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Returning Level 106 Lucky Beastmage

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8/27/2020 2:30:20   

Hello all! I haven't played in about.. Four years? And I figure this'd be fun to come back to and try to get into!!
I unfortunately do not remember much about my build, and especially what any of my misc items do.. I'm not even sure if this is still a viable build.. So if anyone could give me a quick rundown on what my build specializes in, as well as what my Misc items do, along with recommendations for new equipment/pets/spells/etc, I'd be absolutely grateful!

I have 7 Golden Giftboxes as well.

Also, just a final question, is the Jester armor any good? I just like the aesthetic of it, and would consider getting some Z-Tokens for it.

Character Link : https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=33113931
Level & Status : 106 Guardian
Build : Lucky Beastmage
Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): Wind
Custom Weapon I don't believe I have one!

  • Element:
  • Accuracy Lean:
  • Special Rate:

Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : Not quite sure...
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) : Slightly Chaotic Good
Notes : (above)
Goals : To get back into the game, and understand everything again.
Z-Tokens (If Applicable): 298
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
8/27/2020 2:57:04   
Primate Murder

Welcome back!

The stat cap has been raised to 250 which means you can only max out 3 stats at top level. Generally, you'll want to max out MainStat (Str or Int) for damage, Dex for accuracy and either Cha or Luck, depending on whether you want a pure build or a beast build. There are also the classic and werepyre hybrid builds, but those are somewhat less optimized.

If you give me a more solid idea of what build you're going for (pure mage, beastmage, pure warrior, beastwarrior), as well as whether you plan on being FD or FO, I'd be happy to give you a full rating.
AQ DF  Post #: 2
8/27/2020 3:16:52   

Ahh, okay, I see! I'll definitely get on maxing my INT first.

I'd like to stay a Beastmage, I think! I like working with pets/summons. I'm assuming I should start untraining my Luck, then, if I'm to stick with Beastmage?
And I would like to be FO (assuming that means fully offensive!)

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
8/27/2020 5:05:28   
Primate Murder

FO is fully offensive, yeah. As far as stats go, I'd suggest maxing out your Int, then dividing the remaining stats between Cha and Dex.

First of all, I'd like to mention is that several subraces have been revamped. Vampire fits perfectly for an FO beastmage with Int and Cha toggles, a quickcast stun and an Evolved Form that gives you high damage and lifesteal. So go to Darkovia, Cure yourself, then run through all the vampire quests, including the Advanced one, to gain a second no-drop in the form of your subrace transformation!

The modern meta focuses heavily on stun-and-nuke tactics. Check out Commonly Used Strategies (particularly the Purple Rain loop) for more complete information, but the basic idea is to stun-lock the monster, then use powerful elecomped skills to slaughter it. Maximum effect at minimum expenditure.

We're currently in the last days of a token donation contest. As long as you log in and win at least one battle every day until the end of the month, you have a chance to get up to 5k tokens!

Finally, before getting anything else, visit the Guardian Tower and pick up the Essence Orb misc. It's a really op item that can convert your hp into sp without costing a turn - meaning you can spam your skills pretty much every single turn!

Now, without further ado:


Keep Wind as your no-drop element (the best weapon is premium and nothing else is particularly outstanding), but make sure to visit Valencia and align your Awe special to PWD for that sweet, sweet 3% chance of insta-kill.

Bloodblades and Bloodzerker Blades are easily among the best weapons the staff have ever released. They pay a small hp cost to deal bonus damage with both weapon attacks and spells of their respective elements. There are variants for most elements, but I'd suggest grabbing Blazing Bloodzerker and Terra Bloodzerker Blades as well as Dynamancer's and Cryomancer's Bloodblades (Rare GGBs).

The revamped Kindred sword has a chargable autohit.

Light element also has a Bloodblade, but you might want to check out the Morningstar Cross. Being 100-proc, it's slightly subpar for regular armor attacks, but its skill has great synergy with Vamp's Evolved Form, allowing you to deal high light damage in darkness armor - not to mention the lifesteal it provides. It also has great synergy with Bloodzerker toggles, giving them a nuke comparable to maxed out Bloodmages.

Voidsplinter Tether or Sunderer give you a harm weapon. If you don't have a spare UR, grab Blackbones for a multiplicative damage boost to your D-Burst.


Once you complete the advanced subrace quest, you'll get a 9th slot no-drop armor in the form of your Vampire transformation. It should work as both your darkness and your wind armor.

You're unlikely to need it often, but I suggest getting Insightful Armor of Awe as your no-drop - the qc mana shield can come in useful.

The best fire armor for mages would be Pyromancer Bloodmage, but you'll have to wait several months for Caecus to return to the Void to grab it. Until then, you can just use Torontosaurus Rex armor from LTS for a powerful fire skill.

Your Moglord Tortress has an old standard water skill - meaning the elecomp bonus to damage that it gets is literally op by modern standards.

Horo Show and Taladosian pretty much do the same thing for ice and energy.

Terra Bloodzerker pays a small hp cost for 20% bonus damage and has a toggle to lock you to armor element 2x damage. This gives you a powerful earth nuke, especially when combined with Morningstar Cross' skill. If you don't have a UR, just use the Cthonian Count vampire variant.

Reset and train up your paladin levels! The new paladin class lacks top level variants (at least for a week or two until the last quest comes out), but it already looks amazing! 20 skills including effect infliction, chargable ressurection, several guests and a variety of nukes will fulfill every niche you may want.

For your final slot, keep Generalist Robes or whatever elemental variant of them you may need for farming.


Ultraguardian Shield heals some sp on block, making it the most interesting of no-drop options.

No fire shield particularly stands out, so just upgrade your Overlord shield to the proper level.

Celtic Wheel series are an unmatched boon for mages with their Int drive.

Pies has a Cha drive to enhance your chances of inflicting Vamp's Mesmerize and boost your pet/guest damage, accuracy and effect infliction.

Before becoming a vampire, visit Haven and pick up Sol shield for earth - it provides a small damage reduction based on your Cha.

Umazen Aspis gives paralysis potence, which can be a nice boon to some of your pets and guests.

Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM, boosting the accuracy of all your weapon, spell, pet and guest attacks.

Avenger's Bulwark (darkness if you become an Emoran Knight) stores charges to gain an EleShield if you're in a pinch.


By far the hardest category for FO beastmages, as you have to fit in damage, support and guest summoning spells in just 8 slots.

Damage. Fortunately, between armor skills and weapon attacks in Vamp Evolved Form, you cover nukes for pretty much all of the elements. Still, here are a few interesting options you might want to consider:

- Warmaster's Burst and your D-Burst pay hp to deal +50% damage.

- Sizzler 'Splosion sacrifices some damage, but autohits. Useful, considering that wind has a lot of high-MRM mobs.

- Archmage Research or Runic Binding give you a source of Harm damage against low-resist mobs.

- Knife to Meat You is a quickcast earth spell. Comes back at Mogloween.

Support. The vast majority of these are buffs that you can cast inside the Purple Rain loop.

- Purple Rain is one of the most useful meta spells, to the point where there's an entire strategy build around it (see Purple Rain Loop in Commonly Used Strategies linked above). It acts as a save point - cast it once to save your current sp/mp/hp, then cast all your buffs (like Moonwalker's Grace and SFP) and debuffs (like Mesmerize), then cast Purple Rain again to return your sp/mp/hp back.

- Moonwalker's Grace. Qc Dex booster.

- Edoc Imanok. Qc MRM boost, enhances your blocking.

- Angry Trobble. Accuracy boost for several turns. Not qc.

- Imbues (token) are some of the most useful spells in the game. They change the element of your next weapon-based attack/skill (not spell or spell-based skill!) to another element and often have other nifty benefits. Horo Show + Fire Dragon Talon = fire nuke with 50% bonus damage. WKZ + Terror Fist = dark nuke with Fear infliction. Dragonslayer Aura = void damage against dragons.


- For water, you have a choice between Gaiden (toggles between damage and healing hp) and Rhubzard from the current Void Challenge (toggles between damage and stealing monster's Luck for yourself). If you pick the latter, get it now! Rhubzard leaves the Void in just a few hours.

- Skeeter has an hp upkeep, making it the cheapest guest available.

- Nezujimbo can inflict Freeze, which has great synergy with Pyro-BM, T-Rex Rider or just D-Burst.

- Earth has 2 exceptional guests. Doomquake Minions does double damage (or toggles to inflict Bleed which has synergy with Vamp's Drink passive), but it costs tokens. Sugar Gobbler toggles to Petrify the monster, which has great synergy with any wind nuke, but only comes back at Mogloween.

- The best energy guest bar none is Mogdin, which toggles to sacrifice all damage to inflict paralysis. Unfortunately, it's just recently left the Void, so it will take a few months for it to come back.

- Train up your paladin levels! One of the guests from the new paladin armor is called the Manifestation, and it toggles between a 2x upkeep for 2x damage and being a Cha-based light damage booster. (there is also a guest that heals you and a guest that boosts your blocking - seriously, the new paladin has everything)

- Grimlord of Nulgath does 2x damage for an hp cost.

- Memet is the only harm guest in the game (costs tokens).

- Essence of Carnage regenerates your mp on weapon attacks and stores charges to boost your next spell.


Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can attack monster sp.

Kindred pet can gather charges for your Kindred sword. You can also pick up the Rhubzard pet from the current Void Challenge (levaes in a few hours!) for Luck steal.

Keep the Fujin pet for wind until next Grenwog, then pick up Mutant Egg pet, which toggles between damage resistance and inflicting paralysis.

Frost Effigy not only inflicts Freeze (great synergy with Pyro-BM, T-Rex Rider and D-Burst), but also has a Freeze potence to help your Nezujimbo inflict Freeze as well!

By far the best earth pet would be WoolZard, which toggles between inflicting Sleep and EleVuln and has another toggle to boost the infliction for sp. You'll have to wait two weeks for it to come to the Void rotation, though. Fu Dog toggles to petrify the monster and has a petrification potence (Sugar Gobbler synergy!), but it costs a UR. The cheapest good pet for earth would be the Morningstar pet, which toggles to inflict randomly DefLoss or EleVUln, increasing the accuracy or damage of your attacks.

Keep your PikaZard until you can replace him with a Mutant Egg variant.

Lepre-Chan is a Cha-based booster pet that enhances all your light attacks, but it only comes back on Blarney. Until then just keep using the Fairy Godmother.

Model 294 toggles to inflict EleVuln, increasing the damage of all your darkness attacks.


Essence Orb and Pixel Ether take care of your resources.

Shadowfeeder Pendant is one of the best meta enablers - by clicking on it, you can get qc celerity; great synergy with Purple Rain and any elecomped nukes. Love Potion is another great meta misc (qc control), but itonly comes back at Snugglefest.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy misc that boosts the accuracy of every attack on the field, including your pets and guests and without the usual /2 for spells.

Eye of Osiris gives you both Int and bth.

Grakma Warhorn summons a fire guest with an EleVuln toggle and its Berserk toggle gives a high multiplicative damage bonus that is not /2 for spells (though it does pay for that with a hefty accuracy penalty).

Some other options worth checking out:

- Frostgale's Remorse gives Dex for accuracy, damage to wind and ice attacks, and +20 potence to Freeze and Paralysisinflictions.

- Taladosian Pendant. Its Mental Potency increases your chances of inflicting Mesmerize.

- Bell Shell heals a bit of your hp based on damage dealt. The heal is less than CoRS', but it also doesn't reduce your damage, making it an overall better choice for FO builds.

- Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respectively.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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AQ DF  Post #: 4
9/1/2020 0:36:51   

Hello, thank you for the info!! I've been following along with this. I've actually just received 5000 Z-Tokens!! What should I do with them?

Also, what is my main source of healing? Potions?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
9/1/2020 4:35:10   
Primate Murder


I suggest sitting on your tokens for now - AQ gives discounts (up to 50%!) on z-token items during Black Friday. When it comes, get a cheap house (for farming and using paintings) and a Museum (extra GGB each month), then put the rest into GGBs. Maybe get DQ Minions, Memet or imbues, if they catch your fancy.

For mp healing use Essence of Carnage guest with weapon-based armor skill or just Evolved Vamp attacks.

For hp healing... Yeah, FO armors are not very good for that. Potions are the strongest of all available options.
AQ DF  Post #: 6
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