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RE: Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza

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2/21/2020 9:31:30   

^ I completely agree with you on the "8 different versions" part. That is way too much.

In my opinion, it would be better to combine them all into a single armour. Sort of like, a magic focus version of the Chaos Armour years ago. The elements shift randomly every battle.

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Post #: 151
2/21/2020 16:18:56   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Thanks for being patient folks - Infinita Staff and Maw of Chaos are now in the GGBs!
AQ  Post #: 152
2/21/2020 16:33:27   

Maw of chaos looks interesting, if you're looking to hit any harder than you already can do with prime chaos orb misc.

Honestly wish that the Infinita Staff, in it's magic form gave the SP restoration but regardless I still like the staff weapon.
Post #: 153
2/21/2020 16:40:07   

Depending on how the effect works on Infinita staff I may get it...

The Maw of Chaos looks interesting, but I need to get a UGG 1st for a lot of stuff lol. It's hard choosing what to get...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 154
2/21/2020 16:40:13   

I just bought both for collection purposes but cant test either since im at work, how much mana does the staff recover? it sounds like a good utility weapon to free up a misc slot
Post #: 155
2/21/2020 16:49:00   

Depending on how much damage you can do with the staff and what your set up is, like CIT, prime chaos orb, blood contract, power gaunlet, etc.

Easily healed from near empty mana bar to full in werepyre subrace. So not bad. It's a on hit vampiric weapon.
Post #: 156
2/21/2020 16:56:18   

Maw of chaos seems like a good option for BiS darkness weapon as it is more consistent than agony's embrace (not being dependent for % HP). Still have to see info subs to see how much it boost by and whether it works for darkness spells/skills. If it does, then you can click on it, then switch to blade of Briar or morningstar cross imbued with terror blade.
It is basically a bloodblade or -mancer blade.

Infinita staff seems cool but I barely ever click the attack button so I will probably pass on it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 157
2/21/2020 16:58:29   

maw of chaos has a special though. So I'd say agony is still better, but why not use both of them at the same time hehe
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 158
2/21/2020 17:07:46   
.*. .*. .*.
Pfft hahaha!

Maw of Chaos boosts 1.15% by sacrificing 52 hp. Spells gets half the bonus and magic weapon attacks receives slightly larger boost. It can also transform to ranged and magic damage type.
My only problem with Maw of Chaos is its design, regarding that the actual game menu is in the way every turn I want to boost it.
It seems the boost locks to darkness.

Infinita staff is insane! This one will be needing some tweaking, because of the massive MP heal you can achieve by combining certain items.
For now I will keep it in my active inventory.
I love the way it looks!

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Post #: 159
2/21/2020 17:14:12   

Okay, Infinita staff scythe mode is a killer.
AQ DF  Post #: 160
2/21/2020 17:21:12   

Honestly if the MP healing was tweaked on the staff, there's still essence of carnage and rejuvinating necklace that also benefit from combining certain items and provide MP healing just as good or if not better than the Infinita Staff.
Post #: 161
2/21/2020 17:27:35   
.*. .*. .*.
Pfft hahaha!

Well if the infinita staff remains as it is right now, then I will not complain.
Just tried it on my character with high dex and str....wow is all I can say!
Post #: 162
2/21/2020 19:42:48   

Is the SP healing that good? My character is a werewolf warrior. I have 2 rares to spare at the moment.
Post #: 163
2/21/2020 19:46:56   

I got it based on recommendations on here, and I was not disappointed in spending a rare for it...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 164
2/21/2020 21:10:06   

Essence of Carnage's mana regen is stronger than Infinita Staff's.
AQ  Post #: 165
2/21/2020 21:11:18   

What about SP?
Post #: 166
2/21/2020 23:04:04   

the SP healing is INSANE.

EDIT: If the Hyperalphean weapon from this year's Frostval Giftboxes had the same effect, I would consider it much more useful.

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AQW  Post #: 167
2/21/2020 23:45:57   

With Essence of Carnage & the Infinita Staff I can sustain werepyre beast form & a misc easily

Dread Fiend of Nulgath's backlash is also kinda fun against Queen Hybee

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 168
2/22/2020 0:27:35   

Bought the staff. Wow it is good! The healing is great! Nice alternative if you don't want to use Essence Orb.
Post #: 169
2/22/2020 0:28:31   


My one solace is that Prime Chaos orb (the one chaos item of the GGB that I didn't suggest) ended up being incredible and thematically appropriate. I'm really happy for the person that suggested it.
That was me! Although this was not what I had suggested, it turned out to be pretty great. Think the effect really embodies the power of Chaos and unpredictability

EDIT: Would it be possible to have the items in the GGBs alphabetized? There are so many items these days and they all level scale now. it would make it easier to sort through. Or maybe organized by element?

< Message edited by battlesiege15 -- 2/22/2020 0:34:05 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 170
2/22/2020 0:44:24   

Axe of Cerberus still says 16-32 damage on Melee mode on a lv150 character, though the damage it does is ultimately correct when used to hit.
AQ  Post #: 171
2/22/2020 14:48:18   

I can not believe how useful the chaos orb is to me.
Yes there are unupdated guests and pets I like to use for their uniqueness or art-style and that item alone made using them MUCH more viable. 1 turn summon time? not as important if you can switch elements at random!

Thank you so much for that!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 172
2/22/2020 18:58:05   

I have a suggestion as a improvement to playstyle. I think the infinita staff is great, but it is not that usefull for end mages, as they use more spells and skills to defeat the enemies. So i think it could be a sustein for the vampire evolution. I think the evolution now is not usefull, because of the high spent of sp, and the healling is not that high to use essence orb to keep the transformation, so i think instead of using sp the evolution could use mp to keep it.

In my point of view it is only one more kind of playstyle and not op, with it the mages could use more the vampire subrace for fun and not only control enemies.
Post #: 173
2/22/2020 19:55:33   

If anything concerning the Infinita Staff, they could've just made the SP and MP and the Magic - Range separate toggle options. So pure mages could use the magic form to heal SP rather than having to go to range form instead and do not so good range damage since STR contributes to range damage which pure mages don't have any of it. And for whatever reason if you're a warrior that uses some mana, use range form with MP toggle.

Probably a very unlikely change. Either way I'm okay if it remains how it is right now.
Post #: 174
2/22/2020 21:03:47   

Yep, there are a few possibilities. My ideia was trying to not change the item, thinking in not pure mages that maybe want the staff as it is.

But about what you say, another ideia is to when click in the staff, opens a menu with 4 possibilities:

Magic dmg - heal mp;
Magic dmg - heal sp;
Ranged dmg - heal mp;
Ranged dmg - heal sp;

Post #: 175
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