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RE: Rebel One, Bring the Action!

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6/9/2018 16:25:26   

Crimson Tongue
Appearance: An urumi with a delicate basket hilt of bronze, with one side of the crossguard curving up towards the blade. The blade is a flowing ribbon of fire, and the pommel is a small flickering flame.

Stats: A Melee Fire "finesse" sword(Uses DEX for stats) with a slight random damage lean and no special attack. When it scores a Lucky Strike, the chance of the next hit with the weapon to be a Lucky Strike is increased; any penalties for the effect would come from damage. If possible, it would also have a 100% proc Ranged mode, which would have three hits- any penalties for this would come from price first, then damage.

Description: A blade of great finesse and grace, this weapon's movements confound your foe, letting you chain together strings of lucky attacks if you can find your way past its defenses!

Hard Fang
Appearance: A large, two handed war pick with a piercing head like a huge fang. It has a wooden shaft with leather grip. The head is a square of metal, and on the top of it is a spike(smaller than the fang). The pommel is a heavy hexagonal disk of metal(the head attached to the shaft; looks "square" from the side). Overall the pick looks handsome and imposing, not extravagant.

Stats: A Melee Earth pick with a moderate random damage lean and no special attack. It has an effect of ignoring an opponent's damage cap(but not flat or percent damage reduction) on armor attacks or weapon skills with it, and does reduced damage to compensate for this. If it was able to have a mastercraft effect, it would be a small chance to lower the monster's Melee defense for the rest of the battle.

Description: Favored by dwarven warriors, picks can pierce through an opponents hide, no matter how tough it is! Now that this one has been magically jumbo-sized, its strikes can sometimes pick apart your foe's melee defenses!

Soul Burn
Appearance: A dark circle of embers forms around the monster's feet, which then flickers and unleashes a torrent of scarlet flames upwards.

Stats: An accurate Magic Fire spell with four hits that has a moderate base damage lean. It would trade some damage to inflict a Harm element Burn on the monster for a few turns, with the Burn strength being equal to the monster's Power/hits connected.

Description: This spell calls forth Heck Fire, which not only damage your foe's body, but their soul, as well!

Mage Buster
Appearance: A slender rapier of ice, with a basket hilt like a snowflake. The blade gives off a frosty aura of snow when the effect is activated.

Stats: An accurate Melee Ice sword with a moderate random damage lean and no special attack. It would have a trigger of dealing increased damage based on how much Mana the monster used the previous turn; if the bonus is large enough, it trades some of the damage to attempt to inflict Silenced(a status that prevents Mana from being spent) for a turn.

Description: Crafted from a chunk of mana ice, this blade feeds off of your opponent's mana to empower itself. Its cold is so mind-numbing it can sometimes put a freeze on your enemy's mana use!

Spellslinger's Bow
Appearance: A recurve long bow with a string of glittering green light. The bow is wooden, and has four runes on its sides that can light up. When a rune lights up, a small leaf would also grow out from the same area.

Stats: A Ranged Earth long bow with no "special" special. After the player casts a spell it stores a charge(up to four); if the player attacks with the bow, it expends a charge to deal increased damage of the same element of the spell that charged it(only counts the last spell used that turn for each charge). If the spell was Harm or another element not on the Wheel, it would instead deal greatly increased Earth damage.

Description: A handy backup, this bow retains the essence of spells you cast to enchant its arrows, causing them to strike with increased force of the same element as your magic!

Razor Beam
Appearance: A double-edge dagger of crystalline golden-yellow light, the pommel like a small sun that slowly turns. Occasionally the blade becomes clear, "reflecting" either part of the monster's or the player's face.

Stats: A Melee Light dagger with no special attack. It would have an effect of dealing an extra hit of damage that automatically connects whenever the player scores a Lucky Strike with the dagger(this extra hit wouldn't count towards activation).

Description: Cast from hard light using advanced Drakel technology, this dagger's light weight allows you to take advantage of any lucky openings you might find in your opponent's defenses and quickly strike out at them!

Appearance: A large revolver rifle. The wood features a burned in thorn pattern on the butt. It overall looks well-used, but is still a handsome gun. Its shots leave a spiraling trail of wind behind them.

Stats: An accurate Ranged Wind gun. It has an effect of the player being able to click on it to spend 1/6 skill cost SP to put a round in it, up to six times, holding up to six rounds total. When the player attacks with the gun, it shoots every round it holds, doing 1 additional hit for each round, the damage split up across the hits. It has a 20% rate special attack that deals no damage, but instead increases the player's accuracy and damage some and also puts up to two rounds in the gun; for each round over the limit it instead increases the damage and accuracy boost. If it has no rounds in it it does one-hit fallback attack.

Description: Did you fire six shots, or seven?

Surge Protector
Appearance: Basically, an electrical outlet/heater shield with two prong holes and one rod socket, made of a gleaming golden metal. When activated, the holes fill with a golden light and blue electricity sparks around the edges.

Stats: A Ranged Energy shield with a focus on its Energy resistance. It has an effect of the player being able to click on it to activate a strong but inefficient Chi Shield that blocks Energy damage which refreshes each turn. Any penalty for the effect would come from the shield's Melee defense.

Description: Ouch! This shield offers outstanding resistance to energy damage, and can protect you with a Chi Shield if you need a little extra help facing the storm. Just don't stick your fingers in it.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 51
6/10/2018 1:15:55   
Primate Murder

Some interesting ideas here.

Crimson Tongue has a nice and very possible effect. Could be interesting to play.

Hard Fang is unlikely. It's too easily abused - stunlock Wind Essense and smash it to pieces with Hard Fang/Subrace.

Widowmaker has an interesting mechanic that would be fun to play with, I thought up a shield with a similar one, but I don't think either would be very popular - most people prefer to end fight in as few rounds as possible.

My personal favorite is the Spellslinger's Bow - the effect is very nice and very usable. I would suggest changing it to Ranged damage though, as the damage reduction from 0.75*0.9 (magic 100-proc) - only 67.5% damage. And there are never enough items for hybrids!
AQ DF  Post #: 52
6/12/2018 20:01:05   

Hey! Thanks for the reply. As for Hard Fang, I did indeed have the Wind Essence in mind. But, to be perfectly honest, the Essence Dragons are not even remotely close to the current standard of C.E.B.'s- and the final nail in their coffin was the release of Demomorphosis. I really don't see Hard Fang as a game-breaker, but more a niche item like the Trench Axes in the Guardian Tower. I did go ahead and edit in your suggestion for Spellslinger's Bow. :) Now! On to the rest of the post.

Ecstasy of Gold
Location: Blarney War

It seems like a normal Spring day in Battleon: the fountain is flowing; it's sunny, the random pots of gold gleaming in the light- wait, pots of gold? After the player collects a couple, collecting one would bring in Robina- she seems greatly enthused at having so much gold to give out to the monsters. Though confused, the player doesn't really question it, and collects a few more pots of gold- the last one bringing in Uncle Sham. He states that the leprechauns are sick and tired of warring to claim gold and protect their own, and have decided to just give all their gold away. He says that he's sent his most loyal and trustworthy leprechauns around the world to spread the wealth, and that the player may bump into them as they travel. With that, Uncle Sham departs, leaving behind a pot of gold for the player as a token of good will.

So the war begins, but it soon becomes apparent that something is off, due to the presence of a new "monster" and new effect on old ones: the new monster is the Pot o' Gold, which is a 100% gold lean monster; it has an option to claim the gold, which would end the battle after inflicting Harm damage on the player; also, clicking on it would allow the player to claim additional gold(multiple times)- but doing so drains their HP(ignoring momentum), and this effect is capable of killing the player; the old traditional leprechauns(not the cyber ones or other variants) would also drop "free" gold that the player could click on to claim that would do Harm damage to the player. The Target Practice/momentum mini-game would be leprechauns scurrying around carrying pots of gold, which would again grant gold but deal Harm damage to the player.

The mid-war cutscene would be Warlic calling the player into his shop, asking them if they've taken any of the free gold. Warlic would then reveal that after studying it, he discovered that the free gold is actually Leprechaun Gold, which is a much different enchanted metal that becomes poisonous when it encounters greed of a non-leprechaun- and that this change is contagious, spreading to nearby Leprechaun Gold. The player realizes the dire situation the world is in, and rushes off to collect more Leprechaun Gold before it poisons anyone else.

Once all the gold has been rounded up, the player corners Uncle Sham just before he leaves across a rainbow. He finally admits to his scheme, and is more enraged and disgusted than ever. During the boss fight against him, he's wearing an immaculate and very sharp golden suit and top hat. In battle, he automatically deals Harm damage to the player every round and inflicts the Ecstasy of Gold status on the player(a renamed Berserk); due to his Leprechaun Gold suit, he is immune to form changes, and also has a soft damage cap and low elemental resistances(including Harm); each round that Uncle Sham attacks, he also steals a little gold from the player, and beating him would cause the player to lose gold instead of gaining some. Upon being defeated, Uncle Sham raises his cane to the sky and utters a great curse upon the spoils of war left behind during the retreat, and then exits across the rainbow, vowing he'll be back again. Ideas for the war rewards are:

Gold Cap
Appearance: A snazzy golden top hat basically exactly like the one Uncle Sham wears.

Stats: An Earth element misc. item that would lower the player's defenses, and also give a global increase in damage dealt and taken; to compensate for these things, the player would deal increased damage. The cap would also cause the player to gain less gold from battles. Ideally the misc. would have no cost, but if it did it would be HP.

Description: Uncle Sham has put down a pretty heavy curse on this dapper Leprechaun Gold hat, introducing a toxic greed that lowers not only your defenses, but also increases the damage you take while reducing the gold the monster is willing to give up!

Golden Garb
Appearance: A lustrous golden version of Uncle Sham's normal green suit, with a golden cane.

Stats: A Fully Offensive Earth armor with a max focus on its resistances. It triggers to cause the player to take less gold from active wars(dealing less damage outside of active wars if this trigger had a penalty). It comes with a toggle skill that causes a global increase in damage dealt and taken, as well as healing the player's SP each turn and giving them a boost to damage; the toggle is payed with HP.

Description: Uncle Sham went the whole nine yards cursing this Leprechaun Gold suit! It puts a delusional greed in you that you can call upon to increase your damage and energy pursuing gold- gold you could fight wars for, and never find.

Leprechaun Gold
Appearance: A black cast iron cauldron of gold, with a little of the gold peeking over the rim.

Stats: A Magic Earth shield with a max focus on its resistance. It automatically inflicts the player with one turn of Harm element Poison, and in return reduces the Earth damage they take by a flat amount. It also reduces the gold the player receives from the battle by a flat amount that increases additively each turn, capping at 0 gold gained. It would also have an effect of causing the player to take less damage the more monsters they defeat.

Description: Uncle Sham cursed this pot of gold to give you an unhealthy maniacal greed, causing you to take less damage and want less gold the more time you spend around it!

Collection Bucket
Appearance: A small wooden traditionally built bucket with a wooden handle. Visible inside the bucket are golden coins.

Stats: A Magic "Earth" pet with normal damage and accuracy leans. It has an effect of the player being able to click on it to spend some gold and heal themself a little, with the heal and the gold cost increasing with each consecutive click; the healing and cost reset upon the player attacking. Instead of a normal attack it gives the player a Gold Shield, which reduces incoming damage in a way similar to Chi and Mana Shields, but the cost comes from the player's gold.

Description: The sound of coins falling into this seemingly bottomless bucket is like music to your ears- and you can magically call some of your gold up through the bucket to protect you from damage!

Pot O' Gold
Appearance: A large cast iron cauldron of gold, with a shimmering transparent rainbow arcing up from it into the distance.

Stats: An estate army, similar to the Kairula and Trescol ones. The player would be able to click on it to take a trip across the rainbow bridge and do various tasks for the leprechauns there- for no gold, of course- to increase their standing with them. During active wars, the leprechauns would require only Gold and Food in return for fighting on the player's side, the gold cost decreasing(but would still increase as the player leveled) as the player gains more favor with the leprechauns.

Description: Whoops! Looks like Uncle Sham forgot to curse this pot of gold: it still acts as a bridge to the land of the Leprechauns. Maybe with some gold and a little sweet-talking, you could convince them to follow you back across the rainbow?

Clover Cane
Appearance: A golden cane whose handle curls off into a gold four-leaf clover. In Melee mode it would increase in size to be proportionate to a cane for the player. The wand attack is a rainbow arcing back and forth through the monster.

Stats: An Earth Magic Wand/Melee Club with a normal damage lean and no special attack; in Magic Wand mode, the wand attack is two hits of Earth damage. It has an effect of the player being able to spend some gold to use a Light element Magic pure damage skill(basically, like a leprechaun's clover beam). The cane uses LUK as its primary stat, and CHA as its secondary.

Description: It looks like Uncle Sham's curse didn't reach this cane! It can grow in size to suit you, and with some gold you can call out the leprechaun rainbow magic inside it!

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6/15/2018 23:02:33   

Pack Leader's Courage
Appearance: The special attack is a ghostly aura of a wolf howling; the "weapon" itself is invisible.

Stats: A 100% proc Ranged Earth weapon that would use CHA for its main stat. It's special attack is Heal element, and it trades some of its damage to increase the damage of the player's pet and guest and increase their accuracy for the rest of the turn. If it had a master craft effect, it would be a quick-cast skill that would attempt to give the player's pet and guest Celerity.

Description: Your loyalty is as old and as true as the sky, and you can call on it to spur your battle companions to glory!

Rubber Dragon
Appearance: Much like an Earth Dragon, but a ruddy pink/salmon color, like an eraser; it's horns and such would be a darker shade of the same.

Stats: The Rubber Dragon would have a very high Melee defense, and also a good Ranged defense. Its primary resistances would be Earth and Energy; its other resistances would have no real strengths or weaknesses, except for Fire. The rubber dragon would have a few effects: first, it would have a soft damage cap("your attacks bounce off the dragon!"), and also the Backlash status with a high percentage of return("your attacks bounce back at you!"); next, it would have an effect of attempting to inflict what ever status and/or trigger the player attempted to inflict on it if the attempt failed(e.g. if the player tried and failed to gain Celerity, then the rubber dragon would attempt to gain it; if the dragon was Bleeding and saved, it wouldn't try to make the player Bleed), with a bonus to infliction related to the strength of the Glue status on the player. Lastly, if the dragon takes Fire element damage or is inflicted with a Burn, it would attempt to inflict Poison on the player- and while poisoned this way, the player's BtH is also reduced a little. Its breath attack would attempt to inflict Glue(a renamed Entangled) on the player. The dragon would have stat points in INT, CHA, and LUK, and also some in END if its stats didn't go over 200.

Description: It looks like a Dracomancer has some very big mistakes they want to erase! This dragon's hide is, well... rubbery, and capable of bouncing back almost anything thrown at it.

Baby Rubber Dragon
Appearance: Like the normal Rubber Dragon, but cuter and rounder, and about the size of a dog.

Stats: An Earth pet with two modes: first is its Melee mode, where it would trade some damage to give the player a max Virtual Stat that it would use for the Melee mode's second effect of attempting to inflict on the monster any status whose infliction failed on the player("<pet name> intercepts the attack!"; the second mode is its Magic mode, which would trade some damage to attempt to inflict Glue(a renamed Entangled) on the monster. The Magic mode would have a random damage lean. Any penalty for the two modes would come from damage.

Description: Though not full grown, this young dragon is still quite brave, and willing to face your enemy's nastiest attacks head on. It's also learned its parent's glue breath attack, which it can switch to using on your command.

Glue Gun
Appearance: A rapid-fire series of glue pellets pelt the monster and melt into a web.

Stats: A six hit Magic Earth spell with a random damage lean. It would trade most of its damage for a couple statuses: first would be the infliction of Glue(a renamed Entangle). Once the Glue is saved against, the monster would automatically be inflicted with Bleed("the dried glue rips off painfully!"), with the Bleed being stronger the more powerful the Glue status was.

Description: A fast barrage of elemental Glue, this spell calls forth a powerful adhesive that will stick to ANYTHING- and if your opponent manages to get tear it off, they'll rip open bleeding wounds in the process!

The Legendary Guardian Dragon!!!
Appearance: Exactly like the updated Guardian Dragon... at first. During the second phase of the battle, it would take the form of a pack of three random frogzards.

Stats: During the first phase of the battle, an Earth monster with very low flat resistances(including Harm and Void), a percent damage reduction, damage reduction by a flat number, and a hard damage cap. When it reaches 75% HP, it would call out the Guardian Dragon Jr. on its turn(who would have no defensive bonuses and have flat 100% resistances and lower HP than its parent). For its SP skill, it would use the Guardian Dragon's signature breath attack. While the Jr. is out, it would make use of its own signature breath attack- including the Guardian Dragon using its own right after if the attack was ineffective(even if the Guardian Dragon already used its breath attack that same turn or didn't have the SP). Also, in this phase the Guardian Dragon isn't treated as a dragon by dragon slaying equipment. Once the Jr. has been defeated and the Guardian Dragon is at 50% HP, the battle enters phase two. A pack of three random Frogzards enters the screen, and these Frogzards behave as they normally do. When one dies, another random zard takes its place, up to three times(there are twelve zards in total during phase two).

Description: It looks like someone has decided to stop guarding the Guardians!

Invisible Dragon
Appearance: Invisible during battle. After being defeated it fades in, and has a Light Dragon's head and the bat-like wings of most other dragon, and is a creamy tawny color.

Stats: A high defenses Glass Cannon type Light monster, with a max focus on its defenses; it would also have a good Wind resistance in addition to its Light resistance. It ambushes the player with its regular attack upon entering battle. It has a chance for incoming attacks to automatically miss, and for its own attacks to automatically hit. If it has enough MP, it will spend some on giving itself the Hard Light(renamed Defense Boost) status. Its breath attack attempts to inflict Dazzle on the player. If the player misses it with an attack, it does a small hit of Light damage to them("the dragon swats you away!"). The dragon would have stat point in DEX, INT, LUK, and also STR if its stats didn't go over 200.

Description: An offshoot of Light Dragons that manipulate the light around them to render themselves invisible- stop laughing! I am being serious, there's a dragon standing right in front of you!

Time Dragon
Appearance: It has the head of an Energy Dragon, but with slightly larger horns, and no wings. It would be green instead of yellow, with lighter green belly scales. It wears a gleaming golden necklace with cloth-like streams of light coming from the back.

Stats: An Ice monster with a few different effects, the first of which is immunity to the player's time-altering effects(Celerity, Purple Rain, Eye of Naab, Paralysis from a few specific items, etc). When the dragon blocks an incoming attack, it attempts to gain Celerity on its next turn("the dragon steals your temporal energy!"). When it has enough MP, it will spend some on its turn to attempt to Paralyze the player for several turns("the dragon halts your temporal energy!"); while the player is Paralyzed, the dragon regains some MP each turn, and its attacks inflict a Temporal Seed(renamed Spiritual Seed) on the player. When the dragon has enough SP, near the beginning of the battle it will use that SP to create an anchor point; once the dragon goes below 1/3 of its HP, it will travel back in time to that anchor point, its HP and MP returning to where they were at that time in the battle. After creating the initial anchor point, when the dragon has enough SP, it will spend some to look into the future, gaining a soft damage cap as well as the Defense Boost status for a turn, with the damage cap and Defense Boost strengthening if the player has Skill Cost SP or Spell Cost MP; if the player is Paralyzed, it will instead use it to attempt to gain Celerity, and to give the player a few turns of Ice Elemental Vulnerability. The dragon would be a high HP type tank, its health on the outer edge of sacrificing some elemental resistances to gain more HP. Its stats would be in INT, END, and LUK, with some in DEX if its stats didn't go over 200.

Description: One of the Eternal Dragon of Time's disciples, this dragon has a masterful control of the flow of time around it!

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6/17/2018 14:12:47   

Woisos the Plaguebringer
Appearance: A very large dragon that is a pale/faded sickly green. Its head is like a Fire dragon, but without the flames and "ears"; its forearms and shins have large scales, and it has thick and heavy claws. Its wings are bat-like and tattered, and its tail and back have spikes descending down them. Its breath attack is a large noxious green cloud rolling out and blanketing the screen.

Stats: An Earth tank monster with a heavy focus on its resistances(including Void and Harm). Upon entering battle, Woisos automatically raises the player's Heal resistance for the rest of the fight(i.e., from -100% to -75%) and prevent the player from using potions. Its regular attacks attempt to inflict Disease on the player. Its SP breath attack skill attempts to inflict a new kind of Poison on the player: instead of dealing damage over a set number of turns, the poison would be inflicted once, and slowly increase in power every turn, lasting until the player saved against it; also, if the player is inflicted with this poison, their Heal resistance would be raised for the rest of the battle. Woisos would also spend some MP every turn to attempt to inflict Fragile on the player for a couple turn, and while the player is poisoned Woisos regains some MP each turn. Woisos has its stats in END, INT, and STR, and some in CHA if its stats didn't go over 200.

Description: An infamous destroyer of kingdoms, this ancient dragon has turned its attention to Battleon! Its breath contains the most vile plagues, capable of striking down the hardiest crops and warriors.

Evolved Dragons
Appearance: For the most part they are similar to their normal elemental counterparts, but with a few key differences. River Dragons have an Earth Dragon's body(are wingless), but with blue-green kelp instead of horns on its body, and with antler horns similar to an Eastern dragon, and a Fire dragon's head shape. Inferno Dragons have a Darkness Dragon's head shape, but still have a Fire Dragon's flame "hair", which runs down along their neck and spine and tail; they have glowing red-orange/yellow veins showing beneath their skin. Cloud Dragons have a Darkness Dragon's head shape(but without horns) and body, though they are more slender and elongated, still retaining a Wind Dragon's feathery wings; their hide is a softer and much lighter gray, more like a cloud without rain than a storm cloud. Polar Dragons still have an Ice Dragon's head shape, but instead of spires/twists on their body they have transparent icy blue crystals. Mountain Dragons still have an Earth Dragon's head shape, but they no longer have horns, and also have bat-like wings; their hide is a slightly darker shade of brown, with lighter pebbles and rocks scattered over it. Storm Dragons have an Earth Dragon's head with an Energy dragon's horns, and their hide is a very dark and stormy grey, over which bright golden yellow lightning forks like veins; they have billowing cloud "hair" that sparks with lightning, much like how Fire Dragons have flame "hair". Sun Dragons have the overall profile of Water Dragons, though their paddles/wings are more feathery their hide is a bright pale gold, with diamonds/clear crystals distributed over it; it would have horns/ridges along its midsection that are a golden brown, and it would have a head shape closer to a wyvern's than a traditional dragon's. Abyss Dragons appear much like Darkness Dragons, thought they have an earth dragon's horns; their skull is like uncovered bone, and they have bones sticking up through their hide on their other limbs, forming a sort of external skeleton. Another general trait of the evolved dragons is that they're a little more scaley and in general slightly larger than their traditional cousins.

Stats: They are still strong monsters, but are instead experience leaning ones, and have a couple effects specific to that dragon. Inferno dragons are Fire element, and are glass cannons- they deal some Fire damage to the player automatically each turn(due to the dragon's extreme heat), and their breath attack increases this automatic damage for a few turns, and tries to inflict the player with a Burn(similar to Woisos' Poison, inflicting once and dealing increasing Fire damage until the player saves). River Dragons are high HP tank Water monsters, who gain a permanent status called Damp that reduces all Fire damage dealt in the battle; their breath attack increases the strength of Damp for a few turns and attempts to give the player the Drowning status, a renamed Panic that also causes the player to take a bit of Water damage if they fail to save against it. Cloud Dragons are a low resistances type Wind tank that automatically inflicts the Thin Air status(renamed Fragile) on the player for the whole battle; their breath attack increases Thin Air's strength for a few turns and attempts to inflict the Buffeted status on the player. Polar Dragons are Ice type Glass Cannon monsters, who automatically deal a little ice damage to the player each turn(due to the dragon's severe cold); their breath attack increases the strength of the automatic damage for a few turns, and attempts to inflict Numb on the player for the same duration. Mountain Dragons are Earth monsters who automatically inflict Offbalanced on the player(the dragon's steps cause tremors in the earth), and whose breath attacks increase the strength of Offbalanced for a few turns and attempt to inflict the player with Aftershock. Storm Dragons are Energy monsters who have an Energy element Backlash(a strong static shock) for the whole battle, and whose breath attacks strengthens their Backlash for a few turns, and attempts to Daze the player for a few turns. Sun Dragons are Light monsters that automatically inflict a Blind on the player for the whole battle(due to their harsh brightness), and their breath attack increases the strength of the Blind and gives them a Darkness Element Shield(their light washes away the shadows) for a few turns. Abyss Dragons are Darkness monsters that automatically inflict Afraid on the player for the whole battle, and their breath attack increases the chance of the player not acting for a few turns and attempts to inflict The Cold.

The next major trait of the "evolved" dragons is that their damage ignores the player's resistances, and instead is calculated based on one of the player's stats(whichever's higher; a higher stat would reduce the damage the player takes, and increase what they dealt), as well as the dragon's and the player's current and total health; incoming damage is calculated in the same/a similar manner(though the player wouldn't ignore the dragon's resistances)- this mechanic would be called Courage, and the player could check it by mousing over or clicking on the dragon. The player stat that Inferno dragons use for Courage is STR or CHA; for River Dragons, CHA or INT; for Cloud Dragons, DEX or LUK; for Polar Dragons, END or STR; for Mountain Dragons, END or LUK; for Storm Dragons, DEX or INT; for Sun Dragons, STR or DEX; for Abyss Dragons, CHA or INT. So, Courage would generally give a good increase to the damage the dragons deal and reduce what they take early during a battle, while it would reduce their damage output and increase the damage they take later in a battle.

Description: The descriptions for the dragons would in some way reference their creator/mastermind behind them and the Courage mechanic, and the command they have over the elements- done from their point of view, to the player.

The Dragon-Mother
Appearance: A short and slender woman, with long and fiery red hair; she has an hourglass figure, and is on the petite side. Her most striking features are her eyes and her jawline, and she has a youthful/ageless face. She wears a hide abolla fastened with a dragon claw brooch, under which she wears dark leather lamellar armor and a knee-length plaid wrap around skirt that's held up by a large belt with a brass buckle; she wears straw string sandals with no socks. She carries a tall wooden staff carved to resemble dragon scales which ends in a claw on top, with the claw holding a lustrous green orb. She is occasionally seen riding on the back of an Abyss Dragon, with a single streak of red war paint vertically over one of her eyes.

Personality: Incredibly competitive, and loyal. Though fierce and aggressive, she normally takes a bit of time to observe the situation before charging in. Though she least likes to make some attempt at sticking to her plans, she can be flustered into going off course. She is unnervingly perceptive, and tends to act haughty to cover up her insecurities. She has what might be called a warrior spirit, but is instead chiefly concerned with dracomancy and magic in general. She has strong maternal instincts, and is completely merciless when reacting to betrayal and disparaging comments about her height. Has a fondness for dragon puns, but cannot tolerate someone else making one.

Motives/Plans: Her principal motivation is to totally eradicate the Dragonslayer Order. She has no sympathy for most Dracomancers, dismissing them as weak; and as such, plans to kill two birds with one stone by taking advantage of their truce and provoking the Dragonslayers by attacking the Dracomancers- and to do the inverse by disguising some of her attacks on the order as coming from the Dracomancers. Following what she is sure to be a hope-killing war of wiping out the remaining Dragonslayers and Dracomancers, she would then look to conquer the wild and untamed dragons of the world, and after that, perhaps she might turn to conquering the world at large. Though ruling Lore with a society of dragons is more of a daydream for her than anything, if she sensed it was within her grasp, she would pursue it relentlessly.

Backstory/Bio: Born in Dragonstone to a Dragonslayer father and Dracomancer mother. She spent much of her childhood with only one of her parents at a time, the other having suddenly "died in a dragon attack"; she learned of both order's techniques, absorbing all she could of dragons. She very seldom encountered them, her father usually driving them away, but in the precious few times she encountered them alone, she sensed an intelligence in them, and they sensed the dormant dracomantic power within her. She knew their danger, but as she grew she sought them out- then everything changed when the firenation attac dragons her mother had been working on establishing diplomatic contact with rampaged through the nearby village, until dragonslayers intervened, slaughtering all the dragons- and recognizing her mother as a dracomancer, supposed that she had orchestrated the attack, and struck her down. Unable to bear the thought of returning home, she ran away to Battleon... as the Zardmaster unleashed legions of his newest creations on the town. Despite the fear of the assault, it just made sense: dragons were wild, but also intelligent... what they needed was control. Over the next several years she learned what she could of the SuperZards and other zard mutations, simultaneously diving into dracomancy and working on elevating the souls and bodies of dragons...

Tire Dragon Blade
Appearance: Very similar in shape to the original Dragon Blade, but formed all out of black rubber; there are tire tracks visible on the blade.

Stats: A Melee(or Melee/Magic) Earth sword with the normal sword damage and accuracy leans. Against dragons and dragon-kin, it gives the player a chance of the Celerity status, with a penalty to the monster's save. As for a penalty for the Celerity, instead of it being a constant -X% reduction, it would have a 20% chance of dealing 25% less damage("the blade bounces off your opponent!").

Description: Stabilized with Tirestone, this mighty blade increases your traction against dragonkind, allowing you to sometimes speed past them for multiple attacks! It's still made of rubber, though: sometimes it'll just bounce off of other opponents.

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6/22/2018 18:44:17   

Heroic Stamina
Appearance: None, normally. There might be a quick burst of golden sparkles over the player as it activates.

Stats: A two hit Heal element spell. It can't be cast normally, but instead it takes effect automatically at the end of each battle when in the player's active Spell inventory, with the healing modified by the player's current HP and MP and number of turns passed and the monster's level/power. The Heal would be determined similar to how the Communicant Axe's is. It would use END and CHA for its stats, and if it had a mastercraft effect, it would be giving the player an Initiative bonus for the beginning of the next battle. Ideally it would have no cost, but if it did, it would come from SP.

Description: You've had to fight hordes of enemies over the years, and have finally mastered the skill of taking any moment you can to rest and recover!

Rare Item Hunt C
Clue: Beyond the realms of death I wait, to break and humble you//No more I'll jaw, or you take mine- we have training to do.

Location: There would be a simple end screen available from the Today's Event page consisting of a treasure room featuring a statue of a skeleton that's

missing its jaw. To unlock the statue, the player would need to take Sir Pwnsalot's jaw, and then click on the statue's head to put it in place. Doing so would let the player find a couple Treasure Hoards, and then open up the item shop with the hunt's item. If the player died to Sir Pwnsalot after taking his jaw, there would only be the normal version of the item available. If the player managed to beat Sir Pwnsalot after taking his jaw, then the mastercraft/fancy recolor version would also be available.

Appearance: A scythe with an elegant and slightly curved handle, with some runes burned into it. The blade goes through the back of the handle a short ways, a small sliver peeking out; the blade is hollow ground, and is brightly polished metal, and has small tooth serrations on the inside edge. Occasionally the blade briefly takes on the appearance of lightning, sparking for a moment.

Stats: A Ranged(or type switching) Energy scythe with a slight inaccurate accuracy lean and no special attack. It would have an effect of also dealing damage to the monster's SP, and another of dealing damage to the monster's MP. To pay for one of the effects, the player would take increased damage; the cost of the other would either be a damage penalty or being Master Craft.

Description: Forged by elves before a coming of The Devourer, this scythe's presence is shocking to all who behold it: everyone who sees it instinctively knows it was made to cut through the mind, body, and spirit of all who oppose it.
AQ Epic  Post #: 56
6/29/2018 18:44:42   

Magic Dice
Appearance: A set of golden dice with diamond dots tumbling onto the screen. They would change color once set, before exploding on the monster.

Stats: An MP spell that randomly selects an element each time it's cast. When casting it, the player can select whether they want to cast one, two, or three die. If one is picked then the spell also randomizes the accuracy lean of the spell; if two is picked both the accuracy and damage lean are randomized; if three is picked, then the accuracy, damage, and efficiency leans are randomized. The spell does one hit of damage for each die cast, with the damage split evenly between them; the element is also different for each hit. For a small moment after the die lands, the player can click on the die to spend to SP to roll it again and change the die; this can only be done once per die per cast.

Description: These die are loaded- magically, that is! Once cast, the die draw on powers of fate and chance to wildly vary the spell's accuracy, randomness, element, and efficiency.

Lorithia Force
Appearance: A swirling haze of glittery golden light spirals around the player for a moment before ordering up and spearing into the monster with a bright beam.

Stats: A two-hit spell of random element, with a slight accuracy lean that does damage based on the monster's base HP. When cast the player is able to choose whether to pay for the cost with their HP, MP, or SP. Instead of dealing increased damage due to its elements, it would have a reduced cost.

Description: No need to lose an eye, this fragment of Lore's mana core has bonded with you by choice! You can draw out its power in any way you choose, though it will remain unstable elementally.

Gift of Light
Appearance: The player radiates a glittering and bright aura of light for a few moments, rays striking through the monster.

Stats: A three-hit mana efficient Light spell that would trade a bit of its damage for a XX%*hits connected/attempted chance of the player gaining the Regain Mana status when they cast it.

Description: A blessing of the Light Lord, this spell gives you an innate and effortless control of the light around you!

Arcana Sculpt
Appearance: A glittering sphere of white light forms in front of the player before taking the shape of either a sword, bow and arrows, or ball of fire before slashing/shooting/ crashing down on the monster.

Stats: An HP cost two hit Harm spell that uses INT, CHA, and DEX for its stats that Defense Seeks, targeting the monster's lowest defense; if all are equal it defaults to Magic. Any penalties for the element and Defense Seeking would come first from the HP cost, and then damage.

Description: White magic is an impartial force that takes sacrifice and great force of will to command- but this spell refines your control over it greatly, allowing you to strike your foe where they're least prepared to defend against it!

Dialogue/Story Battles
What these would be is, as the name implies, are conversations between the player and some other entity. Sometimes the player would have a choice of things to say, and the options would deal varying amounts of damage to the monster; some might deal no damage to it, and instead deal damage to the player. Another things is that perhaps the player's choices would affect their alignment, and their alignment would affect the damage they take and deal to the monster.

Patriot Griffin Rider
Appearance: The Patriot Griffin is the mount, and the rider armor would have the standard form, with red plate and white cloth, with a blue cape that has stars on it fluttering in the breeze behind it. The skill would be red, white, and blue lights shining down on the player for a moment, with a few glittery stars of the same color falling down.

Stats: A two hit Fully Offensive Fire and Light armor with a Water secondary, with its Melee and Ranged defenses being highest. It would trade some of its Magic Defense to gain the Freedom(Immobility Resistance) status. Its master craft effect would be storing up Patriotism whenever the player saves against a hostile status, with more Patriotism being gained from Entangled or movement impairing statuses. With enough Patriotism, the player can use the Revolution skill for free, which gives a boost to the player's Fire, Light, and Water damage by X% for the rest of the battle, with the boost increased if the player is affected by a movement-impairing status. If the player has the armor and the Fireworks Buckler and the Uncle Krenos Katana or Patriot Blade, Firework Spear, Liberty Torch, and Fireworks Display equipped, they would gain Patriotism at the end of the battle.

Description: A trusty mount for those willing to pave the way for freedom, offering great resistance to the Fire, Water and Light elements. It helps you shrug off ills that would stop most in their tracks, and lets you call on your patriotism to boost your Fire, Water, and Light damage!

Gunner's Banner
Appearance: A pennant with one red, white, and blue stripe, with a metallic golden star over them.

Stats: A misc. item that gives a max boost to DEX and LUK, and increases the damage and accuracy of player attacks with Fire, Light, and Water element Bows and Guns.

Description: Flown by those that man the artillery, this banner will not only sharpen your aim with all kinds of bows and firearms, but propel them with greater force, too!

Appearance: A seafoam blue moglin who wears leather and brass goggles(pulled up to rest on their forehead) and a leather bandolier with a pocket on the lower end; Chrona has a stopwatch in one hand, and her animation is holding it up as it shines and sparkles.

Stats: A one-hit Heal element pet with a slight random damage lean that heals the player's SP. Chrona also gives the player a status that gives them a bonus to inflicting time related statuses(Celerity, Purple Rain, Eye of Naab, etc.).

Description: An ingenious moglin whose devices give you a tactile sense of the flow of time, letting you control it more easily. She can also use her chronomancy to accelerate you through time slightly, increasing your energy!

Appearance: A loupe, whose edge is a couple fangs circling the lens; the case is covered with short furry brown hide that has a crescent moon emblem in it.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that triggers on werewolves to give the player a boost to their accuracy and damage on attacks and spells against werewolves, and to also reduce the damage they take from the element they were last hit with by a werewolf(only once a turn). Against monsters other than werewolves, it does nothing.

Description: An enchanted lens that keeps your enemies from pulling the wool over your eyes- the weaknesses of werewolves will be clear, letting your strike with more accuracy and power and defend better against their attacks.

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7/2/2018 17:56:45   

Tauron's Mace
Appearance: A large two-handed flanged mace, at least as tall as the player. The weapon is composed entirely of ice, an opaque wintery light blue; the flanges are spiky, and the upper fourth towards the head occasionally gives off a thin cloud of vapor. The grip is hide bound with leather straps, with the fur on the inside and peeking out at the ends.

Stats: A Melee(or Melee/Magic) Ice Club with an all base damage lean. Upon being equipped, it causes the player to lose max misc boost END(capable of reducing the player's HP to 0 or less), and they gain a bonus to damage to compensate for this. It also has an effect of lowering the player's MRM a little, and in return attempts to inflict the Battered and Broken(renamed Panic, but categorized as a Cripple effect) status on the monster, which is capable of stacking. If the mace had a master craft effect, it would be an increase in the strength of the Battered and broken status.

Description: Once wielded by an minotaur overlord from the North with a penchant for wearing flashy rings, this mace's size is a huge drain on your stamina and leaves your defenses open- but if you can manage to swing it, it deals immense damage capable of leaving your foes battered and broken.

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7/3/2018 1:03:30   
Primate Murder

Patriot Griffin Rider is a nice idea, and I do like the Griffin pet's looks. I do think, however, that the player is never going to get the Freedom Status - I mean, it literally takes away the only thing that makes stun-locking monsters special. At the very best, you're going to get the Morningstar effect of immediately curing one or two conditions at a high sp cost. I do love the idea of successful saves charging an effect, though.

Loupe-Garou - love the play on words. Absolutely love it. The effect is pretty good and reasonable as well.

Tauron's Mace - you're way overcomplicating this. The staff is willing to give a weapon one effect, two at most. Reverse End drive to boost damage and an MC chance to inflict panic sounds nice if a little counterintuitive.
AQ DF  Post #: 59
7/4/2018 21:01:53   

^Hey! Thanks for commenting again. As for the Freedom status I do agree that it's pretty powerful- but if the items with general boosts to saves are any indication, the overall boost for protection against multiple statues is lower than for just one. So, I imagine that the Freedom bonus would be +5, based on the Clan Defender's Momento- usable, but not unfair to the monster. As for Tauron's Mace, I'll admit it is pretty gimmicky and slightly convoluted, but I'd wanted it to be a little different from the Magna Blade, so that was the reasoning behind the purely random damage boost. I did go ahead shuffle around the possible mastercraft to being a boost to the status, keeping it at two effects. Now, for another suggestion.

Blackest Night
Appearance: A long bone staff, with a segmented curl at the top like a finger curling in, with an opaque shadow inside the curl. When triggered, it gains a few extra "fingers" and the shadow within the curl expands into a skull-shaped, and the entire screen darkens slightly. The spirit summoned would be a somewhat indistinct orb of color of the spirit's element that fades away towards the edge.

Stats: A Darkness Staff with normal damage and accuracy leans and no special attack that would have a trigger of attempting to inflict one turn of Control on the monster if it was undead at the end of every turn, with a fairly high chance of the monster not acting. On Thursday the 12th(maybe Friday the 13th, too) and on the Winter(and Spring, for the Southern hemisphere) solstice, it would gain two additional effects: first would be attempting to inflict the Unlucky status on the monster for a couple turns at the end of every turn, and second: it has a turns equipped/total turns chance of raising the spirit of the defeated monster as a guest, with the guest attacking with the monster's base element and damage(or just the expected damage of a guest of that level when used against certain monsters); a new guest from any source(including one from this staff) would replace it, and the guest's upkeep is paid in SP. If the staff had a penalty for the first effect, it would be a reduction in damage.

Description: An unspeakably dark staff of necromantic power, with the power to command all sorts of undead- and when the world is at its unluckiest and darkest, this staff is at its strongest, inflicting ill fortune and demanding servitude after death from your defeated foes.

AQ Epic  Post #: 60
8/6/2018 2:01:54   

Appearance: Mogdin's spear, enlarged to be normal size for the player.

Stats: A Ranged Energy Spear with the usual spear accuracy and damage leans and a 20% rate special attack. It would have a mastercraft effect of the next hit with the spear having increased BtH if the previous hit with it connected. The spear's special attack would trade all its damage to give the player the Defense Boost and BtH Boost statuses(You channel the Mogdin-Force to peer into the future!).

Description: First wielded by Mogdin, this spear is well balanced enough for anyone to chain together a series of strikes! It also lets you call on the Mogdin-Force to gain precognitive abilities, dodging and striking with impunity.

Appearance: Mogdin's crown, enlarged to fit the player's head.

Stats: An SP cost Energy helm misc. item that would reduce the player's BtH and in turn give them a max boost to INT. It would provide Energy resistance, and reduce damage by a flat amount for each hit of the player's attacks, skills, and spells that missed during their turn/hits attempted. If it was able to have an additional effect, it would be a boost to the player's BtH.

Description: Requiring a bit of your sight, in return, Mogdin's crown will grant you wisdom and resistance to Energy, and allow you to channel the Mogdin-Force to defend yourself when your attacks miss and leave you open!
AQ Epic  Post #: 61
8/6/2018 2:31:25   
Primate Murder

Unique items, both. The closest thing to Hugnir would be Belmiah's Splendor, but I can't think of anything remotely similar to the crown's effect. Nice, though maybe a Defence Boost would be better than damage reduction (for synergy with Hugnir)?.

Also, I recognize the Gungnir reference, but what's Mogatill based on?
AQ DF  Post #: 62
8/6/2018 19:52:09   

^I did think about a defense boost for Mogatill, but thought the "bad luck protection" of taking less damage in the more likely event of getting hit would work better with its BtH reduction. I think it does have some synergy with Hugnir, providing durability when Hugnir's effect didn't activate. For Mogatill's name, I looked up a few words in Old Norse: mirror was "spegill", and there wasn't one for future but I saw that "at" roughly meant after. I thought a name like "future-mirror" would work for the crown, so when I was thinking of combinations and adding on mog, Mogatill worked nicely. Thanks for posting. :)
AQ Epic  Post #: 63
10/9/2018 23:03:12   

Law of the Jungle
Appearance: A rugged and handsome wood and twine pendant of a howling wolf head in profile. Its eye is glowing red.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives a max boost to Charisma, and heals the player for a percentage of the damage their pets and guests deal.

Description: "The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

Arcane Nexus
Appearance: A glowing orb of energy with small slowly blinking lights orbiting around it, like fireflies.

Stats: An SP cost Heal element Guest that would heal the player's Mana. It would have an effect of the player taking increase damage, and to compensate would have a chance to give the player the Regain Mana status.

Description: A portal to Lore's mana core! The flow of energy is difficult to control and leaves you vulnerable, but you can draw mana from it to replenish your store.

Appearance: A dagger with an obsidian blade and a bone handle and cloth grip, with the blade sticking out from a skull at the top of the handle. Its overall look is more sadistic than sinister. The special attack is the dagger cloning itself and then flying at the monster.

Stats: A Melee Darkness Dagger with a slight random damage lean. It has a 20% rate special attack that is four hits and deals reduced/no damage, and gives the player a bit of bonus gold after the battle based on hits connected/attempted. The dagger causes the player to take increased damage, and to compensate it increases the player's LUK stat while equipped.

Description: A dagger used by dastardly delinquents who do dirty deeds for dirt cheap, for distinctly dangerous deeds of daring and deft demonitization.

Prince of Knaves
Appearance: A suit consisting of a dark pinstripe top hat(can be clicked on to remove) and silk vest, black pants that tuck into leather riding boots, and a long and slightly raggedy tailcoat.

Stats: A Mid Offensive Darkness armor with a focus on its defenses, Ranged being highest(Melee and Magic even), with a slight accuracy lean. The armor would have a master craft effect of ambushing the monster and doing a sneak attack before the battle starts. The armor also trades a fair bit of its Magic defense to gives the player gold when they block a hit, based on hits connected/attempted.

Description: For the most artful of dodgers, this suit is tailor-made for those that prey on the unprepared and have a talent for absconding with the unwatched.
AQ Epic  Post #: 64
10/10/2018 1:26:57   
Primate Murder

'Law of the Jungle' is a particularly good idea. I've long since wanted to see a beastmaster version of Bell Shell.

Also, if Prince of Knaves meets an Am-Bush... would am-bush be ambushed or would am-bush be the ambusher?
AQ DF  Post #: 65
10/15/2018 6:51:06   

^Thanks for commenting again! I suppose it would come down to a speed tie between the player and Am-bush if Prince of Knaves went up against one. Now, on to a long and silly idea:

Magical Girl
APPEARANCE: The base form consists of a color custom sailor fuku, with a tie; for females the tie and collar have some extra frills, and the skirt is roughly knee-length and the player wears knee-high socks and flats with it; for males the skirt is replaced by slacks, and the frills are removed. The player wields a staff/rod with a metallic golden star and fluffy white wings at the top while in the armor.

The first skill would consist of golden-white sparkles drifting around the player; the fourth would be similar sparkles wafting out towards the monster; the fifth skill would call a bubblegum pink gween with cream spots and white wings, who would put up a blue-white force field around the player or zap the monster with a beam of energy from the puff-ball on its head; the sixth skill would be the player leveling their rod at the monster and firing three laser beams in quick succession; the ninth skill would be the player floating up a bit and then firing a massive laser beam at the monster.

The final form for females would consist of the skirt becoming a bit longer in the back and the sleeves and socks becoming gauzy, and the tie being replaced by a pendant with a few gems, as well as the flats becoming high heels; for males the top would be replaced by a tuxedo jacket with a rose on the lapel, and the tie would become a bow tie, and the flats would become polished leather shoes.

STATS: A neutral Light armor with a focus on is Light resistance that would require training in the Mage class to use. If the player's class is Magical Girl, the armor has the option of the player using INT, CHA, and LUK for their attacks instead of the normal stats. The first skill(Sparkles) gives the player the Backlash status(dealing light damage) for a few turns and attempts to inflict the Blind status on the monster if it hits the player while Backlash is active; the 2nd skill(Fearless Smile) is a passive one that increases the player's HP based on their CHA rather than END; the 3rd skill(Deceptively Smart) is a toggle that gives a boost to the player's CHA and INT and is payed for by the player taking increased damage; the 4th skill(Fairy Dust) is a quick-cast skill that trades all of its damage to inflict the Choke status on the monster; the 5th skill(Summon Cotton Candy Gween) summons a Light guest that reduces Melee and Ranged damage the player takes, and the player can click on it to feed it a health potion and gain either a mana shield or attempt to make the monster vulnerable to Light damage with the gween's next attack; the 6th skill(Beam Spam) is a quick-cast mana efficient inaccurate random damage lean Light damage skill whose compensation for being locked to Light would go towards a chance of the player gaining Celerity after casting the spell; the 7th skill(Effortless Skill) gives the player's skills and attacks an increased Lucky Strike rate; the 8th skill(Natural Luck) is a toggle that give the player increased LUK and L.S. damage at the cost of some of their defenses; the 9th skill(Wave Motion Gun) is a Light damage skill that deals increased damage for being locked to light, and also pays some additional mana for increased damage; the 10th skill(Final Form) is a MP&SP toggle skill that changes the armor's lean to Fully Offensive and increases the power of Beam Spam and Wave Motion Gun, and gives armor attacks a chance of becoming Beam Spam for free.

DESCRIPTION: You've been given the gift of magic, and this seemingly plain uniform helps draw it out! It allows you to bathe the battlefield in Sparkles and Fairy Dust, summon an adorable sidekick, and use the legendary Wave Motion Gun skill!

Magical Girl Class
Location: Aria's Pet Shop
Class Trainer: Aria
Class Description: That feeling you can't quite understand, but burns so strong deep in your heart... the light of your future that shines so brightly... you may feel different, but it means you've been Chosen for a special fate. This power is given to change the world for the better- to turn back the darkness with MAGIC. If you're not ready to let go of your old life, that's okay: many Magical Girls are selfless heroes who save the world and go back to their lives without anyone noticing. Whenever you accept the gift, I'll be waiting here to help teach you.
Class Villain: Zorbak, and a friendly rival who is quite obviously Hansa mysterious young blond man.

Class Quests: Fairly linear, and structured in a similar way: a short cutscene of Aria attempting to teach the player the skill, followed by her being interrupted by her masked rival Magical Boy(Hans in disguise) who tries and fails to look cool. The player chases him away, and then stumbles across Zorbak about to attack Battleon. Zorbak's undead minion is defeated, the day is saved, and the player returns to Aria's pet shop and levels up in the class. When going up to level five and before the player learns the 5th skill, Aria expresses concern over her rival interfering and Zorbak's minions getting more powerful. In the last quest, Aria's rival Magical Boy teams up with the player(who tries hard not to reveal they know it's Hans) to take on Zorbak's biggest and baddest undead yet. After sending Zorbak packing, Aria makes it to the player in her magical girl uniform, and sees that her rival(whose mask came off during the fight) is Hans. After talking, they decide to become a team, and Aria say that the player is ready to go off on their own and protect Lore as a Magical Girl.
AQ Epic  Post #: 66
10/15/2018 10:11:18   
Primate Murder

O-o-ok, I did not expect that.

The idea is fairly amusing, though, and seems to fit the source material. What anime is that from, btw?

My personal favorite is the 2nd skill (and I absolutely love the skill names), however I suspect it would be pretty difficult to implement. Also, 'for males' version, lol.

In the future, can I trouble you to paste each level's ability in a separate line? It's rather hard to read such a titanic wall of text.
AQ DF  Post #: 67
10/17/2018 23:17:00   

The class and quests was very loosely based on Sailor Moon, but more on magical girls in general. And I knew I'd have a big chunk of text with the stats, but I personally don't think it got too big, and I wanted to keep all the related stuff in one paragraph.
AQ Epic  Post #: 68
10/21/2018 3:06:00   

Master Tactician
Appearance: A dusty dusty brown duster coat with large steel pauldrons and wizard sleeves. The armor also has a leather book bag(towards the player) that buttons shut, and a large rolled up scroll carried on the back. Under the coat are dark gray pants and dark brown leather boots, and a breastplate.

Stats: A fully defensive Ice and Darkness armor with fairly even primary resistances and a focus on its defenses. It would trade some of its Melee defense for an effect of the player's Pets and Guests attacks using INT and CHA for stats. It would also have an effect of the player gaining some SP if their pets or guests hit the monster with an attack based on hits connected/attempted, payed for with a master craft effect or another piece out of its defenses.

Description: The outfit for those that guide from the back line, giving out smart commands to their comrades. It provides protection from the darkness and cold, the successes of your allies renewing your spirit and giving more tactical openings.

General's Gambit
Appearance: An arrow streaking in and striking the player.

Stats: An SP cost(or free, if possible) skill that damages the player and lowers their defenses for one turn. If the monster strikes the player while their defenses have been lowered by the skill, the player gains a boost to BtH and the monster gains omni-element Elemental Vulnerability for a turn, with the EleVuln strength increasing the lower the player's HP is.

Description: This skill feigns a serious injury, making your opponent overconfident and making them extremely vulnerable to counterattacks.
AQ Epic  Post #: 69
10/21/2018 5:35:34   
Primate Murder

I love the Master Tactician, both the concept and the int/cha ability!

I would suggest making the sp regen a toggle instead of an MC, since MC is only worth 5% melee, which is pretty negligible.
AQ DF  Post #: 70
10/27/2018 2:48:33   

Thanks for replying again! As for the SP regen on Master Tactician, in my mind it was very much supposed to be a more constant, passive effect with a lower cost- hence the MC or defense drop instead of a toggle. And now!

Tyrant's Mockery
Appearance: A gift-wrapped box falling at the monster's feet and then bursting into cute and happy green sparkles, shortly after which a transparent and flame-like aura briefly flares up around the player.

Stats: An SP cost skill that heals the monster, with the strength of the heal increasing the lower the monster's power level(like 2 for a boss, 1 for a normal monster, etc); to compensate for this the player receives a boost to their damage the following turn, with the damage boost increasing with the monster's power level.

Description: A favorite tactic of villains everywhere, this skill lets you give your opponent one last glimmer of hope... before you power up and take it away from them for good.

Dream No More
Appearance: The screen darkens, and glowing red eyes appear above the player's head, and transparent shadowy tentacles wave around beneath them.

Stats: A Darkness skill that gives the player the Sleep Resistance status for a few turns and attempts to Petrify the monster(the monster has a penalty to its save, which is different than normal in that it inflicts against INT/CHA).

Description: Use this skill to invoke an otherworldly energy that invigorates you, but fills your opponents with enough dread to root them in place!
AQ Epic  Post #: 71
11/6/2018 23:16:29   

Nightbreed's Savagery
Appearance: A necklace on a leather string with a golden medallion. On the medallion is a head of a werepyre in its final form, with glowing red gems for eyes.

Stats: An SP and MP cost misc item that gives a max misc. boost to STR and INT and a strong Panic Potency status to the player. If the player is a werepyre, when they connect with a Lucky Strike, the misc. heals the player's SP and MP by an amount that's modified by their STR and INT.

Description: Drawing on the powers of both vampires and werewolves, this symbol enhances your cunning and brutality to such a degree your opponents have trouble keeping their cool! For werepyres, your luckiest strikes fill you with triumph, refreshing your mind and spirit.

Bastion of Beneficence
Appearance: A golden scutum/tower shield, with unicorn horn borders and pearl inlays in the shape of a flower. When wielded by a uniwere it gives off a faint rainbowy aura.

Stats: A Light shield with a max focus on its defenses, Magic being highest. If the player is a uniwere, then it reduces the damage they take by a flat amount for each friendly status on them.

Description: A bountiful bulwark for buffering back belligerent bad guys, being a bunker against brilliance and bestowing a boon that boosts blessings for Uniweres.

APPEARANCE: The player is a uniwere, having: the head of a unicorn, and equine legs, but a humanoid torso and arms that have a horse's fur, and also a flowing mane and tail. The armor is a toga(color custom) with studded leather pteruges and brightly polished lorica segmata. The armor also has feathery wings that switch between folded up and spread wide with the 8th skill.

The first skill is the player jumping up high off screen with a rainbow trailing behind, and the attack is a diving downwards stab. The fourth skill is a sparkly rainbow arcing from the player onto the monster. The fifth skill is a snowy-white unicorn, who will shine with a corona of golden light when acting. The sixth skill is a rainbow spiraling around the player from above before bursting into glittery golden sparkles. The ninth skill is the player lowering their head and charging into the monster. The tenth skill turns the battlefield into a pastel landscape of hills and valleys, and makes the player glow golden.

STATS: A Light/Wind neutral armor with a focus on its resistances, with Magic as its highest defense. If the player is a Uniwere, then they receive a status that reduces the damage they take by a flat amount(Pure Heart). The first skill(Rainbow Dance) is a weapon-type skill that when used gives the player the Defense Boost status and ends their turn with them offscreen; on their next turn they attack, and their is a small chance(scaling down with subrace level) that the attack "misses" and the player takes some damage- to compensate for the turn delay and "miss" chance the attack deals increased damage. The second skill(Magical Vitality) passively gives the player a bonus to saves against the Poison and Disease and Bleed statuses. The third skill(Just Soul) is a toggle that causes the player to gain a little HP at the start of their turn, modified by their alignment. The fourth skill(Friendship Ray) is a quick-cast skill that trades all its damage to inflict the Friendship status on the monster, which reduces the damage it deals if the player did not attack it the previous turn; attacking the monster would give it a bonus to its next save against the status. The fifth skill(Call Unicorn Ally) is a call skill that brings in a guest, who heals the player's HP, and trades some of its damage to lower the player's Heal resistance.

The sixth skill(Rainbow Shroud) is a Chi Shield that increases in efficiency the lower the player's HP; overflow damage is increased, and is Light element. The seventh skill(Wild Virtue) passively increases the player's damage for each friendly status on them. The eighth skill(Majestic Presence) is a toggle skill that give the player the Majestic Presence(renamed Fearful Presence) status. The ninth skill(Impale) either trades all of its damage to inflict the Fragile and Choke statuses on the monster for a few turns or, if the monster doesn't have those statuses and is below a certain percentage of its base HP, attempts to instantly kill it. The tenth skill(Sunshine and Rainbows Land) is a toggle skill that lowers the player's Heal resistance, gives them the Regeneration, Lucky, and Light Element Shield statuses at the start of their turn.

Description: Draw on the magic of springtime and flowers to gain the powers of a Uniwere! This form grants you enhanced resistance to toxins, the ability to call on a unicorn for aid, and the authority to take your opponent to Sunshine and Rainbows Land!

Uniwere Quests
Location: Paxia, at the Lucian clan base.

Trainer: Lucius.

Subrace Description: Those who are the defenders of all things fluffy and pink... Those who stand on rainbows, watching over Lore as guardians... These are the Uniweres. If you are willing to leave your humanity behind, you too can join their ranks. The magic of Springtime and Flowers will transform you, giving you the grace and puissance of the uniweres.

Subrace Quests: To start, for the player to become a uniwere they must take a hit of light damage(being pierced by Lucius' horn) and survive. They are fairly simple and straightforwards, usually involving defeating a few enemies to protect a unicorn. The chief enemy of the uniweres are leprechauns, who oppose their control of rainbows and have done so since ancient times. Other enemies of the uniweres are necromancers and the undead, werewolves, and vampires. The first class quest is the jumping/running minigame, with the player having to avoid leprechauns and pots of gold. The fourth quest is a target practice minigame where the player is shooting rainbows at leprechauns scurrying around. The eighth quest is the flying/dodging "Flappy Bird" minigame, with the player having to avoid flying pots of gold and leprechauns hovering around in fluffy clouds. Completing subrace quests affects the player's alignment.
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Deathstalker Edge
Appearance: The handle of the sword resembles a scorpion, with the large front pincers being the crossguard, the handle being the body, and with the tail curving out slightly away from the player. There are two glowing neon green dot eyes in the middle of the crossguard, and the handle resembles glossy black chitin. The blade is fairly straight for the first half, but flares out slightly to points and then tapers back to a point at the tip of the sword, making the latter half of the sword a sort of elongated diamond shape. There is a noticeable hollow grind on the latter half of the sword.

Stats: A Melee(or Magic) Energy sword that is slightly accurate but has a normal sword damage lean. It has an effect of attempting to Poison the monster with an Energy element poison based on the number of hits the player missed with a weapon attack- so if the player didn't miss, the sword wouldn't attempt to poison the monster. Any penalty for the effect would come from damage.

Description: This blade possesses a shockingly powerful toxin, and can inject a lethal dose of it when your enemy is least prepared for it!

Skylord's Sigil
Appearance: A somewhat tall shield; the sides curve in slightly, like )(, and then curve back to a point at the bottom, a little bit like {, the top of the shield is slightly curved, as well. The shield is a brightly polished steel with gold trim. There is an intense cerulean blue gem set with gold, from which graceful gold scrolling extends outward.

Stats: A Melee/Magic Wind shield with a focus on its resistance. It has an effect of a chance of the player gaining the Defense Boost status, with the chance increasing with the number of hits the player took during the monster's turn- so, a max chance if they blocked none, and a minimum chance if they blocked everything. Any penalty for the effect would come from the shield's Ranged defense.

Description: This proud and majestic shield boasts excellent defenses against Melee and Magic attacks, and can surge with power to prevent thunders from quaking your soul.
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Primate Murder

Inverse Chimeran shield? I like it!
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^Thanks! Now for some more silliness:

Weremonkey Transformation
APPEARANCE: An upright walking primate, with dark brown fur and a tail of medium length; the head resembles that of a baboon- overall the body is athletic and muscular. The pauldrons of the armor are like a rounded half cone, and in a few bands; they are of a golden color. There is a golden breastplate, and instead of a mail shirt there is a scale one of bright steel. The faulds are similar to the pauldrons, and underneath them the player wears scale shorts.

The first skill is the player leaning far back and then doing a powerful stomp; the fourth is the player stepping up and roaring in the monster's face; the fifth is the player raising their arms and howling as an aura of flames surrounds them briefly; the sixth is fiery sparkles bursting out from the player; the ninth is the player breathing out a large spray of flames, the tenth is the player losing their armor and increasing in size.

STATS: An inaccurate Mid-Offensive Earth armor with secondary resistances to Light and Darkness, and with a focus on its Melee and Ranged defenses. If the player is a weremonkey, then the passive skill while in the armor(Pride) is they take reduced damage from a monster the lower its power is(max reduction at the lowest power levels, none at highest) and deal more damage the higher the monster's power(no boost at lowest power level, max boost at highest). The first skill(Crushing Stomp) is an SP Melee Earth damage skill with a base damage lean, its EleComp goes entirely into boosting its accuracy. The second skill(Brutality) is a passive skill that causes the player's L.S. damage and chance with armor skills and attacks to use STR instead of LUK. The third skill(Deadly Serious) is an SP toggle skill that converts the player's CHA into BtH and gives a boost to DEX and END. The fourth skill(Primal Terror) is a quick-cast SP skill that does no damage but attempts to inflict Daze for several rounds on the monster. The fifth skill(Blind Rage) is an SP cost toggle skill that gives the player the Berserk status while in the armor and converts their INT into STR, and also gives a cumulative boost to damage if the player's previous hit missed.

The sixth skill(Confidence) is a quick-cast SP skill that gives the player a few turns of Regeneration, and reduces the damage they take a little while they have the Regeneration status. The seventh skill(Intuition) is a passive skill that gives the player a reduction in damage that increases with the monster's SP. The eighth skill(Domination) is an SP toggle skill that decreases the damage the player takes by a flat amount based on the damage they deal with skills and attacks. The ninth skill(Inferno Breath) is an SP Fire element damage skill whose EleComp goes into the skill inflicting a powerful and long-lasting Fire element burn on the monster. The tenth skill(Titan's Wrath) is an HP and SP cost toggle skill that greatly increases the damage the player deals, gives EleComp to damage for the 1st and 9th skills, and makes the armor's skill costs HP and SP instead of only SP.

DESCRIPTION: It's time to go ape! Harness the power of the weremonkeys and gain access to abilities such as Crushing Stomp, Blind Rage, and the mythical Titan's Wrath.

Weremonkey Quests
Location: Deren
Subrace Guide: Gokar
Subrace Description: The fearless fighters who never backed down... Those who expected the best from themselves and their opponents... Those with an indomitable power that could not be shaken- pride. These are the weremonkeys. Whether for good or evil, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Subrace Quests: The beginning quest is the player gathering seven Prime Drakelcubes. Gokar is then able to use them to summon the Eternal Dragon Shenronof Time, who grants the player's wish to become a weremonkey. The other quests then proceed normally, with the player having to protect or find a Prime Drakelcube. Gokar instructs the player in the ancient prophecies and legends of the weremonkeys, guiding the player towards becoming the fabled weremonkey who will save drakelkind.

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