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Live Chat And Friends List (basic function nothing crazy)

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4/2/2024 1:59:38   
The Holy Knight


A suggestion I had in mind is having a live chat box on the bottom corner with a friends list to connect and engage with other players, I seen it with other mobile single player RPG games where you do play on your own but they have world wide chats etc.

Nothing crazy I think having a simply feature like that can change the game so much :)

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4/2/2024 3:13:27   

Hypothetically, like an AQ Discord server?
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4/2/2024 3:35:45   
The Holy Knight

Kinda, its like live open chat function in game like general mode , private mode etc like displaying player name and there combat level or something to identify them. Just a way to keep all players engaged in the game. But nothing fancy though maybe a friends list, block list etc
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4/2/2024 8:41:09   
Dreiko Shadrack

This isn't actually a simple feature at all programmatically, it'd in fact be a major project to attempt to implement on any level in AQ and, no, copying it over from something like AQW is not really feasible either.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
4/2/2024 9:22:23   
The Holy Knight

I can see where your coming from , but there hundreds of rpg games on phone as single player base does have this feature I am just thinking as for players in aq classic to be more active to connect, letís say it is such complicated thing and it is not easy perhaps maybe a button in the game option where you can select something like ďopen chatĒ and your aq character connects on web browser page where players can actively connect and chat? Thatís seems more of easier solution then. So while you play aq classic at least you can have the active chat pop on another browser to talk and make friends that way :)

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4/2/2024 11:00:50   
Dreiko Shadrack

AQ is not now nor has ever been a mobile game, it only barely runs on mobile through non-supported means. And no, that still would be a massive undertaking as a project to have direct account connections like that. The most that could reasonably be implemented is just a regular official chatroom in the browser via regular web chatroom tech and you just register a chat account through that, but, that also is extremely unlikely to happen because the official discord server (and fan servers) already exist and serve those exact purposes.

It's not an idea without merit mind you, it's just really really not as easy as you make it out to be.

EDIT: woops it's also on the Frequently Suggested Ideas list so it's largely a moot point anyways.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
4/2/2024 16:27:38   
The Holy Knight

We can beg to disagree and agree on this :) , there many video game studios who are much smaller with much smaller resources and funding compared to AE who can manage a chat system like this on there game. I get what your saying but itís not impossible task my dude. In regarding about AQ classic being a mobile game I do have common sense to know that AE is not a mobile game I mean come on man lol I do have a functioning brain. I was just placing example of games that are on mobile which are extremely similar how they function like adventure classic where they do have add on chats, bare in mind mobile is much more limited as platform to gaming compared to PC so I still stand my point this isnít impossible task.

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4/2/2024 16:44:36   
Aura Knight

An improved launcher which could include external chat like from discord could be nice but if you can simply open up discord while gaming on the side how much different would this be to your idea? Games with built-in chat are a thing but it's not needed here if we have an alternative.
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4/2/2024 17:00:33   
The Holy Knight

AQ discord is dead, AQ battleon forum is very little player base who use it and there is no functioning social media base for the active thousands of players who play aq classic right now. This basic function can be a great tool to connect the aq classic community. As a long time big player of aq classic I had my doubts making account for battelon forum,
And hoping on to battelon forum based on the poor reputation it has in the community of being toxic, so something like a basic chat function can keep your player base in the long runÖÖ.. if I delete this account on battelon forum you guys wonít hear from someone like me who play this game everyday and place there money and time towards itÖ.. this was exact my fear. I just wanted to suggest it because it can be a task to be done since all angle of communication for players to ae is deadÖ.. I donít think having 20 players on battelon forum will, Be enough if you ask me and this coming from a player point of view who cares for this game so.

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4/2/2024 17:14:42   
The Holy Knight

My question is to you guys is then what is the solution to this obvious ongoing issue?
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4/2/2024 17:19:59   
Aura Knight

The aq related discords are very active. Most of the chatting happens there. The forum is connecting the two even with it being outdated. It's not that there's issue with the idea you offered rather we have the "live chat at home" version if you know that meme. I would support what you want if ever offered though. Why open two things if you could instead do one?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 11
4/2/2024 17:26:52   
The Holy Knight

Is it active ? I connected to the aq discord and I am still waiting for months for a player to respond on that chat itís like crickets unless I have an old invite link to aq dicord serverÖ. I remember few months ago when I joined 2 players said hello and it was silent ever since. I can only say from other platforms which I canít say because last time I got banned from this forum from mentioning it where there hundreds of other active players who have grave concern using this outdated 20+ year old forum with toxic rules isnít a safe place for players to be encouraged to talk onÖ.. I am one of them for 17 years playing this game I always been hesitant coming on this forum again based on poor history being mistreated on here I just think they need to do something completely different to what they have been doing since early 2000s , itís ok to make change.
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4/2/2024 17:32:39   
Aura Knight

You might be on some weird one. The artix game's discord has an aq section and there's unofficial ones too with plenty of activity.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
4/2/2024 18:34:36   
The Holy Knight

Oh ok I will check it out I guess... I think communication is key on there end to have on the main website of AQ classic or something because I had no idea till you told me. So I need to go to specific link or do a specific method to be on it, if they have a main link on the website or something that will help dramatically for people wanting to connect the community. It sad I need to to hop on to a forum for a player to tell me specifically on how to connect to AQ classic community that should be there forefront of there website if they want players to engange....
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4/2/2024 18:51:28   
Aura Knight

I pm'd you some invite links. Hope you find some where you fit in well.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 15
4/2/2024 18:53:03   
The Holy Knight

thank you , I have received them! :)
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