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The Temple of Hope Quest

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5/12/2007 10:45:33   
Elemental Leviathon

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Temple of Hope
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > The Temple of Hope
Prerequisite: Level 41

The Temple of Hope
See also Quest for the Elemental Orbs

Galanoth: While we have dealt with the immediate threat of Bradakhan we have heard unsettling rumours from Greenguard forest about the Drakel presence increasing in the Skraeling Desert.
You: What are they up to? Why Skraeling? Do we never get even a moments peace?
Cyrus: The force that is behind all these events is greater then any I have previously encountered. It is a divisive power that seeks to dirupt us in anyway possible.
Galanoth: I have received word from one of the Knights of Lorithia, a man named Thorne Lorin, that the orcs near Greenguard have requested his help.
You: Orcs? Seeking human help? And who are these knights of Lorithia?
Galanoth: As for the knighthood its purpose should probably be explained to you by one other than I. The Orcs, however, if they are seeking aid, must be in serious trouble.
Galanoth: They are a proud race not given to calls for help. Go to Greenguard and see if you can find Thorne and seek to offer him help.
Galanoth: Then we can both investigate the activity of the Drakel in Skraeling.

What would you like to do?
  • Go to Greenguard
  • Go back


    You: Loremaster! What are you doing in Greenguard-- and so far from your Library on Isle d'Oriens?
    Falerin: History unfolds here-- not in the middle of my cramped quarters on Isle D'Oriens.
    You: ...
    Falerin: I might ask you the same question. Surely there are better things for one such as you to be doing than skulking in Greenguard.
    You: Galanoth has sent me to find a man named Thorne Lorin and offer our aid. He has come to help the Orcs of Greenguard.
    Falerin: You have arrived late. Lorin has alredy left with the Orc Chieftain's son Culak and his friend, an Elf named Kendrel.
    You: Wait-- an Orc with elven friends? You are kidding, right?
    Falerin: Kendrel would be as quick to kill you for insulting the Orcs as he would you insulting his own nobles.
    Falerin: You find unity strange. That is because The'Galin has already done his work. There are those even here that wish to resist him.
    Falerin: Galrick you may come out....

    Galrick comes out

    You: Who is he, and what is that he's wearing?
    Falerin: Galrick son of Glenn, citzen of the Island Nation of Neld, I present you with one of Battleon's protectors, and denizen of Battleonia.
    Galrick: Traveller, do we have time for these pleasantries? If the key to understanding what is happening is to be found with Tralin then this is not the place to be standing.
    Falerin: I have already told you, Galrick, that while the Traveller is one of my agents, I am not he.
    You: Tralin? Traveler?
    Falerin: As for you Galrick, I may have saved you from The'Galin's service in Sentar, but your job is far from over so I suggest....
    You: Hello!? I am still standing here.
    Falerin: Fine. There is much to say and little time to say it so sit back and listen carefully....

    «It becomes night»
    Many Hours later...

    You: so let me get this straight. You are not a half-elf at all. You are from another world and are a...
    Falerin: Do not speak it. It is best that my nature on Caelestia be forgotten. It will help no-one and may actually hinder us.
    You: Right... so you are from another world. You traveled here to find and help stop the Devourer because this is the world from which he originally arose.
    Falerin: Not perfect in the details, but in the essence correct. The'Galin threatens all worlds and from here he will launch his assault on others eventually threatening my own.
    That is something we cannot allow.
    You: And Eldrond is not dead...
    Falerin: Far from it.
    You: But you said that was his skull...
    Falerin: I said that it was the Skull of Eldrond the Good. Indeed it is, it belongs to him.
    You: Fine fine. So now what is it you want? If we are too late to find Thorne... what should we do now?
    Falerin: Galrick will travel with you to Deren-- well, more correctly, to the island off its shore.
    You: Wait, what? Deren?
    Galrick: You are not comine?!
    Falerin: Yes, Deren, and no I have duties elsewhere. I cannot afford to be gone from Isle d'Oriens in any length.
    You: How do we get to Deren?
    Falerin: I have made arrangements for passage for you. You will follow along this route until you come to the Cor-Dem stone. Once there I trust you can figure things out.
    You: Wait! How could you make arrangements without knowing we were...

    Falerin disappears

    You: ...
    Galrick: I hate it when he does that.
    You: Now let me get this straight. Your country was at war and the enemy had all but defeated you?
    Galrick: That's right.
    You: So you cried out for revenge and accepted to this Devourer?
    Galrick: Correct...
    You: And now Falerin wants us to travel together?
    Galrick: So it seems.
    You: With no further explanation whatsoever?
    Galrick: He rarely ever offers any.
    You: I really want to smack him senseless...
    Galrick: A feeling I have felt myself on more occasions than can be counted.

    What would you like to do?
    Each step you take gets you closer to your goal!

  • Explore Greenguard
  • Go back, I'm tired...

    7 BATTLE: 1 random Earth monster

    Between each battle, you are given a message, healing, and a chance to return to town:
      What would you like to do?
      You are a little closer to your goal.

    • Have Galrick join you in battle
    • Continue Exploring
    • Go back, I'm tired

      What would you like to do now?
      You have come too far to quit now.

    • Continue Exploring
    • Go back, I'm tired...

      What would you like to do now?
      Galrick has a feeling you are near something important...

    • Continue Exploring
    • Go back, I'm tired...

      What would you like to do?
      Do not give up noe!
    • Continue exploring
    • Go back, I'm tired...

      What would you like to do?
      As night becomes day, things become clearer...

    • Continue Exploring
    • Go back, I'm tired

      What would you like to do?
      Galrick saw something strange
      just over a nearby hill!

    • Continue Exploring
    • Go back, I'm tired
    You: What do you suppose this is?
    Galrick: I do not know exactly, but I do recognize from something I saw elsewhere. They are Cor-Demian.

    Falerin appears

    Falerin: It is ready for the key.
    You: Wait, what?
    Galrick: The key?

    Falerin disappears

    You: ...
    Galrick: ...
    Galrick: Now what?
    You: I guess we have to figure out this key.
    Galrick: Okay-- activate the runes in the right order. If you miss several times in a row, I will help.

    You have to activate the runes in the right order.

    After every 10 faults, Galrick gives you a correct rune in a correct place.

    You go the the Temple of Hope when you have all the runes in the right order

    Once you complete this once you don't have to complete it again to get to the Temple

    For those who don't have the patience to work it out, here's the combination to the Cor Dem gate (highlight to read):

    There are eight runes. Number the runes from the one at the top of the gate clockwise, one to eight. (So the top one is 1, the one on its right is number 2, the next one is 3 etc)
    Click on the runes in the following order, and the gate will open: 8, 5, 4, 1, 2, 7, 6, 3.

    Quest info thanks to ZzlzhtT. Correction thanks to The Forgotten.

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    5/13/2007 10:45:43   
    Elemental Leviathon

    Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Temple of Hope (continued 1)
    Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > The Temple of Hope (continued 1)
    Prerequisite: Level 41

    «In the center of the Temple of Hope is a statue of Lorithia, with various stone pedestals surrounding her. As you gather the elemental orbs, they get placed on the pedestals. Here are the images when 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 orbs have been collected.»

    THE TEMPLE OF HOPE (continued 1)

    You enter the Temple of Hope and you meet a Drakel sitting on a throne

    You: Who and what are you? What kind of Drakel has hair and fur?
    Tralin: My name is Tralin. As for the rest, the Kruath'ri are a diverse race, just as the humans are. The Drakel of today are the blending of our many ancestors
    You: Kruath'ri? What are they?
    Tralin: It is a word that means citizen. It is the Drakel word for our own people.

    You: 1. How many different types of Drakel are there?
    Tralin: The Drakel of our land favor our reptillian ancestors nearly exclusively
    Tralin: The Drakel of Deren are a more middle blend between the Draconian and Mammalian aspects
    Tralin: The Drakel of Vandar are nearly entirely mammalian in aspect, something like the gnolls of other places. These are but a few of the Drakel varieties

    You: 2. What is this place?
    Tralin: Welcome, sojurner, to Lorithia's Bosom
    You: Lorithia's Bosom? Who is Lorithia?
    Tralin: This is the Temple of Hope and Lorithia is the Great Creator goddess-- the force that made the Elemental Lords and the very land on which you stand. She is mother to us all.
    You: What are you, a Drakel, doing here then?
    Tralin: I am many things. In addition to being her Communicant, I am also the King of the Nation of Deren.
    You: But Falerin said in his long story in the woods that Deren was a Human kingdom.
    Tralin: It is. None the less I am its king. The Late King Draynor adopted me as his son.

    You: 3. I am (insert your name here), an this is Galrick. Falerin sent us to you.
    Tralin: Galrick and I have met. It is a pleasure to met you, however, (insert your name here). And what has the Loremaster sent you for?
    You: You know him?
    Tralin: Falerin and I have met. So tell me why you have come so far.
    You: He has sent us to help destroy *The'Galin*. I am confused, though, as to who The'Galin is. I though we were worried about the Devourer.
    Tralin: It is the same entity. That which the Drakel call the Uncreator, what your people call the Devourer, he who is named The'Galin.
    Galrick: He has many more names besides...
    Tralin: What matters is not what you call him. What matters is you survive him at all. Nel, please come out here.

    A yellow moglin comes out from behind Tralin's throne.

    Nel: Yes, Trae?
    Tralin: These people have come to help with The'Galin. They seek to destroy him.
    Nel: Have you not told them?
    Tralin: Some lessons are best learned directly, Nel.
    Nel: I am worried, Trae. Not just for Deren, not just for Lore, but for the whole omniverse should The'Galin succeed.
    Tralin: As well you should be.
    Tralin: (Insert your name here), you must set your mind on more reachable goals.
    Tralin: If we are to resist the Uncreator at all we need the power to even survive him, a power that is held only within the fabric that is LORE itself.
    Tralin: Go and look about the temple and see what you can see before returning to me and then we can proceed if you still desire to.
    Tralin: Nel, return to the library and find the legend of the Avatar. It is time perhaps that we share it with our friends.
    Tralin: Find for them also the Cration Epic from K'eld Ner. They will only have ever heard Saggidus before if they heard anything. It tells of one of The'Galin's previous comings.
    Nel: Yes, Tralin.

    Nel walks away

    You: K'eld Ner?
    Tralin: A Kruath'ri City on Deren, I was born near there. My aide Darin, a human, is now it's Governor
    You: So not only does a Drakel rule a Human kingdom here, but a Human rules a Drakel one. Amazing.
    Tralin: Unity can accomplish amazing things-- especially with Hope. Let us pray they are enough.
    You: I thought the Devourer had only ever been here once before.
    Tralin: Some evidence suggests a different story. That, however, is for another time. Go to the Library of Hope.
    Tralin: Read the books then return to me. Galrick, remain her so we can catch up. I wish to hear everything about your journey since you left me.
    Galrick: As you wish, Majesty.

    You go to the Library of Hope

    After you have read the books:

    Galrick: And that is how I ended up with (insert your name here) and coming here.
    Tralin: Your story is interesting and also alarming. Clearly the time of his final Manifestation is upon us. Myr's treachery slowed him, but did not stop him. As undoubtedly has you own.
    Galrick: Indeed-- and with Ryuusei Cartwright here, my fate is...
    You: *ahem*
    Tralin: Ah, have you seen what you needed to see then?
    You: Your Library has many strange things in it. Why is so much of it what the Loremaster himself wrotehere instead of his own Library in Isle d'Oriens?
    Tralin: I have no doubts that he has copies that he will eventually put there, but the time was not right. Things are changing now.

    You: 1. Why is this one book torn?
    Tralin: Torn?
    You: Yes-- the book about the Annunaki is torn, missing its several last pages.
    Tralin: How upsetting. That was written by Sigarin, and there are no other copies.
    Galrick: The Dwarve's records have been damaged?!
    You: Who is Sigarin?
    Tralin: Sigarin was a Dwarf accepted into one of the Drakel cities on the continent of Vandar. K'eld Alorin
    You: K'eld Alorin?
    Tralin: A very progressive place. It had as many non Drakel as citizens as Drakel. It was at the forefront of science, technology, and thought.
    You: Was...?
    Galrick: My master's armies destroyed it. The Brilhado named Diviara led an army there and it was entirely razed.
    You: That's terrible
    Galrick: Falerin was rather upset about it, given what he does.
    Tralin: The string og expletives he uttered would make a frogzard knight blush.
    You: Frogzard Knight?
    Tralin: That's not important right now.

    You: 2. What am I supposed to do now?
    Tralin: I have an idea of how we may slow The'Galins progress, but it will take a great deal of time and cost great sacrifices.
    You: Time doing what?
    Tralin: The elements must be united, and so must the people. The races and elements must come together as they are intended.
    You: How can we do that?
    Tralin: For the latter I have ideas , but the most important thing is to raise awareness. For the former you will be instrumental.
    Tralin: We must gather the elemental orbs and return them to this temple.
    Tralin: Follow what clues you can find from the books and from searching your homeland and as you find the orbs return them here where they can be set in place.
    You: Gather the elemental orbs. Why do I have a feeling this will not be easy.
    Galrick: When is it ever easy?
    Tralin: For your part, Galrick, I will send you to Darin to let him know what comes. We have much to do and little time to do it.
    Galrick: As you will, Majesty.

    You: 3. What does this strange note means in the one book. Who is Life?
    Tralin: First of all I need to tell you that there are not just eight avatar. There is a ninth. And the ninth is perhaps the most important of all.
    You: Nine? Who is the Ninth?
    Tralin: The ninth is named Hope and we must unlock the prison that keeps Hope asleep. Your efforts in aiding me will be instrumental in accomplishing this.
    You: There are only Eight elements. What can Hope represent?
    Tralin: In addition to the Eight elements and the Uncreator, what other god has been mentioned?
    You: Lorithia. This Goddess. Hey I get it-- LORE-ithia!
    Tralin: Very astute. Yes. The final represents Creation. That is Hope.
    You: And what about the Life?
    Tralin: The sun rises at the dawn of life just as it does during the dawn of a day.
    Galrick: How poetic...
    You: And?!
    Tralin: It sets at life's dusk as well. Life is associated with the element of Light due to this duality.
    Tralin: Both light and darkness are part of the cycle of life just as they are part of the cycle of the World.
    You: Okay, that makes some sense. Who is the Avatar though? You said you knew.
    Tralin: Lorithia's only communicant was asked to serve so that he might bring hope. Unlike most all avatar he knew of the coming.
    Tralin: Also unlike most he is quite unique in what he is, depending on how you look at it, an Annunaki twice over or a Drakel twice over.
    You: Wait? Lorithias only communicant.... you said
    Galrick: You, Tralin?
    Tralin: And now you know. Yes, I am the Avatar of Life. Yet another one of my many duties.My job is to aid you and awaken the Ninth Avatar.
    You: What will these avatar do?
    Tralin: The avatar have always aided this World. They are its citizens in more ways than one. They will aid you in your struggle to survive The'Galin's coming.
    You: So they are part of bringing elements together, too?
    Tralin: Indeed they are. A crucial one.
    You: But what about...
    Tralin: You have many questions and in time you will have many answers-- but for now it is important that you set out on your task, for it is a mission of moment.
    You: Moment?
    Galrick: An archaic usage-- it means great importance.
    You: I know what it means!
    Galrick: Sure you did.
    You: ...
    Tralin: Go now and begin the task. Seek the Loremaster when you have found the orbs to return here. He can arrange your passage.
    Tralin: This time without putting you through so many trials.
    You: Well, it was good traveling with you Galrick Son of Glenn-- I hope we meet again.
    Galrick: We are part of each other.
    You: What does that mean?
    Galrick: We will meet again. You can be sure of it.

    Quest Info thanks to ZzlzhtT. Typo corrections thanks to Mark Chung. Images of pedestals being filled up thanks to ehtyscarbil (Photobucket account). Inner temple image thanks to games.monx007.com.

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    6/22/2007 21:49:34   
    Elemental Leviathon

    The Temple of Hope (continued 2)

    This occurred after Flight of the Brilhado was completed and before the Sinister 7 War began:

    Diviara: Something is quite wrong…
    You: What gave you the first clue? The smoke pouring out of the roof?
    Diviara: It is far worse than that…
    You: What?
    Diviara: There is no power here. Are not the 8 prime elemental Orbs supposed to be here?
    You: WHAT?! Do you mean--
    Diviara: Hurry-- inside!

    *Note: In this part you can continue your quest or explore the Temple like you could be for*

  • Back

    You: What happened here, your Majesty?
    Tralin: Diviara! Why are you here? Where is Giliara?
    Diviara: My brother is dead, Lizard King. He was slain by one of my Brilhado against my express orders.
    You: Diviara gave us the last piece of the Creation Orb and helped us in the fight back here. By the way-- What happened here??
    Tralin: I was not here when this happened. I was in the city of Deren at the time.
    You: You left the temple?
    Tralin: I had business at court that my son could not address. From the castle window I saw the first signs of smoke at the Temple and I returned here at once.
    Tralin: When I arrived here, the 8 prime elemental Orbs were missing. I saw a shadow on the horizon. Somehow, the Devourer’s forces learned of this place.
    Diviara: This is not The’Galin’s doing.
    Tralin: What?!
    Diviara: His forces are otherwise directed. This event is unrelated to the Devourer’s activity. Of this I am quite certain.

    Darin enters the room

    Tralin: Darin! Why have you come? Is something wrong at K’eld Ner?
    Darin: Indeed, your Majesty. Strange activity was observed near the Moglin settlement, Mogelli. Our messenger found the village had been--destroyed.
    Tralin: Did your scouts learn how--?
    Darin: Not entirely, though they did hear a rather disturbing discussion…

    Calladus: Ah, Drakonnan, I see that you have adapted well to your father’s position. His armor fits you well.
    Drakonnan: I’m not interested in idle chatter, dragonmaster. Why have we been summoned here??
    Zardmaster: I don’t think any of us know why…
    Sila: Whoever called us here knows--
    ???: THAT WOULD BE ME.
    Drakonnas: So tell us-- Why have you brought us here to Deren, so far from our homes?

    Coming Next: The Sinister Seven make their move!

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