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Staff Appreciation Thread

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10/12/2021 7:53:25   

Being often critical gives me the responsibility of also properly acknowledging the things the staff do right in an equally public platform, which is why I felt a need to open this thread and encourage others to name a few things they're appreciative of the staff for.

Cray has been giving me puns to die from and for.
IMR and Kamui have given me plenty of items to enjoy with the current crown jewel being the necromancer update.
Anim and Hollow have both provided me with plenty of art that's just a pleasure to look at, including but not limited to the Dreamweaver and Thunderlord sets, as well as the Wabio armor.
And the entire team gave me one of the things I enjoy most in video games which are challenging and engaging boss fights.

To all of you I am thankful for the experience.
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10/12/2021 10:51:52   

AQ is one of the very few games where the staff attempts to help the players with specific problems. Other games I have played did not have customer service as good as AQ.
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10/12/2021 11:48:19   

AQ is the first game I play when I have access to internet. It means a lot to me being able to jump right back even I went hiatus for almost a decade.

I have finally given in and got myself Guardianship and a package this year. I simply cannot wait to access seasonal events that I missed out in the past decade.

I am not a heavy gamer as I am working and stuff and this is the only game I get active every week. I used to play quite a number of games and is pretty sure to say AQ is the only game with weekly updates and mostly accessible even to F2P which got me to stay on.
Post #: 3
10/12/2021 13:07:21   

The AQ staff are one of the few rare that actually talk to their fanbase and actually listens to the players. Best team we could have ever asked for to be quite honest. Dedicated, polite, helpful and fun/funny.

Thank you, AQ staff.
AQ  Post #: 4
10/12/2021 14:12:15   

The AQ staff has always been among the most communicative devs I have ever seen. The only others like this are the devs of incredibly small indie games and the DF staff.

Cray continues to exhaustively explain the lore that also continues to fly over my head.
Kam and IMR continue to quash bugs and fix releases.
Hollow and Anim continue to try their best to reconcile the collectability of rares with reskins to allow newer players to experience these unique effects and artworks.

That is before we get into the actual releases themselves. Gavers has said much of what I have to say, so I can only reiterate what he has already said.
On top of that, Cray continues to reconcile the writing of AQ that has been fairly haphazard due to the very nature of the many writers.
IMR and Kam continue to push the boundaries of creativity within the confines of the standards we have in place, allowing for so much item variety in AQ that we, as a community, get to experience a true sandbox of an RPG.
Anim and Hollow continue to create incredible artwork, not just for items but also for the many foes we face in the game. The animations especially deserve full kudos.

All I can say is thank you for the extensive work you have all done and continue to do for us.
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10/12/2021 15:16:18   

Not going to get specific, but for me it's understood that the team is small, time is finite, and they really don't have to be doing this to keep the game going. They're likely far more dedicated to this than 98% of the players are dedicated to any one thing in their own life.

So thank you to all artists, balance staff, idea staff, website staff, forum staff, and anyone else we may not see or know about.

Here's to the rest of 2021, and onto 2022!!

Post #: 6
10/12/2021 15:32:52   

I'm not really good at knowing details that go on behind the scenes regarding the staff since I don't frequent the forums much.

But I created my main character when I was a kid back in 06, and just last year I became a university student.
Despite dealing with the occasional hiatus that goes on for years at a time, I'd like to think it shows that this wonderful game means something to me.
Enough that I made sure to remember my login details so I could always come back, no matter what.

While almost all of the internet games of our youth went belly-up when Flash was shut down, the fact that this RPG has stood the test of time(10th anniversary callback BABY!) and kept going strong means that we'll all be here next year for the 20th anniversary, as well as the 30th and 40th, when Cray and Artix finally run out of puns. Hands down.

Thank you to the legendary AQ staff for all the years of sticking by your playerbase, and thank you Twilly for all the heals. Battle on!
AQ  Post #: 7
10/12/2021 16:27:42   

I know that despite all stuff I could complain about, the staff really are doing a much as they can! I don't expect everything from them, and I trust that they are doing their best. I appreciate that that they are keeping it going, and never guilting us or lashing out at the fanbase despite negative feedback that is either unreasonable or given without understanding what's going on behind the scenes (which is not unreasonable, given how little we know in general)

I, personally, am very disabled, honestly. My energy levels are low, and very difficult to manage. When I want to enjoy myself, even a lot of video games are too high-energy for me. But games like Adventurequest and Dragonfable are ones I can always play! Despite their own complexity, I can play simpler parts or take it at whatever pace I feel is best at the moment. Video games might not be productive to most people, and rightfully so, but when I can do so little, it means a lot to contribute to the characters I've been building up and playing as for years.

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DF AQW  Post #: 8
10/12/2021 20:32:11   


Thank you so much, everyone. It's still surreal to be on the other side of this window and seeing so much support while working on the very first RPG I ever played. You can bet that I'll keep on improving to provide the best contribution I can to this game -- You guys and the team that so warmly took me in deserve nothing less than the best.
Post #: 9
10/12/2021 21:22:48   
Mr. Roguish

We all give criticism and sometimes even complain because at the heart, I think we all want the game to be the best it can be!

I can't express how much appreciate Hollow having Cray scrub my suggestions for some releases next year. And even getting something earlier than I even expected this year! As everyone has already said, it means so much to be acknowledged and be taken seriously when you want to continue to enjoy a game that we've all grown to love so much.

Lol and I appreciate Cray for letting us bug him with Lore questions all the time.

I genuinely feel like all really understand us which is priceless.
Post #: 10
10/13/2021 0:50:25   

For all I say here, I do appreciate that the staff, even in a year that has been as bad as this one, has still committed to at least listening to us. Most staffs would clam up completely or outright stop after such disasters but here we still are, at least in a position to help drive the game towards a better place knowing the devs are still receptive to our concerns.
AQ MQ  Post #: 11
10/13/2021 1:22:32   

I mean I showed up randomly complaining about a GGB rare being bugged and it got fixed in like a day. That's pretty good turnaround no matter how you look at it, I certainly appreciate the staff . Thanks guys and gals.
Post #: 12
10/13/2021 6:31:42   

Thank you, AQ Staff! All the work you've put into this game is very much appreciated
Post #: 13
10/15/2021 16:59:13   
Macho Man

The staff for this game really are amazing. Rarely do they make me upset about things but when they do they try to resolve it to the best of their ability. I genuinely cannot think of another developer who can match it. Thank you for everything and making me feel good about putting in time to your game
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
10/15/2021 23:17:09   
dr jo

The staff for AQ are great have the patience to listen to all our annoyances and ideas. While thinking of new challenges and slowly fixing and balancing the game.

Cray all your updates keep me more eager to play the game

Thank you all AQ staff.
AQ  Post #: 15
10/15/2021 23:41:17   

There's really not much more I can add to what's already been said in this thread. Thank you to the amazing AQ staffs past and present for this fantastic game and hope it will continue for many more years.

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Post #: 16
10/17/2021 13:40:39   

AQ was the first video game I ever played, really, way back in 2008. My parents refused to allow me to download games or own a console, so a flash rpg that I could play and progress in anywhere without saving or downloading was amazing. It was such a fascinating and weird and cobbled together punny crazy mess that I just fell in love. Also introduced me to other great AE games like Dragonfable, AQW, Mechquest, Epic Duel, and Oversoul.

I grew up and eventually moved on to other things, but I never forgot about AQ. When I decided to check in on AQ in late 2017 after like 6 years, I was absolutely floored about how it was still growing and improving, and fell back in love. And those crazy things that makes AQ so great are due to the effort and love the staff clearly pours into the game and their great interactions with the fan base. I've never heard of another game where players can be so sure that their feedback will be heard and adopted, if it's a good idea and reasonable to implement. The AQ staff have created a special game and a special community. Thank you very much.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
10/17/2021 14:09:10   

Ohhh staff I thought it was about staff mastery.

The AC staff of course is above all. We all love them!
I would say so much of my time was spent on it, but that would be a lie. I still DO spend it on AQ!
And 90% of that reason is the staff and what they listen/make avaible to us.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 18
10/17/2021 15:02:00   

When I stumbled into this game from an ad back in 2006 I didn't expect it to last me so many years. I'm thankful for the staff who still keeps things running no matter how much everything else in my life has changed.
I still look forward to playing the AQ release every week, all the fun holidays and the world are so important to me. A thousand thanks to the staff, it's probably not always easy but I appreciate all your hard work every week.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
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