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=Q&A= Battle Strategy

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11/12/2021 11:40:52   

Struggling to defeat a recent challenge monster? Or need some guidance with an old yet powerful boss? Then here's the place to get strategy advice, or give it! We want to invite as much discussion as possible and see all the comparisons in strategies, however, there are a few ground rules:

  • This thread is for battle strategy questions ONLY. That means, "How do I beat [monster]?", or "How can I properly use [item]" and perhaps, "How do I beat [specific quest]?". This thread is NOT for questions about what weapons/other equipment your character should have in general, or what stats your character should have, or any other question that is NOT about battle strategy.

  • Be Respectful. Just because you disagree with someone's opinion does not mean you should go and offend that user. Move on if that subject matter does not suit you. If you cannot control your behavior, refrain from posting until you're able to do so.

  • Be Constructive. Constructive criticism is meant to improve something; not expressed through ranting, whining, or complaining. Any feedback offered must include the issue at hand and offer wordy feedback about what worked, what didn't, and what may have helped make it better. If you want to criticize, do so with the intent to give help, not tear down.

    When asking for strategy advice, please use the below templates for guidance and be sure to provide as much information as possible.

    [b]Monster/Quest Name:[/b]
    [b]Character Link:[/b]
    [b]Level Version of Monster:[/b]
    [b]Items Equipped:[/b]
    [b]Previously Used Strategies:[/b]

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    11/29/2018 23:21:17   

    Monster/Quest Name: Cragmar's Ghost
    Character Link: https://guardian.battleon.com/Build30/charview.asp?temp=61345319
    Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
    Level Version of Monster: 150
    Build: BeastWarrior
    Previously Used Strategies: Mowing him down in Max Earth resists with Wind weapon
    Notes: I don't understand how his gimmick works. Like which is better, to use earth when he charges or not. Cause he can one shot me if I use Earth, but the bleed if I let him charge becomes too much. not to mention the MRM

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
    11/30/2018 5:20:59   

    One thing I noticed is that as he gets lower in health, his damage output increases notably. He was able to do 800 damage even with 6% Earth Resistance, which means that consistently using low Earth resistance can only do so much. May I suggest pre-charging your Kindred's Spirit Prestige, then combining that with Shadowfeeder Pendant when he's near 1/2 HP.

    Regarding the one-shot, it shouldn't be a problem if it's early-stage. Wear him out with defense, then deliver the final blow. Always combat the defense increase no matter what.
    AQ MQ  Post #: 3
    12/1/2018 12:52:24   

    His increased damage output is because of his channeling, not directly because of his HP decreasing, I believe. Stunlock is reasonably effective in neutralizing him, when combined with Kindred.
    AQ DF  Post #: 4
    12/2/2018 9:07:56   

    How do I actually stun lock him as a beast warrior? I'm not familiar with the strategy
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
    12/2/2018 16:17:31   
    Legendary Ash

    Use Werewolf subrace armor's quickcast Snarl twice per turn or Vampire subrace armor's quickcast Mesmerize.
    AQ  Post #: 6
    12/24/2018 9:04:21   


    Monster/Quest Name: Mister Frostvalverse
    Character Link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=28191411
    Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
    Level Version of Monster: 150
    Build: tank mage dogwalker
    Items Equipped:

    • Weapon: Antarctic Athame
    • Armor: Tiger Luna Neko
    • Shield: Crimson Dragon Strike Guard/Kindred Spirits Devotion quickcast mana
    • Spell: -
    • Pet: Kindred Spirits Tranquillity
    • Misc: Trophy of Supreme Enthusiasm when blinded/Frigid Zorbak Doll

    Previously Used Strategies: nuking in fully defensive
    Notes: It was a really close call left it 350 hitpoints standing
    AQ AQW  Post #: 7
    12/25/2018 23:04:11   
    aq DarkKnight

    First, make sure you get the Ambush Potion from Lucretia, Whispering Raiment, and precharge the Kindred armor even before attempting this. Because you have zero LUK, you will need all the initiative you can get to go first. He has 275 LUK. You may also be considering to get Moonwalker's Grace (extremely important spell to have in your arsenal), Shadowfeeder Pendant, and Voidsplinter Tether (for Harm damage). Before the battle, equip into Whispering Raiment and pray that you go first. If you're successful, immediately cast Moonwalker's Grace and use the Shadowfeeder Pendant to get an extra turn. Equip into the Kindred armor and Voidsplinter Tether and proceed to nuke away until he dies. Mister Frostvalverse will be an extremely easy Boss if you came with the right preparations.

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    AQ  Post #: 8
    1/16/2019 22:19:35   

    Wicked King (Challenge Mode)
    150? didn't look
    Items Equipped:

    • Magnablade
    • Demonmancer
    • Heritage memorial shield
    • None
    • Tree Troll (healing
    • Cyclopes Eye

    Just tried typical healing pets/guests and spam attack. HP went down fast. tried looking online and saw people freeze him? WOuld like to know more before I attempt again. I dont like long quests.
    AQ  Post #: 9
    1/19/2019 23:21:00   

    Here's what's worked for me.

    Monster/Quest Name: Wicked King
    Character Link: under avvy
    Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
    Level Version of Monster: 150, Challenge
    Build: DEX Hybrid, 225 STR/INT, 250 DEX, 50 END
    Items Equipped:

    • Weapon: Lion's Roar
    • Armor: Wicked King Plate
    • Shield: High Communicant's Valiance
    • Spell: Star Forge, Zorbak Ally Assist
    • Pet: Undead Archer (5)
    • Misc: Lohkaista Shard, Shining Aura (Lucretia), Shadowfeeder Pendant, around 20 Health Potions and 12 Mana Potions

    Previously Used Strategies: I took too much damage from regular attacks in High Communicant's Zeal, so I prefer the WKP.
  • Turn him undead with the Ally Assist to benefit from Shining Aura.
  • The Archer helps to clear stacks of Haunted. It's of a lower tier so the King isn't healed too much. A Zard guest can fill the same role.
  • Lohkaista is a must to reduce Prismatic Burn damage.
  • WKP is defensive, so a 100% proc would be best for attacking. Lycan Bow or the Ice Cream Scoop, perhaps. There's stuff that triggers on demons that might work.
  • Shield of Agony's Embrace has a -BtH feature that might help.

    Monster/Quest Name: Cragmar's Ghost
    Level Version of Monster: 150, Challenge
    Items Equipped:

    • Weapon: Long Talon, Geocastellum Bow (150)
    • Armor: Bloodstained Morningstar Bloodline, Geocastellum Robes (150)
    • Shield: Geocastellum Bulwark (150)
    • Pet: Retro Twilly (141)
    • Misc: LSCV1-Minotaur Day, Shadowfeeder Pendant

    Previously Used Strategies:
  • The soft damage cap means Kindred Strikes don't do that much against it.
    Challenge Mode Differences: (that I've seen)
  • The first hit of its regular 3-hit attack (the one with the bleed) also damages SP.
  • Any of those three hits can randomly be Harm-element instead of Earth.
  • After being hit with around 5 attacks of a combat style, its MRM blocking for that style will go up by 1. Consequently, pets become gradually less reliable for disrupting its channel.
  • Indeed, you want to disrupt the channel as much as possible.
  • You also would prefer to force the 1-hit Earth attack instead of seeing the dangerous 3-hit, randomly Harm, bleed-stacking attack.
  • After being hit with Earth, if its turn is skipped due to something like Paralysis, it seems to 'forget' to retaliate with the 1-hit attack.
    My strategy was:
  • if I had no bleed, hit it with Wind in FO
  • if I was bleeding or the monster began to channel, hit it with Earth in FD

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
    1/20/2019 20:43:57   

    Can you explain the wicked king's haunted and prismatic burn mechanics? I've seen videos of people using fire pets on him which confuses me.
    AQ  Post #: 11
    1/20/2019 21:02:02   
    Legendary Ash

    Wicked king places stacks on himself which buff the damage he deals, to counter the stacks, attacking with the element fire which the Wicked king is not weak to clears the stacks. The player gets to decide how much stacks the King get to use when attacking the player.
    AQ  Post #: 12
    1/20/2019 22:23:30   

    i.e. the Haunted stacks are removed via healing (I believe this is mentioned in game..IIRC), attacking a negative resistance heals thus the use of darkness or fire vs WK. This is on a per hit basis so the more hits your attack (a pet in this case) the more stacks are removed. The use of a low lvl multi hit pet heals WK an essentially negligible amount for a non Cha based build and attacking a negative resistance shouldn't miss. So it's become the go to stack removal.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
    1/25/2019 17:27:39   

    Could really use some help with this new boss. I'm not lasting any more then a minute in the ring with her and her goons

    Monster/Quest Name:[Void Dragon Queen Boss]
    Character Link:[ http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=14615951 ]
    Level Version of Monster:[135]
    Build:[Annihilator Beat Warrior? STR:250 DEX:250 CHA:175]
    Items Equipped:

    • Weapon: Horo-Show Void Vanquisher
    • Armor: Horo-Show Void Vigilante
    • Shield: Horo-Show Void Vindicator
    • Spell: None
    • Pet: Underwyrmling
    • Misc: Horo-Show Void Visor

    Previously Used Strategies: Tried tanking the shots by nerfing Void damage with the Horo-Show set, really didn't work enough
    Notes: If new/different equipment is needed for this fight, let me know what I need to grab.
    I'll make a milk run
    AQ  Post #: 14
    1/25/2019 18:58:59   

    Full Horo-Show sets you to 75% Void resistance, which isn't enough to tank through attacks. It's a damage race.

    • Weapon: Kindred's Enlightenment
    • Armor: Kindred's Valiance
    • Shield: Chieftain's Ironthorn
    • Misc: Shadowfeeder Pendant / Gogg Day, Minotaur's Pride / Minotaur Day

  • A paralysis pet might be handy. Pikazard is in the Zard Hunter Shop.

    Cheese through it with Kindred:
  • Before the battle, gather Tranquility Charges in the Kindred armor; 1000 should be plenty (use the Focus skill at Combat Practice at the Stat Trainers).
  • When starting the Queen fight, either win initiative through Ambush + Whispering Raiment or enter wearing a FD armor to take less damage.
  • Gain Celerity through Shadowfeeder or Gogg Day.
  • Activate the auto-hit of the Kindred weapon and change it to the powerful damage lean.
  • Two Kindred Strikes targeting the Queen should kill her; a third cast will kill or otherwise seriously maim the Consorts.

    Previously Used Strategies: two casts of the Horo-Show armor ability wasn't enough damage to kill the Queen for me.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
    1/26/2019 9:56:06   

    Do you think any of you can check out my equipment and tell me what you think i should have equipped to take on the Void Dragon Queen void challenge? because i have tried it 3 times and lost each time. Or if you know of any in game equipment that do not cost Z tokens or real money would be great too. I will take any help.
    I would also like to know which Ally Assist Skills you think i should use or which combo of them would work.

    Here is the equipment i have tried.
    Monster: Void Dragon Queen
    Weapon: Eternity Key
    Armor: Horo-Show Void Vigilante
    Shield: Horo-Show Void Vindicator
    Spell: Bifrost Brilliance and Spectral Chains
    Pet: Fairy God Mother
    Misc: Horo-Show Void Visor

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    AQ  Post #: 16
    1/26/2019 12:33:03   
    Primate Murder

    Are you using the character linked? In that case, you've got a rather unfortunate set-up. At 0 Dex, you've got pretty bad accuracy (unless using werepyre armor/blade/spell) and the Void Queen has high blocking, not to mention that she inflicts a further Dex loss on you.

    The first option would be to abuse stun-lock, but you lack qc stun miscs or Cha to take advantage of Mogdin/Pikazard.

    As such, I can suggest either of the three options:

    - One would be to use your high End with Tenebromancer's Robe (Imbue turned on) and Midnight Werepyre Spirit to nuke the queen. Dealing with her consorts should be easier - just use the Horo Show set's harm/void reduction to heal yourself up a little and smack them with Werepyre Beast Form.

    - Spend a few minutes gathering Kindred charges at the combat trainer, then Kindred nuke the void out of the dragon (using Gandolphin and qc werepyre Terror for protection).

    - Edit: Ok, just realized you need to have the Horo Show weapon equipped for the FSB, so it's not very good as a second option. I mean, you can still use the Horo Show set for harm/void damage reduction, Ally Assists and Werepyre Spirit spell for damage, abusing the heck out of potions, it's just a harder and longer route.

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    AQ DF  Post #: 17
    1/27/2019 9:55:04   

    thanks to the above suggestion i was able to beat the Void Dragon Queen.
    Here is the equipment I used
    Weapon: Midnight Werepyre Blade
    Armor: Kindred Spirits' Valiance
    Shield: Horo-Show Void Vindicator
    Spell: None
    Item: Elahi Irt of Osiris
    I also used the Dead-Eye- Straight potion
    AQ  Post #: 18
    1/27/2019 11:11:42   
    aq DarkKnight

    Like what I did to Mister Frostvalverse, I'm able to do it to everyone else.
    Video Tutorial.
    Weapon: Zealot's Wrath
    Armor: Whispering Raiment+Kindred Spirits' Valiance+Armor of Frostal Past+White Knight Z
    Shield: Chieftain's IronThorn+Kindred Spirits' Devotion
    Spell: Purple Rain, Arcane Amplification, Buffalot's Beach Bod, Moonwalker's Grace, and 2019 New Year Surprise.
    Item: Essence Orb, Shadowfeeder Pendant, and Love Potion #736
    I also used the Ambush potion

    Previously Used Strategies: Pre-charge the Kindred Spirits' Valiance skill. Enter battle in Whispering Raiment. Purple Rain. Buff yourself with all of your Quickcast Spells. Stun the monster with SFP and Love Potion. Purple Rain again. Change your weapon element to Ice using Armor of Frostal Past skill. Weaken the monster with White Knight Z skill. End the battle by nuking using Kindred Spirits' Valiance skill. Voila! Victory secured.
    AQ  Post #: 19
    2/2/2019 0:15:06   

    Monster/Quest Name:Mighty Shadow Gogg
    Character Link: profile
    Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
    Level Version of Monster: 148
    Build: Pure Warrior
    Items Equipped:

    • Weapon: Long Talon
    • Armor: Kindred
    • Shield: Exalted Paladin Guard
    • Spell: None
    • Pet: None
    • Misc: None

    Notes: This is for farming. The monster always go first (even when I wear whispering raiment). If it doesn't finish me, I always win. However, once in maybe 8-10 times, it attacks nonstop tills I die. Any way to counter this? Currently, one way that may help is to wear a light & dark compression armor like Ultimon and switch.

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    Post #: 20
    2/2/2019 1:25:46   


    some math for you: Master List of Game Formulae

    chance for player to go first:


    Else If P <= M - 100,
    C = 0

    320-100= 220 meaning a player has a 0% chance to go first at 200Luk alone

    if we add assassins skill in (IIRC 105):

    200Luk + 105 initiative
    (100 + 305 - 320)^2 / 20000= .36125 or 36.125% chance.

    In short with 200 Luk and only assassin he will get the drop on you 63.875% of the time.

    We can go further with Lucretia's Ambush potion which gives an additional 105(ignore pedia page).

    That puts you at 410 so the formula becomes:

    200Luk + 210 initiative
    1 - (100 - 410 + 320)^2 / 20000 =.995 or a 99.5% chance to go first.

    So if you wish you can get the upper hand.

    edit: since 250 is now a thing:

    (100 + 250 - 320)^2 / 20000 = .045 or 4.5%

    250Luk + 105 initiative

    1 - (100 - 355 + 320)^2 / 20000 = .78875 or 78.875%

    As far as his multi attacks, no. It is the nature of goggs to attack a random number of times each turn. The only way to stop this is to not let it have a turn, either by getting an extra turn yourself (celerity) and killing it or make it skip its turn(paralysis, control, etc.).

    If you aren't using your Call Dunamis that would help if you are falling short of any OTKO, thou by the sounds of it that's isn't an issue.

    Beyond that I think your issues are covered above. There might be some gimmick ways around the issues(dmg negation for example) but for farming it's not worth the time.

    edit: personally I don't worry about the very rare chance of it killing me. You won't lose much time for 1 or 2 deaths in your farming cycle.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
    2/2/2019 17:49:34   

    Thanks, man. I just finish the quests to get the Ambush potion. The formula doesn't make sense to me.

    With 250 luck, and both assassin's skill + ambush potion, it should be

    C = 1 - (100 - (250+210) + 320)^2 / 20000 =0.92 = 92% chance to go first. This is less than 99.5% with just 200 luck.

    It becomes lower with higher luck? The optimal luck would be 100+320-210=210 for a better chance to go first (not certain since there is still Random # Roll (1,100)).

    < Message edited by Mark77777 -- 2/2/2019 17:54:54 >
    Post #: 22
    2/2/2019 18:05:49   

    There are 3 formulas(see #7 of the linked topic) I didn't do 250 + both boosts as it wasn't needed.


    If P >= M + 100,
    C = 1

    So as soon as you hit 420 you needed a different formula.

    Once you are 100 over the monsters Luk it's a 100% rate.

    1 - (100 - 420 + 320)^2 / 20000 = 1 or 100%

    once you went past it the formal broke down.

    As to why, I have no idea I ain't no mathematician.

    edit: The math we have been doing it to find your % chance of going, the 1-100 is to see if you will. ex: if you have a 75% chance a roll of 1 to 75 means you win and a roll of 76 you 100 means you lose. ex: if you have a 100% chance you always win the 1-100 roll.

    edit: had to edit the first example from the above post, the player has a 0% chance to go first at 200Luk only. (thought it was odd )

    So in short the rule of thumb is if either of you have 100 more (Luk+initiative) over the other then the losing party has a 0% chance to go first. So you can tell at first glance if you need to bother with the standard formula of: 1 - (100 - P + M)^2 / 20000

    < Message edited by afterlifex -- 2/2/2019 18:17:56 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
    2/2/2019 18:26:41   


    If P >= M + 100,
    C = 1

    Missed this part in the formula. All is good, :). I don't like dying if I can avoid it.

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    Post #: 24
    5/10/2019 23:49:53   

    Monster/Quest Name: Wicked King (Challenge mode)
    Character Link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=77041010
    Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
    Level Version of Monster: 95
    Build: FD spellcast beastmage
    Items Equipped:

    Weapon: Glacial Short Staff
    Armor: Lion Sol Neko
    Shield: Shield of Agony's Blood
    Spell: Nezujimbo Contract G
    Pet: Nilak/Fairy Godmother/Knight's Revival

    Previously Used Strategies: nuking in fully defensive

    Would like some tips on how best to approach this boss so that I can unlock the underwrymling pet. Thanks!

    < Message edited by llaa -- 5/10/2019 23:50:49 >
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