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4/1/2021 19:46:00   


Location: Book of Lore -> It's Togsday!,
Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Letters -> Togsday Invitation -> Togsday!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 1st, 2021

Objective: It Togsday!
Objective completed: And so, togkind was cast down into yet another millenium of darkness and lack of cake. It's sad, but it had to happen.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

If you select the 'Riches, huh?' option:
(1) Togath
(1) Togcina
(1) Togren
(1) Togtrip
(1) Togmothy, Intergalactic Tog-Emperor - Boss

If you select the 'I have standards!' option:
(1) Togren, (1) Togath, (1) Togtrip, (1) Togcina - Mini-Boss
(1) Togmothy, Intergalactic Tog-Emperor - Boss


Party Tog


*Outside the Book 3 Falconreach Inn, you greet Ash.*

<Character>: Good morning, Ash!
Ash: Hey, <Character>! Glad I caught you! A tog delivered this slobber covered letter for you just a moment ago.

*You pause.*

<Character>: A... tog?
Ash: You know, stripy, kinda derpy looking, reptile things? Like to bite a lot?
<Character>: I know what a tog is, Ash.
<Character>: But why would one have a letter for me?
Ash: I just deliver the mail. I don't ask questions.
Ash: Anyway, if you're done wondering about things, I've got some other business to attend to...
<Character>: Right, right, sorry. Let's see this letter then.

*Ash shows you a slobber-covered, bitten note saying "it my Togsday! Ur invited!".*

<Character>: What's a... Togsday?
<Character>: ...Ash?
Ash: No idea, don't ask me!

*You glare in Ash's direction.*

<Character>: Oh, there's another page here... it looks like a map.
<Character>: Well, I don't have anything better to do today. Might as well see what's happening!

After hours of trying to decipher what might have just been some spilled moglinberry juice, you arrive in a clearing in the forest...

*You arrive at the Togsday party; you appear shocked.*

<Character>: Is this the Togsday... um... event?

*Dozens of togs, all of different varieties and wearing party hats, look toward you without saying anything.*

<Character>: I don't know what I expected.
???: <Character>! Welcome! Welcome to my Togsday party!

*You turn to face what appears to be the Togsday tog, who is much larger than the other togs, and has humanoid eyes.*

<Character>: A talking tog. Yeah, I should have guessed that's where today was going.
Togmothy: Please, call me Togmothy.
<Character>: Right. Togmothy. Sure.
<Character>: What's going on here? Why did I get an invitation to your uh, Togsday party?
<Character>: What is a Togsday?
Togmothy: Ah, you truly are the hero of legend! Not even knowing what a Togsday is, yet still endeavoring to attend!
<Character>: I really didn't have anything better to do today...
Togmothy: And so humble! Worry not, your questions will be answered!
Togmothy: Togsday is a very special day that comes around once every thousand years.
Togmothy: On that day, the Toglights in the sky align and something most magical occurs!
Togmothy: A very special tog is given the collective knowledge of all their predecessors, and leads all of Togkind into an era of enlightenment!
<Character>: Once every... thousand years, huh? Does that mean you're destined to be king of the togs or something?
Togmothy: Seemed like a nice round number. We're making it up as we go. Somebody write down that king thing! Sounds good.
<Character>: So then the party...
Togmothy: It was only appropriate, since today is such a special day! No tog has ever had something like this happen before!
<Character>: And... the other togs?
Togmothy: Dumb as bricks. They sure know how to rock those party hats, though.
<Character>: I... see. So... why did I get an invitation?
<Character>: ...What am I doing here?
Togmothy: Ah, getting to the heart of the matter! You are a hero, yes?
<Character>: I've been known to do some heroing. In my spare time.
Togmothy: Wonderful. I have some... problems that need solving. For the enlightenment of Togkind.
Togmothy: Very important problems.
<Character>: You don't say.
Togmothy: It's true! It's only been five tog-hours and already things are looking dire.
<Character>: How long is a tog-hour?
Togmothy: I don't remember!
Togmothy: Anyway, I need your help kicking out some... undesirables from the party.
Togmothy: I sent everytog an invitation, you know, out of politeness, but well, I didn't expect some of them to actually... show up.
<Character>: You need me to kick out party guests? But they look so happy!

<Character>: This sounds kind of unethical. Can't you do something about them? Since you're the enlightened Togsday tog?
Togmothy: Well as the future king of the togs, destined to lead all of togkind into an era of enlightenment, it's kind of a bad look if I'm kicking out honored guests.
Togmothy: But well, if say, an adventurer came through... and some accidents happened...
Togmothy: ...well, there's some plausible deniability, at least.
<Character>: I'm not killing your party guests!
Togmothy: Shh! Keep your voice down!
Togmothy: Actually wait, it doesn't matter, they can't understand us anyway.
Togmothy: And who said anything about killing? Maybe just... rough them up a little. Encourage them to leave.
<Character>: And this is vitally important for the–
Togmothy: –the enlightenment of togkind, yes.
Togmothy: Worry not, there will be a reward! As future emperor of the togs, I can promise you riches! Riches beyond your wildest dreams!
<Character>: Future emperor now, huh?
Togmothy: I think it sounds better than king.
Togmothy: So, <Character>, what do you say?

  • Riches, huh? (Accept)
      <Character>: Riches, huh? I suppose I don't have anything else to do...
      Togmothy: The Empire of Toglandia appreciates your efforts, <Character>!
      <Character>: So... who do you need me to... take care of?
      Togmothy: I have four targets for you: Togren, Togath, Togtrip, and Togcina.
      Togmothy: Find them in the party, and elimini- er, persuade them to leave.
      <Character>: ...What's so bad about these togs?
      Togmothy: I saw Togren eyeing me funny earlier. I think he wanted to bite me.
      Togmothy: Jealousy can be a tragic sin to fall under the influence of.
      Togmothy: Togath ate an entire cake by himself. That's just rude, really. Didn't even save any for other togs at the table. So he needs to go.
      Togmothy: Togtrip thought up the whole "once in a thousand years" thing. He knows too much.
      Togmothy: And Togcina... Well, I just don't like Togcina.

      *You pause.*

      <Character>: I guess it's too late to back out now?
      Togmothy: Yep! Keep those riches in mind as these accidents... happen!

      *You search the group of togs at the Togsday party for your four targets, battling them individually.*

      If you approach Togmothy before defeating all of the togs:
      Togmothy: How goes the job? Remember, all of Togkind is depending on you! Unrelated, but this cake is fantastic!

    • Cake! - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • I can't do this...


      Are you sure you want to leave the Togsday party and abandon the togs to forever be unenlightened and also miss out on cake??

      Yes - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

      *After defeating the last of them, you return to Togmothy.*

      Togmothy: Well done hero! The intergalactic Tog empire of the sun and moon thanks you!
      <Character>: Was that all really necessary?
      Togmothy: It was! But what's done is done. I'm sure you're wondering about the riches you were promised.
      <Character>: It did cross my mind.
      Togmothy: Well, as it turns out, Togsday only lasts for one day.
      Togmothy: Come the morrow, the enlightenment will fade, and thus sunset will fall upon the grand multi-universal empire of Tog.
      <Character>: There... aren't going to be any riches, are there?
      Togmothy: No, but we have cake!
      <Character>: It's something.
      Togmothy: But before the celebrations... one final thing.
      <Character>: ...This is where you betray me, isn't it?
      Togmothy: Indeed, it is! You know too much, <Character>. You must be sacrificed for the future of all togkind!

    • Battle! - begins battle with Togmothy, Intergalactic Tog-Emperor.
    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).
  • I have standards! (Refuse)
      <Character>: I have standards! And togbusting is below those standards!
      Togmothy: An unfortunate stance, <Character>. It pains me to do this, but with what you've learned, I cannot let you leave this party.
      Togmothy: The safety of the future of the empire of Togs depends on it!
      Togmothy: To me, Togtogonal Knights!

    • Battle! - begins battle with Togren, Togath, Togtrip, and Togcina.
    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

      *Even after defeating Togmothy's "knights", Togmothy is not finished with you.*

      <Character>: Stand down, Togmothy! Your knights were no match for me!
      Togmothy: The ruler of the inter-dimensional Tog empire will not simply stand down!
      Togmothy: The age of enlightenment is upon us! And I shall defend it to the last!
      Togmothy: For Toglandia!

    • Battle! - begins battle with Togmothy, Intergalactic Tog-Emperor.
    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).
    *After defeating Togmothy, he appears stunned.*

    Togmothy: No... This can't be... How could the god of Togs fall to a mere mortal?!
    Togmothy: There is no justice... Toglandia shall never be reborn...
    Togmothy: I can feel the enlightenment fading...
    Togmothy: My brain grows dim...
    <Character>: This is actually kind of sad.
    Togmothy: You've doomed us, <Character>. Doomed all of Togkind to live in the shadow!
    Togmothy: You will... never... be forgiven!
    <Character>: Okay, now that's a bit melodramatic.
    Togmothy: *Bark!*
    <Character>: I guess... that's that. What a weird day.
    Togmothy: *Bark bork?*
    <Character>: Here you go, little guy, have some cake.
    Togmothy: *Bork bark bark!*
    <Character>: Happy Togsday to you too!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest, if you select the 'Riches, huh?' option:

  • You have 1-4 target(s) left in the party.
  • The cake really is surprisingly delicious!
  • Spooky ghost tog! Who're you gonna call?
  • These are just typical togs. Don't ask. Just keep moving.
  • These togs probably need more cake!
  • This tog and his son don't seem to want to talk to you.
  • This tog beeps at you. How rude!
  • Togmothy's party hat appearance changes multiple times throughout the quest.

    Thanks to TFS for correction.

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