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RE: AQ typos. Read the topic rules BEFORE posting.

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10/25/2014 20:41:32   

On the Naga Yaga in RA the description reads, "One the serpentine Naga race's most powerful spellcasters." This should probably instead be "One of the serpentine Naga race's most powerful spelcasters.", or even "One of the most powerful spellcasters of the serpentine Naga race."

In my personal opinion the latter seems just a little simpler to read as it seems to come off my tongue eaisier than "One of the serpentine Naga race's most powerful spelcasters.", which it a bit difficult to understand when the words are ordered like that.

Fixed (I just added the word "of"). Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 426
10/25/2014 22:28:21   
Shadows Of Death

I'm almost positive this wasn't reported yet,
The new item "galanoth doll" has an issue in it's description....

"This mysterious doll looks a bit like Galanoth! It unleashes an unearthly chain that deals earthly damage, and will deal greater damage to Drakel and Dragonkin, and even more to Dragons! and deasl even more damage if any of those are aligned to Wind! (Guardian only)"

I bolded the error. :)
this is on every level version not just the guardian ones

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 427
11/6/2014 4:56:22   

There are a few extra spaces before "They" (which because at the start of a new line looks really weird) in the Evil Tiki's description.
PS: I'm not sure if this is an actual typo because I know some people just normally go crazy with spaces after full stops, but it's up to you, I guess, IMR.

It's just two spaces (which is acceptable but not preferred), and it looks okay to me, so I'll just leave it as-is. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 428
11/30/2014 18:58:25   

In Robina's Oarakkas unbound quest, Lavistria says "I'm willing to bet Parakkas was hiding up here for year,"

Should be years

Fixed. Clear your cache to get the fixed version. Thanks! ~IMR

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Post #: 429
12/4/2014 20:39:01   
Legendary AK!!!

From the new Decorate the Battleon Tree:


Zorbak: I'm working on a new way of making undead - a kinda Necromancy 2.0 - but I've hit a few bug that I can't work out. I've been stuck for months with no progress.

Should be bugs.

Should be fixed. Clear your cache to get the fixed version. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ DF  Post #: 430
12/6/2014 19:25:08   

Two typos.

In the Frogzard Hunter Part 2 Quest, after he is blinded by the rayzard, he says "Crickey!" instead of Crikey!
Fixed. Clear your cache to get the fixed version. ~IMR

Also, in the canyon of lost souls quest after you jump in, your character says this whole palce has a very eerie glow to it.
Should be place.
Fixed when the quest was updated. Thanks again! ~IMR

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Post #: 431
12/11/2014 16:37:18   

In the new Life of Crime quest the word "civilization" during Sage Uldor's speech about Kabroz is spelled "civilsation".

It's spelt "civilisation", which is a variant spelling of the word. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 432
12/25/2014 10:20:58   

^ I'm not aware of the above typo, but if according to the poster, it was spelt "civilsation" instead of "civilisation" or "civilization".


As for my own report...

My class is a "NightHunter" Lv10, but it shows "ShadowSlayer" in the character tab.

Not to mention, it's the same in the class skills as well.

Aura of Twilight (class skill passive) - 'If your Class Title is "ShadowSlayer", your Statuses affect enemies of your class more easily!

Combat Training! (class skill passive) - 'You have learned to recovered SP after defeating an enemy of the ShadowSlayer Order!'

I think they should be changed to "NightHunter" so that it would be consistent with the AQ plot.

Thank you for reading.

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Post #: 433
1/9/2015 7:30:07   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

^ They aren't 2 separate classes, there is only the ShadowSlayer class. The NightHunter armour is just a variant of the ShadowSlayer class armour. Although I think

Combat Training! (class skill passive) - 'You have learned to recover SP after defeating an enemy of the ShadowSlayer Order!'
could be changed to NightHunter.
What he said. And I fixed that line. Thanks! ~IMR

There is a typo in the 4th speech bubble of the new Barry Jotter quest. "Barry Jotter aksed me to deliver this message to you!"

Fixed this part. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 434
1/22/2015 16:49:36   

Hope this is the right section. The new Twilly Kidnapped quest is not recognizing female gender.

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 435
1/23/2015 21:09:51   
Lord Markov

Also in the new Twilly Kidnapped Quest, the first or second speech bubble says "missive" instead of "message" not sure if that's an accent though or not.

Missive. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 436
4/28/2015 19:36:01   
Lord Markov

The Paladin Artillery's in-game description says "A crossbow-wielding solder of the Paladin Order."

Should be "A crossbow-wielding soldier of the Paladin Order."

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

Another one, in the Minotaur Maze, Valencia says "They'll attack anything on site!"

While site could make sense if you mean the minos will attack anything on the site of the maze, I'm pretty sure its supposed to be "attack anything on sight!"

Also fixed. Thanks again! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 437
6/12/2015 20:09:15   
The Green Guy

Minor grammar problem:

Kalia's line here, in the new quest:
"Two things: One I'm helping do what I have to do to keep the world in check. Two, pretty explosions! Big ones! ^_^"

Should be: "I'm helping to do what I have to do, to keep the world in check".

(Writer's hindsight/kibitzing here:I would say "helping to keep the world in check", much more efficient use of words. But, I do get how it's part of characterization, to a degree.)
Post #: 438
6/12/2015 21:43:05   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Actually, the "to" is not necessary, grammatically speaking. I help you do something, I am helping you do something; I help you finish, I am helping you finish. That is, you don't need the "to."
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 439
6/13/2015 1:44:15   
The Green Guy

I'm not sure that's correct, Orodalf. I wouldn't ever say "I am helping do something.", I would say, "I am helping to do something." In your examples, the word "you" is taking over for the word "to". (I'm sure there's grammatical jargon that ought to be inserted here to explain what I mean, but I'm not hip on the lingo, okay?)
And I wouldn't say, "I have do what I have to do.", I would say "I have to do what I have to do." Or: not "I do what I have do." - it's "I do what I have to do."

It's like saying they "have" the word "do", which makes no sense - as opposed to "have to", which functions the same as the word "must".

google-searched links for reference (mostly proving as usual that the internet disgrees on everything): http://www.learnenglish.de/grammar/verbtodo.html
& several links found via googling ("have to do to" grammar) without the parantheses.

And it could be I missed the exact mark in the sentence, but *something* is off there. Again, I'd just precipitate the whole argument by rewriting it, but that's *me*. lol

< Message edited by The Green Guy -- 6/13/2015 1:55:46 >
Post #: 440
6/13/2015 7:32:51   
ArchMagus Orodalf

So in the link that you provided:


After the verb Help, you can have an infinitive form of verb. The infinitive form can be either a to-infinitive or a bare infinitive.

Bare infinitive means "just do", and to-infinitive means "to do".


[...] it's observed that in BrE the to-infinitive form dominates, though bare infinitive also occurs in BrE. On the other hand in AmE a bare infinitive is preferable.

In other words, in British English, the form you're proposing would be preferred, but in American English, it's usually the way that it currently is in game. In particular, you'll notice that "help do" has higher usage than "help to do" in a certain graph provided: http://i.stack.imgur.com/alywe.jpg

It might be a British versus American usage thing that has us differing on what we prefer. Yes, I totally agree with you on the whole that the sentence you're pointing out can sound rather strange.

Also, the "have to do" example doesn't really make any sense to mention... the usage in question is not of the word "have."

In any case, IMRy, sorry for filling your typo thread with grammar arguments...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 441
6/16/2015 15:50:03   
Lord Markov

*Evil laugh* Here to report another typo:

The Warsmith weapon's ingame description says "has a chance of tunring you into an oversized warrior"
It should be, as the pedia entry says, "has a chance of turning you into an oversized warrior"

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 442
8/11/2015 6:29:01   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

In the Spell scroll quest, the stat roll for Fallarion is called a dexterity check, but uses INT. Shouldn't it be DEX, or given a different name? (like the original name: sixth sense, which the stat roller from Conflagration still has)

In the Layard's deception quest, when Clyde is telling you about the crown he says "Of the all moglins I had to save....", should be "Of all the moglins".

In the tutorial quest, when Artix is explaining classes, he says "Later classes will require having mastered one ore more lower level classes."

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 443
8/21/2015 13:14:30   

In the quest for Class 10 Knight, there's either two single quotes or a double quote for "it's" when viewing the Inner Darkness character's description.
Inner Darkness

Also, "Their" should be "There" in the dialog with Warlic for all Mage quests.

In addition, "bought" in Doc Sawbones' description should be "brought" for the Terrible Twelve series.
Doc Sawbones

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Post #: 444
8/27/2015 11:35:20   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Quoting my own report from november 2013:

Alnaphar, quest for the Overlord set, fighting the level 45 Nameless King variant before you enter the first shop, pops up this:


The The Nameless King invokes the undefined's Privilege!

While I'm not sure that "The The" is intended (The Nameless King invokes... sounds reasonable enough for me), I'm pretty sure the "undefined" part should be changed.

Fixed. Clear your cache to get the fixed version. Thanks! ~IMR

This, exactly the same, is back.
Post #: 445
9/8/2015 15:57:19   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

In the Seed Spitter quest, after beating Rilithia, she says, "My name is Rilithia, Lieutenant of the Elven armor of Greenguard."

Should be army.

The description of the 13th Machete has Jay Son being spelled 2 different ways.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 446
9/27/2015 18:58:46   
Lord Markov

In the new Corundum Corruption quest, clicking on Twilly triggers the dialogue: "All these creatures look so angry. Be careful, $player!"

I would guess that he's not recognizing the character's name properly.
AQ  Post #: 447
10/31/2015 4:55:18   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

The Moglord Ghosts description (monster and pet) says "doesn't look too happy about being waken up!"

Should be woken up.

English r hard. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 448
12/18/2015 18:14:01   

In the Stollen Fruitcake quest released this week, when Zorbak is thinking to himself, our name appears instead of his.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 449
2/4/2016 17:57:03   

In the Blades of Victory quest, in the "Blades of Victory?" dialogue option, Warlic says "These gems are jelously guarded ...".

Fixed locally. I'll roll it in a day or two, unless there's some other major bug that needs fixing. Thanks! ~IMR

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Post #: 450
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