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RE: AQ typos. Read the topic rules BEFORE posting.

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3/10/2016 13:30:12   
Lord Markov

The popup for beating Joe the Janitor's off-balance roll ends with

, but deftly catch recover yourself.

I'm guessing it should only be either "deftly catch yourself" or "deftly recover yourself."
AQ  Post #: 451
3/11/2016 14:32:54   

In the new chessmaster saga quest's introductory dialogue:


The entire second sentence is worded awkwardly, in my opinion. Specifically, however, I think it's supposed to say "And if I told you that evidence is buried deep..."

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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Post #: 452
3/11/2016 14:56:02   

@above. i think the 1st "in" shouldn't actually exist, instead of being substituted by an "is"
AQ DF  Post #: 453
3/19/2016 0:36:29   

^ You're 100% right. I noticed that after re-reading it and then your post confirmed it for me.

Another one, this time the description for the new LepreZard monster in the Blarney War event. Specifically, the second sentence:

The LepreZards retains the attributes of its constitutes parts.

- LepreZards should be LepreZard
- Constitutes should be constituent
Post #: 454
3/20/2016 22:06:12   
Human Psychology

I'm expanding 'typos' to mean 'wrong words' and 'faulty lore'. Issues posted here unless there's a better place.

Travel Map -> Darkovia Forest -> DracoPyre Legacy! -> 5. NightReign VS. GraceFang!

On the scroll: "Donovan, human son of the Dracopyre Nightbane, used the blood of his father in a ritual to raise himself as a Dracopyre called NightReign! Cenara, daughter of Nightbane and Donovan's brother, has pledged to fight to unify Darkovia. ..." A bit tricky because multiple words have to change. You can possibly use "son of lady Evina" for the first bit unless you want to link him to Nightbane in some way. The second bit can be simply "Nightbane". The last bit should be at least "sister" or even "half-sister".

Clicking on NightReign, the pop-up: "Donovan, son of Balius (who became Nightbane), has become the Dracopyre NightReign!" Would be more accurately "son of lady Evina (once married to Nightbane),..."

Incidentally; would you be willing to reform/purge the 'bugs' threads and start fresh with new threads? The first posts were last edited back in 2007. Unless you want them for historical/archival purposes.

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Post #: 455
4/3/2016 19:36:04   
Tep Itaki

Typos! The ones that I've caught and the quest they're in.


X Marks the Spot

Your survived your night at sea, and land is finally within sight! But even as you drop anchor you know you will have to contend with the creatures who await your arrival. And Mulligan's Isle is not renowned for being friendly to visitors.
*ingame typo- should be You


Blades of Victory!

Warlic: Hello «You». The Blade of Victory is a very special weapon indeed.
Warlic: Imbuing it with with either 3 Dark Aura Gems or Bright Aura Gems will determine if the weapon becomes a Dark Blade of Victory or a Bright Blade of Victory.
*Extra word typo in-game

Base Blade of Victory Shop/Turn in!

Warlic: Sorry, perhaps I was unclear - if you wish to purchase a higher-tiered verion than that, then you do not have to first buy this tier. Just continue questing for the final weapon you want.


Date Night!

«You»: This is horrible. It'll rot his brain and turn him into a villain!
Twilly: I thinks that's what Zorbak wants....
Twilly: Let's see if there's something better on. Hand me the controls.
*I think this one is the hero talking...I could be wrong...but there's no cutesy way of talking that Twilly does...plus the context of the dialogues that follows

«You»: Alright I already checked over here and here, and I didn't find anything. If there's something in the rest of the lab--
«You»: What's thats over there?
*Typo in game? Should be Twilly? Because it doesn't make sense for the hero to say thats and Twilly's next line also supports my guess.
«You and Twilly move to the right a bit and see a big white container with the sign "WurK n Progres" and a low red button.»

«You»: ....
«You»: Seriously? Did I roll a 1 on a spot check or something?
Twilly: Twilly's got really good eyes!


Hunt for the 5 Treasures!

«You»: Who is your father and where is your family?
Ogma: My father is the The Dagda, The Good God. My family awaits you in the feth fiada, The Fairy Mist. You must accompany me there, to here us out and help us.
*looks like it's suppose to be hear?


Blarney War 2016!

Zorbak: I'll be taking this!
«You»: Not to thrilled about that, but what about Sham?
Zorbak: He's being... taken care of.
* too


Frogzard Hunter 2

«You»: Today our true objective is to find the legendary Frogzard Blade! It is an ancient weapon of untold power.
*This should be the Frogzard Hunter's line given the context...
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 456
4/8/2016 12:18:30   


Layard's Deception

not exactly a typo but on the last dialog lines of the knights, the one that says "What is the princess doing here!?" is a different one than the one that said the other 3 phrases, not sure if there should be something to differentiate them


Corundum Corruption

The corruption of the Vizalain's happened many eons ago but the effects are about to be felt today. A foul corruption has awaked in the burrow of a small group of Vizalian protectors and their charge. This Corruption threatens the very earth around them. Sensing this, and knowing what could happen if left unchecked, Warlic has summoned you to his shop.

should be Vizalain
the following sentences all feel grammatically incorrect, i'm not entirely sure if the corrections appointed fix it, but it seems better than the original text

Warlic: No the Brilhado left the Lady of Light freely. These are very different. -> should have a comma between "No" and "the brilhado"

Warlic: If something isn't done soon this tide of corruption will wash over everything, twisting minds, and allowing the Shadowscythe to actually win. -> should have a comma either between "soon" and "this" or between "done" and "soon", either of them seem to work, but using none seems wrong

«You»: You know eventually we're going to have to have a talk about letting me know about end-of-the-world events before it's "almost too late". -> should have a comma between "You know" and "eventually"

An army of creatures has begun pouring out of a network of caves deep in the Dwarfhold Mountains of Adventure Quest. If something isn't done soon this tide of corruption will wash over everything, twisting minds, and allowing the Shadowscythe to take over! -> the bolded "if" does not have a capital letter in-game even though it should have

Warlic: The single seed that corrupted Corundum dropped when you defeated it is also cleansed, so it will eventually regrow. -> the part that says " that corrupted Corundum dropped when you defeated it" should be between commas

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AQ DF  Post #: 457
5/8/2016 8:05:24   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

In the Frogzard Challenge, just before fighting the Zard X

Sigh... wait, I think I got it. This time it was a a Great-Grand-Mother-Zard, right?

In Lolosia, when asking Capt. Frolgar about his hand he says

Shriver me timbers, now THERE'S a story for ye! 'Twas the blasted Sea-Fiend that claimed me left hand.

It should be his right hand since the art update.

When you click the stunflower in Gibet's Pub

This magical flower was blessed by a priestess on the Light Lord.

Should be of.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 458
5/19/2016 13:56:34   
Lord Markov

New Undead Wounded description says "Even when wounded beyond death, undead warriors still knows how to use their heads."

Should be "Even when wounded beyond death, undead warriors still know how to use their head."

< Message edited by High Paladin -- 5/20/2016 17:36:34 >
AQ  Post #: 459
5/19/2016 14:50:45   

@above. i don't know, undead warriors is on plural, so it refer to the heads of various warriors, i think the sentence is right in both ways

edit: didn't notice the difference on the "knows" to "know", you're totally right on that, it needs a change

< Message edited by Brasca123 -- 5/20/2016 20:25:25 >
AQ DF  Post #: 460
5/20/2016 17:30:16   
Lord Markov

Since undead warriors is a third person plural noun, the verb "know" should not be in the third person singular i.e. "knows".

"heads" vs. "head" is a matter of collective vs. singular. Personally I think "head" makes more sense in the context, but it can work either way. The verb definitely needs a correction.

Adding some new things from the tutorial:

Aquella: Thank you for keeping that Death Knight from making a meal of an unsuspecting townsperson.

Seems a little silly this way, might want to change it something like "that Death Knight from attacking an unsuspecting townsperson."

From the new War of the Giants quest, Kamui says

and my satellites haven't been able to pick up anyhting.

Obviously, "anyhting" should be "anything."

< Message edited by High Paladin -- 5/30/2016 17:51:57 >
AQ  Post #: 461
6/27/2016 22:10:02   

In the Bard of War statuses, the guest gains "Celeritous Guest" but the pet gains "Celerous Pet."
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 462
7/12/2016 3:01:12   

In the Keyote pet's pop-up, when the paralysis infliction fails:

"Your foe avoids being paralysed by the pain of a brokan heart."

When the status infliction works, broken is spelled correctly:

"The spell has paralysed your foe with the sadness of a broken heart!"

< Message edited by Glacies -- 7/12/2016 3:02:45 >
Post #: 463
8/26/2016 13:54:47   
Kay Oh

Twilly --> Show me my Moral Compass.
There's a typo on the 7th line. 'chanegs' should be fixed to 'changes'.
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 464
9/5/2016 18:21:54   
Lord Markov

In Part 2 of the new Mastercraft Set (Dessert Set) you say "cave in the ditance." Should be "cave in the distance."
AQ  Post #: 465
9/25/2016 7:08:56   

Toxic Gladius will say switch to magic mode even if you switched it to magic mode instead of saying melee mode.
Post #: 466
9/29/2016 18:24:56   
Lord Markov

In the intro to the new "Seeking the Seekers" war, WunEye says "That we do not know, but we most engage the enemy before they reach town." Should be "That we do not know, but we must engage the enemy before they reach town."
AQ  Post #: 467
10/1/2016 18:39:03   

I'm not sure if this goes here or the weapons thread, but Bitter Frost will say ''Click the sword's blade to swap to Magic damage!" even if the weapon is already in magic mode. It doesn't say melee mode at all.
Post #: 468
10/30/2016 3:22:09   

In this description of Samurai Warlord, it says Samaurai instead of Samurai, not sure about the Samurai Warriors though.

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

< Message edited by In Media Res -- 10/30/2016 15:38:45 >
AQ  Post #: 469
11/4/2016 4:09:47   

Rainbow Raygun's description should read "Revofev" not "Revovrev"

EDIT: I checked and this was fixed. Thanks!

< Message edited by Revofev -- 11/13/2016 4:16:00 >
Post #: 470
11/28/2016 17:01:54   

In the tutorial when Artix is explaining classes, he says:

"Later classes will require having mastered one ore more lower level classes."

It should be or.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 471
1/1/2017 16:07:01   
Lord Markov

The Jotun Hero monster has a typo in its description: "...one thing in common: they are are completely loyal to the Ice Realm..." second are (bolded) should not be there.
AQ  Post #: 472
1/2/2017 12:00:37   
big E

First line of dialogue of Varrinsqu Keep needs to be changed to reflect the newest additions to the quest, for a total of 10 spells (previously 8).
AQ  Post #: 473
2/10/2017 5:02:17   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Griffin pet, when trying to blind a Wind-aligned monster, pops up this:

Creatures aligned with undefined are immune to the blinding effects of this attack.

Note the bolded part.
Post #: 474
2/13/2017 16:26:01   

More Troofles, More Troubles:

Player character says "Well that's difinitely worse then 561 of them..."

The statement is grammatically incorrect.

"Well, that's difinitely worse THAN 561 of them..."
AQ  Post #: 475
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