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The Hundred-Legged Café - Alpha Centipede's Artsy Cabin

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8/3/2018 23:45:19   
Alpha Centipede

An adventurer wanders around Doomwood, famished and weary from his travels. Leaning on a tree to catch his breath, he spots in the corner of his eye a small cabin nestled in the woods, nondescript if not for a warm light spilling from the windows, and a symbol that somewhat resembles a centipede carved into the door.

Curious, he heads towards the cabin and opens the door, revealing a warmly-lit cozy-looking establishment furnished with a well-crafted counter and neatly arranged tables and chairs. After a brief moment being in awe and disbelief that such a place existed in Doomwood, he was brought back to reality by a voice in front of him.

"Welcome to the Hundred-Legged Café! Please, take a seat!"


「The Hundred-Legged Café, a small establishment run by a group of adventurers - heroes in their own right.
Having already made their own name in heroics, they got together, settled down, and started this café. While normally a quiet place to chill for weary travelers on the edge of Doomwood, the café goes into full-blown operation during wars, relocating to wherever the war is taking place to provide music and refreshments to warmongers in the war camp.」

Heya! Alpha Centipede here. As you can see from the above, this art gallery is kinda mostly OC, but the people running the café are my DF player characters. Posting in this art gallery has always been something I wanna do, but I want to have something that I think is good enough before I start a gallery. And I believe I do have some artwork that I'm finally satisfied with now, so without further ado, enjoy!


My entry for the DF Frostval Art Contest

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8/3/2018 23:52:59   
Alpha Centipede

Scolopendra, my main player character.

An Ascendant who specializes in Pyromancy, the cool-headed and reliable leader of the café staff is also one of the most experienced in warmongering among themselves. His many war experiences left him somewhat traumatized, especially after the Caitiff incident, but he tries to keep that side of him hidden in front of the other staff. He's also a pretty good cook, utilizing his Pyromancy to boost his culinary skills.

I decided to take more of an artistic liberty with the designs of the armor and weapons, since that's how they are in my head. The weapon is OC, maybe I'll come up with some lore for it someday. I also kinda like the idea of fusion classes, since they have so much potential, so there will be fusion classes for the first few OCs I post here.

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8/8/2018 23:31:48   
Shadow X Ascendant

*entering and Taking a seat* so you decided to open an new artwork page here in our Doomlands, well , let's see what you got, i have great expectations, you must be very brave to choose this place
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8/10/2018 20:58:16   
Alpha Centipede

Proxima, one of my secondary characters.

One of the wait staff in the café.
Trained in the ways of the Cryptic and the Ninja, she's skilled in infiltration, guerrilla tactics and psychological warfare. Her ninja arts repertoire also includes wind magic. She's normally a jovial and approachable person, but look deep enough and you'll catch a glimpse of the troubles plaguing this young lady. Too much psychological warfare does a number on your psyche, after all.


Just a quick update, I plan to have this gallery updated weekly for now, as long as my inspiration keeps running. But here it is, the second character in the Hundred-Legged Café series!
I'll admit, I had quite a bit of trouble thinking up of ways to incorporate the Cryptic outfit into the Ninja one without them clashing too much, but it ended up being kinda okay. I think. As usual, artistic liberties abound.
Why Cryptic and Ninja? Well, those two classes really do mesh well with each other, don't they? Both deal with non-direct combat, and are perfectly suited for the stealthy. At least, in my headcanon they are.

@Shadow: Hey, thanks for coming by to visit! I hope I continue to meet your expectations!

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8/11/2018 9:40:14   
How We Roll Winner

Hey Alpha,

Love the color choice and line clarity in your art!

Might I suggest you play with the background a bit? That might just make it look great!

I'll keep an eye here. :)
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
8/11/2018 9:57:05   
Alpha Centipede

@Arthur: Hey, thanks for dropping by! See, backgrounds aren't really my strong point, thus the plain gray. It's something I'm trying to work on, but college does drain a lot of my time and attention.

Perhaps I may re-upload versions of my characters with proper backgrounds in the future when I get good enough. :)

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8/17/2018 20:24:26   
Alpha Centipede

Alpha, another one of my secondary characters (or should I call it tertiary characters? Naming conventions are so confusing.)

One of the wait staff in the café, and occasionally subbing in as kitchen staff.
A graduate from Edelia, this hot-headed Warrior found his passion in tinkering with magiscience. As a result of enhancing his soul looms with magitech, he managed to increase the effective range and power of his combat soulweaving, while also giving his looms a custom makeover. He carries around with him daggers attached to soul vials as well, allowing him to remotely control them via his soulweaving.
His SoulAlly is Jerk, the Elemental Spirit of Impulse. (Yes, that's a physics reference, albeit not a very rigorous one)

Customer service isn't exactly his strong point, so he sometimes gets relegated to kitchen duty, while Scolopendra takes the waiting.


So here it is, the third character of the Hundred-Legged Café series! Alpha is a fusion of the SoulWeaver and Technomancer classes, and the name and title of his SoulAlly basically tells you all you need to know about him. I decided to give his looms a circuit motif, mainly because I thought they looked cooler that way. His sword was inspired by the Tesla coil, and has a miniature Tesla coil at the base of the blade to generate its own electricity.

Also backgrounds. Someday I'll get to those. Someday...
College has been quite a drain on my schedule as well, so updates may come at a few days' delay. (hey it rhymes!)

Maybe the next entry will be Jerk the Elemental Spirit~

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12/31/2018 9:00:38   
Alpha Centipede

*dusts off the tables* Man, it's been a while since I uploaded to this gallery, hasn't it?

This is my entry for the DragonFable Frostval art contest (link here). Since twitter has a character limit, I'll use this post to say something I don't have space to type in the tweet.

I'm sure everyone has a Frostval present that they treasure, and that includes not just our heroes/heroines or the NPCs in the town, but even the villains as well. Heck, even Sepulchure probably has a gift that he has treasured sometime in the past. 'Tis the season of giving, after all. So I decided to do a drawing of a young Aisha hugging a plushie (which she presumably received as a gift for Frostval).

Seriously y'all, Aisha is severely under-represented in-game. Whenever someone thinks of ice powers, they think of Jaania, not Aisha, the OG Ice Orb wielder herself.

Maybe she wouldn't have turned out so cold if we had given her more love.

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12/31/2018 10:03:36   

Wow, that looks fabulous! Good luck with the contest!

On the other hand, what people do is generally take a screenshot of something they typed in word or notes etc. and upload that on Twitter as well, to evade the character limit. I’ll be rooting for you!
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12/31/2018 23:14:28   
Alpha Centipede

Thanks Bluu! Much appreciated, and Happy New Year!
DF  Post #: 10
12/31/2018 23:54:39   

Happy new year to you too, Alpha, and I wish you a great year ahead!

(And you’d best draw more of your amazing art from here on xD)
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1/1/2019 1:58:43   
Alpha Centipede

I'll draw as much as my college schedule allows me to... which isn't very often unfortunately. I'll still find some time if I have inspiration though, so do look forward to the next one, whenever that may be!
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7/30/2019 10:06:25   
Alpha Centipede


So... umm... it's been over half a year since I uploaded something here.
College has been draining lots of time and motivation to art. This piece here took almost two months to finish 'cause I couldn't find the motivation to continue (and also I was distracted by reading too many textbooks).

I actually got the inspiration for this artwork during the Song of the Ateala war. Aaaand it took till now for it to be complete.

Anyways school is starting again soon, so I guess the next entry in this gallery will be maybe sometime around the end of the year? If I do get enough motivation and inspiration by then.

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