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Little Problems

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3/27/2005 19:35:19   
Chibi Coronet

Little Problems

Yulgar's Inn Lounge Speak to Aquella What danger out at sea? Aye! Sounds Fun! OR Lolosia Speak to Captain Frolgar What happened to your leg?

On Captain Frolgar's boat, the Tar and Feather:
Captain Frolgar: Thank ye for joining me and my parrot Petey on this hunt. Im' sure this time that I've spotted the braken that took me leg. Thar she blows!

Braken (35)

Captain Frolgar: Excellent fightin' fellow sea-dog! That wasn't the braken that took me leg, though. Take this treasure chest as a reward nevertheless...

Potion Treasure Chest (0)

Captain Frolgar: Hope it wasn't booby-trapped, matey... Hmm, I smell somethin' on the air.
A fog rolls in...
Captain Frolgar: Uh-oh. First Mate! Did you have the crew tar over those split planks along the bow like I asked you to?
Captain Frolgar stands at the edge of his ship, while you cling precariously to the mast as the Tar and Feather rocks wildly in a monstrous storm...
Captain Frolgar: If you know how to swim, follow me!
You: Can you swin well enough with that wooden leg, Captain?
Captain Frolgar: Good point. Oh, well...

You wake up the next morning on a sandy beach...
You: Uhhh... Where AM I??? Last thing I remember is the ship crashing apart around me, then the icy water hitting me. Now I'm on an uncharted island with no hope of escape.
Petey arrives on the scene, none the worse for wear.
You: Petey! You're okay!
Something spits sand at you.
You: Something spit sand at me!!

Crabee (5)

You: I have to get away from the coast and see what I can see from high ground. Petey, go see if you can find Captain Frolgar.
Petey will leave your party at this point. If you quit the quest prior to this point, then you'll keep Petey as a guest
Inland, you stop at a strange depression in the ground.
You: Can't see much from up here... the whole island seems kind of flat. Whoa-- what's that? can't be... but then again... it looks a lot like a--
Voice from offscreen: ATTACK!

Lilliputian Sorcerer Army (40)

Lilliputians: Sorry about that. We thought you were one of HIS children. But it's obvious you are from that mainland.
You: Who are you people? I've seen a lot in my time, but I've only ever heard tall tales about people of your stature.
Lilliputians: "Tall tales"? Is that supposed to be an insult?
You: Sorry. And another thing-- WHO did you mistake me for?
Lilliputians: We call this island Bronwyn, but big folk such as yourself refer to us as "Lilliputians"... we believe it is some sort of literary reference.
You: Okay, I believe that. I've fought carnivorous frogs the size of men and thousand-year-old fire drakes after all.
Lilliputians: We are a small army of sorcerers who have been given the mission of dispatching a foe that threatens to destroy our entire island...
Lilliputians: The ultra-giant called Slagoth!
You: That's what made this large footprint, huh? I've fought some large enemies before... maybe I can make a deal with you.
Lilliputians: Ah, yes... you help us defeat Slagoth and we will help you leave our island. We would probably help you leave anyway. Big people smell funny.
Lilliputians: Come to our village! We will show you some hospitality!

A journey that would have taken you ten minutes by yourself (but takes the Lilliputians several hours) later...
You arrive at the Lilliputian village.
Lilliputians: Welcome to the village of Karput! Here is a token of our gratitude.
You recieve four health potions.
Lilliputians: AAAHHH!! Everyone take shelter! A Terrible Ravager is coming this way!
Lilliputians: We'll help you, Adventurer!
Lilliputian Sorceror Army joins you as a guest

Frazzlhutch (12)

Lilliputians: That creature was one raised as a food source in the garden of Slagoth. Sometimes they get out and wreak havoc!
Lilliputians: Now that we've killed this one before it could be collected by the giant, he will take his anger out on us. Last time that happened we had to rebuild the whole village.
You: We can't let that happen again, can we? Show me where this Slagoth lives... and I will slay him several times if necessary.
You: By the way, you don't have necromancers or dragons on this island do you?

What the Lilliputians refer to as "a day's walk" away...
Lilliputians: Here we are. Are you ready? We'll knock for you...
The Lilliputians 'knock' on the door with a fire spell, and the door swings open, hitting you for a small amount of melee earth damage...
You: *ouch*
Slagoth the UltraGiant: Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of... Bah, I'd be lucky to smell a pot of stew let alone blood anymore. Gettin' old.
Slagoth the UltraGiant: I may not smell anything, but I can SEE some little runts who must be lookin' for some BIG trouble! RRAAAHHH!!!

Ultra Giant (25)

Lilliputians: We did it! Thanks to you our island is finally free of the tyrant! We will honor our end of the deal by building you a ship to carry you home. And we'll go with you on your adventures for a while, too! Hurrah!!

You are returned to the Inn.

Thanks to spiznarky and Coronet.

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