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=DF= August 7th Design Notes: Displaced Fates Part 3: Fractured Self

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8/7/2020 22:23:24   

DragonFable & MechQuest


Displaced Fates Part 3: Fractured Self

Hey there, heroes!

This month's arena challenge has arrived! The Displaced Fates board is rounded off with the Fractured Self challenge, featuring one- no, two major players from Book 2's main story!

That's right, face off against The Professor and Wargoth, two mysterious entities who were set at odds against each other during the Elemental Dissonance incidents!

The Professor is practical and tactical, while Wargoth, uh, burns things. Defeat them both to earn and upgrade two fantastic new helms!

If you think you have what it takes, click on the portal floating above Falconreach to try your resolve in the Arena at the Edge of Time!

Also this week, the Pyromancer and Guardian updates enter the next stage of reworking. Pyromancer has had a total makeover, while Guardian has been polished up a bit.

  • Now, you can click on the new Pyromancer's Tome widget above the attack button to swap between Fire and weapon element damage.
    • Using weapon element damage will reduce your damage by 10%.
  • If INT and DEX are your highest stats, you'll gain 5% damage.
  • If INT and DEX are your highest stats and within Level/10 of each other, you'll gain 15% damage total (this works like Ranger's STR/DEX mix)
  • Magefire passive
    • Now starts at 0 potency, but increases power the more stacks of Pyromancer's Flames are on your enemy.
    • For each stack on the foe, Consuming Magefire increases your crit chance by 20%.
    • For each stack on the foe, Healing Magefire will heal you for 1% of your HP when you use a skill.
  • Pyromancer's Flames
    • Pyromancer's DoT skills have been condensed into one 0 cooldown skill.
    • The more you use it on a foe, the stronger it gets to a maximum of 5 stacks.
    • Once you reach 5 stacks, gain +75 Boost to all attacks.
  • Various skills have been shuffled on the skill bar.
  • Paper Cannon -> To Ashes
    • This skill purges effects from you besides Magefires, and deals more damage the more effects that you had.
  • Malcifer
    • Heal removed, but now applies its effects regardless of which hit hits.
    • Now increases your Bonus instead of your Boost.
  • Rebirth
    • Now cleanses all effects on the player (including Magefires!)
  • Firetongue -> Breath of Fire
    • Disables Magefire for 5 turns, but unleashes a massive attack based on how many turns Magefire has been active. (Max 25 turns)
  • Blaze Blue -> Full Throttle
  • Enkindle
    • Now applies Dynamic Shield, which gives you +75 resistance to your current elemetn for 1 turn.
  • Triflame
    • DoT removed, now applies +50 Health to the target for 2 turns.
  • Conflagration
    • Now removes Pyromancer's Flames from your foe, and resets your stacks to 0.
    • Applies Devouring Magefire, which applies and doubles the effects of Healing and Consuming Magefire at full stacks. (+200 crit, +150 Boost, Heal 10% each turn.)
    • Lets you follow up with another attack immediately.
  • Lava Bubble
    • The reflection shield now reduces damage per hit by half.
This should maintain the old Pyromancer playstyle, while provided better rewards for doing so, along with interesting combos. We'll see where it falls after feedback, and it will be adjusted accordingly (whether it is too powerful or not strong enough).

  • Guardian now has a widget above the Attack button to let you know what element you have empowered.
  • Empowered attacks now do more damage
  • Empowered attacks now have a minor secondary effect.
    • Fire: Additional DoT damage.
    • Water: Heal 5% max HP
    • Ice: Heal 5% max MP
    • Wind: +50 Bonus on the attack (total of +100 with base empowerment effect)
    • Energy: +10 boost on the attack
    • Nature: applies Nature's Wrath, reduces foe's Avd by 50 for 1 turn.
    • Darkness: Reduce damage by an additional 10% for 1 turn
    • Light: Reduce foe's Bonus by an additional 25 for 1 turn
    • Bacon: +25% crit chance on the attack.
  • Awethur's Power now has a 33% chance to activate when used.
  • Removed Guardian Dragon's old dialogue while we figure out what to do for him (We have some ideas, but not enough time to set them in motion yet!)
  • Skills have been rearranged.
Guardian should be where it is expected to be now as a result. Of course, changes may happen with feedback, but it should be quite satisfying to use.

Also, the quest Sunfall: Part 2 has received some updates in its dialogue. Non-Vind heroes will be surprised to see Alz'ein, while Queen Victoria gets a report about the Deadlands rift.

Finally this week, we have a new monthly Dragon Coin special weapon set made by Dracelix!

The Weapons of Change have arrived for the month of August!

These color-custom weapons are sure to match whatever you have in mind, so make sure to pick them up before they leave!

And that's all for now! What's coming next week? Well, you'll just have to

As with all reworks and balance changes, feedback is important, and changes are still possible. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these changes!

Have feedback about recent releases? Having trouble with any fights? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

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< Message edited by Peachii -- 8/8/2020 6:21:10 >
DF AQW  Post #: 1
8/8/2020 5:28:28   

I'm really enjoying the pyro changers. The slow build up of power by get stacks of dots until you can do mass damage or get extra healing it seems to fit the aesthetic and concept much better. I've only tested on endless togs but most of the time I was just building up mage fire as quick as possible so I don't really use the other skills much but it may change for boss fights. Seems pretty balanced as the 5 turn build up until you get crit and healing seems fair the amount you get and the class as whole might be viable for challenge bosses now.
Post #: 2
8/8/2020 9:17:40   

I have two questions both pertinent to the updated pyromancer. 1: The pyromancer's new flame debuff doesn't seem to be effected by the damage Boost of having both Int and Dex maxed out, is this intentional? 2: DoTs don't seem to be affected by Dex's 7.5% damage bonus, has it always been like this? I haven't been paying much attention since back when Dex use to provide a flat damage bonus to DoTs.
Post #: 3
8/8/2020 9:56:55   

Pyromancer's changes makes it a very interesting class to use. So far I've liked it.

And I did enjoy fighting against the duo very much. I recently thought how Wargoth would make an excellent choice for Displaced Fates board and I was happy to see him there. And the Professor with new animations was a nice bonus.
DF  Post #: 4
8/8/2020 10:57:18   

OH YEAH BABY! Pyro's one of my favorite classes and now I can actually play it and have fun hahahaha. If only Icebound Revenant received the same love...
Post #: 5
8/8/2020 11:39:25   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Really fun release. The duo was a bit obnoxious because of Wargoth's increasing damage and Professor's heals that depends on your HP and MPM as well as his HP, but they were really fun to fight. And with this release, this finally closes out the rocky journey that is Displaced Fates, which was a mostly fun board with a good set of rewards.

As for Guardian and Pyromancer changes, both of them are really fun and interesting to play. I really found Pyro really super fun to play as it is essentially a mixture of Epoch, Chaosweaver and Ranger. This update makes Pyro one of the best DC armors to get. As for Guardian, I really glad that this class got more interesting as you need element lock skills to empower your effects through the attack button, which gives you a small effect and not to mention that I am really glad that Guardian Dragon's lines are going to get changed in the future because those 2006 memes were not aged well. Finally, the art for the widgets for both classes are really great!


As for Deadlands rift, is that me or that multiple Tytans will appear from that rift once we are done with Doomwood and the Northlands as the activity there is very quiet.
DF  Post #: 6
8/8/2020 12:53:30   

The last part of the Design Notes seem interesting with the " Well, you'll just have to... " and without anything else added afterwards. Hoping for a story war soon - maybe the Doomwood Rift War could become a thing? It'd be a nice way and I'd LOVE it if that'd happen! Heh.
Post #: 7
8/8/2020 12:54:39   

Nice to know what's happening at the deadlands rift without noticeably changing the story. It'll be fun to see what happens next!
AQ DF  Post #: 8
8/8/2020 13:56:24   

Speaking of the challenges.

This has to be my most favorite one this far yet - sure, I might not always be able to beat every single one of them that's okay as this is after all intended to be a Challenge - but the Wargoth battle is actually a nice one. A perfect music to fit for a battle against one of my favorite villains after all these years.

Now if we'd get a boss fight against Valtrith once again, too! Heh, we after all did get Caitiff. Maybe a board with Friday the 13th villains on it or something? It'd be amazing!
Post #: 9
8/8/2020 20:03:29   

The fight had a lot of great ideas - pity a lot of them had to be removed due to bugs. I also thought it was a nice power level after all the bugfixes/balance changes - many classes can do it and it's not as punishing as IE, but it's still quite difficult. Also, maybe I'm just traumatized by Illumina but I'm really happy the fight was on the shorter side.

I also wish the helm was slightly better - as is, the two helms are slight upgrades to DDV/Tytanvisage Helm/Joker's Madness, but the duo fight is harder than killing each of the two IE dragons for ADL I.

That being said, it seems like everyone's having fun with Pyromancer, so maybe we'll have better strategies in a week or so :)
DF  Post #: 10
8/9/2020 2:07:21   

I must say- this challenge was very fun, even though grinding the professor in the end is tough.

Post #: 11
8/11/2020 3:15:48   
Fire alandry

For years I've been torn between my love for fire and my dislike of defensive style. Pyro's art is gorgeous, but it's skills just weren't my type.
Now, I have no doubt which class I'll pick after I buy CW and then collect again enough DC from dailies. Just 2000 DC/ 667 days to go!
DF  Post #: 12
8/11/2020 17:30:18   

I love the Pyromancer revamp - it's become a great hybrid, capable of tanking tons of attacks while dishing out some serious pain in return. The buff to Phoenix is also greatly appreciated, as now the class can be used to plow through weaker monsters and is a lot more appealing for general use. My only real concern is that it has a bit too much offensive power (the two strongest attacks aren't properly consuming passive stacks) and way too much sustain in longer quests (Rebirth's cooldown currently isn't global), but both of these are the result of bugs that will likely be fixed in the next update. Another idea could be increasing the penalty for un-elelocking your skills, like a further damage decrease or increased mana costs. Overall this has been a great revamp; Pyromancer is definitely up there with its fellow DC classes in terms of power now while also carving out a unique niche as a hybrid tank capable of keeping itself alive as its damage slowly ramps up - like a stronger and more complex version of Dragonlord or Deathknight. I love it!

Guardian also now has an identity as an early-game just-for-fun class that'd be especially helpful to AQ veterans new to DF (which has always been the point of the class) - the ability to cast with multiple elements with only one weapon is obviously going to be extremely helpful throughout most of Book 1 as well as many side quests and dungeons. The class still has its issues - namely the art and animations, as well as some of the skill unlock requirements being really archaic (notably the 10 Defender's Medal requirement, we don't have a war every month anymore and a new player isn't going to know where to go to get them lol), though that isn't the fault of the class's skillset. The one thing I don't like about the skillset is Awethur's power. The skill is (still) literally just "roll for a huge nuke that's way stronger than any of your other skills or else just waste your turn" and optimal use of the class revolves around restarting a fight over and over until you get the Awethur procs you want. The skill is literally begging me to be a degenerate.
The best change, though, is of course the Guardian Dragon. Taking inspiration from other equally quotable intellectual giants - namely Socrates and Einstein - he has decided not to speak until he has something worth saying. We should all strive to be more like the Guardian Dragon.

All in all, I loved this release. New Pyromancer is one of the most fun things to come out this year and is quickly becoming one of my favorite classes
DF  Post #: 13
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