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Second character (warrior/ranger, adventurer)

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9/11/2021 17:09:10   

Hi all,

I am currently lvling my main character to lvl 150 and gearing it up as well.
Since I've always wanted a warrior/ranger character as well I thought, why not now.
So I created one, it will be an adventurer account and I won't be upgrading it for now.

Can anyone help me with farming/items as an adventurer?
The wiki suggests farming at the Drakath the undead dragon, but it seems slow and hard on warrior.
I don't know how I can link my character page other than my main one, but my stats are:

lvl: 36 adventurer
str: 150
dex: 0
int: 0
end: 0
char: 0
Luk: 0

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

AQ  Post #: 1
9/11/2021 17:13:15   

Do you know your second character's ID? The URL for character pages is https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=X where X is the ID of your character.

Once you link up your character it'll be easier to see how you can get improvements on your other character.

PS: I actually wouldn't try to level up so quickly. Quests tend to be easier early on and at the low levels you don't have to worry as much about defense which allows you to fully focus on damage which further makes the game easier.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 2
9/11/2021 17:17:16   

Thank you for explaining that to me PD.
Character page will be: https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=87870548

I have like nothing interesting on it, guess horro-show set is okay.

edit: in addition to PD's message about quests being easier on lower lvls maybe just tips on items/classes and what I should focus on getting. So I can first do those and after that I'll be able to lvl more quickly?

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AQ  Post #: 3
9/11/2021 18:41:07   

Before I get into the more comprehensive post where I actually give you the items you'll want, a few general tips:

1. Consult the AQ Wikia that'll give you recommendations on good/optimal equipment choices.

2. Don't forget to use Ballywhoo's gold because costs rise exponentially as you level up so Ballywhoo will allow you to afford things much easier than you otherwise would.

3. Don't forget to use the Item Upgrader for eligible equips via the Account Manager. This can cut down on time if you don't want to request for items and the item is eligible to upgrade.

4. An addition to the above point, MC quest items like Kindred can't be upgraded so you'll have to do the quests over again. The recommendations you'll get are going to be all upgradeable items. Once you get to the endgame (135/150 depending on whether you decide to upgrade) I'll give you a new rec list.

5. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of quests scale. Most of the more modern quests with exceptions here and there (which I'll also recommend) scale on a 15 level interval, so 15, 30, 45, ect. If you're level 15-29, you'll encounter level 15 monsters. From 30-44 you'll get level 30 monsters, ect. Take advantage of this as you can.

6. Don't do class quests early on because the irregular scaling often places those enemies 15-30 levels above you until you're around level 70, and you won't have enough stats to reasonably pass the stat rolls at the end. There's also not really much benefit to training classes early on either.

7. Since you're maxing strength early, eventually you'll get to a point where it's just too expensive even with Ballywho to train out your main stat. You'll want to eventually start investing in at least a little DEX early on once you get to this point as accuracy is largely determined by DEX. This will be useful to do since monsters will tend to dodge way more early on due to the lack of your stats.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 4
9/11/2021 19:20:14   

Quests are a bit of a mixed bag. They can be easier at lower levels, but they can also be oppressively difficult depending on the way they scale. Some older quests don't scale well, so you may fight something more than 30 levels higher than you, which can be very frustrating. On the other hand, you may also find yourself fighting monsters ~20 levels below your level, which will be much easier especially at lower levels when most monsters are fairly weak with no special effects.

Like PD said, leveling up classes is pretty much not worth it for the most part. The only exceptions are Mage and Wizard because they can really help mages finish battles quickly and fight monsters that they really should not be able to fight thanks to Wizard's disproportionately high elecomp for its level (elecomp usually gets much stronger at higher levels because elemental resistances matter more the higher one's level). Also, the base classes do not let you defy their rolls, so the roll is based purely on luck and stats. At lower levels, stats are very mediocre, so training classes will take a lot of time and RNG. The stronger classes do allow you to defy the roll with SP, but low-leveled characters have negligible SP, and the costs to defy do not scale with level.

Be careful with stat training. The cost to train stats increases exponentially, and it quickly becomes utterly unaffordable. If you make a mistake and train one stat too much, you may find yourself without gold to upgrade equipment. Normally, equipment costs are completely irrelevant for a long time because Ballyhoo and normal questing will provide far more gold than you'll need for them, but stat training can really reduce your gold stockpile if you don't pay attention to the costs.

Besides what PD says, the Shared Vault is your best friend. It really helps a ton with getting certain items that will help you quest faster. Most notably, Essence Orb is only available in the Guardian Shop, which your main character can transfer to your alt.
Post #: 5
9/12/2021 0:06:03   

So here's the more comprehensive post. As Robynn says, you've got enough tokens to buy a Shared Vault. This is easily the best use of tokens in-game as you'll be allowed to add items to your new character that they normally would not be able to get to due to the Guardian Paywall that exists (Essence Orb for example). With that in mind that actually expands the possibilities of what I can recommend. That being said we'll probably take it slowly since there's a lot to cover so I'll break this down in stages. So this will be amongst the first items you'll want to get, in the listed order. Except for the ones I linked, you can find all the information including where to find these in the AQ Wikia's Equipment Guide

Mighty Warmaster's Reaver: Wind/Fire Axe. You actually as a F2P need to get some compression as you don't really have slots to spare. Also there's lots of monsters weak to Fire and Wind so these will cover a wide sweep. You can also get War's Legacy in the same quest.

Burden of Insight: auto-hit ice weapon. You'll want this ASAP as monsters will dodge a lot due to your lack of DEX early.

Katar of Water: Generally good water damage and useful against mage-type enemies that use MP for damage.

Zabura's Hammer: Light Hammer. Has a built-in skill that blinds the enemy.

Royal Voidrender: Energy/Harm. The boss can be fairly difficult so I recommend getting this after you've got Burden of Insight and Tempest Power Armor.

Jalek's Panic Reaver: Since we'll have War's Legacy this will be pretty good to have since you can eat the fear skill to give yourself a massive BTH and LS boost. You'll only want to do this after getting War's Legacy and Royal Voidrenderer due to War-Torn Dragon's lower resists and big fire damage, though for the boss you'll have to brute force it. You can also get Warmaster's Burst from this same quest too.

Nith's Fang: Omni-Elemental weapon that can heal 15% of the damage you deal to SP. You'll want to get Burden of Insight before doing this as Nith has really high MRM. You can find this at: Yulgar's Inn -> Devourer Saga -> Eigerbuld.

Olymp-axe: This is an optional if you don't like any of these options. It'll change element based on your clan, and deals +15% damage while using 15% Melee SP (98 at 150). This is available currently at the Event Menu.

This order and configuration should allow you to cover all 8 elements (with your no-drop for earth), cover for Harm, Auto-Hit and Utility. You'll end up pretty versatile and able to handle 99% of what the game throws at you.

Werewolf: While its primary is earth, it's also got a Light secondary which few other armors exist in the game which have a light defense for F2P. You'll keep using this until the end-game. Although unfortunately you won't be able to combo this with Jalek since Snarl is Guardian only.

Horro-Show: Keep using this for Ice. This is the only MC set I'll ever recommend people getting on early because the questline is easy and you can return to the items very easily, although you'll still have to re-pay for the items.

War's Legacy: Quest is fairly easy, and I recommend this armor over Rex because it's generally more versatile and costs less SP which is a big deal at lower levels.

Axemaster's Burden: Until you're at the level cap and can get the Haunted Dragonlord I recommend using this as a stopgap until the level cap. It's got the ability to reduce your damage, lower enemy MRM and deals increased skill damage that follows your weapon's element, all which are useful early on.

WHEEL: Pretty much your only option for Water, and will equally cover Earth.

Morningstar Bloodline: Unfortunately I'm gonna have to break my rule again of no MC sets. There's not a lot of F2P armors that provide good darkness defense that are up to date. The quest for this initially isn't too bad so you should be able to get through without difficulty and you won't have to do the entire quest to get what you need. Also you'll have WHEEL and Werewolf for Earth.

Tempest Power Armor: Outstanding Energy armor that locks your attacks to energy and can pay for celerity to attack twice in a turn. Get this after the above items as the boss can be difficult to fight. Though once you get this armor because you managed to get this so early you'll steamroll almost everything in your way. Find this at: Warlic's Shop -> Quests -> War Between Shadows -> Once Upon a Scheme.

While imperfect, it should provide ample resistances for all 8 elements while also having a few armors with skills. F2P's really do have it hard for armors unfortunately (Maybe we ought to do something about that.


Horro-Show: Keep using this.

Bac-ler: Earth/Water Shield. Also useful Fire/Dark secondaries.

Wartorn Heirloom Shield: Wind/Dark.

Umazen Aspis: Energy Shield with +20 Paralyze Potence.

Shield of Agony's Blood: Fire Shield that makes the enemy miss more often but you also take more damage.

Emancipator's Radiance: Good light shield that also increases blind potency.

Doray (utility if you can manage to find space): Useful water water shield with a Father Time mechanic to rewind the turn. Useful if you made a bad decision and need to do an action over again.

Chieftain's Ironthorn: Toggle this to provide +STR. Also provides good earth resist if you don't like using your no-drop for that. This is also utility depending on how you want to slice it.

Luckily Shields have a much better picture around them. You'll have enough to provide defense against all 8 elements while having a choice to get some utility as well.


Essence Orb: Get this at all costs. It'll make playing F2P much more bearable. Transfer it from your main character who is a Guardian via the Shared Vault.

Olympax Medal: Big damage boost based on your clan's element. You can find this in the same place as Olympaxe.

Sword/Axe Master Emblem: Big damage boost since we'll be using swords and axes.

Bell Shell: Gives -Earth Resist and you heal based on the % damage you inflict.

Hairmuffs: Gives Energy Resist and can make your enemies miss more. You can find this in the Memorial Shop at Yulgar's Inn

You can get Cyclops Eye and Minotaur's Pride later if you feel like you're needing defense but at this point of the game defense doesn't matter as much as dealing damage.

Fairy Godmother: You can grab the level 10, 50, and 110 versions. Very versatile to have, and of course if you manage to get one of the elemental variants which are F2P, then all the better.

Nerfkitten: Ditto here, and can lower your enemy's MRM which is useful early on. Take it from the Guardian Shop from your main to your warrior.

Underwyrmling: Since you're at a lower level, you can probably cheese the wicked king, although you'll need an armor that can multi-hit the Wicked King. I recommend getting War's Legacy or Tempest Power Armor and Burden of Insight before attempting to go for this. But if you can get it early, this is pretty much the crowning achievement of what you can do early. There's really no understating the impact of it early on as a lot of enemies use SP for skills.

Summon Essence of Carnage - Extremely useful with a backlash mode and one of the few F2P damage boosters.

You heal at the speed of light - Healing Spell that does more based on the enemy's Light Resistance.

Warmaster's Burst: Good Fire/Wind burst damage spell. You can get this in the same Quest as Jalek's Panic Reaver.

Runic Binding: Good spell to increase your damage output by giving you an elemental empower, although it's important to note this spell can be expensive in SP to cast.

Konami Code/Edoc Imanok: Good Defensive Spell if you find yourself getting hit too often. You can find this in the Memorial Shop at Yulgar's Inn

@RobynJeanne: Thanks for the corrections! And yeah this is more tailored towards the up to 135 experience. Once you're at the cap and/or guardian you should come back for another re-evaluation.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 6
9/12/2021 1:11:20   

So, a couple of things to note:
Werewolf Snarl is Guardian-only, so you may find Jalek's Panic Reaver harder to use than expected.

Minotaur's Pride is an absolutely fantastic misc that should cover any and all attacks.

Fairy Godmother is great, but the original light version is Guardian-only for most of its levels. Around Mother's Day, there are elemental variants that follow modern item standards, which are F2P up until level 135.

Nightmaregon also seems to be Guardian-only and not just locked behind a Guardian-only shop but available to Adventurers with access to it.

Purple Rain is a broken and very controversial spell that allows you to gain the benefits of Runic Binding and Edoc Imanok without really paying the SP cost.

Remember that PD's suggestions are for your current character. Once you are at level 135 and can use MC Set items without upgrade issues, your inventory should substantially change since many of the best items in the game (Dragonlord Set and Kindred Set in general and other singular items like Irt of Osiris and Reaper of Souls) are only available there.
Post #: 7
9/12/2021 15:44:45   

Wow thanks alot guys!
This is alot to go through, but that makes it more fun. Alot of new stuff to do.
I'm on mobile at the moment but hopefully, i'll have more time to go over everything later this week.
If I still have questions then i will put them here.

And will definitely get that shared vault, that's a nice loophole??
Thanks so much again both of you, this keeps the game more fun and refreshing for me.


Edit: I discovered that the crossroads to get the W.H.E.E.L. armor is guardian now, or should I get that on my main and transfer it? Also did you mean that I should get the morningstar armor as darkness? Because it is mainly earth right?

< Message edited by Live4Fun -- 9/14/2021 17:18:54 >
AQ  Post #: 8
9/14/2021 17:22:27   


I discoverd that WHEEL is now guardian (the crossroads are), or can I transfer that from my main?
Also I should use morningstar armor for darkness? It does not seem to have good % darkness resistance?
Or does that have to do with the bad options for f2p characters?

Don't mean to be rude, just wondering.

AQ  Post #: 9
9/14/2021 19:22:01   

So regarding Armors....

For Dark, I actually did recommend Morningstar although if you don't want to constantly re-quest for the set, a few options you can use are:

Nocturnal Knight Rider, in the Memorial Shop and covers Dark although it doesn't do anything notable except +BTH.
Rust Raider, which has Primary Earth and Secondary Energy/Dark resists with a +10% trigger. If you're really desperate for equipment spaces this might be a good pickup to get.

As for Earth, there's the updated Hunter which can serve for Earth and Energy, and has a built in skill that deals Earth damage.

As for WHEEL, you'll need to get there using the Travel Pass (Warlic's Shop and mix Magma Leaf, Bad Juice, Slabwoot Dust in that order and then Talk to Valencia privately for the Travel Pass). That'll allow you to get to the Crossroads -> Farmlands -> Anything Neat ever happen around here? -> BURP War 2014
AQ MQ  Post #: 10
9/15/2021 15:34:29   

Hmm allright allright, then i'll go for morningstar. I don't mind doing the questing.
Ah, so there is a kind of loophole, neato!! Thanks for responding to my questions. Can't wait to gathering the rest of the gear :)
Also, regarding the olympax medal. Is there any element I should choose over others or is it just my personal preference? I haven't joined a clan yet.

AQ  Post #: 11
9/15/2021 16:04:27   

Itís your personal preference. Though most will either use olympax and medal to either supplement their strongest element or fill in an element that is weaker or unfilled
AQ MQ  Post #: 12
9/15/2021 16:13:10   

If you go with energy, and use Tempest to boost energy, I'd bet you'll be amazed at the damage.

As an aside, are they allowing us to change clans again?
Post #: 13
9/15/2021 17:33:05   

Negatus on Monolith Island is indeed enabled again, you should be able to switch clans. Just did so to test it out.
AQ MQ  Post #: 14
9/15/2021 18:07:34   

Negatus only leaves during Paxian events to prevent people double-dipping by changing clans during these events. It is always there normally, and there are no consequences for changing clans.

Especially for Adventurers who usually have some much weaker elements and lack good no-drops, Olympax Medal's free Imbue of any element is very good for filling out one's inventory of nukes.

If you don't mind questing, Angel of Souls is the best darkness option. Its skill is one of the cheapest in the game and even gets a bonus for Lucky Strikes.
Post #: 15
9/27/2021 16:47:53   

Hi guys,

trying to get all the items but the following give me alot of trouble still.

- Umazen Aspis
- Royal voidrender
- Jalek's panic reaver
- Heal at the speed of light
- Tempest power armor

I constantly get killed when questing for these items, got close to voidrender but I needed all my SP and ally assists for the queen dragon. Leaving me at the mercy of the wraith unfortunately.
Also got the nocturnal nightrider armor, seems pretty decent for darkness so far :) the hourglass collecting was a bit too boring

Should I just focus on lvling for now untill I have more stats? honestly don't see any way to get tempest power armor yet, that enemy shreds :P If anyone has some tips on these that will be most welcome :D
AQ  Post #: 16
9/28/2021 1:23:31   

Umazen Uprising isn't hard for any particular battles, but the lack of healing makes it a bit difficult. I'd recommend bringing a bunch of potions and a healing pet and guest. Call Twilly is the guest that's available in-game right now, and you can go even further by picking up Healing Branch. Curative Waters is super cheap and super efficient in terms of healing. You can stack up a bunch of turns of regeneration for free under Purple Rain.

I just tried fighting Void Dragon Empress myself with one of my characters who is still power leveling, and yeah, it was a difficult fight. I used an auto-hit spell to kill her since she has such high MRM, so I think you should similarly use Burden of Insight. Try your best to kill her in as few turns as possible with the strongest nuke you have. Torontosaurus may be better in this case just because you need to do a lot of damage quickly. I think Ally Assists are the way to go since they all auto-hit. Void Wraith is much easier. His normal attack is pretty weak darkness damage, and he hurts himself when he uses his void nuke, which you shouldn't try to defend since you can't really defend against it anyway. Thus, when his SP bar is flashing, you should try to nuke him down. He also doesn't have Freedom, so if you have Love Potion or another one of those stun miscs, you can bring those and just stun lock him using them and Purple Rain.

The Choice to Fall is probably the most difficult quest in AQ overall, so it's understandable why you couldn't do it. Remember that you only need to beat the first two phases of War-Torn Dragon. It's a really hard fight, so again, bringing a bunch of potions and a healing pet and guest really helps.

Out of Order lets you play as Artix. Do that, and most of the quest will be a cakewalk. Artix is completely overpowered. You do have to fight Zorbot on your own, but Zorbot's not that difficult. Just nuke it down using W.H.E.E.L.

There was a similar question on the Tempest Power boss on the AQ Subreddit, and there are multiple recommendations including a reply of my own there. If you still need help, please tell me.

There's a reason I didn't originally recommend Angel of Souls until you reached max level. Not only is it a long grind for the hourglasses, but you also can't upgrade it using the Account Manager, so you've got to get those items over and over again unless you plan on getting a copy for every level tier using your main account, which you can then move to your alt through the Shared Vault once you reach those levels.
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