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Yulgar's Inn: The OOC of the Legend

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12/3/2014 16:52:15   
Ronin Of Dreams
Still Watching...

Finally, an iconic piece of the RP Board's past has returned! This thread is for any OOC chatter and conversation for the going's on happening IC. No bios are necessary, but be prepared to introduce your character both ICly and OOCly as the need arises. As well, there are two rules for this new iteration of the Inn.

  • No violence. If you have to settle a dispute with more than words, take it outside! Yulgar will throw out patrons who don't abide by the rules of being peaceful! (This may, however, serve as the seed for a new RP though! Don't squander opportunity or bottle up your character's personality just because of this rule.)

  • All characters enter through the doorway. Yulgar grew tired of folks transporting themselves through mystical means directly into the Inn, and leaving him with a mess of swirling dust, ice, or worse to clean up. After making a deal with various wizards and magic users who have frequented the Inn, now all such attempts will be relocated to the Doorway where everyone can clean off messy boots together.

    Yulgar's Inn...now reopened for business! Have fun!

    Gingkage and I are still interested in maintaining this as a casual, "shoot-the-breeze" style RP! Since characters can enter / leave the inn at will, this will NOT count towards your 4 active participant RPs, nor is the same level of activity required. That said, if you get into a group conversation, please respect the other writers' time and either post relatively promptly, or remove yourself from the discussion. ~Starflame13

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  • AQ  Post #: 1
    12/3/2014 16:56:22   

    Neat! I'll join, if I can find the time to write me up a proper character.
    Post #: 2
    12/3/2014 19:00:50   

    Alright, now we might be in business!

    I will be posting a rough bio, which I may update later. So consider this a placeholder. On another note, anyone who would like to kick things off with my character - you're more than welcome!

    Aerin Steely
    Description: Aerin Steely is a 26 year old human male. He stands 5'9, has a thin but fit body build, and weighs about 150 lbs. He has tanned skin from being outdoors often, dark leaf-green eyes, and rugged brown hair about an inch long with a rough beard.
    Occupation: Aerin is mostly a hunter and survivalist, preferring to wander in the forests, hunt wild game, and sell it in BattleOn. He has acted as a guide, bodyguard, mercenary, sellsword, and scout for a variety of different employers. His affinity to nature makes him an ideal figure for such positions.
    Armor/Clothing: Aerin dresses light, preferring to be lightly armored for a variety of reasons. He wears a normal shirt underneath, but he has an old black leather vest over it along with an old green dust cloak complete with a hood. He has a brown satchel strapped over his let shoulder and hanging on his right hip. He has a brown leather belt with a sword sheath around his waist, holding his trousers on. He has brown leather trousers and black leather traveling boots.
    Weapons: Aerin carries a basic longsword sheathed on his left hip, a dagger tucked in into his belt on his right hip, and a bow strung over his back, along with a quiver made of animal hide.
    Skills/Abilities: As a hunter, Aerin is a skilled archer; he's certainly not the best, and even tends to make mistakes, but he's one of the best archers you can find within the immediate BattleOn area. His skill with sword, however, is another story. He's an agile warrior, a duelist, unpredictable, deadly, and very fluid. Where he learned such skill with a blade is unknown, but he's a worthy opponent. Aerin is notable for fighting with a dagger in his off-hand alongside his longsword. Aerin is a survivalist; he can create fires, shelters, track animals (and humans), create medicine from herbs, and much more; he is one with nature, as if he was molded by it.
    Other Items: Aerin carries a compass, a map, a notepad, a quill and ink, flint, and rope, as well as whatever he may pick up in BattleOn. Much of it is stored in his satchel.
    Personality: Aerin is different from most folks. He's distant, quiet, and reserved. Even so, Aerin shows good intentions and will help those in need as much as anyone else would. He's not necessarily anti-social, but his affinity for nature and the outdoors draws on him so much that he tends to keep out of town and out in the wilds, visiting BattleOn only to bathe and refresh himself. He also seems to be hiding something, and those who attempt to pry into his past will often face his bad side. Aerin shy's away from romance for unknown reasons, but he maintains a stressful obligation to go out of his way to help women and children alike.
    History: Aerin began his life in BattleOn seven years ago at the age of 19. He didn't talk much, but he offered his services to those who would take it. Most of his time was spent outdoors, in the wilds, hunting, fishing, and simply living. Otherwise he was being hired by travelers as a sellsword, bodyguard, guide, scout, and more - making a decent profit. His reputation is somewhat notable in BattleOn since he supplies them with food and since his services has helped a great many of the people. Still though, people wonder about his past. Who is he - really? Where did he come from? What's he hiding? And where did he learn to be such a great swordsman?

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    DF AQW  Post #: 3
    12/3/2014 21:38:19   

    I'll take you up on that offer TRByrum. Time to spread the Queen's influence.

    Name: Kitsandra Fon/Queen of Illusions/Little Queen

    Age: Anyone's guess, since she isn't saying

    Race: vampire/ day-walker

    Gender: female

    Physical Appearance: Kitsandra has the appearance of a fourteen year old girl. She is caucasian and stands at a height of exactly five feet. The Little Queen's hair is short, just out of reach from touching her shoulders, and silver. Her eyes are a light violet, which contrast with the dark purple dress she wears. The one-piece dress Kitsandra wears seems plain at first due to the lack of any color besides purple, but upon further inspection, the dress is made out of soft yet sturdy fabric. The bottom of the dress, as well as the tips of the sleeves, are ruffled. On her legs is a pair of knee-length, black, stocking. For foot-wear, the Queen sports shin-high, low-cut, black leather boots. Before all this, however, most people notice the two rather large bat wings that extend from the Queen's back.

    Items: Kitsandra carries a large assortment of magical items and catalysts stored within a magically enhanced sling bag.

    Skills: As per her, self-proclaimed, title suggests, the 'Queen of Illusions', Kitsandra is quite talented in sensory magic, as well as in blood magic or the art of using blood to cast spells and enchantments. Her Illusion magic, while can serve many purposes, is mainly used to keep prey from fleeing or to present a means of escape from predators. It affects the five senses to create hallucinations that become reality for all she choses the magic to effect. The magic works subtlety, and activates through a key. The key itself can be a word said by Kitsandra and heard by her target, or a gesture made by her or even an action by her target can be the key. The stronger her spell of Illusion is the longer it takes the set up but it the payoff is more activation keys possible and the harder it is for her target to break free from the illusion.
    By using her own blood or the blood of others Kitsandra can curse enemies, weakening their strength or defense, as well as heal allies and cast enchantments upon weapons and armor. Although Kitsandra strengthened the power of her magical skills, she neglected her physical power.

    While the Queen posses the natural power and speed of a vampire, she is a fourteen year old that has the strength of a twenty-five year old and not impossibly overpowered in physical strength and speed.

    The Little Queen's wings can let her fly long distances, although she prefers to walk as she is not fond of the muscle cramps she tends to get if she flies for too long. When backed into a melee brawl, she can use her wings as impromptu spear weapons.

    like many other vampires, Kitsandra can turn into a small bat. This form is useful for scouting out information, so she normally takes this form when no one is around to keep her cover from being exposed.

    Personality: Haughty, over-confident, distrusting, realistic, merciless, kind, fiercely loyal and attentive. All of these traits describe Kitsandra well.

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    AQ  Post #: 4
    12/7/2014 20:23:50   

    Bio is finished. If anyone would care to look over it, please do. Me and Draycos are planning to work together at least to begin with.
    DF AQW  Post #: 5
    12/7/2014 22:05:18   
    Master K

    Can someone remind me how this RP works?

    I saw it back on the old boards, but I never knew what it was about.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    12/8/2014 22:23:22   

    It'll be awhile til I post TJB, I lost most of my post to Opera's retarded design, and I'm no longer in the mood to rewrite it.

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    AQ  Post #: 7
    12/10/2014 0:35:15   
    Ronin Of Dreams
    Still Watching...

    This is a traditional RP, Master K, that features a distinct setting within which folks can hop in and out of rather than a distinct plotline. It has been a community favorite through the years, and allows folks to accomplish a number of things if they so choose. For some, it serves as a springboard of character interaction which creates the story seed of an RP beyond the boundaries of Yulgar's Inn itself. For others, it serves as a light-hearted means of enjoying RPing a character without some of the restrictions and boundaries of other RPs...the only thing Yulgar's Inn doesn't allow, really, is violence after all. In the past, I've even seen some roleplayers utilize Yulgar's Inn as a means of knocking the rust off of an older character and getting back into the swing of things.

    Really, what you do in Yulgar's Inn is up to you, and any RP in here of in any other community style thread will not count against your maximum commitments. Ultimately, it is the premiere and most easily recognized setting that fits both the common trope (adventuring party meeting in a tavern) as well as recognized for being in game. Granted, MQ is a bit out of luck, but for some reason futuristic RP in the MQ setting is terribly rare. A shame, perhaps, but it is true based on the history of the boards.
    AQ  Post #: 8
    12/19/2014 18:58:01   
    black knight 1234567

    Wait, is there a technological limit here or is Yulgar's Inn a location that exists across fissures of time?
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
    12/22/2014 16:54:45   
    Ronin Of Dreams
    Still Watching...

    As Popeye once said, "I am what I am." And in this case, it is what it is, and it IS Yulgar's Inn of the original AQ Classic fame. Be setting appropriate. We've seen plenty of time-based shenanigans in AQ Classic, after all, so it isn't all that difficult. Let alone WarpForce shenanigans. Keep that in mind and a great deal can fit within what is our "freebie" Community Meet RP here on the forums.
    AQ  Post #: 10
    1/19/2015 0:17:05   

    Name: Ebony

    Basic appearance: Always wears a heavy set of pitch-black robes that cover his entire body but don't seem to have any sleeves or holes for arms. His head is covered with an odd mask that consists of a black hood with three identical white 'faces' around it, each one with two small black oval-shaped fake eyes and what appears to be a fake beak, giving the three faces an owl-like appearance. The mask is designed in such a way that the edges around the collar are slightly droopy, making it hard to tell exactly which way Ebony is facing at times.

    Basic abilities: Ebony has a vast control of shadow-based magic, allowing him to leisurely create arms, hands, and tendrils out of his shadow as well as pull objects through the shadows and, slowly, create objects out of the shadows of others. His magic has some hidden restrictions when it comes to how he can manipulate a shadow when the thing casting it is moving, but is still highly useful. Any other spells are shrouded in mystery and require large amounts of time to preform.

    Other information: Often finds himself rambling on without realizing it. Shadows around Ebony have been known to darken and sometimes even warp after using more complicated shadow-based magic or in tense situations. Occasionally, a large black feather can be found around where he used to be standing.

    Motive: Unknown. Seems to be seeking adventurers for something.


    I assume that this is good enough since bios aren't required. I'm looking for someone to converse with in the tavern that probably will NOT lead to an actual RP unless the other person decides to make one. Also, I've made a drastic change to this character from another site, so I'm curious about how the change I've made will effect posts with him.

    EDIT: Actually, I've given this some thought since I made the bio. I think I actually could turn this into an RP if I wanted to even though I originally intended to just see where the interaction goes. So yeah... if anyone wants to do anything, just jump in and it may or may not turn into an RP based on whether or not the other person is into it and if the interaction works well or if I get a better idea for the concept I might or might not have for the RP that is totally maybe not going to possibly sort-of happen I guess all things considered?
    In other words, I'm on the fence about it............

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
    7/20/2015 13:44:58   

    Name: The Ferryman's Wife, Mme. de la Soleil
    Age: About 45-50

    Appearance: Mme. de la Soleil is a tired-looking woman with steel-gray hair held back into a tight bun and a faded yellow dress that looks worn and frayed at the seams, with marks and stains around its hem from the trials of the road. The patchwork is excellent, done by obviously experienced hands, and only the closest scrutiny could reveal that the dress had ever torn. Her eyes are yellow, like a hawk's, with creases and wrinkles around them where a frown has drawn the skin into bunches far too many times. Their sharp gaze has wilted many a man who thought her a foolish frump. Her fingers are quick and deft, always worrying at something out of some need to be occupied; occasionally she will draw out her knitting needles and a bit of yarn and add an inch or two to something she is creating. She has a thick and solid figure, accustomed to hard work and fierce weather, and when seated one can see that her bare feet are calloused and tough from years of abuse. She bears a constant scowl and does not seem to know anything about happiness or enjoyment.

    Skills, Spells, and Abilities: Knitting, sewing, bargaining, fishing, ferrying, muttering to herself in crowded inns, praying, fixing, sighing, and other things neatly bundled together into the category of "housewifery."

    Items: Knitting needles, some yarn, a completely unjustified sense of dignity, and a thick and sturdy walking stick.
    DF MQ  Post #: 12
    8/6/2015 18:27:03   
    VooDoo Queen

    Hey, I'm new here and I really didn't see a point of high activity to alert everyone to my newness, so I decided to go ahead and write it in the OOC thread where it belongs!

    Hai, I'm new... *Waves nervously*

    I'm VooDoo, or Queen, or Queenie, or you could just call me mistress... It's really up to you. I've been playing AQW for almost five years now, but I've been roleplaying for about eight years.

    I have links to pastebins of a few of my RP's because most of the actual forums were closed down. You can see the rest of my activity either on Iwaku or FireFall Forums...

    I used to help moderate RP threads once upon a time, but I grew tired of the responsibility and resigned my position to a newer RP'er that wanted the title. Since then I've been trying to find a new forum to be a part of since most RP'ers are spread out across multiple games and forums, and the communities are generally very small.

    Anyways, I hope to hear from you all soon!

    VooDoo Queen


    Post #: 13
    8/6/2015 23:53:03   

    Well to be technical, we do have a place for saying hi to newcomers(and returnies). It's this thread: RP Welcome thread. Never-the-less, welcome to the RP forum section Voodoo:).

    Hallows and Domrius are the mainly active RP right now. Both are still accepting right now. Also EC is starting soon, and applications are open currently. Hope you have fun here and look forward to seeing you around:)
    AQ  Post #: 14
    8/7/2015 15:15:05   
    VooDoo Queen

    Thanks so much!

    I'll have a look at both!

    Do you have any idea how many active members are currently RP'ing? I really couldn't tell from the posts
    Post #: 15
    8/7/2015 15:39:02   

    Hm. I deleted everything I was going to write here earlier. Wonderfully solid. The one time I don't save a post and this happens.

    Anyway. Without further an over-due (like my post), here are descriptions because I couldn't be bothered working them into my post.
    Speaking of post, the kinks and errors will be worked out. Eventually.

    Name: Vox

    Age: Estimates on late 20s, early 30s. Though who knows. His face is hidden and he's been around for far, far, faaaar longer than that though.

    Appearance: A tall, white haired man. His face is hidden behind circular, red-lensed glasses and a scarf around the lower half of his face at all times. He wears a black trench over black leather armor and pants. Fingerless gloves and black combats on the feet round off his regular outfit.

    Equipment on hand: Wallet, keys and a grocery list.

    Skills: Epic.

    Abilities: Unsenseable, untraceable and unfazeable, except for comedic effect. He can't be seen through anything that alters vision or anything that isn't an organic eye. None other notable ones besides an almost-permanent aura of smugness, having the highest of standards for the most meaningless of things and a messed up sense of what is reasonable and what isn't.
    Oh, and he bleeds light.

    Name: Natalya

    Age: Late 20s by appearance? Maybe? Again, around for far, far longer than that. One of the few that Vox leads that've been around longer than himself.

    Appearance: A tall, lady with shoulders that can compare to most men. She wears her shiny, purple hair in a long, loose-ish ponytail, with the hair pulled off her face. A couple of stray strands are usually loose and hang over her forehead though. She wears purple-lensed glasses and a black bandana over her face. A black trench with leather armor and a shoulder holster underneath and black leather pants to help the ensemble and exemplify her strong legs. Her hands are bare, her feet are combat-boot'd and her silence is usually tucked in.

    Equipment on hands Two blades in thick, boxy sheathes on her belt and a revolver in a shoulder holster.

    Skills: Immense.

    Abilities: Fantastic amount of luck and an unwillingness to purchase lottery tickets. Speaks as much as a shy person does at a party. Enough strength in her hits to put ice out cold.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 16
    10/20/2019 11:55:31   

    Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

    Bumping this thread while doing a bit of forum cleaning - as Gingkage and I are still interested in maintaining this as a casual, "shoot-the-breeze" style RP!

    We've also adapted it slightly to make it more easy for you to participate - since characters can enter / leave the inn at will, this will NOT count towards your 4 active participant RPs, nor is the same level of activity required. That said, if you get into a group conversation, please respect the other writers' time and either post relatively promptly, or remove yourself from the discussion.

    Looking forward to seeing who stops by the inn!

    I'm throwing in one of my own characters, Sarasana (Or, Sara, as she prefers). I'm not entirely sure who she's going to turn out to be, but as of now she left home and has been travelling for months with the goal to figure that out herself! She's dressed in all black, including a thick cloak, with silver-grey eyes and long hair of the same color, though she appears to be mid-20s. She does have wings (bright silver, tipped in gold), but is able to fold them out of existence when its convenient for her.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
    4/23/2020 23:03:37   

    Every inn needs someone to serve out a couple drinks!

    Clara is a 28 year old human. Her hair is a muted red color and runs in waves down her back. She keeps it loosely tied behind her during work. A pencil rests behind her ear, and her notebook in her apron pocket. She’s rather short in stature, maybe about 5’5” with her work heels. She has a slightly thicker/rounder body type- and always carries a bubbly attitude and a smile on her face!
    Post #: 18
    5/1/2020 12:44:44   
    How We Roll Winner

    Dao Yulan arrived from the future in his twenties to master the ways of the sword.

    He sports a mini high ponytail with bangs that hang in his face, the result of formerly short hair that has been left uncut for so long. You may notice his right eye sometimes flash red and green, and his left eye sometimes turn pure black as though it were sucking in the light around it.

    He dons a Japanese-styled overcoat with wide sleeves (dark purple to the point of almost black) and silvery embroidering in the shape of a dragon on the back. Under this is a white cross-tie (the y shaped thing Chinese shirts use) tunic, and under that is skintight black body armor.

    On his forearms he wears kote.

    For legwear, he has on baggy pants with boots wrapped in binding.

    Finally for weapons (though of course he won't pull out any of them): he has a long nodachi strapped to his back. It has a white handle and sheath. Its guard is a lotus design. Also on his back, arrayed to look like "wings" (if that makes any sense) are two sabers. One seems to be cloaked in ragged black cloth and ripples even if there is no wind, and the other is resembles a folded kite.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
    1/13/2021 15:02:57   

    Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

    Miu Fabula has arrived (totally elegantly) and is lookin for a story!

    Miu is around 5 and a half feet tall, when you can get her to stop moving and measure. Her hair is brown, short, and always blowing around in her own personal windstorm, though it never seems to particularly bother her. Her matching brown eyes shine with excitement, and if one looks closely they can actually see incredibly small words racing through them.

    Her skin is well-tanned from too many days out looking for scoops, and she is in constant motion in some way, be it a tapping foot or finger, or something more… loud.

    For apparel, she wears a black bucket hat, an unbuttoned gray blazer decorated sparsely with silver swirls over a white, long-sleeved buttoned down shirt with the cuffs open, and long, loose cargo pants. Most of this outfit ripples in degrees ranging from softly to violently when pushed by Miu’s storm. On her feet are heavily worn out leather running shoes.

    While Miu does not have any weapons, she does have a black-feathered quill and a white leatherbound book. Additionally, standing close to her, one can feel the small, localized windstorm that surrounds her person, though this does not affect free-standing objects beyond herself and is not particularly loud.
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