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Botto Azure's Blursed Gear Depot (Formerly Max Trigon's Sealed Vault)

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11/20/2023 19:29:54   

Well well well! Look who decided to show up to my
Blursed Gear Depot (Formerly Max Trigon's Sealed Vault)!

This thread will be dedicated to a whole bunch of items that have been racking around in my little old bone dome!
My hope is that letting them out into the wild will stop them from doing that (so many headaches!)

Please feel free to give feedback and suggestions as I continue stocking this thread with many more Blursed things from time long forgotten!

Current Stock!




Thorn Spanning Wings



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Signed by the REAL Botto Azure! (It was a long time ago, okay?)
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11/20/2023 21:35:46   

Crested Honey Whistler

Monster Stats!:
Level: 150

Location(s): Random Encounters / Hybee-related Quests
Monster Defenses: 75 Melee / 75 Ranged / 75 Magic
Attack Types: Melee / Ranged
Element: Darkness / Wind

Fire: 100%
Water: 95%
Wind: 0%
Ice: 50%
Earth: 130%
Energy: 110%
Light: 25%
Darkness: 0%

Stat set:
STR: 250
DEX: 250
INT: 0
CHA: 0
LUK: 0


Attack 1:
The Crested Honey Whistler will curl their wings inward before spanning them out cawing, giving them an ele-shield* and a Caltrops** effect. The barrier can be broken with Darkness/Wind attacks and reverses the Caltrops effect onto the player instead, while giving the Monster a Berserk Effect***

Attack 2 (SP):
The Crested Honey Whistler will attack 4 times (2 with Wind and 2 with Darkness) rushing the player and peck at them with their beak twice and claws twice; beak being Ranged and claws being Melee. Every turn the Monster pays SP to re-inflict their Berserk Status. When out of SP, Monster will perform Attack 1 again.

*Ele-Shield reduces Earth/Energy by 50% and Fire/Water by 75%(1). Breaks when hit with Darkness/Wind elements(2). Effect name is called "Thorn Spanner" for flavor.
"(1)The Monster caws and enters a stance to defend themselves from your strongest blows!"
"(2)The Monster enrages and prepares to go all out!"

**Caltrops applied to either Monster or Player will activate upon receiving damage, dealing out Earth/Energy damage every time. Effect name is called "Fallen Thorns" for flavor

***Berserk Effect that empowers damage whilst lowering BTH.

Has high level SP Regen whilst the not inflicted with Berserk Status
Will always start the fight with the Caltrops status
Has a 99 Round status of increased BTH whilst Berserked

When Berserked, takes increased damage from Earth/Energy
When Berserked, has lowered Me/R/Ma defenses
Gives player the "Caltrops" status when entering Berserk status

Bird, Avian, Flying, Canadian

It's design is rooted from the Antillean Crested Hummingbird with their whole body having a mixture of feathers consisting of dark blues and olive drab greens and the body actually being plated with freshly ripped bark, their wings having thorns draped over them, their feet highly sharp obsidian-like claws and their beak inwardly serrated almost akin to teeth.

This menacing and starving creature is Lore's natural predator to Hybees. Often will only a single scout find a nest before their whole flock will descend, hunting each Hybee until their hive is hollowed out and emptied, where not even the larvae remain. A group of Crested Honey Whistlers are called as such because they produce a sound when rushing through the air during a hunt.

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Signed by the REAL Botto Azure! (It was a long time ago, okay?)
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11/28/2023 17:49:43   

Thorn Spanner

Spell Stats!:
Level: 150
Element: Neutral
Type: Quick Cast
Cost: SP
Hits: 1 (Auto / Cannot Miss)
Affects: Self
Effect(s): Status Changer
Master-Craft Effect: Free spell compression
Location(s): Crested Honey Whistler


The Crested Honey Whistler's ultimate defensive skill, perfectly emulated by you! With this, you gain an awesome (albeit lesser) form of the Hybee Predator's ability to become shielded from hard-hitting attacks without losing momentum in the fight! Grants an ele-shield with a dependent caltrops effect, both growing stronger the more the enemy lands attacks on you!

Casting Effect:
Quickly Casts Thorn Spanner* on self for a SP upkeep cost.

*Thorn Spanner: Grants the player an weak ele-shield based on the monster's last attacking element (only one may be active at any time but will be as strong as the previous shield).

Each attack while the ele-shield is active that also lands will grant the player a caltrops effect (stacks with every hit) hitting the monster's weakest elemental resistance. Ele-shield will disappear the same turn the player doesn't pay the SP cost but the caltrops effect will remain active until its duration expires.

Casting Appearance:

A pair of Crested Honey Whistlers will appear to perform their Attack 1 animation on either side of the player before disappearing.

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Signed by the REAL Botto Azure! (It was a long time ago, okay?)
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