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Burning Solstice Pt. 5: The Choice to Fall

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9/2/2019 2:04:05   

The Choice to Fall

Location: Yulgars Inn » Go to lounge » Sage Uldor » Burning Solstice » The Choice to Fall

«Jalek, as seen when he was revealed to be Panic, is standing alone in a magical cell.»

«At this point, if you already finished the quest once, you receive a prompt to skip the entire quest straight to the second phase of the final boss fight. Finishing the quest means reaching the standard reward shop. (You do not need to have accessed the BONUS shop)»

Guards (Offscreen): Intruder! Get him!
Guards (Offscreen): It’s one of War’s servants! Sound the alarms!
??? (Offscreen): Ah ah ah. We’ll have none of that irony.

«Green light flashes through the bars.»

??? (Offscreen): Now let me through.
Guards (Offscreen): ...Yes, master.

«Zhilo enters, followed by two green-eyed Vartai.»

Jalek: So you’ve finally come.
Zhilo the Axemaster: You haven’t made it very easy.
Jalek: Is that sarcasm, or what passes for mocking a bound king?
Zhilo the Axemaster: No, monster, I respect your tactics. You’ve got a great cover, playing the prisoner while corrupting a nation and its allies. But it’s over now.
Jalek: ...What are you going on about...? Spare me the complete nonsense. What have you come to do? Take me back? Recycle me? Or just end it?
Zhilo the Axemaster: How about turning your cover into your reality?
Zhilo the Axemaster: Spending your third life in prison seems like a fitting punishment for spending two of them threatening the world.
Zhilo the Axemaster: Assuming you survive this.

«Zhilo holds his weapon forward.»

Jalek: I thought he’d messed with mine, but what did War even do with YOUR head?
«You» (offscreen): I thought I saw corrupt Vartai somewhere...
Zhilo the Axemaster: Oh for the love of-

«You enter the room.»

«You»: That hunch paid off. I didn’t want to think you’d stoop this low, Zhilo.
Zhilo the Axemaster: You made getting here honorably too likely to end in casualties. I had no choice but to do it this way. Guards, get him/her!
    TWO BATTLES: Corrupt Vartai
    Full Heal
«Energy drains from Jalek, who becomes a normal Vartai, and is absorbed by Zhilo, whose appearance alters to a combination of his armor and War's.»

Jalek: Gah... That felt disgusting.
«You»: Zhilo! Can you just explain what you’re doing already?!
Zhilo the Warmaster: So little left... But still enough. I should have all I need now, but... Oh, what’s this?
Zhilo the Warmaster: No, this is just... leftovers. The brute was honest? A new Panic... I might be in trouble if they find me first.
«You»: ...I can be patient when a friend does it, but if you’re going to keep rambling like I’m not here?
«You»: At least have the decency of doing the entire mad villain routine and spill your plan.
Zhilo the Warmaster: Stop calling me that! Even while I try to save the world, I still get no recognition...
«You»: You were always respected as a strong warrior, but that’s all you ever tried to be. You just focused on honing your skills and getting stronger.
«You»: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a good warrior, but it doesn’t make you a hero unless you put it to good use.
Zhilo the Warmaster: That’s what I’m doing right now! I’m the- I’m letting you get to me. That’s how Panic works, I- heheh... I can feel it. And how Carnage enjoyed it-
Zhilo the Warmaster: No, keep it together. I’m done here. I can ignore you until the effects-
«You»: ...Enough of trying to reason with you. Ignore THIS.
    ONE BATTLE: Zhilo the Warmaster
    Full Heal
Zhilo the Warmaster: Gah. Stop trying to pin me here. We can talk again when Panic’s influence wears away. I’m looking forward to seeing you act like yourself again, «You».
«You»: Influence? Jalek isn’t the one corrupting people right now.
Jalek: I’m also still right here...
Zhilo the Warmaster: These Vartai were already under his spell, like the rest of you. But now that they’ve helped me get in... Fair enough.
Zhilo the Warmaster: I needed them to find this place and get in. I don’t need them to get back out.
Zhilo the Warmaster: They may go free, now that their former master is powerless.

«Shadows cover the Corrupted Vartai, returning them to normal. Another surge covers Zhilo, who is gone when they disappear.»

Jalek: At the mercy of humans and spared, twice now. I’m beginning to think I earned this humiliation.
«You»: You think?
Jalek: But there was something about this one, so much like War, only... broken. I can’t figure out what he’s up to.
«You»: I have an idea of where he’s going next. I can beat him there if I hurry.

«Inside a cave shelter, the camera pans over injured and sitting orcs and other refugees before settling on Panic and the player character at one of the entrances.»

«You»: ...So you’ve been guarding this cave since I left you?
Panic: I found it the next morning. These people are strong, but with the amount of injured... They barely have anyone free to fight. They’re wary, but they saw the forest let me through.
«You»: I hate to say it, but you might have to abandon them. I can call for help or guard them in your place.
«You»: A warrior has been stealing the power of War’s servants. He’s not normally evil, but there’s something strange going on with him. And I know he’s coming for you next.
Panic: I’m endangering these people with my presence, then. I... This may get me killed, but I may have to surrender myself to the Vartai.
«You»: I’ve already told them that you seem trustworthy. I rushed here while they got reinforcements ready, so you’ll meet up with the alliance soon if you run now.
Zhilo the Warmaster (offscreen): What... What is going on here?!
Panic: Too late for that...

«Zhilo enters.»

Zhilo the Warmaster: You perverse MONSTER.
Panic: Stay back, warrior! These people are here to take shelter from your war, not get caught up in it all over again!
«You»: It’s no use, he’s way beyond reason. Zard spit... Get the people out of here, this is going to get ugly.
Zhilo the Warmaster: Hiding amongst the sick and injured, corrupting the fallen... I thought Carnage was a fiend, that the prior Panic was manipulative... But you... YOU!
Zhilo the Warmaster: I won’t spare a SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

«Zhilo raises his axe, beginning a tremor and summoning a portal through which an armored dragon shows its head. Flames begin to spread.»

Zhilo the Warmaster: DIE.
«You»: Are you INSANE?!
Zhilo the Warmaster: NO. I am WAR. And you will all be purged in flame!
Panic: We have to get rid of them, now!«The battle ends prematurely when the dragon takes significant damage. The cavern is destabilizing further.»

«You»: Zard spit, that thing is tough...
Panic: It’s no use, I can’t push him back while trying to keep the fire away from everyone...
War?: No more stalling. I will chop you both into pieces and remake you in my service.
«You»: ...I guess this is it.
War?: Yes... I will not be denied.
«You»: Panic. Run for it.
Panic: What? You can’t fight both him AND-
«You»: No time. He’s after you, that thing’s fixated on the others. Lead him away. Don’t stop running, no matter what.
«You»: Then I’ll keep this thing busy until everyone’s safe.
Panic: ...
Panic: Don’t lose.

«Panic flees to the right.»
«War? turns his head»

War?: Get back here!

«War? then chases Panic offscreen.»

«You»: I knew it. Way too far gone. Now...
«You»: EVERYONE, RUN! I’ll hold this thing off!

«A crowd runs past the dragon, fleeing behind you.»«After dealing more damage to the boss, the fight ends early once again. From this point onward, defeat automatically leads to a view of a bridge in the Void, panning upwards while the phrase 'Death awaits...' is displayed. The quest ends at that point, presenting the standard reward shop. The remainder of the fight is an optional challenge.»
«Before each of the following phases, you need to make an Endurance Check. Failure causes Health damage before entering the fight. See the War-Torn Dragon's entry for details on each roll.»
    ONE BATTLE: War-Torn Dragon (Phase 3, then 4, and then 5)
    Full Heal after each phase.
«As you progress through the phases of the battle, the cave starts getting further and further damaged, rocks start falling from its ceiling and jagged red light effects begin to creep around the edges of the view.»
«If you beat all phases of the battle, you are presented with the following scene:»

«You face the War-torn dragon while the view of the cavern is considerably dimmer than it was so far.»

«You»: I can’t go on... Can barely see you anymore...
«You»: But... heh. Can you hear that rumbling, monster? They’re safe now.
«You»: Because I’m taking you down with me...

«The cave collapses, killing both of you. You unlock the BONUS shop.»

Burning Solstice: The Choice to Fall

  • Jalek's Panic Reaver [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Warmaster's Burst [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

    Burning Solstice: The Choice to Fall BONUS

  • Jalek's Panic Reaver [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Warmaster's Burst [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Immovable Hero [L. 0]

  • Play Again!
  • Replay fight with War-Torn Dragon
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write up thanks to Cray.

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