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=AQW= New Class Suggestions

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1/17/2021 10:32:02   


New Class Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can post all your detailed class and skill designs!

  • Read the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules before posting.
  • No discussions allowed. Post comments or feedback in the =AQW= Player Suggestions Discussion Thread.
  • Be thorough in your suggestions - don't suggest any buffs or nerfs without a specific reason why.
  • This thread is for new classes. Post your existing class suggestions here.

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    2/3/2021 11:40:35   

    Ultimate Doom Knight (legend only!)
    Suggested enhancement: Fighter

    This will be the alpha class! It will be more powerful at multi-target than Master of Moglins or LR and more powerful at single-target than VHL!

    Auto-attack: Multi-target that deals approximately 50% more damage than LR's auto-attack
    Rank 2: Full-heal that drains equal HP from multi-targets that is 50% more powerful than Master of Moglin's multi-targer
    Rank 3: Support that gives +30% extra damage that stacks with LR’s
    Rank 4: 20% extra STR, 25% extra haste
    Rank 4: 50% damage reduction from monsters
    Rank 5: Powerful multi-target attack that is about 50% more powerful than VHL’s single-target attack
    Rank 10: 10% chance to deal an extremely powerful attack on auto-attack that calls a dragon and deals 7x VHL’s single-target damage to all targets

    Requirements to begin quest line:
    Elite Archfiend Doomlord Armor (gives +50% damage to all, see post regarding it)
    Linked Doom Knight in Dragon Fable account
    Linked X-guardian in Adventure Quest account
    Rank 10 Legion Revenant
    Rank 10 Lightcaster
    Rank 10 Stonecrusher (from reputation grind of Arcangrove, Brightoak, and Mythsong)
    Rank 10 Infinity Titan
    Rank 10 Arch Paladin (from unlocking by completing quest Sacred Magic: Eden)
    Rank 10 Lord of Order
    Rank 10 Void Highlord
    Rank 10 Yami No Ronin
    Rank 10 Dragon of Time
    100k AC’s obtained, at least one of which purchase must be the $99.95 40k AC package and at least one of which must be the $39.95 12k package
    Minimum 2 years membership purchased and 1 year actually played as a legend, and actively a legend at time of acquisition
    Sepulchure’s Doom Knight armor
    Arch DoomKnight armor
    Burning Blade of Azebeth
    ArchFiend Spear
    Hollowborn Oblivion Blade
    Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (rare) pet
    Flame Dragon Warrior rank 10
    Mindbreaker rank 10
    ShadowScythe General rank 10
    Vampire Lord rank 10
    Celestial Pirate Commander
    Enchanted Nulgath Nation House
    Legion Castle
    Doom Lord Sepulchure Helm
    Deathlord Blade of Nulgath
    Chaorrupter Unlocked
    Evolved Dragon Blade
    complete Armor of Awe set
    Treasure Hunter rank 10
    Completed the ENTIRE Blade of Awe chain, with the new Aura quest that includes a drop from my proposed Ultra Desolich or Shadow Emperor

    Quest line (none of these give EXP and gold, you are required to be level 100 to do these and should be self-sufficient on gold, in fact, many require significant amounts of gold):

    Quest 1
    Description: I need you to gather materials for the armor.

    100 million gold
    Akriloth Scales x3,000
    Iron x10 (from minecrafting)
    Chromium x10 (from hard core metals)
    Void Aura x7,500
    Doom Aura x1
    Diabolical Aura x500
    Ominous Aura x1,000
    Corrupt Spirit Orbs x2,000
    Dark Spirit Orbs x5,000
    Dark Energy x10,000
    Ancient Alloy x300
    Necrotic Orb x600

    Quest 2
    Description: I need you to gain reputation with Gravelyn.

    100 million gold
    Rank 10 Shadowfall

    Quest 3
    Description: You’re still not worthy. Prove your worth by fulfilling these tasks.

    100 million gold
    100 Hollowborn tokens (from the Hollowborn raid)

    Rewards :
    Ultimate Doom Knight Class

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    2/25/2021 16:23:16   

    Troubaleur CLASS

    Conditions for obtaining Class:

    Recommended Enhancement: THIEF
    Troubaleur's are calm and noble with a fiery aspiration for balance and harmony. They possess Mythsong's musical poetry, Brightoak's knowledge of nature, and the secrets of Thunderforge. With these in their arsenal, they're able to control and conjure ancient spells unknown to most. Troubaleur's uses Pipe, Flute and Harmonica as their main weapon. Troubaleur's are able to turn the tides of battle by empowering their allies while placing their enemies on their own demise.

    Special Effects:
    Troubaleur's gain mana when they:
    -Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    -Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)

    Class Skills:

    (Auto Attack)
    (50% of max DEX as damage, 2.4 Sec. Cooldown)
    Plays a deadly note that weakens the heart of your enemies, dealing damage to a single target based on DEX. Hypnotizing and taunting all enemies in the room. After every 5 seconds applies Concerto, releasing damage dealt from your auto attacks to all enemies. Every second a magical note will appear. Successfully entering the correct order of magical notes will save the damage you've dealt from Concerto, saved damage will accumulate on every succeeding Concerto.

    -Guaranteed to Hit but can’t crit.
    -Long ranged attack
    -First magical note will appear after the 1st Concerto.
    -1st Concerto is applied once you enter combat but does not deal damage.
    -Failing to enter the correct order of magical notes before the next Concerto, will make you deal only 30% of the damage.

    Ritmico Strage’
    (Mana cost: 30, Cooldown:23 secs)
    You feel the thrill of the battle through your veins. Doubling you and your enemy's Auto attack speed. While skill is active, doubles the damage that your auto attack does while lowering your enemies outgoing damage by half. During this period every time you dodge an attack your DEX increases by 10%(Lasts for 10 seconds).

    -Stonato > After skill effect fades your damage output will be cut in half.
    -DEX gained during the skill duration will vanish once skill effect fades.

    Cuori Incatenati
    (Mana cost: 30, Cooldown:23 secs)
    Bind your allies and enemies to you with metallic rhizomes that spurts out from the depths of earth. Granting your allies all positive buffs you have (including your Rank 4 passive skills) and negate all incoming damage for 1 second (duration is increased by 1 sec per ally). While enemies receive negative buffs (only negative buffs from caster) and have them share incoming damage from you for the duration. (Lasts for 10 seconds.)

    -After skill effect fades, apply Stonato. In this state rhizomes will still be on your allies but will no longer grant any positive buffs. Your allies will also receive all negative buffs you receive from your skill after effects.
    -Stonato > After skill effect fades you will take 40% more damage.

    Cuore Impavido
    (Mana cost: 40, Cooldown:23 secs)
    Plays Canzone di Guarigione cancels all existing debuff and grants you immunity to all debuff for 4 seconds (except Scrittore Lamento debuff). While skill is active your Rank 4 passive skills will have twice the effect. (Lasts for 10 seconds.)

    -Stonato > After skill effect fades, negates healing effects from all sources (excluding your rank 4 passive).

    Cuore D'acciaio
    (Passive Skill: Rank 4)
    Increases Damage resistance and Evasion by 20%

    Cuore Rubare
    (Passive Skill: Rank 4)
    Soothes your wounds with every note. Gain HP based on 3% of your outdoing damage.

    Cuore Maledetto
    (Cost: 50% of your max HP and Mana, Cooldown: 60 secs)
    Plays Ultima Canzone vanishing from the world’s realm and conjures cursed chains made from Thunderforge's ancient mastery of lightning, sealing both you and your opponent’s mind. Unleashing a fatal curse, applies Scrittore Lamento debuff for 8 seconds. The curse slowly incinerates you and your opponent, dealing Damage over Time (1000% weapon damage for 8 seconds) to yourself while all affected enemies will have their Positive buffs dispelled (Including their Passive skills) and every time they cast a spell or attack their heart will be incinerated (Deals 2% of the enemies max HP as dmg). Affected enemies can’t heal or gain mana and if their HP drops to 8% of their MAX HP they will perish

    -Skill won’t miss nor can’t be avoided.
    -You will become invulnerable for 1 second during vanish animation.
    -If your HP drops to 10% while Scrittore Lamento debuff is active you will perish.
    -Enemies can't gain positive buffs while debuff is active.
    -Skill CD is not affected by any source of haste buff (e.g. skill, enhancement, etc..)
    -Dmg Type: Pure

    Tappo di Cuore
    (Passive Skill: Rank 10)
    Increases DEX by 50% and immobilizes your enemies for 1.5 sec for every successful Concerto.

    -After Skill effect fades from skills 2,3 and 4, Stonato debuff is applied. Each skill has its own unique debuff.
    -Stonato lasts for 5 seconds. Using skills 2,3 or 4 while Stonato is still active will render you from receiving the buff.
    -Pure Damage is a damage type that is not affected by any damage nullification/ mitigation buff/ debuff, spell or passive abilities. (e.g. mana shield, spinning dragon, damage resistance etc..)

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    2/26/2021 2:56:15   

    Heater Guard Class
    non rare free class

    Recommended Enhancement: Hybrid
    Nothing can take your eyes off the Heater Guard, once your eyes are on it, you won't be interested in fighting other opponents. Drawing attention to the Aura Heater makes your enemies want to beat you first

    Special Effects:
    Heater Guard Class gains mana from Enemy Hit. can Reflect damage received, amount depends on damage relative "Enemy Damage" deal.

    Class Skill

    skill 1
    Heater Slash
    (Auto Attack)
    (3 Sec. Cooldown)
    (Heater Slash deal 100% weapon damage from 5% own HP, if Aura of Heater Apply to player, change hit to multiple target, can hit 3 enemy and lose 5% "15% if hit 3 enemy" own hp per target, chance 50% apply Heater Power every enemy you hit, Heater Power stack up to 20 and if player apply Hot Body, Increase Endurance by 7% "35% if 5 stack", stack up to 5)

    skill 2
    Enchant Guard
    (20 mana, 15 Sec. Cooldown)
    (You role make enemy hate you, Enchant your Guard apply Reflection. Reflect 50% [100% if Hot Body apply] enemy damage and Damage Reduce by 30% [50% if Hot Body Apply] for 10s. and chance 50%[100% if Hot Body apply] apply Perfect Guard. null any damage to 0 "1 time". apply 1 Heater Power)

    Heater Aura
    (15 mana, 10 Sec. Cooldown)
    (you active Aura of Heater, Make enemy Like to Attack you, Taunt all enemy to you for 3s and 12s for targeted enemy, heal 50% [100% if Hot Body Apply] base on dmg you get from enemy after 7s, and chance 30% apply Hot Body to self, increase you damage by 30% for 10s. apply 1 Heater Power)

    skill 4
    Guard Mode
    (20 mana, 20 Sec. Cooldown)
    (you feel your life in danger! you change to Defensive Position and can't move, give Damage Reduce by 50%[70% if hot body apply], and moderate HoT for 7s. disable Reflection [if Hot Body apply, Reflection not disable] [can't attack and using other skill until cooldown end] apply 1 Heater Power)

    Bless Body
    your body got bless from Many Rules, your body become Hard like Obsidian, you can't miss or dodge attack from enemy. increase Endurance by 50%, Reduce haste by 10%

    Fate of Life
    you attack can't Critical, but your attack always hit enemy

    skill 5
    Heater Blow
    (99 mana, 5 Sec. Cooldown)
    (you Heater Power fill you up and want BLOW! Release all stack, your attack become DOOM!, deal 30%/stack "20 stack= 600%" + 100% attack power, Spell Power, and Weapon Attack ["200% if Hot Body apply and disable Hot Body and reflection, decrease 50% you own hp and decrease Damage reduce by 3%/ stack "20 stack = 60%" for 5s and stun enemy for 2s after using skill 5, and can't get stack Heater Power after 5s"])

    Passive rank 10
    Avoid from Death
    (I refuse to die! if you hp become 0, you use Heater Heart. make you HP stuck to 1, for 1 time, for 3s)
    note: this passive only work for 1 battle, if you lose your hp to 0 again in same battle you will die!, but if you done in battle, Heater hearth will Recover again!

    another note:
    -Heater Power buff have unlimited cooldown, until you change map, buff will disapear

    -concept this class, become a Tank!, and can deal VERY BURST damage from skill 5 : Heater Blow, but heater power so hard to get stack, because you can only get stack using skill (1 stack per skill 2.3.4), and on basic attack but cooldown from basic attack have long cooldown (3s) and only have 50% chance to get stack

    -damage reflection only reflect pure damage from enemy, example, if enemy deal 2000 damage, and you have damage reduce 50% so you took 1000 damage, but reflection deal 2000 damage not 1000. that i mean pure damage from enemy

    to get this class
    need item:
    - Royal Battlemage (rank 10) [require for quest: Heater Aura and Heater BLOW!]
    - Thief of Hour (rank 10) [require for quest: Enchant Guard and Heater BLOW!]
    - Troll Spellsmith (rank 10) [require for quest: Enchant Guard and Heater BLOW!]
    - Elemental Dracomancer (rank 10) [require for quest: Guard mode and Heater BLOW!]
    - ??? item [require for quest: Heater BLOW!]

    and other item (idk what i must add)

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    3/2/2021 6:38:21   


    Conditions for starting Quest::
    Lv. 100
    Completion of all Storyline Saga
    Rank 10 Good
    Rank 10 Evil
    Rank 10 Blaze Binder (Merge)
    Rank 10 Void Highlord (Merge)
    Bloodgem of Nulgath x100
    Roentgenium of Nulgath x25
    Unidentified 34 x300
    100 Million Gold

    *The price is Dire for a reward this High*

    Recommended Enhancement: HYBRID
    Having to face vanquish from its very archenemy (Dage the Evil). The Nations’ elite (Void Highlord) delved into the darkest and foulest continent of Lore to seek greater power. Through his journey “the vanquished” crossed path with a tainted elite casted away by the legion army. Feared by its ability to manipulate fire and darkness (Blaze Binder), the scarred warlords made a pact and sacrificed their very being to the Nation.

    Special Effects:
    Blaze Highlord Class gains mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to "their own" HP total.

    Class Skill(s):

    (Auto Attack, 2.5 Secs. CD)
    Physical / Magical
    Your newly awakened power has made you hangry, consumes the soul of your adversaries. Strike all enemies, increasing your max END while lowering your enemies HIT chance by 10%. Last for 3 Seconds if not reapplied.
    (Max Stacks: 5)

    Void’s Resolute
    (20% Max HP, 4 Secs. CD)
    Physical / Magical
    Through defeat you learned to withstand the pain and found a new reason to persevere. Cause moderate damage to all enemies in the room and render them unable to move for 1 sec. Applies "Highlord's Gaze" increases your damage resistance and 4 other allies by 15% for 5 seconds if not reapplied.
    (Max Stacks: 5)

    Binder’s Animus
    (20% Max HP, 4 Secs. CD)
    Physical / Magical
    Engulfs your enemies in total darkness. Cause moderate damage to all enemies in the room and render them unable to move for 1 sec. Applies "Choking Smoke" increases your damage output and 4 other allies by 9% last for 5 seconds if not reapplied.
    (Max Stacks: 5)

    Archfiend’s Cloak
    (25 Mana, 5 Secs. CD)
    Nulgath heeds your call and pays homage to your undoubtful allegiance and undying support to the Nation. Grants you 50% damage resistance from all sources, 50% dodge chance and heals you for a portion of your health based on your outgoing damage. Last for 3 seconds. Cancels 1 negative effect and can be used while "Stunned" and breaks away from stun effect.

    *This ability cannot be silenced.

    Requiem of Souls
    (Passive Skill: Rank 4)
    Increase healing effect by 50%.

    Unification of Souls
    (Passive Skill: Rank 4)
    Increase Haste by 50%

    Nation's Kafkaesque
    (50 Mana, 6 Secs. CD)
    Sacrifice your strength and cause horrific devastation unto your enemies, binding their soul against their will and set them ablaze in unending torment. Lower enemies Haste (10% per stack), outgoing damage (10% Dmg Reduce per stack) and cause an extremely high DoT (Damage over Time) depending on stacks from skills 1,2 and 3 respectively (Consumes all stacks). Applies "Decay" prevents enemies from healing, last for 10 sec if not reapplied. If this ability is used with skills 1, 2 and 3 at full stack changes damage type to PURE, doubles skill effect but lowers duration, on the final tick of DoT applies "Seared Shackles" immobilizing your enemies for 3 seconds (bypasses enemy's spell immunity) and deal PURE damage based on 50% of your DoT's total damage on the final second of "Seared Shackles". Last for 5 seconds.

    *Skill effect cannot be reapplied if used during max stacks skill effect duration and prevents you from applying max stacks skill effect for 23 sec after skill effect fades.
    *Receive/ Do half the magical/skill effect from skills 1, 2 ,3 and 5 during max stacks skill effect duration/ restriction.
    *Using the ability without max stacks will reset the duration of debuff (Skill effect will not overlap).
    *Using the ability without any stacks from either skill 2 or 3 or during max stacks skill effect duration will heal you instead for half your maximum HP.

    Bond for Blood
    (Passive Skill: Rank 10)
    Increase STR and INT by 50%.

    *Blaze Highlord’s attacks and skills won’t miss nor can’t be avoided and always crits.
    *Pure Damage is a damage type that is not affected by any damage nullification/ mitigation debuff, spell or passive abilities. (e.g. mana shield, spinning dragon, damage resistance etc..)

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    3/29/2021 16:36:03   

    Sartorium Ultima

    "Talk with Taravya in the Dwakel Crash Site to merge the components needed to create the Sartorium Ultima class."
    - Sartorium Ultima Chassis (Merge the Rustbucket, ProtoSartorium, and Enforcer classes.)
    - Magi-Power Steam Engine (Merge Ice Orb, Burn it Down and Steampack items.)
    - Dwakel Servos (Merge Piston-Driven Polearm and Piston-Driven Chopper items)
    - Weapon Power Matrix (Merge Dwakel Axe, Dwakel Warrior Sword, and Dwakel Caster Staff items)
    - 100,000 Gold

    Sellback: 25,000 Gold
    Weapon Damage: 100%, 2.2 speed
    Description: Recommended enhancement: Hybrid. At the peak of Dwakel technology stands the Sartorium Ultima. This perfected battle suit is yours to wield!
    Special Effect: Sartorium Ultimans gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.

    [Rank 0] Mounting Pressure
    Cooldown: 2.2 Seconds | Type: Physical
    Description: A steam-powered strike capable of overwhelming the opponent. Every strike builds Steam Pressure, increasing your haste by 3%. Lasts up to 7 seconds unless reapplied and stacks up to 10 times. Has a 8% chance of applying Broiled to your opponent, dealing damage over time and reducing opponent's outgoing damage by 15% for 9 seconds.

    [Rank 1] Vent Heat
    Mana Cost: 12 Mana
    Cooldown: 6 Seconds | Type: Physical
    Description: Releases a wave of heat that damages the opponent and up to 3 adjacent enemies. Causes Boiled, a damage over time that reduces the enemy's chance to perform a critical hit and chance to hit by 20% for 8 seconds. Removes a stack of Steam Pressure.

    [Rank 2] Lightning Barrier
    Mana Cost: 25 Mana
    Cooldown: 17 Seconds | Type: Physical / Magical
    Description: Protect yourself and up to 3 allies with a shield of energy. Applies Lightning Barrier, which reduces damage received by 30% for 8 seconds. Applies Ultima Counter to yourself, reducing the damage of the next attack received by an amount based on Attack Power, and causing the next auto attack to reduce enemy dodge chance by 50% for 8 seconds.

    [Rank 3] Plasma Strike
    Mana Cost: 18 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds | Type: Physical
    Description: Empower your attack to deal massive damage and apply Fried, which increases the chance of Mounting Pressure applying Broiled by 12% and increases the opponent's damage received by 15% for 10 seconds. If currently effected by Lightning Barrier, removes an additional 12 MP to apply Ultima Surge, which reduces target's haste and increases your outgoing damage by 15% for 7 seconds.

    [Rank 4] Thermodynamic
    Type: Passive Skill
    Description: Increases Endurance, DoT damage and Crit Damage by 10%.

    [Rank 4] Magic-Proofed Plating
    Type: Passive Skill
    Description: Spell damage taken is reduced by 25%.

    [Rank 5] Overdrive/Exhaust Steam
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 30 Seconds | Type: Physical / Magic
    Description: Depending on the amount of mana remaining, applies one of two effects, Overdrive if mana is greater than 60, Cooldown when mana is 60 or less. Overdrive increases damage output, critical chance, auto attack rate and dodge chance by 15%, but will decrease mana recovery by 70%. Exhaust Steam applies a powerful heal over time and will gradually restore mana, but will remove five stacks of Steam Pressure.

    [Rank 10] Cutting-Edge Armaments
    Type: Passive Skill
    Description: Increases outgoing damage by 12%

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    6/8/2021 19:09:30   
    Crimson King

    Alchemist class
    Design by me (not flash)

    Description: Explore the unknown, face every threat on your path with your knowledge and conquer the world, you are a SCIENTIST!

    Requirements: Rank 10 Alchemy, Rank 10 SpellCrafting, Academic Merit x 1000

    Class Skills:
    Rank 1 Ability: Autoattack with 160% weapon damage

    All 4 skills are equipable slots

    Rank 4 Passive Ability:
    Terrain Analisis: Evasion increased by 40% for 6 seconds, 10% chance activation on autoattack

    Rank 4 Passive Ability:
    Especialist: All cooldowns are reloaded, 5% chance of activation on autoattack

    Rank 10 Passive Ability:
    Master of Manipulation: Consumable items cooldown are halved

    Note: I changed my mind and thinking about it there could be a way better thought alchemist class. And about the 4 slots mechanic I think it would work better on No Class and its variants. Thanks.

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    6/9/2021 10:08:09   

    Gladiator class;
    design, http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/gladiator-of-consequence

    auto attack: Trained strike;
    a careful strike learned by those who put their lives on the line for a show, as one of those,
    you can recognize a chance to finish the enemy;
    deal 70% damage but taking 20% less too;
    has a chance to strike up to 3 times (25% for 2 strikes, 15% for 3) when finishing stance is active
    2.0 speed;

    active 1: Finish stance;
    you want to win this fast, or maybe the enemy is not that big of a deal to you?;
    Gain 80% more damage on auto attack, but take 30% more damage (10% more effective damage taken)
    and enable combo strikes
    no cooldown, toggle to activate;

    active 2: keep calm;
    there is no need to rush this one, take your time;
    stop attacking for 3 seconds, dodging all hits while not attacking,
    after that you deal 300% more damage with one hit with increased combo chance (50% for 2 hits, 25% for 3)
    cooldown 12 seconds (6 at max haste), 30 mana;

    active 3: prepare for the opportunity;
    the next combo triggered will have 3 strikes, and all of them are crits;
    cooldown 20, 30 mana;

    rank4 passive: opportunity strike
    You know how to exploit your opponents actions, making then feed up with you, so they start
    being careless, now you just have to strike;
    Store damage each time you dodge, when you are hit, the next attack apply the stored damage and
    resets, if gladiator's expertise reach maximum stacks in this fight, apply overwhelmed, decreasing
    enemy damage and hit chance by 10%;

    rank4 passive:Gladiator's experience;
    as the fight goes on, you start to understand your opponent through your fighting experience;
    Gain a stack each second of gladiator's expertise, increasing dodge 1% and haste 0,5% as you wait
    for an opportunity to strike, lose half stacks on taking a hit, stack up to 50% dodge;

    active 4: GLORY!
    The arena loves you, and so do the gods;
    for 30 seconds, you can't die and regain maximum health when the effect expires,
    also puts you in finish stance since you don't have to worry about it for the time being;
    cooldown 120, 50 mana;

    rank 10 passive: Endorphin rush;
    after you slay the enemy, you feel euphoric and relaxed, but also eager for the next fight;
    apply endorphins for 30 second when you kill an enemy, increasing damage resistance and gain back a
    part of your health, when striking an opponent while on this effect, apply adrenalin for 30 seconds,
    increasing haste to maximum and crit chance by 20%.

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    6/24/2021 18:07:03   

    Class mechanics design
    The main goal of this design is to design the mechanics of the class.
    The “flavor text“ has just a supporting role in this article. With a purpose to make this article less plain and not just pure mechanics. The “flavor text“ should follow the genareal idea of the mechanics but it probably has some gaps in logic on deeper level.
    The skills are equipped with exact values that definine certain power level of the class. But the purpose of these values is to make the desing of the class more understandable. This design definitely has no ambition to define the power level of this class.

    *(Some of the design background can be found in the “Discussion“ section.)
    *(This class power level as it is currently designed should be around ArchPaladin level. Plus its fully stacked dps and farming capabilities should be around Legion DoomKnight level. And it lacks the ability to boost your allies dps. That being said, again, this design definitely has no ambition to define the power level of this class.)

    General design idea
    The main goal of this design is to create a single target class that has high initial dps which falls down significantly in very short time while being able to have short skill cooldonws. This means that in order to maximize your dps you will need to stop using your abilities until the aura that reduces the damage of your abilities fades. But the time gap when you're not using the abilities should be long enough to make the skill rotation unique in some way but not to long to be to much boring. The second idea is that this class generally profits the most from Luck enhancements but in some cases profits slightly more from Fighter enhancements. (The third intention is that this class would use the basic auto attack.)


    Bandage Entity
    Once a powerfull mages. For ages they've been using a forbiden spell to replace their dysfunction body parts with bandages. They have gradually lost the ability to use magic on anything else than those bandages. Now they are the bandages and these bandages are them.

    *Bandage Entities use the “Offensive-Caster“ class model. (They have the same basic stats distribution as e.g. Blaze Binder's, Darkblood StormKing's, Legion Revenant's, Scarlet Sorceress's, ...)

    Mana regeneration tips
    Bandage Entities gain mana when they:
    *Strike a enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    *Are struck by enemy in combat

    *This class uses the “Warrior“ mana model. (Regain 6 mana per non crit auto attack, 9 mana per crit auto attack and 3 mana per enemy hit that sucessfully hits you.)


    Auto Attack
    2 sec cooldown
    Double click a monster to start Auto Attacking it. This is a basic attack, thaught to all adventurers. Damage dealt is based on your weapon damage.

    *Deals 100% weapon damage.
    *Single target. Meele-range.

    Extended Strike
    7 mana, 5 sec cooldown
    Perform an unfathomable strike by extending the lenght of your bandage arm.
    Extended Strike damage is more devastating the less cautious your enemy is.
    Extended Strike makes your enemy Cautious.

    *Deals 600% weapon damage.
    *Single target. Mid-Range.
    *Extended Strike deals 25% less damage for each Cautious stack your enemy has. Does NOT consume the stacks. (Deal 75% less damage to the enemies with 3 Cautious stacks.)
    *Applies Cautious to the enemy. (For more information see the “Strike of The Entity“ passive.)

    Confusive Strike
    3 mana, 5 sec cooldown
    Perform a confusive strike creating perfect opportunity to repair your bandage body with magic. Heal yourself over 10 seconds.
    Confusive Strike damage is more devastating the less cautious your enemy is.
    Confusive Strike makes your enemy Cautious.

    *Deals 520% weapon damage.
    *Single target. Meele-Range.
    *Apply Bandage Weaving to yourself. Bandage Weaving is a HoT healing you for 100% weapon damage every 2 seconds and last 10 seconds if not reaplied.
    *Confusive Strike deals 25% less damage for each Cautious stack your enemy has. Does NOT consume the stacks. (Deal 75% less damage to the enemies with 3 Cautious stacks.)
    *Applies Cautious to the enemy. (For more information see the “Strike of The Entity“ passive.)

    Extremity Swipe
    3 mana, 7 seconds cooldown
    Unexpectedly swipe your enemy with your bandage limb. Has a 50% to get them out of balnce making them miss their next auto attack.
    Extremity Swipe damage is more devastating the less cautious your enemy is.
    Extremity Swipe makes your enemy Cautious.

    *Deals 550% weapon damage.
    *Single target. Mid-Range.
    *Has a 50% chance to apply Spinning Dragon.
    *Extermity Swipe deals 25% less damage for each Cautious stack your enemy has. Does NOT consume the stacks. (Deal 75% less damage to the enemies with 3 Cautious stacks.)
    *Applies Cautious to the enemy. (For more information see the “Strike of The Entity“ passive.)

    Bandage Body
    Rebuilding your body improved some of your qualities but also weakened you. Increases Crit Chance and decreases Outgoing Damage by 25%.

    * Increases Crit Chance by 25%.
    *Decereases Outgoing Damage by 25%.

    Strike of The Entity
    Extended Strike, Confusive Strike and Extremity Swipe are unexpected strikes that apply Cautious to your enemies making them not to use any risky attacks decreasing their Critical Hit Damage by 25% per stack. Cautious stack to 3 and last 8 seconds.

    *Cautious decreases your enemy Critical Hit Damage by 25% per stack. (Decreases your enemy Critical Hit Damage damage by 75% at 3 stacks.)
    *Cautious stack up to 3 and lasts 8 seconds if not reaplied.
    *Extended Strike, Confusive Strike and Extremity Swipe each of them apply a stack of Cautious.

    Bandage Storm
    21 mana, 9 sec cooldown
    Create a huge number of hands from your bandages and slash your enemy with them causing more damage more ignorant the enemies are. This attack leave your enemy anxious applying Slashed reducing the damage they do by 90% and last 10 seconds. The enemies try to overcome the anxiety by gaining Ignorance increasing the damage they do by 9%. Last 8 seconds and stack to 10.
    Cannot crit and cannot miss.

    *Deals 620% weapon damage.
    *Cannot crit. Cannot miss.
    *Single target. Mid-range.
    *Apply Slashed to the enemy decreasing their Outgoing Damage by 90%, last 12 seconds.
    *Apply Ignorance to the enemy increasing their Outgoing Damage by 9%, stack to 10 (increasing Outgoing damage by 90% at max stacks), last 8 seconds.
    *Bandage storm deals 90% more damage to enemies for each stack of Ignorance they have. Does NOT consume the stacks. (Up to 900% more damage at 10 stacks, meaning it would deal 6200% weapon damage.)
    *Bandage Storm cannot miss and cannot crit.

    The Entity
    During your existance you have improved your prediction of events. You can start making your move even before the events actually happen. Increase your Haste by 15%.

    *Increases your Haste by 15%.


    Class model
    “Offensive-caster“ class model has pretty low Strength base. Meaning Fighter enhancements has larger relative impact than Luck enhancements compared to the situation in the other class models. This is also probably true for Luck enhancements vice versa, less relative (compared to the Fighter enhancements) impact than in other class models.

    The most effective enhancements are Fighter and Luck.
    Luck is the most effective enhancement when when you farm with this class and battle lower HP bosses.
    Fighter is the most effective enhancement in long fights and when battling hard hitting monsters.
    This is due to the combination of the class model (“Offensive-caster“) and that the Bandage Storm (5th skill) cannot crit (this makes the luck enhancements less usefull.)
    If I calculated it correctly Fighter enhancements should provide more potent heal (also from the Health Vamp) but it should be only a little difference.

    Auto Attack
    This class design is trying to make the class using the basic auto attack (100% wepon damage, 2 sec cooldown, Meele-Range.). To lower the dps the auto attack is doing during longer fights (to make the Fighter Enhancements even more significant) the passive is added that reduces this class all outgoing damage.
    Moreover, the "Offensive-caster" class model has lower weapon damage beacuse of having less base Strength.

    Insanely high skill damage
    All skills have insanely high weapon damage ratio. But due to the passive reducing all your outgoing damage by 25% and that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th skill deals less damage the more you use them (reduced damage by 75% after 3 uses of these spells on one enemy) and that the 5th skill cannot crit, it should be well balanced. Moreover, the "Offensive-caster" class model has lower weapon damage beacuse of having less base Strength.

    Each of the auras applied by this class can be looped (either stacks or can be reaplied).

    The dps can be increased by increasing the damage you recieve. But it will take a while to stack it to maximum.

    Cautiouf/i]s is applied to the enemy. This allows this class to perform decent at farming compared to the situation when the aura (wich would decrease your spell damage) would be applied to yourself. Other wise the ferming would feel horrible.

    Confusive Strike (3rd skill)
    Explanation which is the magical and which is the physical part of the skill.
    *The damage dealt to the enemy is a physical type.
    *The heal is derived from weapon damage but the damage output is magical which results in the heal over time scaling with “Mag out“.

    Power level dependance on character level
    The 5th skill Non-Crit damage makes the class is probably being inconsistent trough character levels. (The absence of the Crit Multiplier in this ability makes it weaker with each character lvl.) The lower level your character is the relatively higher the damage output is.
    I haven't been able to think of any elegant way to adjust this. Only way that crossed my mind was to add a hidden passive that would decrease the Non-Critical hit more the lower your character is.
    Let's say for example: decrease Non-Crit damage by [(100-character level)*0,3]%. But I don't know if it is possible with the game engine. (It is the decrease because this class was designed at lvl 100 power level.)

    Skill rotation
    While farming you will be limited by mana if you aren't using mana vamp. So you can spam every ability but the 5th. (You'll need to use a rotation using more (3 mana cost) skils than that (7 mana cost) skill if you are oneshoting everything an not being able to restore enough mana with your auto attacks).
    When soloing you can use your 2nd, 3rd and 4th skill and then wait till the Cautious trait ends (the trait that lowers the damage of these abilities) or you can use those skills on cooldown but it would result in lower dps. But it won't be that significant so you won't feel bad just spaming those abilities.
    If i calculated this well you can use 52435 and repeat 52435 to maximize your damage output. But it shouldn't feel terrible to use 5243252432 and repeat 5243252432.
    The maximum dps rotation is put together with two separate rotations. Use 5243 then use 5 and wait until the 5 cooldown. Because the visible cooldown on other abilities than 5 you should be able to tell where in the rotation you are just by looking at the cooldonws in any moment. (Unless like Frost SpiritReaver when you are unable to to tell if you should nuke just by looking on cooldowns when using the rotation to deal the most dps. So this class will require less concentration on using skills than Frost SpiritReaver does.)

    Cautious, applied by 2nd, 3rd, and 4th skill and Bandage Storm, the 5th skill should be similar to Shaman's Elemental Embrace and ArchPaladin's Sacred Magic: Eden. So i hope the coding part shouldn't be a big obstacle.

    When I was finnishig this discussion section I realized that the 5th skill of the designed class is basicly combination of the ArchPaladin skills: Commandment, Righteous Seal and Sacred Magic: Eden. I hope it still counts as inspiration rather than plagiarism.

    When trying to balace the class I've been using the site Advanced Mechanics in AQW by Danzonthebass. (See https://sites.google.com/view/aqwadvancedmechanics/creditsreferences)

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    not an exact classes,but i want more tier 2 classes that fuse 2 class concept into 1 like paladin/doomknight,blazebinder,and SC,so newer player have incentive to farm older outdated class

    for example:
    cryomancer +(master) ranger = tundra hunter

    elemental dracomancer + shaman = ascended dracomancer

    Troll spellsmith + thiefs of time = spellsmith of time

    bard + chaos slayer = chaos bard

    etc etc


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    Class: Battle Alchemist

    Type: Caster class

    Weapon damage: 80%, 1.5 speed.

    Recommended enhancemet: Luck

    Base stats

    - Strength: 18

    - Intellect: 140

    - Endurance: 60

    - Dexterity: 90

    - Wisdom: 70

    - Luck: 42

    Description: As a scholar of both science and magic, the Battle Alchemist utilises skill, knowledge and no small bit of luck to achieve their goals. And from their experience with deadlines for their research papers, they have learned to be very fast and efficient. A well prepared Alchemist who applies their talents to the battlefield can prove to be as fearsome in a fight as they are in a lab.

    Mana model: Battle Alchemists gain mana when landing hits, especially on crits, and when dodging attacks.


    1. Auto attack: Just the basic attack all adventurers learn.

    2. Acid Splash: Throws a bottle of acid on your opponent. The hit deals 90% the damage of basic attack and applies Acidic Weakening, making the target 8 percentage points weaker to incoming attacks, stacks to 5 and lasts 25s.

    Cooldown: 4s

    Mana cost: 8

    3. Elixir: Gives the player a moderate HoT and a 15% haste increase which both last 10s.

    Cooldown: 12s

    Mana cost: 16

    4. Flask of Chance: Gives one of the following effects, each of which has an equal chance of being the one activated (until passive ability: Better Odds)

    - Explosive Reaction: Causes an explosion dealing 250% base damage.

    - Odorous Substance: Deals moderate damage, makes enemy attacks 15% weaker and enemy attack speed 10% slower, last 14s

    - Failed Experiment: Makes the player 15% slower for 10s, increases the cooldown time of the player's abilities by 2 seconds for their next round of activation and removes all stacks of Acidic Weakening.

    - Invigorating Tonic: Gives the player a 20% damage increase for 14s, if the effects of Elixir are active, Invigorating Tonic boosts them by a factor of 4, giving the player a strong HoT and a 60% haste increase.

    - Sticky Acid: If the enemy has any stacks of Acidic Weakening applied to them, they’ll receive a DoT that lasts 25s, the more stacks of Acidic Weakening the target has, the stronger the DoT.

    Cooldown: 18s

    Mana cost: 35

    5. Transmute: Deals 225% base damage and has a 20% chance to make the target 40% slower for 10s, does not stack. If Invigorating Tonic is active, deals 400% base damage and turns the target into a solid gold statue, making them unable to act, lasts 4s. If Odorous Substance is active, increases the player’s hit chance by 99% and crit chance by 60%, lasts until Odorous Substance wears off, if Odorous Substance is active then the slowness effect of Transmute has a 0% chance to apply.

    Cooldown: 8s

    Mana cost: 30

    Passive abilities:

    Fast Reaction: Increases the player's haste by 15%.

    Better Odds: When using Flask of Chance, increases the chance of getting Invigorating Tonic and decreases the chance of getting Failed Experiment, both by 5 percentage points.

    Positive Side Effects: When using Elixir, the player has a 30% chance to receive either a 15% crit chance increase, a 15% dodge chance increase or a 10% stronger HoT, which last as long as the other effects of Elixir (10s).

    Bonus feature: If the target is defeated while in golden statue form, the player receives twice as much gold from defeating it/them as they would’ve otherwise.

    Order of unlocking:

    Rank 1: Auto attack, Acid Splash and the bonus feature

    Rank 2: Elixir

    Rank 3: Flask of Chance

    Rank 4: Fast Reaction

    Rank 5: Transmute

    Rank 6: -

    Rank 7: Better Odds

    Rank 8: -

    Rank 9: -

    Rank 10: Positive Side Effects

    This class can deal fairly heavy blows but is generally not a heavy hitter, instead it relies mostly on speed and weakening the enemy in order to do damage.

    Acquiring requirements:

    The player must be at least lvl 50

    Must have:

    Rank 10 Alchemy
    Rank 10 Arcangrove
    Rank 10 Librarium

    Must complete a short series of quests, the final one of which rewards the player with an item called “Philosopher’s Stone”, this item will be used in a merge shop to get the class. Suggested difficulty for quests: easy enough so that someone at lvl 50 can probably manage them on their own if they have a mid to top tier class, and a medium level of grinding.

    Once all criteria are met and the player has one Philosopher’s Stone, the class can be bought for 100K gold.

    Alternatively, buy for 2000 AC.

    I‘ve made many edits to this post since I first thought of making it, but I believe this is pretty much what the final product of this class will be like as far as my ideas go, at least concerning its abilities. And if I may say so myself, I think it’s a pretty neat idea.

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    Duelist Class;

    like the paladin, this class could be available to anyone who has both rogue and warrior classes on rank 10, being an aggressive class with bursts of damage

    Weapon Damage: 100%, 1.5 speed

    Focus Strike
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 10 Mana
    Cooldown: 3 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Strike dealing 80% weapon damage but gain a stack of momentum (up to 5) for 5 seconds, each increasing the chance to deliver a critical strike by 5%

    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 5 Mana
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Parry your opponent attack, for the next second if attacked receive no damage and gain opportunity for the next 4 seconds, any critical hit under this effect causes it to stun the enemy for the remaining time and gain 25% chance to crit for the remaining time
    note: crit chance does not stack from multiple crits

    Active Aggression
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 100 Mana
    Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: increase damage, haste and crit damage by 30% and drastically increase mana gain on strike for 10 seconds

    Weapon expertise
    Rank Needed: 1
    Type: Passive
    Description: while using daggers (or dual swords), increases haste and crit chance by 10%, swords (one hand only), increases crit chance and crit damage by 10%, axes increase crit chance and damage by 10%

    Weapon mastery
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive
    Description: effects from Weapon expertise increased by 100%

    Flurry of strikes
    Rank Needed: 5
    Mana Cost: 50 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: consume all momentum charges to unleash a flurry of attacks equal to momentum charges (max of 5)
    note: crit chance from the momentum charges are maintained for all 5 attacks

    Double tap
    Rank Needed: 10
    Type: Passive
    Description: crits have a chance to deal an extra hit

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    Pria knight aqw class
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    Azure Spirit Blademaster ( Mythical Legendary grade )

    Requirements: ???
    Regen model: Rogue/Ninja/Assassin
    Recommended enhancement: Full Thief

    Azure Spirit Blademaster ( Class )

    Azure Spirit Blademaster class skills below.

    Weapon Damage: 120%, 1.5/1 speed
    Description: This Mythical Specialization is awarded to the one that cultivates the Way of the Spirit Blade inside the Kunlun Spectral Realm. Congratulations for obtaining this class, approved by the Spectral Mentor.
    Special Effects:

    Azure Spirit Blademaster gain mana when they:

    Are struck by an enemy in combat
    Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    Dodge any attack (restores HP and Mana as well)


    Azure Spirit Blademaster(Class)
    Spirit Slash / Twin Spirits Slash ( Azure Fury )
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 1.5 Seconds / 1 Second ( Azure Fury )
    Type: Physical
    Description: Azure Spirit Blademaster's basic attack.
    -Spirit Slash deals double damage to targets under status effects ( crowd control )
    -Spirit Slash heals for 1% of damage dealt against targets under "bleed" effect
    -Spirit Slash reduces cooldown of Soul Blade Rupture by 1 second on hit
    -Spirit Slash reduces cooldown of Blade Storm by 0.5 seconds on hit
    -Spirit Slash regenerates extra 15 mana on hit

    -Twin Spirits Slash deals quadruple damage against targets under status effects ( crowd control )
    -Twin Spirits Slash heals for 1% of damage dealt against target under "bleed" effect
    -Twin Spirits Slash reduces cooldown of Cyclone Scourge by 1 second on hit
    -Twin Spirits Slash reduces cooldown of Azure Swords of Destruction by 2 seconds on hit
    -Twin Spirits Slash regenerates extra 25 mana on hit

    ~Bleed is an escalating DoT based on 1% of your damage and increases each tick
    ~Duration of bleed is 10 seconds
    ~Targets affected by Azure Fury skills under "bleed" effect reduces cooldown of Azure Fury by 1 second.

    Soul Blade Rupture / Cyclone Scourge ( Azure Fury )
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 20 Mana
    Cooldown: 16 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Spawns serrated edge swords from the ground and induces "bleed" to targets for 10 seconds and increases Critical Damage by 15% for 10 seconds.
    Cyclone Scourge conjures a defensive barrier that explodes on impact based on 60% of attack power, neglects and reflects incoming damage for 8 seconds. Cyclone Scourge also induces "bleed" to targets for 8 seconds. Cyclone Scourge increases Evasion and Defense by 75% for 10 seconds.
    -Soul Blade Rupture amplifies damage of other skills by 15% for 10 seconds
    -Cyclone Scourge amplifies damage of other skills by 25% for 12 seconds.

    Blade Storm / Hurricane Spirit Blades ( Azure Fury )
    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 35 Mana
    Cooldown: 14 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Orbits the target in whirling blades, dealing damage over time for 3 seconds and stuns attacking targets for 3 seconds. Increases haste and strength by 15% for 5 seconds. Blade Storm also induces "bleed" to targets for 8 seconds.
    Hurricane Spirit Blades induces "bleed" to targets for 12 seconds, increases efficiency of "bleed" and reduces damage taken by 35% for 8 seconds. Hurricane Spirit Blades increases haste and strength by 65% for 8 seconds. Recovers 900% of mana over 10 seconds.
    -Blade Storm reduces cooldown of Lightning Draw by 3 second on hit
    -Blade Storm reduces cooldown of Soul Blade Rupture by 2 seconds on hit
    -Hurricane Spirit Blades reduces cooldown of Azure Swords of Destruction by 3 seconds on hit
    -Hurricane Spirit Blades reduces cooldown of Cyclone Scourge by 1 second on hit

    Lightning Draw / Azure Swords of Destruction ( Azure Fury )
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 35 Mana
    Cooldown: 24 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Conjures 6 conducting swords in an AoE hexagon formation dealing damage over time for 10 seconds, inducing "bleed" effect for 10 seconds.
    Lightning Draw reduces target's haste by 20% and defense by 15% for 8 seconds.
    Azure Swords of Destruction deals double damage on impact, induces "bleed" effect to targets and conjures 12 conducting swords in an AoE dealing damage over time for 14 seconds. Reduces target's haste by 35% and defense by 40% for 8 seconds.
    -Lightning Draw and Azure Swords of Destruction reduces cooldown of Azure Fury by 2 seconds on use.
    -Lightning Draw and Azure Swords of Destruction reduces cooldown of Blade Storm and Hurricane Spirit Blades by 4 seconds.
    -Lightning Draw and Azure Swords of Destruction deals additional damage equal to 200% of Attack Power to targets under status effects ( crowd control )

    Spirit Enchantment
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: Damage and DoT increased by 20%

    Spirit Manipulator
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: Evasion increased by 40%, Defense increased by 30%

    Azure Fury
    Rank Needed: 5
    Mana Cost: 50 Mana
    Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Taps into an awakened form increasing critical chance by 100% and endurance by 300%. Reduces damage taken by 70%. Azure Fury form unlocks "Azure Fury" skills and lasts for 15 seconds. Azure Fury enables party members to induce "bleed" effect, buffs damage and haste of party members by 50% for 15 seconds.
    -Azure Fury resets cooldown of all skills

    Spectral Tempest
    Rank Needed: 10
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: A rare occasion, all damages dealt will be increased by 5000% for 12 seconds.
    -1% chance to trigger-
    ~Rank 10 passive enables all skills to have a chance to stun targets for 2 seconds.
    ~Rank 10 passive has a 35% chance to temporarily disable target's attacks for 3 seconds ( If enemy player is affected, a random skill will be locked for 3 seconds )
    ~Rank 10 passive enables user to increase their dodge chance by 40% for 5 seconds when hit by enemy

    ~Ardryn Entralisk
    Commissioned Art by Tyronius

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    Pinky ArchPaladin (Seasonal Rare Rarity) (Ac's Tagged)
    for Hero Heart/Valentine event

    How to get it? you must have ArchPaladin for open the Merge Shop and some item for get it
    Recomended Enhancement : Hybrid

    this class same like ArchPaladin but animation and armor color using this code : #FFD3D4 #FFB1B1 #FF9393 #CB7576
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    My 2022 Calendar Class Suggestion: https://twitter.com/HirakamaNaoyuki/status/1456652367303163908?s=20

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    CyberLord class
    Description: If you have the will and desire to bbe the one with the technology, you will be one of the strongest and the smartest human in this world. Use this power to guide anyone who lost their path and protect the weak. By the power of technology, you will control the fate of yours and for the others.

    Active abilites:

      AutoAttack (CYBER FORCE):
      Magical and Physical damage are increased by 100%. Every attack have 30% chance to heal for 10% dealt damage. Your magical/physical damage increases as you lose your life, up to 100% when you have 1 HP
      Loading:2 seconds

      Increase magical and physical damage by 100% for 7 seconds. The bonus and cooldown time are stacked. 50% chance to increase your attack speed by 100% for 3 seconds
      Loading:4 seconds

      Heal for 50% of dealt damage and increase magical and physical damage by 100%. Decrease enemy`s magical and physical damage by 50%
      Loading:4 seconds

      For 5 seconds, reflect 80% received damage. The finish effect have 20% to stun the enemy for 3 seconds.
      Loading:5 seconds

      Increase magical and physical damage by 550%, critical chance reach 100% and you attack with super speed, for 5 seconds. After this effect, you will be repaired for 5 seconds with magical and physical damage reduced to 30%. After 5 seconds, all the power is recovered.
      Loading:9 seconds

    Passive abilites:

      Rank 4:
      You endurance are increased by 100%

      Your magical and physical damage are increased by 100%
      Cyber force, Lightning wave are multi target abilites.

      Rank 10:
      You have 8% chance to deal damage to all enemies from the map equal to 100% damage you dealt in current combat.
      Cyber force offer one stack of Bit per Second, up to 10 for 5 seconds, which increase damage by 2% each for Lightning Wave

    I have a demo with this class. You can find it:
    In the demo, i dont included last passive, because i dont had it in my mind and the multi target function.
    Unfortunet, its in flash and you will not be able to try it unless you have Newgrounds Launcer or download the archive from description, which include Windows and Mac OS projector
    Please note that i dont exacly the real damage mechanics and all dealt damage are not in the same manner as in the real game
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    Polished Bucket

    A buffed version of Rustbucket.

    Reward from a quest that requires the Rustbucket class and some metal polish, which would be a new item. Maybe the quest could have the NPC named Polish involved somehow for a comedic moment.

    Completely redundant and unnecessary, but it would be somewhat amusing.
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    Seraph of the Fallen (Class)

    Summary of the Classes Objective, and Why this class would be Appealing.
    The goal of the Seraph of the Fallen class is two fold: First is to introduce a nuanced class where the lines between good and evil are blurred, so players from any faction can use the class without feeling like they are using a class against their factions alignment. Second is to have a class which does not rely on nuke abilities that deal 50k to 200k+ damage in a single hit, but rather a consistent and strong DoT without criticals in order to take down bosses. With a bit of support sprinkled in for other players while helping take down team oriented bosses with a DPS comparable to the Immortal Chronomancer.

    Conditions for obtaining this Class:
    Level 80+
    New Class Quest / Merge from a Seraph of the Fallen, could be Hollowborn related. Otherwise a Heromart related item.

    Recommended Enhancement: Full Wizard
    The darkness born from love. The Seraph of the Fallen have forsaken their vow to maintain the cycle and have delved into necromancy to deny death from claiming any more souls. These once divine caretakers have taken up a new vow to bring an end to all suffering imposed upon mortals by waging a war upon death itself. Though one might question if they truly are fallen, as many mortals want nothing more than to spend an eternity with those they love like these fallen Seraphim.

    Special Effects:
    The Seraph of the Fallen gain mana when they:
    - Are Stuck by an enemy in combat. (Greater on Crits)
    - Strike an enemy in combat.

    Class Skills:

    Sorrows Gaze / (Auto Attack)
    Rank Needed: 0
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: The sorrow of the Seraph burns the target's soul. Apply Sorrows Gaze on the target, a ten second DoT. At rank 10, the strength of your passion is all consuming, Sorrows Gaze can now stack up to two times, and applies Will of the Fallen which increases the players intelligence by 10%, stacking up to twenty times.

    [Damage would be based on the player's Max Int, so a character at level 80 would deal about a consistent 500 to 600 dmg DoT, at rank 10 this would double. Due to being a DoT auto-attack, the ability would not be able to crit, this trades the ability for crits for consistent damage.]
    - Can’t Crit.
    - Medium Ranged Attack.
    - Single Target.

    Advent of the Fallen
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 20 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: The Seraph calls the Fallen to aid them in battle, raising the souls of the dead to their side. The Fallen grant you their undying protection, reducing the damage you and your allies receive by 10%, and increasing your intelligence by 50% for ten seconds.

    [This would be an ability that boosts the damage of the Sorrows Gaze by boosting the characters intelligence, as such at level 80 if the player is dealing a 500 to 600 DoT, it would then become a 750 to 850 DoT, or at Rank 10 a 1000 to 1200 DoT would become a 1500 to 1700 DoT before Will of the Fallen is applied.]
    - Can’t Crit.
    - Buff.
    - Self / Allies

    Dark Apostle
    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 30 Mana
    Cooldown: 4 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: The Seraph calls forth a Dark Apostle to strike their foe. The Dark Apostle deals damage to the target, and applies a Corrupted condition upon the foe increasing magical damage they receive by 20% for six seconds.

    [This ability grants a boost to damage suffered by an enemy, while also granting the Seraph of the Fallen its first direct damage ability that would deal damage based on its Max Int. At level 80 and rank 10, the maximum damage of this ability would be 4080 after applying Sorrows Gaze, Advent of the Fallen, and the Rank 10 passive. Given this ability increases the damage an enemy receives, it is balanced by the fact it only aids allies magical abilities. Thus, trying to avoid becoming too much of a support class, as it is a boss battler class with some Support capability so it can be used for team oriented bosses and not just soloable bosses.]
    - Can’t Crit.
    - Long Range / Debuff.
    - Single Target

    Blessing of the Fallen
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 30 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: The Fallen bless the Seraph and their allies with their prayers. The Fallen apply a ten second HoT equal to 15% of the Seraphs maximum intelligence to themselves and their allies, as well as increasing the Seraphs intelligence by 25% for ten seconds.

    [This ability would heal their allies for 75 HoT if the player uses the ability without first using their rank 1 and 2 abilities, though if used properly the HoT can reach 530+. The 25% Int boost would then allow Sorrows Gaze and Dark Apostle to reach 5100 dmg if used alongside rank 1 and 2 abilities. Though only around 600 to 700 without properly using the players abilities.]
    - Can’t Crit.
    - Buff.
    - Self / Allies

    Passive Ability (Rank 4)
    Description: Increases damage resistance to 60%.

    [Given the Seraph of the Fallen has a low dodge chance due to its Wiz enchantment focus and needing to take hits to gain mana, it ends up needing something to allow it to survive during boss fights geared toward the high dodge classes which make up nearly all of the late game class designs.]

    Angel of Darkness
    Passive Ability (Rank 4)
    Description: Increases Magical Resistance to 60%.

    [As Above, with the Seraph of the Fallen having a very low dodge chance due to its Wiz enchantment focus, it ends up needing something to allow it to survive during boss fights geared toward the high dodge class which make up nearly all of the late game classes.]

    Paradise Lost
    Rank Needed: 5
    Mana Cost: 40 Mana
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: The Seraph channels all of their power, sorrow, and soul into a single spell to summon an army of the Fallen. The Seraph of the Fallen deals damage equal to 200% of their intelligence, and their intelligence increases by 100% for ten seconds.

    [Rather than an ability that can nuke like many of the end game classes, this ability used in tandem with their rank 1, 2, and 3 allows the player to deal strong consistent damage with their DoT and Dark Apostle Skill.]
    - Can’t Crit.
    - Long range / Buff.
    - Single Target / Self

    Voice of the Fallen
    Passive Ability (Rank 10)
    Description: Sorrows Gaze can now stack up to two times, and also applies Will of the Fallen which increases the players intelligence by 10%, stacking up to twenty times.

    [This boost allows Sorrows Gaze to become more powerful as a battle progresses, thus the higher HP a boss has the stronger the player will become. Thus the class will not have to rely on the 100k+ to 200k+ nukes that are common in many other end tier classes oriented toward boss battling. However, having no cap on the Voice of the Fallen stacking might be a better alternative for absurdly high HP bosses.]

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    It’s time for a new support class. I suggest the following:

    Hierophant (AC-tagged) (Member-only) (Not obtainable through AC’s or IoDA) – CANNOT BE USED IN PVP!

    Questgiver: Artix (at the Necropolis)

    Auto attack: Attacks 4 opponents for 200% magical damage. Cooldown: 2 seconds.
    Rank 1 ability: Heals self and 3 allies for full health. Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Rank 2 ability: Blocks counter-attacks by foes for 25 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds
    Rank 3 ability: Increases Dodge Chance, Critical Chance, Hit chance, Critical Damage and All Outgoing Damage by 50%, and Haste by 75% for 12 seconds. Does not stack with Legion Revenant, Lightcaster, Stonecrusher, or Infinity Titan. Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Rank 4 passive: Increases HP by 100%
    Rank 4 passive: Increases INT and WIS by 50%
    Rank 5 ability: 400% magical damage to 4 opponents. Cooldown: 7
    Rank 10 passive: Increases magical damage by 50% and haste by 50%

    Level 100
    Active Membership
    Hollowborn DoomKnight (armor)
    Necrotic Blade of the Underworld (weapon)
    Exalted Apotheosis (weapon)
    Awe-scended (armor)
    Chaos Avenger (class)
    Infernal Flame Pyromancer (armor)
    Infernal Flame Khopesh (weapon)
    Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny (weapon)
    Prince Darkon’s Poleaxe (weapon)
    Legion Dragon Blade of Nulgath (weapon)
    Empowered Blade of Chaos (weapon)
    Legion Revenant (class)
    Archpaladin (Sacred Magic Eden quest) (class)
    Stonecrusher (reputation) (class)
    Infinity Titan (class)
    Lightcaster (class)
    Lord of Order (class)

    5,000 Brilliant Aura
    2,500 Ultimate Darkness Gems
    300 500k Au Vouchers
    300 100k Au Vouchers
    90 Ultra Avatar Tyndarius Insignias
    65 Champion Drakath Insignias
    65 Ultra Drago Insignias
    65 Dage the Evil Insignias
    50 Soul Essence
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    5/1/2022 7:20:45   


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