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RE: =AQW= Item Set Suggestions

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9/24/2021 16:44:00   

Here's a set I made around 2020 which I would like to re-suggest for this Thanksgiving day 2021

[ Revamped Turdraken Scale Set ]: https://twitter.com/DesperaMon/status/1300708646251368448

Note: I've the flash files of this suggestion set

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9/24/2021 16:46:13   

Here's another set I made around 2020 which I would like to re-suggest, this time for this Frostvale 2021

[ Ancient SantaClaws Set ]: https://twitter.com/DesperaMon/status/1298885613182222336

Note: I've the flash files of this suggestion set
Post #: 27
9/25/2021 12:06:43   

ign: mara 2323

i would like to suggest my creation

"golden skull admiral"/"dark hand admiral"

was thinking if this can be translated to flash as a doom merge item or yulgar's suggestion shop II
AQW  Post #: 28
10/5/2021 14:35:32   

Suggestion for cyber monday: Neko Sphinx set. A cute cyberpunk costume inspired by a sphinx with Digimon references.

AQW  Post #: 29
10/10/2021 22:50:38   
dra suzumebachi

my idea is inspired by a combination of the new elemental blades of awe that came out today and the fact i feel being color custom ruined the awescended set

it is really quite simple

elemental versions of the awescended set

im thinking method of obtaining be merge a awescended item with a elemental blade of awe to create a item of the same type and element (for example combining the awescended armor with the iceborn blade of awe would create the ice elemental awescended armor)

Post #: 30
10/14/2021 16:41:19   

I have a lot of commision thid month! And im impress how much creative the people in th community really are! Here some sets that i would like to suggest for some events:

- I personally lovedd love this idea, it so simple but it has a distinct kick in it, to be lovable! Here is a Easter Bun Bun Casual Wear, this is good for Grenwog!

- I loved simple things and straight to the point things! Here is good Victorian Era Dress!

- I think this is very unique and cool set for guards! Good for Frostval!

- I think is is a good simple but elegant dress, Good for new years event!

- I love this design! It reminded me of Victorian era but also not!

- I love this design, i think if you guys need a modern demon design here it is, i personally love this design too!

- A Simple Wind Blown Kimono, Yokai Event!

- Society Clown Set? I lovveeedddd this version of joker!

- He's a good content creator for AQ3D and he commissioned me his iconic Set!

- and lastly to commission suggestion is this Necrotic Queen, Good for and Necro Event or Mogloween this year if it has a spot or next year! Pls consider this! I lovee this Set!

- This Sets is Designed non other than me, heheh i would like to suggest this because its such a great design! And also i kinda push the skin boundaries but i think this is fine!

Thanks for checking out! Pls consider this armor! This armor are just simply made by mr but this is communities idea! They have really creative mind so it's my honor to work for them!
AQW  Post #: 31
10/17/2021 22:35:08   

I would like to suggest the Evolved Grimlord set @LHG_Art created for me here

Unfortunately LHG_Art's twitter account has become defunct, and I can't seem to find him.
Post #: 32
10/18/2021 18:06:17   

I would like to suggest this for Frostval!


Post #: 33
10/21/2021 20:04:46   

Suggestion #1

Legion Draconian Armor, helm, wings and a weapon.

I have been trying to get this armor into the game since 2016. Dage himself even responded saying he'd one day make it, though I can only assume he said this without any real intention of doing so...

The weapon for a Legion Draconian armor set (concept):

Armor concepts made by me and a few other people, I am not an artist and so a few people offered their artistic skills to give some kind of visual design on it.

I personally am a fan of Makkura's design of the Legion Draconian armor, as it is pretty close to how I envisioned the armor to look.

The "quest box" I made in the tweet was what I considered to be a decent grind back in 2016, though it most likely is outdated.

I would love to see this armor set be an "endgame" armor or a class. With buffs of some kind. Maybe even just a 75% Humankind Damage Bonus, if not a "+50% to All" Bonus, as we do not have a 75% Bonus to Humankind yet. or even buffs akin the Awescended, with a grind akin to it and reflective of it's usefulness.

But I know that stuff like buffs and bonuses isn't my decision, it is simply a suggestion.

My In-game Name is Feraligatr
MQ AQW  Post #: 34
10/21/2021 20:07:02   

Suggestion #2

A Lycan-based armor inspired by DragonFable's design of the Chaos Lord Wolfwing. Specifically using the Lycan-base model (Examples: Lycan Knight armor, etc).
Or even using the model of Kurok Gravefang's armor. As the DragonFable art uses the same pose as Kurok Gravefang did.

Includes: Armor, Helm Morph, Wings

MQ AQW  Post #: 35
10/22/2021 11:04:00   

So, I've started studying Animate recently, and managed to edit these for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday events.

Data Miner

Steamed Pink

Neon Mirror Caladbolg

Shadow Binder

Just for clearing, these aren't concepts only, all of them are Flashed
AQW  Post #: 36
10/22/2021 11:21:34   

This one's for Valentine's Day (am I too early?), the Ascended LoveCaster Set
AQW  Post #: 37
10/25/2021 19:35:12   

And I have two more sets to suggest.

A mecha called "Primus Bot 2.7" that may fit in the Cyber ​​Monday shop if it's not too late...


A vampire set called "Vampire Potesta" that may fit in the Black Friday or maybe a future Darkovia release.


Hope you like!
AQW  Post #: 38
10/30/2021 4:57:38   

with the next darkon saga coming up next month, i'd like to suggest a set I made

astravian lancer:

it's not flash yet, but I thought one of the staff could translate it to flash, or just make another armor based off it
AQW  Post #: 39
11/9/2021 15:02:58   

I would love to suggest this 3 sets i design with the theme of Ectoplasm! With th combination of "Noble/Royalty' i manage to make "Ectoplasmic Royalty".

Ectoplasmic Duke and Duchess
Dukes and Duchess were the rulers of the Councils and the superiors of the Ectoplasm Kingdom and later, in the feudal monarchies, the highest-ranking peers of the king.

Ectoplasmic Jester
A jester was a member of the household of a nobleman or a monarch employed to entertain guests during board court, Ectoplasmic people are bearly smile, it's her/his job to do so.

Ectoplasmic Yokai Nobility
A part of a noble family who's in charge with something related to Ectoplasm Production.

This is the link providing how this sets looks like : https://twitter.com/SteveArxx/status/1458027664871096325?t=w37yroDp2z5MKf72QEPE2A&s=19
AQW  Post #: 40
11/9/2021 19:21:09   

And here's some old sets that I would like to suggest for this nulgath birthday 2022!

[ Messenger of Nulgath ]: https://twitter.com/DesperaMon/status/1347820730751348738

[ Abaddon Fiend of Nulgath ]: https://twitter.com/DesperaMon/status/1347820921042706432

[ and here are all the items from both sets ]: https://twitter.com/DesperaMon/status/1347820485028024321

Note: I've the flash files of this suggestion set
Post #: 41
11/9/2021 19:32:50   

Here's some sets edits I made which I would like to suggest for this Hero's Heart Day 2022


This suggestion contains the follow pink versions of:
Lord of Time, Light Witch, Golden Phoenix blade, Necromancer Staff of Bloodthirst, Worshipper Visage of Nulgath, Worshipper face of Nulgath, Lady of Time’s Runestaff, Light Witch Helm, Light Witch Locks

Note: Since they are edits, all credits goes to their respective creators: Kotaro, Memet, Miltonius, etc
Post #: 42
11/18/2021 2:21:23   

Item set suggestions for frostval
Thanks :D
Post #: 43
11/18/2021 17:49:54   

Apostasia Paladin.

After losing faith in goodness, Apostasia Paladins use both the power of light and darkness to achieve their goals.

I also wanted to make it look like a Gothic cathedral, a gargoyle or a cemetery angel.


Hope you like!
AQW  Post #: 44
11/22/2021 12:22:51   
Failleens AQW

New Year's Suggestion :3
AQW  Post #: 45
12/12/2021 0:07:10   

Would like to suggest this for Nulgath's January 2022 Bday, if it's okay

Post #: 46
12/23/2021 0:27:49   

Here is it my suggestion for yokai event or ninja themed shop

Shinobi Assasin Set

Full Preview : https://twitter.com/SultanMalikySec/status/1473877916475822082

I was inspired by ninja themed armor set and some naval armor themed so this is my suggestion since yokai doesnt have any naval commander, Hopefully this will released into the game :D
AQW  Post #: 47
1/5/2022 4:25:29   
Failleens AQW

Here is suggestion for New Year Event 2022 or Summer Event 2022 :3


I've Flash this Set
AQW  Post #: 48
1/24/2022 18:08:42   
Failleens AQW

maybe some casual armor for knight suggestion :3
the design has been flashed :3
AQW  Post #: 49
2/12/2022 21:34:53   

Hello! I'm Reines

I'd like to suggest item set that I made to be released in-game. It's for dage's birthday collection in March, I suppose. I've done it in AQW flash template, here's the preview:

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