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August 2021

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7/31/2021 17:26:35   
Beshin Adin

August 1 August Seasonal Set returns: Urban Assassin Seasonal Set

August 6 Return to Nusantara: Kala Bakaru story + challenge boss
ShadowFire Lord upgrade bonus set
Featured Gear Shop: Singapore cultural homage set

August 13 Aurelio Voltaire returns in Friday the 13th: The Legend of DeadFly x3
Event Rares Shop

August 20 Shadows of War: Elemental Plane of Fire, Pt 5
Featured Gear Shop: Anime Inspiration sets

August 27 Darkon's Saga, Part 4
Featured Gear Shop: Back to School Casual sets
Treasure Chest quest + Wheel of Doom Merge Shop

August 30 Last call for August Seasonal Set + daily drops
AQ AQW  Post #: 1
8/1/2021 13:08:32   

This month will be the time where we get to have a Friday the 13th event as well as a final showdown against Tyndarius' lava monster form.

As for the Darkon Saga, we still have King Drago in our custody.
AQ  Post #: 2
8/1/2021 14:36:18   
Beshin Adin

We'll meet Mi, the Do twins, or both
AQ AQW  Post #: 3
8/2/2021 13:23:05   

Only time will tell when we get to that release.
AQ  Post #: 4
8/2/2021 13:52:48   
Beshin Adin

Well, those are the last three notes of the score
AQ AQW  Post #: 5
8/3/2021 12:53:49   

Three of the Scales appeared in the last release where we had to fight one of them who was leading the strange creatures.
AQ  Post #: 6
8/3/2021 16:17:35   

I could be wrong, although I anticipate a 60% or higher bonus to dragons armor as the final reward the week we fight Tyndarius. I expect this new armor + the NSoD to surpass the Archfiend Doomlord + Legion Dragonblade of Nulgath combo as the best combo in the game to kill dragons.

I don't expect to see more tagged monsters than that, although I could be pleasantly surprised. If there are more tagged monsters, it will likely be elementals (and we need something to get damage to elementals over 200%, I know elementals and I think possibly chaos are the only monsters we don't have gear that surpasses 200% bonus total now, I KNOW for an absolute fact humans, dragons, and undead we have gear that achieves over 200% now). I don't expect to see chaos, humans, or undead bonus on said armor.

We will obviously need the loot drop from defeating him to complete said armor, he will likely be more challenging than the beast, which I look forward to.

Said armor will likely be expensive and require a lot of resources. Expect to stock up on Shadowfire Trophies, Warfury Emblems, and gold for Voucher 500k's. I have no idea what other resources to acquire as I am not a dev, although I would recommend those three.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
8/4/2021 2:51:35   

Guys I got a heads' up on my RSS feed with the game design notes about AQLite integration, and now Alina is mentioning class balancing the game-breaking Chrono nuke looping mechanics? What is happening? Did we just accidentally shift into a parallel universe overnight (GMT+1)?

Entire Playerbase: You are Artix Entertainment... when the @#$% did you start doing smart things?

Yes... exactly. I mean, sure, I knew the Chrono Flood would be a wake up call but I didn't actually expect to... you know... work.
What's next, are they going to start actually using the forums again? Are they going to revamp spellcrafting to be viable for other classes too? Are they going to add 2FA logins to the client like Runescape? Is it really possible, is there truly hope?

< Message edited by Lukrecia -- 8/4/2021 2:52:57 >
AQW  Post #: 8
8/4/2021 5:10:00   


Although we encourage various methods of approach to taking on challenge bosses, certain compositions and strategies lead to them being defeated almost instantly, completely removing any challenging aspects of the fights. So starting today, all current and future challenge bosses will now have boss shields, which reduce the damage the boss takes over a set value. This cap and resistance is individually set per monster. This means that only damage you deal ABOVE the cap is reduced, and none of your other damage is affected.

I'm gonna roll in with the Infinity Knight, Dark Potion, & Arachnomancer; and DoT that boss for 233k per tick. Infinity Knight is also getting some class changes this week, and I can almost guarantee they are making the DoT duration longer, cause Infinity Knight feels so bad to play when your DoT uptime is only about 30%, so I'm hoping that boss shield will also apply to DoT.

Engineer has potential to be a great fight, but it's kinda obvious that Chronos would build up 4 Rift stacks & 10 seconds worth of damage on the drones, and then 1shot Engineer. Attack Drone could be CC'd, both drones could be debuffed, but it just didn't really come together. It raises a good question of; how should challenge bosses be handled. Now that Freeze enemy position is an official feature, challenge bosses will have to be designed under the assumption that they do not move. For that reason, I do think it would make sense for every class to be able to attack the boss at all times, regardless of range. I liked the idea of Engineer being immune while other mobs are alive, but I don't think it worked as well as it could have, because it was often hard to target the Drones when they respawned, and it was sometimes difficult to see when they did respawn. Similar to how we have a dropdown list of our own party members, it would be useful to have a dropdown of the enemies, or at-least, a functioning tab-target.

I do wonder if it's possible to do things like, force a wipe if any pt member dies, or force a full-heal on the boss if any pt member dies. I don't even know if bosses can increment stacks on themselves from their own actions, but if they can, you could have a mechanic based on those stacks, like the boss becoming stronger from each stack gained by his own autoattack (and we would counterplay that by dodging, or by reducing his haste). or a mechanic where the boss gains 1 stack when we use skills, but loses 1 stack when we autoattack him, and each stack gives the boss 5% more to their boss shield. & maybe 20 stacks will just wipe the party immediately.

If there were a way to force us to use certain classes, then bosses could be designed for those classes. e.g., a boss for 4 players that can only use 1 healer, 1 warrior, 1 rogue, and 1 mage. I do think some kind of class limitation is neccessary for a challenge boss, because there are many classes that just give a +30% buff to everything, and a huge heal, and big mitigation, and big damage.

But for a boss challenge that can be done with the systems currently in the game; here's what can be done.
release a challenge boss, as well as something else (less challenging mini-boss, or pack of mobs) with a daily quest.
doing the daily quest lets us buy and upgrade a new weapon. This weapon has a damage boost to a new enemy tag, and the challenge boss has that tag.
for example, the challenge boss could be the Bacon Orb Champion (with the enemy tag Bacon), and the new weapon gives Damage to Bacon+%.
each upgrade of the weapon gives it more damage to Bacon+%

can't buy the weapon yet (people will use NSoD or Apotheosis for +50% damage)
base weapon: +50% (together with Archfiend DoomLord, people can do +102.5% damage
upgrade 1: +80% (together with Archfiend DoomLord, people can do +143% damage
etc etc

So the challenge is designed around people having this weapon highly upgraded. But if people want to get together and take on the challenge before they have the weapon, they can. Although the challenge boss could have certain mechanics or DPS checks that make it impossible on Day 1, but that's completely fine. It would be better if the daily quest for this kind of system was a cumulative daily quest (so it can still only be done once per day, but if you didn't do the quest for 3 or 5 or 15 days, you could then complete the quest that many times). You could also make the Boss Shield apply very early, like, any damage above 1000 is reduced by 90%, but each upgrade to the weapon increases its damage to Bacon by a huge amount, like 200%, & that would ensure that it's basically impossible on Day 1. But as players upgrade the weapon and try the boss again, they would kill the boss sooner or later, depending on how strong their team is. Whether a team of end-game players kills the boss with weapons that have only 1 upgrade, or a team of weaker players kill the boss with fully upgraded weapons; it should have felt like a challenge to both groups, is the point I'm trying to get at.

I don't think there's anything stopping you from pumping out a challenge boss every month. give it a weapon that takes 3 days to get, and 3 upgrades that each take a week, and boom; monthly content cycle. Although it doesn't have to be a monthly thing.

I do think the Boss Shield has a lot of potential though, and it should definitely be used in many different ways. For example, a Boss Shield like i suggested earlier, to reduce any damage above 1000 by 90%, will basically kill Chrono nukers.
A Chrono combo that I showed in a video (watch?v=i1_BGVc8PCg at 6:39) used these numbers

damage of 5062+11553+22869+13418+25502+14095+13114+23475+DoT of 1861 x crit/rift modifier x unknown correction of 1.31 = 6,846,715 nuke.

Against the Boss Shield above, those numbers would translate to
damage of 1406+2055+3186+2241+3450+2309+2211+3347+3247+DoT or 1861 x crit/rift modifier x unknown correction of 1.31
= 1,724,320, BUT, boss shield correction to the nuke; 1000 + (1,723,320 x 0.1) = 173,332 nuke

Chrono nukers hit high because their crit multiplier and boost weapons double dip. Both of them apply to all the damage they deal (autoattacks, skills, awe procs), which influences the nuke to hit higher, and then they also apply to the nuke itself.
But Boss Shield also double dips in the same way. It would reduce all of their damage by 90%, making the nuke hit significantly less, and then also reduce the nuke itself by 90%. this mechanic, if done properly, will ensure that you never get clowned on again by chrono nukers killing your bosses immediately, so please make use of it.

173,332 is still kinda high though. maybe a differently formula would be better.

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DF AQW  Post #: 9
8/5/2021 15:47:11   

This week's Nusantara release occurs tomorrow.
AQ  Post #: 10
8/7/2021 3:00:27   

Everybody is talking about the Void Highlord buffs. I take that as a point proven, even if it was mostly because of the Chrono Flood rather me obliterating them with Scarlet Sorceress for the last three years. But the SpiritReaver's Spirit Sync going from 150% Mag-Out to 200% Mag-Out and Reckoning from 30% Crit Damage to 50% is a pretty big buff, so Ophelia is satisfied.

We also got the Dragon Runestones and the Arcane Quills back, and not even for ACs. Here's to hope a spellcraft rework is next. As for the more easily accessible potions... eh, nobody used Philtre so I'm not worried people will grow a habit of having something on 6.

< Message edited by Lukrecia -- 8/7/2021 3:02:12 >
AQW  Post #: 11
8/7/2021 5:21:55   

Small question. Werent we gonna get the remainder of the Calendar classes added to Hero Mart today or something?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
8/7/2021 9:22:02   
Beshin Adin

I appreciate simple releases, but last night's was a bit TOO easy

as they come in

< Message edited by Beshin Adin -- 8/7/2021 9:32:25 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 13
8/7/2021 13:41:54   

It was nice that we got to revisit Nasutara last night and see another adaption of Indonesian mythology.

Friday the 13th occurs next week.
AQ  Post #: 14
8/7/2021 17:57:38   

You can buy Honor Potions from Alina with 100k Vouchers, exchange those potions for Academic Merit, and then use the Merit to buy reagents.
that works out to around 17.1k per reagent, but Merit can only buy 5 of the 16 reagents.

still, it's a little bit better than buying Dragon Runestones, and exchanging each 1 Runestone for 2 reagents, which is 50k per reagent.

I think each Honor Potion should only exchange for 12 Academic Merit, instead of 35.
DF AQW  Post #: 15
8/9/2021 13:33:20   

What map would anyone do that in anyway?
AQ  Post #: 16
8/11/2021 21:23:19   

Did something happen in game with classes?
I've started seeing memes pop up on socials about how Time Keeper is no longer a meta? Or something to that effect.
"I dont want to play with you anymore" - a-la Andy from Toy Story.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
8/12/2021 2:43:32   


Did something happen in game with classes?

Full design notes here: https://www.aq.com/gamedesignnotes/AQW-Aug6-ClassSkillsChanges-8459

But the tl;dr is:
- Several calendar classes nerfed.
- VHL is actually viable now for the effort it takes.
- Rebalancing of some PvP classes.
AQW  Post #: 18
8/12/2021 4:25:12   

This, I've already seen.
I thought that there had been something new since the memes came out like an overflowing bath.
Something like yesterday or something.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
8/12/2021 12:06:01   

Friday the 13th occurs tomorrow with the return of Voltaire.
AQ  Post #: 20
8/12/2021 13:39:29   
Beshin Adin

Just a reminder, 2022 will be AQW's 13th year.
AQ AQW  Post #: 21
8/12/2021 23:24:47   

target random enemy now targets a random enemy (but it can also target the enemy you were already targeting, which does nothing).
previously, it always targeted the same enemy in a given room; probably whatever enemy was internally designated as enemy #1 for that room
not a perfect solution for now, but I appreciate you Spider

some other things that only really matter for challenge bosses
the damage numbers are placed on a block that layers ontop of enemies and enemy names, which makes it hard to click-target them.
it would be nice if there were an option that moved all enemy names up more (so that damage numbers don't scroll over them), or made damage numbers scroll down the screen, or not scroll at all, or if their block was smaller.
I don't think the engine can support making damage numbers layer behind enemies, while still making them physically appear ontop of the enemies.
not really high priority, since we can turn off damage numbers

< Message edited by Loftyz -- 8/12/2021 23:25:54 >
DF AQW  Post #: 22
8/13/2021 11:02:41   

The Friday the 13th event with Voltaire begins tonight.
AQ  Post #: 23
8/13/2021 19:45:28   
Beshin Adin

I like Rotfinger's art
AQ AQW  Post #: 24
8/14/2021 12:11:43   

Deadfly appears to evoke the traits of Bloody Mary and Candyman.

Rotfinger was the one who sent Deadfly's soul to the Underworld due to a forbidden love. At least we were able to resolve the situation.

Voltaire made a reference to Shrade who is a spoof of Jason Voorhees. We already know that Shrade comes from the Splatter Realm and is neither dead or alive when Dage the Evil planned to conquer it.
AQ  Post #: 25
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