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Mighty Mechin' Snugglerangers!

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2/17/2024 20:19:29   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Mighty Mechin' Snugglerangers!

Location: Book of Lore -> Mighty Mechin' Snugglerangers!,
Location: Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 15 -> Mighty Mechin' Snugglerangers!
Requirements: None
Release Date: February 17th, 2024

Objective: What terrors does Big Daddy have in store for you on this year's Hero's Heart Day?
Objective completed: Happy Hero's Heart Day!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Cyan Snuggleranger
(1) Golden Snuggleranger
(1) Orange Snuggleranger
(1) Plaid Snuggleranger
(1) Purple Snuggleranger
(1) Orange Snuggleranger, (1) Cyan Snuggleranger, (1) Plaid Snuggleranger, (1) Purple Snuggleranger - Boss

Big Daddy
Cyan Ranger
Orange Ranger
Plaid Ranger
Purple Ranger

Snuggleranger Daggers

Snuggleranger Mace
Snuggleranger Sword

Snuggleranger Helm (All Versions)


*You arrived at the Forest of Infinite Terror, where you visit Big Daddy as it is Hero's Heart Day.*

Big Daddy: <Character>! What a surprise! What are you doing here?
<Character>: It's Hero's Heart Day. I figured there was going to be some sort of emergency and you were going to ask me for help.
<Character>: Like you do.
<Character>: Every year.
Big Daddy: Oh! Nothing this year, baby!
<Character>: What?!
Big Daddy: Yep!
<Character>: No experimental potions?
Big Daddy: Nope!
<Character>: No giant lovesick monsters?
Big Daddy: Nope!
<Character>: No life threatening illnesses or ancient deities or general errands you need me to run?
Big Daddy: It's all covered!
<Character>: Then... I guess I'll be going.
Big Daddy: Okay! Enjoy your Hero's Heart Day!

*With the tasks from Big Daddy seemingly covered with, you prepare to leave.*

<Character>: You know what? I think I will!
Big Daddy: Oh! By the way...
<Character>: Aaaaand, here it comes.
Big Daddy: Remember how last year I needed some help testing out those Snugglemechs?
<Character>: No. I try my best to forget about my time here.
Big Daddy: Well don't worry about it, baby!
Big Daddy: I already found a group of volunteers!
<Character>: Thank goodness!
Big Daddy: Unfortunately, they turned out to be bandits and ran off with the suits!
<Character>: So close...
<Character>: Let me guess, you want me to stop the bandits and get the suits back?
Big Daddy: What a wonderful idea!
Big Daddy: Luckily, Big Daddy has precautions for situations like this!
<Character>: Not background checks, apparently…
Big Daddy: Each suit has a tracking device and they haven't left the Forest of Infinite Terror yet.
Big Daddy: The Forest has its own way of taking care of interlopers...
Big Daddy: ...But since you're so generously volunteering...
<Character>: *Sigh* Alright, I'll be right back with the suits.
Big Daddy: Wait!
<Character>: What now?
Big Daddy: The suits are too powerful! You'll never be able to defeat them by yourself!
<Character>: I have saved the world a couple times. I think I can—
Big Daddy: No!
Big Daddy: The suits run on Love!
Big Daddy: And the power of Love conquers all!

*You became nervous after listening to how the Snugglemech suit is capable of.*

Big Daddy: Lucky for you, I have one more suit!

*Scene shifts to a lavender Snugglemech suit; it appears that you must wear this suit in order to stand a chance against the bandits who stole them.*

<Character>: Of course you do...

  • Equips Snugglemech.

    *You fight your way through the Snugglerangers and defeat them all individually; eventually, you confront the Snugglerangers again, with the Golden Snuggleranger missing.*

    <Character>: Alright, I've had enough of chasing you around. Hand over the suits!
    Orange Ranger: You may have been able to defeat us separately!
    Cyan Ranger: But together we are unstoppable!
    Plaid Ranger: Hey! Where'd the new guy go?!
    Purple Ranger: Forget him! Let's finish this!
    Orange Ranger: Snugglerangers! It's mechin' time!

    *The remaining Snugglerangers prepare to form as one.*

    Cyan Ranger: Cyan!
    Purple Ranger: Purple!
    Plaid Ranger: Plaid!
    Orange Ranger: And Orange!

    *The remaining Snugglerangers form as one, however, it fails; you look at your surroundings briefly before focusing back on the Snugglerangers.*

    <Character>: You just switched places.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Orange Snuggleranger, Cyan Snuggleranger, Plaid Snuggleranger, and Purple Snuggleranger.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Hero's Heart Day Storybook.

    *After the Snugglerangers are defeated, their suit's power source explodes.*

    <Character>: Umm, okay that was weird...
    <Character>: Hold on, wasn't there another one?

    *You look for the remaining Snugglemech suit until you find a defunct Golden Snuggleranger suit.*

    <Character>: Well, that was easy! Time to get these back to Big Daddy.

    *With the mission successful, you return to Big Daddy.*

    Big Daddy: Oh yeah! Thanks for all your help, <Character>!
    Big Daddy: All the suits are now accounted for!
    Big Daddy: Though someone did take the fuel core out of the Golden suit...
    <Character>: Is that... bad?
    Big Daddy: Probably!
    Big Daddy: But that's a problem for another time!
    Big Daddy: Next year, maybe!
    <Character>: Great...
    Big Daddy: For all your help, I'm sure you'll be getting some extra Snugglegrams this year, baby!
    <Character>: Sure. Whatever you say, Big Daddy...
    Big Daddy: With this year's dilemma taken care of, would you care to join me at Love's Shack for some chocolate?
    <Character>: Thanks, but I think I'm going to pass. I need to get out of this suit and take a nap.
    <Character>: My back is killing me! These suits are so uncomfortable!
    Big Daddy: Feedback noted, baby! Thanks for the test run!
    <Character>: Wait... Did you let them get stolen on purpose so I would test your suit?!
    Big Daddy: Oh, would you look at the time! Wouldn't want to keep Love waiting!
    Big Daddy: Happy Hero's Heart Day, <Character>!
    <Character>: Thanks... You too, Big Daddy...
    Big Daddy: Although... Perhaps we should be stepping up our security somewhat.

    *As Big Daddy thinks about upping security, he laughs at the idea of it.*

    Big Daddy: Ah, who cares? There's too much junk around here anyway!

    *Meanwhile, a hooded cultist is in another part of the Forest of Infinite Terror, holding the Golden Snuggleranger's fuel core and a black arrowhead in its hands.*

    ???: The suffering I must endure in this wretched place...
    ???: It will all be worth it.
    ???: Lord Odium's return is soon at hand!

  • Complete Quest

  • Equips player's saved class.

    Other information
  • This quest is a reference to the Power Rangers series, with the quest's title being a reference to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show.

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