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Ronin Of Dreams -> =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/1/2014 22:04:41)

Greetings to you all. As many of you know, Iím a very familiar face with regards to the RP Boards here on AEF, and have recently been elevated to the position of Head Moderator for the same boards. This is a great honor, as I have seen those boards both at their peak and in a total dearth of activity. I hope to change this facet of the RP Boards and instill fresh and vibrant life back into them by making some policy changes to the boards compared to how the system currently operates. Some of these changes have been ruminating in my head whilst serving under Ryu as an AK, but at the time, were not ones that could be implemented.

As the new Head Mod of RP, I am now in a position to be able to address those changes that I feel necessary for the continuation and revival of the Role Playing boards overall. Some of these changes have been publicly discussed in various threads in the past as suggestions or even occasionally as a complaint or two, but the following changes that are being enacted have come from intense deliberation and discussion by forum staff. We are not entering a new age of RP lightly.

  • First and foremost, effective immediately, the main RP boards will no longer require the RPA process to be completed for any who wish to participate in posted RPs. One must still seek permission from the DM/GM of the RP in question in order to join, as well as submit anything required by said DM/GM in order to participate.

  • Anyone wishing to run an RP is highly recommended to complete the RPA process if they have not yet done so, as it does establish a willingness to put in effort similar to that required to run an RP successfully. An RPer who is already on the list of Graduates from the RPA will likely have an easier time getting their RP approved, which brings me to:

  • All RPs must be approved by RP Forum staff before an IC thread can be created. We want to ensure a level of quality, but the lack of potential participants has been tagged as the greatest singular cause underlying the lack of activity on the RP Boards at current. There will be no return to the absolute freedom and its attendant chaos of the old days. I was present and helped craft the original system from which the variant under Ryuís direction sprang from. The system at its core does work, but the current situation makes it a problem. This is the middle ground that I feel is most appropriate.

    This only impacts the creation of IC threads.

  • A guide that details the elements required for an RP thread to be approved to have an IC thread will be forthcoming within the next few days at most. In brief, however, an RP must have sufficient interest as determined by a minimum applicant number set by the DM, evidence of a metaplot, and some evidence of quality by the DM.

  • Returning later this week will be two staple threads of RP: the Yulgarís Inn public RP and the Dueling Circle for those wanting a quick and dirty way of scratching the combat-focused RP itch. These threads used to be an iconic staple for quick RP fixes, given the nature of allowing folks to join and drop out of the thread at whim with their characters. It is my hope that their return will be welcomed.

  • Finally, I am issuing a blanket reminder that the forums are PG and this board is NO exception. While there is some leeway in the literary arts in describing, say, the violent havoc inherent in a sword slash that connects, you will be tasteful and respect the spirit of the PG limit. This also means that certain subjects will not be tolerated in any graphic detail. A fade-to-black with romantic implications is fine, graphically detailing a romanceís physical aspects is not. There have been problems with this in the past, and I will NOT tolerate infractions of this kind cropping up with the greater freedom. DMs - You are expected to help police your own thread in this regard, and if you suspect boundaries are being pushed, please PM myself or any RP AKs. More on this will be in the guide.

That all being said, I expect there will be questions and comments. So please, I welcome you to use this thread to start discussing these changes and what you think about them. Just keep your tone civil out of respect for your peers, but if you have any questions that you donít feel would be suitable to ask in public, then feel free to PM me as well. I will do my best to respond promptly while handling my other responsibilities and writing said RP Approval guide.

Draycos777 -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/1/2014 23:47:49)

Heya Ronin. First off, congratz on your pomotion:) I'm optimistic that these changes are just what the RP Boards needs to get a kick in the right direction. Anyways, to my question: How will the RP that are already going(and are active) be treated with the staff approval system? I'd like to believe that they'd be in the clear and keep running as normal, but just want to make sure anyways.

Ronin Of Dreams -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 0:16:23)

All currently running RPs, i.e. those that have not been closed or locked by request, are grandfathered as already approved. Now you have that as an official statement. :P

However! They also must maintain all standards as set by the rules, including content policing and the personal limit on how many RPs one may participate in, as given in the main rules of the RP board.

black knight 1234567 -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 9:27:40)

All the changes sound great, but man i'v wanted to participate in that forever.

Zephyrial -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 14:33:12)

All excellent changes. Although I'm personally still a big fan of the absolute freedom and attendant chaos, this is at least a big step in the right direction. Lovely to see Yulgar's Inn coming back, and the Duelling Circle is a great addition!

More to the point, thank you for being civil and listening to people's concerns. There's been a dearth of that around here lately. I'm sure things will change for the better.

Arthur -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 15:57:30)

Now that's some really good news. :)

Okay, so my question is that I just checked out the OOC Section and noticed that I cannot make threads there yet, but am allowed to make threads in the IC Section. Do we post the Opening Post of our OOC in the Approval Guide Thread...? And if approved, will we then be allowed to make threads in the OOC Section...?

Ronin Of Dreams -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 16:28:07)

Oh dear, thanks for bringing that to my attention Arthur. The boards had some issues when changing permissions to enable this, and I did not think to check if there was any impact in the OOC board after clearing up the main boards for IC thread capability. I will look into that tonight when I am back from work and a forum administrator is available to get the proper settings re-established. For the moment, consider it growing pains with my apologies for the slight oversight. What you can see is hardly all the work I've been scrambling to get done around my jobs since being elevated to mod-hood.

The GD and RPA should be working fine and as normal. I'll double check the RPA, since there are a few...expansions/reintroductions planned there too.

E: Arthur, in the short run, you have my permission to post your OOC thread in the GD area. I will move it to the OOC after fixing the board.

Arthur -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 16:32:20)

Ah, no worries.^^

Really appreciate all the work you've put in and all the steps you've taken so far. Thank you.^^

TJByrum -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 17:12:46)

@Ronin: I'd like for you to review my RP thread Ronin, if you want to (make sure everything is in check).

I would suggest the return of a Character Bio Thread. A single thread where we can post ideas for characters, receive feedback, and discuss them.

I also welcome the return of Yulgar's Inn. I see that Black Knight is also interested; I'd be more than willing to collaborate with anyone in that particular roleplay.

I look forward to the Reign of Ronin.

Eukara Vox -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 19:19:07)

OOC is fixed.

Ronin Of Dreams -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/2/2014 23:48:05)

I will think on where I would prefer the Character Bio Thread, but that is a solid suggestion. Peer review, suggestions, and constructive critique is a solid tool and one I gladly welcome back to the boards as a whole, but it may wind up in the RPA as that gets tweaked from its former status as the submissions station, as it were. Thanks for reminding me of it, TJ. As for your RP, check your PMs shortly as I'll send a lookover there for ya.

"The Reign of Ronin" has a nice touch, I must admit, but I shouldn't flaunt. :P

Also, if you get the chance, please thank Eukara for her help in getting the back-end of the boards fixed with the changes being implemented. Its always nice to know one is appreciated, and I certainly appreciate her help in this!

TJByrum -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/3/2014 4:26:19)

Thank you Eukara, and you too Ronin.

Ronin Of Dreams -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (12/11/2014 0:39:42)

While the IC of the new Dueling Circle is being stubborn to get from my mind onto paper...in part because that martial side of me still has the EC Crowning to do as well...we do have progress elsewhere! The Bio Critique Central has been created over in the RPA section of the boards, and is in part a useful tool being returned to the RP Boards as well as a test of sorts for future such community-led content for that area of RP.

Yes, the RPA will once more become greater than just the home of the old process. Which will be getting a few touch-ups itself, down the line.

Ronin Of Dreams -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (6/23/2015 19:51:51)

You thought the changes were done? Did you? Well, they aren't.

After far too long, the RPA itself is about to get a megaton hammer dropped on it from orbit with an overhaul of theme and function. This brings some hope that there will be actual use out of it. Now, granted, it will take me some time to get it all organized and "live" as it were but do expect the RPA to have a bit more than a new coat of paint.

More as it happens!

TJByrum -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (6/23/2015 20:18:51)

Hope it's for the better Ronin!

Ronin Of Dreams -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (7/28/2015 21:46:14)

Pardon my dust. Several threads are now Live on the RPA boards. Not to mention, that venerable lady known as the Elemental Championships has launched from the harbor as well.

What, thought I forgot about things?

Afina -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (7/29/2015 8:48:55)

Very nicely done Ronin!!!

TJByrum -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (7/30/2015 17:23:26)

Good deal Ronin, hope it attracts more fellows.

brotherinlaw -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (3/1/2017 23:36:59)

Alright, let's see...

First off, I'm going through the Academy again soyou don't have to put up with stupid stuff from me. Not a question, more of a warning.[:D]

Secondly, I'm hoping to start at least one RP. Where do I submit an 'Application', and is there, by chance, a format to use?

Thirdly, could I, by chance, run two RPs? I've got an idea in my head for one for DF and one for AQW, but I'll wait on the one if necessary.


Gingkage -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (6/7/2017 18:44:43)

Very, very sorry for the late reply, brotherinlaw, but here it is.

In order: Welcome back to the RP boards, I enjoyed reading your Academy posts.

Secondly, when someone has an idea for a roleplay, they post the general idea, with as much detail as they feel is necessary to convey the information to everyone, the RP OOC forum to both gauge interest as well as have a place for those who are interested in this roleplay to discuss characters, character relationships, and other details. If you're curious, reading any of those OOC threads is a good idea, and something I highly recommend.

As for a format, Ronin of Dreams made an Approval Guide that has the requirements every prospective roleplay needs to have before it can be approved by forum staff and an In-Character, or IC, thread can be made.

Thirdly, you are only allowed to run one RP at a time, though you may request permission to run a second. It is then up to the judgement of the RolePlay forum staff to decide whether or not to grant your request.

Lastly, welcome back once again to the roleplaying boards. I look forward to having you here.

Astroking112 -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (9/21/2017 4:40:11)


I haven't been here for a long time, but I was looking for an old roleplaying thread that I ran back in 2012-2014 (ish). No matter how many searches I make, I can only seem to find the OOC thread for it, and the link to the main game that I had embedded within it notes that the thread has been deleted or moved. I see that there's been some substantial updates since I've had to stop posting here so often, but I was curious if there was any way to retrieve the texts from that thread. After spending two years on it and nearly writing a novel, I'm kicking myself for not saving it earlier, especially now that I'd like to take a look at it again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Here's the link to the OOC thread if needed.

Starflame13 -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (9/21/2017 18:51:40)

Hello Astroking!

It looks like from the OOC that the thread you're referring to came from the Forum Games section, rather than the RolePlaying section. Unfortunately, the Forum Games threads are not archived anywhere, so I am unable to find the logs of your thread. I'm sorry that I was unable to help.

Regardless, welcome back to the forums and to the RP boards! There are still some other story RP's going on, which you're welcome to try to recreate your old project as a new RP, as well as the introduction to the Combat Training forums.

Astroking112 -> RE: =RP= Process Changes Q&A (9/22/2017 18:37:11)

Ah, okay. Thanks for looking nonetheless.

I'm still really busy with other things, so I doubt that I'll be able to recreate the game or participate in other RPs. I was just really interested in taking a look at the various materials that I had written for that game (now that I'm finally beginning to use those concepts elsewhere). It was an incredible nostalgia trip to come back to these forums, though, for however briefly. Thank you again for your time!

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