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NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ

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11/4/2019 7:59:25   

JUST FOR FUN. Well...... Who knows?? ARTIX might look at our wish list and begins to think with it tremendously!!!

I decided to put a choices for simplicity since I couldn't create a poll. (1) WISH ONLY PLEASE!!!


B. THE BEGINNING OF 3-YEAR EPIC SAGA THAT WILL CONCLUDE ON YEAR 2022 (October 2022 to be exact, just in time to celebrate AQ's 20th Birthday)

C. OTHER: ___________________


Try not to become a man of success
but rather try to become a man of value.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
11/4/2019 9:05:42   

Dracopyre. I am curious on how it will be updated. I have quite a number of questions about it.

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Post #: 2
11/4/2019 9:59:12   

In order:

1- stat system update for more build variety.

2- paladin and/or necromancer update.

3- dracopyre update.

4- more FO ranged weapons.

5- more quests that build on already existing lore, like the burning solstice saga.
Trading system.
AQ  Post #: 3
11/4/2019 10:33:02   

1) Paxia class

2) better ranged weapons

3) dracopyre
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 4
11/4/2019 10:46:24   

I'd like to see a renewal and complete integration of classes into the game(over the long term), apart from that a resource system for warriors and rangers different from mp mecanically and flavourfuly, because spamming normal attacks is very boring.

If they finally released the blacksmithing feature they already have in mind though(or a beta version of it) it would already be great.
AQ  Post #: 5
11/4/2019 10:57:30   

1) Stats upgrade is def. number 1 priority.
2) More armors, weapons, misc items and other stuff for beastmasters.
3) More bosses like that Dragon Zhilo summoned. It was great to try out and use different tactics and not just usual strategy we use against most bosses.
Post #: 6
11/4/2019 17:34:39   

1) Books with AQ timeline like DF.
2) New Classes and revamped Awe Set.
3) Improve clan and estate.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
11/4/2019 18:11:12   

Polls are a no go guys, so please expand on why you want to see something. A poll also wouldn't help the staff all that much. This is a dission board after all not a "list" board Have some fun with it but actually discuss it.~afterlifex

Out of mod mode, Please do I try each year to get people to speak up before it's too late. This is the time of year to be heard.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
11/4/2019 18:38:14   

Speaking of the estates - What about the Museum update?

I would love it if we could have all our paintings, including the portal ones, be laid out on walls within the museum for everyone to see. Perhaps another wall could just be our faces.
AQ MQ  Post #: 9
11/4/2019 18:44:08   
Lord Markov

Definitely want to see that stat update happen. The fact we've had complete radio silence on it for several months now is kind of discouraging. At this point I'd be happy to see any kind of update on that.

Ultraguardian equipment revamp/update would also be nice to see but ultimately second priority to getting stats done.

Also want to finally get that Firebat pet for Vamp subrace but we all know that has less chance of happening at this point than a Revenant revamp.
AQ  Post #: 10
11/4/2019 20:21:19   

1. More 100% proc weapons/FD armor

2. Revamping some old classes

3. Trading
AQ  Post #: 11
11/4/2019 20:29:44   

Would love to see a Dracopyre update. Hopefully they can keep the two flavors with Gracefang and Nightreign like the Nekos.

One could be an offensive beast master focus (STR and CHA for Nightreign) and the other could be a tank (DEX and END for Gracefang) or something.

The subrace updates have been really cool so far, and updating Dracopyre with two flavors could round out the subraces with some interesting abilities and choices. Maybe even incorporating different types of dragon elements in attacks for example? Maybe like - earth, dark, fire, and energy for Nightreign and light, wind, water, and ice for Gracefang?
AQ  Post #: 12
11/4/2019 21:25:11   
Spiritual Guardian

1: Stat revamp (can't be said enough)

2: The rest of the Ultraguardian/Awe !!! equipment (so we can actually swapped between them like before)

3: Pyromancer Bloodmage - Despite the special treatment mages get in this game, barring this armor forever from everybody who wasn't there to battle Caecus in 2016 when all the Bloodzerker armors will inevitably be released in the UR GGB shop would be silly, simply for the fact that IMR already confirmed that the Archmage class has been scrapped. So these armors are pretty much the closest thing mages will ever have to it, especially when the MP/SP bars get cut in half and Pyromancer's Robe imbue (without resorting to broken in-game items) won't be as viable to use any more.
Post #: 13
11/4/2019 23:39:31   


3: Pyromancer Bloodmage - Despite the special treatment mages get in this game,

I don't believe this is true anymore as the staff have been moving to address this. Warriors now have nukes stronger than mages at about the same ease of access. Bloodzerker and Morningstar cross is stronger than pyromancer bloodmage for example and WKZ has always stronger than lumenomancer. And witht eh new imbues to alter WKZ is can now hit multiple elements.

While it is true WKZ and the imbue spells costs tokens, so do the UR GGB to get bloodmage armors.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
11/5/2019 1:02:35   

For me, I only have just ONE WISH and that is the REALIZATION OF TRADING SYSTEM NEXT YEAR because I'm already super excited to trade my various Unobtainable RARES in exchange for ARTIX POINTS from a very generous player/s (if ever the management will add this kind of option in the Trading System)!!!

Sig removed, once per page please.
edit: check you're PM box I got your previous PM, it's all connected ~afterlifex

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 15
11/5/2019 7:38:43   
Spiritual Guardian

@Kurtz: I'm well aware of the skill power ranking which uses broken items like Chieftain's IronThorn for example and pre-lean armors that didn't get updated yet, because WKZ would be more like Ebil Knight (from what I been told) if it were to be changed which has a much weaker skill, just to do more damage than Pyromancer Bloodmage.

Basically, warriors has to bank on the staff never changing these type of equipment just to keep up with or surpass mages which they can also use to. In short, having 8 warrior (even 8 ranger zerker if the staff ever gets around to that) and 7 permanent mage armors at end-game would be strange to say the least. Since I don't want to bring the mood down here, I'll stop right there.

While the gap between mages and other builds are improving, which is good, there still is room for improvement that I hope gets addressed in the future. However, I'm going to leave a last remark (not just to you kurtz, so don't take it the wrong way, but to everyone else too) about something I noticed since I came back earlier this year. Please stop assuming ignorance to everybody who isn't a regular user, since this can create unnecessary problems, especially since some of these people could end up knowing more about specific things about the game than yourself.
Post #: 16
11/5/2019 8:32:45   

As a long time support of necromancers, I always wish to see an update of the traditional necromancer class. Obviously, it's a big undertaking (tier: III, 20 skills and all). I came up with my own take on the class, but I'd be happy so long as it were updated. In terms of details:

i). Include some of the abilities of liches, who are supposed to be powerful necromancers in their own right. Necromantic aura and spirit rend, for example
ii). Some emphasis on pets/guests but also the ability to sacrifice them to increase your own strength
ii). That iconic final lich form, as well as a reference to the old class with the retention of skills like undead giant.
AQ  Post #: 17
11/5/2019 13:33:57   

Kurtz, mages can use those exact same equips lol. All it means is that they can choose between mp and sp nukes or use both like in my build.
AQ  Post #: 18
11/5/2019 16:44:17   

1.) Definiately more emphasis on classes.
Back in the old timesI've got hooked on AQ because of classes, they gave a nice flavor to the game. I would not mind waiting weeks, or even months to be able to enjoy classes once again.

2.) Stat rewamp.
I'd also like to see more viable builds. Being a beastmaster, I'd like to use status effect pets yet again.

3.) Smithing/crafting.
I can see myself playing the game more, if this feature was implemented and could yield viable custom equipment, especially armors.
AQ  Post #: 19
11/5/2019 19:16:33   
Solar Boy
Vorpal Edges Biggest Fan!

Of all the mythical, never-gonna-happen-iest, FSI-violation-iest proposed updates of AQ's long history, trading is the one I long for the most.

Item upgrading and shared vaults were some of the most exciting updates ever for me. I imagine trading would be like that turned up to 11.
AQ AQW  Post #: 20
11/5/2019 20:45:50   
Phlox Lover

I would rather classic VOID! than anything else.

SME, Sarah, Gilgamesh, Naga Witch Queen, Rakk, Salek, all at level 150
Post #: 21
11/6/2019 0:26:05   

We got two Thursday the 12th for 2020, so undead wars would be much appreciated. Maybe even an undead dragon war as well.

AQ  Post #: 22
11/6/2019 7:20:38   

Number 1 is stat revamp
Post #: 23
11/6/2019 7:44:52   

Guys, please don't make this thread a "dissing list"!!! Anyhoo, hoping the others to make their wish brief and concise. I know you have a lot of wishful thinking in mind but as much as possible, maybe you could express just (1) WISH ONLY to make it more specific. I mean your "No.1 priority" that you want to happen and experience in AQ next year.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 24
11/7/2019 12:46:03   

For my one wish I'd wish to have a chance to fight some of the older void bosses that are not available at the present so we can have a chance to face them in order to get certain armors like; Pyromancer Bloodmage or Chaos Knight etc.

EDIT: I mean they already brought back one of the older void takeovers, the Rhubzard. It returned and that one doesnt really give anything special... its only a not so good spell and apparently also a new pet?
If they brought back such an insignificant void takeover then surely we should hope for the takeovers that actually give good items... like armors... at least I hope for that is my wish!

Am I wrong for wishing this? Are there anyone that would take ill offense if this did happen? Because I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

EDIT 2: There could also be a simple solution such as sometimes putting the portal painting to certain void takeovers in the limited time shop from time to time so those people that want to access certain fights again to get the reward shop can do so by spending some z-tokens on purchasing the neccesary portal painting(s).

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Post #: 25
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