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=DF= August 13th/30th Design Notes: The Maleurous: Reckoning

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8/14/2021 23:26:05   

DragonFable & MechQuest


The Maleurous: Reckoning: Revolution!

Hey there heroes!

The Reckoning war finale is upon us! It's time... for Revolution!

You can access 'Revolution' from the Reckoning war town, accessible from the Book of Lore.

Some bug fixes and stuff too! (may req cache clear).

  • Fixed an issue where Yalla stopped taking indirect damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon Blade and Grove Tender could stack Bonus on consecutive hits.
  • Fixed an issue where the item 'Caitiff's Notes' did not have the correct item type.

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  • quote:

    The Maleurous: Reckoning

    Hey there, heroes!

    This Friday the 13th, the remnants of the Maleurous —harbingers of Doom, enemies of the Avatars— begin their ultimate assault! You're thrust into war, but even as you fight off twisted ancient amalgamations, you can't help but wonder... Are the Maleurous right? Or are the Avatars?

    The battle to determine the fate of Lore's balance, of the Avatars, and more, begins!

    Head over to the war town from the Book of Lore to begin The Maleurous: Reckoning!

    A couple notes regarding this war:

    There may be certain unlocks that do not yet appear in the war town.

    Additionally, the war waves in this war are a different format compared to previous ones.

    Instead of walking across the screen to face foes, you'll instead be thrown into a gauntlet of enemies.

    You'll face 5 battles in a row, with a heal after the 3rd.

    In these battles, you'll need to walk to an appropriate floor pad in order to damage foes (indicated by a notification at the top of the screen, and a glowing marker on the correct pad). Guests are also not allowed in these waves. Please let us know what you think about this new kind of war wave!

    A couple of adjustments:

  • The quest "Outnumbered" in the Zeuster saga has had its final fight reworked. Enemies will not longer attempt to swap out- instead, you will face three heads at once.
  • A previous change to double turns that allowed them to continue after defeating an enemy has been reverted due to some major issues with other death check situations.

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    Tags: #Verlyrus

  • < Message edited by Peachii -- 8/30/2021 21:18:15 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 1
    8/14/2021 23:55:57   

    I like this war and I dislike it as well.
    The story is just gorgeous and I love the visuals in all of this. Notha is just a phenomenal character already. This war feels like a serious thing. The b/g in the fights just so amazing.

    As for the actual war war...
    I dont know if its a me thing but there are a lot of frame rate issues with it.
    I love the gauntlet idea for a war, but I have a feeling that its gonna be absurd to try this in main quests since we cant heal in between fights this way. And a little too similar to AQ's fighting system (which I have long since stopped being a fan of)
    As for the floor mechanics. Love it - Adding a sense of seriousness to it, seeing Uantaa actively working to buff/de-nerf us in the fight against the storm; hate it because of the frame rate issues mentioned, and cos it takes time away from things - One misclick and you're in for a delay (and a bad time in case you're using Chaosweaver). I really really dont want to see this in other parts of the game (my personal opinion is all).

    All in all, looking forward to this war for some weeks now. :)

    Also, I have a questions - Isnt it customary that F13 wars (active ones at least) drop Unlucky 13 essences?
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
    8/15/2021 0:16:46   

    i haven't played in months, and i haven't warred in even longer, but it's like riding a bike. speaking of which, is that leaderboard still a thing?
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
    8/15/2021 0:48:43   
    Primate Murder

    I'm absolutely loving this war!

    It's nice to see Notha's backstory and that - while she does have her own circumstances - her actions are her own choice. Not manipulated by an outside force, not driven by vengeance or sorrow, but rather a quest for knowledge and freedom. She's a compelling character, sociopathy and all, and I look forward to seeing more of her.

    The visuals are stunning. I loved the breaking of the Firmament, and though it took me some time to actually notice the war's background, seeing the titans fighting adds an entirely new level to battles that are already unique due to Myalos's suppression field mechanic.

    Speaking of, I actually liked the latter. It makes you pay attention, and it's nice to see magic actually being involved in battles beyond the generic fireball to the face.

    My genuine thanks to the staff, this looks like it would be a worthy conclusion to the Malerous saga!
    AQ DF  Post #: 4
    8/15/2021 0:51:11   
    Laeon val Observis

    Interesting application of the DDR system that has been experimented in the Inn. At least it skips the part where you need to walk a long ways to a mook. Thanks to the changes to DL, its AoE is one of, if the the current, fastest animations in AoE skills to date, making short work of waves.


    I dont know if its a me thing but there are a lot of frame rate issues with it.

    What graphics are you setting at? If you're at low already, which a warring player should be doing for high speed obliteration, most likely its just you. I'm playing at low, and my speed is no issue. Also, upon doing a quick experiment, I can confirm that you are not locked into a pad until you attack or use a skill/potion, giving you enough leeway to correct your character's placement.

    < Message edited by Laeon val Observis -- 8/15/2021 0:55:09 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 5
    8/15/2021 0:59:49   

    Another war. Let's do this.
    DF  Post #: 6
    8/15/2021 1:05:49   
    Primate Murder

    If there was one thing I had to raise an issue with, it would be what we've seen of Lhe'Shiyac culture. Not because it's bad or anything, but it seems to be remarkably similar to the Shapeless Empire - a nebulous theocracy with a mage-priest class at the top, serving a divine entity that's not what it seems.

    I can see it becoming confusing sometime in the near future.
    AQ DF  Post #: 7
    8/15/2021 1:08:55   

    @Laeon, I'm on the lowest graphical setting.
    I've also got a GT940MX, which should be working.
    So I dont know why there is any frame rate issue :/

    I've used Empowered Soul Gambit - So I get that extra turn.
    In that, I cant move it would seem, so I'm caught with enemies invulnerable to damage, and with a massive glass cannon effect in place. :/

    < Message edited by Roxas45 -- 8/15/2021 1:09:50 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
    8/15/2021 1:14:29   

    I really don't care for this format for the war. I would rather we stick with the original format.

    < Message edited by dragoonanime -- 8/15/2021 1:15:13 >
    Post #: 9
    8/15/2021 1:28:37   
    Laeon val Observis

    @Roxas since you did use a skill (Gambit), it set off the lock of the pads. The not unlocking of pads when an extra turn begins is beyond me, only that I can guess it's either a game balance system or a bug.

    @dragon wow, the first naysayer. Before you edited your post, you complained that you can't heal. These are basic waves and not a boss rush. Unless the phages have a DoT, even a deathknight on edge and full offense mode isn't gonna die outside of a bug. Plus, you do heal after clearing the simple gauntlet. And I even provided the relevant data on the leeways and benefits of the pad system, especially how fast it is.

    DF AQW  Post #: 10
    8/15/2021 1:41:17   
    Magma Fyre

    Does anybody have wpm info yet? I'm curious how we're faring right now. I got out of work late and the last time i was warring at 1 am it was the plushie war.
    DF  Post #: 11
    8/15/2021 1:55:00   
    AQW Lore-titician

    Can I just ask one little thing? WHO THE HELL IS THE COMPOSER OF THESE TRACKS?! Oh my god you guys have been pumping out releases with the best soundtracks I've ever heard in the history of Dragonfable!
    And I just cut the soundtrack in a neat Soundcloud format for you guys :3 (this version have no fade in/out, it can be looped perfectly)
    DF AQW  Post #: 12
    8/15/2021 4:01:38   


    I feel bad for child Notha, how could anyone not, her inability to feel a genuineness in her actions and emotions towards her peers. I'm not sure if she was just one of those people that happened to be born that way or if it was due to her clear neglect at a young age, though the latter cause certainly would have made the former worse. It's hits even harder when it's clear that she felt guilt at the very least not being able to feel anything towards what few "fake" friends her parents got for her even though that might have been the one occasion sit was okay not to be emotionally invested in something that wasn't real, but she couldn't have known better.

    Time passes, and we see her likely taking up her parents work, I assume anyway, in order to answer this question she's been struggling with since childhood. "Why am I like this? What is the point to being like this?" At this point, she's pretty much completely detached from other people mostly focusing on work to a point where time just kind of flies by, something her coworkers have obviously picked up on but any attempts made at connecting with her are made with simple, though not rude, rejections. The scene with the man is a small moment but the fact she calls her as generous ever tiredly, makes me think she was probably quite the respectable and fair boss or associate to be working with. Judging by how she reacted to excavating the Exalted container and learning of the possibility that Myalos was potentially older than the Exalted, I imagine she was able to at the very least find some joy in archaeological work if she could not do so in other people.

    But none of that matters, the only thing of importance is to find her purpose. Instead, what does she find? Lies, nothing but a trail of deception deliberately constructed just so an idea of elemental balance is maintained. The reason why her parents were so dedicated to the Holy Throne and thus couldn't be bothered to find the time of day for her? Utter futility in service to the Avatars. The reason why she couldn't have any real friends? Fatuous nonsense meant to serve the Avatars. The reason she could not emotionally connect? Needless suffering, all in service to a lie that's been propagated up for, in her view, virtually nothing.

    While on that search, she happens to learn of the Exalted: ancient beings that were capable of technological wonders and gifts that were annihilated for, again her view, wanting freedom from the elementals. She then realizes that the Avatars lie must be exposed and not only that, she can put together the tools to ensuring they can be exposed if not outright put down by whatever power remains in Exalted tech and understanding in how to chain elementals. Of course this wasn't enough and she ends up being sealed away for centuries until being released.

    The irony in all of this is that this started from Notha wanting to change, wanting to be different from what she was as a child and ultimately not finding the means to do so and thus insists that the Avatars themselves aren't capable of doing so either and yet we see they are at least willing to try now. But it goes back to what was discussed last time on the subject, even if they do change how they operate what is the guarantee they don't slip back into their old ways? Though obviously the answer is not to just try and kill them.

    Which on that note, I expected Myalos to be pretty strong, but did they just crack the barrier between Lore and the Wastes? Because I think they just cracked open the barrier between Lore and the Wastes. Also I'm a little concerned that Notha was able to convince Myalos to help her fight the Avatars and I'm hoping it's only because she was able mess with his circuitry or something. Or maybe the shadowscythe seed was still able to kind of make him act funny. I guess we'll see.

    Something else I find curious are the elemental phages that they brought with them. Clearly designated for each element, does this mean the Exalted were using manaphages to drain the elementals of mana during the war?

    Also Also, it's nice to see the Avatars duke it out with Myalos in the background, be forced to fight their own problems for once.
    DF  Post #: 13
    8/15/2021 4:29:56   

    Honest to god, I hate this DDR in everything phase. Sure its a novel concept, but man it is so annoying to deal with. This is just becoming another case of the When shield, where its thrown into everything for the next couple of months. Like, hey if its part of a boss fight once in a while or thematic to the environment the quest appears in, sure, but this is just ridiculous for a war. This is stuff that people do for hours on end, this is not fun. This is genuinely some of the most unfun stuff I've seen in this game yet from my 10 years of playing. Not only that, there's the fact that if you want to grind this for medals, it will have to HAVE TO BE in an unhealthy manner. Foot waves are already slow, but this is so unappealing as you have to play DDR and then attack with no guest to speed it up or any class to consistently do it fast with. To grind medals you have to do this for hours at a time. Sure I've heard people cry for a more interactive war, but this is not the way to go for it. I know you're like "just click the glowly" Verly, but its not like that since you have to pay attention to where it is. You yourself said you were against the unhealthy amount of grinding that wars brought up, however you then put up a DDR in the game that hard caps your already slow speed and then forces you to pay attention. According to Dante, you'd have to do at least 10 hours a day for a week to counterbreak at 10k without catapults. Sure you can give the argument you don't need to counterbreak, but its a thing people do every war. It should be an expected variable cause its happened for years on end now. I'm not saying this to insult the testers, but it just doesn't feel like they are actually giving proper feedback to you for a release like this. It feels that they didn't account for like literally anything in respect to the average players nor does it feel like they play the game a respective amount to say this is well off content in a confident manner besides parroting what one of the more experience testers are saying. Its that or they just don't want to tell you something is bad cause you work hard on every release or they play AQW often and a ton of grinding is normal for them. It doesn't feel its been filtered for the quality that I know DF for.

    < Message edited by Surib -- 8/15/2021 6:44:03 >
    Post #: 14
    8/15/2021 4:30:53   

    @ergotth Some of the tracks I recognise from AQ3D, some of them are unfamiliar (mind you it has been a while since I've played that game).

    BOy that intro could've been a release by itself!

    We have Notha's backstory now, and a name drop at last! The Exalted. Was that their entire field of research in Lhy'Shiac I wonder? It seems it was only a matter of time before someone discovered the truth about the Avatars. How managed to get a hold of all of those relics is beyond me. Maybe, like the Magesterium, they also have easy access to the Wastes somehow.

    Speaking of the Shapeless Empire; @Primate Murder to me the only glaring similarity between the two cultures is their intense devotion to their respective gods. I don't think we've seen evidence of a hierarchy like the one in Tkaanie. And I think the Shapeless is far more of a false god than the Avatars. The Shapeless is a human-made construct, and the deception comes from the leadership itself.

    And as awesome and dumbfounding as that entrance was, I still feel bad for poor Myalos. Being a tool of the Shadowscythe is bad enough, now they're being used again and I doubt this will end well for them.

    I quite like this style of war wave. It takes out the hassle of walking to every encounter, but it's not brainless at the same time.

    < Message edited by Flabagast -- 8/15/2021 5:45:12 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
    8/15/2021 4:43:22   
    Laeon val Observis

    Now that I have finally cleared my first 100 waves for this war (I'll commit 500-1000 waves here. Got the DM items I've sought for anyway), let met provide my take on the story side of things.

    While I can understand the buildup of sympathy for Notha, the most I can empathize on is her wreck of a childhood and the distanced nature she developed as a result. Nothing more. The issue I have with her cause (pity that she managed to sway Myalos to her whims. He had so much promise. May the Avatars have mercy on our AI friend once the dust settles) is it is all founded on fragmented archeological findings. We barely have any knowledge of the full history of the Exalted. What drove them to fight the Avatars/Makers/Lords? Did they realize an error in their cause? Did their precious Artillery even work when their war was at its closing? If so, did it even work or did it just eliminate their iteration of the Avatars? It is pretty clear that Lock and Key have more to tell that might swing things the other way if we give them the chance to speak up. But, no. Notha and Myalos chose the path that any extremist or greenhorn "hero" would: jump the gun through violence. It is pretty clear that the Avatars/Makers that our Hero and Uaanta know have the capacity to learn, and they should be commended for it. If any, the main concern here is the Maleurous that ain't participating in the war effort. He clearly is too unpredictable than a MCU Loki.

    @Surib, and then what, keep the mechanic in the Inn because it is, to your perspective, oppressive to the casual? Yes, it is in its prototypical stages, but you miss the point that it bypasses the need to walk a long ways about on the screen. Between trying to precisely target walk a mook scattered in a large room (and we've gotten those in previous wars) only to miss it and aggro another, I'd rather have this and end them in split seconds, with equal time spent to make sure my character's placement is spot on on the y-axis.

    < Message edited by Laeon val Observis -- 8/15/2021 4:48:22 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 16
    8/15/2021 11:27:25   

    Ah, the finale to the Maleurous. I have really enjoyed this storyline, it has made wars much more interesting and memorable. Nytha is as fascinating as ever and a great antagonist for this storyline. I do hope that she doesn't overshadow Myalos and Remthalas, both who are excellent antagonists as well.

    As for the DDR mode, I quite like it. It seems to be faster compared to "just running to next foe" and has made these waves more memorable. Even Uaanta has a role in this!

    And the backgroung art is gorgeous. As is the music. It really makes this feel more of a finale.
    DF  Post #: 17
    8/15/2021 12:59:43   

    Personally I think that changing the war from walking to gauntlet is great and really saves the time it takes to walk from one mob to another, but that DDR system is really annoying.

    Here is a question, does this system add something to the game that isn't just to be a hindrace to players?
    The only benefit players get from standing on the correct tile is to be able to play and deal damage normally just like how it was before this was implemented into the battle.

    This mechanic punishes you severely when you don't play by it's rules and forces you to constantly keep an eye on the game just to make sure that you are on the correct tile before battle starts (and don't even get me started on those times where you lose focus for 1 sec and attack before placing yourself). it might be fine for a 10-15 min boss fight where you're already supposed to devote your attention to the game but during a war scession which can last hours I just keep the game tab at the side of the screen and focus on something else to distract me from the grind, now I can't do that which makes the war multiple times more annoying. Not to mention that last time I checked Uaanta's eyes and hands seem to work fine so it makes no sense for her to randomly cast the spell near the hero and not on the hero.

    All in all it's a very bad execution of the mechanic which probably placed little thought on the amount of hours people put into wars and the mental & physical drain they cause even without it.

    I can suggest a few fixes to this problem:

    1)keep the gauntlet, remove the DDR: if something doesn't work as intended there is no shame in getting rid of it.

    2)change the effect of standing or not standing on the correct tile: instead of nullifying all damage when not standing on it just reduce it by X% and standing on the tile will bring dmg output back to 100%, an alternative approach is to deal 100% dmg on normal tiles and (100+X)% on Uaanta's tile. with these methods the player can decide for example if he needs a dmg boost to defeat the enemy or perhaps he can already 1-shot the mobs quite easily and can manage even when restrictions are placed on him.

    option #2 turns this mechanism from a compulsory and parasitic design that forces you to act in a specific way OR ELSE into an optional effect that players get to interact with and choose rather or not they wish to use it.
    DF  Post #: 18
    8/15/2021 13:53:50   

    I don't know if i'm just unlucky, but I've done like 200 waves now and I haven't got a single rare wave. Has anyone got one yet?
    Post #: 19
    8/15/2021 15:15:05   
    Baron Dante


    According to Dante, you'd have to do at least 10 hours a day for a week to counterbreak at 10k without catapults. Sure you can give the argument you don't need to counterbreak, but its a thing people do every war. It should be an expected variable cause its happened for years on end now.

    I'm just gonna post my thoughts on this matter in general here.

    With the game having the counterbreak AS A FEATURE, it's essentially the devs saying that they think this is a reasonable number for players to do. If there was no limit at all, it wouldn't be them encouraging anything, but as there is, well, here we are.
    The issue with 10k is the time commitment needed. We've had 10k as the standard for a while now, and during that time, there have been both 1 week wars AND wars with only footwaves.
    Now, given that wars are a community effort first and foremost, I think it makes sense to assume that the expectation is that you do your farming during the actual war, and not the post-war time.
    While it's an extreme case, this means that in the worst case, you'd need to hit 10k waves in a week. At, say, 2.5WPM, that's 67ish hours. Adding even just 30 minute breaks, you're pretty much looking at 10 hours a day. You know what that's called? That's a *job*.

    Given that MOST people have real life commitments that don't involve pressing buttons for hours on end, be it school, work or anything else, it's not a very reasonable expectation. (Mind that even in the more common two weeks scenario, it'd be 5 hours)

    The way I see this, is that wars are actively promoting unhealthy gaming habits. You can say that it's the responsibility of a player to avoid that, but the game would do very well to at least not encourage that kind of behaviour.

    I want to note that it seems Verly was not previously aware what an absurd grind the Defender gear was, and was willing to fix that, so I'm holding some hope on that front. (Mind that stuff like the Cannon remained as is because it's a long term goal for players that have done everything else in wars. This is fine, long term goals aren't nearly as much of an issue, but per war counters are a short term deal. you either do it NOW, or you lost your chance)

    So, what could be done to fix this? Just lowering the counterbreak point would be fine, really. The mini war last time was a much more reasonable task. Now, of course, there are people who like being able to track their waves beyond that. There are some options for that, but the most simple (from a coding perspective of someone who doesn't know much about Flash nonsense) would just be to make a, say, a 1k DM merge item that can be sold for Gold or some such, that a player can easily use to keep track of their warring prowess, if they so wish. (Obviously they could do so via other DM items too)


    @Surib, and then what, keep the mechanic in the Inn because it is, to your perspective, oppressive to the casual? Yes, it is in its prototypical stages, but you miss the point that it bypasses the need to walk a long ways about on the screen. Between trying to precisely target walk a mook scattered in a large room (and we've gotten those in previous wars) only to miss it and aggro another, I'd rather have this and end them in split seconds, with equal time spent to make sure my character's placement is spot on on the y-axis.

    I think there's a few things here.
    -DDR requires a higher level of focus, because misclicking is far more punishing now. Especially in the case of multi enemy waves on a class with one multi. This is pretty bad because wars are a grind-focused event, so most players tend to prefer the ability to pay as little attention as possible.
    -DDR doesn't need to be Inn exclusive, but having it, especially, as you say, in a "prototypical stage" be an integral part of an event you want efficiency in is not the best. Having it in regular quests first would be preferable, this could (and is, based on some people having issues) be the first time players see this particular concept.

    Now, not all is bad, because I don't think more options is a bad thing. If DDR in the future becomes an alternative way to farm, those that prefer DDR can have DDR. Interestingly, due to less optimization needed on the walkaround parts (well, none in this case), it may very well be a faster way to war for some people, at the cost of more focus. However, it does sort of hardcap your speed, which especially affects the higher-end players, the ones that are more likely to go for the high numbers.
    The other way to lessen the impact might be to make it less punishing in that it doesn't mitigate all your damage, like HellsWolf666 suggested. More experienced players would probably take the time to optimize this too, to make sure mistakes are less costly to the best of their abilities.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    8/15/2021 15:46:07   
    Chaosweaver Amon

    Personally, I'm a fan of the new wave format. The classic wave quests just got mind-numbingly boring very quickly in my opinion.

    As for the opening...wow. The Maleurous may end up being the most impactful storyline in the entire history of the game thus far.
    DF AQW  Post #: 21
    8/15/2021 16:36:55   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

    Greetings villains and heroes.

    It's been a while *dusts off the war swords*

    I like this new format and what it gives us, I wouldn't mind a future war that has both concepts in them so we can choose between the two. I can definitely appreciate the time spent into this war and its setup. To those that are focused solely on Notha, remember that there is still one other that is waiting in the wings, and I have a feeling he will be involving himself soon.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
    8/15/2021 16:42:46   


    Did they just confirm Notha as a sociopath?
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
    8/15/2021 17:04:18   

    Okay, I typed out a long message and the board seems to have logged me out for whatever reason, so I'm a bit miffed about that and have to condense it.

    So, first post here, just made this account, I've read the discussions here before, yadda yadda. I've played this game on and off since it was released, and I'm thankful to everyone who has kept it alive. It's nice to get that nostalgia rush from looking at stuff from my childhood, and I was pleasantly surprised to see this game still going strong a few years ago.

    Anyway, I wanted to add a voice to Roxas45's framerate issues. I assumed it was because of a recent update to the launcher, since I hadn't played in a while and this is my first time playing since the update, but maybe it has to do with the war's mechanics. I don't have a workhorse of a computer, but I've never had the game pull this much of my CPU resources; it's baselining at about 200% CPU usage and spiking up to 300% in battle. It's fine on its own, but with Youtube or whatever streaming on the background it sometimes starts running a bit hot and the framerate drops way down. I was just wondering if something changed recently that would explain this significantly.

    As for the war's new wave mechanics, I don't see that either way saves a lot of time per wave, but I have to agree with Surib, HellsWolf and Baron Dante in general. That you'd even have to talk about optimizing the time/wave ratio by a couple seconds is indicative that the whole war system is pretty grindy. I've played this game over a long time, and I still don't have a complete on level DM equipment set. I rarely go beyond 200 waves per war, and that's fairly recently. I mean, let's... not pretend the story and art add to the experience of repeatedly clearing waves past the first five minutes or so. I don't like Wars in general, so I don't have a strong opinion on this either way, but I can see why other players would have an issue with the change; with the waves where you moved across the screen in a nearly linear path, it was not difficult for me to just get it down on muscle memory and read/watch something on another window/screen. Now you really need to focus on the game screen. Plus, it feels like a mechanism that serves little purpose beyond annoying the player. If the gauntlet were to be retained and the correct tile mechanic were removed, what would the player really lose? That would save the most time, if that were the objective, and I feel like everyone here would be happy with that. It's also the most punishing mechanic in wave clearing I can remember; I used Soul Gambit on the wrong tile once and my MP got drained to 0. The rest of the gauntlet before the heal was just annoying at that point.

    < Message edited by MsChickenFingers -- 8/16/2021 2:40:50 >
    Post #: 24
    8/15/2021 17:32:43   


    Ok for starters, I'm genuinely impressed that Myalos and his ship (what are we calling it? Necro-Dragonoid? Mecha-Dracolich?) are able to sigle handedly go toe to toe against all of the avatars at once (I love the images of them fighting in the background, I think that's a fantastic addition)
    I wonder how it would stand against either of the corrupted dragons, or if it would have won the Exalted their war if they had found it first (assuming the Exalted existed after the universe of mechquest). I also like seeing the blend of Exalted and Shadowsythe tech in the Element-phages, I look forward to seeing the designs of enemies revealed later in the war.

    Also.... where the heck are we? I don't think we're in the Elemental Wastes. I initially thought we were summoned above the planet by the avatars around their round table/platform in space, but that seems to be an illusion, becasue Myalos was adrift in space. Myalos can't just break into space from space, right? Maybe we are in a pocket dimension or in the Wastes after all, and what we saw was just another of the Avatar's lies. Do the Elemental Lords even know what their Avatars have been up to?

    And what do the Avatars think of the Shapeless Empire's elemental gates?

    And what is Notha? Is she an android that just acts as a vessel for her soul? If so, I'm sure she integrated Exalted tech into her designs....

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