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Equipment suggestions

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3/31/2020 14:00:22   

Hey guys, can you take a look at my character and suggest some equipment (and where to get them), as well as things i should get rid of? https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=42387852

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4/1/2020 1:28:03   
Primate Murder

I don't kow if you're aware, but the stat cap has been raised to 250 some time ago, making it possible to max out only 3 stats. Are you still planning to go for the classic hybrid build?
AQ DF  Post #: 2
4/1/2020 9:27:09   

@Primate Murder oh actually i didn't know that, i've not been a very active player for many years now, hehe, so i didn't even notice that. what build you recommend? I use mostly werepyre. I noticed its equipment use INT and STR so should i go for max INT/STR/LUK?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
4/1/2020 9:54:36   

I didn't know that either until like yesterday haha
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 4
4/1/2020 12:57:13   

You can go for whatever build you'd like, there are tons of viable options. If you want to keep being a hybrid, your end goal should be 250 STR/INT/LUK (werepyre hybrid) or 250 STR/DEX/INT (classic hybrid) for maximization. If you don't mind using mostly werepyre equipment, the werepyre hybrid will give you the most efficiency and all around damage. If you like the freedom of using different armors and armor skills, a classic hybrid is probably more suitable. This is because with 0 DEX it's hard to maintain accuracy without using werepyre equipment or lots of "buffs" such as Moonwalker's Grace or miscs like Irt of Osiris that give you +BTH.

Feel free to take a look at the Wiki, as it has loads of helpful info on equipment, strategy and character builds.
AQ  Post #: 5
4/1/2020 15:27:19   
Primate Murder

As Decoras mentioned, 250 Str/Int/Luck is the meta build for werepyre hybrids, though it does suffer some accuracy issues outside of werepyre armors/weapons.


It may be a good idea to switch your no-drop to wind, as it lacks particularly exceptional weapons. Most FO builds also align their Awe special to PWD.

Blazing Bloodzerker sword deals +20% damage for a small hp cost, making it easily the best fire weapon.

Blade of Briar, the magic version of your Lance of Rose's Thorn, can be clicked on for *1.5 damage skill - one that pairs very nicely with werepyre's Beast Form or bloodzerker armor toggles. Kindred weapons have a chargable autohit, which may come in handy when using non-werepyre armors.

Your Horo Show sword gives you harm damage to use against low-resist monsters. As the next best harm weapon is a UR, this may be the best spot for your harm compression.

Terra Bloodzerker sword is an earth version of the Blazing Bloodzerker one. There's also the option of the Earthen Werepyre blade, which uses werepyre stats (Str+Int) in place of Dex.

Regal Dragonblade deals +15% damage for an hp cost (with the cost reduced against draconic foes). It's leaving this week, so makesure to pick it up asap.

Your Zealot's Wrath is pretty much the best light choice available for high-Luck builds.

There are several weapons that you can choose for your darkness slot. There's a Midnight Werepyre Blade, for use outside of werepyre armors. There's Agony's Embrace and Maw of Chaos, which either take increased damage or pay hp to hit harder. Infinita Staff (magic mode) sacrifices some damage, but gives you a pretty big mp heal based on damage dealt. Voidsplinter Tether and Sunderer have a harm toggle as an alternative to Horo Show.


Your no-drop werepyre covers your darkness armor, though Angel of Souls is a useful option if you want to check it out (hp-costing darkness skill).

The modern meta focuseson stun-locking the monster and attacking them with powerful elelocked skills. There's nothing more powerful (outside of stackables like Eat Fear and Kindred) than old standard skills, which receive a large bonus to damage via elecomp and can be boosted for another *1.5 damage from CIT. White Knight Z, Taladosian and your Horo Show and Moglord Tortress armors all have old standard skills, making them the strongest options for their respective elements.

Terra and Blazing Bloodzerkers pay a small hp cost to deal +20% damage and have a toggle that doubles your damage and locks it to armor element. That makes them the best contendors for fire and earth armors, especially when you use them with a weapon skill like Blade of Briar's.

The best wind armor is premium, and the rest are fairly unexceptional. I'd suggest just using Golden Horror (wind werepyre variant).


Cerberus Ward compresses fire/dark, which allows you to fit in CIT - a shield that makes your weapon-based attacks and skills deal *1.5 damage.

As a werepyre, Int is one of your main damage and accuracy stats, making Celtic Wheel and its Int drive highly useful.

The best ice shields are rare, seasonal or rely on you dodging (which is unlikely at 0 Dex). As such, there's no real contendor to your Tera'Suul.

Golem Guard has a toggle to reduce the damage you take.

As a -26 shield, your Pixel Guard is one of the best options available.

Golden Dragon Head shield boosts your LS rate, making it the best offensive option for high-Luck builds. Alternatively, Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM, increasing your accuracy - which may come in handy for 0 Dex builds.'


Pure builds benefit greatly from booster guests. Poelala and Dunamis deal no damage, but boost the damage of your Magic and Melee attacks respectively.

Generally, you'll deal as much damage with werepyre's Beast From as you would with a spell - more even, due to FO lean, weapon effects and boosters. As such, there's no real need for pure elemental damage spells - outside of maybe Sizzler Splosion, which deals subpar damage, but autohits, making it pretty useful for werepyre builds.

Purple Rain is somewhat a staple of the current meta. It acts as a save point - first cast saves the sp/mp/hp of yourself and the monster, and the second returns them to that state, but without changing any of the status effects. Great for stacking stuff, then regaining all the sp spent.

Moonwalker's Grace is a quickcast Dex booster, for a little extra accuracy outside of werepyre armors. If you'replanning on buying premium items, Buffalot Beach Bod and Arcane Amplification provide qc Str and Int boosts.

Arms of the Dragonguard, which is not quickcast, but makes your next attack an automatic LS, which is great for high-Luck builds.

Angry Trobble. Not quickcast either, but you can click on it to gain a bth boost for several rounds.

Gandolphin gives you a mana shield for a little extra survivability.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the Imbues. They're quickcast spells that change the element of your attack (weapon-based or old lean, not spell), enabling some shananigans like WKZ's elecomp on a darkness nuke, and generally also give other usful effects: Fire Dragon Talon deals +50% damage, Dragonslayer Aura deals void damage against dragons (nice synergy with Dracomorgify), Terror Fist gives you a darkness nuke and a chance to stun the monster.


As a pure 0-Cha build, you have no real reason to run anything except boosters. You can find the Poelala pet in URs, but Dunamis is, unfortunately, premium.

The only possible exception is the Kindred pet, as in charge-gathering mode it provides enough charges for your Kindred sword to autohit every turn.


Keep Essence Orb and Pixel Ether to cover your sp/mp needs.

Grab Love Potion before Snugglefest leaves. It's one of the most crucial meta items, capable of inflicting a qc Control.

Shadowfeeder Pendantis the other meta enabler, with a qc skill that grants you celerity.

Eye of Osiris is a great misc for werepyres, providing bonus Str and Int, as well as extra bth. As an alternative, Murderator Gauntlet also provides Str and Int bonuses - but instead of extra bth, it has a chanceto control the monster.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that doesn't /2 for spells.

Bell Shell heals a bit of hp based on damage dealt. The heal is less than CoRS, but it also doesn't reduce your damage, making it better for offensive builds.

Prime Chaos Orb has a qc skill that can shuffle monster's resists, making them weaker to your strongest nukes. As an additional bonus, each use of the skill also increases the damage they take, making this one of the best miscs in the game.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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