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AQ:IQ Welcome to Lore

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1/23/2006 23:42:55   

Location: Talk to Twilly > Hello > How do I start? > Visit Rugglum

Twilly: Ummm... hiyas! Welcome to the village of Rugglum, my home! What brings you here??
I am just starting my adventure!

Twilly: Well in that case, my name is Twilly and I'm a moglin. We're a peaceful race who love to take care of out forest homes. Lots of us learn healing magic, too, like me!

Robina and Warlic teleport onto the screen.

Twilly: These are my friends, Robina Hood the Ranger and Warlic, an Archmage! Nice teleport spell, Warlic!!
Warlic: Thank you Twilly Glad you liked it!
Twilly: Because you are just starting to adventure away from your own home, there will be many things you find on the world of Lore that could surprise you. What do you want to know first?

How do I battle monsters?
Robina: Battling monsters is the way we get experience, gold and fame! There are lots of ways to find them... they seem to be everywhere on Lore!
Warlic: Try the Go Adventuring button whenever you see one. Everytime you level up you will find new monsters when you Go Adventuring, so this is a great way to battle!
Twilly: After you have gained a few levels you should try to go on some quests. Quests are harder because sometimes you won't be able to heal in between every battle.
Twilly: But quests are the best way to learn about the world and find special items. Always go back in forth between questing and random encounters so you don't miss anything!

But how do I actually FIGHT?
Twilly: Ahhh.... okie dokies! You're not an adventurer for nothing! It's time to battle monster!
Twilly: Before I lure one of those frizgibblin nasties over here, let's look at your inventory!
Twilly: When it is your turn in battle you will need to see what you have that will help you the most! Once you have some gold and visit Yulgar's shop you will start to fill up your inventory.
Twilly: Use the spells, weapons, sheild, pet, and armor that will help you attack and defend effectively!
Twilly: Right now you probably don't have much to choose from, but before long you will!
Twilly: *shiver* I'm ready if you are! Let's see what kind of monster comes to get us!!

You battle FlibbityGibbit with Twilly Guest

Twilly: Wow! That FlibbityGibbet was hard! You're really good! Here are the basic things to look for when you first encounter any monster:
Twilly: First, know what element a monster is attacking with, so you can equip the best armor to defend against it. The FlibbityGibbit had wind attacks, so you should wear wind armor when you fight it.
Twilly: Next, know what your enemy is weak to. The FlibbityGibbit's earth element defense is 150, so that means you should wear an earth element weapon.
Twilly: And last, know if your enemy is going to be easier to hit with either melee, ranged, or magic attacks.
Twilly: The FlibbityGibbit's melee and magic defense were both 20, but his ranged was only 10, so that means he is easier to hit with a ranged weapon!

How do I buy stuff?
Twilly: After you have gotten some gold by going on random encounters and quests, you need to visit a shop in town. Talk to Yulgar, Warlic, or Aria to buy stuff. It's easy!

How do I level up and train?
Warlic: To start, you need to Go Adventuring to gain experience points. Before long you will gain a level, or two or three!
Robina: With each level you gain, you get 5 points that you can put into one of 6 different stats.
Robina: STRENGTH, which increases melee damage; DEXTERITY, which increases your blocking ability and ranged accuracy and damage; INTELLECT, which raises your MP and magic damage.
Warlic: CHARISMA, which helps you train pets easier; ENDURANCE, which raises your HP; and LUCK, which raises your chance of going first in battle.
Twilly: To be able to add 5 points to a stat, you will need to find a trainer in town and beat them in combat.
I wanted to ask you something.
Twilly: Anything for you. I've heard a lot about your adventures! Go ahead and ask away! *hehe*

What do moglins like to eat?
Twilly: Wellllll.... we like to eat just about everything! Except each other. Fish and ice cream are two of our favorite things.

What is the meaning of life?
Twilly: Hmm, that might be more of a question for Sage Uldor. He can be found at Yulgar's Inn, usually in the back room. If I had to guess though I'd say the meaning of life is:

Twilly gets blown away
Twilly: um... Sorry, I'm forgot what I was going to say.

Does Rugglum need any help?
Twilly: Funny you should ask that! Here comes a bunch of ugly-wugly monsters now that look like they want to go Death Star on my little village! I hope you are high level!!

Bring it on

You fight Nogh'da (2)

Twilly: Whoa, that was some fight! Thank you for helping save Rugglum from those two!

See you later Twilly
Twilly: Well I guess that's all you need to know to start! Go explore town and see if you can get something in Yulgar's shop.
Twilly: Thank you so much for visiting! Come back any time, and good luck on your adventures. Woo hooo! Oh and check out the great big Guardian Tower in town when you get back!

You go back to battleon.

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