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Darches' Suggestions

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3/18/2020 5:51:14   

  • Highlight active inventory slots in shops! Example 1. Example 2.
  • Speed up animations. If you must, create a standard for the maximum animation duration for different types of attacks, and lerp the animations. This option should be toggled OFF by default. Animation time is time spent not making decisions, which is boring. This is a design problem that can be fixed.
  • Allow players to train ALL stats and modify them for a fee. Currently, moving a single stat requires a lot of gold anyway and 100 trainer battles. This only wastes the player's time. I'm suggesting an easier to way to change builds instead of making more characters. This feature will make gear more valuable across builds and provide more potential fun/variety to the average player with just 1 character. It might also improve company profits through the purchasing of more varied gear. If this feature existed I wouldn't have sold my Pixel Ether so long ago, only to regret it now that I've made a mage for fun.
  • Bring back all the old Guardian Giftboxes (replace them with scaling versions). I don't care if you charge 1,000,000 Z-tokens. Please.

I understand you're a busy team. But you could at LEAST implement the inventory highlight if you ever get a few minutes. Thank you for all your hard work.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
3/31/2020 7:40:52   

The Question

1. I can agree on, but not sure how much MORE useful it would bring to the table. Still, a small minor QOL

2. Nope. Read FSI

No-Animation Option: An option to remove the animation from the game and reduce it to mere number projection will not be implemented. Graphics make up a huge part of the game. If you are having trouble with the game running slowly due to graphics, you can already reduce the graphics quality to help the game run faster.

3. Agreeable, since DF did change their traininng of stats as well

4. Nope. Same FSI as bringing back rares. Albeit you didn't explicity ask for rares to return, GGBs are essentially rares.

Rares: While we are not against a rare item being suggested as a reward for a suggested quest or event, suggestions outrightly begging for a rare to come back are not acceptable.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
5/18/2020 2:54:34   

I didn't suggest no animations. I only suggest normalized animations. If animations were 10x longer people would stop playing the game. Evidently, shorter animations are prefered. If AQ's animations are done with keyframes on a time scale then implementing this might not be too hard. There's no reason for Moonwalker's Grace to be 3x slower than Buffalot's Beach Bod even though they're extremely similar spells. The cast time is just annoying. I remember those old uber armors had really long attack animations... When they were updated the animations were cut down (except Twilight Mantle, because it already had a great animation). Many other games like Prismata let you play really fast and players love it.

Suggestions round 2! I'm willing to pay top dollar (Z-Tokens) for a few things.
  1. Buff Peta Dragon Buster to act like the Dragon Blade against natural dragons (triggers at the start of battle, doesn't work with Dracomogrify). Increase the price if you must. As it stands, it's one of the worst weapons in the game. For a Dragon Blade it's shameful, offering an insignificant damage increase against uncommon enemies despite being premium. It only offers synergy with Dracomogrify on hybrid builds (since it's a melee weapon synergizing with an MP spell) and even when triggered it's weaker than GGB rare swords which cost 40% the price. I'd like to pay tokens for the convenience of not having to quest for the Dragon Blade, but otherwise Peta is too situational to care.
  2. Retro Peta Dragon Buster with subtly improved art.
  3. Raging Lava Void Dragon. (The skin should be darker/shinier, it's just a mockup) It randomly deals fire or half void damage, with a 20% chance of blasting lava everywhere damaging you and the monster (multi-hit). Damage is concentrated on the special attack (*0.75 normal, *2 special).

    If you decide to add these, my tokens are ready. Alternatively, I'd buy the custom face package if I could get the RLVD instead.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
5/18/2020 3:56:39   

Number 1 is just not going to happen. There's a reason why the Dragon blade (in that form) is only available as a temporary weapon, that being it's incredibly overpowered to be able to deal true void damage against such a large group of monsters, especially as you can use the Dracomorph series to widen that to anything not immune to shapeshift. Number 3 is much more reasonable, provided you deal /2 damage on the void attacks (because void resistances are set to 200%)
AQ  Post #: 4
5/18/2020 5:11:34   


Buff Peta Dragon Buster to act like the Dragon Blade against natural dragons.
An expensive Dragon Blade that doesn't work with Dracomogrify cannot be OP in a game that already contains a free Dragon Blade that does.
Having an expensive token weapon as a convenience feature for paying players is FAR from game breaking and the least controversial balance change I can imagine.

More suggestions: Rename War's Legacy's Panic skill and Jalek's Panic Reaver to avoid player confusion since neither deals with the panic status.

< Message edited by Darches -- 5/18/2020 6:38:26 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
5/19/2020 19:46:09   
Legendary Ash

Dragon Blade has a trigger of 30%, its power is only justified by the gauntlet of battling an average of 32 Dragonkins ranging from .5 to 3.75 Power or 8 Essences at 3.75 Power equivalent to 30 Power 1 standard monsters.
Its triple strength of a standard 10% trigger and double strength of an Element+Dragon 15% trigger on Elemental Dragon/Draconic Blades.

Its very easy to recognize through its power and popularity that it will be game breaking and harmful to set the precedent that a time consuming process that resets on each log out can be replaced by a mere one time price in exchange for indefinite log in sessions.
The immediate consequence is upsetting balance and time taken away from large projects such as class updates on the long run as Devs will have to be consistent with this suggestion by delivering buffs to all trigger equipment whether or not players actively demand it.
They will have to develop a new pricing standard on the basis of time saved from one's lifetime akin to life insurance placing a monetary value on the basis of one's salary and years lost in their lifetime as a result of early death.
AQ  Post #: 6
5/21/2020 16:24:57   

I forgot to mention, the shop for the blade should only be available after defeating the essence dragons.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
5/21/2020 16:55:27   

The staff don't want to have an OP token weapon that will disrupt the balance of the game. All items have to be balanced so if you want a buff on the Dragon Blade of 30%, you have to have a heavy downtrigger and/or extra damage taken by the player. Furthermore, the staff have discussed they don't want items to be more than +25% boost for weapons which is why they changed some items like Zealot's Wrath and essentially balance nerfed it.

I understand it would be more convenient to have a Peta Dragon Buster that acts like the Dragon Blade but that's exactly why it's not existent. Dragon Blade is an item you have to battle and earn. If they had a permanent version of it even if it were tokens, then the price would have to pay in terms of damage due to convenience.

Personally, I don't view the Dragon Blade as "free" as it is locked behind Guardianship and also has a quest to earn it (not very hard really besides the Wind Essence but still).

Don't forget, Peta Dragon Buster is not as strong as the Elemental Dragonblades because it ele-seeks so it's essentially an 8-in-1 Dragonslaying weapon.

If you do want a stronger Dragonslaying weapon, it would have to be mono-elemental with MC going towards damage as well as either an additional cost (HP/MP/SP) or taking in extra damage, etc.

Hope these points make sense.
AQ AQW  Post #: 8
5/21/2020 17:04:45   

The scenario @Legendary Ash describes is perfectly plausible if something like this were to be implemented. At the very least, we would have to consider this to be an exception rather than the rule. That situation is little better, as we would have just introduced a permanently overpowered item into the game, which would be harmful even excluding that it opens the possibility of setting a new precedent. The caveat of it only being available once the Essence Dragons have been defeated makes absolutely no headway to solving that problem. We should not comparing temporary items (which are often overpowered) to the permanent equivalent, let alone contemplating the introduction of one of them permanently into the player inventory without adhering to standards.

However, in the interests of constructive criticism, it would be feasible (and potentially reasonable) to introduce a weakened version of the Dragon blade (with alternate art etc.) with similar effects. Void damage can be achieved simply by halving the damage (so it hits on 100%) resists, and then applying a *0.9 "always useful" penalty. There is a possibility to work that into a trigger, which would give a Dragon blade-esque ability without breaking current standards.

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