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RE: AQ typos. Read the topic rules BEFORE posting.

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4/12/2007 12:52:51   

after the huntress chase in part 4, Warlic says: "We are all together here for one reason...Yo learn what can about the Devourer before it is too late."

shouldn't it be "To learn what we can about the Devourer before it is too late."

Also later on part 4, Artix says: "So you followed the devourer -- you left you father, and Lore, behind -- and you went after your hated enemy."

shouldn't it be "you left your father"

Another in part 4, Warlic says: "He is desctruction incarnate."

shouldn't it be "He is a (maybe) destruction incarnate."

ANOTHER in part 4 is, The huntress says: "WHile I am here on Lore"

shouldn't it be "While"

Another in part 4, It says Humans twice with capital letters where there shouldn't be.

Another in part 4 is, "With their 'magiscience' the Drakel build cities that were able to withstand The'Galin's destructive powers."

shouldn't it be "With their 'magiscience', the Drakel built cities that were able to withstand The'Galin's destructive powers."

On the dragonslayer quest it says stat used:luck/10. but it only uses luck/5.

Merged double post.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 51
4/13/2007 15:06:18   
vampire hunter

In the huntress chase, if you're an avdenturer:

when you get to choose which guest should follow you into battle, if you click Vince or Mercuria it says:

"If you become a Guardian, Lord Cyrus will join you in battle!" Already reported.

EDIT: Also, on the cutscene part after the chase (think it was part 4) after talking a bit Warlic says "Yo learn ..." instead of "To learn ..."

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AQ  Post #: 52
4/20/2007 20:03:41   
Legendary AK!!!

In the Drakel War, I fought a Fire Drakel Warrior that had a description as follows:

A Drakel warrior who has become a servant of the Fire Dragon. (italics added for emphasis)

Shouldn't it be "...a servant of the Fire Lord"?
AQ DF  Post #: 53
4/21/2007 10:10:29   
The Terminator

New Carnax Blade description typo:

Original text: Yulgar forged his Dragon Blade design in razor sharp azru stone.

Corrected text: Yulgar forged his Carnax Blade design in razor sharp azru stone.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 54
4/22/2007 16:18:03   

Drakel Superfreak's description says "SuperFreal".


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AQ  Post #: 55
4/23/2007 22:38:55   
  In Media Res
 Happy Prideloween!

Shadowbones (one word), Shadowspear (one word), and Shadow Cloak (two words). Do you mean Shadowcloak?

*Nope. The Shield and Weapon have names. The Armour is, well, a cloak made of shadow. Hence Shadow Cloak. :D*

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AQ  Post #: 56
4/28/2007 1:02:17   
Retro Kid

In the shadow cloack description it says "high defenses espacially against darkness, magic and ranged attacks". Instead of magic it should say melee like umbral and preumbral


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DF  Post #: 57
4/28/2007 9:22:29   
dna cupcake
Legendary SnackCake!

The Description of Deimos Plate(Lessser Nightmare Plate) has a typo.

It says: This plate was forged in dread by Nessa Ellanesse! This armor grants good protection against Ice, Energy, Darkness and Wind amd as you inspire dread in your enemies its offensive power grows.

amd should probably and.

http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/1826/deimosrt1.jpg <--- Picture.


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Post #: 58
4/29/2007 17:55:25   

pretty sure it should be in this bug forum section

i was going through the house tours and on the log cabin(third one) when u go inside it says

It is not yet available to buy.

and well it is and has been for a while
AQ MQ  Post #: 59
4/30/2007 15:31:41   

In the new Bennuju Wetlands quest in the description for Slick the Drakel it says: "Slick is a drakel destroyer who has gonbe..."

Shouldn't it be gone
AQ DF  Post #: 60
5/3/2007 21:55:59   

Darkness orb quest

Safira- Creatures of drakness ill equiped to speak

should be darkness
DF  Post #: 61
5/3/2007 22:05:58   
Helpful and Constructive!

On the new description of the Nemesis Shield it reads "to bring retribution to yor foes ."
Besides the extra space before the period (and there seems to be another double spacing onthe previous line, after "so"), it should read "your" instead of "yor".

And in the new description for the Nemesis Plate: "this l plate armor"

I can't figure what word could that "l" be part of, so I guess it should read simply "this plate armor".

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AQ  Post #: 62
5/12/2007 13:37:33   

When you click on the Mother's Charm Necklace, in the space above the description, it says "Mother's Charm". It's missing the word "Necklace".

Go to NightBane's Fortress in Darkovia Forest and click See the fight or whatever. Basically the second option. When Safiria says "We are not here to fight. Or rather, I am not. If the KIng, blah blah blah the rest is unimportant". KIng is incorrect. Make the "I" lowercase so it should say King.

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AQ DF  Post #: 63
5/12/2007 15:25:16   

I believe it is $19.95 now, not 14.95. This needs to be listed


ORIGINAL: Icemaster Yeti

  • Gaurdian Tower guard STILL says "$12 to become a guardian" - it's 14.95 now, obviously...
  • Guardian Dragon sayings: "I wish I could pay $12 and .." - should be 14.95...
  • AQ  Post #: 64
    5/15/2007 18:03:56   

    Damfeldork the Were-Dragon's discription includes the word 'Cornered' misspelled as 'Cronered'

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    AQ  Post #: 65
    5/16/2007 13:59:49   

    After you drive off the hunters in the dragoncat quest, Robina says, "I also found an orphaned Dragonkitten that needs to be take ncare of."

    It should be: "I also found an orphaned Dragonkitten that needs to be taken care of."
    Post #: 66
    5/17/2007 2:25:29   

    Not sure this is a typo or something you guys just left out;
    Twilly is on the hill by himself, aka Artix is gone(Twilly's Hill).
    However, if you mouse over Twilly, it says;
    Click on Artix for quests and healing!
    When it should be changed to Twilly.
    AQ DF  Post #: 67
    5/17/2007 19:55:54   
    Paladin Dracomancer

    Pile of Bones (Undead)

    A big ol' pile 'of bones.

    Shouldn't be that second apostrohpiy.


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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 68
    5/17/2007 22:34:13   

    On the Battleon Homepage:

    NEW: War for the Creation Orb!
    Use the Event button in town to join your fellow Adventurers and Guardians in an epic battle to get the Creation Orb and unit the elemental forces of the world against the Devourer! New enemies and more!

    It should be spelled unite.

    *no longer applicable*

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    Post #: 69
    5/27/2007 14:20:12   
    Paladin Dracomancer

    Pirate Class: Rhubarb: '...and at the same timet, many men have been disappearing!"

    Time, not timet.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 70
    5/31/2007 1:49:18   

    In the Troll form description "after" is spelled "afetr."

    No signatures here
    *has a different description now*

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 71
    5/31/2007 6:16:02   

    In the Explore Paxia quest, when you're about to go to Noctros' area, it says the phrase before entering Dynami's area.

    No signatures here

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 72
    6/1/2007 16:20:42   

    in the new trobble quest at the end when twig talks it says "twilly" instead of "twig"
    AQ  Post #: 73
    6/1/2007 19:45:44   
    mike da man

    The description for the giant dead wood house guard says "A unique monster that can only be found in *gaurdin* houses" (there are no asterisks in the actual description, I'm just high lighting the misspelt word).
    In one of the VampireSlayer missions, it says "Nosferatu the Vampire is making a thrown from Guardian bones. The highlighted word (thrown) should actually be throne, not thrown.

    Merged double post.

    Signature removed; not allowed on this board. - Reyn

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    AQ  Post #: 74
    6/2/2007 9:03:50   
    Paladin Dracomancer

    In the Trobble quest, when you find the Trobble, you say WoW! It must be my lucky day!

    Should be: Wow! It must be my lucky day! (Unless it's a referance to World of Warcraft or something...)
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 75
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