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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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10/16/2022 15:53:42   

I believe nowadays the game got to a point where some things exist because they are forgotten about, no one will use them, and most of them
can be used somewhere else, this applies especially to some classes.
I have compiled i few classes that I personally think can be used in another way through the game, especially for a starter player
this will have 2 sections:
1 is classes that may not need to be worked on but need a new way to get
2 will be classes that can use some light work to be useful

Class: Pirate
Use the new seasonal Pirate Skills instead of Rogue skills

Class:Bard:Rework how to get it and remove Legend Tag.
its a class that is lower in power than any other rep class i know
so, how about unlock it from a simple quest and remove its legend tag?
specially early on players will be able to form a more "advanced" party
for those early story quest bosses and so on, it has cool effects,
they are just not worth rep 10 and legend in my opinion

Class:Berserker: Add a quest version without Legend Tag.
this is a class that can deal with lower levels bosses solo but
will fall short really fast, it has no use and is, for all means, a forgotten class
that could see some use by those warrior dudes,
we can use it to give Thok from Trainers some use, put a quest to unlock it
the quest should be about getting some mushroom amanita
wich is believed to be the cause for the frenzy state of berserkers from history

Remove Legend Tag
This Class is strong and a lot of cases when using against undead, it can solo some high damage monsters before
most other classes because of its strong heal and damage reduction, but it gets ignored because there are a lot of
other classes who can deal more damage or outlast the Paladin and are not Legend tagged

Class: DeathKnight
Add a quest version without Legend Tag.

Class:Drakel Warlord
Add a quest version without Legend Tag.

Class: Blood Titan
Remove Legend Tag from Farm version.
this one is not as much as usable but it makes no sense for a map be free player but the item you get from its farm be legend

Add non-Legend new NPC on Green guard East in the intersection of Blood-tusk Ravine and Certain Death.
Quest line to unlock a non-rep version of BeastMaster that uses a wolf instead of a Grifflet
Exploring new players can find it, its not strong enough to be late game and not good enough to be locked behind Legend in my opinion
but it has nice utility on starter areas


Remove Legend Tag, require rank 10 healer to buy.
Suggested Changes: Caster undead hunter.
1-Absolve: 1.5 cool-down: cause light magic damage (30% weapon damage) on targets attacking you. (deal 200% weapon damage on undead targets)

2-Heal: 10 seconds cool-down: can be used on allies and undead targets, will cause 250% weapon damage as healing (or damage undead targets)

3-Healing Word

4-Energy Flow

5-Blessing, 20 cool-down, applied blessed to allies for 10 seconds, allies will deal bonus damage to undeads

rank 4 passives:
same as before

rank 10 passive:
God's reward: upon killing a undead target, restore all HP and MP

Class:Proto Sartorium
Add quest to get, ProtoSartorium drop materials to make it instead of the full class
Suggested Changes: early tank
Keep all the skills as before.
Rank 10 passive:
Auto Repair: constant 50% weapon damage HoT

Class:Doom knight
Remove Legend Tag
add Potions in Doom knight's shop:

Undead Attuned(non-consumable): 10% weapon damage is applied as HoT on the user, lasts until replaced

Doom Attuned(non-consumable): every 5th auto-attack, activate a weaker Doom Strike that deals 5 times more damage and stuns for 2 seconds, lasts until replaced

Death Attuned(non-consumable): Reduces Endurance by 50%, Auto Attack uses Soul Steal effects, Blood Rite is always active and does not consume HP, use Blood Offering as if Dark wound is not active, lasts until replaced

DIE! (non-consumable): 60 seconds cool-down: Next attack will be a Doom Strike and removes any Attuned effects.

Class:Witch: like the berserker, a reworked version for this class could be added
as a quest reward from Juvania

My suggested rework would be
1-Auto attack: 2 seconds. deal no damage, generate concoction charge

2-Apply Poison: consume a charge of concoction to apply a stacking DoT on the target

3-Apply herbs: consumes a charge of concoction to apply a stacking Hot on you or selected ally

4-Throw Powder: consumes all charges for a random effect that last 2 to 5 seconds
can cause paralysis(stun), heavy dot, frenzy ally (haste and physical damage buff, lasts twice as long)

5-Familiar: summon a combat pet (black kitten?) to attack
this skill causes the auto-attack to start dealing damage (50% weapon damage, 100% if Frenzy is active)

Rank 4 passives
Increase DoT damage by 50%
causes auto-attack to apply a light HoT on yourself

Rank 10 passive
Increase DoT and Hot by 50%

Remove legend tag, require rank 10 Mage to buy.
Suggested Changes: Early Farm Class

1-Auto attack: Magic Missile: launch a magic projectile at a random number of enemies up to 3, deal less damage the more enemies are hit

2-Fireball(same as mage with more effects), applies unfocused fire for 8 seconds, if used while unfocused fire is active, deal less damage but hit 3 targets
if used while unfocused fire is not active, deal 50% more damage and hits a single target

3-Ice Shard(same as mage with more effects), applies unfocused ice for 8 seconds, if used while unfocused ice is active, deal less damage but hit 3 targets
Does not apply frozen blood if unfocused ice is active

4-Explosion(same as mage with more effects): Has a chance to stun the first target

5-Arcane Shield(same as mage with more effects), at the end of its effect causes a burst of damage to every enemy in the room for the absorved damage and restores all MP

Rank 10 passive:
Magic missile does not cause less damage when hitting multiple targets

Remove the legend tag, require rank 10 warrior to buy.

Suggested Changes: Early Raid Class
Weapon damage 200%

Rank 4 passives:
Ruthless Aggression:You deal 20% additional damage with physical attacks.

Strong Resolution: Damage taken reduced by 20%

Rank 10 passive:
War-cry: on crit, applies War-cry to you and allies for 10 seconds, 20 seconds cool-down
Crits restore health and Prepared strike does not have a limit of attacks to you and allied warrior/warlords

Class: Renegade
Remove the legend tag, and require rank 10 Rogue to buy.
Suggested Changes: Early Boss Killer

1-Auto Attack: 100% crit chance on 100% HP Targets, has a small chance to activate Gleaming Line (1%) until the target dies or lends a hit on you.

2-Viper's Kiss(Same as Rogue but with more effects): Poison stacks up to 5 stacks, increasing target damage taken by 5% each stack

3-Footwork: reduce cool-down to 15s

4-Opportunity's strike

5- Follow the line: 30 seconds cool-down, consumes all mana to deal a massive crit, increase crit damage by 1% for every point of mana used.
If Gleaming Line is active deal 25 times more damage.
"Metrea notes that it shouldn't be relied on"

Rank 4 passives
Elusive increase dodge chance by 20%
Incisive increase Crit Chance by 20%

Rank 10 passive
Concealed Blade effect as a passive effect

Class Assassin:
Remove legend Tag

Suggested Changes: has hybrid effects, change play-style based on stats
1-Auto Attack: Apply a Magic DoT. Has high physical crit chance(DoT scale with Magic Power while hit damage scale with Physical)

2-Crosscut: same as before, use Auto Attack's effects

3-If Strength is higher, Increase target damage taken by 30% for 6 seconds.
IF Intelligence is Higher, dramatically reduces the target hit chance for 6 seconds.

4-If Strength is higher, Apply heavy HoT for 3 Seconds
If Intelligence is higher, Apply Burn to the target, dealing a heavy DoT


Rank 4 passives
Changes damage from auto attack to magic if Intelligence is Higher
Increase dodge chance by 15%

Rank 10 passive
If Intelligence is Higher, Crosscut hit 3 targets, but only one hit each.
If Strength is Higher, Thin Air lasts twice as long, Can't be refreshed.

If Strength and Intelligence are equal, stay in strength mode


Class: Dragon Slayer
Witcher style?
this class already has a good twist in it but it has no way of making this twist work, mostly because they lack damage and
any form of regeneration
Suggested Changes:

2-Drink up(replace Bane of Scales)15 seconds cool-down: user drinks a dragon blood potion, for 20 seconds the user has 100% more strength and health regen (100% weapon damage)
Receive Burning Blood, receive a light stacking DoT(10% Weapon Damage, up to 10x stacks) for 30 seconds

5-Talon Twisting: also has the effects of Bane of Scales: taunts a dragon while reducing its damage by 30% for 8 seconds

Rank 10 passive:
Veteran Slayer: DoT from burning reduced by 50%, but max stacks go up to 20x
Strength and Endurance increased by 50%

Those are only my suggestions, I would be happy if any changes to those classes come, not necessary my suggestions.
Also, about the removal of Legend Tag, I believe AQW can make enough money to keep itself from other items besides classes, It's my belief that every class should have at least a free farmable version, and legend users can get it from an easier way, but not be locked behind a paywall, this includes AC classes, but not event classes and Legion (as Legion already has a "free" way to get in, which is to play for 2 years without spending any ACs)

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1/22/2023 20:34:51   
Anti Christisithi

Since Rogue is an Dexterous Class it should only be improving it's skills with dexterous attacks equal to their Dexterity and Increased Damage of Weapon because you have Strength|
Post #: 27
2/15/2023 20:19:51   

Is it possible to remove all rank 10 passive that basically say "at randum class has le buff" where the buff is insignificant and doesn't alter the gamestate one bit. Instead make it so it becomes a 10% or 5% thing that activates with the auto-attack or a spamable skill, or just change them all to an actual buff to the class.
Also, I recently obtained ranger and it doesn't have a rank 10 passive, neither does shaman among other. Could something be done about this?
Post #: 28
2/15/2023 21:35:06   

Since archmage is an upgraded mage, I'm guessing yearly one of the base classes will be "mastercrafted". I think that if this is the case that's very cool, I will never farm for any of these classes, but it's still cool to do an homage to the classics.
Having said this, can the basic four be updated to be actually viable? As a good comparison, oracle is an "starter" class and even in higher difficulty fights, while not being a powerhouse, it is useful and kinda fun. Barber is another good example, fun, although cooldowns are long and the effects last too short, also the nuke does nothing but waste mana, having said this, fun class. A last example would be blood sorceress which can be basically obtained at the start of the game, and while cooldowns are extremely slow, it is an ok farming class with high sustain. All of these have a rank 10 passive btw and are all easy to obtain.


Anyways, as for the reworks, my ideas are the following:

1 - same as current
2 - viper's kiss deals 120% weapon dmg and lasts 11 secs. Costs 5 mana.
3 - footwork costs 30 mana but has a 25 sec cooldown, meaning it can loop.
4 - stilleto doesn't deal any dmg, instead it's a buff skill, where it applies a buff that improves critical dmg and concealed blade now lasts 25 secs, non stackable. Stilleto now lasts 40 secs.
5 - opportunity strike deals 210% dmg if viper kiss is applied otherwise same as current.

rank 4 passives: same as current.
rank 10 passive: Critical hit dmg increased by 15%.


1 - 150%, 2.0 speed
2 - decisive strike now applies a buff that stacks 5 times, where each stack increases outgoing dmg by 8% for 10 secs. Also, now costs 11 mana.
3 - the stun is now for 3 seconds for imbalancing strike but it also applies a debuff to the opponent where their haste, outgoing dmg and dodge is reduced by 40%, non stackable.
4 - prepared strike also stacks now, each stack increases hit chance, crit chance and crit dmg by 6% up to 3 stacks for 12 secs. 15 mana and 8 secs cooldown.
5 - on guard applies the same buff reducing all damage taken by 50%, but now the caster will be targeted by the monster if on a party. Also a haste boost of 20%. Both effects last 20 secs, non stackable.

rank 4 passives: same as current but now both are 15%.
rank 10 passive: Endurance is increased by 25%.


1 - 100%, 2.0 speed, deals spell dmg.
2 - fireball now costs 14 mana and has a 5 sec cooldown, otherwise same as before
3 - ice shard now deals 500% if scorched is present, 14 mana and 5 sec cooldown.
4 - explosion now costs 20 mana, first target recieves 300% spell dmg, and adjacents 150%. Targets up to 5 targets.
5 - arcane shield now costs nothing, does not reduce caster's dmg output, lasts for 25 secs and the skill now has a 30 sec cooldown.

rank 4 passives: same as current but now both are 15%.
rank 10 passive: hit chance is increased by 15%.



1 - same as current
2 - heart beat now deals 20% current hp, and reduces opponent dmg by 20% for 8 secs renewable. 15 mana.
3 - healing word now also grants 10% end and def for 15 secs.
4 - energy flow now costs 0 mana.
5 - clear mind now targets 4 targets including self, also increases dodge and haste by 10% for 15 secs.

rank 4 passives: same as current but now both are 15%.
rank 10 passive: haste is increased by 15%.


These r me suggestions
Post #: 29
2/15/2023 22:29:49   

One more schizoid sleep deprived rant before I go to be. Can y'all update rustbucket and ninja? T_T

Rustbucket/Enforcer/Protosatorium are ok with health vamp but ninja is unforgivable.


1 - 150%, 2.0 speed.
2 - jackhammer has a 3 sec cooldown now, also applies an effect that lowers the opponent's dodge and haste by 20% for 5 secs, non stackable.
3 - plasma bolt lowers the opponent's crit change and hit chance by 5% per stack, stacks 5 times, lasts 7 secs. 20 mana, 5 secs.
4 - arc lightning acts as current but also applies an effect that increases the dmg the opponent takes by 10%, the effect lasts 8 secs. 20 mana, 6 secs cooldown.
5 - event horizon reduces all dmg taken by 40%, also it increases hit chance and crit chance by 25%, the effect lasts 20 secs. 20 mana, 30 secs cooldown.

rank 4 passives: haste is increased by 20%, dmg taken is reduced by 20%.
rank 10 passive: Dmg output is increased by 20%.


1 - 125%, 1.75 speed.
2 - crosscut now applies a buff, increasing dmg output from all sources by 20% for 6 secs. 25 mana, 12 secs cooldown.
3 - shadowblade reduces the opponent's hit chance and haste by 50% for 6 secs. 25 mana, 12 secs cooldown.
4 - shadowburn now applies spinning dragon if shadowblade is active, otherwise it will apply a DoT effect and heal 20 mana. 0 mana, 8 secs.
5 - thin air increases dodge, haste and crit change by 20%, lasts 20 secs. 30 mana, 30 secs. Yes, it can loop, cuz loops r fun.

rank 4 passives: same as current.
rank 10 passive: haste is increased by 15%.

Ninjas gain mana like rouges.


Ninja is particularly awful for its mana problems. It generates 1 mana per strike, 4 per critical if I remember correctly.
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10/25/2023 21:20:24   
Crimson King

Vindicator of They

I just want your half - this skill is basically the same as soul siphon from legion doomknight but deals less damage and recover less hp, so maybe ctrl+c/v the formula?

Horc Evader

Whistle - can now summon new pets: rhison and vulture, each with different capabilities when equiped

Battle rhison: 15% more defense;
Battle boar: 10% more crit chance;
Battle jungle vulture: 15% more haste;

Shadow Strike - changed from short range to medium range

Troll spellsmith

Auto attack changed from physical to hybrid and from short range to long range. Name changed to trollaic shamanic emission


Bane of scales - current effect to apply focus to every monster during 5 seconds, but if fighting dragonkins the effect is stronger and lasts 10 seconds instead;

Talon twisting - current effect to apply to every monster, but against dragonkins it also applies spinning dragon.

Master ranger

Focus Arrow: A consumable item sold by Zhoom, requires rank 10 sandsea. A long range attack that deals 100% weapon damage. If the user has any stack of Mark (which ranger applies), all of it's attacks will now converge to a single target while increasing it's attack power for 60 seconds (similar to what dragon of time does).

Thief of hours

Just copy/paste the last skill of chrono assassin on its last skill as it seems CA's don't glitches foes

Also something that could benefit some classes: the flame/burning animation could be changed to a better visual. I've already made a list of flames suggestions on feature and functionally suggestions.
Post #: 31
11/6/2023 11:06:42   

ShadowScythe General need an adjusting for my opinion and here my reason. Its damage is a bit lacking it takes too long to kill an enemy and its skill 4 will only deal massive damage on 1 target. and i know its more of a defensive debuffer farmer class but its consume time for a farming class, its shadow token requirement will take time in doing quest for the f2p player in getting ShadowScythe General. So here are my suggestion if ShadowScythe General will have an adjustment on its skills.

(Nerf) all skill will not consume mana > all skill must now consume mana

(Nerf) Auto attack cannot stack consuming soul

(Balance) all skill will target 6 > all skill will target 2,3 or 4 and increase damage

(Balance/Buff) Rank 1 Skill 1 remove petrification > increase damage and(increase haste/decrease enemy hit chance by 10-20%)

(Buff) Rank 5 Skill 4 add petrification/increase damage

Thats all my suggestion if ShadowScythe General will have an adjustment. Thank you and i love this game so much

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11/28/2023 1:24:15   

Timeless Choronomancer/Corrupted Chronomancer needs an adjustment.

The class, today is absoltely useless. Easier classes can be used do make what the Timeless/Corrupted can do.

What makes the class useless are the consumables and one bug: Entropic Corruption, Hourglass of Paradise and one bug with Infinite Corruption.

Infinite Corruption BUG: Recieving the HoT effect before a damage buff -likes the Transience buff-, makes the HoT very smaller than recieve the HoT effect after a damage buff. With active healing, even receiving a damage buff, the healing is not corrected, it remains low. This need a fix. This will simplify how use the class, reducing the frustation while learning the class and boosting the success in using the class.
Recomended changes: Fix Hot no increasing.
Aditional sugestion: A buff to increase the HoT or reduce the self DoT is very wellcome.
Low HoT:

Normal HoT:

Entropic Corruption: While use the Hourglass of Tranciense is almost impossible, the entropic is show us the easiest alternative to use the timeless, but this consumable put the user among the cross and the sword. While soloing, we have -150% defence, making the class useless for any soloing: We die to all commons bosses. Whily party, we apply focus, and still fragile, making the Timeless/Corrupted useless in hard-hit bosses, which are the ones that generally have a lot of life.
It's not useful to use alone, it's not useful to use in a team... Why is it there?
Recomended changes: Remove -150% defense debuff or remove focus. I prefer the -150% debuff to be removed: This change will make the consumable extraordinarily useful for team survivability, and make the Timeless/Corrupted useful on common bosses.

Hourglass of Paradise:I don't need to comment on how useless this consumable is.
Recomended changes: Using the expertise that the class council obtained by forging the ArchMage, it would be great if the Hourglass of Paradise worked like the ArchMage works: Two instances, each with its own peculiarities.
Keep Paradise features and add effects for when you disable Paradise.
Maybe leaving paradise and going to hell and then back to paradise.

Thanks in advance.



Hourglass of Paradise + Foresee Coruption:To avoid making a radical change on Hourglass of Paradise, i recommend increasing Hourglass's synergy with Foresee Corruption.
Recomended changes: Increase Hourglass of Paradise's tanky characteristics: +100% END, damage resistance 60% -> 80%, +100% Healing Intake; For Foresse Corruption, to benefit the class as a whole, i recommend decreasing the cooldown of the consumable 60 Sec. -> 30 Sec., Change The Future also applies an 80% Chit Chance buff. This will bring better dynamism of use and greater consistency to this forgettable consumable.

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12/11/2023 15:44:43   


I do have a suggestion to make comming with the recent changes to the starter classes more specificly healer and warrior. I'm new to the non op pvp community and we arn't that happy about the changes.
I do understand that we are a small community and people wanting to buff classes that are not that great and we do not want you to stop doing that nor revoke any changes. What we are asking are that you
would add some classic versions of those classes getting buffed for example a classic healer and classic warrior just like you have with previous classes like classic dragonlord, classic guardian, classic starlord,
classic paladin and classic doomknight for example. As of now we are left with battle healer and pvp test healer which both are exactly the same class and both are member, we need a classic verison of the
healer class that isn't member so that both new and old players comming back could try it out.

We are awear of our community not being as big anymore and that we can't stop you from improving the game for the majority of players but I hope we also could get some love, thank you for reading and
I hope you have a great day

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