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RE: =Paxia= Guess what's back?

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3/6/2018 17:37:36   

Just curious, but why did all the new conversation threads in the individual Clans get deleted?

Also, to whoever's been helping me defend Nautica, battle on! :D
AQ  Post #: 26
4/1/2018 13:45:39   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

I did not delete anything, but if there were threads deleted, it may have been auto-munched.

Now that I've gotten most of my school work done (I am a teacher) and we're coming at the end, I can start focusing on Paxia stuff, so please keep up things!

Yeah I haven't posted here in a while ._.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 27
4/9/2018 23:13:17   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Thank you folks for the great ideas, feel free to post anymore you have! The Paxia area has been lacking in updates but it has definitely not been forgotten.
AQ  Post #: 28
4/10/2018 17:29:57   

I think the key is making *all* the Clans relevant, while expanding on their different characteristics. I really don't think it's a good idea to focus on competitions, because as we've seen with other competitive events that will just lead to a lot of bad blood between members of the more popular Clans, while members of the less popular ones will feel like there's no point in participating.

I know that this would be a lot of work, but quests where your Clan affiliation makes a difference would be absolutely amazing. Like, having a Paxia-related quest where you get a different story path based on your Clan. For example: Let's say there was a villain with seemingly unstoppable powers and a huge army threatening Paxia. Igneus, Lucian, Aerodu and Dynami could be attacking the armies head on, while Nocturu focused on stealthily taking out enemy officers and sabotaging their efforts. Glacius and Geoto could form the defensive lines, protecting the Clan bases from enemy saboteurs, while the Nauticans tried to seek out the source of the villain's power and find out how to defeat them.

Like a lot of people have said, your Clan needs to give *some* sort of bonus or affect actual gameplay in some other way. I'll keep championing Clan classes or subraces as the best way to do that, but there are other ways as well. Just being in a particular Clan could increase your damage output with that element type. I'm not sure adding resistance/making you more vulnerable to the opposite element is the best way to go, as a lot of people might just switch Clans when using specific armors in order to get a bigger elemental resistance.

We're always putting out Token packages and new GGB items, right? Some of those could be Paxia/Clan related too ;) Like, a series of armors, one for each Clan, that function similar to the Griffin Rider. The idea of ele-locking to your Clan's element in exchange for more damage would fit really well. Also, the Clan weapons need some updating, if at all possible. The Nautica Blade, for example, is a really cool-looking weapon, and the description says it grows stronger as your Clan does. I know that's tied into the old system, but updating those weapons to give enough of a bonus to make them worth using for the optimizers would be very nice. An option to replace your no-drop with a unique Clan weapon would be pretty cool as well. There should be some more items like the Paxian Deliverance weapons that change based on your Clan as well. (Those ones are cool, but the Truphma trigger isn't really useful anymore, unless you're just replaying that saga)

Another idea would be Clan leader ally assists! Whatever your Clan is, you get the leader as an ally assist, plain and simple. That would be a lot of fun.

I'm sure I'll have more ideas in the future, as long as people are interested in hearing them. I know I might seem a little overly enthusiastic about this, but Paxia has always been my favorite part of AQ.
AQ  Post #: 29
4/10/2018 20:27:34   

I definitely second @Kilvakar on basically everything said, however I don't think competition should be entirely out of the question, as removing competition ignores the crux of the issue; why are some clans vastly over-represented in the general player population? And by that same logic, how can we get a more even distribution? IMO as more clan features are added to suit different play styles, the distribution will become much more even, not only because it will give incentive for different characters on the same account to be in different clans (based on build), but also due to the player identifying more with a certain clan leader as they develop, both as leaders and individuals.

I do, however, agree that some sort of cooperative event like the example provided would be extremely cool to see, especially if the experience was individualized to each clan. My only objection is I feel that friendly competition can really be done well with this clan system, and I think it would be a mistake to take that aspect away. (Apologies if this is misrepresenting your argument, I genuinely don't know if you meant just a lot fewer competitive events, or none at all. I know you just said that there shouldn't be a focus, but your reasoning seemed to imply that all competitions have been a failure in the past, and that nothing will change, as the problem inherently was that they were competitive.)

Since the recent warmongers poll seemed to imply there would be competitive wars in the new revival, my suggestion is going to centre around them. One suggestion I have for how fair(ish) wars can be done is, rather than having a giant all out war with many waves to defeat, have much tinier (and more frequent), mini wars. This would (hopefully, anyway) make it so what would usually be an early lead by a clan with less people, could be considered a win. The main idea behind this is to make the wars small enough so that the law of large numbers can't really kick in, and what would normally be a war with Igneus/Areodu basically having a massive lead over everyone else towards the end, could be a smaller war in which, let's say, Geoto takes the win with an early lead. Making them more frequent would also give the smaller clans more opportunities to win. Ideally, these wars should have very tiny (if at all) prizes for the winning team, just for the purpose of avoiding the aforementioned bad blood.

These small wars would draw more players back into the clans, get them excited again, and play a (small) role in evening out the distribution of clan affiliation, at least the way I see it. One thing to note though, is that I've been absent from literally any clan event/war (either due to my account not existing at the time or just missing the war), so I'm not sure if a system like this already was in place. I tried to do some research but found nothing confirming this, so I'm posting anyway. Please do correct me though :)

(Edit: Cleared up some weird wording)

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Post #: 30
4/11/2018 0:55:08   

Well, I had a very long answer typed out, but lost it due to internet bugging out on me :(

Basically, I agree with you. Fun, friendly and smaller-scale competitions would be awesome. But anything that relies on the normal AQ warring mechanics is going to result in an Igneus/Aerodu war while the rest watch from the sidelines.

As for the different Clans and their popularity, some of it has to do with how they've been portrayed in previous quests, but there's really been little to no character development for the Clan leaders. And the Clans themselves haven't been a relevant part of the game since the early days.

The biggest reason, imo, for clan popularity ties in to pop culture. This is just my opinion based on my own limited observations, but if I had to rank the AQ elements from most to least popular, based on their portrayal in pop culture, it would have to be:

1: Fire - awesomeness, destruction, power, strength

2: Air - awesomeness, ninjas, flying, speed, stealth

3: Darkness - stealth, edgy, ninjas, rebel

4: Light - heroes, good guys, happy, noble

5: Earth - strength, defense, loyalty, stubbornness

6: Ice - cool, unflappable, edgy, bad boy/girl

7: Lightning - speed, power, overshadowed by fire and wind

8: Water - peaceful, passive, healing, weak

I had explanations as to why I thought that way, but it would take too long to re-type all of that. I put a few descriptive words relating to why I think they are popular or non-popular, in case that looks confusing.
AQ  Post #: 31
4/11/2018 1:01:57   
Lord Markov

Competitions where one side benefits from having more players is definitely going to have to be a consideration in this whole thing.

The poll currently has Aerodu with 3/4 as many players as all the other clans combined, while Lucian doesn't even have one person voting for them yet. Dynami does have a significant history of being a powerful force during war-type events (look at their defense scores!), but I see people just all jumping onto whichever clan wins every competition after a one or two of them and then it's even more pointless than before.

I'm not sure having each clan cater towards a certain build is necessarily the way to go, since like with subraces most people are just going to go with the clan that best serves them, and stacking will once again be a problem (besides, who's going to want to be in the clan for the FD ranger anyway ). I do like the idea of some basic buffs for clans/no-drop type armors though.
AQ  Post #: 32
4/11/2018 10:00:28   

Who needs to vote
Okay then, count on me for Lucian Clan.

There needs to be a lot of work on everything Clan based.
There have been numerous suggestions in the past and now we need to see many of them implemented in some way.

Without plenty of new content Quests, Equipment, Competitions and other rewards, nobody is going to stay interested in the Clans for long. Except for those who have been here for the last 12-18 years, since the Golden times.

Maybe the quickest and easiest start would be a total Reset of the Clan Defense to Zero every month.
Together with a tightening of the security, so that nobody can monkey with the numbers.
Make it Guardian only, to at least benefit the Staff, if monkeys do try anything.

The Staff also have to expect and tolerate some banterish trolling and flaming on the Forums, because shutting that down completely will not help Paxia.
AQ  Post #: 33
5/20/2018 17:25:41   

Just poking my head in since things seem to have gone silent for the moment. Any word on the project, Pie?
AQ  Post #: 34
5/22/2018 15:07:38   


Hello, UPP, my former clan leader... I want to congratulate you with phoenix rising from the ashes. Great glory days lie ahead.
I accept your understanding of the fact that objectively a being who is called Ray something can't stay a wind soulmate surely and obviously.

Candyfloss cake.

I've been contemplating custom clan idea but not sure if it should be token or package, nameable or nah, miscellaneous QoL perks the thing posesses. Here's a raw excerpt:

new house "clan hall" which changes your clan to /name/ and anyone successfully beating guards can choose to join
elemental variants as a disciple branch clan follows with unique surrounding and architecture(DF elemnet-like, so hybrid and mishmash too)
(while one can show light affinity this doesn't necessarily mean they are on friendly terms with Lucian)
click on clan leader statue to temp equip his wep/armor
his paintings accessible for members
ability to declare trifle so that one who clears opponent's house of guards earns(and vice versa) a point and then on some breakdown of them clan leader chooses an cosmetic event(like if not capped, 100% chance to receive 10 tokens from next battle for all members)

< Message edited by Rayimika -- 5/22/2018 15:09:11 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 35
6/5/2018 16:32:06   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

*is still here, lurking and working while waiting for school to end so he can get into full time writing*
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 36
6/23/2018 14:27:42   

I'm in if I haven't posted on it already. RL happens.
AQ MQ  Post #: 37
7/16/2018 11:53:21   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

It will happen, I promise!

It's just slow going >.<
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 38
7/16/2018 12:32:09   

Something moving slowly forward is better than not moving at all!

Take your time. :D Our other lives are important as well.
AQ  Post #: 39
7/23/2018 13:39:54   
John Apple

@xonuss7 That sounds like something the leader of Glacius clan would say
Post #: 40
8/28/2018 19:48:00   

Random suggestion whilst we wait for Paxia's return to glory: What if we added momentum to the Clan Defense areas? This would make it a lot more lucrative for players to fight for their clan and possibly even go there to get daily caps. What do you guys think?
AQ  Post #: 41
9/27/2018 14:03:40   

Oh! How about clan classes. The same way that the knight class has different branches, you could have a "Paxia defender" class or something
Post #: 42
9/28/2018 18:52:21   

That's something that I've asked for for years, lol! Somehow, I have a feeling that it's more possible now than then, especially since we've seen the release of three different subrace classes and we have the upcoming Paladin and Necromancer remakes. While I would definitely want them to be a top-tier class, I don't know if the staff would go that way or not. Maybe there could be a Paxian subrace? Something with a cool plot explanation of the Clan leaders bestowing their gifts on the Chosen. Like with Jacques, but done more responsibly.
AQ  Post #: 43
12/22/2018 20:17:46   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

Yeesh, I haven't posted here in a while.

I am actually working on Paxia, though I am always looking for more ideas if players have them here. Will it be ready soon? No, because I want it to be good and done right. Just because I have my own ideas doesn't mean I'm not interested in y'all's.

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 44
12/22/2018 20:29:07   
Aura Knight

One thing I've always wanted as a reward is the option for us to look like our Clan Leader. Either as a face or an armor. Could be a shapeshift variation too where we fight our Clan Leader in a friendly contest and they then allow us to learn an illusion magic to give us their appearance.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 45
12/23/2018 11:18:48   

It would be good to get some top level equipment for the Clans.

Why would the Lords of the Realms leave their main supporters with inadequate equipment?

Lucian Light Mage armour, should be better than the similar Bloodmage armour.
Lucian Light Warrior armour, should equally be better than any other light based Warrior armour.
Lucian Light blades should be as good or better than other light sabers or swords.
Lucian Wands should create better light spell effects than other such Wands.

and the same for other such equipment.

If you do not wish to create clan variants of all the equipment, then a Clan Misc Item should give the required bonuses to other elemental equipment.

The Lucian Misc would give +50% to all light based damage or defense etc for Lucian Clan members + a special Blinding effect against all Darkness enemies.
If a piece of equipment already has the Blinding effect the Clan item would extend the effect by 2 turns.

Other Clans would have a matching Misc of the appropriate element?
AQ  Post #: 46
12/23/2018 15:22:14   

Problem with that would be then everyone would just choose the clan they want equipment from. For example, I hear we are lacking in good earth armors. So everyone might all just flock to the Geoto clan. Making any inter clan competitions lopsided.
Post #: 47
12/23/2018 15:29:54   
Primate Murder

I think it would be nice to have an extended set of quests, where the players' choices make a difference.

Members of the clan may vote on what course of action to take - and then war to prove their dedication. Make alliances with other clans and prove yourself worth a damn by sticking to your word - or stick a dagger in your allies' backs the moment it becomes convenient. Protect your clan's settlements - or ruthlessly exploit them for profit. Be a dedicated member of the clan - or a mercenary who cares for nothing but gold.

Bonus points if this plotline actually intersects with other AQ plotlines, past and present.
AQ DF  Post #: 48
12/26/2018 18:43:38   

Yeah, making the clan equipment the best in the game would be awesome from a roleplaying perspective, but would end up being really unbalanced as everyone who didn't care what clan they were in would join up with the clan that had the best armor/weapon/items not already covered, as Roobee said. But I totally agree that we need end-game quality clan sets. I'll just repeat it again that a Paxian subrace/class armor would be, imo, the best way to go. Mastercrafted weapons/shields/pets/miscs etc. would be a huge plus.

That said, inter-clan competitions will always be lopsided no matter what. Unless there are teams and the most popular clans get split between teams. Less popular clans like Nautica, Dynami and Nocturu will never be able to compete with clans like Aerodu, Igneous or Geoto. Plus, remember how much tension the latest War of the Fangs generated? I'd hate to see that happen to Paxia, especially when we're supposed to be a more unified force since the Devourer Saga. Maybe more unified competitions could be set up where the best competitors from each clan get rewards as opposed to the more popular clans steamrolling the others.

I think everyone here would love to see more Paxian-themed quests, wars, events, etc. Some friendly competitions would be fun too. But the best thing would be for Paxia to seem relevant to the rest of the world. Currently, except when a Chessmaster quest gets released every once in a while, Paxia has basically no impact on the world or gameplay in any way. I mean, the elemental clans unified and were instrumental in stopping the Devourer, are basically the centers of elemental power on Lore, and have a military force that could potentially rival the other kingdoms of Lore, but nothing ever happens there. At all. Ever. I remember when the factions that you can choose from had a much greater impact on the story. Places like Darkovia and Paxia used to feature a lot in the weekly events, but not so much anymore. With the Darkovian races getting awesome revamps and the introduction of the Neko race, I really do feel like a lot of the same could be done with Paxia. Not only in the class/race/gear department, but in story potential as well.

Other than Jacques, we've never explored the fact that the clan leaders can grant great powers to others. Or, if the rest of the staff was willing to put a bit more effort into this project, we could even see the potential expansion of the clans. Anyone see Aquaman? I can totally imagine Nautica forming a massive undersea alliance like that. Maybe Geoto could expand beyond their one cave and build a huge city of stone. Aerodu could build a whole fleet of airships. Glacius could have a whole polar city reminiscent of Avatar: the Last Airbender. There's a HUGE amount of untapped potential for future of Paxia in the game, if only the staff are willing to work on it :)
AQ  Post #: 49
12/26/2018 19:23:22   

Some lv 150 armors/weapons for Paxia would be nice for sure~

Classes/Subraces are... A bit farfetched IMO, since that means 8 classes of work for staff, which would be a huuuuuuge hurdle unless they just made each class a copy paste of the other, but with different elements.

Still, end-game gear would be nice at the very least~
AQ  Post #: 50
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