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Rickyb20 -> =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (1/17/2021 10:28:25)

Existing Class Suggestions Thread

Which classes are currently underpowered and require buffs? What ideas do you have to see them improved?

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  • dante1212 -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (2/1/2021 21:21:49)

    I think blademaster/swordmaster assassin should have just a small little haste buff to its 3 skill. The dodge skill. Since it can already be looped,maybe a 10 or 15 percent boost would be nice. And to balance it out,maybe reduce the nukes damage by 15 percent or 20 percent. It would be faster and more readily available,but do less damage making it feel pretty viable in farming and still successful in pvp with its Decay,cannot heal ability
    As to why i suggest it,it is good for bludrut brawl and decent for farming. But with only 2 skills attacking multiple targets on a 15 second and 9 second cooldown,a bit of a haste buff to the 3 skill would allow the skills to be used faster. It wouldn't really make it overpowered by any means in pvp and it could make it a great farming class without it becoming more powerful then the top tier farmers. It really feels like it is a farming class more then pvp in my opinion, and this slight haste buff would allow more optimal farming potential. After all,it can only be purchased seasonally and only with ACs so it would be nice to make it a fun edgy class that can consistently nuke multiple enemies and farm relatively well

    EmmetCrowholme -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (2/22/2021 7:19:34)

    Another forgotten class - Timekiller. The class itself worse than the Warrior and I will tell you why.

    The abilities themselves are not good, Iíll explain why with each:

    1: Auto Attack -Itís an auto attack, no need to change it, but classes with special basic attacks are always nice.

    2. Stretch Time - Reduces enemy haste by 5% per stack. This is a completely useless debuff and gives you literally nothing. Also the damage is low even at high level - 1000 if you crit. (Tested with level 71 lucky enhancements).

    3. Relive The Past - The same spell as previous one but also gives your enemy weak dot (177 damage).

    4. Compress Time - Gives you 44 HOT, very low mana regain and dodge. Ability itself just does not do enough, but it allows you to fight a bit more with mana.

    4.1, 4.2 Speed Perception, Quick Reactions - both passives are fine, but I barely notice them at fights especially boss fights.

    5. Stop Time - Cuts your mana by half dealing low damage and stuns for 4 seconds. I know that it was meant for PVP, but currently even at PVP it's the worst spell that makes you to run out of mana and also, this ability is not good to use because Timekiller rely on dodge and stun only make it worse.

    10. Temporal Cataclysm - I haven't seen this thing working. I just noticed it when I opened my Class Overview.

    It would be great if this class would be reworked to be a normal Calendar Class like Chronomancer, Chrono Corruptor and etc. As for now this class is very weak and pretty useless.

    RimuruTheSlime -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (3/6/2021 2:26:32)

    Hi, i have a suggestion, can u guys "buff" Shaman Class, to not use mana like most of these classes?
    Cuz i think it is a good class for farming, but the mana issue is so bad, like i kill 3 mobs then i need to rest immediatly... Like it kills fast, but my class is too hungry for mana! :))
    Hope u guys will check it. Let me know what are u thinking about this.

    professionalplayer -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (3/30/2021 10:51:59)

    Greetings, I agree and disagree with dante1212 the class blademaster does not need to lose nukes damage, the class is already weak especially with damage, it does not have to lose any other stats only gain, because it is already much weaker than many other classes we see today, blademaster should gain 23 % more overall damage including to humans , 19% more attack speed and 14% more dodge plus 8 % more crit chances without removing any other stats, thanks.

    professionalplayer -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (3/30/2021 11:05:36)

    Doomknight overlord class-

    increase dodge by 40%
    passive skill should have 14% chances of being activated
    increase damage by 65%
    better mana healing or reduced mana requirements for skills for better solo
    do not remove any other stats.
    shorter cooldowns

    reason : the class is very outdated and weaker than many others recent classes, for someone that paid a lot of money to get them the class deserves to match more recent classes on pvp and solo.

    Crimson King -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (4/18/2021 16:40:51)

    MechaJouster Class

    Double range and attack when equipped with a spear.

    YAMI NO OUJA -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (4/25/2021 6:23:52)

    Yami No Ronin dodges way too much. For example if you use Ninja in PvP its impossible to hit it. Things like this are not normal in any game.

    YAMI NO OUJA -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (4/28/2021 14:11:19)

    because old classic classes are left behind nowadays:
    NINJA class:
    - lv 10 passive skill: increase dodge by 15%
    - more dexterity stats

    Remember, a ninja is a Ninja and it deserves more dexterity especially in 2021 with the newer classes!

    lokoleo -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (5/31/2021 20:33:11)

    i think the primary classes should get some love.

    Rogue: rogue is cool as it is, the high weapon damage with fast auto attack makes it feel unique in a way, but it lacks readiness, this is mostly because you will be using mana to get a enemy to 40% hp in a speed equivalent to mana spent, so if you get there by abusing 5 with 2 it can lack the mana needed to use 4
    so i suggest making a rank10 passive that apply concealed blade when an enemy you're fighting get to 40% or less hp free of mana and make it so if you use 4 while having concealed blade an x amount of attacks is crit or never miss

    Warrior: i remember how me and a friend started as a warrior and healer back in 2011, and it works great like that, the 5 make you take less damage and the healer is there to keep you hp up while dealing the damage with 1, but it lacks a provoked effect, so it can properly tank
    It also lacks any sort of high damage effect the way i see it
    i suggest making the 5 apply to provoke to the enemy and a rank 10 passive which further increase armor while 5 is active as health goes down (cap at 75% reduced damage taken or something when on 20% life), when 5 is not active increase haste with each miss up to 25% (this is to simulate the ability of a skilled warrior correcting a miss faster than an less skilled one) and maybe add a chance to counter-attack (to simulate a skilled fighter taking advantage of an enemy with openings while attacking).

    Wizard: to be honest, i don't like the wizard so i am not really sure how to work with it, but from experience i think the mana shield is a bit... useless? Because if you use it and take a big hit from any enemy... well... how does a wizard kill without mana? So you just run or die
    i suggest reworking it to a literal shield that can absorb a x ammount of damage and when it breaks you gain an effect to restore mana with spells hit for 2 or 3s
    also make a rank10 passive which change the auto attack to a multi target magic attack so you can trigger more awe enhancements (this can sustain you farming with it while having a health vamp for example)

    Healer: healer is good, it just feels old i think, but the way i see healers is being most capable of dealing with undead creatures while at it and buffing allies when "not at it"
    i suggest making the fallowing changes
    auto attack: smite the enemy every 4 hits, if the enemy is undead it takes more damage and apply a dot effect
    rank10 passive: smite hits apply the hot from 2 (not the heal hit, only the heal over time part) to you and allies

    Darcei -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (7/14/2021 6:35:19)

    I seek for suggestion buttons among AE websites but I don't see anything where user can specifically send suggestion. Is this forum monitored by official staff?
    I think Collector class can have more range. The 4 skill is melee and being ranged would help with dealing lesser enemies faster.

    dremandbc -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (8/7/2021 16:03:36)

    "Shadow Walker of Time: An impassioned plea"
    Cringe title jokes aside, I personally believe the recent SWoT changes were a massive mistake that erased the identity of the class.
    SWoT's "infinitely" scaling damage and semi permanent "100%" dodge chance may sound on the surface to be completely broken and OP but they were only ever obtainable with max level, full endgame gear, and perfect play with zero lag.
    A single mistake in your combo or mana management would cause you to either "drop" your DoT and lose all your damage momentum you had carefully built up or leave open a window where you could get hit and potentially die thus losing your damage momentum + an 8 second time out.
    The class was set up in such a way that you had to adjust your skill usage based on how many mana vamp procs you received which is something no bot could do thus meaning it was a player only class, coupled with the low % of players that actually used it meaning that there wasn't exactly a swarm of SWoTs oneshotting bosses and "ruining the game" for everyone. However the new SWoT update makes it so that mana vamp can keep you at or near 100 mana permanently thus removing the need to vary your skill combo meaning people (and probably bots) can now just spam 4325323 over and over removing any real skill from the class while simultaneously removing the payout.
    SWoT didn't farm particularly well, it's AoE was too inconsistent and weak to excel, in PvP SWoT was only ever OK, being outclassed by more reliable dodge classes or classes that could guarantee hits or CC.
    Even Bossing which is SWoTs main strength has been faltering as of the introductions of the new ultra bosses all of whom had methods for ensuring a SWoT could never oneshot them even before the implementation of boss shields, meaning SWoT was never a threat to game balance nor a point of serious abuse by player.

    In conclusion, SWoT was fine as it was, it wasn't going to break your game or ruin your new content, it was a niche class for people that enjoyed putting actual effort into playing rather than just facerolling with Legion Revenant or Time Keeper. Please don't destroy my favorite class.

    Loftyz -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (8/8/2021 11:01:13)

    the class composition for doing challenge bosses is: "bring 4 supports", and it always will be.
    mainly, they should not give crit chance+%
    some support classes should lose it, and others should keep it, but either (1) conditionally, or (2) be given negatives to compensate for the fact that crit chance+% is an absolutely insane stat, and basically, the only stat that is actually important
    and mainly, i'm salty

    remove every Magnitude ability, and replace it with "10% chance to apply Magnitude Overload for 2 seconds, which gives crit chance-30% to everyone (cancelling out the crit chance given by Echoing Earth)
    you could do this, and people would still use Stonecrusher, because it is a tank class, insane damage, huge HoT, haste buffer, & crit chance buffer. Except now, spamming 3 & 4 off cooldown would have a penalty, because it would proc Magnitude Overload more often.

    Lord of Order
    Allow Blessing of Order to mitigate True Damage (maybe), but every use of Blessing of Order refreshes the timer of Stability. change Stability timer to 20sec.
    Change Harmony to give LCK-20% (LCK is not balanced, and Lord of Order does not like imbalance).
    Do you spam Blessing of Order for Order stacks, or do you wait for 20sec so it can be used for mitigation?
    The point is, people would still use this, because it gives All Out+%, huge heals, haste buffer, huge hit chance, huge crit chance.

    remove crit chance+% from Illuminate
    changed my mind. Lightcaster is bad, and crit chance+15% isn't that great.
    should probably remove the dodge chance+% though, because too many other supports give dodge chance+%

    Legion Revenant
    I don't know how high Infinita Nox should stack to; but it shouldn't be 15, because that's absurd.
    remove crit chance+% from Depraved Empowerment.
    change Anathema to decrease mana costs by 50% for 3 seconds, instead of 12 seconds (on a base 12 second cd skill, which equates to 100% uptime.. on a mage mana model class.. with an autoattack that regens 15 mana..)
    this class is S tier in everything. It's so good that bringing a 2nd or 3rd LR is often better than bringing any other class. It should be bought back down to the power-level of an endgame class like VHL. VHL and LR are both great, but one of them immediately gives every other class secondary stats+420%, and one of them doesn't. LR is clearly too strong.

    Archfiend & Oracle
    perfectly balanced
    a paragon of virtue
    the shining example of what a support with crit chance+% should be

    Spiral Carve
    change to crit chance+10%
    people would still use this, because 10% is still insane. even 5% is insane. it's literally free.
    If you want to keep it at 25%, then make it also reduce critical damage by 50% (crit modifier-0.5, which isn't actually "-50%")

    if not;

    Crit modifier
    reduce the amount of crit modifier gained from LCK.
    not for any reason in particular. it's just too high.

    and there you have it. mage mana model is no longer absolutely insane because every skill in pt farms is critting 100% of the time
    or maybe just remove "mage mana model" from the game entirely, because it's a system that rewards you with more mana if you're doing more damage, and that allows you to do more damage, which regains more mana, which.. etc.

    rollingsky -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (9/18/2021 19:38:27)

    paladin highlord and doomknight overlord are in major need of a buff/rework.... its qwerky party passive was cool at the time of the release but currenly for most people than want to use the class it's more of crutch than a bonus.

    the classes are both seriously outdated, they cost more than calender classes to obtain but don't even do a fraction of what they are able to. it's unrealitc to have them do what chrono classes are able to but even when compared to regular f2p classes they're still pretty much bottom of the barrel and not really useable. they're outlassed in basically every category.... pvp, soloing, support and dps by almost every class... like stone crusher, lord of order... etc

    light caster and archpaladin both the closest classes to p.highlord in my opinion... are both f2p, can out heal and easily outdamage paladin high lord and they both provide more utility.

    the main upside of dk overlord was it being main dps in fights but that is literally outlcassed by every class released now. even support classes can out nuke it. even in a fully party it doesn't really come close to most classes now.

    suggested changes for paladin highlord: up the base dmg and heal % and gives substantial increase on all skill effects for each party member and +3%def or dmg reduction for each party member. this way it's still useable on its own

    1. change undermine to auto attack --0 mana, 2 second auto attack decreases dmg done by target by 5% for each stack, stacks infinite times (dmg decrease only up to 4 times), has chance to stun undead
    2. purifying flame -- 10 mana, 6 second -- 10 second strong DOT, decrease crit, hit chance
    3. word of light -- 25 mana, 10 second -- strong party heal (similar to arch paladin) and reduce dmg received by 30% for 10 seconds
    4. archangel's blessing (new skill) -- 25 mana, 10 second -- moderate party HOT, 40% increase haste,crit,hit, outgoing dmg buff for 15 seconds
    5. light wave-- 30 mana, 10 second -- massive damage up to 5 targets, damage increased by stacks of undermine, reduce damage done by targets by 50% for 5 seconds.

    suggested changes for dk overlord: up base dmg and HOT gives substantial increase on all skill effects for each party member and +4% dmg output for party for each party member. this way it's still useable on its own

    get rid of dark challenge 50/50 stun or hot

    1. auto attack -- 0 mana, 1.5 second auto attack increases damage taken by target by 5% for each stack, up to 4x
    2. torture -- 5 mana, 3 second -- moderate damage, causes big DOT 10 seconds that stacks, decrease target damage and crit chance by 30%
    3. screaming darkness -- 25 mana, 8 seconds -- massive damage up to 5 targets and inflicts a big DOT for 10 seconds
    4. dark challenge -- 25 mana, 12 seconds -- give self a 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds, taunts all enemies and pulls enemy aggro, increases damage received by enemies by 40% for 5 seconds and give a HOT relative to dmg done by DOTS for 10 seconds
    5. miasma -- 35 mana, 8 seconds -- massive nuke, damage increased by the # times hit by enemy. increases damage done to target by 15 % and reduces target hit chance by 70% for 16 seconds

    the numbers could use some work but better a good buff than an underpowered one that doesn't change anything. let me know

    Rapherino -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (9/26/2021 12:40:13)

    I think Dragon Knight needs a big buff, it's a forgotten class. But I think it deserves on top of the list of things to IODA. It needs to be tanky like VHL and specializes in long-drawn-out combats like the lightcaster. I personally think it should be an S class below S+ classes like VHL and Calendar classes.

    Tau -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (10/2/2021 21:48:38)

    DoomKnight Overlord / Paladin High Lord

    As classes these two Heromart exclusives are suppose to represent the pinnacle of their order in a narrative sense. The embodiment of good and evil.
    Though as a result of the decrease in players this becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish as their class abilities revolve around the group size they are apart of.
    As a result these classes are often fighting with only 1/3rd of the power they are capable of, and this makes them unusable.

    In order to mitigate this and balance the class for existing power dynamics, it would be best to remove the group based dynamic these classes are dependent on.
    In short: allow these classes to operate without the need to be a part of a group to meet their damage, healing, and DoT/HoT potential.
    Also I agree with most of Rollingsky's suggestions which are two posts above this one.

    I feel like this would be the best way to fix the class without a ground up rework, which I would prefer and could go into detail about.
    Though I'll be modest and not ask for much.

    I suppose I will suggest one last thing, remove the 50/50 stun or HoT from the DKOL. This makes the class unpredictable and often hurts the class more than helps it.
    Replacing it with just a high HoT would be better as it would give the class survivability which it lacks in.

    Crimson King -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (10/26/2021 15:01:53)

    Void Highlord - I'd debuff it in some way (yes I have it): Remove Its infinite and long range. You see, this wouldn't affect Its damage output but in situations like pvp it would at least give a chance of survival for the other side. Even Ranger don't have infinite range but this monster of a class must have. Its unfair.

    x x x -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (10/30/2021 15:44:38)

    why Vot now only petrify for 2 seconds but the collector can petrify for 4 seconds? make the Mass of Incandescent gass a skill that cousts 30 mana, 15 seconds cooldown, never miss and still have 50% more crit chance but dont apply dot

    Fireknight211 -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (11/22/2021 5:15:56)

    Give chaos shaper and some of the other old classes a complete overhaul to bring them in line with some of the mid tier classes at least, definitely not on the level of void highlord, but at least able to keep up with the mid tier classes

    Crimson King -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (11/24/2021 15:08:01)

    No Class class

    Turn skills 2, 3, 4 and 5 into equipable slots and it becomes one of the most unpredictable classes in game.

    dremandbc -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (12/10/2021 20:58:13)

    Currently NCR is seriously underperforming, it just does worse than it's free counterparts at farming with the added cherry that it's constantly attempting suicide. Revert it's self damage from a stacking DoT to a % health cost per cast and allow it's 4 to crit, this should bring it inline with the other top of the line farmers and give people who bought it an actual reason to use it. As for the specific reasoning behind the 2 changes, first the stacking DoT's stated reason for being introduced was to make it seem more fair and less random when NCRs selfdestructed while in the exact same patch removing the ability of other health cost classes to implode by stopping them at 1 hp, NCR shoulda just gotten the 1hp treatment. Secondly NCRs 4 ability is super underwhelming hitting for roughly the same amount as it's 2 or 3 despite being it's "Nuke", having it actually be able to crit should allow NCR to match the farming rates of other top tier classes and give it a way to end fights/drop aggro from mobs.

    viperry -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (1/1/2022 15:22:18)

    How about buffing Ultra Elemental Warrior? It costs more than a light caster and yes I agree it has no other requirements than ac but it's no-where near viable. It has too much mana cost (so much for being master of the elements), it can barely survive and has a really bad healing which most class which you can buy 2k ac can do better at damage and survivability. Maybe less cooldown for spammable skills, or more healing and damage.

    merenyasar -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (2/13/2022 4:37:25)

    Hello! I am playing AE games for a very long time! I am a big fan of our classic game Adventure Quest! I checked last guardian class buffs and it made me so happy! But i have a special request... As an old games fan on AQW i want to see more animations with skills of guardian class... I really love AQ3D animations and the old games Summon Guardian Dragon one. Just please add some cool animations to AQW Guardian Class... Maybe Guardian Dragon Animation like AQ3D Or AQBattleon and Dragons Breath (Fire Rune Spell sth ) from AQ3D As Well. Please... I am a huge Guardian Class fan. NostalgiaOn! Thank you!

    Yammenes -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (4/7/2022 2:41:56)

    Change skill mechanic of Legendary Hero Class after Rework

    Legacy Crater downtime change to 40-20secs, give HoT 800-1.5k hp or 500-800 HoT regardless of stack (or limit how much legendary stacks you can have) and only 1 tick per second lasting 10/15secs(support nowadays are frequently used in ultra bosses so I do think is this reasonable HoT and tick per second), reduce mana usage from 40 to 30 (because sometimes the class itself can't sustain its own mana due to huge mana usage of Legacy Crater & constantly spamming skills that your mana vamp can't keep up).

    Starstruck skill mechanic change from reducing damage you take by 8%, stacking to 4 and lasting to 8 secs to reducing you and your allies damage intake/reduction to 5%, stacking to 6 and lasting 8 secs. Solo-ing with this class doesn't work well but using it at group fights works quite abit, just need minor changes.

    Has potential to replace Stonecrusher and as partner support class for LoO because of heroic surge & lead the charge.

    Yammenes -> RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions (4/14/2022 10:14:19)

    Change skill mechanic of Continuum Chronomancer's Passive Ability Quantum Mending a.k.a. Quantum Spiral

    Please rework Quantum Mending/Quantum Spiral and let Continuum Chronomancer's to reach 40 stacks of Quantum Spiral regardless of deciding factor of players in the room to reach 40 stacks, its already annoying that the passive itself will only lingers for few short secs not FULL DURATION, and it doesn't even let you use Quantum Restructure (4th skill) then Quantum Convergence (5th skill, nuke) to nuke the bosses because it already reset back to 0.

    Add more description on how much monsters damage intake % for Quantum Restructure (4th skill) when casted against monster - we don't even know if how much the target takes and we can't even check the target's debuff because it only says the name of the debuff not % they getting debuffed with.

    Also, apparently you need support class like Lord of Order/Stonecrusher to even reach new scale of big critical nuke damage, it actually disregard on how much quantum spirals you have, you still need buffs from support class or Critical buff potions (potent destruction + fate + Felicitous for soloing) to even reach new critical scale damage EVEN IF the continuum chronomancer itself has the ability (passive ability rank 10 quantum spiral buff activated by casting Quantum Shift) to even increase its own CRIT MODIFIER which is ALREADY WEIRD needing to have support class to support its own crit modifier to scale up instead of deciding factors of how much players are in the room to get your own crit modifier and DoT damage 10% each stack.

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