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Planet Westion - Complete Guide and Walkthrough

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3/19/2009 17:46:39   

Planet Westion – Complete Guide and Walkthrough
By Zeke50100

Table of Contents - [TOC]
Copy the codes WITH THE BRACKETS, hit the keys “Ctrl” and “F” simultaneously, and paste the codes into the search bar to make navigation easier.

Table of Contents ------------ [TOC]
Introduction ------------------ [INTRO]

Enter Alamonia ---------------- [ENTAL]
NPC: Clyde -------------------- [CLYDE]
------Missions ----------------- [M1]
------Mecha -------------------- [MC1]
------ Dialogue ---------------- [D1]
NPC: Amalthea --------------- [AMD]
NPC: Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha - [AJHA1]
------ Missions ---------------- [M2]
------ Dialogue ---------------- [D2]

Town Hall ---------------------- [TWH]
NPC: Mayor Roy Silver ------- [ROY]
------ Missions ----------------- [M3]
------ Rewards ----------------- [RE1]
------ Dialogue ----------------- [D3]

Sheriff’s Office ------------------ [SHF]
NPC: Sheriff Broncho ---------- [BRON]
------ Missions ------------------ [M4]
------ Mecha --------------------- [MC2]
------ Dialogue ------------------ [D4]

Enter Khaeldron ----------------- [ENTKH]
NPC: Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha ---- [AJHA2]
------ Missions ------------------- [M5]
------ Rewards ------------------- [RE2]
------ Dialogue ------------------- [D5]

Khaeldron Research Labs ------ [KHRL]
NPC: Qjik’Han ------------------- [QJH]
------ Missions ------------------- [M6]
------ Rewards ------------------- [RE3]
------ Dialogue ------------------- [D6]

Westion Finale ------------------- [FIN]
The Oasis ------------------------ [OAS]
NPC: Firemane ------------------ [FMA]
------ Missions ------------------- [M7]
------ Dialogue ------------------ [D7]

Enter EvilCorp Space Station--- [ECSS]
NPC: Maria 13 ------------------- [MA13]
------ Missions ------------------- [M8]
------ Dialogue ------------------- [D8]
NPC: Garrokh & Stallione ------- [GAST]
------ Rewards ------------------- [R8]
------ Dialogue ------------------ [D9]

Conclusion ----------------------- [CONC]
Credits ---------------------------- [CRED]

Introduction - [INTRO]

Westion is the very first full Planet other than Lore available in MechQuest. In Westion, there are 3 entire cities you can visit, each with their own sagas that weave together like an intricate web, creating the story of Westion. The best part? YOU are part of it!

This guide was designed to help those in need of direction in Westion. If you’ve already done part of it, just move on to the next part! The order that the following events are in are not always required to be in that order, but is recommended to keep the natural flow of the storyline.

In order to access this planet at all, you must first complete the Moon saga. Refer to the Mission to the Moon Quest Procedures guide for details on completing it.

Enter Alamonia - [ENTAL]

Welcome to Alamonia Town! This is the first accessible city in Westion, the first accessible Planet! In this town, there are various NPCs and buildings. On the first screen, Clyde is visible. On the screen to the left, the Sheriff Office is available, along with the NPC Jhaek-Ha and Arin-Ha. Using the “Battle!” button allows you to battle in the desert (Counts towards Clyde’s Bandit Mission).

NPC: Clyde - [CLYDE]

Clyde is the Alamonia constable, and the first NPC you should talk to and start the Westion Saga. The “Wrangler” outfit is available after 50 Reputation, and increases your chances of finding treasure in the “Desert Bandits!” quest.

Missions - [M1]

Desert Bandits! - This missions is relatively simple. You head into the desert and fight off terrorizing bandits. You can move to the left, right, bottom, and top of each screen. The total screen is a 20x20 grid. Attempting to pass the barrier will result in an "Unpassable Terrain" message, and will return you to the screen you were.Each bandit you defeat rewards you with Credits and EXP, and either 0 or 5 Reputation points. You can also find Treasure during the quest, which is a gift of free Credits. The “Engage” button under Auto-Pilot abandons the mission.

A Healing Pad is located somewhere on the grid each time you start the mission.

The “Wrangler” outfit is available after 50 Reputation, and increases your chances of finding treasure in the “Desert Bandits!” quest.

Completion Requirements: You must obtain 100 Reputation points to complete the mission.

Mecha - [MC1]

There are 3 different shops open to you: “Wrangler”, “NG Wrangler”, and “NG Mecha”. Each of them contain different mecha.

Wrangler Shop (Mecha -> Wrangler) Requires 100 Reputation
Wrangler - 150,950 Credits
Super Wrangler - 180,000 Credits (SC)
Equinox Star Steed - 209,995 Credits (SC)

Nova Wrangler Shop (Mecha -> Nova Wrangler) Requires 100 Reputation
Ultra Wrangler - 1,000 Nova Gems (NG)

Special Deal Shop (Special Deal)
Equinox Nova Colt - 303 Nova Gems (NG)
Equinox Nova Stallion - 878 Nova Gems (NG)
Mega Wrangler - 825 Nova Gems (NG)


Clyde:Welcome to Alamonia, stranger. I am the constable here. I see you disregarded my warning about visiting this town.

Clyde:Bandits have been increasing their attacks on this town. We need able mecha pilots to go out into the desert and fight them.

Desert? (Missions -> Desert?)
Clyde:It's very easy to get lost in the shifting desert sands. The towns coordinates are uploaded to your mecha nav system.
Clyde:There are some abandoned mecha repair stations out there if you're lucky enough to find them.
Clyde:Also, the bandits have stashed tons of treasure out there. Anything you find is yours for the keeping.
Clyde:The more bandits you destroy, the more reputation you will earn in this town. So, are you ready to brave the desert sands?

Clyde:These mecha models are now available to you.

Clyde:Strange things have been happening here lately. Most people are blaming Drakels... but I'm not so sure about that.
Clyde:They don't usually interfere with out affairs... but there are some uncanny coincidences.
Clyde:We are located near a large deposit of Crystallized Dragon's Breath, An extremely powerful energy source.
Clyde:Lately, our mines have been experiencing strange shortages.
Clyde:Also, recently our ambassadors to Khaeldron have gone missing!
Clyde:Khaeldron is Drakel territory. The rumor is out that the Drakels are behind everything.
Clyde:People are starting to take the law into their own hands. So we have had our hands full lately!
Clyde:There's plenty of opportunity if you are willing to get your hands dirty out in the desert.

NPC: Amalthea - [AMD]

Amalthea: Welcome to Alamonia, stranger! Talk to Clyde, over by the town hall if youre looking for adventure.

NPC: Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha (Alamonia)- [AJHA1]

Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha are two Drakels who were visiting an ambassador at Westion. However, he train mysteriously disappeared…

Missions - [M2]

Train Parts - You head into the desert and search for train pieces. You can move to the left, right, bottom, and top of each screen. The total screen is 5x5 screens large. Each time you find a train piece, you encounter a fight. Win, and you get the piece. The “Engage” button under Auto-Pilot abandons the mission.

Completion Requirements: You must obtain all 20 pieces of the train to complete the mission.

After completing the mission, access to Khaeldron is granted, and Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha return there.


Jhaek-Ha: Unfortunately, the train is running late. We really need to get back to Khaedron.
Arin-Ha: Late? It hasn't come for three days! I'm starting to get scared. The locals are becoming increasingly hostile.

Jhaek-Ha:Something must have happened to that hover train!
Arin-Ha:It is NEVER late...

Arin-Ha:We came here as guests to Ambassador Stallione, but he disappeared three days ago... when the train stopped coming.
Jhaek-Ha:I believe we have been set up! The council at Khaeldron will demand answers for this madness!
Arin-Ha:...That is if they ever let us leave this town!

Town Hall - [TWH]

The Town Hall is available after fixing the train from the “Train Parts” quest. The Town Hall is located directly behind Clyde; that big white building. As you enter, you start dialogue with an NPC…

NPC: Mayor Roy Silver - [ROY]

Mayor Roy Silver is the Mayor of Alamonia. He is onto something big; a thief in the midst of the train!

Missions - [M3]
Requires the Train to be fixed

Catch a Thief! - You head onto a train and duel with J6, the thief. This quest is just a long cut scene, with little interaction. Just keep clicking, and read the storyline. You cannot possibly win against the final J6.

Find the full entry of the quest here, as it is too long to post all of the information: Catch a Thief!

Completion Requirements: You must watch through the cut scenes and lose to J6.

Vul’khar Ridge (Requires “Catch a Thief!” Quest to be completed) - Be sure to equip your energy blade before this fight. Roy thinks the Vul’khar may know something about the attacks, and so you are sent to the ridge. You must collect 10 feathers, which are dropped after each energy fight against the Vul’khar, who become increasingly strong. After completing, you must cross the desert to come across the Oasis…

Completion Requirements: Defeat all 10 warriors, and find the Hidden Oasis.

Oasis (Requires “Vul’khar Ridge” quest to be completed) - This mission merely sends you to the Oasis, which can be found further down.

Completion Requirements: Click the button, and finished!

Rewards - [RE1]

After completing the “Catch a Thief!” quest, you are given access to some reward shops.

ZEUS Arms Requires “Catch a Thief!” quest to be completed
Iron Arm of Zeus - 10,950 Credits
Silver Arm of Zeus - 16,750 Credits (SC)
Steel Arm of Zeus - 16,750 Credits
Platinum Arm of Zeus - 22,590 Credits (SC)
Gold Arm of Zeus - 22,590 Credits

ZEUS NG Requires “Catch a Thief!” quest to be completed
Arm of Zeus - 140 Nova Gems (NG)
Titanium Arm of Zeus - 230 Nova Gems (NG)

ZEUS Uniform Requires “Catch a Thief!” quest to be completed
Zeus Suit - 125 Nova Gems (NG)

Dialogue - [D3]

Roy Silver: I wonder if this thief is behind the recent mine shortages. Please ride the train and see if you can catch him in the act...

After Defeating Firemane
Roy Silver: <Character Name>! Have you found Firemane yet? Keep me posted,buddy! Oh... the mane of fire. It burns burns burns.

Sheriff’s Office - [SHF]

The Sheriff is in need of some help! He needs you to hunt down the bandits! But, there is a small twist…

NPC: Sheriff Broncho - [BRON]

Sheriff Broncho is the sheriff of Alamonia. He needs your help in stopping the bandits!

Missions - [M4]

Bandits! - In this quest, you can be sent to do two things: Find the bandit and defeat him. Upon completion, your bandit counter increases by 1 (Bandit counter is invisible).

Completion Requirements: Defeat the Bandit.

High Noon - Unlike the Bandit mission, you directly face off against the bandit. Defeat him, and your bandit counter increases by 1 (Bandit counter is invisible).

Completion Requirements: Defeat the Bandit.

Sheriff Boss Fight (Requires all bandits to be caught) - In this quest, you find out that Sheriff Broncho was actually the head bandit! Defeat him!

Completion Requirements: Defeat the Big Bad Broncho

Mecha - [MC2]

After completing the missions, you are granted access to the Sheriff Mecha Shop.

Sheriff Mecha Requires “Sheriff Boss Fight” to have been completed)
Deputy - 139,994 Credits
Star Sheriff- 222,996 Credits (SC)

Dialogue - [D4]

Coming Soon! Please provide information if you have any!

Enter Khaeldron - [ENTKH]

After completing the “Train Parts” quest from Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha at Alamonia, you are now able to access Khaeldron! Khaeldron is the city of Drakels, the second major city of Westion. To get to Khaeldron, you must first complete the “Train Parts” quest, then click on the “Train” button next to “Comm” on the bottom right of your screen at Alamonia. There is a high chance of facing a Vul’khar in an energy fight. However, you do not have to win. You can just flee and still get to the city.

NPC: Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha (Khaeldron)

It’s the two drakels from back at Alamonia, only this time, they’re home. They have some new quests and items available.

Missions - [M5]

Defend the Train - In this quest, you defend the train from attacking Vul’khar inside of your mecha! Behind you, the train is running…and FAST. You have to walk along side it (don’t worry, you can go ahead) and protect it from enemies. Losing a fight will increase the train’s speed. If the train leaves the screen and you don’t get to the next screen within a couple seconds, the mission is failed.

Every time you complete the mission, you have a chance of gaining 5 reputation.

Completion Requirements: Walk 4 screens along side the train. Obtain 100 Reputation.

Rewards - [RE2]

The rewards here require 100 Reputation at Khaeldron to unlock. They include special Drakel Snake mecha (Yes, the things attacking you back at Alamonia) and miniature versions of the Vul’khar.

Khael Snake
Khael Serpent - 187,550 Credits
Khael Diamondback - 187,550 Credits (SC)

NG Khael Snake
Khael Cobra - 900 Nova Gems (NG)

Vul’kharim (Requires 100 Reputation at Khaeldron)
Might Vul’khar - 7,000 Credits
Super Vul’khar - 15,000 Credits (SC)
Ultra Vul’khar - 18,000 Credits
Xtreme Vul’khar - 20,000 Credits (SC)

NG Vul’kharim (Requires 100 Reputation at Khaeldron)
Vul’khar - 150 Nova Gems (NG)
Mega Vul’khar - 180 Nova Gems (NG)
Turbo Vul’khar - 200 Nova Gems(NG)

Special Deal
Khael Rattler - 825 Nova Gems (NG)

Dialogue - [D5]

Jhaek-Ha: Ah! Home sweet home! Thank you for helping us get back to Khaeldron!
Arin-Ha: Yes! We are in your debt!

Jhaek-Ha: The train is running again, but it has a dangerous route through the desert.
Arin-Ha: We need someone to help protect the train. Are you interested?

Arin-Ha: The Vul’Kharim are growing restless.
Jhaek-Ha: They are creatures that live in the desert attacking our trains and scavenging supplies for survival.
Arin-Ha: Something has really ruffled their feathers recently!

Khaeldron Research Labs - [KHRL]

The Khaeldron Research Labs is the laboratory for all Drakel research. There, they research special technologies that no other race has access to. Thankfully, you’re on their side.

NPC: Qjik’Han - [QJH]

Qjik’Han is the sole resident of the Research Lab. He spends his life researching various technologies that allowed him to create the Drakel Power Armor. He does, however, need help with obtaining a few rare items…and defending them from the ShadowScythe!

Missions - [M6]

Crystallized Dragon Breath Mines - In this quest, you search for Crystallized Dragon Breath. You walk around in your mecha, and collect the orange crystals in various locations of the mines. Some MAY disappear, however. Be prepared for energy fights, as there is one in the mine.

Completion Requirement: Find 20 pieces of Crystallized Dragon Breath.

Prophecy - This is a replay of the Khaeldron Mine Prophecy war.

The full details can be found here: Khaeldron Mine Prophecy War

Completion Requirement: Defeat the Boss fight, Dragyron.

Rewards - [RE3]

After completing the Prophecy chain, you are given access to certain shops:

Power Up! Requires Prophecy Chain to be completed
Powermerged War/Power Armor V2-6 - Merge Item

Power Cell Requires “Crystallized Dragon Breath Mines” quest to be completed
Drakel Power Cell - 10,000 Credits

Power Armor Requires Prophecy Chain to be completed
Drakel Power Armor V1-6 - Varying Credits

NG Power Armor Requires Prophecy Chain to be completed
Drakel Power Armor V1-6 - Varying Credits

Dialogue - [D6]

Qjik’Han: Hello <character name>! We must prepare for the inevitable Shadowscythe Invasion! I hope my new Power Armor will help!

Qjik’Han: I need Crystallized Dragon Breath from the Khaeldron Mines to construct a new type of mecha powercell!

Text will vary depending on what G.E.A.R.S. House you are in.

Westion Finale - [FIN]

This is it! The end of the Westion saga! The next few sections are all about the end of this trilogy. First stop: The OASIS!

The Oasis - [OAS]

In order to finish this amazing saga, you must first head back to Alamonia Town and head into the Town Hall. This time, hit the “Oasis” button to go to the hidden oasis. Keep walking right until you meet up with Firemane.

NPC: Firemane - [FMA]

Firemane is a smuggler, and is an associate of Mayor Roy Silver…and also the love of his life. She is here to help you discover why shipments are disappearing, and where the ambassadors are.

Missions - [M7]

Delivery! - This mission has little to do with mechas and battling. Just keep walking left, and you’re done!

Completion Requirements: Walk left 3 screens.

Dialogue - [D7]

Firemane: Hello <character name>! You may rest here anytime! Would you be interested in helping me out with a delivery?

Firemane: Alright, I have 2 tons of Crystallized Dragon’s Breath that I’d like you to smug…er…deliver to Vul’Khar Ridge.
Firemane: Their complete supply of Dragon’s Breath disappeared recently. They are suffering greatly from this lack of fuel.
Firemane: This mission may also help you find a clue to the whereabouts of the missing ambassadors…
Firemane: They were on a diplomatic mission to Vul’Khar Ridge when they disappeared.
Firemane: There have been some strange lights in the sky in this area. The Vul’Kharim see this as a very ominous sign.
Firemane: They believe the ambassadors were literally swallowed by the stars…
Firemane: Please careful, <character name> Something insidious is happening out there!

Enter EvilCorp Space Station - [ECSS]

The final area of Westion…and also the toughest. Complete the Delivery quest, and you end up here. Be prepared for some pain!

NPC: Maria 13 [MA13]

Maria 13 is a robot/droid that works for EvilCorp.

Missions - [M8]

The FINAL mission of Westion!

100 Floors! - That’s right. 100 fights in a row, with saving after each 5. Bring an energy weapon, as there are energy fights! Then, in the end, defeat the 2 bosses: Maria 13 and Mr. Z!

Completion Requirements: Beat Mr. Z.

Dialogue - [D8]

Coming soon! Please provide information if you have any!

NPC: Garrokh & Stallione - [GAST]

Garrokh and Stallione are the ambassadors of Westion; the ones you just saved!

Rewards - [R8]

These rewards are available after the 100 Floors

EvilCorp Space Station Reward Shop Requires 100 Floors quest to be completed
EvilCorp Virus - 20,750 Credits
EC02 Laser - 23,450 Credits (SC)
EC02 Blaster - 25,875 Credits (SC)
EvilCorp Malware - 25,875 Credits

EvilCorp Space Station NG Reward Shop Requires 100 Floors quest to be completed
Mr. Z’s Noggin - 300 Nova Gems (NG)
Mr. Z’s Noggin LE - 345 Nova Gems (NG)
Mr. Z’s Noggin DLX - 375 Nova Gems (NG)

Dialogue - [D9]

Garrokh: Thank you for rescuing us, <Chracter Name>. Alamonia and Khaeldron now control this space station!

Garrokh: I am Ambassador, Garrokh, of Khaeldron.
Stallione: And I am Ambassador, Stallione, of Alamonia.
Stallione: We were on a diplomatic mission to resolve tensions between Alamonia and Khaeldron over recent mine shortages.
Garrokh: It turns out EvilCorp was using this cloaked space station to teleport our precious Dragon's Breath off the planet.
Garrokh: They kidnapped us to create tension between the towns. They hoped this would divert attention from their plan.
Stallione: Thankfully you landed on Westion when you did. You helped us avoid a pointless Civil War.
Stallione: Now Alamonia and Khaeldron control this magnificent space station!
Garrokh: This space station will serve us well in the upcoming war with the ShadowScythe.
garrokh: We will proudly stand with Soluna City in a new alliance with the Shadowscythe!

Replay Missions
Stallione: This station has a fancy Time Re-Combobulator that will allow you to go back in time and replay missions.

Stallione: You deserve a reard for your efforts on Westion! We have created some items for you from salavged EvilCorp

Conclusion - [CONC]

The Westion saga is completed, after 100+ grueling fights! However, the adventure is not over yet! While Westion has been conquered, you can still level up and use the weapons you previously could not use!

There is much more to explore in MechQuest; too much for one guide! The next Planet is Zargon, fully explained in Zargon Explained - The Full Walkthrough. After that, there is Planet Gark and Lagos, explained in Planet Gark and Lagos Walkthrough.

There is more to explore; more to encounter; and more to experience in MechQuest.


abhibhavgarg97 - 100 Floors correction
Lyris - Desert Bandit Correction/Info
ZamuelNow - Desert Bandit Info
Riku7003 - Roy Silver/Ambassador Dialogue
MQ Pedia - Provided information; too many to list!

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3/19/2009 22:03:37   
The Game
Pegasus Overlord

I have looked over your guide, and it is approved. Just try and get the dialogue information as soon as possible. I have also fixed the broken links.

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AQ  Post #: 2
3/19/2009 22:04:45   


The dialogue information is only not there because...well, I've already done the quest, and I can't go back in time and access it again.

I'll do it A.S.A.P, but sadly, that may be tomorrow.
MQ  Post #: 3
4/6/2009 22:32:38   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


M1 Desert Bandits! The terrain is not infinite. It's a 20 X 20 grid. Reaching any of the boundaries causes an "Unpassable Terrain" alert to appear and further progress in that direction halted. There is also a healing station placed somewhere on the grid each time you take the mission.
MQ  Post #: 4
4/6/2009 22:47:25   

Thanks! Added.

MQ  Post #: 5
4/6/2009 23:04:14   
speedy fighters

when first visiting, S.C's get told to head back, in a ominouse warning from clyde.

after being warned, ensighn lisa asks if you want to beam down anyway.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
4/8/2009 11:49:20   

it got saved for me after fifth floor energy fight correct that error and try it out again
DF  Post #: 7
4/8/2009 19:04:04   

@abhibhavgarg97: Thanks! Fixed!

MQ  Post #: 8
4/9/2009 10:32:34   
DA Holder67

The Khael Snakes require all train parts,not 100 reputation
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
4/12/2009 2:02:04   

I can't get through the train in catch a thief, I keep getting attacked by the invicible bird things, what do I do?


The man, the myth, the legend.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
5/8/2009 14:24:45   

If you have trined up your energy blade equip a blade and they die fast
MQ  Post #: 11
5/15/2009 5:08:51   

Vul’khar Ridge / hidden Oasis: incase u get lost...
3 screens right,
2 screens down,
3 screens right,
4 screens up,
1 screen left,
2 screens up

Maybe good to add that Firemane is a lvl 20 mecha. (having / had a hard time @ lvl 13 / 14)
also all mecha's encountered @ the 100 floors were lvl 20.


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
7/24/2009 17:07:37   
Manga Maniac

@Obli: For me so far, I'm facing level 25 mechas. Maybe it's scaled. I'm in a level 28 mech (Skull Crusher 28k) and am level 29.
Post #: 13
7/24/2009 22:18:26   
Shards Superior

Part 2 is out.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
8/29/2009 16:10:53   

to long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MQ  Post #: 15
9/3/2009 14:12:53   
Sir Gnome

This guide is available to be taken over by somebody with the time to look after it - Zeke's request is here. I'm moving this thread to Pending Guides until its taken over, as an all-code post isn't the easiest thing to read.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
9/10/2009 16:14:59   

Posted an application to take over this guide, here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=15698123#
AQ AQW  Post #: 17
9/17/2009 0:12:51   
The Game
Pegasus Overlord

I am moving this guide back to the MQ Guides forum to keep all the current and previous approved guides in one place until a new owner is confirmed and a new thread is posted. TW25 has already requested to take over the guide, and I will confirm this with him once he responds to my PM. Once the new thread is posted up, this will be moved to Pending Guides for its final resting place.


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