your Frostval spirit, so I put all the Frostval magic I could into this shield. It'll make you as tough as a Ramleon, and even tougher when you're sticking together with your friends. ~Dezzy"

Hero Elixir
Appearance: A golden liquid inside a corked green glass bottle that has crossed swords over two feathers etched into it. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A misc. skill item. By clicking on it, the player can spend some SP to increase all of their stats for a few turns. The stat bonus doesn't stack, but will refresh the duration. The potion has a master-craft effect of a bonus to the stat increase.

Description: "<player name>, I finally finished that potion I had you gathering herbs for. It is an elixir that increases all of your attributes to an amazing degree. I thought you should have the first bottle before it went on sale. ~Lucretia"

Super Mega Ultra Death Blade
Appearance: A double-edged broadsword. On the flat of the blade are inscribed several runes. The cross guard is golden and straight; in the middle is a house-shaped pentagon with a green gem mounted on it. Just above the guard are two bladed section that have a rune etched into them. The grip is of a dark leather, and the pommel and ends of the cross guard are of a sort of fish-tail shape with a rune carved on them. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Melee(or Magic) Earth sword with standard damage and accuracy leans and no special attack. It has a master craft effect of player attacks' Lucky Strikes dealing Death element damage. Instead of a damage bonus for no special attack, it has a slightly increased chance of Lucky Strikes.

Description: "Thanks for saving Frostval again, <player name>. (How many times is that now?) As a special gift(no strings attached, I promise) I got you the deluxe version of the Super Mega Ultra Death Blade at a 99.99% discount- it's one of the deadliest weapons I've ever seen. ~Valencia"

Dangen Rider
Appearance: The mount is a somewhat canine quadruped beast, with long and muscular limbs; it has long claws and canines and a tail. Its fur is a dark brown with white patches. It wears bracers on its front legs and a breastplate. The rider armor is of a sandy brown hooded jacket with pale green trim(hood is removable) tucked into a wide sash of dark brown cloth; there is a pauldron of woven leather on the near shoulder, which is held on by a pale green sash. The pants are very loose(Hammer pants) and the same pale green as the jacket's trim, and tucked into brown boots with toes that curl back towards the instep. The saddle is made of hide and has a pommel and a small saddlebag on the near side. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Fully Offensive Earth armor with three hits, with a focus on its defenses- Ranged is highest, Melee is second, and Magic is lowest. Its secondary resistances are Water and Wind. It has a free toggle skill with two options: Reckless Tactics, which will cause the player to both take and deal more damage; and Evasive Tactics, which gives the monster's attacks an inaccurate BtH lean. If possible, armor has a master craft effect of increased damage when Reckless Tactics is toggled, and reduced monster BtH when Evasive Tactics is toggled; if not, the master craft effect is used on fitting the toggle skill into the armor.

Description: It appears this fearsome predator has remained loyal to you after riding it across the continent! It is highly intelligent and agile, able to respond to your commands quickly.

Appearance: A moglin with rusty reddish-brown fur that's a little longer and fuzzier than most moglins'. They wear simple golden bangles, and have one green eye and one blue eye. ( appearance idea). The attack is a brief sandy wind blowing across the screen.

Stats: A Fire pet that deals no damage, instead reducing the Fire damage the player takes. Dezzy has a master craft effect of the player being able to click on them and switch the damage reduction to be against Earth element.

Description: Ya know what, <player name>? After seeing your Frostval spirit, I'd like to stick around, if you wouldn't mind. I'm good with my tribe's magic, so I can protect you against the heat and sand if you need me.

Priceless Friend
Location: Frostval Delivery War rewards shop.

Stats: A title.

Description: Your loyalty can't be bought!

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7/5/2017 9:01:29   

The Question

Hmm... the storylike build-up of Frostval is quite common. Not much uniqueness from past Frostvals. But the important part is about the main villain. There's little to no story behind the villain for him to pose such a threat to Frostval. He sounds very much like a typical big-time thief, that somehow, just decided to rob Frostval's presents - very much like Zorbak or Uncle Sham to "rob" holiday events for their own greed.

I think this "Crooked Merchant" should have some flair to him. Such as having some sort of bigger plan, a malicious or some other intent, a goal in mind other than just making him rich (which Uncle Sham has taken that spot on). This Crooked Merchant could be from some consortium of merchants, and he's their "muscle man" who is only just the "beginning" of more to come.

Maybe you could draw some inspiration from other known stories/movies/shows/animes/etc.

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7/27/2017 17:35:48   

Pinata Ideas
Since Pinatas seem to be in the monster pool(at the very least, for Earth monsters) year-round, why not put more seasonal temporary items inside them? This could be something like a bouquet of roses that gives Charisma and a small chance to Control the monster for Snugglefest, a snowflake shield that defends against Ice but becomes a Water shield when hit by a Fire attack for Frostval, etc.

The second main idea is for Pinatas to be in the monster pool for Mogloween, but instead of temporary items they would give out Candy when beaten.

Powerful, otherworldly, ominous Pinata
Appearance: Like the normal Pinata in shape, but it would trade black and grey for its greens and red for blue. Its string pulls and lowers it down.

Stats: A Darkness element boss monster. It passively tries to inflict the Blind status and an inaccurate BtH lean on the player every round. It also takes reduced damage from Ranged and Magic attacks(The Pinata spins away from your attack!), but increased damage from Melee attacks, and a further increase in damage taken while the player is wielding a mace, club, or hammer. It also has an effect of its defenses rising and lowering(like Forest Demons) as it is pulled up and down.

Description: OW! Aim the other way! *ahem* Born of the purest evil, this construct taunts you just out of reach, its sweet and vulnerable insides protected by a sturdy shell.
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8/7/2017 15:32:49   

Rare Item Hunt A
Clue Idea: "Blackest night on blackest night, howls to the moon rising/Undead and wedding cups to raise, two rings in darkness bind them."


In the Zorbak's Wedding quest available from his hideout, the reward is hidden in the screen where the player has to search for the wedding rings, on the base of the obelisk tombstone on the left side of the screen.

Shadowgulf Ring
Appearance: Just like Zorbak's wedding rings.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max Charisma boost, Darkness resistance, and tries to inflict Panic on the monster. If the monster already has Panic, the ring tries to inflict Dread(renamed Choke) on the monster for one turn.

Description: Made with shadowgulf pearls, this handsome ring bolsters your Charisma and causes night to fall around you, granting you resistance to Darkness, and inflicting a choking panic on your enemies.

Rare Item Hunt B
Clue Idea: "Contained in a whisper, a vanishing sigh/Across the black river, where dead souls lie/A chilling reminder that cuts to the bone/Stealing dreams from the humble and kings from their thrones


In the Death's Domain Hourglass quest, when helping Frosty, the reward is just above the cave on the far left in the purple trees.

Ghost Thief
Appearance: A karambit, or, tiger claw knife, with a bone handle with a grip of twisted leather wrapped in an alternating herring bone pattern. On the outside base of the hook, there are three small serrations angled down towards the handle. ( appearance idea)

Stats: A Melee(or Magic) darkness Dagger with a moderate Random damage lean. It has an effect of healing the player for a small percentage of the monster's base HP after every attack, modified by the monster's level and power and Darkness resistance. Any penalties for the effect would come from Ghost Thief's damage, and then from HP restored by the effect.

Description: There's no way to cheat this dagger's grim power- it will tear into and absorb your enemy's spirit, guaranteeing their life is quick and fleeting.
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8/12/2017 14:41:37   

Swordmaster's Armor
Appearance: ??? ((drawing a blank here))

Stats: A neutral Earth armor with a focus on its defenses, and a slightly accurate BtH lean. The armor has a trigger that gives access to a skill while wielding a sword. The skill is a quick-cast weapon-type skill with an efficient SP damage lean; after being used, it gives access to a temporary quick-cast weapon skill that has an effect of changing the armor's damage lean to Defensive; the second skill opens up a third temporary quick-cast skill which has an effect of changing the armor's damage lean to Offensive. The armor can only use the skills up to three times a battle: the first skill up to three times, the second up to two, and the third only once; the second and third skills don't remain available between battles, though their effects do. Any penalties for the trigger would come from the skill damage and then armor damage.

Description: Favored by blade masters, while wielding a sword in this armor you can use quick strikes that let you take up a defensive or offensive stance!

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9/5/2017 20:04:56   

Imperial Dragon Armor
Appearance: The main feature is a large cuirass in the shape of the top of a dragon's head, with horns curling backwards over the shoulders; there would be two sapphire eyes, and underneath is a mail shirt. It would have fluted gauntlets and rerebrace(in the same style as the gauntlets), and couter in the shape of a dragon's head, with the horns curling in and covering the sides of the elbows. The armor has faulds like a dragon's wings, going around the waist from behind, with the tips of the wings in front; the "fingers" would be segmented with the fauld's bands. The armor has cuisse and greaves in the same fluted style as the gauntlets, and the poleyn are in the same dragon's head style as the couter. The sabaton are large and in the shape of a dragon's feet. Around the waist area is an armored belt with a large sapphire middle front, from which hangs a royal blue tabard with claws on the end. The armor is a brightly polished silvery metal, accented with gold(the horns, etc.), and on the greaves, gauntlets, rerebrace and cuisse has light engraving suggesting a dragon's scales. Shields are hung on the back of the armor. When wielding a lance it gains a charging attack animation, and when wielding the Imperial Dragon's Wings it gains a swooping and slashing attack.

Stats: A Light/Wind Neutral lean armor with a focus on its two primary resistances and its defenses. Its attacks are two hits and have a standard accuracy lean, but have a slight base damage lean. It has an effect of taking and dealing somewhere around 20% reduced damage, with the damage it takes and deals increasing a few percent each turn until at ten turns or so it takes and deals around 20% more damage, the increase resets upon switching armors and at the end of battles. If it was allowed a master craft effect in addition to its effect, it would be a bonus to its defenses that gradually lessened over ten turns, in turn gaining a bonus to damage dealt equal to the defenses lost.

Description: Regal and imposing, this armor contains the majesty of royal dragon guardians! It grants incredible Light and Wind resistance, and fills you with a might that first weakens attacks against you, then later turns into deadly fury!

Imperial Dragon Wings
Appearance: Metallic golden wings(similar to a Fire Dragon's) with a faintly glittering, transparent, silvery membrane. Clicking on it would open up the wings.

Stats: A Light/Wind shield with even defenses and a heavy focus on its resistances. By clicking on it(You spread your wings, preparing to fly!), the player spends some SP each turn for a chance of Celerity. Any penalty for the effect would come from its defenses.

Description: Modeled after the wings of a royal dragon guardian, this shield fills you with a dragon's pride, offering vast resistance to both Light and Wind attacks- and you can draw on this power to attempt to fly through your foes for multiple attacks!

Imperial Dragon's Roar
Appearance: A jousting lance, with the shaft coming from a dragon's maw; the dragon head has horns curling around backwards, and sapphire eyes. On the lance are engravings and gold accents suggesting flames. The handle has a grip of woven dark leather, and the cone pommel is a quilted royal blue cloth. The dragon head and shaft are a brightly polished, silvery metal, and the horns are golden. When shooting flames, the shaft wavers and fades away before launching golden fire at the monster.

Stats: A Ranged Wind lance/wand(/bow?) with a heavy base damage lean; in lance form it has the usual lance accuracy lean, but in wand/bow form it has normal accuracy. It has no special attack in either form, instead reducing the monster's BtH a little. If wielded with the Imperial Dragon Armor and Wings, it would element switching between Light and Wind. Any penalties for the mode switching would come from damage.

Description: Filled with the fierce protective nature of a royal dragon guardian, this intimidating weapon can switch between breathing flames and piercing your opponents- and with other Imperial Dragon items, it can switch between the Wind and Light elements!

Blue Moon
Appearance: Like the moon over Granemor, but a tad more distinctly blue.

Stats: A Darkness shield with a maximum focus on Magic defense. It has an effect of gaining a boost to its Magic defense, * the number of Magic hits the player blocked/were attempted by the monster the previous turn; the shield takes a penalty to its Ranged and Melee defenses for this. It would also have an additional master craft effect of the player taking reduced Magic damage.

Description: An incredibly rare occurrence, blue moons are a powerful amplifier of magic- and this shield not only bestows resistance to Darkness, but can raise its Magic defense over the moon by absorbing your opponent's magical attacks!

Location: Would only appear once every actual Blue Moon.

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9/8/2017 19:37:18   

Flying Eye
Appearance: Just like the Flying Eye monster.

Stats: An accurate Magic Darkness pet with with moderate random damage lean. It would have two modes: one that is three hits, with the third hit healing the player's MP equal to (about)the damage dealt; the second mode drains the player's MP a little each turn for the pet to do an empowered two hit beam attack. Any penalties for the two modes or the MP healing would come from damage, and then the MP used.

Description: A common familiar of dark magicians, this creature can absorb the magical essence of your opponent- or use your own to deal greatly increased damage!
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9/14/2017 2:27:27   

Dad Joke Elemental
Appearance: Like Artix, but wearing the Paladin Armor shirt, black track pants with white stripes down the sides, socks, and sandals.

Stats: A Light boss monster. It has a 200% weakness to Darkness, and a -200% resistance to Light, and its other resistances are even. It has stat points in Luck, Endurance, and Intellect. When its Light resistance is hit it heals the Dad Joke Elemental's SP. When it has enough SP, it spends that on an attack that attempts to inflict the Stun status(inflicts against INT; "the bad pun leaves you reeling!"). While it has MP, it spend some to modify its normal attack to attempt to inflict the Fragile status("the awful pun leaves you feeling weak!"). The Dad Joke Elemental has three passive effects: first is backlash("the elemental quickly whispers a terrible pun in your ear!"); and the second is attempting to inflict a 10-turn Spiritual Seed(Epic Pun) when entering battle, the Epic Pun gaining a little strength when the player saves against one of the Dad Joke Elemental's other statuses("you come a little closer to understanding the elemental's apocalyptic pun!"); and Lucky Strikes against it target its Light resistance.

Description: From the Elemental Plane of Puns, this baffling being has left Lore's brightest humor pundits perplexed.
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9/17/2017 7:52:45   

Mecha Knight Drill
Appearance: Much like Model 294's drill, but longer and with a segmented gray handle. ( appearance idea)

Stats: An inaccurate, Ranged Darkness Lance with a moderate base damage lean. It has a master craft effect of giving the player the BtH Boost status for a few turns when it performs a Lucky Strike. It has a 20% chance for its special attack; the special heals the player's SP and increases their accuracy and damage for two turns.

Description: This heavy lance is unwieldy, but with a bit of luck it can drill through your opponent's defenses, letting you strike with greater accuracy! It can also supercharge you with a power capable of piercing through the heavens!
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9/20/2017 6:22:50   

Yup, agree with what you said about the Wind's Blessing, would be awesome if it was implemented.
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9/25/2017 19:50:32   

APPEARANCE: X-Gauges would have a "stylish" golden X on the left end of a meter bar; the meter would fill up with different colors depending on the element/type of gauge. ( appearance idea).

STATS: X-Gauges are miscellaneous items that would have a few common features: a meter that can be filled up, an effect whenever the meter gets a charge, and a skill or effect that can be activated by spending the points in the meter. There are four types of X-Gauges I initially came up with, differing in how they charge: Titan X-Gauges fill up as the player takes damage, Devastator X-Gauges fill up as the player does damage, Virtuoso X-Gauges fill up as the player spends SP, and Duelist X-Gauges fill as the player blocks attacks. The four types also provide general bonuses: Titan types will usually offer an elemental resistance, Devastator types a stat boost, Virtuoso types would refund a small amount of the SP the player spends, and Duelist types would give a boost to a defense.

Here are some example ideas of X-Gauges: the Enduring Monolith X-Gauge is a Titan class gauge that offers resistance to Earth element damage, and when it charges up, gives the player a turn of regeneration; the player can spend the points in their gauge on a quick-cast skill to restore HP. The Misfortune X-Gauge would be a Devastator type gauge that gives the player's Luck a boost, and attempts to inflict the Unlucky status on the monster when it charges(by scoring Lucky Strikes); the player can spend the point in the gauge to increase their chances of Lucky Strikes for a few turns. The Swashbuckler X-Gauge would be a Duelist type that gives the player a boost to Melee defense and gives a small BtH boost when it charges; its gauge points could be spent on giving the player a chance at Celerity when they block an attack, for a few turns. The Archmage X-Gauge would be a Virtuoso type gauge that heals the player's MP by a set amount when SP is spent, and its gauge points could be spent to increase the BtH and reduce the MP cost of the player's Magic skills and spells.

Four more examples: The Berserker X-Gauge would be a Titan type that offered no elemental resistance, instead increasing the damage the player takes and deals, paying its turn cost in HP, and giving the player a small bonus to damage dealt when it charges; its gauge points could be spent on increasing the player's damage for a few turns, the boost larger the lower the player's HP. The Charmer X-Gauge would be a Devastator type that gives a boost to Charisma and charges by the player's pet and guest doing damage, giving the player's pets and guests a small BtH boost when it charges; its gauge points can be spent on a skill attempting to inflict the Control status on the monster. The Illusionist X-Gauge would be a Duelist type gauge that give the player a boost to Magic defense and attempts to reduce the monster's BtH when charging; the gauge could be spent on trying to inflict the Illusion status on the monster(reduces target's BtH until it makes an INT-based save). The Sharpshooter X-Gauge would be a Virtuoso type that would try to reduce the monster's Ranged defense when it charges, and its gauge could be activated to increase the BtH of the player's Ranged attacks with the boost increasing the higher the monster's Ranged defense is.

A more general note would be that if the player could activate their X-Gauge before it fills, the strength of the effect would depend on how full it was. Also, activating a gauge would drain all of the points in the meter.

Example Description: For those who like to Devastate their foes with Fire magic, as it fills this gauge increases the heat of your Fire spells and skills to ramp up their power, and can be activated to scorch your enemies with powerful burns!
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10/5/2017 23:11:05   

Lightning Sweetie Stamp
Appearance: A simple cartoon style lightning bolt.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max boost to CHA, lowers the player's Energy Resistance, and gives the player's pet a chance for Celerity. With used with any pony pet, the chance for Celerity is increased.

Description: Looks like your little friend has found its calling! For especially energetic pets, this will stamp will increase your Charisma and lower your Energy resistance and boosts your pet's speed, occasionally letting them strike twice!

Heart Sweetie Stamp
Appearance: A simple cartoon style pink heart.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max CHA boost, lowers the player's Heal resistance, and heals the player based on the damage their pet deals; for pony pets the heal increases.

Description: For the most huggable and lovable of pets, this item will increase your charisma and boost your healing properties. It cause your pet's love for you to overflow, healing you when they attack!

Gem Sweetie Stamp
Appearance: A very simple cartoon style diamond, ruby, and sapphire.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max CHA boost and raises the player's Magic defense, and lowers the Magic damage they take; with a pony pet, the Magic damage the player takes is further decreased.

Description: For pets whose friendship is simply magical, this stamp will boost your charisma and increase your resistance and defense against magic!

Skull Sweetie Stamp
Appearance: A simple cartoon style skull and crossbones.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max CHA boost, lowers Darkness resistance, and gives the player's pet a chance of dealing Death element damage; for pony pets, the chance of death element damage is higher.

Description: For pets who are all business, this stamp will increase your charisma and lower your Darkness resistance, and increase your pet's ferocity, giving them a chance of dealing Death element damage!

Rainbow Sweetie Stamp
Appearance: A simple cartoon style rainbow arc.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max CHA boost and lowers Light resistance, and increases the pet's damage against Water monsters; for pony pets, the player can also switch to Water Resistance.

Description: For pets with especially sunny dispositions, this will boost your charisma and light resistance, and fill your pet with a rainbow's power, increasing their damage against Water enemies.

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11/10/2017 14:54:43   

Mountain Oak Tree
Appearance: A stout oak tree with knots and burls, and rough, weathered bark. It has an idle animation of a couple leaves drifting down periodically, and its animation would be its branches shaking for a moment.

Stats: An Earth pet that would deal no damage and instead boost the player's Strength or Endurance, switching the boost by clicking on it. Any penalties for the switch would come first from price and then from the stat boosts.

Description: Every tree needs a friend! Somehow sentient, this tree can lend you its strength or endurance in battle.

Riverside Willow Tree
Appearance: A slender and wispy willow tree. Its animation would be its branches blowing forwards towards the monster briefly.

Stats: A Water pet that wouldn't deal damage, but instead give a boost to either the player's Dexterity or Luck, switching between the two by clicking on it. Penalties for the switching would first come from price, then the boosts.

Description: This willow has spent a lot of time weeping. Maybe it just needs a hug? If treated well, it can share some of its agility and luck with you!

Mystic Pine Tree
Appearance: A pine tree that spirals up, with a few carefully cultivated branches giving the appearance of clouds. Its animation would be emitting a soft green glow for a moment.

Stats: An Energy element pet that would trade all its damage to boost either the player's Intellect or Charisma; the player can pick one by clicking on it. If it had any penalties for switching, they be from its price, then the boosts.

Description: This tree's magic is so strong, it became sentient! It can share its enchantments with you, granting you heightened intellect or charm.

Jovial Greenwood Tree
Appearance: Like many of the forest trees in game, with a lighter brown bark and clusters of spade-shaped leaves. Its animation would be green, blue, red, and yellow apple-like fruits forming, with one dropping down.

Stats: A Light element pet that wouldn't deal any damage. It would instead have form a fruit that has an effect: red fruit would restore the player's health, blue would restore the player's mana, green would restore the player's SP, and yellow would give a bonus to saves against enemy statuses for a turn; each fruit would have an equal chance of forming. The player can click on the tree to eat some of the fruit, consuming them all and gaining their effects; the player can have up to ten uneaten fruits, and once they eat them, the tree will produce more. Eating fruit doesn't take a turn, and there would be a quick pop up announcing which fruit dropped that turn, and also one when mousing over the tree that gave an inventory of what/how many fruit had dropped so far.

Description: An especially bountiful tree from the forest. Its fruit is incredibly healthy, and can restore your mana, health, SP, or aid your body in defending against harmful statuses!
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11/11/2017 16:02:05   

Veldarax/Invoke Veldarax
Appearance: Veldarax is much like the Gatta people, but his head is more canine. His mane is flowing fire, and he has ram-like horns. Veldarax wears a thick steel breastplate and large clawed gauntlets, and a wide studded leather belt and carved leather loincloth.

Stats: Veldarax is a Fire Guest. Instead of a per turn upkeep he has a Focus bar(the player could check it by mousing over him) equal to 60% of the player's base max HP; his Focus is damaged by the same amount as the damage the player takes, and Focus is regained equal to the player's base SP regeneration at the start of each turn. Focus carries over between battles, and is not reset upon recasting unless it was reduced to 0. Veldarax has two attacks: the first is a slightly inaccurate four hit frenzied slashing attack, and a one hit leaping bite attack that deals reduced damage and attempts to inflict Terror, a status that deals damage(in this case, Harm) until the monster succeeds on a Charisma based save(would be a Fear effect, and is capable of stacking), and Veldarax regains Focus equal to the damage from the status; at full Focus, attack one would have a 75% chance of occurring, decreasing to 25% at very low focus. If Veldarax had a master craft effect, it would be dealing increased damage with his slashing attack if the monster has the Terror status.

Description: Known as The War Ender, Veldarax was an ancient juggernaut renowned for their unprecedented power and savagery- and you are now able to invoke that same aggression to fight by your side! If you can maintain your focus, Veldarax will aid you with powerful attacks and terrifying brutality.

Archeon/Invoke Archeon
Appearance: A tall human with white feathery wings. They wear a snow-white cloak with embroidered gold hems, on which are golden pauldrons etched with the same runes as the cloak and that have feathers poking out from under them. They wear a golden breastplate engraved with runes around the edges over a snow white tabard with the same trim as the cloak, and a golden cloth belt. Under the breastplate Archeon wears a snow white long sleeved top(with wizard sleeves) that again has the same rim as the cloak. They wear loose snow white trousers tucked into laced up golden boots whose points curl back over the instep. Archeon wields a staff much like the IceRazor, but the blades are sculpted to look more like feathery wings, and the shaft is of a slightly darker wood.

Stats: Archeon is a Light guest. Instead of a per turn upkeep they have a Focus bar(the player could check it by mousing over them) equal to 60% of the player's base max HP; Archeon's Focus is damaged by the same amount as the damage the player takes, and Focus is regained equal to the player's base SP regeneration at the start of each turn. Focus carries over between battles, and is not reset upon recasting unless it was reduced to 0. Archeon has three attacks: the first is an accurate three hit blast of light magic from its staff that attempts to inflict Spirit Rend, and the next turn Archeon regains a bonus percentage of Focus equal to the increase in the monster's Darkness resistance from the status, the second is an accurate one hit staff thrust that attempts to inflict Fragile and does Darkness damage, the third is four hits by Archeon calling a spiraling column of light down on the monster to attempt to inflict the Morale Loss(a status effect that reduces the monster's Charisma until an Intellect based save is made) and Hopeless(a renamed Darkness element Defense Loss) statuses; the first attack has a 75% chance of occurring, and the third a 25% chance- if the monster has the Spirit Rend, Morale Loss, or Hopeless statuses, then the second attack has a 75% chance of occurring, and the first and third a 12.5 percent chance. If Archeon had a master craft effect, it would be giving the monster a penalty to saves against its statuses.

Description: An immensely powerful Elder Wizard that has mastered light magic, Archeon is able to put the fear of the Light Lord into your opponents! With enough focus, you are able to invoke their power to aid you in battle.

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Appearance: A muscular, bipedal boar creature. Instead of front hooves, it has clawed hands. Its fur is mostly grey, but has brown mixed in. It has sharp tusks and a ridge of fur along its back.

Stats: An inaccurate two-hit Melee Wind pet with a moderate base damage lean. Instead of Charisma, it uses Strength for its stats; it causes the player to take increased damage, and in return does increased damage. If it had a master craft effect, it would be a bonus percentage of damage that scaled with the player's Strength.

Description: Capable of slamming through boulders, slamboar respect only strength- and the stronger you are, the more ferocious their attacks are!

Forest Titan
Appearance: A bulky suit of plate armor, whose plates have a dark brown wood grain pattern. Its pauldrons and poleyn are made from bark, and have leaves peeking out from under them. Instead of chain mail it would have leaves, and its cape would be of leaves as well.

Stats: An Earth armor with a max focus on its resistances, with its resistances other than Earth being roughly even. It has a Melee lean: meaning that it takes reduced Melee damage and increased Ranged and Magic damage, and deals increased Melee Weapon damage but deals reduced Ranged and Magic damage; nothing cast from the Spells menu would get the boost while in the armor, but the Ranged special of a Melee weapon might. The armor has an effect of being able to click on it and pay some HP every turn to deal increased damage.

Description: Grown from the strongest hardwoods on Lore, this armor provides incredible Earth resistance and excels at Melee combat. It's still living, and can draw on your vitality to gain even greater might!

Meteor Shield
Appearance: A fiery meteor, with the tail hanging down to make the shield a teardrop/upside-down egg shape.

Stats: A Ranged Earth shield with a secondary resistance to Fire. It has an effect of storing up a charge each turn, and at maximum charges it gives the player a small chance of Celerity; the charges can also be consumed to give the player an increase in damage on their next Weapon attack. If it had a penalty for the effect, it would come from its Magic Defense.

Description: No need to call the Warp Force, this meteor is here to save the day! It provides good Ranged defense and Earth resistance, and also a little protection from Fire. It builds up momentum that you can use to speed past your opponent for multiple attacks, or to slam into them directly for increased damage!

Supercharge Guard
Appearance: A silver metallic Heater shield that has glowing circuitry lines spreading out from the top center; the trim of the shield is vivid blue lightning.

Stats: A Magic Energy shield with a focus on its Energy resistance. It would give the player a very inaccurate BtH lean while wielding it, and it has an effect of clicking on it to give the player a max boost to their strength by paying some SP per turn. If it had a penalty for the boost, it would come from the shield's Ranged defense.

Description: Forget everything you know about shields, because now we've supercharged them with magic! And that's not all: this shield hyper-stimulates your muscles, making them jittery but incredibly strong, and it can even provide ANOTHER strength boost for just a little SP! Equip now!

Zard War!
Location: With the Zard Hunter.

The event would be a challenge more than a true "war". Upon arriving, the Zard Hunter informs the player that the Zardmaster has prepared an army of unimaginable size, and that it's up to them to take it on. There would also be a shop there at the base screen, where titles and perhaps a few other items would be available. After clicking "To War!", the player would be able to select how many waves they face. Upon returning to the base, the Zard Hunter informs the player that even though they defeated nearly the entire army, reinforcements have just arrived! and asks the player if they want to keep going.

There is no meter for the "war", but it does feature Momentum. After reaching 100 Momentum, there would be some of the rarer zards added to the monster pool; before 100, there would be primarily normal zards and Super Zards.
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11/23/2017 14:04:36   

Essence of Essence Dragon
Appearance: Like an Energy Dragon in form, but with electric blue claws, shockingly white fangs, and glowing golden eyes; its hide is like a galaxy, mostly dark black/purple/blue with some glittering golden and white stars sprinkled across it. It wears a golden collar with a shining blue-white gem mounted on it, and golden shin guards.

Stats: A powerful boss monster, being a high defenses glass cannon type. Its resistances change each turn, having a negative primary resistance and a 1XX% opposing resistance, and it would deal Magic damage of the same type as its lowest resistance. If it has over 75% MP when reduced to 0 HP, it will use all of its MP to resurrect itself. When it has Skill Cost SP, it spends that on a two-hit breath attack that attempts to inflict either Thermal Shock(Fire), Frozen(Ice), Hypersalinate(Energy), Spirit Rend(Light), Petrify(Earth), Rapture(Darkness version of Frozen), Waterlogged(Energy version of Frozen), Suspended(Wind version of Frozen), using the element of its lowest resistance. The Essence of Essence Dragon has a few passive effects: first, attacks and spells that trigger on dragons will target its primary resistance; second, when it blocks an attack, it attempts to inflict the same status as its breath attack(again the status of its primary resistance); third, it steals some of the player's MP and SP with its normal attack; and lastly, it gains a chance of Celerity when healed by an incoming attack. It would have its stat points in Intellect, Dexterity, and Luck.

Description: The essence of dragons from all across Lore have fused into a beast of the purest essence of dragons. Beware! This is the simulacrum of an incredibly draconic essence dragon.
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12/14/2017 21:44:46   

Appearance: Small spirits/creatures that have strong "elemental" appearances. The Fire wisp is a ball of ghostly blue flame, the Water wisp is a rippling raindrop, the Wind wisp resembles the transparent gray outline of a legless and wingless bird with a long tail feather, the Ice wisp is frosty and large snowflake, the Earth wisp is small formation of rock spikes protruding from the ground, the Energy wisp is a crackling bolt of yellow lightning jumping around, the Light wisp is a brightly sparkling ball of golden light, and the Darkness wisp is an indistinct Casper-like sheet ghost.

Stats: An accurate Guest of a random element with a slight random damage lean. The wisp has an upkeep cost of a third of a guest's usual cost, and deals reduced damage to compensate for this; and up to three wisps can be summoned in a battle(so, they stack on top of themselves, but not other guests). Wisps trade some damage to attempt to inflict a status on the monster when they attack- Burn(Fire), Choke(Water), Numb(Ice), Buffeted(Wind), Cripple(Earth), Daze(Energy), Blind(Light), Afraid(Darkness). If the wisps had a master craft effect, it would be a penalty/reduced chance for the monster to save against their statuses.

Description: Wisps are very minor elementals that are called up from the surrounding area- and while they may not be powerful, you can bring out multiple ones to harass your foes with a variety of status ailments!

Rainbow Song Blade
Appearance: The blade is similar to a tuning fork, but with the tip shape of a katana; every edge is sharpened. There is a round gem where the blade connects to the handle, and the gem changes color to match the element. The handle is an antique looking rod of wrought iron in five segments; around the middle segment are small red round gems. The pommel is a ball of wrought iron studded with more red round gems.

Stats: A Melee(or Melee/Magic) Sword with standard damage and accuracy leans and no special attack that strikes with a random element each hit. The sword trades the no special damage boost to attempt to inflict Elemental Vulnerability of its current element/last hit on the monster. The sword has an effect of storing up charges of the monster's element when it defeats a monster; upon reaching enough charges, the player can click on it to lock the blade into any of the elements ready. Once an element has been chosen it remains between battles for the rest of the log in/until changed to a different element. If the sword had a penalty for the element switching, it would come from the compensation to damage from the random elements in its unfocused state. If the sword was able to also have a master craft effect, it would be a boost to damage when locked into an element.

Description: A blade in harmony with nature, striking with all of nature elements at random. It can also resonate with your foes, and take on their element after frequent exposure to it!

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Appearance: An ornate spear; the head is in a lightning bolt shape, and on the pommel is a smaller lightning bolt, though its edges are not sharpened. The shaft is made from a pale wood, and around its middle half is a grip of dark woven leather capped by two gold rings. There is a golden crossbar just below the head [like this )> ] whose ends curl in on themselves; from the crossbar an embroidered electric blue pennant hangs and flutters in the wind.

Stats: A Ranged Energy spear, with a spear's usual accuracy and damage leans. It has an effect of having a larger than normal boost to damage the turn after dealing a Lucky Strike with an attack. The special attack has a 15% rate, and heals the player and increases their Luck for a few turns; when the player has a high percentage of health it would instead only increase their luck, with the special attack providing more healing as the player's health decreases, until at low percentages of health, it only heals. Instead of a power level boost, for Guardians it would have an increased chance of Lucky Strikes. Any penalties for the primary effect would come from the special attack's healing and then from weapon damage.

Description: Filled with the Energy Lord's favor, this spear fills you with a strength that surges when luck is on your side. It can heal you a little and increase your fortune, and for Guardians, it overflows with good luck!

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1/26/2018 18:02:27   

Character Portrait Borders
Having seen this just a moment ago, it made sense to me as something that could transfer over to classic Adventure Quest. The player could possibly access the portrait border switching from the Options tab under their stat bars, where there looks to be just enough space to fit in "Change Border". The options could mirror the menu styles available, with wooden, golden and stone-looking options, as well as rings with elemental appearances like Ice or Fire.

Flyrtle Shell Buckler
Appearance: A round buckler shield with a turtle shell appearance and sharp, bladed edges.

Stats: The shield has two forms: first is a Melee Water shield with even Ranged and Magic defenses and a focus on its Water resistance, and second is a Ranged Water 100% special weapon that attacks with 2 hits; it has a 20% chance for a "special" special that would trade all of its damage to give the player the Defense Boost status for a few turns. The player can switch between the two forms by clicking on the shield, making the form it just switched from go back to the no-drop slot. Any penalties for the compression would come first from the shield mode's Magic defense, and then from the weapon mode's damage.

Description: Crafted from an extremely sturdy Flyrtle shell, this shield can provide excellent Water and melee defense, or you can switch to throwing it for Ranged attacks! Even as a weapon it keeps its protective nature, and can boost your defenses while wielding it.
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4/26/2018 7:53:10   

Lt. Lore Gatta Shield
Appearance: The side facing the player consists of a heater shield with three concentric bands with Lt. Lore's logo in the middle. Though solid and metallic they have an ethereal teal/purple sheen to them. Behind this plate of the shield are two shapes that follow the curve of the shield's edge and in its second mode they pop out to form a sort-of butterfly shape; these plates have the same sheen as the main one.

Stats: An Energy shield with a focus on its defenses. In its main unopened form, its Ranged defense is highest and it gives the monster's attacks an inaccurate lean. In its opened form, its Melee defense is highest and the player takes a fixed number less Energy damage. If it had a penalty for the two modes it would come from its Magic Defense

Description: This shield was made in a secret Drakel k'eld on the Gatta Island, and can withstand cosmically powerful forces! It offers protection from Energy, and can switch between a compact form that makes you more agile, and a bulkier form that further reduces the damage you take!

Appearance: A large single-edged sword. The spine of the blade has a darker tone than the cutting edge and is slightly shallower, and has eight runes along its length. The cutting edge curls into a spiral at its base, in the middle of which is a red spherical gem(like ==@___>). The handle goes through the bottom of the spiral and is wrapped in weathered leather, and the pommel is a heavy metallic disc with a raised edge(like an o inside an O). Overall the sword looks well-used and purposeful. When triggered, the runes on the spine glow golden, and the blade takes on a more polished look, and in both states, the gem changes color to match its current element.

Stats: A Melee(or type switching) sword with no special attack that has a slight base damage lean and a slightly inaccurate accuracy lean. Untriggered, it strikes randomly with one of an opposing element pair each hit(randomly either Fire/Ice, Earth/Wind, Light/Dark, or Energy/Water) and does increased damage to compensate for this. The sword triggers on Shifters and shadow monsters and weakness seeks between the standard 8 elements and Harm, and also does increased damage to them. When triggered, the player also loses a small amount of HP each attack, and the sword does increased damage to compensate for this. Any penalties for the trigger would come from the untriggered form's damage.

Description: An ancient weapon forged to undo the bindings between opposing powers. Though a little unwieldy and with an unfocused element usually, against beings drawing power from opposing universes it unleashes a power so vast your body slowly crumbles away!
AQ Epic  Post #: 47
5/13/2018 16:42:37   

New Moon Ravager
Appearance: Very, very dark black overall. As such, the overall outline is slightly indistinct, but in the profile are somewhat goat-like legs with large feline paws, a long tail, muscular arms with clawed hands, ram's horns on the head, and long spikes descending in size down the back. The head has glowing eyes the same color as the player's.

Stats: A fully offensive Darkness element armor with a focus on its Darkness resistance and Defenses. The armor would have a master craft effect of dealing bonus damage that increases based the monster's Darkness resistance- e.g., hitting a 100% resistance would have no/little boost, hitting a 50% resistance would have a normal/slightly larger boost, and so on. The armor would also trade some of its Defenses to gain a quick-cast toggle skill that would take some of the player's HP each turn to give a boost to their damage(and this HP cost is capable of killing the player).

Description: Crafted from premium shadows found in the very darkest corners of Heck and the Darkness Realm, this fearsome armor consumes the shadows of your foes, empowering your attacks! And for those willing to pay a higher price, it has even more might to offer...

Blazing Champion
Appearance: The main features of the armor are a beak-like helm(can be clicked to remove) and fiery phoenix wings. It has a solid breastplate and greaves and bracers with flame motifs engraved on them, and mail like small links of fire. The shield is an upside-down egg-shaped buckler with the same flame motifs as the armor. The sword is a long sword, proportioned with the armor to seem elegant but purposeful, which has an ornate hilt and pommel, and a flaming blade; if Ranged, the sword handle lengthens into a spear shaft, if Magic, runes can be seen faintly glowing beneath the flames.

Stats: A Mid Offensive Fire armor with a focus on its primary, secondary, and tertiary resistances. It locks the player's Pet inventory when equipped, dismissing their pet(if any) and preventing them from calling out new ones; to compensate, the armor does increased damage with its attacks. The armor also dismisses any guests of the player in a similar manner, and prevents them from bringing in new ones; to compensate for this, the armor attempts to inflict Fire element Defense Loss, Fire elemental vulnerability, and the Burn status on the monster. The player's Shield slot is also locked, and to compensate for this the armor's primary, secondary, and tertiary resistances are lowered and all its defenses increased. The armor's attack element is also locked to Fire, and to compensate for this it gives the player a maximum boost to their stats. The weapon changes form based on the player's weapon. If the armor was allowed a master craft effect, it would be a bonus percentage of damage that scaled with the player's Charisma. Any penalties for its effects would first come from its cost, then from the compensation to damage from locking the pet inventory.

Description: The Fire Lord has invested you with an amount of power so volatile your pets and guests dare not come near! This armor offers unparalleled resistance to Fire, and allows you to wither your enemy's defenses and resistances, and inflict agonizing burns.

Ocean's Balm
Appearance: The armor takes inspiration from the Tidal Wave shields, having stylized curls on its bracers and greaves, and flowing curves across the rest of the plate. It has a seaweed cape that flutters behind the player, and overall looks magical and enchanted.

Stats: A Fully Defensive Water armor with a heavy focus on its resistances. It has two attacks, one which deals slightly reduced damage, and another which deals greater than normal damage but trades some of the damage to restore some of the player's health. The armor would come with a skill that would heal the player's HP without using any of their resources, but could only be used three times a battle.

Description: Fashioned from fierce froth and floods, this bespoke bulwark bestows briny beneficence and wards against watery woe! Sparingly, you can stipulate it surrounds you in soft streams of seashore sibilance, soothing sores seamlessly.
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Snowcaller's Blade
Appearance: A double-edged long sword with a wide fuller; the fuller is darker than the edge, and has knotwork engraved in it. Its crossguard is brass, and is shaped like this: O=={. The grip is of woven light grey cloth, and the pommel is a flat brass disc that has an ouroboros design as a raised edge. In magic mode it would have a ghostly light blue energy flowing along the blade.

Stats: A Melee/Magic Ice sword that has the standard accuracy and damage leans and no special attack. It would have a mastercraft effect of its Lucky Strikes dealing increased damage. The player would also take increased damage, and to compensate would have an increased Lucky Strike rate with the weapon.

Description: This sword's chill cuts to the bone, striking more often than normal with powerful lucky attacks- but its cold is so intense, it lowers your guard and causes you to take more damage.

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Inquisitor's Gale
Appearance: A long spear with a gallant and colorful ribbon twisted down its wooden shaft. The head is long and thin(but not quite needle-like) and very brightly polished, with two hooks: one curves down towards the shaft and the other curves up towards the tip.

Stats: A Ranged Wind spear with the normal spear accuracy and damage leans. It would have a mastercraft effect of a bonus percentage of damage that scales with the monster's second highest resistance, or just a flat +5% if that resistance is Wind. Its special attack trades most of its damage to nerf the monster's second highest resistance for the rest of the battle/several rounds, and this effect can happen until the resistance is equal to the monster's Wind resistance; the special would then deal full damage at that point.

Description: This spear can find and open unexpected holes in your opponent's defense, dealing damage they aren't prepared to defend against!

Appearance: The screen darkens, and shadows swim around the player before solidifying into an intricate cocoon over them.

Stats: A Darkness element spell that trades all of its damage to give the player an omni-element Element Shield, the Defense Boost status, and the Backlash status for one turn. It cannot be cast normally, but would instead take effect automatically when in the player's active Spell inventory and the player loses a turn to a hostile status effect. If the spell had a cost, it would be SP.

Description: Something has awakened a dormant force within you, a power seemingly sentient and waiting to spring into action when you're most vulnerable. It appears to be content to shield you and strike back when you can't attack...

Chaos Blood
Appearance: The monster glows red, the color slowly increasing in intensity until the monster flashes, and multi-colored beams of fire burst from it.

Stats: A neutral element spell with a heavy base damage lean that trades most/all of its damage to automatically hit, target the monster's lowest resistance(8 standard elements only), and inflict a long-lasting Bleed on the monster- this Bleed would also shift to be of the target's highest resistance.

Description: This blood-boiling spell turns your enemy's body against itself, causing it to suffer bleeding wounds that sting where it will hurt the most.

Appearance: A dark black suit of cloth armor, with a gambeson and tunic and cape and pants tucked into the boots; on the suit are bone-white skeleton markings.

Stats: An F.O. Darkness armor with a heavy focus on its resistances. It would have a trigger that causes it to have a bonus percentage of damage to Undead enemies that scales with either the player's STR or INT(the boost might be slightly smaller than normal to pay flexibility); the armor would deal less damage with its normal attack to pay for the trigger. The armor would also have a mastercraft effect of a similar boost to damage that would trigger if the player had greater than zero STR or INT.

Description: Woven from the silk of Brainspiders and reinforced with premium lich bones, this armor offers excellent resistance to darkness and has an eldritch power that responds to your might and intellect- even moreso when facing undead!

Hard Water
Appearance: An opaque buckler shield of a deep sea blue that has pale froth spiking out from the edge like a splash.

Stats: A Water shield with a max focus on its even defenses. It would have a mastercraft effect of taking a percentage of less Water damage. It would also trade some of its defenses to cause the player to take a flat number less Water damage.

Description: Normally hard water is bad for your health, but this shield is is great for it- as long as you use it to drastically reduce the water damage you take, that is. Just don't try to drink it.
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