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Giant list of things that need to change

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8/6/2020 18:13:41   

Buckle in folks, this is a long one. I realize that it might not do much good at this point to put a list like this out there, but I think it's worth it to have all the changes asked for by the community in one place. If necessary, I'll edit this message after posting to append other suggestions that myself or other ED players might come up with. Note that the order in which the items in this list are ordered is not in accordance with importance. With that out of the way, let's get right into the fray!

Note: I've added the name of the person who made the suggestion in red following the details of the item on the list. If multiple players have suggested the same thing, I've added "Various players" in blue.

1: Solution to credit inflation. It's no secret that gifting has resulted in massive credit inflation throughout ED. It's possible for even idle players to get hundreds of thousands or millions of credits simply from global gifts. As a result, there have been many things implemented to reduce the credits in people's inventories; the most notable of these is the credit sink achievements (which cost roughly 34 million credits in total to max out), but there's also the massive number of weapons, most of them relatively expensive, that have been added in the last couple of years. A fairly standard item nowadays goes for 15k credits, un-upgraded. Some items are in the 40k-50k range, and a few select items (looking at you, Epic Legendary Arsenal) run in the hundreds of thousands to millions of credits. Even if you aren't an item collector like myself, you'll find that buying items with exclusive cores can drain your account alarmingly fast, even if you have millions of credits; this is not helped by how expensive class changes and skill cores are. And if those who receive millions during gifting have to budget their credits carefully to prevent exhausting their supplies, imagine what new or returning players have to go through.

Long story short, credits need to become much more easily available outside of gifting season. I would suggest one or more of the following solutions be implemented:
a) Increase credits rewards from 1v1, 2v2, and Juggernaut drastically. The number of credits you get compared to how much things cost in ED is pitiful. I would suggest boosting all PvP credit rewards by at least 3x.
b) Create credit incentives for defeating bosses. Endless Matrix drops Omega Wolf Shards, which sell for 12,500 credits each; this is currently the best way to get credits by far. However, it's tedious and difficult, especially since Endless Matrix is a relatively difficult boss. I would suggest giving most or all bosses, legendary and non-legendary, drops such as Omega Wolf Shards, with credit sell price varying on the difficulty of the boss.
c) Make repeatable missions. This would be a good way for players to gain credits on top of other credit-gaining methods. {CactusChan}

2: Reduce cost of War Commander for sidearm and auxiliary. The fact that the sidearm and aux versions of this core are 5k credits in comparison to the primary version at 2k credits is ridiculous. No one will buy these cores if they aren't reduced in price to match the primary version. I actually like the fact that you can diversify as far as which weapon on which to install WC, but the disparate prices make diversification unfeasible. {CactusChan}

3: Increase character limit for messages. The fact that you can only send a message with 55 characters is extremely limiting, especially if trying to explain strategy/builds. I suggest upping the character limit to 120 characters. {CactusChan}

4: Confirmation message for war item upgrades. Currently, when you click on a war objective to drop bombs, it's possible to accidentally click the option to upgrade a regular war item to a super war item for 125 Varium. If you do this, there's no confirmation whatsoever, so it's easy to lose 125 Varium multiple times over this way. Obviously, a confirmation message would be sufficient to prevent accidental waste. {l BLACK LEGEND l}

5: New classes. This would obviously be an enormous undertaking and subsequent meta shift, but I and many others think the game has grown stale with the same six classes since mid-2011. New classes could potentially revitalize PvP, both in terms of how the classes operate and how other classes fare against them. There are plenty of amazing ideas suggested by the ED community that could provide the building blocks for new classes (read the Skill Core Suggestions thread: https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21022311 ). I can't even begin to go over all the ways new classes could be constructed and implemented, so I would appreciate discussion on this one. {Various players}

6: Improved inventory/bank sorting. Players who have a lot of items in their inventory/bank often have trouble finding items due to restricting inventory/bank sorting, specifically, items are sorted by date at which the player obtained the item. I would suggest that some or all of the following inventory/bank organization options be implemented:
-Item name
-Passive core name
-Active core name
-Level of strength, dexterity, technology, or support stat boost
{Romanian King}

7: Make items in banks display cores. In tandem with #6, finding the item you want to use in your bank is very difficult because the cores on the item in question are not displayed while in the bank, only while in the inventory. Players should be able to view which items have which cores without having to withdraw items one by one to check. {Romanian King}

8: Make increasing inventory/bank slots available for credits. With the ever-increasing number of items available for purchase, some of which are essential for creating competitive builds, players who don't spend money to get Varium are at a severe disadvantage whenever the PvP meta shifts (which it does frequently). This is in large part due to inability to store a sufficient number of items in a player's inventory/bank to allow for sufficient build diversity to keep up with the meta. I would suggest making additional inventory slots available for credits as well as Varium. {Trrrr}

9: Make player's PvP losses visible. This is a widely-requested change from more experienced players, as losses did used to be visible, acting as a measurement (albeit imperfect) of a player's skill. {Romanian King}

10: Display win percentages on leaderboards. Similarly to #9, leaderboard win percentages are another relic of the past frequently requested by older players. Leaderboard win percentages can be used as a measurement of the effectiveness of a player's build on a given day, which provides insight on how some builds compare to others. {Romanian King}

11: "Ignore person" option. Common meeting places for players in ED are often marred by trolls/spammers who interrupt conversations and harass players. Since ED moderators are not only online to mute these players, an option to make a specific player's chat invisible would be a welcome improvement. {Romanian King}

12: Core removal and swapping. In their current form, purchased cores can be installed on any item of their type, but cannot be removed, and are destroyed if replaced by another core. This is a huge drain on credits if a player has a limited number of items (see #8) or if an item has a core specific to it, requiring cores to be destroyed in order to try different builds with that item. Instead, all non-locked cores should be able to be removed from items and replaced in a player's inventory, available to be re-installed on the same or a different item later. Even if core removal requires a fee (e.g. 1000 credits to remove a core), it would be better economically than the current system of replacing one core with another. {Various players}

13: Hairstyle interface overhaul. There are now over 300 hairstyles available to choose, and the current interface requires players to scroll through each hairstyle individually to reach their desired style. On top of this, there is no directory specifying which hairstyle is placed where in the list, forcing players to scroll through every hairstyle one at a time to find one they prefer. In light of these, I would suggest the following changes:
a) Make hairstyles viewable via a visual list which can be scrolled through. This is a far more concise method of scrolling through the list of styles, and also provides players a way to view the hairstyle without having to specifically scroll to it.
b) Make separate lists for Varium and non-Varium hairstyles. This is simply a way to eliminate the need to scroll through styles you cannot afford or have bought before.

14: Skill cores not taking inventory space. This is mainly an issue as a result of gifting providing hundreds or thousands of limited-use cores, which fill up even the largest of inventories. It's not possible to ever use most of these cores as it's necessary to sell them to free up inventory space, and players with few inventory slots will never get to use any of them. This would be solved if cores, like miscellaneous items before them, did not take up inventory space. {l BLACK LEGEND l}

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8/11/2020 15:28:06   


"Ignore person" option.

lol, every year there is a person who before the gift events created like 10 accs just for keep spamming during gifts sections.. that's why get in any gift event is becaming harder and harder each year.
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8/12/2020 19:11:39   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Hey Cactus, thanks for the detailed write up. I have gone through these and will respond to each accordingly. However no guarantee that these will be implemented at this current time.

1. I am with you on this one, there is a big issue with credits that needs to change drastically. As you mentioned some items can cost between 40-50k and not everyone has a lot of time to devote to the game as others might. Increasing the credit rewards during battles would be one of the best options in my opinion. However, this would need to be high enough to warrant the player wanting to battle but not too high to make it easy enough to get a weapon in 10 battles.

We do have daily missions, so maybe the credit reward could be increased on those also. I believe players need that incentive to want to do missions seeing how many there are currently.

2. I am unsure why the Sidearm and Auxiliary are 3K higher than primary, that does not seem right to me. Has it been this way for a long time? When I war I tend to just fight and not look at the cost since I do buy cores to war with.

3. This is one of my major concerns. Although 55 characters SOUNDS like a lot, when it comes into play it really is not much at all. Unless the team find it feasible to increase the limit of characters able to be entered or give the ability to scale the height via a draggable edge, like Windows does.

4. I'm sure this has caught out a lot of players. I think adding a simple "Are you sure? Yes/No" prompt would easily fix this issue.

5. Indeed this has been on the back of mind for a good long while now. Having the introdution of Cyber Hunter was a breath of fresh air in my opinion. There is such a vast array of possibilites to adding a new class, and also potential problems that could occur. As it has been a while since we got CH the team would need to find a good balance between a fun class and a balanced one. There is a lot of possibilites for new classes such as elemental skills, or skill trees based around a specific play style of weapon. This would have to be on the back burner for a little while if it were going to be considered.

6. I have not used the bank much but can imagine the frustration of sorting large quantities of items. I think sorting by name as you said would be the best approach, assuming you mean alphabeticaly?

7. I was not aware of the items NOT showing cores, I think this should be a staple of the bank system, unless it is an issue with space.

8. I am with you on this too, I cannot see a reason why it is not available with credits. Everyone has the right to more space and really think this needs to be considered for the future. We all have a lot of items.

9. I can see this as both a good and bad thing. Seeing a players lossers may make them vulnerable to have people make fun of them if they have a large amount, but also it may be a good thing if someone sees they require help in their build then players can offer advice.

10. This would make a fine addition I believe, and it can also promote competitive play seeing who can obtain the highest percentage.

11. I can see the benefits to this and it would potentially lower spam. Although this would not be feasible during battle as it is on the =ED= Frequently Suggested Ideas list.

12. While it would benefit the player cores cannot be removed, as it is on the =ED= Frequently Suggested Ideas list. However, if it change were to occur it would be at the developers discretion.

13. Both of these are fantastic, I too find that scrolling through 300 odd hairstyles is a chore. I think a visual scroll interface would be best, as the mouse wheel could potentially be used and findind that favourite style style would take just a matter of seconds.

14. I whole heartedly agree here, I think it would be of most peoples best interest if these were counted as a Misc item so not to take up space.
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