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1/26/2010 0:31:45   

Can't find a guide that you think would help others? Double check to make sure that you didn't overlook it. Use Search and limit it to Guides to help with checking.

Please do not request:

1. Farming Guides. Do so in the Farming Guide Compliation Remake Commentary thread.
2. Battle Strategy Guides. BSGs are not allowed in Guides forum, but in Battle Strategy forum. Please post and ask for advice there. Note from Tenseiga: Please read the rules and check for existing threads before posting for advice, thanks!

All requests must follow the following format. It's strict to prevent spamming (includes posts that don't really request anything), make things more efficient, and get people thinking.
Topic: (brief and general - give other people the main idea)
Purpose: (go into detail here)
Reason: (It's obviously from the guide missing, but why would it be good to have a guide about what you suggest? And no, "It'll be helpful." isn't sufficient.)
Checked Threads: (Include threads that you checked before requesting a guide.)

Blank Form
[b]Checked Threads[/b]: 

How will it work?
All posts here will be addressed by an edit in the post by any AQ Guides ArchKnight. All processed posts will remain undeleted so that everyone can read the reasons why certain guides do not exist. Requests that properly used the above form will remain in the thread. Those that don't will simply be deleted along with any that request a guide that is already there or repeat a previous request. If a Guide Request is deemed valid by an AK, the Guide will be made available in New Guide Owners Needed!

Request Takers: Please post in the "New Guides Owners Needed thread indicating which request you would like to take. Quoting the request might be the easiest way. Please include brief note about the guide being a requested one when you post it in Pending Guides; it can be removed as soon as it is moved to Guides.

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5/28/2010 13:17:27   

Topic: Casual Gamers Guide
Purpose: Request a guide for people that don't know anything about the game and don't want to waste time learning stuff they wont use.
Reason: Because every game has its casual gamers
Checked Threads: All warrior and nub related threads on pages 1 and 2.

Is there any easy to understand lower level guides that aren't so complicated. Everywhere on the forums I have been to the guides have been impersonal distant hard to understand guides with a lot of numbers that mean nothing to me... Anywhere I've searched they've had guides with a lotta stuff I don't care about mixed in with stuff I want to know, that I can't understand and asking a question is harder then finding your answer... Plus I don't want optimized stats if I wanted somebody to build my character for me I wouldn't be playing adventure quest. The weapon comparisons are no where to be found they start at 80 then go up from there.

Seriously this entire forum is nothing but confusion for me, there are no guides out there for just the casual gamer.

What I'm asking for is a laid back guide for people that just want to play a game of adventure quest. No technical game formulas, no optimized stats. Just a friendly guide that can tell you the best starter quests, Starter weapons, and where to go from there.

Not possible. Firstly, there are so many quests in AQ that are incredibly newbie friendly. There's a reason that there are level requirements for each quest, and it's general knowledge that Class armours help a great deal. Playing the game without game formulas is nearly impossible. Even the worst newbie who doesn't care about formulas needs to have SOME basic knowledge about the game.

For the best starter weapons, every single guide has listed a series of weapons to obtain, which, in the Guide owner's experience, are the best at that level. Since some of those weapons require to go through quests to obtain them, your "Best starter quests" are basically a moot point. Where to go from there? The elaboration in Class armours, or even the General Armours of each Guide tells you what quest you need to do. ~ Ward_Point

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6/19/2010 10:03:36   

Topic: Guide to selection best armor for all level and players

Purpose: The clear up the issue for which armor have for a particular level including 2 slots for class armor. Also give a list for best armor set up in terms of resistance for every 10 levels starting at level 30 (below this level resistance does not matter to much). In addition a complete different list should be used by adventure player only as they set up are sigificantly different to other players when seting a list for best armor set up.

Reason: It is hard to follow the existing guides with general armor as it is hard to figure which armor to sell as you level up and which armor to buy as you level up.

Checked Threads: All the current guides have a section on general armor.

Actually, elemental resistance doesn't matter too much up till level 50-60. That's where monsters begin hitting a lot harder. Besides, a Guide does exist on the best Elemental resistances and blocking. AVA's Guide to Elements and Blocking gives you the resistances needed and Blocking needed.

Personally, I feel that it's impossible to give a fixed set of armours. There are simply far too many to choose from nowadays. Do you want something that does slightly more average in terms of defence (Eg: Terror Raiment with its Darkness/Wind defence) or something that specialises? (Undead Guardian/Fujin Plate.) It's really up to the player *shrugs* ~ Ward_Point

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AQ  Post #: 3
8/8/2010 1:17:49   

Topic: Ranged Weapon Guide
Purpose: To split the Ranged weapons into two categories, Bows(Str/Dex) and Guns(Dex)
Reason: Tedious to search weapon guides for guns, easier and faster.
Checked Threads: Weapon Guides, Forums, and Weapons List.

Well... Within the Ultimate Ranger Guide itself, dev does differentiate, to an extent, Bows and Guns. He does state pretty clearly which weapons are stronger at what level. A list is definitely compilable, but I don't think that to differentiate them requires a Guide in itself. ~ Ward_Point

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8/8/2010 12:28:19   
Communicant of the Light Lord


Topic: The Guide to the AdventureQuest Villains.

Purpose: To know who the bad guys are we have to fight. I mean, I wouldn't be going to fight The'Galin without knowing anything about him, would I? Also, it might provide AQ players with information that they always wanted to know.

Reason: Well, I just found this guide back in the Guide list, and it kinda makes me sad that it is so outdated. So I hope it will be updated again soon. (If no one wants to do, I would like to remake it myself.)

Checked Threads: AQ Guides List + old Villain Guide.

I have no issues with you taking over the guide. Storyline guides are the most troublesome to maintain, because they keep the guide owner busy every week. ~ Ward_Point

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8/17/2010 9:36:01   

Topic: Dual Weapons Guide
Purpose: To have a list/reference of weapons that have 2 differnt elements.
Reason: We only have 8 weapon slots (minus 1 taken up by no drop perm weapon). So unless you have the blade of awe your missing one element (or you could be like me and use naga's staff for mp healing and be missing 2). So this list will help people find a dual elemental weapon so they can be prepared for anything they encounter with elemental weakness.
Checked Threads: "Dual element weps (quadrosythe any good?)"

Most Guides have taken into consideration the existence of dual-element weapons such as Pyrecrag, Arctic Tempest and stuff. If they're not mentioned, it means that they're too random to be any good, or there just isn't many cases to use it. ~ Ward_Point

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8/17/2010 9:49:13   

Topic: (Dis)Advantages of Each Build.
Purpose: To know the (Dis)Advantages of Each Build so that the new players (Since we already have the system of inviting our friends to join)
Reason: We have new players joining in everyday? We can at the very least let them know what basic stuff are, like builds, but this is to enhance their knowledge by knowing the (Dis)Advantages of Each Build so that they can make a decision for themselves.
Checked Threads: What does this mean?

This is actually quite easy to rectify. A possible solution is to add a "Why be a (Insert class here) into the Ultimate Guides for each build. Rather than make a completely new guide for Advantages/disadvantages alone, we could just add a short section into each of the existing guides. Noted, and will post this suggestion in the Guides. ~ Ward_Point

Thanks for noting!

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10/7/2010 19:45:36   

Topic: a time line just for darkovia and anything darkovia related
Purpose: to know stuff about darkovia in order
Reason: do quests in order
Checked Threads: the story line or something like that it doesnt explaain darkovia only a small part of it

It would seriously be awesome if it could be done, but it would highly unlikely. There was once a guide that explained the whole of AQ's individual storylines, and that forum member has since retired. She was amazing, though. Regardless, the Dracopyre saga (In progress) explains how Darkovia came about. I think there's little point in TELLING the story, since that would a complete spoiler, and take all the fun out of playing the game. ~ Ward_Point

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10/17/2010 17:53:57   

Topic: Best over all defence. (like best combonation of element/defence)
Purpose: so we can fight moer effectivly
Reason: i need to see the best defence, my affence is pretty good so yeah.
Checked Threads:I checked the thread where someone described misc, armor, and sheild, but that wasnt good enough.

Not possible. AVA's guide exists for a reason. Maybe you didn't see it. But it's currently on page one as I edit this post. Check it out. ~ Ward_Point

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10/17/2010 23:00:18   

Topic: Dracopyre Subrace quest and and subrace overview
Purpose: So everyone has a better understanding of the Dracopyre subrace and the subraces abilities and stratigies for using them.
Reason: People who are training and using the subrace could use some pointers.
Checked Threads: Checked and saw nothing.

Dracopyre doesn't have many abilities. Assuming that you are Class level 10, the abilities are straightforward. They have no special effects whatsoever. They're just there for bonus damage. The Info submission post says that much. Wing Attack deals 110% damage. Bite has two hits, the first hit deals 40% of normal damage, second deals 40% of normal damage, and you heal health equal to the damage done for the second hit.

Graceful has an Energy spell, while Night has a Darkness spell. When is it best to use them? You really have to use your own judgment on that. ~ Ward_Point

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11/14/2010 17:20:24   

Topic: The Ultimate Noob Build Guide
Purpose: To know the best items and general strategies for people with noob builds or people who want to challenge themselves with a noob build
Reason: Because the majority of AQ's builds are noob builds, it might help new players that are barely discovering builds, and want to transition to a proper build but don't have enough money, and to provide a "challenging" build for people that are bored with their builds, and in general, to show people how to properly use a noob build.
Checked Threads: Theres an Ultimate Warrior/Ranger/Mage/Hybrid Guide, but no Noob build guide.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
12/20/2010 20:28:19   

Topic: A Guide to the Most Accurate Set-ups
Purpose: To know the most accurate set-up of weapons, armors, misc. items, Shields (if possible)
Reason: Players can use this guide to hit those monsters with great defenses, and to compliment the guide about the over-all best defenses of players
Checked Threads: Ultimate Guide to Blocking and Element Resistance

Most of the Ultimate Guides have given you what we feel are the best armours. When used in conjunction with the Blocking and Resistance Guide, you should have information about overall best defence. ~ Ward_Point

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AQ DF  Post #: 12
1/1/2011 14:01:12   

topic: guide to get to azma lake and other places

reason: cant find the way to get to azma lake it is frustrating

See the Encyclopedia entry for how to access a certain quest. Or do you mean actually going to the location "Azma Lake"? If there isn't a button for you to press on the Travel Map, then you can't go to the place (even if it is named). ~Z

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3/5/2011 16:44:26   

Topic: The Zard Hunter's Guide of Zards
Purpose:To show everyone, new players and old pros, all the Zards in existence, one's they've fought and ones they haven't even heard of.
Reason:For those that want to know any and all Zards in current existence, they use this!
Checked Threads:There are no Monster/Zard related guides.

Why would you need one? Simply Control F and type "Zard" in the monster encyclopedia and you'll find every single Zard in existence. ~Ward_Point

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4/9/2011 17:10:44   

Topic: timeline just fr aq not other counting games
Purpose: so i could know all the quests in order
Reason: so i could do all the quests in order becuase i play the game for the story
Checked Threads:

i looked around and there isnt much help with the stoyline i even asked in the q and a and discussion

A little late, but our storyline guides are now up. They can't cover everything, but most of the basics is covered by Archmagus Orodalf. ~ Ward_Point

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4/21/2011 11:02:02   

Topic: When--and When Not--to Spend Your Hard-Earned Gold: an Economical Inventory Guide

Purpose: To help players create economical inventories relative to their levels and their current combat needs

Reason: There are tons of excellent equipment comparison guides and great build guides for nearly every character variation. But I often find myself debating whether it's worth spending gold on the "best" element weapon or spell or armor for my particular level, or is it better to save my resources until I have reached a higher level. For example, now that I have hit level 9x, I have discovered that I can rely on a light and energy strategy for the most part, and even the items I have for those elements aren't the so-called "best" for my level . . . so I imagine the benefits of saving gold for another 10 levels or so. But perhaps due to gold and experience caps I wouldn't need to save more gold than I would typically farm during those 10 levels . . . etcetera.

Basically, I would love to read a guide written by an experienced AQ-er that outlined a strategy for what I didn't need to buy rather than a guide telling me what item is most powerful. Like I said, there are already brilliant guides that compare this item to that item, but buying the "best" is often not the best thing to do.

Checked Threads: Ultimate Mage/Hybrid Build Guides, Weapon/Spell Comparison Guides

The main reason that all the Ultimate Guides recommend the best of everything is because you literally need most of everything in order to play through the storyline properly. Personally, you could actually get through most of the early game up till level 100 with a couple of armours (Chimeran and/or Dracopyre of Night) and a decent Light/Fire weapon (For farming Nightbane's Fortress and Quest for the Light Orb.) After level 100, you're better off with a Golden Axe (Warrior) and Fwying Wonder (Mage) and farming Quest for the Darkness Orb or Nightreign. If you're going to simply farm, there's really little point in playing AQ at all. AQ's value lies in its storyline. To farm gold, and doing selective equipment upgrading a mix of references between the Farming Compilation and the aforementioned Ultimate Guides would do. ~ Ward_Point

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6/16/2011 22:15:10   
Bannished Rogue

Because of the lack of time needed to creat such, and pretty much lazyness, I cannot creat such guide. Although I would like to see this guide made (for anyone with enough time):

Topic: Guide of the uber sets
Purpose: Many high level players seek to obtain such uber sets, even to the point where, like myself, have made a goal to obtain all uber sets. Although there are a good number of uber sets, some sets of items might be a high level, and have the funimental items such as; a weapon, armor, shield, and sometimes a pet but might not be considered an uber armor. This makes it very hard to difereciate them. Also, it just might be a little helpful for what ever.
Reason: Because of the lack of time needed to creat such, and pretty much lazyness, I cannot creat such guide.
Checked threads: None (that I can remember)

Most of the Guides have removed their Uber section, however, the Ultimate Hybrid Guide still has one section dedicated entirely to Sets, in general. To make the list, they need to have a Full Set Bonus. The pieces of equipment necessary to activate that bonus are alos listed there. ~ Ward_Point

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6/16/2011 23:19:08   

I am not able to make such a guide, yet do not know wheather it is possible.
Topic: Monster Category Lists
Purpose: To create a Monster category list(i.e. All monsters in "Undead")
Reason: Many weapons deal extra damage to undead, but is <EXAMPLE MONSTER> In such a category? This will help many people.
Checked threads: none I know of.
(Note: I cannot really make this guide, really only a staff member can)

Actually, it can be done... It's just a lot of work. Firstly, you need to go through the Weapons/Armour/Shield/Misc/Spell list and compile a list of categories of monsters that trigger... basically anything in that above list. Also note that you have to look at each individual CLASS ABILITY as well. Next, you need to check each monster for a corresponding trigger. It's like lifting an engine block, it's not complicated, just a lot of work. It could help in certain monsters who don't obviously belong to a certain category, but most of the time, common sense is enough. ~ Ward_Point

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7/11/2011 20:11:19   
Saber axe

Topic: Ranger Guide
Purpose: To help players who wise to build a character that focuses on the use of ranged weapons.
Reason: There used to be an Ultimate Ranger Guide, but it disappeared some time ago.
Checked Threads: AQ Guides

It's currently in Pending Guides, it's being updated. ~ Ward_Point

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8/14/2011 17:41:12   

Topic: Beastmaster Guide
Purpose: To help players with the somewhat rare Beastmaster Build.
Reason:Look above.
Checked threads: Aq Guides+Pending.

All Training Academies have a Beastmaster variant in them, recommending suitable equipment. This is not necessary. ~ Ward_Point

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10/5/2011 0:22:32   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Topic: Rare Equipment to Keep/Trash
Purpose: To inform the players of rare items that they shouldn't sell or should sell depending on their usefulness
Reason: The current guides for the different builds never touch down on rare equipment that players might have access to so it's a guessing game on whether they should trash or treasure it.
Checked Threads: All of the current guides and all in Pending. Nothing about rare equipment you should keep.

For help on Rare equipment that you should keep, go to Equipment Comparison to ask for help. Alternatively, you can download the Weapons Spreadsheets from Equipment Comparison and do them yourself. ~ Ward_Point

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2/19/2012 19:18:55   

Topic: Blade of Awe
Purpose: To help new guardians to get the blade of awe and use it, along with other peices in the set
Reason: most people find a the BoA, and do not know how to get it or use it
Checked Threads: all of the guides, including pending guides

I believe enough information is contained in the Encyclopedia entry (see "Location"). ~Z

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3/6/2012 20:44:03   

Topic: Pure Cha Build

Purpose: To provide a new/interesting/fun way to play the game

Reason: There is no pure CHA build. All the guides have beastmasters as secondary. A guide that has CHA as the main focus would greatly enhance the fun of this game. I've never seen a 200CHA/200Dex/200Luck guide before.

Checked Threads: All of the general forums and all of the existing guides.

How would that be different from a Lucky Beastmaster Ranger build (covered in The Game's Ranger guide)? I assume a "Pure Beastmaster" would sit in a defensive armour while using 100%-special Ranged weapons, pets and guests for dealing damage. ~Z

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9/8/2012 15:07:02   

Topic: Guide to Elemental Compression (shields primarily for now)
Purpose: To help mix and match different elemental items to find a suitable shield or armor or weapon they may need
Reason: There are tons of elemental compression out there, and some are just better than others. I think that this guide will help people choose the best ones and why some items are better than others
Checked Threads: All guides sections and pending guides

Note: Yes I know that the other *insert build here* guides have shields as one of their options, but I don't think that they are as organized as this and this is just going to be a short, less cluttered guide compared to others. Also, each of the sections are divided by elements, and I think that it's easier to pick with that in mind.

A basic format of what it will look like is here: Compression shields

If anything, I think the version you posted is more cluttered than the elemental compression sections in the Ultimate guides. You list the strengths of each shield, but you list as many as you can. The Ultimate guides list the ones that they deem worthy of listing and take into account how such shields fit contextually in optimal inventories. I just think a comprehensive list such as yours is less useful overall. ~TG

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AQ AQW  Post #: 24
10/18/2012 0:27:29   


Topic: Rare Equipment to Keep/Trash
Purpose: To inform the players of rare items that they shouldn't sell or should sell depending on their usefulness
Reason: The current guides for the different builds never touch down on rare equipment that players might have access to so it's a guessing game on whether they should trash or treasure it.
Checked Threads: All of the current guides and all in Pending. Nothing about rare equipment you should keep.

I actually had the exact same thought, and I know you can just look up the values or ask in equipment comparison but that can be a bit more work then some people are willing to spend, especially when its often an effect you cant really put a value on, plus I think it would make for a nice read, which is why I put a list of rares to keep, together I didn't expand on it and go into detail why these rares are still practical, but often its just because they are best in class or fill a niche spot not covered but currently available equipment. Think I should refine and expand it?

So I suppose my request is for a practical rare guide, that I would be willing to maintain,

Too much personal effort is not a justification, especially since the one requesting assistance is not doing the work himself. Ward's stance on this issue stands since guides need to be more than simply lists. Analysis needs to be done with competing equipment and that is easily achieved through the Equipment Comparison forum. As new equipment is released, analysis in such a guide would need to be re-written from scratch in many cases, which is impractical in terms of longevity. ~TG

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