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RE: Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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10/16/2018 10:24:48   
Primate Murder

Warder's Tome

Option 1: Draw Mana.

Option 2: Ley Line Ward.* The spell deals no damage, but gives you +30 MRM for one round. If the monster misses during the effect's duration, you heal mp worth HitsMissed/HitsAttempted * 90% melee at the end of your turn for the remainder of the battle (0.9*150/0.15, /10 for #ofTurns). Costs sp of a magic skill (1.25x of a standard skill).

Option 3: Damage Negation Ward.** This is an efficient spell that deals no damage, but gives you +30 MRM for one round. If the monster misses during the effect's duration, it's inflicted with Choke -(40*HitsMissed)% damage for the rest of the battle (calc: 100/(0.15*1.4*0.85*0.7)). Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. Costs 60% mp of a standard spell.

Option 4: Ward of Annihilation.*** The spell deals no damage, but gives you +30 MRM for one round. If the monster misses during the effect's duration, it takes harm damage worth 765% melee. (calc: 150*0.9*0.85/0.15). Costs mp of a standard spell.

*Connect your ward to the land's leylines, blocking the monster's attacks and regenerating mana at the same time!
**Weave the most basic of all wards to protect yourself from damage!
***Overload your ward with arcane energies, causing them to lash out against those who hit the ward's matrix!

Appearance: A thick book with a shield drawn on the cover.
Description: This volume contains a compilation of ancient wards - spells that can unleash tremendous power if their activation conditions are met!

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10/25/2018 2:06:47   
Primate Murder

So I've stumbled upon a trailer for RWBY's 6th season and decided to create a little homage to the series.

Crescent Lily

Fire element ranged gun/scythe
-3 bth lean
Toggles between 0-proc scythe and 100-proc rifle.

MC: Has a 20% chance to gain celerity (player only). The chance is lowered by 2% each round to a min of 0; the counter is reset at the end of the battle. Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A mecha-shifting rifle-scythe.
Description: A high-impact sniper scythe designed for the swiftest of combatants.

Celestial Embers

Light element melee fist
-3 bth lean
10% proc

Effect: If the monster's Str is above 0, you gain (MonsterHitsConnected*5.88)% damage with all weapon attacks and specials for one round.

Appearance: An armored yellow gauntlet.
Description: A Shot Gun-untlet that gives a little extra Yang to your hits.

Gambol Mask

Dark element melee sword / ranged gun
+3 bth lean
Toggles between 100-proc gun and 20-proc katana

Click on the weapon to activate Frolicking Shadows. This is a quickcast skill that gives all enemy attacks a 56% chance to auto-miss for the next three turns (1/(1.19*0.5*3)). Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. Costs sp of a standard skill.

Appearance: A dark katana that shifts into a gun resembling Glock.
Description: A tricky weapon, both to use and to fight against.


Ice element magic sword/tome
+3 bth lean

Select from the following:

Summon Arma Gigas. Summons an ice guest that doesn't attack 1/3 of the time. Its attacks inflict EleVuln (+43% ice damage for one round) to compensate. Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Summon Boarbatusk. Summons an 2-hit ice guest that deals -(10/60)% damage and lowers monster's blocking by HitsConnected until the end of the battle. Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Shielding Glyph. Standard sword attack. Afterwards, you gain Element Shield (-50% damage from all elements) for one round. Costs (70/125) or 56% mp of a standard spell.

Freezerburn. Does one hit with -100% damage. If it connects, the monster becomes Blind (-24 bth for 5 rounds). Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Dex/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. Costs (65/125) or 52% mp of a standard spell.

Pierce and Slash. Standard sword attack.

Appearance: A silver rapier with a revolver mechanism in the hilt. Guests rise from an intricate glypg and Freezerburn creates fog.
Description: A Multi Action Spell Rapier (MASR) designed for tactical and versatile fighters.

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11/3/2018 4:29:37   
Primate Murder

Midnight Werepyre Bow

Darkness ranged bow
no bth lean
no special-special, so *1.1 damage

Effect: Toggles between Normal mode and Inversion mode. In Inversion mode, the bow deals no damage to the monster, but heals the player worth the damage it would have dealt (no 0.9 or 0.85 modifiers).

MC: Uses Int in place of Dex for stats (leaving Str and Int).

Appearance: A delicate bow of dark wood with crimson veins.
Description: This mysterious bow is made to take advantage of Werepyre's balance of savagery and cunning. It can even combine lycan regeneration with vampire's necrotic energies to inverse your damage and heal you!

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11/14/2018 1:44:19   
Primate Murder

Another idea for a class revamp.

Shinobi Shozoku
Ninja class armor.

FO wind, neutral to dark and earth.
High MRM with a slight focus on Ranged.
2-hit attack at +3 bth lean.

Appearance: updated, but otherwise pretty much the same.
Description: The armor of the Ninjas! Buy this if you want to learn deadly abilities such as Dragon Double, Sacred Duality and Viper's Bite!

Level 0: Blind Spot - Passive
When counterattacking against a blinded foe, you have a greater chance to land a lucky strike!

If a Blind monster misses you with an attack, all your weapon-based attacks and skills have *(3.83*HitsBlocked)% LS rate for one round.

Level 1: Ninja Evasion - Passive
Adapt your movements as your foe strikes you, increasing your chances to dodge a blow.

When the monster attacks and a hits connects, you gain +1 Defence to the hit's Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic). This applies a max of 6 times.

Level 2: Smoke Bomb - Active
A Smoke Bomb is a staple of any ninja's arsenal, perfect for escaping from an enemy's attack. Lasts 5 turns.

Quickcast skill. Does not use a turn, but can only be cast twice per turn.

Inflicts Blind (-12 bth) for 5 turns. Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs Dex/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Costs 50% sp of a standard skill.

Level 3: Dragon Double - Active
Use ninjutsu to create an illusionary clone that will counterattack if your foe misses! This takes a turn.

Gain +30 MRM for one round. If your enemy misses, perform a bow attack before the beginning of your next turn worth HitsMissed/HitsAttempted * 333% melee. This attack can be dodged.

This costs your turn and nothing else.

Level 4: Viper's Bite - Active
Attack 2 pressure points of your enemy to paralyze them and render them helpless for 1 turn!

Standard 2-hit attack. If it connects, the monster has a (HitsConnected/2)% chance to become paralysed for one round. Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs Dex/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Costs 59.5% sp of a standard skill.

Level 5: Call Ninja Tortoise - Active
Bring havoc to the battle by calling upon the truly evil Ninja Tortoise throw your foes off balance!

Summons an sp-costing 2-hit guest that deals no damage, but inflicts Offbalanced (-180 Dex; HitsConnected turns). Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Dex/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Level 6: Sacred Duality - Active
Use your ninja magic to cast out 2 sacred weapons of opposing elements for a powerful attack!

2-hit weapon-based skill at +3 bth lean. Choose 2 opposing elements (light/dark; earth/wind; water/energy; fire/ice). Deals 1.2x damage.

Costs sp of a standard skill.

Level 7: Ninja Agility - Toggle
Focus on dodging your enemy's blows at the expense of your damage.

You gain the Shinobi Armor Lean. You deal 0.8x damage and take 1x damage. Whenever you block a hit, you gain bonus MRM worth (HitsBlocked*40) for one turn.

Click again to disable Ninja Agility and return to FO lean.

Level 8: Throwing Stars - Toggle
Imbue your Ninja Stars with the power of your weapon and throw them at your foe!

Converts all your standard weapon attacks into 100-proc bow attacks. (for use with Ninja Agility). 4 hits of weapon-element damage at +3 bth lean.

Level 9: Sleeping Gas - Active
Expand your repertoire of thrown bombs to include some incapacitating agents.

Quickcast skill, can only be used once per turn. Inflicts Sleep. Monster can shrug it off (Dex/Luck vs Dex/Luck) with -10 penalty to save.

Costs 89.25% sp of a standard skill.

Level 10: Flawless Strikes - Toggle
Your foe cannot find a single flaw in your strikes that would allow them to avoid your attack.

Your weapon attacks and specials autohit. Costs 30% sp of a standard skill.

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11/15/2018 13:07:57   
Primate Murder

A small tribute to the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. Also, Dumbledore used to teach DADA? Mind... blown...


3 hits of melee damage at +10 bth lean

Effect: The pet deals no damage, but steals some gold from the monster every round.

Appearance: Based on the original.
Description: A small burrowing creature with a penchant for stealing anything shiny.
AQ  Post #: 130
11/24/2018 11:57:04   
Primate Murder

Zombie Form

FD darkness armor
Fairly low MRM to focus on resists, looses further 3 MRM for the skill
2 hit attack at -3 bth lean

MC: End drive.

Life Leech. 1 hit of (weapon element) damage at +5 bth lean. Looses 50% damage and heals you for DamageDealt. Costs sp of a standard spell-type skill.

Appearance: Same as the monster.
Description: Being stuck halfway between life and death sucks. Fortunately, it also gives you a little extra toughness and an ability to suck life out of others.
AQ  Post #: 131
11/27/2018 13:58:24   
Primate Murder

Custom Ally Assist

Just as it says in the title. I suggest some kind of a contest to work with the staff and create a custom Ally Assist, available for everyone.

Leave a permanent imprint on AQ, so that future generations of gamers will know your name!

Ex: Ask Bu Kek for help! He'll attack your foe with a million z-tokens for earth damage, leaving them Choking at the thought of ever facing him in a z-token contest!

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12/4/2018 8:56:57   
Primate Murder

Blood for Blood

Darkness ranged bow
2 hits at +3 bth lean
20% special-special

Effect: By paying an hp cost worth 15% melee, all Blood for Blood attacks inflict HitsConnected/2 * 0.15 Bleed. Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

MC: +20 Bleed Potency

Appearance: A wooden bow from sturdy dark wood with thorns around the handle.
Description: This bloodthirsty bow is for those who're willing to take down their foes by any means necessary. Its thorns cut deep into your hands when you wield it - but it is the monster who's left with gashing wounds.
AQ  Post #: 133
12/13/2018 14:33:07   
Primate Murder

Restful Sleep

Effect: You are inflicted with Sleep. You can resist (End/Luck vs VStat) with a penalty worth (YourLvl - MonsterLvl) to a max of -20.* You gain 30 + (10*[Your STR] / [Expected STR]) Tranquility charges for each turn that you're asleep.

*The (Monster Name) fails to disturb your slumber...

Costs negative sp of a standard skill - that is you heal a skill's worth of sp on your first turn. (with a 25% penalty if your Str is below VStat)

Appearance: You look at the monster, then yawn and lay down to sleep.
Description: You've had a long night. Is this monster really worth staying awake for?

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12/20/2018 14:24:43   
Primate Murder

As another branching class, knight drew my attention months ago, though it's taken me a while to gather fitting ideas for all five armors. A big thank you to Serenia armor's MC for the idea.

As with the original, Knight class has a 5-skill Squire armor and 4 variants that add the remaining 5.

Squire's Training Armor
Knight class armor.

FD light, good overall resists.
Average MRM with a weakness to magic.
2 hits at -3 bth lean.

Appearance: The original looks prety good.
Description: A basic set of armour used by those training to become a Knight!

Level 0: Close Combat Training - Passive
Knights are capable fighters with virtually every sort of melee weapon. As long as you possess the discipline and resolve necessary, your blade will strike with increased power!

Melee weapons receive *0.9 penalty instead of *0.8 on all weapon attacks.

Prerequisite: Unity Alignment. Being a knight is a commitment to serve with absolute loyalty, so the armor automatically unequips itself if you're Chaotic or Neutral.

Level 1: Knight's Armaments - Active
Use your fighting spirit to manifest your Kingdom's sword and shield!

Compresses a sword and shield of the armor's element (light for Pria, dark for 'Emoran, earth for Frogzard and fire for Demon). They do not vanish if you switch armors.

Once you choose your Kingdom, using armor, sword and shield also gives you an FSB:

Rennd: +15% damage against demons.

Granemor: At the end of your turn, you have a 16.81% chance to inflict Fear (2 turns, 50% chance of inaction). Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Deren: At the end of each turn, the monster makes a save (Str/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, the monster looses ([hits]/[attempts]*sqrt(monster power)) blocking and you gain MRM equal to the amount lost. The effect lasts until the end of the battle.

Stormfall: All your burns deal +50% damage (this stacks with any other sources).

Level 2: Shield Bash - Active
Smash into your foe like a human battering ram, staggering and dazing them!

1 hit of melee (shield element) damage, treated as a 'weapon'-based skill where your shield acts as a weapon. Deals 40.5% damage of a standard skill and Dazes the monster (2*EleComp turns, 100% chance of inaction). Monster can resist (Str/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Costs sp of a standard skill, reduced for 40.5% melee's worth of elecomp.

Level 3: Arrow Barrage - Active
Give the signal and conjure a hail of arrows to rain down on your foe! These arrows won't do any damage, but they'll force your foe to lower their defences as they search for your mysterious accomplice.

Monster looses 14 blocking. It can resist (Dex/Luck vs Int/Luck) with -20 penalty to save.

Costs sp of a standard skill.

Level 4: Mount/Dismount - Toggle
Mounted combat is a time-honored tradition of Knighthood. On your steed, you'll be capable of devastating cavalry charges - though you'll need some charisma to control the beast and won't have any time left for another animal.

While Mount is toggled, your attack changes to three hits. The second and third hits deal standard damage, while the first attack inflicts EleVuln (element follows your equipped pet, +40.82 damage for one turn). Monster can resist the effect (Cha/Luck vs Str/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. (calc: 40/(1.4*0.7))

This effect is payed for with your pet's turn (so it doesn't attack).

Click again to turn off the toggle and Dismount.

Bonus: To compensate for using a fourth stat, you also gain Mounted Combat Training, which extends the effect of Close Combat Training to spears and lances when mounted.

Level 5: Brotherhood - Active
Your greatest strength is the company you keep. Call forth another knight to aid you in battle!

Summons an sp-costing guest of (armor element). The guest gains additional abilities based on the Kingdom you serve:

Rennd: Bonus damage against demons.

Granemor: Deals half damage and grants you elemental shield against darkness (stacks with Dark Pact).

Deren: Deals 70% damage and autohits.

Stormfall: Deals half damage and inflicts Burn.

Pria Knight

FD light armor.
Average MRM with a focus on Melee.
2 hit attack at -3 bth lean.

Appearance: Doesn't really need to be changed.
Description: The Pria Knights are excellent warriors trained in the use of Light, and are experienced in the art of demon-slaying after many years of warfare with Stormfallen's forces. Despite their numbers dwindling, their honor will not allow them to give up the fight!

Level 6: Morale Boost - Passsive
A knight cannot afford to let his spirits (or his health) to sink in battle. Rely on your fighting spirit to keep you going!

You have a 5% chance of activating the skill after each hit.

The skill checks your hp. If it's below 50%, you heal hp worth damage dealt. Otherwise, you heal sp worth damage dealt *1.125.

Level 7: Sworn Enemy - Passive
When the demons first struck, they hurt you. Then you adapted.

All damage the demons attack you with with is converted into light. (like with Serenia armor and plants)

Level 8: Last Stand - Passive
When all seems lost, when the resolve of people is failing - that's the moment for the knights to shine. Strike at your foe when they consider you beaten!

Gain +210 Initiative if you start the battle with hp below 50%.

Level 9: Blade of Retaliation - Passive
Weather your enemy's attacks and wait for them to tire themselves out - then strike with increased power for each injusry they've dealt you!

For each time you get hit, you deal +([hits]*50/9/1.76)% damage during your next turn. That's roughly 3.15% damage, so getting hit once will give +3.15% damage; getting hit twice will give +6.3% damage; getting hit 10 times will give +31.5% damage; etc.

Level 10: Evil's Bane - Toggle
Call forth the holy light of Rennd to cleanse your foes of the darkness inside them!

The armor becomes ele-locked to light, with EleComp going into damage.

Emoran Knight

FD darkness armor.
Average MRM with a focus on magic.
2 hit attack.

Appearance: The original's pretty good.
Description: The 'Emoran Knights have developed excellent armor and a variety of defensive techniques by combining fighting skill with necromancy. Their exposure to the undead and the mutants have turned them into battle-hardened warriors of Darkness that remain undaunted in the face of even the harshest of odds!

Level 6: Spiritual Reinforcement - Active
Reinforce your body with the spirit's mana, gaining the durability to outlast your foe!

The player gains 'Reinforcement' status until the end of the battle. Each stack of Reinforcement heals you for (20*0.9*0.85) or 15.3% melee's worth of hp at the end of your turn. This costs a turn.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Level 7: Necromancer's Aegis - Passive
After years of fighting both against and alongside undead, you've learned to adjust your armor in all the right ways to protect yourself from anything they may try.

All damage undead deal to you is converted into Darkness.

Level 8: Mutant Menace - Passive
You can barely recall the time when Granemor wasn't fighting against mutants. Your constant battles have given you enough experience to stand firm against any mutant tricks.

All damage mutants deal to you is converted into Darkness.

Level 9: Death Pulse - Active
Draw upon your knowledge of necromancy to manipulate your foe's life energies with this antithesis of healing!

The monster looses (20*0.9*0.85/1.4) or 10.9% of their MaxHP.

Costs hp of a standard spell.

Level 10: Dark Pact - Toggle
Embrace your Inner Darkness - and it will embrace you, shielding you from the strikes and blows of your enemies!

The armor becomes ele-locked to darkness, with elecomp going into Elemental Shield. (for example, elecomp of 1.85 would give you 61% damage reduction (calc: (1.85 - 1) / 1.4))

Frogzard Knight

FD earth armor.
Fairly high MRM with a focus on melee and ranged.
2 hit attack at +3 bth lean.

Appearance: A bit more serious depiction would be nice. Terrain-colored cloth over plate, a cloak of moss - maybe a frogzard helm.
Description: The Frogzard Knights are motley folk that believe in adapting to the changing combat conditions, and specialize in unorthodox and unexpected tactics. Their knowledge of nature and Earth, combined with their superior analytical minds, allows them to focus on creating openings and striking at a foe's weakness!

Level 6: First Aid - Passive
A collection of herbal remedies, perfectly suited to stopping bleeding, soothing burns or curing poisons!

Cures Bleeds, Burns and Poisons. The first use per battle is free; using it again costs sp.

Level 7: Tactical Adaptability - Passive
Your trained eye allows you to discern and adapt to your foe's tactics on the fly, increasing the difficulty of inflicting any statuses on you!

You gain +5 Status Resistance.

Level 8: Taking You Down - Passive
Always be faster, stronger, smarter than your enemy. If you can't - drag them down and make them fight on your level.

The passive checks your enemy's Str, Int and Dex. At the end of each turn, the monster makes a save (Dex/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, the monster permanently looses 5 points from that stat.

Level 9: Enervating Toxin - Toggle
Coat your weapon in a herbal mixture that deals no damage, but leaves your foe fatigued and infeebled, uncapable of drawing upon their power.

All your weapon attacks and specials inflict Disease that prevents sp healing (equal to damage dealt*1.125). Monster can save (Dex/Luck vs End/Luck) with -10 penalty to save.

Costs 12% sp of a standard skill.

Level 10: Harmonizing Strike - Toggle
Frogzard Knights have long believed in living in harmony with nature and its elements. Apply a magical blessing to your weapon that would harmonize your foe with every single one of nature's elements!

At the end of your turn, the monster makes a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -20 penalty. If it fails, all its elemental resistances are set to 100%.

The toggle has no cost and automatically turns off when you succeed.

Demon Knight

FD fire armor.
Average MRM with a focus on melee and magic.
2 hit attack at -3 bth lean.

Appearance: Slightly update art to modern standards and it'll be fine.
Description: The Demon Knights stand alone against the world of humans as they serve Queen Tyranna in her quest for revenge. By embracing demonic power, they can wield flame to both withstand tremendous amounts of punishment and immolate their foes!

Level 6: Blood of Demons - Passive
You have passed trial by fire (literally), and can now use it to invigorate yourself and continue the slaughter. Heal yourself by setting your foes on fire!

When your opponent takes damage from any type of Burn, you heal hp equal to 25% of the damage.

Level 7: Soul Drinker - Passive
Drink in the pain and suffering of your enemies... You can almost feel your spirit revitalize as they burn.

When your opponent takes damage from any type of Burn, you heal sp equal to 28.125% of the damage.

Level 8: Spirit Burn - Passive
Ravage the soul of your foe as you sear its mind with the all the uncomfortable truths they shied away from!

When your opponent takes damage from any type of Burn, they also loose sp equal to 28.125% of the damage.

Level 9: Burning Wrath - Passive
Call upon your demonic magic and enhance all your burns with Heckfire!

Increases the damage of all your Burn statuses by 25%.

Level 10: Rite of Flames - Toggle
Draw upon the power of ancient demons and immolate your foes with flames as vicious as Tyranna's wrath toward humanity!

At the end of your turn, the monster makes a save (Str/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, it's inflicted with power 20 Burn (element follows the last hit of your weapon or spell) for one round.

Costs sp of a standard skill.

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AQ  Post #: 135
12/22/2018 15:04:42   
Primate Murder

Warrior's Mage Blade

Energy melee sword
+3 bth lean
0-proc, so *1.08 damage.

Effect1: Looses 25% damage on all weapon attacks (for a total of 75% melee) to compensate for effect2.

Effect2: Twice per battle you can click on the blade to activate Float like a Warrior, Sting like a Mage. This causes your WMB to deal +125% damage (for a total of 200%) on all weapon attacks for one turn.

Appearance: A longsword with a jewel in the pommel and an engraving on the blade. When the skill is activated, the jewel glows and the glow flows through the engraving.
Description: Because nothing says 'warrior' like reduced sustain and a focus on burst damage.

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AQ  Post #: 136
12/23/2018 5:31:25   

Warrior's mage blade is unbalanced. Based on the 20-turn model - mages deal 75% damage for 16 rounds and 200% for 4 rounds. This weapon deals 75% damage but only allows you to use 200% damage twice. That means you're losing about on 250% damage over a 20 turn period. You either need to make it so that you can use the skill 4 times per battle, or make the weapon deal 83.33% damage per round (to account for the missing 250%). Does this item have a mastercraft effect?

Squire armour:
Level 0: I like the idea, but this is unbalanced. Yes, class armours use a different standard to what we usually expect. However, each skill tends (on average) to be worth about 5% melee. Reducing the FD penalty from *0.8 to *0.9 is worth at least twice that. You'd be able to get away with a toggle of some sort that costs SP if you wanted to keep it as is.
Level 1: These items would have to be balanced properly: Rennd would need an appropriate downtrigger (without an MC effect, you're looking at ~5-10%). You'd need to deal less damage to compensate for the fear with granemor. Deren has the same problem - you need to reduce your damage output to pay for the effect. Stormfallen requires a ~5-10% penalty to damage. Fiend of vergil offers a +25% damage to poison and burn status effects for an MC effect. You're limiting it to burn but doubling the damage increase.
Level 2: I'll presume you've run the numbers correctly for this. Basic but looks ok.
Level 3: I'll presume this has an SP cost. Looks interesting. Not sure I like the fact it has INT on the minor save. Even if it is meant to "conjure" arrows, we are talking about a warrior-based class. Warriors don't tend to carry INT!
Level 4: Based on caden's wrath, you need to be doing +38.33% damage rather than your equation. I prefer yours personally, I'm just saying how this was balanced in the past. How would the latter part of this work?
Level 5: Rennd knight would have to have a downtrigger but other than that. It's good.

Pria Knight:
Level 6/7/8/9/10: These are all fine. Balanced, though I would debate exactly how many of these the staff would want to put into one armour. Elelocked, converting enemy damage to light etc. Not sure that would be a good idea (you're essentially making an armour that can convert any enemy into "demon" with demorphosis, force them to deal light damage and then attack them with elelocked light damage). I'm not sure the staff would allow all that in one armour! (And that's not even mentioning all the other skills). There's synergy, and there's going too far.

Emoran Knight:
Level 6: This works
Level 7/8: Also works, but I question the merit of having 2 skills taken up with this effect. Sounds a bit bland
Level 9: This works.
Level 10: Interesting premise. Suffers from the same issue as pria in that I doubt the staff would allow you to elelock and convert damage in the same armour (you'd be virtually unkillable). Also that level 7/8 thing.

I'll do the others at some point as well
AQ  Post #: 137
12/23/2018 9:44:24   
Primate Murder

To be fair, the standards presume two battles of 10 turns, rather than a single one of 20 (bosses excepted) - that's why there's a heal every two battles. Giving the blade 4 'casts' would be like healing all mp every battle.

As an alternative, I can make it similar to Windter set. You start with 'two' casts and gain another two after killing a monster (PlLvl - 15 or more) - but that's just making it Kindred level abusable.

Level 0. Well, for one it's not entirely unheard of - it's more like turning your weapons into 100-procs. For another, that's why I gave it a trigger - Unity Alignment. Yes, it's slightly stronger than an average trigger, but if you consider the fact that it has a second pseudo-trigger - melee weapons only (so Str required), it can work.

Level 1. A standard FSB is worth 10% melee, like a trigger.

- Rennd's FSB combines that with a secondary trigger for 7.5% each (15% total), dealing no bonus damage against non-demons.

- I tried to balance fear to be worth 10%. 100% fear (50% for 2 turns) on 50/50 save is worth 59.5% melee, so 10 *100/59.5 = 16.8% chance of infliction.

- Steam Trobble causes the monster to permanantly loose 1 MRM with a 50/50 save for 5% melee. 10% makes the monster loose one and you gain one, so worth 10%.

- Neko shows that 5% melee (worth of a standard passive) is worth +25% burn damage. 10% is therefore worth +50%.

Level 3. Added the sp cost, forgot that, so thanks.

As for the save, I'm posting it as Player's Dex and Luck vs Monster's Int and Luck - info subs always post saves as PlStats vs MonsterStats, so same here. Monster uses Int, since they need basic knowledge of magic to realize the arrows are conjured.

Level 4. Caden's Wrath presumes you have 0 Cha. I'm using Lepre-Chan's formula.

The second part is a 'flavor' skill to compensate for having to use a forth stat. The staff did it for the Terror Set, so it's not impossible.

Level 5. Maybe. The original Squire guest is MC'd, so we'll see how the staff play it.

Pria Knight. I honestly forgot about the Demomorphosis. The armor was supposed to be really powerful against demons, but you're right - that does make it somewhat murkier.

Emoran Knight. Frankly, those two were largely thematic choices. Granemor fought against undead and mutants for so long that it needed something against them. Originally I planned to put this into the FSB, but I'm uncertain on how to combine FSB and two triggers.

As for level 10, once again, this was designed to be really strong against very specific sort of enemies. It does make sense lore-wise for Emoran knights to be able to stand against hordes of mutants and undead.
AQ  Post #: 138
12/23/2018 10:42:53   

Level 0: I think we'll have to agree to disagree there
Level 1: Fair enough, didn't see the FSB bit. Other bits I wasn't really bothered by.
Level 3: Fair enough
Level 4: Yes, but you're using an armour not a pet. An armour doesn't require you to have CHA to get the most out of it, unlike a pet. That's why it should be closer to Caden's Wrath
Level 5: Agree with you there. Best to leave that bit to the staff's discretion

Emoran: I see what you mean. To me though, it just seems like you're giving it the same effect for the sake of it. Maybe try do something different for mutants?
AQ  Post #: 139
12/23/2018 11:11:06   
Primate Murder

Level 4. A standard pet deals 20% melee and another 20% melee if you have enough Cha. That's what I'm using - you sacrifice 20-40% damage and gain the same amount (or, well, 18-36%, since *0.9 and all).

Also, Caden's expects you to 1) have 0 Cha and 2) sacrifice a guest as well. It's not really a good comparison.

Emoran. Let's be frank - how often are you going to run into mutants?
AQ  Post #: 140
12/23/2018 13:19:35   

... and this armour is the same. It does not expect you to run charisma. It's different to a pet. I must stress, I prefer your stat formula. However, the requirements for this armour are not different to the weapon - you don't need CHA in order to use it.

Emoran: In which case, I find it to be a waste of a skill slot.
AQ  Post #: 141
12/23/2018 14:47:17   
Primate Murder

Okay, I must be missing something, since I honestly don't understand your argument.

You could run this armor with no Cha and gain the same boost as you would running a pet with no Cha. You don't need Cha, Cha just makes it better.

Lepre-chan is literally a booster, same as Chilly/Ramssey, but with Cha. It does nothing, but boost your damage. If it's easier, think of this skill as a compressed lepre-chan pet.

Emoran. Maybe. But as I've said, I'm trying to make the armors fit into the setting thematically - and you can't have a knight of Granemor without mentioning the mutants.
AQ  Post #: 142
12/23/2018 15:24:40   

I understand what you're saying. I don't it's the appropriate equation to use for this skill.
Caden's wrath assumes you sacrifice a pet and a guest. In the case of your armour, you're also sacrificing the attack of your pet to boost your own damage. With lepre-chan it is different. Lepre-chan still attacks, boosting your damage based on CHA. In the case of your armour, your pet is not acting. You are making the attack. As such, the armour is more closely alligned to Cadens wrath even though Caden also requires you to give up your guest. It is for this reason it should work like Caden's wrath, not like Lepre-chan

Edit: There's no point in going round in circles. We'll just have to agree to disagree on how this is done. The main point is Lepre-chan ACTS whereas your pet DOES NOT

< Message edited by CH4OT1C! -- 12/23/2018 16:28:31 >
AQ  Post #: 143
12/23/2018 15:47:07   
Primate Murder

Lepre-chan doesn't attack either. He boosts your attack. Any extra damage comes via your attack, not the chaun's.

Also, and I feel like I'm repeating myself, Caden's is designed for use by 0 Cha builds. That is not the case here. While you can use it with 0 Cha, it's best suited for Cha builds. You use four stats instead of three. The equation is different at its very base. It's the difference between a 150 Dex build using +4.25 bth MC or the werepyre's hybrid stats toggle.

'Mount' is designed in such a way that it uses Cha in addition to the other three stats to boost itself via an 'invisible pet' - your mount.
AQ  Post #: 144
12/23/2018 18:35:37   

Lepre-chan ACTS so its the same as attack,instead boosts not doing direct damage but without acting you do NOT get the boost. There is a difference.

Also does not mean best suited, is like saying auto-hit Kusanagi while expecting 0 DEX and LUK is best suited for <Hybrids>.
Caden is designed around you having 0 CHA because that would be the maximum abuse you can get with it. <like Kusanagi>

AQ  Post #: 145
12/24/2018 1:02:11   
Primate Murder

Look, the current formula makes sense.

If you can tell me where Caden's Wrath gets those numbers, the +38.33% (or rather 28.75, since magic weapon boosts are /.75), perhaps provide the formula with the calculations, I'll change it.

Hell, even give me the general reasoning - this, this and this are boosts; this and this are damage reductions. If it's sound, I'll change the formula. Until then, it will remain the same.

Either way, if there's some hidden modifier, the staff would probably know it better than you or me, and thus be better suited to changing it.
AQ  Post #: 146
12/24/2018 5:36:47   

I've run out of ways to say the same thing. I'm going to try to explain this one last time, because I really like the skill. I just don't think this one is correct mechanically at the moment. If you still don't understand, I'm sorry but we'll just have to agree to disagree. There's no point in running round in circles!

The way your skill is balanced is wrong. We have given you the reason already. That reason is:

- Caden's Wrath makes it so pet and guests do not attack at all. As compensation, it boosts your damage.
- The lepre-chan formula is correct and balanced. This formula is used for a pet attacking. Instead of doing damage, this attack boosts your damage.
- Lepre-chan is a pet. This is an armour.
- This armour does not do the same thing as lepre-chan. Your pet does not act at all. Whilst your theme more closely resembles a lepre-chan system, the mechanic works more like caden's wrath. As such, it should use caden's wrath as a base, not lepre-chan.

This does not mean lepre-chan or caden's wrath are unbalanced. Both of them, according to their respective effects and compensation, are correct. As such, giving you specific numbers would not make any difference. We are not saying that either formula is wrong. We are saying that the lepre-chan formula is inappropriate for this armour because the pet does not attack at all.

As for how to fix your formula, there was a large debate when Caden's wrath was released as part of a game balance issue. That debate involved the mechanics of the boost.

Also: Your formula is still wrong even if using the Lepre-chan formula was correct. Lepre-chan solely boosts your light attacks/specials etc. You're boosting all weapon attacks and specials regardless of element. You need to account for that.

< Message edited by CH4OT1C! -- 12/24/2018 5:55:49 >
AQ  Post #: 147
12/24/2018 10:26:22   
Primate Murder

If you can give me Caden's actual formula, I'll alter the skill accordingly. Otherwise, I see no reason to continue rehashing the same arguments. Agree to disagree.

This line of conversation is closed and I will not reply to any more posts regarding it.

Your second point is actually sound, so I'm changing the skill's effect slightly.

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 12/24/2018 10:39:49 >
AQ  Post #: 148
12/24/2018 11:08:38   

Very well.

< Message edited by CH4OT1C! -- 12/24/2018 11:40:55 >
AQ  Post #: 149
1/2/2019 3:31:50   
Primate Murder

Call Elf Power Armor

Calls an sp- and gold-costing ice guest.

Choose one of the 4 following options for attack. You cannot use options 1 and 2 if you lack gold or sp.

Candy Cane Crush: 1 hit attack at -3 bth lean. Deals +40% damage for a gold cost.

Frostval Spirit Generator: 2 hit attack at -3 bth lean. Deals -50% damage and inflicts Choke (1 turn, -60.5% damage) for a gold cost.* Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.**

Nothing right now. Elf Power Armor does nothing and doesn't cost gold or sp.

You are dismissed. Elf Power Armor is dismissed.

*(Monster Name) is overcome with the spirit of Frostval!
**(Monster Name) resists the spirit of Frostval.

Appearance: The same.
Description: It looks like Kibbles the Elf has been keeping a bit of the gold he has been trading. He's even willing to fight by your side as long as you don't stop donating! Embrace the spirit of Frostval generosity all year long!

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 1/2/2019 3:37:05 >
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