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RE: Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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10/7/2018 9:41:02   
Primate Murder

Carpe Diem
Hp-costing celerity spell.

Effect: Grants the player celerity for two turns, no saving throws involved. This spell is unique in that it pays its hp cost two turns later (perhaps via a Spiritual Seed). The hp-cost is 9999 harm/void damage. In other words, the player wins the battle in two turns or dies.

Appearance: A clock device in the background with arrows at 11:58. Changes to 11:59 after first turn.
Description: Or else...
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10/7/2018 9:43:31   
Primate Murder

Quid pro Quo

Effect: Quickcast, cannot stack if Asura's Grudge is already active. Monster makes a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +20 bonus to save. If it fails, the player gains Asura's Grudge effect that records all damage the player takes for 3 turns. When the effect's duration runs out, the monster takes damage equal to the damage recorded.

Costs 100.8% sp of a standard spell. (calc: 140*3*0.3)

Appearance: A red demonic mask briefly appears behind the player on initial casting. Upon the effect's activation, the mask reappers and laughs as the monster takes damage.
Description: What goes around comes around.

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10/7/2018 9:48:02   
Primate Murder

Ghost Shapeshift
Used for summoning a cursed neutral FD armor.

Effect: Summons Ectoplasm Form.* This grays out your armor menu and lasts until the end of the battle, whereupon you equip your no-drop again.

*Oh oh, something goes wrong!

Description: Zorbak promised this armor would make you invincible! But why was he smirking?

Ectoplasm Form

FD armor, 50 resists to every element
Has lowered MRM to pay for low element resists.
Has an equal chance of a 1-hit, 2-hit and 3-hit attacks.

Effect (defensive): All enemy attacks have a (50/1.4)% chance of auto-miss.**

Effect (melee and ranged attacks): All your attacks have a 50% chance of auto-miss.***

Effect (magic attacks): All your weapon and spell attacks have a 50% chance of working correctly. The other 50% causes them to fail.****
Type other attacks are unaffected.

Trigger: If your active class is necromancer, your magic attacks have a 40% chance of harming you and 60% chance of working correctly.#
MC goes into no downtrigger.

**You phase through the enemy attack!
***Your attack phases through the enemy!
****Your current form is unable to harness the arcane energies!
#Your experience with ghosts grants you a better grasp on your current form. (appears when you shapeshift)

Appearance: A semitranslucent version of yourself.

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10/7/2018 9:51:55   
Primate Murder

Changeling Shapeshift
Used for summoning a fluid-element FO armor.

Effect: Summons Changeling From.* Cast again to dismiss it. This doesn't take a turn, but has an sp upkeep to compensate for omni-element compression.
*You take on the appearance of your foe.

Appearance: A grinning cat face briefly appears in the background. It quickly fades, with its grin fading last.
Description: Can you say CopyCat?

Changeling Form

FO armor, element shifts to your foe's base element with resists shifting according to the elemental wheel.
MRM based on your foe's defences.
Basic attack has the same animation and number of hits as your foe's.

Appearance: Exactly the same as the monster.

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10/7/2018 9:55:44   
Primate Murder

Dreams of the Endless Sky
Neutral quickcast spell, puts both parties to sleep.

Cost: since sleep assumes an average of two rounds, the cost should be around 56% of a standard skill.

Effect: Sacrifices all damage to inflict Sweet Dreams* (renamed variation of Asleep). Monster can resist this (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. If it fails, both the monster and the player fall asleep. The monster makes a save at the beginning of every turn, and if it succeeds, both the monster and the player wake up. Player doesn't make any saves against Sweet Dreams.

*Dream a Little Dream with Me

Appearance: A brief flash of a wide blue sky.
Description: Give yourself and the monster some much needed sleep.

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10/7/2018 9:57:41   
Primate Murder

Scaled Up
A quickcast SPell that turns your enemy into a dragon.

Effect: Attempts to Enscale your foe. Monster can resist (Str/Luck vs End/Luck) with -20 penalty to save.

If it fails:
-If the monster is already a dragon, then nothing happens.
-If the monster is dragonkin, then it gets tagged as a full dragon (and is no longer dragonkin).
-Otherwise, the monster gets tagged as dragonkin.

Cost: 60% sp of a regular skill, can only be used once per turn.

Appearance: Scales creeping up your foe.
Description: The Wicked Witch of Cabbleton turned Galanoth into a dragon. You liked the idea.

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10/7/2018 9:59:51   
Primate Murder

Sunder Essence
An earth element spell that deals increased damage at the cost of lowering the monster's resistance.

2 hits at +5 bth lean. Deals +50% damage and the monster's earth resistance has a HitsConnected/HitsAttempted chance of being reduced to zero.

Appearance: Monster is ripped apart and put back together.
Description: This spell is based on Entropy's research into Uncreation. While nowhere near the true skill of The'Galin, it's still immensely powerful, rending apart the very essence of your foe. While world pulls itself back together, countering such fake uncreation, the re-creation remains imperfect.

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AQ DF  Post #: 57
10/7/2018 10:02:35   
Primate Murder

Chain Lightning
Anti-Mob energy spell.

4 hits of Energy at -3 bth lean. When used against a Mob:

-Has a number of hits equal to the number of monsters in the mob. (does not affect overall damage)
-Hits every monster in the mob once
-Deals +5% damage for each monster in the mob.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: Lightning strikes raining down on the monsters from above.
Description: Smite hordes of monsters with this anti-army spell.
AQ DF  Post #: 58
10/7/2018 10:05:19   
Primate Murder

Ice element spell that inflicts fire elevuln.

3 hits of ice damage at +5 bth lean. Deals 50% damage of a standard spell and inflicts Elemental Vulnerability: +(102*1.2*HitsConnected/HitsAttempted)% fire damage for one round. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs End/Luck) with -20 penalty to save.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: 3 flashes of blue fire.
Description: This spell doesn't burn as hot as a normal fire, but leaves your foe's skin tender and vulnerable afterwards.

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AQ DF  Post #: 59
10/7/2018 10:09:24   
Primate Murder

Complex Defence
A quickcast multi-layer damage reduction spell.

You take 33% damage from monster attacks for one round. Of that 33%, you take:

- 11% damage as hp,
- 11*1.5 or 16.5% damage as mp, and
- 11*1.125 or 12.375% damage as sp.

For the next two rounds you take 33% damage as DoT. This damage has the same hp/mp/sp distribution as above. If you cast Complex Defence again, the delayed damage stacks in a manner similar to poison or burn.

Costs mp, fairly low.

Appearance: Several layered barriers of octagonal runic holograms passing by in a quick procession.
Description: A composite protection spell derived from several lesser defensive enchantments. Includes mana shield, chi shield and all brand new delayed damage thaumaturgy.

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10/7/2018 10:14:53   
Primate Murder


3 hits of random element damage at -5 bth lean, with all Base converted to Random. Deals *(132/109) damage to compensate.

Has 50% chance of dealing 50% damage of a standard spell and 50% chance of dealing 150% damage of a standard spell.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: A turning roulette wheel.
Description: Are you feeling lucky tonight?

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10/7/2018 10:18:50   
Primate Murder

Quickcast spell that can paralyze the monster or the player.

Effect: Randomly attempts to paralyze either the player for one turn or the monster for two turns. Either can save (VStat vs Luck/End) with -20 penalty to save.

Quickcast, but can only be cast once per turn.

Costs 107% melee in mp. (calc: 119*2*.7 - 85*.7)

Appearance: Random numbers.
Description: Buy a lottery ticket! You can loose a moment of your time or you can win big!

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10/7/2018 10:20:45   
Primate Murder

Call Trebuchet
An earth guest with a skill.

Calls an sp-costing guest.

Attack is 2 hits of earth at -5 bth lean.

Trigger: Against golems and building-type monsters (like the Front Door) ele-seeks and deals increased damage.
Downtrigger: Against anything else, looses 4.25 bth.

MC goes into compressing a toggle. Click on the Trebuchet to switch to an explosive load, at the cost of double guest upkeep. A Loaded Trebuchet deals 2x damage.

Appearance: A counterweight trebuchet.
Description: Call upon the skill of mathematicians and engineers to build a catapult. Despite your best efforts, it couldn't hit the broadside of the barn, but triggers on golems and buildings to deal increased damage!

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10/7/2018 10:30:15   
Primate Murder

Song of Inspiration
Pet/guest boosting SPell.

A wind SPell that deals 50% damage of a standard spell (3 hits, +10 bth lean) and makes your pet and guest deal +50% damage for one round. Additionally, the Song of Inspiration attempts to grant celerity to your pet and guest. Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Costs sp of a standard spell.

Appearance: A magical harp appearing out of thin air.
Description: Sing a song of war and victory, inspiring your allies to strike again and again.

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10/7/2018 10:35:22   
Primate Murder

Elemental Menace
Multi-elemental spell inflicting DoTs.

10 hits of fire, ice and energy (chosen randomly) at +5 bth lean. Deals 50% damage of a standard spell. Each hit of fire attempts to inflict Burn (Power: 1*elecomp, rounds: 2); each hit of ice attempts to inflict Poison (Power: 1*elecomp, rounds: 2); each hit of enegy attempts to inflict Bleed (Power 0.1*elecomp). Monster can resist each infliction (Int/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: Fires, snowstorms and lightning strikes.
Description: Unleash the full might of nature's elements against your foe!

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10/8/2018 1:44:31   
Primate Murder

Mostly for the laughs, but they are 'balanced' or even underpowered using modern standards...

The Meta Series
A set of z-token no-drop equipment. Element is the same as your no-drop.

The Meta Armor

FO armor
MRM average, pays 3 MRM for the second effect
2 hit attack with a +5 bth lean

MC is Meta Damage skill. Quickcast, pays a combined hp and gold cost to deal +50% damage for three turns.*

3 MRM pays for the Meta Status skill. The skill pays all 200% damage to inflict a three turn paralyze.** Monster can resist*** (VStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with a -6 penalty to save. Costs sp of a standard skill.

*You get a damage boost! It's basically free...
**The monster is awed by your wealth!
***You fail to impress the monster with your wealth.

Appearance: A floating whale. Attack is a smash. Meta Damage has no animation. Meta Status is blowing floating dollar signs out of the blowhole.
Description: Only a true whale can harness the power of this armor.

The Meta Weapon

MRM shift
no bth lean
0-proc because we're too cool for proc weapons

Effect: You deal +15% damage, but you take +(15/1.4)% damage.

MC goes into compressing a weapon-based skill:*

The Meta Skill
3 hits of (weapon type) weapon-element damage. +5 bth lean.
Deals +50% damage.
Costs 200% sp of a standard skill.

*Sp cost? What's that?

Appearance: A shiny sword/spear/magical sword. The skill is an explosion emoji.
Description: Only someone who doesn't understand efficiency could possibly use this weapon.

The Meta Shield

Pays 3 MRM and MC to get +210 initiative
Pays remaining MRM to get a bonus (+5% for every 3 MRM) to weapon and skill damage (/2 for spells, *4/3 for magic weapons)

Note: You should have 0 MRM total.

Appearance: Invisible
Description: Who needs shields? Give me a damage boost!

The Meta Master Misc

+50 Str
+50 Int

Effect: +20% damage.

MC: Another +10% damage against paralyzed and controlled enemies (/2 for spells, *4/3 for magic weapons).

Costs sp, a fairly high amount.

Appearance: A cute kitten pic.
Description: The monster will be one-shot anyways, no need to mind him. Look at this cute kitten pic instead.

The Meta Spell

3 hits of (no-drop element) damage at +10 bth lean.

Effect: The spell deals +100% damage. Monster's next attack gets +(100/1.4)% damage. This stacks.

Costs mp of a standard spell + hp of a standard spell-type skill.

Appearance: Big explosion emoji.
Description: This spell makes the monster stronger, but don't worry. It's not like it will ever attack or anything.

The Meta Pet #1

MC goes into using your Main Stat (str/dex/int) for stats instead of cha

Effect: Instead of attacking, this pet boosts your weapon attacks and spells if they deal more than 100% damage (due to damage boost, effect or skill usage). If they don't or if you lack the gold, you instead loose (Your Max HP/10).

Effect: Has a fairly high gold cost.

Appearance: A blue mini whale.
Description: You get to go all out and look cool for this little whale. But beware if it deems you too lame...

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10/8/2018 1:59:32   
Primate Murder

The Dresden Series

Leather Duster

FO earth armor with secondaries to wind and lightning, weak to fire and ice
Strong Magic defence, average Melee, weak Ranged
Regular 2-hit attack

MC is skill compression*:

Quickcast, gives +10 bth universal increase until the end of the battle (to both you and the monster) without usual modifiers for spells and magical weapons, and attempts to inflict fear on the monster**. The latter effect lasts three turns (28% chance not to act), and monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. This can only be cast once per battle.
Has no cost as 1/battle effect is worth 50% melee.

*Look into the soul of your foe and bare your own in return.
**Your foe is terrified by what it witnesses in the depths of your soul. (on success)
***You and your foe are filled with new understanding of each other. (on fail)

Appearance: A tall man in a black leather duster.
Description: Go out into the world and protect the weak with the power of wit and magic.

Blasting Rod

100-proc magic fire weapon (wand)
5% proc special-special

Effect1: Click on the rod to use Arcane Channeling*. This is quickcast, usable once per turn, costs 50% melee in sp and gives you +25% damage with all fire spells for one round.**

Effect2: When used with Leather Duster, it gets the FO armor lean, dealing *1.25 damage.

*Click on the rod to channel the arcane energies and power up your fire spells!

Appearance: A wooden stick with ominously glowing runes.
Description: This wizard's tool is about as subtle as a loaded gun, allowing one to quickly and efficiently focus their will into a spell.

Shield Bracelet

Earth shield with wind secondary
MRM with focus on Magic defence

Effect: Click on the bracelet to activate Metaphysical Barrier (click again to deactivate). This costs 25% melee mp at the end of your turn and gives you a Barrier equal to 25% of damage dealt. (/0.75 for magical weapons and /2 for spells)

Appearance: A silver bracelet with five shield charms dangling on it.
Description: A magical focus designed to handle the pressure while the wizard casts his spells.

Pentacle Pendant

+50 Int

Reduces incoming Magic damage to 55%
Boosts all magical damage by 20% with appropriate modifiers for spells and magic weapons

Effect: At the end of a fight you have a (RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds*100)% chance to gain (MonsterPower)# of magical charges. A magical charge is equivalent to 80% mp of a standard spell. This only works if the mob is ItemLvl-10 or higher.
When equipped, you can click the misc to use up a charge to replenish your mp. This doesn't take a turn. You can do this up to four times per battle.

Appearance: A silver pentacle pendant.
Description: A pentacle represents the forces of magic bound within human control; power balanced by restraint.

FSB (armor, shield and weapon) is sweet and simple: All player's fire spells deal +25% damage.

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10/8/2018 4:24:49   
Primate Murder

The Slasher Set
Layered status-infliction darkness set with an earth secondary.

Serial Killer

Neutral (not FO or FD) darkness armor with an earth secondary.
Weak to fire and light
Strong melee defense, low Ranged and Magic
Vicious 3-hit slash attack

MC goes into effect:

At the end of a fight you have a (RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds*100)% chance to heal hp worth 100% melee.* This only works if the mob is ArmorLvl-10 or higher.
*You take a moment to enjoy the sight of your work.

Appearance: A tall and slender man in a tattered black cloak. Moves low to the ground, knife held in reverse grip. Basic attack is a fast dash forward and three quick vicious slashes.
Description: Killing is not a necessity it's a hobby.

Bloody Knife

Melee darkness dagger,
+3 bth lean
0-proc, but instead of *1.08 damage inflicts a stacking bleed (Power: 0.05*HitsConnected, Dex/Luck vs End/Luck with +0 to save)

MC: Whenever the monster is bleeding (from Bloody Knife or another source), it is inflicted with Torment (renamed poison). Poison has power 1 and lasts until the monster saves from bleed.

Appearance: A crude dagger-sized knife that is dripping blood.
Description: You don't want to get stabbed with this knife. Who knows who it's been in.

Barbed Wire

Earth/dark simultaneous resistance shield
Strong Melee defense, weak Ranged and Magic

MC goes into skill compression:

Barbed Bind
2 ranged hits of earth and darkness damage, multiplied by elecomp and looses 70% damage for the effect.
Effect: If at least one hit of the skill connects, it attempts to Bind (renamed Offbalanced) the monster. Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs Str/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. If it fails, the monster becomes Bound (-90*HitsConnected*DarkResist Dex, 2 rounds) and Bleeding (Power:0.5*elecomp, stacks with each other and other sources). Monster can't save against Bleeding until the Bound effect ends.
Costs sp of a standard skill.
Note: While the monster is bound, you loose 6 MRM (because you threw your shield around the monster).

Appearance: Barbed wire loosely spooled around your arm.
Description: A tool more suited for torture than combat.

FSB: Fearful Presence

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10/8/2018 4:50:09   
Primate Murder

Adept of Blood
Fire set utilizing bleed.

Adept's Robe

Neutral fire armor with water secondary
MRM with a strong focus on Magic; looses 3 MRM for the second effect
2 hit attack

MC: Bloodletting. Quickcast, 1/turn. Click on the arm to inflict yourself with Bleed* (Power 0.5). For one round, you deal +100% damage. This gets the appropriate spell and magic weapon modifiers.

Second skill: PowerWord Bleed. Quickcast, 1/turn. Click on the chest to inflict your opponent with Bleed** (Power 0.5). Monster can resist (MainStat/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. Costs sp worth 50% melee.

*You can feel the power burn through your veins.
**You say but a single word and the monster's skin splits into seeping wounds.

Appearance: Red robes with arcs of blood flying around the player. Attack is two slashes with blood whips.
Description: Adept of an ancient cult that uses their own blood to empower attacks.

Ritual Dagger

Magical/Melee fire dagger
+3 bth lean
20% proc, 5 hits with a +5 bth lean
Special deals no damage, instead inflicting bleed (MainStat/Luck vs End/Luck with +0 to save, power: 0.3 per hit). The bleed stacks with each other and other sources.

MC: Click on the dagger to Extract Blood. This is a fire spell, 1 hit at +10 bth lean, costs sp. If the monster is inflicted with Bleed, the spell deals bonus damage equal to (BleedPower*50), and the monster takes 0 damage from all Bleed effects for one turn.

Appearance: A dagger with a wavy blade and a reddish tint resembling rust. Special creates bleeding wounds on the enemy.
Description: This blade was used to inflict a thousand tiny cuts - then extract all the blood from them with a single thought.

Bleeding Shield

Fire shield with a secondary to water
MRM focuses on Magic

Effect: All your bleed effects deal +25% damage to both you and the monster. This also gives a +12.5% damage boost to Extract Blood, and +25% damage to the Bloodletting damage boost.

Appearance: A rectangular wooden shield with red 'wounds' that drip blood.
Description: This shield seems to be... bleeding?

Summon BloodHound

Summons an hp-costing guest.

2 hits of fire at +3 bth lean

Effect: Click to toggle between Normal and Blood-seeking modes.

In Bloodseeking mode, the Bloodhound has 2x the upkeep cost, but attempts to inflict Bleed (power 0.4). Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A large blood-red dog-like monstrocity, based on Yharnam's beasts.
Description: Create a temporary companion from your own blood. With a little extra blood it even could rip your foe bleeding wounds of their own!

FSB (Robe, dagger, shield): Bleeding Potency (+20)

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10/8/2018 5:21:11   
Primate Murder

MindRipper Set
Energy set that steals Int.


Neutral energy armor with water and dark secondaries
MRM focuses on Magic
3 hit attack with +5 bth lean

Effect: At the end of a fight you have a (RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds*100)% chance to gain (MonsterPower)# of Mind Charges. This only works if the mob is ItemLvl-10 or higher.

Skill: You can click on the chest to consume one Mind Charge. This gives you +30 int for the remainder of the battle. You can use up to 4 Mind Charges per battle.

Appearance: Dark robes and a tentacle head (inspired by MindFlayers/Illithids of D&D)
Description: Draw on the psionic power hidden within the dark areas of your mind by eating the brains of others. Totally not like a zombie.


Magical energy staff
20% proc, attempts to inflict Illusions (renamed Asleep).

Effect (+MC): All normal player attacks and weapon specials deal -10% damage. In return, MindRipper attempts to steal 8.3*(HitsConnected/HitsAttempted) Int from the monster and transfer them to the player. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A twisted wooden staff with a crystal at the top.
Description: Wielded by MindGobblers, this magical staff takes bites of your enemy's mind with every strike!


Energy shield with focus on MRM (primarily Magic)

MC: When you block an attack, the monster gets MindRobbed (transfers 18.3 int from monster to you until the end of the battle). The monster can resist this (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A small round purple shield.
Description: With this shield you can proudly proclaim yourself to be a Phantom Thief of Minds.

FSB: At the beginning of each round you have a 55.6% chance to gain +100 Int for one turn.

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10/8/2018 8:15:20   
Primate Murder

Manahunter Set
Energy set designed against mana-users.

Mana Hunter

FO energy armor with fire and ice secondaries
MRM focuses heavily on Magic
2 hit basic attack with +3 bth lean

MC goes into no downtrigger.

Effect: Gain the following 2 effects against monsters with Int>0:

- Mental Disruption skill. Quickcast, 1/turn. Pay 50% melee sp to make the monster loose 42.5% melee mp.

- Passively tries to seal the monster's mana (mp set to 0 for one turn). Monster can resist (MainStat/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If the monster's mp is already 0, deal +5% damage.

Appearance: Based on Dragonfable's Manahunter armors.
Description: Coming from the world of dragons and fables, this armor allows you to turn your enemy's magic against them!

Mana Destabilizer

Energy melee sword with +3 bth lean
0-proc, so *1.08 damage

Effect (free): Toggle between damaging the monster's hp and damaging the monster's mp.

MC: Click on the sword to activate a skill. This costs sp of a standard skill, and deals damage to monster's hp equal to 64% of its missing mp.

Appearance: Similar to Manahunter's sword in DF. The sword becomes more ethereal in mp damage mode and more solid in hp damage mode, and the glow grows stronger when the monster has 0 mp.
Description: Coming from the world of dragons and fables, this Rose-certified sword can destabilize the delicate balance of your foe's arcane energies!

Arcana Entrapment

Energy shield with fire and ice secondaries.
MRM has a heavy focus on Magic, looses 3 for the second effect.

Effect (toggle): Click to activate Protection Against Magic, gaining EleShield (-45% damage from all magic attacks). Costs 77% melee in sp per turn.

Effect (passive): At the beginning of the battle, if the monster has Int>0, it looses mp worth 85% melee.

Appearance: A slender metallic shield. Flashes purple when the passive effect activates. Glows with eldritch runes when the toggle is active.
Description: A declicate and fragile shield that shows its true strength against magic-wielding enemies.

Call Mana Hunter

Calls an sp-costing energy guest.

Trigger: +10% damage against monsters with >0 Int.

Effect: Toggles between hp-damage and mp-damage modes.

Appearance: Little winged creature of crimson and violet, cross between a lizard and a bird.
Description: Summon a Mana Hunter to fight for you. This little critter can drain your enemy's mana!

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10/8/2018 8:24:12   
Primate Murder

Packmaster Set


FD earth armor with water and wind secondaries
MRM focuses on Melee
2 hit basic attack with -3 bth lean

MC goes into secondary armor compression. Click in the wolf pelt to change (this doesn't take a turn, but costs 25% sp of a standard skill per turn for the effect).

Armor becomes FO with a 3-hit claw attack.
Pets and guests deal +20% damage, or +30% if they have a dog/wolf tag.
Appearance: A large wolf (not a humanoid one).

Appearance: A more feral-looking version of the basic werewolf form with a wolf pelt cloak.
Description: This werewolf is more akin to a wolf becoming a man than a man becoming a wolf.

The Howling Staff

Ranged/Magic earth staff
0-proc, so *1.08 damage

Effect is the same as Foam Finger's, but stronger due to the trigger (only works on those with a Wolf or Dog tag). This stacks with Transformation's bonus.

Appearance: A hollow wooden staff with holes at the top.
Description: This staff howls like a true wolf when wielded, inspiring your canine allies to greater viciousness and savagery.

Spirit Bells

Earth shield with water and wind secondaries
MRM is somewhat lowered to pay for resists, but has a focus on Ranged

Effect: Click on the bells to call two Spirit Wolves, a double guest with an sp-upkeep (*1.05 for elemental compression).

Spirit Wolves
Choose to summon either Spirit Wind Wolf (standard wind guest), Spirit Water Wolf (standard water guest) or both. If you choose both, you pay for both of their sp upkeeps.
Attack is two Magic hits for each wolf at +5 bth lean. If you summoned both wolves, they also deal *1.1 damage for different elements.
Appearance: Semi-transparent large blue and violet wolves.

Appearance: A pair of bells made from bleached bone, hanging on a thread in the off-hand.
Description: These bells call on spirits to protect you from hunters and can even be used to Call a pair of Spirit Wolves to fight alongside you!

FSB (armor+weapon+shield): All pets and guests with a dog or wolf tag deal +15% damage.

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Primate Murder

Hexlord Set
Status infliction darkness set capable of transforming into an offensive fire set.


FD darkness armor with fire secondary
MRM focuses on Magic, looses 3 MRM to pay for Warlock's effect
1 hit basic attack with +5 bth lean, See Effect (primary).
MC pays for compression.

Effect (primary): all your weapon attacks using 100-proc weapons loose 50% damage (67% damage for magic weapons) and randomly inflict one of the following statuses. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Afraid - (25/1.4)% chance of not acting for 4 rounds.
Blind - looses 15 bth for 4 rounds.
Defence Loss - looses 15 MRM for 4 rounds.
Disease (hp) - equal to DamageDealt*10.
Disease (sp) - equal to DamageDealt*10*1.125.
Choked - looses (25/1.4)% damage for 4 rounds.
Unlucky - looses 160 Luck for 4 rounds.
Offbalanced - looses 150 Dex for 4 rounds.
Weakness - looses 150 Str for 4 rounds.
Warts and Boils - looses 150 Cha for 4 rounds.
The Cold - looses 7.5 bth and blocking for 4 rounds.
Burn - Power 5 for 4 rounds.
Poison - Power 5 for 4 rounds.
Bleed - Power 1.
Fragile - looses 12.5 End for 4 rounds.

Effect (secondary): Click on your chest to turn into Warlock form (this disables the primary effect). Click again to change back.

Armor becomes fire element FO with a 2-hit attack.
You deal additional damage equal to (Number of Statuses on monster) * (5*2/3)%.

Appearance: Black and brown cloak atop leather armor in Hexer form. Blood-red armor covered by a black cloak in Warlock form.
Description: Hex your foes to heck and back, then rain demonic wrath down upon them!

Hexing Rod

100-proc darkness magic weapon, +5 bth lean
Looses 5% damage for compression
MC pays for Haxe damage bonus

Effect (Primary): deals -10% damage (on top of the above penalty) to give you Status Infliction Potency (+10 on all infliction saves). This effect is disabled in Haxe form.

Effect (Secondary): Click on the Rod to transform it into Haxe, a fire element 10%-proc magic axe with -5 bth lean. It deals additional damage equal to (Number of Statuses on monster) * (5*2/3)%. This stacks with Hexer's Warlock form damage boost.

Appearance: A black metal rod with ominously glowing red runes in basic form. In Haxe form - large double-headed axe covered in soot with ominously glowing red runes on the edge.
Description: This weapon of fire and darkness allows you to curse your foes with blackest magics or to smash them with all the fury of heck.


Darkness/Fire simultaneous resistance shield with a focus on MRM

Effect: Inflict Hex of Primal Bloodlust on the monster when you block an attack. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 to save. If it fails, the monster becomes Hexed (renamed Berserk, -25 bth lean until lands a blow and deals damage).

Appearance: Six-pointed star form, black with miniature red runes crisscrossing it.
Description: Hex your foe with the unquenchable bloodlust of a demon!

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Primate Murder

The Great Cloning Set

Alter Ego

Wind FO armor with light/dark secondaries
Water and earth neutral, weakness to fire, ice and energy
MRM average
2 hits (each when Split)

Effect: Click on the armor's chest to Split yourself. Click again to Reconnect to your other half. This doesn't take a turn.

While Split, you loose half of your current hp and gain an Alter Ego effect with hp equal to amount lost. All hits that land on you have 50% chance of damaging your hp and 50% chance of damaging your Alter Ego. If either your hp or your Alter Ego becomes 0, you die. Any effects that affect you affect both parts of you. Any damage from burn, bleed or poison causes damage to both hp bars. (Basically, you split yourself in two and if either half dies - so do you).

While Split, you also literally have two bodies with each dealing 75% total damage of weapon attacks and specials (to compensate for basically having hp). You apply all effects from your weapon and misc. You can't cast spells in this form.*

When you Reconnect, you loose the Alter Ego effect and regain hp equal to (hp remaining in Alter Ego). You regain the ability to cast spells.

*You find yourself unable to remember the other half of the spell...

Appearance: Flowing grey cloak with chainmail underneath. When Split, the player literally splits into two versions of player - one wearing a white cloak, the other black.
Description: It's not the same as Dissociative Identity Disorder...

Hard Light Shield

Wind shield with a light secondary

Effect: Click on the shield to create 3 Hardlight Clones. This costs 90% meleein sp, doesn't take a turn (but can only be cast once per round) and can stack. Each clone gives +3 MRM. Every time you block a hit, one Hardlight Clone is automatically dispelled. (calc: 10 rounds of 2-hit attacks = 3 blocks/battle; spread out evenly, the clones would last 3, 6 and 9 rounds; 3 clones worth 5% melee for 6 rounds = 90%)

Appearance: A small electronic bracer on your arm that expands into a glowing semi-transparent rectangle (randomly blue, green, red or purple).
Description: This shield is no illusion.

Minion Maker

Ranged/Magic wind spear
20% proc, but instead of extra damage creates 10 Minions

Effect: On all weapon attacks and specials inflicts one Minion on the monster; this can stack. Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, the monster looses hp equal to (NumberOfMinions*5% of damage the player dealt this round) each turn until it successfully saves. (not much different from the basic 5% bleed)

Appearance: A combination of Tombogiri and a pencil.
Description: Who doesn't want to have an army of disposable minions?

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Primate Murder

Bio Set
Water weapon and shield affecting End.


Melee water sword with +3 bth lean
0-proc, but instead of extra damage enhances the effect

Effect: On all weapon attacks and specials, the monster looses 5 End until the end of the battle. Monster can resist (Str/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A sword pulsing with blue-green light.
Description: This blade makes sure to squeeze a little extra life from your foe with every blow.


Water shield with average resistances
MC: hp-costing Endurance Drive

Appearance: A circular shield that pulses with blue-green light.
Description: This shield pulses with unnatural vitality. When wielding it, you can tap into that vitality for as long as your body can withstand the strain.
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