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=ED= Skill Cores Suggestions 2.1

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1/9/2013 6:47:06   

NOTE: This first post is massively outdated and from pre-omega.

Active Count: 97
Passive Count: 51
Sustained Count: 3
Trigger Count 5
Effect Count: 14
Grand Total: 169
Active Thread Time: 1 Year
Cores Implemented: Not Enough

ST = Staff
M = Maul
SW = Sword
CL = Claws
& = Negative
UNQ = Unique

Ignore whether or not these are single use. That is rabblefroth and titan's job to figure out.
Balance numbers are highly discouraged due to a vast lack of information about Omega Balance.
"Field" refers to the battle screen.
Things that are crossed out are not removed, but simply unable to be implemented yet due to engine limitations. They will be considered for the future.
If a skill has a name beside it, it was suggested by that person. Repeats do happen, so some that you see in the thread from other people will have actually been added by me previously.

- Absolute Zero: Stuns every battle participant and freezes (Disables) all sidearms and auxiliaries for the next turn. Deals below-normal damage to all enemies. {Depressed Void}
- Acid Rain: A weaker multi that lowers the base effectiveness of all gear.
- Ammunition Barrier: Increases the effectiveness of deflections {NDB}
- Augmented: Slightly increases all damage output
- [UNQ]Banana Split: Fire a sliced banana from your head. Exclusive to Banana armors.{King FrostLich}
- [ST]Basic Bolt: An unblockable energy projectile
- Beast Eye: Give up your turn to allow your partner to act immediately Engine limitations
- Berserk: Grants unlimited rage for a short period. Actions limited to strike and unable to manually target while berserked. Single Use. May only be used on caster.
- Black Hole: Inflicts a 5 turn physical DoT on all participants. DoT increases in power over the 5 turns.
- Black Rain: Allows you to apply a debuff with your auxiliary {Remorse} (Renamed from After Shock)
- Blind: Drastically reduces one opponents accuracy for 3 turns
- Blood Transfusion: Transfer up to 35 HP to your partner with a small bonus to effectiveness {sky222}
- [M]Brutalize: Smash your opponent to the ground face-down, and stomp on their head.
- Bracer: Prevent yourself from being targeted next turn unless you are the only target available. May be used in conjunction with another action
- Chaff Grenade: Disables the HUD of all players for one round.
- Charge: Decreases the cost of the skill used next turn
- [SW]Clash: Clash with your enemy, preoccupying them for their turn. If either the clashed or the clasher is targeted with an attack, both will take damage. You cannot be targeted by your partner while clashing.
- [SW]Cleave: A Sword Multi-Target attack
- Cluster EMP: Reduce a targets energy damage by half, and all others on the field by a quarter. Robots and Roadkill are disabled on all players for 2 turns. {Depressed Void}
- Collision: Collide strikes with an enemy. Whoever takes more damage is inflicted with Knockback{Crimson Eagle}
- [M]Crush: Lowers the damage of all of the enemy's weapons
- [UNQ]Cyborg Crush: An enhanced strike using the armors tentacles/claws. Exclusive to Cyborg armors.{King FrostLich}
- Deadeye: Undeflectable sidearm shot. Use of this skill increases sidearm cooldown by 1
- Death From Below: Call upon a mining squad to deal damage to both enemies. Will apply either Hazardous Terrain (65%) or Burning Ground (35%) to the Field {Depressed Void}
- Debilitate: Debuffs all stats
- Decisive Strike: Hit for maximum damage against minimum defences {NDB}
- Deficiency: Reduces the effectiveness of opponents skills moderately for 2 turns
- Deficiency [Greater]: Reduces the effectiveness of all skills significantly for 2 turns
- Delerium: Upon a successful strike your opponent loses the ability to choose targets manually for one turn
- [SW]Delayed Strike: Delays your attack until after the opponent strikes you
- [ST]Disable: Remove energy equal to 150% your maximum damage (before weapondamage) from your opponent. Your staff recieves this number as negative damage for the remainder of the duel.
- [UNQ]Dragon's Might: Increases character size. Increases strength and support moderately, decreases technology and dexterity mildly. Exclusive to Dragon Slayer armors.{King FrostLich}
- Efficiency: Allows you to use one consumable without ending your turn. The power of the next action is slightly decreased, {Remorse}(Renamed from Auto Booster)
- Enfeeble: Reduces all enemy damage output
- Exalt: Buffs all stats
- [UNQ]Fierce Clasp: Clamp onto a single target and smash them into the ground for extra damage. Unblockable. Single Use. Industrial Claws Only.
- Fission Grenade: Single target physical grenade. Inflicts Meltdown
- Flawless Precision: Always hits, never crits
- Fragment: Splits Plasma orMineral armor into equal parts defence and resistance. Defence takes priority in the case of odd unmbers. Can be activated again to reverse the effects
- Fusion Armor: Combines your hybrid armor into either all defence or all resistance for the duration of the match. Can be activated again to reverse the effects.
- Fusion Grenade: Multi-target physical grenade. Inflicts Weakened
- [UNQ]Gamma Radiation: Deals a DoT for 5 turns. Exclusive to Gamma Guard armor. {King FrostLich}
- Grace: Brings field medic off cooldown. Single use.
- Great Barrier: Greatly increases defence and resistance for 2 turns. Greatly decreases damage output for 2 turns.
- Group Medic: Heals both you and your ally
- Haste: Reduces all cooldowns by 1
- Harbinger: Calls a powerful air assault that arrives after 4 turns
- Incinerate: Fire elemental multi
- Judgement: Increases the level of the next skill used without raising the cost.
- Hard Reset: Causes every skill, item, etc of every player to enter full cooldown. Halves current energy. Resets rage meter
- Hyper EMP: Disables Armor, Robots and Roadkill on one target for 2 turns.
- [ST]Impale: Impale your opponent on your staff. Deals 80% Damage. Damage converted to physical. Inflicts Stabwound if the damage dealt is over 35% of the opponents health, otherwise inflicts Skewered on the opponent and Unarmed on the caster.
- Infrasonic Strike: Place a sonic sentry cannon. Effects one targtet for two turns, or two targets for one turn. Targets hit with this skill are unable to use offensive skills, equipment or consumables for 1 turn. {Depressed Void}
- Interference: Disables all multi-target abilities temporarily
- Jump: A powerful leaping overhead strike that requires one use to charge and one use to execute.
- Landmine: A mine that deals damage to the opponent when they use a melee attack. (Implementation: Simple damage reflection on melee with a nice exploding mine animation)
- [M]Massive Impact: Has a high chance of inflicting Knockback. If knockback is not inflicted, extra damage is inflicted
- [ST]Mana Burn: Burn all remaining energy to deal massive damage.
- Overkill: If more damage is dealt than the opponent has HP, the excess damage is converted to rage
- Plague: You and the target take DoT damage {Drianx}
- Protean Strike: Strike against the opponents weakness {NDB}
- Ragnarok: Deals heavy physical damage to all enemies. Inflics damaged on all enemies. Inflicts meltdown and damaged on yourself. Single use.
- Railgun: Magnetically accelerate a metal disc, dealing increased damage and potential Knockback to one target {Depressed Void} Requires Auxiliary to be available. Places Auxiliary into cooldown
- [CL]Ravage: A lightning-fast flurry of 11 strikes. Inflicts damaged. Deals standard damage. Base damage of 11.
- Relocate: Switch location (and by extension, turn order) with your partner. Removed until further engine optimizations are in place.
- Repose: Converts the user's rage into energy {Depressed Void}
- Reverse: Reverses all damage types on one target. (Physical <-> Energy, Burn <-> Poison)
- Reversal: Reverses targets additional armor ratings.
- Riposte: A very powerful single-use attack that becomes available after being struck with a Heavy Impact
- [UNQ]Rixty Splitter: Deals a heavy physical damage spell to a single target. Half of this damage is reflected back to you with a reroute effect in place. Exclusive to Rixty Ripper.
- Roadkill: Run the enemy over with your bike. Unblockable physical damage, prevents enemy from getting a critical strike for 1 turn
- [M]Rockbreaker: Smash the ground, damaging all participants in the battle.
- Russian Roulette: 1/6 Chance to deal massive damage, 5/6 chance to deal below-normal damage
- Shear: Lowers the effectiveness of shields on a successful strike
- Sabotage: Support debuff
- Sacrifice: Suicide in order to transfer all remaining HP to your partner. HP cannot overflow.
- Scourge: Deals poison damage to one target
- Self-Destruct: Run towards the target and self-destruct, dealing fire damage and suiciding.
- [ST]Shock Infusion: Infuses your staff with additional piercing energy damage for 3 turns.
- Short Circuit: Short out your own armor, causing a mild energy DoT. Grants additional energy damage to all melee attacks.
- Skip: Skip your turn. Increases the rage meter slightly.
- Smoke Grenade: Deals very mild damage and applies Smoke Screen to the opposite side of the field
- Spark Blitz: Double Strike, First hit is Energy, second is Physical
- Sweep: Weapon based multi, low damage high accuracy, defence/resist piercing.
- [UNQ]Soul Split: Deals a heavy energy damage spell to a single target. Half of this damage is reflected back to you with a reroute effect in place. Exclusive to Soul Ripper.
- Spybot: Allows you to view an opposing teams ally chat {midnight assassin}
- System Shock: Fire your auxiliary at a targets helmet for 100% damage. Disables targets HUd for 1 turn. (Renamed from: Discombobulated | Modified From: Replaces HP and EP with ?)
- Tactics: Support Buff
- Taunt: Throws the enemy into a rage against you, raising their damage greatly, and lowering their defence and resist moderately for 2 turns. Forces taunted player to target you on the next turn.
- Telepathy: Causes an opponents skill to appear to be a higher level than it is to them by getting in his/her head.
- [UNQ]Tesla Coil: An unblockable energy beam exclusive to Tesla Armors {King FrostLich} (Renamed from: Tesla Transit)
- Toxin: Deals light DoT damage for 3 turns. Healing is reduced in effectiveness when inflixed with Toxin
- Undo: Reverses the match by 1 round
- Ultimatum: Once activated you are given 3 turns of enhanced damage. On the fifth turn after activation, the user dies
- Whirldwind: Deals multiple weak hits of your weapon's damage type. Inflics confusion.
- War Cry: Increases damage output with a drastic decrease to defence and critical chance.
- [SW]Wide Swing: A percentage of strike damage is applied to a second target

- Auto-Boost: Automatically uses your first available booster without a turn cost when HP drops below 25% {Single Use}
- Blood for Blood: Scales strike damage output with hp, from +25% (1hp) to -20% (Full HP) (Renamed from Berserk)
- [&]Calamity: Recieve double damage
- Clear Head: Protection against Stuns, Delerium, Taunt. Drastically reduced rage gain
- Consistency: Reduces critical strike chance on all battle participants
- Dialysis: Grants partial protection against poison
- Deathbound: A chance of dealing extreme damage in exchange for halving your HP every turn for the remainder of the duel.
- [&]Degenerate: Degenerate a small amount of HP every turn
- Diseased: Deal additional poison damage with each attack. Maximum HP is always equal to current HP.
- Enraged: Increased rage gain, decreased rage power
- Faraday Cage: Provides partial protection against energy draining (If a skill that does this is already implemented, please consider renaming it to Faraday Cage)
- Final Gift: Recieve a moderate stat boost to a random stat upon the death of a partner {midnight assassin}
- Flak Jacket: Reduces sidearm damage recieved, but removes the ability to deflect them.
- Focused Sight: Immune to confusion.
- Lifeblood: A small amount of energy is converted to hp every turn
- Lure: Grants the user a chance for an incoming attack to target them as opposed to the intended target.
- Heavy Impact: Blocked attacks deal 25% damage
- Hidden Body: Hides all stats for the first 3 rounds of a duel.
- Hollow-Point: Increases critical rate on sidearms. Drastically increases both current and minimum deflection rate on sidearms
- Incendiary: Adds a chance to inflict Burn for 2 turns with your sidearm.
- Inversion: Energy draining skills can take enemies into negative EP amounts.
- Immaculate: Reduces the effect of all external stat modifications to your character. (Buffs, debuffs, shields)
- [ST]Iron Will: Caster skills gain partial scaling from strength. Strength becomes less effective on your primary weapon
- Jammer: Hides all skill cores for the first two rounds of a duel
- Last Man Standing Inflicts a permanent DoT on yourself in exchange for life leech {Masterspider78}
- Medic: Greatly Increases the effectiveness of your first heal
- Necromancer's Bane: Vastly reduces crit, block and deflection in exchange for a small HP and EP regen.{Masterspider78}
- Osmose: Leech a % of all damage back as energy
- Overflow: HP and EP can be raised above the cap. All HP or EP gained above the maximum suffers a penalty. Incompatible with EPR Sustained Auras.
- Parry: Upon a successful block, you will instead take 50% damage and recieve a small defence bonus for the next turn.
- Pierce: Decreases deflection rate on sidearms. Drastically decreases critical rate on sidearms.
- [CL]Plasma Reaver: Increases the effectiveness of energy regains
- Poisontouch: An aura adding a chance to inflict poison damage over 5 turns
- Power Source: A small amount of hp is converted to energy every turn
- Precision: Slightly increases accuracy
- Precision Mastery: Greatly increases accuracy, decreses critical hit rate
- Predatory Instinct: Increases the effectiveness of all life-stealing actives. Reduces effectiveness of rage. {Lord Aegis}(Renamed from: Predatory Drive)
- Prepared: Applies the effect of your first equipped consumable without consuming it. Single use. {Wonderweiss77}(Modified From: Allows you to carry 1 extra booster)
- Proficiency: Increases non-ultimate active skill power slightly
- Punishment: Replaces block chance with a chance to retaliate with a strike.
- Regal: 15% Additional Credits Gained
- Regenerate: Regenerate a small amount of HP every turn
- Relentless Assault: Gain a small amount of HP upon every attack. Lose a small amount of HP if you do not attack
- Renewable Energy: Regenerate a small amount of EP every turn
- Research: Allows the viewing of hidden skill cores
- Reveal: View enemy's cooldown/warmup timers
- Ricochet: When you are deflected, a percentage of the damage dealt is also dealt to your opponents partner.
- Salvation: Survive fatal damage with 1HP and 0EP remaining. Requires 2 unused health boosters, which are consumed upon activation.
- [SW]Two-Edged Blade: Deal additional damage, attacks deal a percentage of damage back to you
- Veil: Drastically reduces the effect of buffs and debuffs on yourself
- Vile Burst: Converts strike damage from Physical /Energy to Poison.
- Xanadu: 5% Additional Experience Gained

Sustained Auras

Sustained auras require you to either reserve a percentage of your maximum energy to keep active, or pay an energy cost every turn that it is active. These can be enabled and disabled.
Energy Points Per Turn cost applies regardless of whether or not the aura takes effect, as long as it is activated.
EPPT: Energy Points Per Turn
EPR: Energy Points Reserved

- Aftershock: [EPPT] Spend a percentage of energy points every turn to reflect a percentage of damage back to the opponent as energy damage
- Loathing: [EPPT] Spend a percentage of energy points every turn to add additional burn damage to all non-skill attacks.
- Warlord: [EPR] Reserve a portion of your mana to increase rage gain

Trigger skills are skills that must be prepared (upon using the skill it will 'charge' instead of activating) before activation. Once prepared, they can be "Triggered" at any time like a standard skill core.
After being triggered, the skill must be charged again if you wish you use it another time.
Some trigger skills do not have a traditional "charge" but will rather have an animation such as placing a trap or throwing a grenade. This still functions like a standard charge.
Suicide is a special case, in which you do not need to charge it, and the skill can be triggered at any time, regardless of turn order.

- Bear Trap: Places a trap in front of you. Deals physical damage when attacked with melee. Trap will not activate until triggered. (This means that your enemy will know that there is a trap in front of you, but does not know whether or not it's activated)
- C4: A powerful explosive that can be stuck and detonated separately. Multiple C4 cannot be stacked on each other.
- Magma Crash: Deals heavy physical and fire damage to a single target. Requires one charge.
- Caliber Increase: A very powerful sidearm shot. Requires two charges.
- Suicide: Kill yourself at any time

Damage Types
Fire: Both defence and resistance are applied. Innate 50% piercing.
(Do not expect any damage types after fire)

Status Effects

Confusion: Unable to select targets manually
Damaged: Your armor has been damaged! Its defence and/or resistance has been lowered!
Meltdown: Armor malfunctions, causing either its defence or resistance being removed and applied to the other
Skewered: Unable to use skills that require moving across the field for 1 turn
Stabwound: Deals a percentage of the initial hit as a physical DoT
Unarmed: Unable to use any primary weapon skills
Knockback: Knocked out of battle for one turn. Cannot be targeted while knocked back
Puncture: Take damage when using skills that require moving across the field
Burn: Recieve 100% piercing fire damage for a number of turns determined by the skill
Bleeding: Catch-All for physical DoT.

Field Effects
Hazardous Terrain: Using skills that require moving across the field does minor damage
Darkness: Players are unable to choose targets for any skill

Single Side Field Effects
Burning Ground: Deals mild burn damage to all players on this side of the field
Smoke Screen Players on this side of the field are unable to choose enemy targets

This will contain direct copy-pastes of skills that are either repeats, or i feel do not meet the standards of my initial list.
THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR SUGGESTIONS ARE BAD. If you see something in this list, do NOT feel that it is necessarily a bad suggestion. And again, i'm going to stress that a lot of the skills in this lists are repeats, rather than skills i didn't want to add to the main list.
I am including this section as to be fair to all suggestions, as i feel i am not the person who should judge what is or is not a suggestion that should be seen.
NOTE: The majority of these are repeats of skills, partially due to some posted repeats, but mainly due to my lack of updating the list properly. Quite a few skills went missing between 1.2 and 1.3 because i renamed my text file, and accidentally started working with the old one again.

Anything containing an instant kill or immunity to physical/fire/resistance will be in here.
Burn immunity is NOT equivelant to fire immunity, it is a status effect, which makes it much more reasonable to allow immunity to.


Betrayal: Steal 20 hp from your partner.
Moderation: The user has no way of gaining rage but his critical are now stronger and chances to miss an attack are lower, however the critical rate also decreases.
Preparation: Looks like he is missing a turn but actuality this active skill makes sure that the next attack is blocked or casting skills are endured, however gun shots and other delectable skills hurt a bit more than usual.
Cold blood: Use your friends as shields! Rage gain is reduced and damage output from primary/gun is reduced too for 3 rounds.
Flat jacket: Bullets and explosives can't hurt you down. ..............Easily.
last stand: Passive ability in which "revives" the player when K.O'd with 1 HP for one last turn. Character is immune to healing or buffing and will die after his turn is over.
Betrayal: Kill your partner giving you double damage every round but make you EXTREMELY vulnerable every round.
Incendiary: Costs ep but causes your opponent to take dot(Must be used in gun). Also adds cool down to attackers gun.
(insert name): 50/50 percent chance to deal a high deflectable damage or normal damage to yourself but splits damage to hp and ep
Embarrassed: Attempts to kill enemy with low damage and if successful adds % of credit gained
(Insert name)- Reduces the % of energy drained but
- If full health the % will be added directly to res and def but has a high chance to disable fm
- If enemy health reduced, heal % of health but disables energy regain for x turns.

Kamikaze (passive): Very small percent chance to take down an enemy with you (enemy and you dies) when your health goes below 40%. (works only in 2v2 non-juggernaught)
Very useful when your team is about to lose, it can change the playing field abit.

Skill Sync (active, warm up:3-4 turns) one use only in battle): Able to team up with your partner to fire a cannon at an enemy for heavy damage but at the cost of half you and your partner's energy and 10% of health. (only in 2v2 non-juggernaught)

"Buff The Mana Hovership" (Passive, one use only): 2-3% chance to call in Buff The Mana Hovership to unload heavy energy fire on your enemy when your health gets to 30%. (Works in 1v1, 2v2) (points for those who can guess where I got this idea.)

Skill Sync (active, 3 warm up, one use): In a rare occurrence, your partner has allowed you to borrow one of their skills to use. NOTE: Skills in cooldown or warm up can't be given.

Titan's Wrath (passive) {staff}

Increase damage on ALL weapons (including robot) by 15% while reducing crit rate, rage rate, healing rate, and EP by 5%

Nightwraith's Fury (passive) {wristblades}

Increase crit rate, rage rate, block rate, deflection rate, and EP by 15% while reducing damage on ALL weapons, healing rate, HP, and skill effectiveness by 5%

Cinderella's Destruction (passive) {club}

Increase HP, healing rate, robot damage, booster effectiveness and skill effectiveness by 15% while reducing EP, damage on ALL weapons, and rage rate by 5%

Charfade's Madness (passive) {sword}

Increase damage on primary, EP, rage rate, crit rate, and skill effectiveness by 15% while reducing block rate, crit rate, HP, and robot damage by 5%.

Fight Knight: Punch your oppenent doing 10 percent damage out of your normal strength (You can click this skill like chairman fury)
Smashing Smasher: Smashing your oppenent to the ground doing 30 percent damage (You can click this skill like chairman fury)
Iniquity: Giving your partner bad luck for the next 3/4 turns.
Fanboys: An army of Boys come out doing the same damage as your normal strength
FanGirls: An army of Boys come out doing the same damage as your normal strength
Sweet Dream: You miss your turn for the next 2 turns
Girl Kiss: When they kiss you, you miss 3 turns as you are attracted to them (Only works for girl characters)
Boy Kiss: When they kiss you, you miss 3 turns as you are attracted to them (Only works for boy characters)

Electromagnetic Armor- Everytime you get attacked, the player has their energy reduced.
Prayer for the dying- Rather than being killed with a crit, reduce hp to 1.

For exiles only
Insurgency- Increased damage to opposing alignment and slightly increase damage
For Legion
Propaganda- Increased damage to opposing alignment and slightly increase accuracy

Recalibrate- Stuns you for a round for an increased gun damge.
Alcohol toss- Targets all enemies with no damage but cause confusion.
Protection aura- Turns harmful dots to regeneration


Lust - take 4% of health/energy from the opponent.
Immobile - stun an opponent. (others are unable to attack this stunned person)
Devastation - damages all players. (2vs2 - all players are taken 1/4 of damage, 1vs1 players are taken 1/2 damage)
Confusion - opponents attacks themselves or their partner when they attacked someone else. (damage is half)
Mirror Effect - reflect damage to the opponent. (half damage)
Punishment - damage is negated and some one else (random) is affected.
Hybrid - increase block/deflect rate and str is lowered by -15, and str users -30.
Penetrate - ignores certain % of defense/resistance.


Sacrifice - Give some of your own heath to your partner.
Gluttony - allows you to take all damage instead of your partner thats is targeted. (you take 2/3 of damage)
Friendly - just to make the battle longer and more interesting. you can heal an opponent. (no energy required)
Equivalent Exchange - exchange your energy for health or health for energy.
Malfunction - opponents gun or auxiliary malfunctions and is unable for use (opponent is unaware of this) when opponent uses there gun/auxiliary they are taken damage.
Suicide - kill your self along with someone else with same or lower health then you and malf/smoke (opponent choses which debuff) your partner by -25 and is assault bot wont work against the debuff. (dose not work in 1vs1)
Life Exchange - Exchange yourself to revive your dead partner.
Share - Heal your self and your partner but only half of what your healing is.
Theft - steals an opponents skill and can use it against them and the opponent cannot use the skill that has been taken. (ONE USE, almost useless if your different classes and cant use that skill)
Disable - Disables any opponents skill core for the whole battle.
Blind Sight - opponents skills are rearranged and you do not know what skill your using. (small % chance to happen, buffs/heal do not work on the enemy)
Mixture - gun/aux does 2 shot (half damage each shot) and does both energy and physical damage.
Skill less - disables any skill the opponent has except buffs/heal. (works even when it is blocked)
Lunatic - your dead partner revives but cannot control his character and goes crazy and attacks any opponent in battle. (take only 1/4 of damage)
Juggernaut - temporarily (until it becomes a one-on-one fight) increases all stats by +25 (defense, technology, strength, support) and cannot be debuffed. (emergency skill when your partner runs away, lost connection, died to fast)
Offering - give you partner any skill (that you have) temporarily for 5 turns.

Vaporize (active)

•emergency defence against Physical damage. Transform to a transparent/translucent mist of yourself, all Physical attacks will miss/nullify for 2 turns. More vulnerable to Energy damage.

Anchorage (active)

•emergency defence against Energy damage. Use "lightning rod" technology to form an electrical barrier around self to divert electricity into the ground, all Energy attacks will miss/nullify for 2 turns. More vulnerable to Physical damage.

Day Dreaming-This skill have 10% Chance. If u have equiped this skill and when anyone will hit u with any move u have 10% chance to make them attact there own buddy. If u are in 1vs1 they will get hit by there own move.

SuperLucky- This skill has 5% chance of elimating 1 move of ur enmies by ur chois it works when u strike them.

Dig-Hide ur self in the ground for 1 turn have 5% chance of it. It works when ur eminey strikes u. When u came back its ur turn and u do 10% more damage than normal with any of ur move.

Bye-Bye=This skill has 15% chance to block ur emp.
RAWR-This skill has 10% chance to lower ur enimeys strenght with 20 points like delta armor reduse support
Aero-Shoots an aero filled with posion that stays up to 2 truns taking 5 health pots eachturn and if ur in 2vs2 it shoots double and that aero damage is depent on ur strength. If in 1vs1 90% of ur streght damage if in 2vs2 80%.

Help-This skill will make u able to give part of ur health to ur partner in need.

Frost- This skill will take off ur enmies random move for 2 turns.

Magic- This is a special skill it doesnt matter what class are u this skill can pick any move from any class randomly and hit ur opponets and damage is based on ur strength.

Blood Magnification - Blood Lust to 34% Damage to Health, but receives a damage penalty of 15%. May be used when you have less than needed EP for heal and below 40% HP.
Mana Conversion - Reroute to 40% Damage to Energy, amplifies damage intake by 15%, May be used when in need for energy.
Magic Barrier - Reduces all incoming attacks for 1-2 rounds.
Mana Shield - Reduces all mana draining attacks' effectiveness by 50%.
Leprechaun's Gift - Guarantees one of the following: 1 Block/Deflection or Crit/Stun to player/ally.
Reciprocal - Reduces additional enemy HP by (1/x)% - x is damage dealt (Xendran's Note: Interesting idea, but vastly unbalanced.)
Retribution - Use a random skill, selected from your skills that have skill points, to respond to your opponent's move, no energy cost.
Shadow Strike - Guaranteed hit
Sudden Strike - Guaranteed no deflections with your gun
Attack from Behind - While defeated, your robot will deal 125% damage to the opponent with the least HP, ignr5oring 15% defense/resistance.
Mana Restore - Restores 15 + (Level/4) Energy.

Mages (Blood mage, tech made):

Caster of Punishment-turns your character into a melee wielding mage that has a 10% buff in damage, 15% buff in defense and 5% increase crit chance.
Mana Theif-turns your character into a "rogue of mana". Increases mana pool by 50% and decrease mana costs by 30%. Also reduces caster skill cooldowns by 1 turn. 10% of mana is stolen from your enemy each turn


Executioner- turns your character into a total brute. Increase all damage by 25% and health pool by 15%. 5% increase deflection chance
Trap Master- turns your character into a bomb wielding tactician. Increase dodge chance by 15%, all physical damage by 15% and every time physical damage is inflicted, 10% of that damage in added to your health. Increase all energy damage by 15% and everytime energy damage in inflicted to your opponent, 10% of that damage is added to your mana.


Assassin of Nightwraith-Increase dodge chance by 20% and increase health pool by 10%. Increase defenses by 20%. Everytime physical damage is inflicted to you, your crit chance increases by 3% for a max of 30%.
Assassin of Titan-Increase dodge chance by 20% and increase mana pool by 10%. Everytime energy damage is inflicted by you, you gain mana based on 30% of that damage.

* Lacerate - reduces HP over time every time your opponent uses attacks . Lasts for 2 turns . Does not affect Rage . DoT is 6 HP / turn .
* Sonic Barrage - reduces both opponent's Connect chance and Deflect chance by 5% but you and your partner also receive a 3% Connect chance and Deflect chance reduction . Lasts for 3 turns . Has a 6 turn cooldown ; deals Physical Damage ; damage based on 80% of your Primary damage ; Unblockable .
* Pulse Ray - an unblockable Energy attack that has a 30% chance to burn 10% of current EP . Chance % is fixed . Can be used once .

Predator Instinct - Upon going first in a battle, you gain 20% extra damage with your first attack. Exclusive to Predator Armor.
Caden's Knowledge - Tech Mages gain 10% extra damage when casting Plasma Bolt, Overload and Plasma Rain while Blood Mages gain 10% extra damage when using Plasma Cannon and Fireball. Exclusive to Caden's Cuirass.

Asteroid Field every turn, the enemy takes a certain amount of damage to his mana pool
Rough Rider increase chance to block and increases character turn timer
Redemption if however your last attack was a block, you deal 2x the damage on this skill
Bandit takes a % of life from your opponent based on your damage
Time Ticker reduces opponent character turn timer
Tactician increases dex based on how much health is left on your opponent, lower the health, the less the buff
Malice of the Devil in the next turn, your opponent takes a % of damage as he/she inflicted to you
Law of Lore increase defense and resistance based on how many turns you have taken. The more turns you have takes, the less of a buff. Last 3 turns
The Devil's Advocate increase damage by 10% and health pool by 10%, however mana pool is decreased by 15%
The Lord's Soldier increase damage by 10% and crit chance by 5%, however, mana and health pool decreased by 3%
Gladiator Strike an extra 50% weapon damage. Ignores 40% of defense and resistance and increases crit chance by 20%
Rubber deflects 10% damage
Champions of Frost increase energy damage by 10% and increase mana pool by 20%
Mana Dealer reduces mana costs by 40%, but decrease mana pool by 20%
Deal with the Devil increase damage by 15%, but you take in 20% more damage
Angels Harmony increase health pool by 40%, but 10% of all mana costs are paid by health
Superbeast increase chance to crit by 10%
Nightwraith's Bounty increases chance to block by 15%
Force of Titan increases your chance to go first by 20%, how ever health and mana pool are reduces by 1%
Charfades Intelligence increases both your character turn timer and your opponent character turn timer by 10 seconds
Energizing Blow - Critical hits recover mana by 15% of the damage dealt.
(Active) Banshee's Cry: Use 7% HP to do a huge strike of increased dmg. (135-175%)
(Passive) Banshee: Increase your dmg output by 10%, but your defenses are reduced by 7%.

(Active) Torture: A powerful DoT is applied on your opponent for 2 turns and he or she is unable to distinct from ally or opponent and might hit himself/herself. When the torture DoT wears off, Hatred and Insanity is applied on your opponent (Deflection and Critical Strike chance increased by 50%) for the next two turns after the DoT.
(Passive) Soul: Your dmg output is reduced by 20%, but every turn, 20% of your leftover hp so far will add to ur energy. 20% of your leftover energy will add to ur health.
Observer: when you activate this skill, 4 of the following effects will be added

*when your hp is below 50%, you gain a percentage of life until you reach full life again. Once full life is reached, the regeneration stops.
*when your mana is below 30%, mana costs are reduced by 60% until mana is reached below 5%
*if a buff is placed on you, your opponent's crit chances are decreased by 15%
*if a debuff is placed on you, 50% of the debuff is removed, how ever your opponent gains 10% increased damage
Recarnation: 5% chance to come back after dying with 1 HP.
Full Power Aux: 20% less chance to have auxillary deflected.
Physical Master: 5% more dmg on all physical attacks.
Energy Master: 5% more dmg on all energy attacks.

Raging Lunatic: Click when you have rage to do 25% more dmg with a rage strike but with a 10% higher chance to be blocked. (Once per battle?)
Core Health: Click to restore 5 Health every turn for 4 turns.

Acid Rain= A Passive skill. That have 5-10% chance to do normal damage based on ur strength and that causes one of ur opponets weapon to get rusty and when he/she will use it that will do less damage than normal so it will do 85% of 100%. 5-10% Chances is based on the ur enmies if they are higher lvl then % is high, if the are low lvl % is low.

Risk-An active skill. This skill rise ur damage by 20% for 2 turn and when u use it that will make u sleep for 1 turn. Then when u wake up now u hit with 120% of damage.

Boss-An active skill in which u can provide ur dex or tech to ur partner for 2 truns and u can only give 70% of ur dex or tech.

Stunner- An passive skill that rise ur stun chance with 5%.

Ice-An active skill that will freeze one of ur weapon and you wont be able to know which one is that chould be gun, baczooca, or primary. If u use strike and ur primary was froZen then u will do 3 damage and if u use and primary related skill like berZerker then it will reduse its damage by 15%.

Anti-EMP - When attacked by energy reduction "skill", enemy takes 50% of the damage.
Ninja Reflex - Chance to evade enemy "skill" projectile (i.e. Fireball, Plasma Bolt, Super Charge, Stun Grenade, etc.)
Hobbit X - Reduced size, slightly reduced def/res and rage gain, moderately increased damage output.

Dionaea Muscipula for Bio Armors - All enemy melee attacks trigger a mutation in user's Bio armor. An anomaly resembling the Venus FlyTrap sprouts from the chest area of the armor and quickly dissolves the weapon/equipment used and reduces it's DoT for 3 turns. This also affects robots if the robot's melee is used.
Dionaea Muscipula for Bio Weapons - Strike chance to dissolve opponent's equipped gear reducing their potency slightly each turn for 3 turns. Only affects actively equipped gear including weapons and armor. If Sidearm and Auxiliary have been disabled, they will not be affected.
NOTE: Only one can be equipped at any given time. Either for the armor or the weapon.
Xendran Note: The above skill should be on a new bio bot
Double Trouble - Create a hologram that absorbs a high percentage of all non-melee damage 2 turns.
Reverse Summoning - Trade places with your robot and next turn it summons you to perform your ultimate attack. Robot cannot be targeted and goes into cooldown after completion of this skill. Drains 100% of user's energy. Rage gain is temporarily disabled.
Disable: Usable ONCE per match, this ability disables all Buffs/Debuffs in use for 3 turns.
(Includes: Smoke Screen, Malfunction, Intimidate, Technician, Energy Shield, Blood Shield, Reflex Boost, Blood Commander, Shadow Arts, Hybrid Armor, Plasma Armor, Mineral Armor, Defense Matrix, Field Commander, Deadly Aim and Adrenaline.)
*It also effects the user and also disables passive moves!*
Body shield- If the health of ally is reduced to 20, the user will take the damage until death or if the ally has his/her health more than 20
Active Power: Security Swap

Power: Normal strike that switches an opponents armor ratings
Ex. Opponent has +8 Defense and +2 Resistance from their armor, you use Security Swap on them and now they get +2 Defense and +8 Resistace
Active: 1.Wolf pack: Summon a wolf pack which will attack ts enemies and reduce its damage for 10% for 2 rounds. Can only be used once per battle
2. Zombified: Restore 20% health but cannot control itself for 2 turn(Once per battle)
3. Electric discharge: Summon a electric that will hit all players in the battle for 10% (once per battle)
4. Plasma shield: Active a shield which is 60% immune to energy attacks but receive a 3 percent dot every turn, Cannot regain energy, while is vulnerable to physical attacks for 2 turns.(once per battle)
5. Mineral shield : Active a shield which is 60% immune to physical attacks but receive a 3 percent dot every turn, cannot regain hp, while is vulnerable to energy attack (Once per battle)

Passive: Gun master:reduce chance to deflect by sidearm and auxiliary while reduce chance to block.
Extra ammo: 5% chance to do a extra shot by sidearm/ auxiliary but with a reduced damage.
Preparation: Looks like he is missing a turn but actuality this active skill makes sure that the next attack is blocked or casting skills are endured, however gun shots and other deflectable skills(gun shots and bazooka shots) hurt a bit more than usual.

Cold blood/Betrayal: Use your friends as shields! Rage gain is reduced and damage output from primary/gun is reduced too for 3 rounds.

Flat jacket: Bullets and explosives can't hurt you down. Easily. (improves your defense against bullets from your bazooka and gun. but just not so much as to make you invincible...)

Last stand: Passive ability in which "revives" the player when K.O'd with 1 HP for one last turn. Character is immune to healing or buffing and will die after his turn is over.

Shell: (animation kneel with a shield around) protects from any kind of attack or debuff for two turns , but ALSO cannot attack or do anything during these turns.

temperament : The user rages faster.

Regeneration: Regenerates Health points each turn but healing abilities are less effective. (example blood lust gives half of the normal hp it would give. Field medic heals you for half it normally did. However this does not affect other but you.)
Threat Evaluation: Skip a turn, but apply a DoT that deals additional damage depending on how much damage you took for 5 turns. (This will have a fairly high base damage because you skip your turn to activate it on their next turn.)[Once a battle]

Unbalanced Strikes: Increases damage done by blockable attacks moderately, and increases enemy block rate mildly. Also decreases unblockable damage.

Steady: Decreases enemys' critical chance and deflection chance, but decreases your chance to critical.

Kinetic Cell (passive) (I suggested a passive skill for once!) (and cell as in battery cell 'b')

if the user of Kinetic Cell blocks an attack, they will gain energy.

Gamma Visor (passive)

the user of Gamma Visor will always be able to target players, but still be affected by status conditions (stun, knockback, burn, etc).

Splitter Shot (active)

this projectile's damage increases with each piece of equipment the target has, splitting into 2 fragments for each object it collides with.

Sine Shot [or Flux Cannon] (active)

this projectile's damage is determined by the number of turns passed. 75% base damage on odd-numbered turns, 125% base damage on even-numbered turns.

(turn 1, the first turn, should be 75% for balance reasons. Otherwise it would be the Cosine Shot!)

Reversal Medic [or Cure] (active)

undo the last attack's damage from the user as a healing action.

(as an example if the last value the user was damaged for was 40 damage, Reversal Medic will heal for 40 health)

Assault Drone (active)

depending on the user's Technology, the Assault Drone will inflict a varying degree of Marred. Marred is a permanent status condition that lowers the total health of the afflicted.

Guard Drone (active)

depending on the user's Technology, the Guard Drone will act as a shield for a varying degree of health points. The Guard Drone will take all damage and status conditions aimed at the user until Guard Drone's health is depleted.

Xendran Note: Suggest the above two skills as a new bot that these skills are unique to.

Armored : Gives extra defenses to your armor, but makes the enemy generate MORE rage than usual while yours is slower than usual.

Shadow evasion: Upon a block or deflect, there is a chance to return a small amount Health and Energy points.

Self-destruct: Upon death, you explode (which is based on your weapon damage type and ignores defeses) and cause damage to enemy who killed you. Does not kill him though, only leaves him with 1 hp.

Proton explosion: Same as above ↑ but causes no damage and stuns all enemies at own death for 1 turn. Though the enemies rage meter increases with this explosion.


Plasma storm : Energy unblockable

golden bullet : attacks with primary and then jump shots.

Field Healing: Heals both player and ally.
Skill name : Frost barrage
stunning a random opponent for 3 turns but takes 5 energy for each turn they are stunned
only applies to frost slayer and frost bane
Antidote - Neutralizes poison, frostbite, burn.
Defenseless - Disables hybrid armor, plasma armor, and mineral armor for 4 turns.
Backfire: Your opponent has a 10% for their move to backfire! (Primary, Sidearm, Auxiliary and Robots) The opponent would deal the normal damage to you, but 75% would also be backfired to them!

(I wasn't too sure about the %'s, so I just chucked randoms in there. Feel free to change any If you like!)

Unknown Name: When you strike your opponent, you have a 13% chance to get [Insert Flashy Name Here] It's pretty much the complete opposite to Curse! It makes you extra big and buffs your support by 20 points for 3 turns!

I Can Has Shapeshifter?: You have a 3% chance to be "Shapeshifted" into your opponent (Giving you their Stats, Weapons and Skills.) for 3 turns!

*I wasn't too sure about the last one, but I can think of a downside... If you get a "nooby" or "bad" partner, you will be forced to be "downgraded" to their playing level/style...*

~Crimson Eagle!

Piercing Strike
Strike an enemy, ignoring 15% their Defense/Resistance (based on you Primary Weapon Damage Type).
Player A's Primary Weapon: Physical, 60 when Attacking Player B (is using Piercing Strike)
Player B's Physical Defense when attacked: 40
Player A inflicts 20 Damage to Player B (60-40=20), but deals an additional 6 Damage bonus from the effect of Piercing Strike.
-Can only be used once per game
-Weapon Damage type based on Primary

Blind Spot Strike
Strike an enemy, ignoring 50% of all Shields/Defense Buffs currently in use by the enemy.
Player A's Primary Weapon: Energy, 55 when Attacking Player B (is using Blind Spot Strike)
Player B's Energy Resistance and Shield when attacked: 34+16 (Energy Shield)
Player A would've done 5 Damage under normal circumstances, but with the bonus of Blind Spot Strike, he/she ignores 8 of the 16 Resistance bonus from player B's Energy Shield and deals 13 Damage.
-Can only be used once per game
-Weapon Damage type based on Primary
-When using against a player with a Defense Buff (Reflex Boost/Technican), ignores 50% of the bonus, therefore also lowering the total amount of Defenses gained from the Buff
Click Here For Image

Designation Mark
13% to "Mark" your opponent on strike, ensuring that the next blockable attack will connect and deal 15% more damage [based on the bonus base damage of the attack (otherwise known as the formula for Double Strike, Bludgeon, etc.)].
Player A Strike Player B, and Passive Skill Core, Designation Mark activates, "Marking" Player B.
On Player A's next turn, he/she chooses to use Berzerker, supposedly dealing 50 Damage, knowing the it will have a 100% chance to connect. Additionally, it deals an extra 5 Damage [15%x(+35 Primary Damage)].
-Essentially, this Skill Core is the same as Thorn Assault, except that the effect only becomes active the next time you attack. However, the user is able to choose which attack to add this bonus to as a form of strategy.
-The "Mark" wears off after the affect has already been used
Click Here For Image

Elixir of Life
Converts a Shield’s (includes only Defense Matrix, Energy Shield) current and the remaining turns of Defense Points into Health Points.
User casts Defense Matrix for 20 Defense on his/herself for 3 turns (a total of 60 Defense points). On the User's second turn, he/she uses Skill Core, Elixir of Life, which converts the remaining 2 turns of Defense Matrix, or a total of 40 Defense Points, into Health, or 40 Health Points.
Therefore, in this example, 2 turns of blocking 40 Damage through Defense Matrix becomes 40 Points added to your health Pool. On the two turns of Defense Matrix was active, the opponent could have avoided it, making Health more effective, strategically wise, although you must skip your turn while using Elixir of Life.
-Can be used at any point in the game, as long as the User has a Shield present
-In 2v2, the Shield being converted is of the User's. However, the Health Points may be given to the User's partner, like any Standard Medic
Click Here For Image

Feline Impulse
10% chance, at the end of your turn, to strike an enemy for Minimum Damage (3).
At the end of Player A's turn Skill Core, Feline Impulse, activates, empowering the User to Strike Player B for 3 Damage.
-This benefits Player A in the following ways: 1) Player A deals an additional 3 damage. 2) Player A gains additional Rage Points accordingly

Resets both player’s Rage Meters and grants the user 10% of all the Rage Points diminished.
Player A and Player B are both Level 35 and therefore have Rage Meters that require 125 Rage Points each in order to reach Rage.
Player A: Rage Meter filled 100/125
Player B: Rage Meter filled 50/125
Player A uses Skill Core, Refresh, reducing both Player's Rage Meters to 0/125. Additionally, Player A gains 10% of the Rage Points diminished as Energy, or 15 Energy Points in this example.
-Can only be used once per game
-The maximum amount Energy Points gained by the User is 25 [(125 Rage Points+125 Rage Points)x10%]

Alloy Armament
Increases chance for the Enemy to hit the minimum Primary Damage by 10%.
Player A Strikes Player B, activating Player B's Skill Core, Alloy Armament. Instead of inflicting "normal" Damage from Strike, Player A now Strikes for the Minimum Damage for his/her's Primary Damage on Player B's Maximum Defenses.
-Essentially, a Defending version of Skill Core, Decisive Strike (see above)
-Can only activate on Strike

Fortify Deviation
5% chance to Block a Deflectable attack.
Player A uses Sidearm on Player B, activating Player B's Skill Core, Fortify Deviation, causing Player A's Sidearm to be Blocked and therefore deal 0 Damage.
-Blocked damage adds Rage Points accordingly
-Animation on activation is the same as the Block animation

Relinquish Requisite
Passively converts your Critical chance to Block chance.
Example: User has an 8% chance for Critical Strike and a 10% Block chance in a particular battle. After the effects of Skill Core, Ceasefire Cessation, his/her Critical Strike chance drops to 4%, or the Base Critical Chance, and his/her Block Chance increases to 14%.
-Cannot convert below the Case Critical Chance of 4% (see example above)

Synthesize Weaponry
Adds 10% more Primary Ranged Damaged but converts 50% of your Primary Weapon Base Damage to your Primary Ranged Damage.
This is a very interesting Skill Core, and in order to understand it both literally and strategically, please read this very carefully.
User Normal Primary Damage: 16-20+30
After the affects of this skill, the player gets a 10% Primary Ranged Damage bonus at all times, raising his/her's damage to 18-22 [10%x(16-20)] +30. However, to make up for this bonus, 50% of their Primary Weapon Base Damage of +30, is converted in their Primary Ranged damage. Therefore, it becomes a grand total of 33-37+15, or [(16-20)+[10%x(16-20)]+(50%x30)]+(50%x30). So in the end, their Primary Damage went up by 2 damage, but on the down side, they lost half of their Primary Weapon Base Damage, drastically decreasing the effectiveness of all Weapon Base Damage % based skills (Double Strike, Berzerker, Bludgeon, Massacre, Atom Smasher). Strategically, only players who abuse Strength use the skill listed, and therefore would gain more of a bonus to make up for it. And that way, even if you make a build that abused Strength but did not use these skills, you would have an advantage of having a higher bonus, but in a way, to not use these skills is a much more crucial, and would make the build worse than it would have been. If you are not abusing Strength, and do not usually use these skills, you would definitely benefit, but you wouldn't have as much of a bonus, and the lesser skills such as Double Strike and Bludgeon could possibly play against your favor in some situations, as well as a Tank's Atom Smasher.
-When using Primary Weapon Base Damage that is odd: +35 becomes +17 and you in turn, gain 17 damage to your Primary Ranged Damage
Movement tracer mine bomb: Once activated, the next enemy attack (only works with primary type of skills and the normal attack from our primaries) will deal damage based on the on how much damage the enemy player would have dealt to you( a % of the damage), while ignoring defenses. DOESN'T DEAL CRITICALS, WORKS AS A BUFF.

Machine gun: Once activated, The player pulls a machine gun in which shots various bullets, with a deflect chance lower than the average gun, that inflicts physical damage with a chance to affect severe critical damages. BUT DOESN'T RISE RAGE AT ALL AND DOESN'T WORK WITH RAGE.

Gunslighter: Once activated, shots twice, doesn't work with rage and has an low rate of inflicting a critical.

Using your Head (for the lack of better names xD): Give the enemy a piece of your mind, literally. Once activated, it will "smash" them with your head and cause a 100% certain physical critical damage to your target. But it also reflects some of the damage back to you. When "missed", it generates more rage than usual. Damage scales with the amount of Heath points.

Endured Body: Passively gives more hp depending on level.
Network: Passively gives more energy depending on level.

Elite Shadow Arts- Adds deflection rate base on your current SA.
Absentminded- Attacks your enemy that will cause his character to do random things for a turn.
Super Coolant: Small chance to remove cooldown on skills.
Life Reversal: 3-turn warm-up. Single time use. Blockable attack which takes 60% of the opponent's current HP and moves it to their energy. Even if the energy is at its max amount, the HP will still be decreased. If blocked, rage is still added to the user's bar
Offense Reversal: Single time use. Switches an opponent's attack and support stats for 3 turns and does 70% strike damage.
Defensive Reversal: Single time use. Switches an opponent's dex and tech stats for 3 turns and does 70% strike damage before switching stats.
Neutralize: Can be used multiple times, 3 turn cooldown. Strike the opponent for 80% normal strike damage and halve their critical, deflection, block, and stun chances for the next turn.
Retrograde: Can be used a single time. Strike the opponent with 90% strike damage, and reverse damage-healing effects. This means that healing will actually damage them, and damage will actually heal them. The user's heals will also damage the target rather than heal them. Critical hits and rage, however, will bypass this effect. Can be used on allies without them taking the strike damage. Poison will still deal damage regardless. Lasts 2 turns.


1.0a 1/9/2013: Added "Taunt"
1.1  1/9/2013: Added "Harbinger", "Flawless Precision", "Beast Eye", "Jump", "Relocate", "Hard Reset", "Skip"
1.1a 1/9/2013: Added "Plague", "Toxin"
1.1b 1/9/2013: Added "Deficiency", "Greater Deficiency"
1.1c 1/9/2013: Added "Ricochet"
1.1d 1/9/2013: Added "Hollow Point", "Pierce"
1.1e 1/9/2013: Added "Final Gift"
1.1f 1/9/2013: Added "Sacrifice"
1.2  1/9/2013: Added "Charge", "Ultimatum", "Delerium", "Clear Head", "Iron Will", "Basic Bolt", "Impale", "Interference", "Fusion Grenade", "Fission Grenade", 'Meltdown', 'Skewered', 'Stabwound', 'Unarmed', 'Damaged'
1.2a 1/9/2013: Added "Repose", "Riposte", "Russian Roulette"
1.3  1/10/2013: Added "Blood Transfusion", "Proficiency", "Absolute Zero", "Railgun", "Death From Below", 'Knockback', 'Hazardous Terrain', 'Burning Ground', 'Confusion', 'Darkness', 'Smoke Screen', "Smoke Grenade", "Blind", "Vile Burst", Ragnarok", Deathbound", "Incendiary", 'Burn'
1.3a 1/10/2013: Added "Whirlwind", "Tesla Coil", "Cyborg Crush", "Agumented" Updated Opening Format
1.3b  1/10/2013: Added "Roadkill"
1.3c  1/10/2013: Added "Suicide"
1.3d  1/11/2013: Added "Overflow"

=Skill Cores 2.0=
=   1/12/2013   =

35 New Skills
Improved Format
More Sections


+War Cry
+Soul Split
+Black Hole
+Shock Infusion
+Short Circuit
+Caliber Increase
+Black Rain
+Gamma Radiation
+Dragon's Might
+Banana Split


+Flak Jacket
+Faraday Cage
+Predatory Drive




+Magma Crash
+Bear Trap

Berserk --> Blood for Blood

=Skill Cores 2.1=
=   1/16/2013   =

+Acid Rain
+System Shock
+Fusion Armor
+Infrasonic Strike
+Cluster EMP
+Hyper EMP
+Chaff Grenade
+Group Medic
+Decisive Strike
+Ammunition Barrier
+Protean Strike

+Last Man Standing
+Hidden Body
+Necromancer's Bane
Tagged. ~Mecha

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 1
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Yix P

Wow. There's all I can say.
Good work Xendran

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1/9/2013 8:57:44   

Thanks. Also a note: Degenerate and Calamity are meant to be used by players for challenges. Things like trying to kill admin 11 while you have calamity equipped would be rather fun.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 3
1/9/2013 9:31:56   

Think you misspelled "receive"...

Nice work btw

How about a once-per-battle skill core that switches your opponent's def to resis, resis to def for a certain amount of time?

< Message edited by theholyfighter -- 1/9/2013 9:32:22 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 4
1/9/2013 9:39:58   

2 things:

•Degenerate will have to be specified to 2 HP each turn for players that are taking the minimum 3 damage each turn for them to take any significant damage aside from rage attacks.

•If degenerate gives HP each turn then you may want to rename it to generate or something similar since degenerate means the opposite of producing, it is more like subtracting.
AQ Epic  Post #: 5
1/9/2013 9:41:46   

@Depressed Void: Degenerate damages you, not your opponent. It degenerates your hp.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 6
1/9/2013 9:43:06   

If it damages then never mind.
AQ Epic  Post #: 7
1/9/2013 9:43:32   

No, it damages YOU. If you equip degenerate, YOU will degenerate hp, not your opponent.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 8
1/9/2013 9:45:38   

While I am here can I ask what purpose the core will have for players if not NPCs?
AQ Epic  Post #: 9
1/9/2013 9:46:13   


Also a note: Degenerate and Calamity are meant to be used by players for challenges. Things like trying to kill admin 11 while you have calamity equipped would be rather fun.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 10
1/9/2013 9:48:25   

So it has no effect in random battle, just challenges? Would I guess that it is a secondary core that goes with a primary core?
AQ Epic  Post #: 11
1/9/2013 9:53:37   

It's just a regular skill core... how you use it is up to you.

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1/9/2013 10:11:07   
Blitzex/Sr. Zeph


Debilitate: Debuffs all stats

No, makes the assualt bots useless. And OP since a bot only can debuff 65%.


[M]Massive Impact: Has a high chance of inflicting Knockback. If knockback is not inflicted, extra damage is inflicted



Overkill: If more damage is dealt than the opponent has HP, the excess damage is converted to rage

Dont get this one...explaination?
Epic  Post #: 13
1/9/2013 10:12:58   

1. No it doesnt. It works like every other debuff in the game.
2. Knockback = knocked out of the match for a turn.
3. It's self explanitory.

< Message edited by Xendran -- 1/9/2013 10:13:52 >
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 14
1/9/2013 10:19:34   
Blitzex/Sr. Zeph

1. No it doesnt, you need to have invested skill points in it and energy. This is a free one, so no. If its 60% (may not get higher then the assualt bots)i can support. You make the assualt bots useless with this one.
2. OP, basically a stun move, but then when it doesnt stun (knockback) it hits higher? No thank you
3. Ok, still dont get it...sorry
Epic  Post #: 15
1/9/2013 10:35:56   

I wouldn't be surprised to see many of these used. Nice work Xen glad to have you back. I kind of don't understand the Over-Kill either though, if it hits for more damage than your opponent has, than there would be no excess to convert to rage....right? I mean unless they are being left with 1 hp as well...

< Message edited by ashtonsdad -- 1/9/2013 10:37:10 >
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1/9/2013 10:41:28   


1. No it doesnt, you need to have invested skill points in it and energy. This is a free one, so no. If its 60% (may not get higher then the assualt bots)i can support. You make the assualt bots useless with this one.
2. OP, basically a stun move, but then when it doesnt stun (knockback) it hits higher? No thank you
3. Ok, still dont get it...sorry

1. I gave no numbers AT ALL, AND you assumed that skill cores are unable to have energy costs. your point is totaly irelevant because of this. Assuming that a skill you know nothing about is more powerful than something that uses a percentage and does something completely different, unrelated and in a different skill category...
2. No, you can't target somebody who is knocked back.
3. It does exactly what it says. If you hit 35 and your opponent has 5hp, you gain rage based on the leftover 30 damage.

< Message edited by Xendran -- 1/9/2013 10:43:16 >
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 17
1/9/2013 10:46:30   

Nice job.

Now a million dollars question: will you be able to see your opponent's skill cores during the fight?
AQW Epic  Post #: 18
1/9/2013 10:49:30   


Now a million dollars question: will you be able to see your opponent's skill cores during the fight?

Depends on what skill cores they're using.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 19
1/9/2013 10:55:41   

I meant to ask if the equipped skill cores will be visible to be checked in battle by the opponent, just like the build is.
Sorry if the question sounded rather confusing.
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1/9/2013 11:01:35   
Blitzex/Sr. Zeph


1. I gave no numbers AT ALL, AND you assumed that skill cores are unable to have energy costs. your point is totaly irelevant because of this. Assuming that a skill you know nothing about is more powerful than something that uses a percentage and does something completely different, unrelated and in a different skill category...
2. No, you can't target somebody who is knocked back.
3. It does exactly what it says. If you hit 35 and your opponent has 5hp, you gain rage based on the leftover 30 damage.

1. Thats the prob, you didnt gave numbers. Now its way OP, add numbers...and also you dont know anything if it does or does not cost energy so how can you be mad at me if you dont know it yourself -.-
2. Uhm what? You said: ''If knockback is not inflicted, extra damage is inflicted'' so when i dont stun (knockback) him i deal more dmg. Then where is your: ''you cant target somebody who is knocked back'' for?
3. Whats the point of adding it to your rage when hes already dead. For 2vs2 ok, but 1vs1?
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1/9/2013 11:10:10   


1. No. Stop commenting on this skill unless you provide actual reasoning. The lack of numbers is there for a reason, it is not your job to balance the numbers, it is your job to discuss the IDEA.
2. When you knockback you deal normal damage. When you don't knockback you deal increased damage. The knockback chance is not 100%, but the ability is meant to always give you a boost.
3. Using it 1v1 means that the build is bad. It's not the only 2v2 skill in this list, and it's not the last.


I meant to ask if the equipped skill cores will be visible to be checked in battle by the opponent, just like the build is.
Sorry if the question sounded rather confusing.

The question wasn't confusing, the answer was. ;)

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Blitzex/Sr. Zeph

1. And thats why i gave numbers, if it gets above it i do not support this IDEA.

2. So, where was your comment (No, you can't target somebody who is knocked back) for then?

I've omitted some mini-modding. Telling someone what/where to post is assuming the position of a moderator, i.e. "mini-modding." Please avoid doing such again in the future. ~eVentus

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2. So, where was your comment (No, you can't target somebody who is knocked back) for then?

Because you can't. When somebody is knocked out of the battle, they can't be targeted for that turn. This prevents them from taking any damage while knocked back. Knockback is more defensive than stun.

Omitted deleted content that was in a quote. ~eVentus

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Sr Zeph,

You may not discuss suggestions in ED:GD, only here in ED:S.

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