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Need some advice, returning player.

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7/14/2019 3:03:04   


Been a very long time since I played and I thought id try getting back into it again.
I need advice about everything I guess. What gear, what stats everything.
I was going for Pure Warrior if I remember correctly so Ill continue that.
Goals are to actually max out the chars levels and get decent gears.
I'd be grateful if you told me if I have any rare equipment that I should be saving as Im not going to try and make any changes on my own til I know what im doing again :)
Thanks beforehand


Also if you have any tips on how to play this on mobile I'd appreciate it. Thanks

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
7/14/2019 4:05:58   
Primate Murder

Welcome back!

The first thing you need to know is that the stat cap was raised to 250 - so max out your Str and Dex!

Secondly, the staff have revamped 4 subraces. As Neko is defensive, and vamp/werepyre require mp, I would suggest the werewolf subrace. Go to Darkovia, complete the advanced quest - and receive a second no-drop in form of your subrace transformation, complete with 10 skills including Str/Dex drives, a heal, a qc Snarl that synergizes with the Terror set, and a lvl 10 Beast Form that does skill level damage with all weapon attacks!

For the current meta, I suggest checking out the Commonly Used Strategies page, particularly the Purple Rain part. The basic idea is to stun-lock the monster, then use powerful elelocked skills to crush it.

Before doing anything else, though, visit the Guardian Tower and get the Essence Orb misc. It's the most bs misc released since, well, ever really, allowing you to convert your hp into sp without loosing a turn - which means you can spam skills every single turn!

Honestly, what rare equipment you have is not really anything useful. Unless you plan to wait for trading to come out, feel free to sell everything.


I would suggest switching your Blade of Awe to energy, as that element lacks any exceptional weapons or shields. FO builds generally align it to PWD.

Bloodzerker's Blazing Edge from Rare GGBs is the best fire weapon for FO builds. It deals +20% damage at the expense of taking +(15/1.4)%.

For water, your best choice would be the revamped Kindred sword. It can be charged to autohit (every turn with the Kindred pet!), which can come in rather useful against high MRM monsters. Once you reach level 105, you'll also have the option of Pike Pike once of the best weapons for low Luck builds, it's an old standard weapon that increases the damage you do (and take) by 25%!

Unless you're willing to buy premiumpackages, wind does not have anything particularly outstanding, so you can use either the Fujin Spear (stronger special) or AQxe (slight increase in damage with each turn).

MagnaBlade is your best choice for ice. One of the few remaining old standard FO weapons, it deals +30% damage (at the expense of taking +25/1.4%).

Gloom Glaive is an earth spear that toggles to harm. Situational, but quite usful - and Wind monsters generally have a low Ranged defense.

Light has several good options, but I'd suggest Zabura's Hammer. You can click on it to activate a blinding skill - which is nice by itself, but particularly good in that the skill stacks with Beast Form or Bloodzerker's toggle for fairly high damage.

Terror Eater (token) is the best darkness weapon for werewolf builds due to really good synergy with quickcast Snarl. It's something to incorporate into the Purple Rain loop - cast first Purple Rain, equip Terror Visage misc for fear potency, cast both Snarls, transfome into Beast Form, (use whatever you usually use in the loop), cast Purple Rain again. Then equip CIT, use boosters and damage misc - and you can deal some really op damage by using Eat Fear, easily one shotting most monsters in the game! With Bloodzerkers and Imbue spells, you can even turn the nuke into fire, earth, light or energy elements! ...And if you're the kind of a person who dislikes complicated set-ups, Agony's Embrace is a modern FO weapon that deals +15% damage.


Blazing Bloodzerker is the best fire armor in the game. It deals +20% damage on all weapon attacks for a negligible hp cost, and has a toggle for 2x fire damage - one that synergizes very well with the Zabura Hammer's skill or Eat Terror.

For water, I'd suggest two armors - one for active, one for storage; switch when needed. Kindred is hands down the strongest armor in the game, bar none, but its 6x damage skill of weapon element needs to be charged for 5 turns beforehand for maximum output. This makes it very nice for killing bosses (like the Staff Challenge), but somewhat tedious for casual questing. It's at least worth keeping in storage. For more casual questing WHEEL is a better option. It's water skill is old standard, meaning it gets elecomp to damage and can be firther boosted by CIT.

For wind, check out the UR GGB for Grenwog Rider. It's a rather usful armor that toggles between earth/wind elements and has skills for both. using a skill in corresponding element (wind in wind, or earth and earth) gives it an elecomp bonus to damage.

Horo Show Void Vigilante has the strongest ice skill in the game, hands down, and can be further boosted by CIT.

For earth you're most likely to use your werewolf no-drop, though I figure I'd mention the Terra Bloodzerker armor in URs - an earth clone of the Blazing Bloodzerker.

Taladosian Robes are pretty much an energy clone of Horo Show - strong skill, boostable.

White Knight Z (tokens) has the strongest light skill in the game, and the strongest skill, period (not counting Kindred).

For darkness, Angel of Souls is a pretty good choice, with hp-costing darkness skill.


Fireworks Buckler, currently in LTS, compresses fire/light to fit in CIT w/o loosing an element.

For water, I would suggest Celtic Wheel, as it provides mp to cast Moonwalker's Grace when paired with an Int misc.

The Fujin shield with its Dex drive is the best wind option we have.

Horo Show (harm + sp regen on block) and Cryo Chrono (chance to paralyze on block) are both good options for ice.

Mornigstar Bulwark is a good option for earth, harming the monster and healing you a little when you block.

For werewolves, the Terror set's shield (tokens) is the best darkness options. It's an inverse of Terror Eater - instead of eating fear to harm the monster, it eats fear to heal you - and without that *0.9 penalty that most heals get. Not to mention that it's quickcast - doesn't take a single turn! If you're feeling particularly ridiculous, you can try stacking enough fear to heal the damage cap.


Call Dunamis and Call Thernda are your first priorities for a UR GGB. They summon guests that deal no damage, but instead boost your damage - melee and ranged respectively.

Purple Rain is one of the staples of the meta.

Moonwalker's Grace is a qc Dex booster.

The Warrior Tower's z-token SPells are among some of the best options for a warrior, particularly the imbues. For example, you can use Horo Show's skill with Fire Dragon Talon, dealing elecomped fire damage and 50% extra. Or Terror Fist with WKZ - deal high darkness damage in a light armor and inflict Fear that you can stack with Snarl and Eat for high damage/heal.

If you're searching for more basic sp-costing nukes - the gold-costing Warrior Tower spells are just that, covering every element except harm.

Finally, when you get higher level with high Luck, you may want to check out Arms of the Dragonguard, whcih make your next attack a guaranteed LS.


As somebody with 0 Cha, you'd benefit the most from booster pets - unfortunately both Dunamis and Thernda pets are premium, costing $50 each. Presuming you aren't planning to spend a hundred bucks, I would suggest pets with either unique effects or ones that inflict statuses vs monster Cha (usually 0).

Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can harm monster sp.

Kindred pet toggles to provide charges for your Kindred weapon/armor/shield.

Fujin pet inflicts DefLoss against monster Cha.

For ice, I'd have to say Ice Cream Golem (daze toggle against End). It's not perfect, but we lack anything better.

Fu Dog is easily the best earth pet in the game, with anti-Cha petrification toggle and potency - great synergy with Grenwog's wind nuke.

PikaZard (paralysis chance against End) - again, not perfect, but the best we have.

When Blarney comes around, you'll want to pick up Lepre-Chan - the only f2p booster in the game. Until then, Fairy Godmother suffices.

Model 294 inflicts EleVuln against End, but we don't have anything better.


As mentioned in the beginning, Essence Orb is your first priority.

Resistance miscs are somewhat extraneous now - the battles tend to end way too fast for them to make a difference. If you really want one, pick up Cyclops' Eye to cover every element.

When you reach level 105, grab Shadowfeeder Pendant - its qc celerity is the best meta enabler we have in the game.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that extends to your pet and doesn't /2 for SPells.

Sniper's Scope provides both bth and damage to ranged attacks.

At lvl 102 you can use Minotaur's Pride to cover all melee attack damage boosting. Until then, something like Sword Master Emblem suffices.

Terror Visage gives Fear Potency - greatly increasing your chances of inflicting Snarl. If you decide to forgo the Terror Set, Bell Shell heals a little hp based on the damage you deal. The heal is less than that of CoRS, but Bell Shell doesn't reduce your damage, making it better for FO builds.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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AQ DF  Post #: 2
7/14/2019 6:08:00   

Thanks for all the information, I could use a bit of assistance in where to find alot of the stuff on the list if you would be so kind. :)
I have about 50k ztokens so that wont be an issue. Just having the worst luck trying to get into the ultra rare ggb shop.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
7/14/2019 8:05:22   
Primate Murder

Ask and I shall enlighten thee.

Yeah, I hear you. When Hydromancer Bloodmage came out, I had to sell my house and rares to get a single UR GGB.
AQ DF  Post #: 4
7/17/2019 6:50:15   

Where do I find the Magna Blade, Zabura's Hammer and Terror Eater ?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
7/17/2019 7:54:49   
Primate Murder

MagnaBlade: Travel Map > Sail East > Stonerule > Riona > What do you feel > War of the Giants > Part 2

Zabura's Hammer: Granemor -> Right Arrow -> Click on the Graveyard (Fight a couple of battles) -> Click on the statue -> Return to Order

Terror Eater: Travel Map > Terror Set.
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