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Coming back after 7 years, trying to get my bearings.

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7/12/2019 18:27:20   

Character Link : The Link
Level & Status : 93 X-Guardian
Build : Pure Mage (I think I was a Hybrid but changed in 2011)
Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): Fire (I think)
Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : Not sure, I'll list what level I have for an item if asked.
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) : I looked at my compass, it was leaning Good/Unity (I don't remember what relevence it has)
Notes : I have no idea what I was working with before had, 2011 was a long time ago.
Goals : Get it level 95 and then work on getting relevent gear and spells. I don't know how long Wizard armor can carry me.
Z-Tokens (If Applicable): I could see me buying some.

As noted about, it's been 7+ years since I've played. It looks like the max stats have been increased, should I get INT/DEX to 250?

Thanks in advanced.


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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
7/12/2019 20:01:29   
Legendary Ash

Wizard Robes scale to Lv 70 and start being outleveled at Lv 90+.
For stats raise Int towards 250, afterwards Dex.
Set Awe element to Wind for Weapon, Armor and Shield.

Mankind's Regard
Ice Cream Sceptre/ Arctic Athame from Going Kukoo
Geocastellum Staff/ Mutant King Club
Star Screamer
Greater Bright Blade of Victory
Greater Dark Blade of Victory
Sell Raynar to Eevolu and Xi to Cryo

Prince's Rule
Mankind's Moxie
Horo-show Void Vigilante/ Metal Santa
Morningstar Inheritance
Augur's Taladosian Robes
Waqaya of Horus
Guardian Dread Raiment
Sell Elemental Robes and Invisibility

Mankind's Determination
Father Time
Cutting Edge
Guardian Dread Totem
Sell Blizzard, Invisible to Terror and Cub

Goopy Gumn
Sell Blue and Illuminate

Bacabs' Bother
Ice Cream Golem
Beastly Eye Spy/ Geocastellum Cauldron from Geocastellum Set Part 2
Pikazard from Frogzard Hunter shop
Fairy Godmother for Hp/Mp heal to sustain Guest Summons
Skele-Brain a Darkness Paralysis toggle pet from Chessmaster: Dark Tiding
Sell Muhrbles, Robocockatrice and store Krabb to Sleestak

Layard's Loyalty
Urn of Prevailing Winds > Father's Day Sock returns to LTS shop next year on Father's day
Void Visor
Bell Shell from A Cavernous Chronicle
Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight
Irt of Horus
Essence Orb
Sell Whistle, Helms of Drak and store Snowglobe to Totem
AQ  Post #: 2
7/13/2019 0:32:47   
Primate Murder

Welcome back!

The first thing I notice is your subrace. Several subraces have been revamped over the past few years, but Dracopyre isn't one of them. Instead, I suggest going to Darkovia, doing the Cure and then fully training your Vampire class (best one for FO mages). Complete the advanced quest, and gain a second no-drop armor in the form of your racial transformation - complete with 10 skills, including an Int drive, qc stun and Beast Form that greatly increases your damage!

Yeah, resists start to matter at levels 70-90, so it's a good idea to get the appropriate level armors.

Regarding stats, I'll have to second LA. Dex increases your accuracy, Int increases your accuracy, damage, mp and effect inflictions! So raise your Int to 250, then start on Dex.

If you're feeling that fights are getting difficult, I suggest checking out Commonly Used Startegies. The meta currently is to stun-lock the monster, then destroy it with powerful elelocked skills.


I would suggest switching your no-drop element to energy, as we lack any impressive weapons or shields for that element.

Bloodzerker's Blazing Edge (from Rare GGBs) is the best there is for fire, dealing +25% damage at a negligible hp cost. If you lack a Rare GGB, a Magestaff has great synergy with D-Burst.

For water, you have two excellent choices, mostly based on what nuke you plan on using. Wave Pen provides a bonus to the damage of all water spells (though it's not very good for basic attacks). Kindred Sword, on the other hand, can be charged to autohit without any loss of damage.

The best wind weapons are either seasonal or premium, so the best I can suggest is a Magestaff - to deal increased damage with your wind spells if your class is mage or wizard.

Arctic Athame provides a damage boost to your ice spells.

Terra Bloodzerker sword is an earth clone of the Blazing Edge, making it the best option for the element. If you don't have a Rare GGB, I'd second LA and syggest the Mutant King Club, which compresses an elelocked earth armor - nice, since earth has the largest number of even resist mobs.

Morningstar Occult Cross is a very nice option for light. You can click on it for a 2x damage attack - and that synergizes nicely with Bloodzerker's toggle or Vamp's Beast Form.

Voidsplinter Sunderer (one of your primary priorities for UR GGB) is a darkness sword with a harm toggle. Until you get a UR, Blackbones have a very nice synergy with D-Burst.


Your Vamp no-drop covers both darkness and wind elements, so you don't need armors for them.

If possible, get Blazing Bloodzerker. It deals +20% damage on all weapon attacks for a negligible cost and has a toggle to fire skill-level damage that synergizes with the Morningstar Cross' skill. Unfortunately, it's a UR. In its absense, you have the choice between Headless Horseman (Rare GGB; cheap fire skill) and Overlord armor as suggested by LA (celerity chance and old standard, meaning deals as much damage as FO, but doesn't take any extra damage).

For water, once again, you have several options. Kindred is hands down the strongest armor in the game, bar none, but its 6x damage skill needs to be charged for 5 turns beforehand for maximum output. This makes it very nice for killing bosses, but somewhat tedious for casual questing. Hydromancer Bloodmage deals +50% damage with all spells and has an elelocked water spell - the strongest one for it's element. If you lack a UR GGB, WHEEL has a strong water skill that can be boosted even further by Ironthorn.

Ice has two armors with strong nukes - Cryomancer Bloodmage (ice copy of HydroBM) or, if short on URs, Horo Show (poweful ice skill; boostable by CIT).

The Terra Bloodzerker armors (this week's UR GGBs) is hands down the best armor for earth, but a tertiary priority to Poes and Voidsplinter. Cthonian Count (vampire elemental variant) is a suitable alternative.

Taladosian Robes have the strongest energy skill (again, boostable by Ironthorn).

White Knight Z has the strongest non-Kindred skill in the game (light element), but it costs tokens. A more f2p alternative would be the Solaris armor (at least until top levels).

Generalist Robes are probably a worthwhile choice for the utility slot.


Fireworks Buckler, currently in LTS, compresses fire/light to fit in Ironthorn w/o loosing an element.

For water, I would suggest Celtic Wheel for the Int drive.

Wind doesn't have anything better than the Fujin shield with its Dex drive.

Father Time still works nicely for ice.

For earth, your best choice would be Golem Guard, but it's currently in limbo. Until then, Morningstar Bulwark provides a little damage and heal when you block a hit.

Lantern of Souls gives you a small chance to automatically block an attack.


Summon Poelala is one of your primary priorities if you find a UR GGB. The guest doesn't deal any damage, but it increases the power of all your magical attacks and spells.

Purple Rain is pretty much a necessity for meta, and is pretty useful for stacking effects anyways. Overall, worth a slot.

Moonwalker's Grace is a qc Dex booster - nice synergy with Purple Rain.

Destruction Burst is the single best f2p damage spell. It seeks between fire and darkness and deals+50% damage for a negligible hp cost.

Borrow is a pseudo-burst spell. it deals the same +50% damage, but heals the monster over the next 5 turns - so only use it if you're confident in killing the monster quickly or as a finishing move.

Archmage Research is a harm spell.

Sizzler 'Splosion from the Geocastellum Intro quest is an autohit earth spell. It deals less damage than regular spells, but can come in rather useful against those high MRM wind monsters.

For basic damage spells or SPells, check out either the Spell Scroll quest or the Warrior's Tower.


Poelala pet is among your top prioroties from UR GGBs to increase the damage of your spells.

As for other pets, at low Cha you'll want ones that have unique effects or inflict against monster Cha (usually 0):

Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can be toggled to damage monster sp.

Kindred pet can be toggled between damage and gathering Kindred charges. Even at 0 Cha, it provides enough chrges for your sword to autohit every turn!

Fujin pet inflcits DefLoss against monster Cha, increasing the accuracy of all your attacks. You can also try Sphinx which inflicts Daze against Int.

Fu Dog is the best earth pet, petrifying against Cha, and with a petrification potency to boot, but it's a UR. Hammer Turret is f2p and inflicts paralysis against Cha.

Fairy Godmother toggles between damage, healing hp and healing mp. When Blarney rolls around, you'll want to replace her with Lepre-Chan - a f2p booster for light attacks.


Essence Orb, of course.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that extends to your pet and doesn't /2 for spells.

Power Shard: Dr. Boom gives Int and an energy spell.

Bell Shell heals a little hp based on the damage you deal. The heal is less than that of CoRS, but Bell Shell doesn't reduce your damage, making it better for FO builds.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Taladosian Pendant provides an additional +10 to your chances of inflicting Mesmerize.

For the remaining slots, you'll probably want some damage booster - Sword or Staff Master Emblem, maybe Paladin's Oath.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 3
7/17/2019 16:40:01   

Thank's Primate Murder and Ash, it look like I have lots of Gold to farm. (200 to 250 in stats is expensive) but it's really helpful to have a plan for what to buy, my gear was really out of shape.

Since posting I's gotten to level 105 (Good to reach that milestone before buying MC gear), got my INT to 250, and have started working on getting my elemental armors and weapons down. I might post again down the road.

One question I have, what is the "Cthonian Count (vampire elemental variant)", I can't find any mention of it in the Encyclopedia and looking through the Vampire quest area I can't find it either.

Thanks again, it's a blast playing again,

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
7/17/2019 17:52:58   
Legendary Ash

All subrace armors can be found in their respective subrace leader's shop in Darkovia, for Vampire it would be from Safiria in the Vampire Castle.
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