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RE: Sapphire's Suggestions

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5/4/2024 14:34:54   


The current style bonus is a 10% Melee damage add-on to procs. This is essentially only actually meant for 100 procs, as other procs just don't get used. The damage bonus is n to *actually* catered to DEX, it's catered to FD Ranger.

So I propose the following change:

For every turn that a Ranged attack happens and the special doesn't fire, Ranged Special Damage gains a +10% "Charge". Once the special fires, it gains the charge and it resets to 0.

This cannot carry over to the next fight, and it is capped to +100%. (10 turns) This is a 10% Average. This would make specials (like a 20% proc) get a damage boost when they occur (unless it happened to be back to back) and is an actual way to try and get Rangers to use 20 procs, etc.

This might mean the current proc mastery thing gets altered such that bows get an always-there 10%, not sure.
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5/6/2024 12:25:51   



Element-> Randomly chooses from the 8 standard elements, and thus gets 132/109 boost.

Number of hits-4

Autohit-Takes .85 penalty

Art-> Small little child in a Onesie outfit

Each turn a pop up shows: Your baby is a needy child and needs your attention! Your baby disables your <items>!

It randomly removes menu options as it attacks, similar to Prime Chaos Orb, but to works like this:

Each attack it will "eat" your menu at random because it needs your attention, and gains boosted damage. The menu it eats is closed for the remainder of the battle. The boost works like this:


Spell Slot: 200%
Weapon slot: 50%
Armor Slot: 50% (weapon+armor=100)
Shield Slot: 50%
Misc Slot: 50%

Idk if I can actually quantify shield and misc slots, but eh

When the pet eats your menu, it works like this:

If it eats spells that turn, it can eat up to 80% Melee. So what we will assume is you'd be using a single specific spell (vs the mobs weakest element) so it will remove 3 spells from this menu. Then 3 again. Then the last 2, but if it removed 2, it's damage is reduced to 2/3's of 80%=53.33% eaten.

If it eats anything else, it's a 50% boost eaten and that entire slot is removed. Armor slot eaten remove the armors skills. If it eats the weapon slot, weapon based skills are removed but you can hit thee attack button. Once the armor *and* weapon are eaten, both menus go dark for the remainder. You cannot 'attack', either.

For shields and miscs, your entire menu on each go dark and these get unequipped they're eaten. These are also 50% melee. (You cant use a shield or misc because you need to pay attention to your baby, but you can still wear the armor..ie like clothes)

So essentially in you get :

2 turns of random spells eaten at +80% damage where 3 random spells get disabled, and 1 turn of spells eaten at +53.33% where the entire spell menu is then disabled. Guests summoned goes dark at the third Spell Menu used.

1 turn of eating misc at +50% boost and the entire misc menu gets disabled and current misc gets unequipped.

1 turn of eating shield at +50% boost and shield menu gets disabled and current shield gets unequipped.

1 turn of eating your weapons that disables weapons menu. +50% for the pet. You can still attack if armor menu is active, but you can't switch weapons.

1 turn of eating the armor for +50% damage, this disables the attack menu but you can still access skills if the weapons menu is not disabled.

Once armor and weapons areboth disabled, the attack menu is disabled, you cant swap armors, and you cant access skills.

This is 3 spells, 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 misc, and 1 shield attack and then you can either flee or let pet just attack for remainder of the battle at normal damage. This is also a risk because remember, the pet is random element.

Having children requires your attention.

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5/7/2024 14:11:57   


Armor, darkness main element.

FD Lean

Comes with 2 skills

Skill 1: Sinister Reflection
This is a toggle, and pays 392 SP/turn or 653 MP/turn (depends on weapon held) . So you have 200% Melee to work with.
When the monster attacks, you backlash and attempt to inflict the following effects. These scale with damage intake just like normal backlash, and are per hit like normal backlash.

A. Panic: +10 save END/LUK vs END/LUK
B. Darkness Elevuln +0 save, Mainstat/LUK vs END/LUK
C. Darkness Burn +0 save, Mainstat/LUK vs END/LUK
D. Darkness Poison +0 save, Mainstat/LUK vs END/LUK

The total power of a normal backlash that scales is split 4 ways. If panic is inflicted, it lowers monster damage, and thus, lowers the other 3's actual backlash power as panic grows. (including itself) However, you'll take less and less damage.

Skill 2: Sinister Revelation
This is a weapon based skill that costs Sp if Melee/Ranged weapon held, or MP costed spell based skill if magic weapon held. It opens a menu with 3 options. Costs 392sp/653mp+additional HP to make it overcharged.

A. Panic
B. Burn
C. Poison

The selection is eaten. Weapons based skill gets elecomp to cost and spell based gets elecomp to damage, darkness locked. Bows 100 proc rate will not override the fact it's weapon based. (Like Chronocroaker)

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5/23/2024 1:08:04   


Currently, when a misc has one of those .5x damage reduction when a mob hits you with the element it's reducing, it's charging SP each turn for that. Some players may like those features, but I think some do not. In fact, if I had to guess, I think that the elemental resist feature is the smallest reason why a player decides to choose that particular misc. They're only actually useful vs hardcore challenge content , and only a small subset of players likely do those on a day to day basis. And because that feature is the largest contributing factor to SP upkeeps on those miscs, and I don't think most players really care about that as resource management is such a major consideration, this is my suggestion :

If a misc has that feature..let's say it pays x SP (i forget the amount) to do .5x resistance, then it only charges the SP at the moment the monster actually hits the player with that actual element. If you lack the SP to utilize that feature, it doesn't work.

Changing this feature in this way will lessen the upkeep when players are choosing and using miscs for their OTHER features but it still charges you for when that feature is being used. Currently, if I have a fire misc that does +20% omni damage boost vs a monster that isn't hitting me with fire, that Sp upkeep is for no reason. I'm actually paying for a feature that isn't being used. There may not even be another 'feature' that's charging you regardless if it's used or not in the game off the top of my head. (maybe there is, idk, but to me it's dumb)

I'm not suggesting going back and altering old miscs, just code new ones going forward this way.
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