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Converting to Beastmaster

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4/8/2020 5:28:04   

Hi Guys, I just got back into the game after over 2 years away.

I've pretty much forgotten most things related to this game so I wanted to ask for some advice.

This is my character page: Character Page: Beyn

I wanted to try a beastmaster build (Current one of mine is pretty much mage, Double Poe Mage), and so I wanted to see if what I have can be used for beastmaster. If not, what all should I get, including weapons, armours, pets, misc and also if you guys could suggest a stat build out, that would be lovely.

Also, if you guys could tell me if a beastmaster is even worth it or is it a huge waste of time?

I just got the Nerfit pet and have Cor-dem, so thought that a beastmaster could make use of their nerfing quite well but well, I'm not very sure.

If not beastmaster then do you think I should stick to mage or change to something else? I'm rather indecisive (if it wasn't already obvious XD)

Thanks a lot
AQ DF  Post #: 1
4/8/2020 6:09:18   
Primate Murder

Beastmasters are still a very viable build - whether you're going for a FD with maxed out beast damage, an FO build with Freeze/Petrify type shenanigans or even a niche build like Backlash, we've got a plethora of options available (though some of them leave this week, so you might want to grab them asap).

Actually, which are you going for? FO or FD? Warrior/ranger or mage?
AQ DF  Post #: 2
4/8/2020 6:22:30   

I think I might try FD, since I've been FO till now.

I'll probably stick to mage though, have tons of mage related equips after all

On second thought, I might just start a new character so, with that in mind, do you suggest I take melee, range or mage with beastmaster?

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AQ DF  Post #: 3
4/8/2020 16:18:30   
Primate Murder

Hm, I'd say mage - there are some unique guests like Doomquake Minions and Memet that only come with mp upkeep. With that in mind, I'll provide a rating for an FD mage with the eventual stats of 250 Int/Dex/Cha.

First of all, I'd like to mention that there's a truly exceptional misc called Prime Chaos Orb that's going rare this week for an undetermined amount of time. If you have a spare UR, make sure to grab it. The misc has a qc skill that shuffles the monster's resists, shifting them to ones convenient to you - and as an added bonus it also inflicts an effect that makes the monster take *1.1 (per cast) damage from all sources, including pet/guest attacks and spells.


Compression allows you to cover every element, so make your no-drop dark, as it does not have any exceptional shields.

The fire tome is high-level only, so your best bet would be a simple fire Magestave to boost the damage of your D-Burst. When Snugglefest comes back, Foam Finger has a toggle to boost the damage of your pets and guests.

Healing Branch is a water tome. It has an efficient water spell and several healing ones, making it a pretty nice option.

Winds of Change is a wind tome.

Arctic Athame boosts the damage of your ice spells by 18.75% with the bonus doubled against monsters with Int.

Loremaster's Tome is the only compression tome in the game, with earth, light and harm spells.

Adventurer Figurine is a 100-proc magical weapon and also boosts the damage of your energy spells.

Blackbones is a magical 100-proc that heals you for some of the damage dealt and gives a multiplicative damage boost to your darkness spells.


Neko is the only defensive subrace we have, and Sol Neko, in particular, focuses on enhancing your pets and guests. With the no-drop armor and just 3 others, you can cover every element, gaining a variety of benefits including bonus damage and accuracy to your beasts, a Cha-based armor element attack, Cha and Luck toggles, Bleed and Burn infliction toggles, boost to your burn/bleed damage and a chargable skill that gives your beasts +100% damage for one turn.

To be honest, there's nothing that can really compete with that (outside of seasonal Bards of War), so the most I can suggest for your fifth slot is a wizard robe of some kind for farming.


When Snugglefest comes back, pick up Snuggle Hearts, as its Burn Potence has exceptional synergy with neko armors. Until then, Cozy Farzhad Mogloo or Samukematsuri would do.

Celtic Wheel could do for a spell boost, but you may also want to check out the updated Kindred shield, as it has a chargable qc sp or mp heal.

Fujin is still the best option for wind, as its Dex toggle boosts the accuracy of both yourself and your beasts.

Pies has a Cha drive.

Sol Defender Shield gives you a little damage reduction based on your Cha.

Umazen Aspis has Paralysis potence.

Light also has a Sol defender, or you may transfer Radiant Aegic from your other character if you wish for a more active shield.


Most of your elemental spells would be covered by tomes (and one by misc), so you really only need two damage spells: Destruction Burst and something for ice like Frigid Fury. You may also want to keep something like Sizzler Splosion (autohit spell) and Knife to Meat You (qc damage spell from Mogloween) in storage for special occasions.

The rest of your slots should be covered in guest summons. Fire and wind are covered by miscs (to compensate for damage spells), and for the rest:

- Underworld Legion Minion inflicts Burn, which has strong synergy with Neko's burn-boosting passive. If you want a healing guest, Gaiden toggles between damage and healing.

- Nezujimbo has a freezing attack, which works great with D-Burst and Frost Effigy pet.

- Doomquake Minions cost tokens, but they're hands down the best earth guest available, dealing 2x damage for 2x upkeep. If you lack tokens, just use the Gemini guest unitl Mogloween, then pick up Sugar Gobbler for a petrification toggle.

- Nothing really stands out for energy, since Mogdin is now rare. Hedgemog costs tokens and deals slightly more damage than normal. Otherwise, just stickwith a Zard. When Mogloween rolls around, you can pick up PikaTwilly for a guest with a healing toggle,

- Light and dark elements have some of the best guests in the game - Mogsterio and Grimlord, which deal 2x damage for an hp cost.

- If you can find a spot, Memet is the only harm guest in the game.


Flame Bot is the strongest fire guest as far as pure damage goes, paying sp to deal +50% damage. Underwyrmlingis also worth checking out as the only sp-damaging pet in the game.

Aqua Bot is a water version of the Flame Bot.

Your Bun-Bowman has a chance to paralyze the monster.

Frost Effigy has a chance to inflict Freeze and gives Freeze Potence, increasing the chances of other items (like Nezujimbo) to inflict it as well.

Depending on your preferences, either Morningstar pet or Fu Dog are best for earth. Morningstar has a toggle inflict eithe DefLoss or EleVuln, increasing damage or accuracy of both your spell and Doomquake, while Fu Dog is pretty much an earth version of the Effigy (great synergy with Sugar Gobbler).

Hedgemog pet deals slightly more damage, but costs tokens. Pikazard is a reasonable alternative.

Gilded Deatharrows Cat (leaves this week) inflicts the monster with EleVuln, increasin the damage of both your spells and Mogsterio. Even without it though, there's a variety of good light pets. Lepre-Chaun, cha-based light booster. Fairy Godmotherto heal hp/mp. Dogzilla for burn's synergy with neko armors. Paladin Chilly has a chance to stun.

Model 294 inflicts the monster with EleVuln.

Tiny Void Pwny may be worth a storage slot as a harm pet.


Essence Orb, of course, to cover your sp skills and guest upkeep.

Prime Chaos Orb, mentioned in the beginning, allows you to bypass any uncomfortable elements, leaving the monster vulnerable to your strongest spells and guests.

Infernal Djinn Lamp and Gemini Pendant give you wind and fire guests to free up spell slots.

Power Shard: Dr. Boom gives you both an Int misc and an energy spell.

Goggernaut Helmprovides a bth boost to every attack on the field, including pets and guests, and the bonus isn't /2 for spells as with other miscs.

Clever Disguise from the last April Fools quest sacrifices your turn (and some sp) to give your pet and guest guaranteed celerity, which is very nice for beastmaster characters.

Samukematsuri Oni Mask's Burn has great synergy with neko armors.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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AQ DF  Post #: 4
4/8/2020 20:02:34   

I'd also like to add that while Grenwog is around, Macka-Lot Buckler is slightly better than Sol Defender due to a higher damage reduction limit for Cha overcapping, which will happen in Sol Neko armors with the Cha toggle on. The difference is practically negligible, so Sol Defender's much easier accessibility may make it worth it.

Lightning Rod is the energy tome if you'd prefer that to a spell booster.

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Post #: 5
4/8/2020 23:56:42   

Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

For stats should I go 250 INT | 250 CHA | 50 END | 200 LUK?
AQ DF  Post #: 6
4/9/2020 1:09:12   
Primate Murder

While it's possible to make that stat build work, it would be somewhat underpowered. For one, battles rarely last long enough for End to make a difference. For another, until the stat revamp rolls in (which can easily take a few years), Dex is responsible for about a quarter of your accuracy. At 0 Dex both you and your pets/guests are going to miss a lot more often.

Generally beastmages go for a 250 Int/Dex/Cha build.
AQ DF  Post #: 7
4/9/2020 1:32:24   

Got it, I'll do that.

Also, for my FO Mage, would 250 Dex/Int/Luk be good?

And one more thing, do you know the gold cap for lvl 150?

According to the formula I found, it should be around 76mil but I've already farmed like 90mil and it still hasn't hit the cap.

If possible I want to know the formula as well so I can calculate for my other char as well

< Message edited by Beyn -- 4/9/2020 1:35:20 >
AQ DF  Post #: 8
4/9/2020 2:57:44   
Primate Murder

That's the meta build for FO mages, yeah.

As for the gold cap, it's recently been raised by 50%. That means X-Guardian cap should be just under 110 mil gold. You can check your caps on this site just by entering your character ID.

This spreadsheet gives you basic cap information for all levels, just multiply the result by *1.5.
AQ DF  Post #: 9
4/9/2020 3:30:57   

Thanks a lot, you've been a great help!
AQ DF  Post #: 10
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