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RE: =AQ= Gift Delivery Finale + New Year's Gear

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1/3/2020 14:53:32   


Kay Oh: @Hollow with all the new items coming out recently, would you be able to increase vault storage? I may or may not have a hoarding problem

^ increasing it by 25 would make more sense. To then equal 100 vault slots per category maximum, make it a nice number like 100

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1/3/2020 16:54:09   
Bu Kek Siansu

+1 for increasing the Inventory Slots & Vault Slots by 25 or more per category maximum.

Hollow, would it be possible to make a new Spirit of HOLIDAY misc for a +25% boost during January?
Then, other Spirit of HOLIDAY miscs for a +25% boost during May, June, August.

Currently, we have 8 Spirit of HOLIDAY miscs for a +25% boost:
  • Spirit of Love > a +25% boost during February
  • Spirit of Luck > a +25% boost during March
  • Spirit of Grenwog > a +25% boost during April
  • Spirit of Freedom > a +25% boost during July
  • Spirit of Change > a +25% boost during September
  • Spirit Of Mogloween > a +25% boost during during October
  • Spirit Of Harvest > a +25% boost during November
  • Spirit Of Frostval > a +25% boost during December

    Why not if there isn't a specific reason since there is a weird/unique reason for the Spirit of Freedom?

    11/26/2019 1:15:36 > http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22371630

    Spirit of Freedom:
    Instead of Frostval in July, how about some July in Frostval? This ethereal charm grants you resistance to Energy attacks and love of freedom for all! It also normally gives +10% gold from battles when in your active inventory (top 8 misc item slots), and a +25% boost during July!

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    1/3/2020 17:17:39   

    War's over, so:


    Boss is a pushover, just another Frost Commander, as for the rewards:
    Armor - Lord of Thunder, FD, with a burn-inflicting skill
    Shield - Thunder Lord's Crest, you regain 33 sp (at least with the highest lvl version) after your turn if the enemy is burned
    So basically this years delivery set is an energy-burn one
    Over the last 9 years we had giftbox sets for every element except Earth, Light and Darkness. Don't think we're getting one of those this time as well. Only thing left to do is wait I guess.

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    AQ  Post #: 53
    1/3/2020 18:15:49   

    I think stormhand is my favorite title out of the available ones,...and no, that's not just because that's the one I qualified for :P
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 54
    1/3/2020 18:52:41   

    This set is all about burning.

    Does anyone know where is the Frostval Painting?
    Post #: 55
    1/3/2020 19:02:43   
    Kay Oh

    Frostval painting will be added (according to Cray)
    AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 56
    1/3/2020 19:08:53   

    i would be willing to spend money (and maybe z tokens) to be able to get (or purchase) all 8-12 spirit of items year round would make things easier (and not a lot of token package items that interest me except for the ramsey pet for now) (i only have spirit of frostival)

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    1/3/2020 19:11:27   


    While we dig the painting out of Kam's digestive system, how did you all like this year's Frostval? The team did a great job bringing my crazy ideas to life, and I'm eager to read if everyone had fun.
    Post #: 58
    1/3/2020 19:14:22   

    i'm a little disappointed that (totally not odin) didn't become a santa figure at some point, since santa is at least somewhat based off Odin, but maybe that'll happen later, otherwise I liked the idea of this year's frostvale a lot
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 59
    1/3/2020 19:20:38   
    lifetime dreamer

    So the war is over and I haven't heard a peep about the Giftboxen opening...
    AQ  Post #: 60
    1/3/2020 19:34:36   


    I personally like part 2 where we had to choose a position to attack or defend against the enemy. It is a nice way to feel like we are in war, without adding the War meter part.

    I hope there will be more quest similar to that.
    Post #: 61
    1/3/2020 19:35:03   

    Eh, they'll open when they're ready.

    An Earth set designed after The Witcher or The Mandalorian would be awesome, or maybe like a Loki themed set to match with the Odin theme.

    I loved the whole Norse design of the story this year, hopefully Not Odin can come back in future events. I can imagine him trying to reclaim Thunder Mountain from Krenos.

    AQ  Post #: 62
    1/3/2020 19:42:42   

    the painting must be pretty delicious. just make sure you clean the painting afterwards. once it gets out.
    Post #: 63
    1/3/2020 19:49:43   

    The painting is out
    AQ  Post #: 64
    1/3/2020 20:19:14   

    Do frostval paintings only take you to the event of that year?
    AQ  Post #: 65
    1/3/2020 20:23:15   

    @ Cray I liked the idea of multiple branch points in a quest. Very good mechanic to introduce into quests. I think that motivated me out of hibernation for a little bit of war :D

    Edit: Dig the titles for the war effort :D

    < Message edited by zekefreed777 -- 1/3/2020 21:08:13 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 66
    1/3/2020 20:24:55   

    @lolerster, yes
    AQ  Post #: 67
    1/3/2020 20:29:52   

    Merry Frostval to everyone! 'Tis is truly a season of gibbing, as 'ol Sham said.
    I really like how this year's questline played out, and the way the hero deliver their sick burn to the villian? Classic!
    Now, if only the old holiday villians would make their appearance again...
    Post #: 68
    1/3/2020 21:15:31   

    frostival is the only event that normally has a new painting portal every year. (mogloween got a 2019 painting but i'm not counting it yet)
    Post #: 69
    1/3/2020 21:23:11   

    where are the weapons for this frostval set??
    Post #: 70
    1/3/2020 21:50:16   
      The Hollow
    AQ Lead

    Hadn't planned on releasing any other Spirit Miscs after all 8 elements were available, but I'll talk with the team about possible ideas to add 4 more so we have every month covered. Captain Rhubarb will deliver your Frostval wish - adding more inventory slots to make 100 total for each category! No ETA for the extra slots yet as Cap suffered a nasty fall this week, injuring his foot, and he has been dealing with a lot of pain. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

    < Message edited by The Hollow -- 1/5/2020 14:42:20 >
    AQ  Post #: 71
    1/3/2020 22:09:44   
    Dr Disrespect

    Any ETA for the opening of the guardian gift boxes?

    < Message edited by Dr Disrespect -- 1/3/2020 22:12:02 >
    Post #: 72
    1/3/2020 22:12:05   

    It's a minor thing, but I really appreciate that this year's Frostval events were all set in the north. The last couple years were fun and all, but the snow really sets the mood for me.
    Post #: 73
    1/3/2020 23:19:27   

    @ Hollow that's great news about the slots! I hope Captain Rhubarb recovers, though.

    @Nick.dant The weapons are in the Frostval Decorate the BattleOn Tree quest in Today's Event.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 74
    1/3/2020 23:31:59   

    i hope the cap gets better.

    oh maybe the other 4 (if they get added can each have 2 of the elements.) maybe they can get void (unless that is too op)

    still i myself would like to get the other miscs. at anytime (that would be neat. unless that would be trouble) i don't know about the other players though.

    still a great event
    Post #: 75
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